Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, July 20, 1941, Page 7, Image 7

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"That Hamilton Woman" With Vivien Leigh and Lawrence Olivier, Opens
Miss Leigh Plays Role Of
Emma Harr Olivier As
Lord Nelson.
'That Hamilton Woman!" co
starring Vivien Leigh and Laur
ence Olivier, opens a three day
run today at the Craterian Thea
tre. Teaming Miss Leigh, acclaim
ed for her characterization of
Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone with
the Wind", and Olivier, who
made a decided hit in "Rebec
ca", in the little known romance
between England's famed Lord
Nelson and Lady Hamilton, has
resulted In one of the outstand
ing motion pictures of the sea
son. "That Hamilton Woman!" tells
the story of a girl who, although
reared in poverty in a question
able background, becomes the
secret lover of Britain's famous
hero of Trafalgar. As Emma
Hart, Vivien Leigh first comes
onto the scene seeking permis
sion to marry the nephew of the
British Minister. However,
when she learns that the neph
ew has conspired to marry an
heiress, she marries the Minis
ter and becomes known through
out England for her beauty and
A meeting with Lord Nelson,
played by Olivier, changes the
entire course of her life. Al
though they are together but a
short time, both feel drawn to
each other and one of England's
. greatest romances is born. Scandal-mongers
and Nelson's diso
bedience to Admiralty orders re
sults In his being summoned to
London, and from there sent to
Denmark. When Sir William
Hamilton dies, his lady is left
penniless, in debt, and alone.
Her child is born in greatest
secrecy and sent to live in the
country. Nelson returns but, be
fore the two can settle down to
a peaceful life together, he is
again ordered to his ship and
at the Battle of Trafalgar, is hit
by a bullet, leaving Emma fac
ing an insecure future alone.
London, July 10. (JP) Brit
ain claimed today that at least
a third of the German cities
of Muenster and Aachen have
been destroyed or seriously
damaged by the RAF.
After detailing the damage In
those cities, the air ministry
news service declared that more
than 120 raids have been made
on Germany and nazi-occupied
territory in the past few weeks.
"Goering's boast of not one
bomb . . . is shattered," the
service said. "The promise made
by the prime minister is being
fulfilled and the German peo
ple are beginning to appreciate
that the war which they hoped
to wage on territory other than
their own is being brought to
their doorsteps."
Ignores "Kitty"
Fort Scott, Kas. (IP) Arthur
Morgan's cat, "Monk," was
raised with a dog. Monk won't
anrwer at all to the call of
"kitty, kitty," but she comes
arunnin when Morgan whistles
a typical dog summons.
What Next
Wllkesboro. N. C 'Pi State
Highway Patrolman Carlyle In
gle arrested a youth whose bi
cycle tray was filled to the brim
with onions. Underneath the
onions were five gallons of boot
leg whiskey.
Canadian gold production for
the first quarter of 1941 was
1,293.518 ounces, compared to
1.261.535 ounces the first three
months of 1940.
July 19 to 26
"Moon Over Miami" Comes To Craterian Wednesday
B 7 WW
Ginger Rogers In Rialto Picture
1 I Hi :m
1 J
i mm
Ginger Rogers and James
Stewart find enjoyment in
munching c o r n-o n-t h e-cob in
this scene from "Vlva?ious
Lady." which returns tn the
Rialto theatre by popular de
mand on their "Rialto Re-Issue
Days" Droeram to nncn a twit.
day run Tuesday. Much interest
is being shown the 1938 favor
ite because it stars this year's
Academy Award winners
Ginger Rogers for her role of
the white collar girl in "Kitty
Foyle" and James Stewart for
his work in "Philadelphia
Story." Others in the cast in
clude James Ellison, Beulah
Bondi and Charles Coburn.
Comedy, Plays
Vaudeville, Music
Doors Open 7:30 Show 1:15
Adults 20e Children 10c
Plenty Parking Room
Keyed by Betty Grable's
striking dances, the new all
Technicolor musical hit, "Moon
Over Miami," coming to the
Craterian theatre for a four-day
run starting Wednesday, Is a
gay, tune-filled picture About
the glamorous vacation-land in
Florida. Don Ameche, Robert
Cummings, Charlotte Green
wood, Jack Haley, Carole Lan
dis and Cobina Wright, Jr., are
featured in the sparkling cast
with specialty numbers by the
Condos Brothers and Jack Cole
& Company.
Joel McCrea, Ellen
Drew In Dramatic
Picture At Rialto
A down-to-earth, gay and
heartwarming screen romance
between a simple, rough-hewn
backwoodsman and a dance hall
hostess opens for today and to
morrow in "Reaching For the
Sun", which co-stars Joel Mc
Crea and Ellen Drew. In its
supporting cast are such well
known funsters as Eddie Brack
en (who scored so highly in
"Caught in the Draft"), Albert
Dekker and Billy Gilbert.
The story concerns a clam
digger who leaves his native
Michigan woods for the Detroit
automobile factores in order to
make enough money to buy an
outboard motor. The motor is
almost an obsession with him, I
for with it he hopes to be able
to dig more clams and so make
more money. Joal McCrea plays
this role. Ellen Drew is the girl
he marries and who becomes so
jealous of the outboard motor
that she creates a climax that is
very unusual in the annals of
film comedy.
