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Society and Clubs
by Betty Shoemaker
Donna Witter
Seventh Birthday
Donna Louise Witter cele
brated her seventh birthday at
the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George Witter, 838
Palm street, yesterday afternoon
when a group of her little friends
called at the Witter home.
Games were played outof
doors, after which the children
were served birthday cake. Pink
decorations and gay colored bal
loons carried out the birthday
motif on the table. Mrs. Witter
was assisted by Mrs. Clyde Staf
ford and Mrs. William B. Hulen.
Attending the birthday party
were Stella Wilson, Jeanie
Brock, Barbara Jean Burch, Bar
bara Fallwell. Elaine Fallwell
Joan Hulen, Barbara Ann Frick,
Betty West, Larry Woods, Bob
bie Frick, Jerry Witter and the
honored guest.
Ethel Cotton U
Hostess to Club
Ethel Cotton entertained the
Stitch and Chatter club at her
home near Phoenix last Thurs
day. Enjoying the afternoon
were Clara Smith of . Ashland
Allena Floyd, Ida Conner, Alice
Thoreson, Denage Thoreson,
Leora Sommer, Emma Kerby
and Eva Taylor, of Talent;
Margy Birk, Esther Barlow,
Georgia Hite, Mona Hust and
the hostess of Phoenix.
Dr. L, L. Sanders
Reviews Conference
Dr. L. L. Sanders reviewed
highlights of the Pacific Coast
Dental conference held last week
in Portland at the meeting of
the Southern Oregon Dental As
sistants association at the Girls'
Community clubhouse Tuesday
night. He also stressed the im
portance of the Dental Assist
ants' association.
Cleo Biglow presented a piano
selection on the program which
was in charge of Bernice Baker.
Plans were made for the next
meeting which will be held
August 19. Further details will
be announced later. Ten were
in attendance.'s the perfect
blend with fun
in the sun I
33 Fine Brews
Blended to Make
ONE Great Beer I
Pibst Blue Ribbon is smooth,
delicious, tn&alwaystbtsamt.
Why? Beciuse it actually
takes 33 fine brews-expertly
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coffees and champagnes, it's
this txptrt binding which
makes Pabst Blue Ribbon
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r duk thi btttkt,
drift M bttur
pisat mfjvbtn.
Shower Given
Miss Mary Peterson of Ash'
land was honored at a surprise
bridal shower at the home of
Mrs. Otto Frohnmayer in this
city Tuesday evening by mem
bers of Beta Sigma Phi sorority.
An out-of-doors picnic cupper
was served to 22 members.
Following the supper honor
Miss Peterson was given a mis
cellaneous kitchen shower, after
which informal entertainment
and games concluded the eve
ning. Miss Peterson was mar
ried to Jefferson William Carter
at the First Presbyterian church
in Ashland last evening.
Masonic Picnic
Plans Near Completion
Final plans are underway for
the Masonic picnic to be held
at Jackson Hot Springs Sunday
for Masonic, Eastern Star mem
bers and their families. Sched
ules to begin at 4 p. m., those
attending are asked to bring a
picnic lunch and their own ser
vice. Members from Ashland,
Central Point and Jacksonville
have been invited. Transporta
tion may be secured by calling
Aubrey Norris, 3123.
Linen Shower
Honors Recent Bride
Mrs. Ray Hutton was hon
ored Friday evening with a linen
surprise shower at the home of
her mother, Mrs. E. D. Wether
ell. 720 North Oak street, by
members of the Calico club.
Twenty eight guests were pres
ent. Mrs. Hutton is the former
Faye Wetherell.
A family of four lost all their
worldly possessions when their
1925 Buick sedan, loaded with
clothing, bedding and cooking
utensils, caught fire and burned
after it was struck by another
car on the Pacific highway two
miles south of Phoenix about
9:13 last night. Nobody was in
jured in the accident.
Losing all their belongings In
the mishap were Mr. and Mrs.
Allen L. Messner and two chil
dren. Earl, 5 and Roy, 7, of
Grants Pass. Also destroyed in
the blaze was $25, all the money
they had In the world.
