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E4 It Mall MtaM"
l-tflt Nortk r L fhea IUI
Erttorotl u mo4 matter at M4
tertt, Oragaa. unrtar Al at March ft, lift
Br Mall la 1ancai
Oalli and unrUj oea raar....-M
Dally and grtjf an month a.'.
Dally and unrtay iHraa mouths. I 0
Dally aat Sunday na month,, . .la
Mr Camar la Alvaaea Ma'lford. A ah
land. Cantral PoiaU JaaaaoavUla, OoWl
HUL Hngua Kivar. rnomia Taiaak
and aa motor routaai
Daily aad Sunday ona raar
Dally M'l ffuaday aa moat a...
All tarma ah la advaaca.
OrricUl Papa al t CUj mi Madtartf
Offlatal raaf al Oaaly
tUtatwinm rail lcwad Wlr aarvtra.
Tha Aaaoeiaiad Praaa la aacluaivai
aitllad la th uaa for pnbHoauoa af all
aawa aiapatcnaa araniiad la it ar atnar
win aradnart ta thla pa par. and alaa to
taa local naara publish! Pioroia.
All rta-hia for publlcatloa af apaelAi
aiapaianaa aaraia ara aiaa raaarvao.
Advartiaiaf Rapraaaa Utl aa
Offlaaa la Not Tor a. CMo Datralt
Baa Franc lie). loa Anialaa, aaattia,
TarUa4. aL Laaia Atlanta, Vanaoavar.
B C.
Ye Smudge Pot
Br Arthur Parry.
Tomorrow 1 Friday the 13th.
Many hope it will bring them
either good luck or bad luck, as
they are weary of struggling
along with neither.
"Mrs. R , mother of the
bridegroom, was attired In a soft
blue lace dress which fell to
the floor." (Raleigh (NO Ob
server) The Invisible straps on
the strapless gown weren't there.
(Red Bluff (Calif.) News)
"We are not aware that
anyone has ever prophesied
the second coming of Satan.
But If such prophecy has ever
been made, the prophet must
feel that the sudden appear
ance of Adolf Hitler is the
answer. The Fuehrer has
everything we have ever as
sociated with hell on earth.
And we don't mean maybe."
- The secretary of the navy an
nounces "from here on subver
sive and communistic elements
will be treated as public ene
mies" by the government. This,
he states, includes the "red"
union leaders, who have mis
taken the right of free speech for
the right of free hellraising on
the labor front. The skeptical
feel this worthy objective will
not amount to much, due to
many statesmen in Congress
coming up for re-election next
Portland launched Its annual
Rose festival yesterday, with the
mercury at 88 degrees an all
time record. It Is unique to have
the Queen's crown melt from
the heat, instead of being washed
away by the rain.
In Klamath Falls police court,
three men were accused of rub
bing a dog's nose on the necks
of patrons of an eating house.
This deserves a Pulitier prize
for originality in low-down cus
sedness. AT LONO LAST
(Canyon City (Ore) News)
"One of the highlights not
on the program, though why
it has not happened before is
a mystery, was the hold
snatching of the bank roll of
one of the gambling tables in
the "Hank" Cresap pastime
Friday evening."
In the current national emer
gency editors are railing atten
tion to the efficiency of the
"melting pot," without calling
the reader's attention to the ef
ficiency with which it did not
melt in the first World War.
Tomorrow approximately 500
new laws passed by the last ses
sion of the legislature will go
into effect. Included In the ava
lanche is only one that really
matters. It puts the speed on
Oregon highways, lanes, byways
and alleys at S3 miles per. Any
number of speed Idiots will have
to slow down 23 mph. Another
measure enables Communists to
have their name on the ballot
while running for office. This
should help out a lot, and add
to the political maelstrom every
two years.
'In one type the narrator Is
in a position to declare on the
most unimpeachable authority
that there really Is no such
person as Adolf Hitler. The
person who the last eight
years has been masquerading
as such is really a woman, the
favorite niece of Joseph
Stalin. She quietly took the
place of the original Fuehrer
when he was carried off by a
sudden attack of flu two days
after he became chancellor."
(New York Times.