A battle between two monster
machines, growing out of a feud
more money. Joel MeCrea plays
bert Dekker, is one of the spec
tacular highlights of ''Reaching
for the Sun." In short, the pic
ture is heralded as being down-to-earth,
delightfully human and
exceptionally funny and a top-
notch "must see for the whole
Robert Benchley, the most
comical short-subject maker in
Hollywood is added In one of
his short masterpieces of human
ity, titled "The Forgotten Man".
In this sketch of the hen-pecked
gender, Benchley is said to be
at his prime giving and taking
advice on "turning the worm".
A color cartoon, "Western
Daze", and the latest news of
the world are also added to the
Rialto's program for today and
There is a "Cape of Good
Hope" at the sea entrance to
Swatow, Kwangtung province,
China. ,
Ore and Bullion
ruac; South Sin Fnneuco
m r T0DAY
' .- , fT ' f MONDAY
I Plus the Wiiard ef Hollywood in a New Added Fun Short: I
i Robert Benchley in "The Forgotten Man"
, Cartoon in Colon "Western Case" News Events
25tf Inc. Tax I I I L 1 I H I 30 Inc" T,
KiddlM-lOf n II II 11 vl I si I Kli-tne
Talent Grange
Talent Grange met July 17.
and draped their charter in
memory of Mrs. Elizabeth
Breese, the oldest member of
the grange and also a charter
member, who died recently.
George Hartley, Grange mas
ter, appointed committees to
gather aluminum for the drive
in the Talent district. Appointed
were Frank Reed, Harry Weag
ant, Tom Bell and Mrs. Lydia
Gardner for Valley View;, Ed
Wolters, Steve Lunak and R. E.
Robison, Wagner Creek area;
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Lacey, south
'highway; Mr. and Mrs. George
Hartley, north highway and
Mrs. Myrtle Babbs, Anderson
road. The town of Talent will be
under direction of Mrs. J. C.
Ottinger, Talent unit chairman.
The literary program opened
with a quiz in regard to rail
roads. The program concluded
with a spelling bee.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Gardner
and Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Penland
were appointed on the hospital
ity committee for next meeting.
Upper Rogue Grange
Upper Rogue Granse hM
regular meeting with a covered
'Qisn dinner July 17 In honor
of members who had birthdays
in April, May and June. A good
Award Winner
James Stewart, now of Uncle
Sam's Army, has one of the
three hilarious roles in "Phila
delphia Story," the picture
which won him the Academy
Award for the finest acting of
the year, with Carv Grant nd
Katherine Hepburn. The com
edy which blasted box-office
records when It played here be
fore, opens a three day run to
day at the Roxy theatre.
others in the cast include
Ruth Hussey, John Howard,
Roland Young. Vlrclnlo WM.
ler and John Halllday.
crowd was present. Mr. and
Mrs. Bill Gates, their daughter,
Mary Anna, and Mis rilonhiiro
all of Medford, were in attend
ance. Miss Gates sang several
patriotic songs which were en-
lOVed bV all. After th Htnnr
Jackie Carlton was obligated in
the third and fourth degree. Mr.
Axtel reported on Boy Scout
activities. Mrs. Eva Seggesman
reported on home nnnmln
and Dr. Mallery gave a splendid
iaiK on registration. Mr. and
Mrs. Herb Carlton reported on
the fttn t A Caranam mnvantlnn
held recently In Newport.
No Parking
Pueblo, Colo. (P) How to
solve parking troubles was dem
onstrated by three youths in a
battered, small jallopy. When
they couldn't park the thing
successfully in the conventional
manner, they simply picked it
up and carried it to the parking.
Amsterdam, Occupied Nether
lands, July 19 (iP) Cheering
of British pilots captured by
Germans hereafter will be
deemed an imprudent demon
stration, the German military
commander for The Netherlands
warned the Dutch population
The Germans have become
irritated by the fact that fliers
downed in The Netherlands
have been applauded in public
places while being transported
to prisons.
The press carried the state
ment by General Christiansen
declaring that heretofore the
German army has been tolerant
but now has orders to take dras
tic action to prevent any
cheers for the British.
Who Said Dumb?
Kenansville, N. C. (P E.
G. Figford'i cat and dog earn
their keep. All day long, Pigford
says, the cat kills grasshoppers
that bother his strawberry crop.
The dog, after noticing Pigford
pulling worms from tobacco
plants, took to removing the
pests himself and stomping them
to death.
Besides St. Peter's, there are
four small churches in Vatican
Dine on the
( J
Whispered about in the boudoirs . . ,
Raved about in the club!! She
looked down on the world of con
vention . on rules of gossip , as
long as she had the man she wanted 1
starts Today - 3 Days!
The Stat of "Com Wltk the Wind"
Laurence Olivier
Tha I tat el "Rebecca"
with ALAN
Henry Wilcoxon
Gladys Cooper
Malt Today l:4S-4:M
lie In k .... lw
II ta lA-tta Inc. Us
KMaln ! 10c
Tte MIT e:-:IS
Me tai . . . . M
11 to la-Ua tee. Sea
ClMtaa Uwmri tee