State police said that the
Messner car, traveling south,
was struck on the rear end by
a machine operated by Eugene
P. Ensele, 25, of Yreka, Cal.,
which was also moving south.
The Impact of the collision
punctured the gasoline tank on
the Messner machine and start
ed a fierce blaze. Mr. and Mrs.
Messner and their two little
children escaped from the car
only to stand by helplessly and
watch the fire make them des
titute. They were on their way
to Klamath Falls in search of
Police quoted Ensele as ex
plaining that he was traveling
about 55 miles an hour and fail
ed to see the Messner car until
too late to avoid the crash. The
Ensele car. police said, skidded
230 feet after the brakes were
applied before smashing into
the other vehicle, which con
tinued on for about 100 feet
before it was stopped and the
Messner family climbed out.
Ensele told police he planned
to pay the Messner family's
stage fare from Ashland to
Klamath Falls. Ensele was cited
to appear in Ashland justice of
the peace court at 2 p. m. July
21 on a charge of driving a car
without an operator s license.
Central Point Masonic
Lodges to Hold Picnic
Nevita chapter of Eastern Star
and the Masonic lodge of Central
Point, members and families
will hold a picnic in the park at
Grants Pass July 27 at 1:30
p. m. Coffee will be furnished
Degree of Honor
Schedule Picnic
Members of the Degree of
Honor lodge will hold their an
nual picnic at Helman Baths
Sunday. The group will meet
at the Medford city park at 10
a. m., and bring a picnic basket
Vivien Leigh In "That Hamilton Woman" Coming
ifid -rMti
fee W tE Mm I
Romance, color and drama are
involved in these exciting scenes
from JThat Hamilton Woman!",
slated for a three-day showing
starting Sunday at the Craterian
rence Olivier are co-starred.
Concerning the spectacular
career of Lady Emma Hamilton,
wife of Sir William Hamilton,
who came into the world as the
theatre. Vivien Leigh and Lau-j daughter of a blacksmith and
rose to prominence In Neapoli
tan society, the picture depicts
one of the most unforgettable
love stories of all time, the ro
mance between Lady Hamilton
and Lord Nelson, Englands' fam
ous seadog.
A demurrer filed by the
trustees of the Prospect Town
send club No. 1. against the suit
brought against them by Clarice
Nye was overruled in an order
signed by Circuit Judge H. K.
Hanna yesterday.
The complaint filed last April
alleges the Prospect Townsend
club through the trustees pur
chased lumber and building
material from the plaintiff last
winter, in the sum of $200 with
a balance remaining of $161.87.
The organization also pur
chased from the Union Sunday j
school of prospect material
amounting to $101.87, with a
balance remaining of $81.87..
The Union Sunday school bill
was assigned to Clarice Nye.
The total sought Is $243.74, with
Interest at six per cent.
The material was used In
construction of a Townsend hall
near Prospect.
Trustees named In the com
plaint are Ira Clark, Mrs. Delia
Daniels. Ray Daniels, Frank
Fame, Carl Clutos, Daisy Wad
dell, Beneta Waddell. Chet
Ranger, Leonard Gaines, Nell
Gaines, Leslie Gibson, and Ethel
ticipated in a parade and
vention of the Pacific Coast
International Law Enforcement
association. The local posse was
one of the largest in attendance
and was well received.
Sheriff Syd I. Brown said
men and horses In the parade
suffered from the high humid
ity and heat, and perspiration
flowed freely. The sheriff said
it was the hottest weather ha
had experienced in a long time.
The posse made the trip by
train, with a special car for the
Nearly 40.000 tons of cargo
were transported to Free China
over the Burma road in a recent
six-month period, the depart
ment of commerce says.
Guests Enjoy
Weekend Party
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Fluhrer.
Wellington Heights, entertained
18 guests at Deep Well lodge
at Lake O'Woods at a house
party last weekend.
,..wt f lr -rA
ek Ribbon JTf,jS. V 1
u a Kt.r W 1
Portland, July 17.-
Dangerously low water pressrue
in Portland West Hills districts
caused by the heavy burden oc
casioned by the heat wave may
result in major revamping of
the system.