I'm Man liisoss east ads.
Germany Husbands Strength
For Huge Summer Offensive
(ThU daily ftfttur, conducted bf DdWltt McknsU. U blng
written In hii abtnc on vacation by Frad Vandarichmldt)
The reich is husbanding its
air might and regrouping its
armies for the climatic offensive
of the summer. The British ap
pear to be fairly sure that this
offensive will be directed with
the greatest ferocity against the
valley of the Nile and Suez,
against the armies of Egypt's
western desert and delta; behind
the backs of the imperial troops
in Syria, Palestine, Iraq.
Nothing Certain
No one can predict this with
certainty. Winston Churchill
this week pointed out to the
British people that the Germans,
controlling Europe's whole chain
of permanent airports and the
entire continental railway sys
tem, can put a vast movement
of aircraft and armies into re
verse in very little time.
Right now there is a new rash
of London reports that Germany
is concentrating tremendous
armies on the Soviet border and,
perhaps, threatening a move
ment through the Russian Uk
raine and Caucasus in order to
seize Iran and pinch off the
whole British position east of
This may be fact, It may be
fancy and it may be merely
wishful of a German-Russian
conflict, which certainly looks
doubtful at this point.
But things are In shape for
the assault In North Africa and,
again to quote Mr. Churchill,
the formidable threat of the
Axis armies at the western
Egyptian border must remain.
above all, Britain's chief preoc
cupation in the Middle East.
Biggest Fight Yet
The fight there is bound to be
on a much greater scale than
any yet contested on either
shore of the Mediterranean.
With the imperial conquerors
of Italian East Africa flowing
northwestward to bulward the
defense of the Nile, the British
may be a match in manpower
for the Germans and Italians,
who unquestionably have been
reinforced with men and tanks
by every sea-borne means. From
the standpoint of planes and ma
i r
HAIRCUTS, MISTERS t Four nawalltns arrived In
Honolulu with good excuses for the long hair: Ihry'd been en
lonely Jsrvls. Endrrbury and Rowland Islands. Left to right: John
Toomry. Lawrence Cbing, David Kalama: front, Mike McCorriston.
r- t r m
IT- ---.V..-V
.jiam.V:iVii i
WIZARD WHIRLAW A YWhlrlaa ay. the nnpmllrl.
able hnree that's makins tnrf hllor? In t?ll. amhlre bark lo his
(II at Hrlmont. N. v.. rjre trark i:h Jo.-kry Wrnil.'l tar! up.
Whlrly lock the nrK and ader a late star! the Preaknras.
chines the battle Is almost bound
to be unequal, however.
German planes in vast num
bers have swarmed with ease
down through Europe and into
the Mediterranean area; they
may, by now, be using French
as well as Italian bases on both
shores of the sea. Dive bombers
have made the western Medi
terranean approaches too hot for
the priceless British convoys
carrying planes, tanks and guns
to Egypt.
Mr. Churchill's revealing
speech of Tuesday disclosed that
British planes, by contrast, are
being shipped in crates all the
way from home to the African
cape and there set up for over
land flight to the Middle East.
Other materiel, he indicated, is
going all the way around the
cape and into the Red Sea and
thus, from point of origin to
point of action, this materiel is
useless for many weeks.
Joseph Broad, former Jack,
sonville resident, died this morn
ing In the home of his sister,
Mrs. Anna Sullivan of Florence,
friends were Informed by tele
gram. He was 39.
Mr. Broad had been in poor
health for some time. He was
born on March 29, 1882, in Lead
City, S. D. His family moved to
Jacksonville many years ago.
Survivors are three sisters and
four brothers: Mrs. Kate Dun-
gey, Coquille. Mrs. Agnes Nich
olaus, Bend, Mrs. Anna Sullivan,
Florence, Michael, Coquille, Wil
liam, Weed, Cal., John, North
Bend, and Robert, Brooklyn,
N. Y.
Graveside services will be held
at the family plot in the Jackson
ville cemetery at II a. m. Satur
V. I . 4 . aiS:Tf t . . ..X S .' -ajT 1
tV.. ea -I I
Personal Health Service
By William
lined Mlm eertalnlni ta personal health sag hTttene. st la aiwast
SIsgiwMls r trMtmrnt, ll be answere bt Dr. Brad If a stamp! tcir
dtfrttacd envtlope Is satlnsia. ttiutrs sneoM ae brief and vrltttn la lok
Owing to Um large aumbcr ef tetters melta) only a Urn caa ba aniwcree
bare. No reply caa be made t a uartaa aot conforming to 1 attraction,
aadrtts D-. Milium Brads. Mi CI Caalao, Bern-It HIUs, Call!.
A woman complains that for
the past three months food
smells and tastes metallic to her.
In her kitchen
she has used
ware, for the
past 15 or 16
years. She
whether the
ware, after
many years of
dally use, can
thus give off
smell or taste.
She remarks, however, that she
is the only one in the family
who seems to be sensitive of this
metallic smell and taste.
There is no actual evidence
that Ingestion of aluminum or
any combination of aluminum
in or with food or otherwise in
everyday life ever causes any
injury to health. This is the pre
vailing view of competent au
thorities. One possible explanation of
the bad taste and smell of which
the correspondent complains is
a lesion of the trifacial nerve or
a branch of it supplying the
tongue. Another is a brain tu
mor this is a remote possibil
ity only. Another Is the pres
ence In the mouth of two dis
similar metals perhaps some
filling or other denture recently
installed. If this is the case, she
should consult her dentist about
removal of the newer denture
and substitution of one of the
same metal as she had in older
fillings or crown or whatnot.
Many medicines, both nos
trums taken casually by the pa
tient and remedies prescribed
by the physician, may cause un
pleasant taste or smell.
Some expectant mothers com
plain of bad taste in the mouth
more or less constantly.
Simple neglected caries (cav
ity) or a cavity that may be
overlooked because It is in be
tween teeth closely in contact,
sometimes causes both unpleas
ant taste and smell.
Taste consists of flavor and
savor. Savor is a function of
the olfactory nerves, for in
stance the savor of good coffee
or baking bread. Flavor is the
funclio'i of the taste buds of the
tongue and the nerves supplying
them. Savor is defective when
there Is some trouble in the nose
involving the olfactory nerve
terminals In tha mucous mem
brane lining the nasal passages.
Flavor is defective only when
the taste buds and gustatory
nerves of the tongue are dam
aged; when flavor Is defective
the Individual cannot distin
guish the taste of a salt from
the taste of sugar or a bitter
t work In a wall paper plant. A
epray of formaldehyde la used to
coat the paper and make It water
proof. Working under the spray I
have to breathe aorae of It. Please
advlaa whether thla la barmful to
health. (S. w. M l
Antweir Tha vapor of formalde
hyde Itarlf la very Irritating to eyea,
noee and respiratory paaaagea. but
not poisonous. Commercial formal
dehyde eometlmea contains consid
erable wood alcohol and Inhaling
wood alcohol vapor la dangeroua.
may cause bllndnena.
Stag Fright
I used your remedy for atage fright
with great eucceae two grains three
times dally for about a week before
my recital and I waa aa cool and
comfortable aa on could wteh. But
I find a wide difference in the quln
ln sold by different atoiea on waa
round and pink pltle. another white
oval pllla and a third chocolate coat
ed tablet. A O. U)
A n a w r Makes no difference
whether red. whit or brown, pill,
tablet or capsule. It la all the earn
quinine. To preven' etas fright or
elimination Jitters X autoiest taking
one grain of qulnlna sulfate three
tlmee dally (before or after food)
for two weeks before the ordeal.
Sis years ago my eon waa glwn a
"hot'' by a health doctor and the
doctor told me It Immuntsed the
boy aaint mump for III, scbool
nure her eeva no such immunising
hot" is known. (Mrs. c. LI
Antwer No such Immunisation Is
known Perhaps yoj mteunderstocd
what the doctor told you. tf he la
or was a representative of the health
Of Tired Kidnert
;. t J rvvtrnlsus, boH do t-Mrvr-C
jur i.1rvi ri a.tttio.