Water Bureau Manager Ben
S. Morrow said he would ask
the council for $500,000 to alter
the water system in such places
as Council Crest, Portland
Heights, Kings Heights, Arling
ton Heights, Westover and Bur
lingame to meet this kind of an
The record-breaking demand
for 90,000,000 gallons a day was
more than the pumps could
handle, storages in the higher
areas was soon drained and
some of the hilly regions were
completely without water yes
terday. Residents were urged
not to sprinkle lawns for at
least two days.
Shanghai, July 17. W) An
undetermined number of Jap
anese reservists in addition to
the vast number of men already
under arms, are being called up
as an accompaniment to the
Japanese cabinet shift, accord
ing to reports received by for
eign sources here.
Summoning of the reservists
was first reported early this
week, before the Konoye cab
inet resigned, and today's ad
vices said that even soldiers dis
charged from the army in China
a year and a half ago had been
recalled to the colors along with
a number of reservists in Man-
The general belief here was
that the new cabinet would put
into effect decisions already
reached, but whether Japan in
tends to move north against
Russian Siberia, south into
French Indo-China. Thailand
and The Netherlands East In
dies, or intends any special
move, remained a matter of
Elks' Leader
Closing tlms fur Too Late to Clas
u Ada Is 1 30 p. m.
r 1 " 1 1 "-
San Francisco, July 17. W)
Pacific coast housewives are
feeling the rising cost of living
more than those of the rest of
the nation.
For the first half of 1941 the
cumulative monthly rise for
seven western states averaged
3.3 percent. The national rise
for 58 cities was 2.9 percent.
The figures are from the na
t i o n a 1 industrial conference
Dm Mall Tribune want ada.
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The Sheriff's Posse of Jack
son county returned Tuesday
from Portland where they par-
Complete Enftineertog Service
ror Sals bf
SOS K. Main. Dial 4421
Drowns In Slough
Portland. July 17 (P) Stan
ley Dickinson, 34, drowned in
the Willamette slouch near Bur
lington yesterday. The body of
the proprietor of Fishermen s
Inn on the Lower Columbia
River highway was recovered
several hours later.
iuii ii i ii i i i i a i ii t.'-m
i i n i i i i i i i t-ft.'s it
I IV 111 I I I J I M J I I I llr.lZLJII
1 WVilAlliWliTJIlli " h-M
Judge John S. McClelland of
Atlanta. Ca.. wat unanimously
elected grand exalted ruler of
the Benevolent and Protective
Order of Ellci at the opening of
their 75th national convention
held In Philadelphia. Portland
wat selected 1942 convention
8:30 p. m. R.N. A. outing.
Jackson Hot Springs.
6:30 p. m. B. P. w. picnic
at Helman Baths.
Washington, July 17. WV
Recent moves in Oregon and
Washington for interconnection
I of private power companies
with lines of the Bonneville
power administration were
characterized- by Rep. Pierce
(D., Ore.) as part of the fight
against Bonneville and Grand
Coulee dams.
Portland. July 17. 'PI The
Pacific northwest holds insur
ance against aluminum shortage
if shipments of bauxite, source
of the metal, are cut off from
the United States. Dr. Paul J.
Raver said here yesterday.
Testifying before a senate
military affairs sub-committee,
the Bonneville administration
chief said that alunite clay de
posits could be substituted.
Closing tin tor Too Lt to Clas
sify Ads la 140 p. m.
(f BrMtfuai at Oak BU
distinctive hotel
Irrigation Supply Low
Redmond, Ore., July 17. (JP)
All Craine prairie storage water
will be exhausted August 1.
officials of the Central Oregon
Irrigation district said today.
At present only 60 to 70 per
cent of regular flow fills the
canals, enough to give one
second foot to every 100 Irri
gated acres.
Meter Election Wanted
Marshfield, Ore., July 17. P)
Petitions containing 600 names
were filed yesterday with the
city recorder, protesting the in
stallation of parking meters and I
making a referendum manda
tory. A special election is to be i
held this summer.
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