1 ta kinejn .vr Nauir t rilW y Csf fakirsf
VT tM 9-vm ojt cat i
i tM
rn tr.l aKiarstv, ffMttns up ,xSi, rut,
vi (Tineas urKtor tti tnt, bMdarb fcaj duff
!. rf.iiHMcflViBlrfcaajag WMhfltrwt
V $ fd urrWMKttot,rTja.t,.v,f imWKxn
-tik-i Tvkj mm, rot atrT or t4-W.
r Ua, w., wvwwafunv ft-,- 40
m. I fcai r rcltol a Ml U iw.
It lAn .tm fcBe-j tuUt f- oa rvg.
Itji tix Viwkl. Gtt Pom i
Brady. M. D.
department, you might obtain tha
Information by writing tha health
department of tha city where you
lived. Only effective Immunizing
treatment generally advisable la (1)
Immunising a g a I n a t diphtheria,
which overy child ahould receive bo
fore the age of three years; 2) Im
munising agalnat typhoid, paraty
phoid, etc., and (3) immunizing
agalnat smallpox, by vaccination.
Cora and Callus
Please give the recipe for your
corn and callus remedy. (J. V.)
Anawer paint corn or callus once
dally with solution of SO grains of
aallcylle acid In one-half once of
flexible collodion. In a week or ten
daya corn or callua will aoften and
may be wiped away. Dnleaa pree
aur and friction are avoided the
corn or callua will return.
Have you got eczema remedy! I
ure am crazy with It. (B. R. 8.)
Answer 6end a tamped envelope
bearing your addresa. and aak for
monograph on 'Eczema."
(Protected by John P. Dllle Co.)
Ed Note: Persona wishing to
commanlcate wltb Dr. Brady
ahonld aend letter direct to Or.
William Brady, M. D, tS El
Csmtno. Beverly Ullli. Calif.
fContlnueft Prom Pave One)
maintained their Independence
for many centuries, Hitler's
sway is all but undisputed. Re
bellion is impossible.
If the unarmed populations
seek to rebel, the air fleets and
the Panzer divisions will ad
minister to them the punishment
of Rotterdam, where in a short
space of an hour the richest
part of a great city was levelled
to the earth, and 26,000 unre
sisting civilians were done to
death. Because these things are
so, Hitler is already organizing
his conquered territories as in
tegral parts of the Nazi system.
Although wishful thinkers here
believe that the Nazis will not
be able to digest their triumphs
when the war is over, the actual
fact is that in the midst of a gi
t is? A .
gantic war effort, when 80 per
cent of their energy is diverted
to other purposes, the Germans
are successfully putting to work
for themselves the industry and
the agriculture of France, Bel
gium, Holland, Denmark and
all the rest of their new domain.
A GAIN because these things
are so, there is no reason to
suppose that Hitler will have
difficulty in organizing the even
vaster conquests that will be
his if Britain goes under. Then
not only all of Europe, but also
the British Isles and Africa will
directly or indirectly acknowl
edge his authority and obey his
commands. The industries and
shipyards, the mines and raw
materials, the agriculture, and
all that is left of Europe's naval
and military material will be
his to dispose of as he chooses.
And thus he will not only, at a
single stroke, surpass this coun
try in every form of armed
strength, but will also hopeless
ly outdistance us in the means
to produce armed strength.
Nor will the new order end
with the organization of Europe
and Africa by the Nazis. Even
tf Hitler does not choose to force
her complete submission, Russia
will be his vassal ally. In the
Far East, China, cut off from
aid, will be defeated. The un
equipped Australians and New
Zealanders will be beaten down.
A new Japanese empire will
arise, to take our trade, and
prevent our access to the vital
raw materials, rubber and tin,
which we cannot obtain elsewhere.
And In South America, where
the wishful thinkers build their
, brightest dream palaces, there
I will also be changes. Even now,
l the Nazi economic and political
infiltration of this hemisphere
is so serious that the state de
partment and the military and
naval intelligences live in daily
fear of pro-German putsches in
several South American nations.
The South American economy
is dependent on Europe. The
South American governments.
each of them tight little oligar
chies, admire success. If Ger
many win; the war, South
America will become a politico
economic province of Nazidom.
DECAUSE the German armed
strength and means for pro
ducing armed strength will be
infjnitely greater than ours, the
United States will be powerless
to protest and impotent to as
sert influence in the world of
the new order. Far from being
able to say to Brazil, for exam
ple "this must be done, that
not," we shall be encircled and
beleaguered in our own conti
nent. In the Pacific we shall be
forced to withdraw all but a
remnant of our strength, which
will be left to hold the bastion
of Hawaii.
Let's go through
the ads. dear
yHUS the Committee of Two for Buying
swings into action in many a Medford
home. After dinner the dishes are cleared
away . . . it's time for relaxation, for rest
for talking and planning. So out comes the
Mail Tribune and the huddle begins scan
:he ads, one by one, look for that new rug
or dinette or crib for baby.
Yes, when you need new things for your
home . . . furniture, kitchen equipment,
draperies ... the Mail Tribune is the first
shopping center you should go to. The
town's best and most reliable stores bring
you news of their merchandise frequently
in Mail Tribune ads!
Even at this day. naval war1
plans are ready for concentrat
ing our power in the Caribbean,
in a grim effort to protect our
back door.
e e e
PROTECTION of our back
door will not serve, however.
In the world of the new order,
tha United States will not need
to be invaded in order to be
destroyed. For first will come
economic chaos, the inevitable
result of our sudden isolation
from the world economy we
have always belonged to. Then,
out of economic chaos will come
political disunion.
A powerful faction will say,
"Let us trade with Germany.
Let us make a deal." The Nazi
conquerors will remark smiling
ly, "certainly you may trade
with us. but first you must show
your confidence in the new or
der by abandoning your sense
less, feverish production of of
fensive armament." The wise
will protest, but the party of
appeasement will grow. To the
economic pressures, will be add
ed political pressures, applied by
all the well-tried Nazi methods
of propaganda, bribery and
public corruption. And in the
end, our people, divided, grop
ing and bewildered, will one
day see the way of life and form
of government they have known
from their birth suddenly dis
integrate before their eyes.
This is what the men who
have the facts at their disposal
see in the future. It is not what
is seen by Senator Burton K.
Wheeler and Colonel Charles
Lindbergh, with their puzzling
talk of "new leadership," and
their endless repetition of the
same slogans that were heard in
Austria, Czechoslavakia, Poland,
Norway, Denmark, Holland, Bel
glum, Rumania, Bulgaria, Jugo
slavia, Greece and France, be
fore those nations learned the
harsh lesson of experience. Pos
sibly no nation learns by the ex
perience of others. But it is not
too late for the United States to
have try.
i hmii.
a"""" fjB"J-
Elk-roar sriAigHT souhon whismt
Men who know their bourbon best, nrefer
Old Jordan still made the old-fash-toned
"alow" way giving extra smooth
nesa, extra richness to every drop. Try it
This Wfosiey It 4 Ym Od
Flight (V Time
Medford and Jackson County
History from the files of tha
Mail Tribune 10 and 20 years
January 12. 1931
(It was Friday)
Old age pension resolution U
tabled by state grange conven
tion without any action. Tax
levy on real property is opposed.
Thousands gather at airport
to view army plane squadron on
way south.
Fir Pine Lumber company
mill on Chestnut street is de
stroyed by early morning fire.
Two mall planes to be effec
tive soon.
German people stage riots In
many cities over increase in
Amelia Earhart, noted woman .
flier, unhurt when plane crashea -T
at Abilene, Texas.
January 12. 1921
(It was Sunday)
Jackson county creamery pro- ,
duces a new soft drink called
Gas increases at Trigonla oil
well, and drill is now down
1,245 feet.
Moonshine mixed with gaso
line blamed for auto wreck near
Talent in which three are hurt.
Roy Gardner, escaped mail
bandit is still at large, and fear
is felt he has escaped. Planes
to aid in hunt.
Bill declaring the state of war
with Germany at end, passed by
Assessor Coleman Is speaker
at C. of C. weekly forum.
Glass We sell glass, reglaza
vour oroken windows reason
ably Trowbridge Cabinet Works.
TJa Mai tribune want ada.
mm i