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142 From Nineteen Com
munities Attend Meeting
County Committee
' Members Elected for Year
One hundred forty-two nome-m&kei-A
representing 19 communltiea
attended the third annual County
Homemlcers, Dny. held at the Christ
Ian church in Med ford. Wednesday,
April 35. The purport of the meet
ing wu to review the past year
work in home economic extension
and to make project recommenda
tions for the year ending June, 1935.
Mrs. Bertha Glasgow, vice-chairman
of the county extension com
mittee. presided at the morning ses-
aion. The program started with sev
eral selections by the Medlord high
school band under the direction of
P. Wilson Walt.
Miss skow Leads flinging
Mlsa Gertrude Skow, home demon
stration agent, at large, lead In a
few stunt songs. Community singing
opened with the home economics
aong directed by Mlaa Harriet Bald
win of the Medford high school fac
ulty, accompanied by Mrs. Mabel
Sims of Jacksonville.
Measure of progress of the . paat
years work in extension were explain
ed by Mrs.. Mabel C, Mack, county
home demonstration agent, and Il
lustrated by chart.
Mrs. Mack explained that there
were 17 home extension units or
ganized in the county that meet reg
ularly each month with an average
attendance of 20. The teaching of
project la . done by the home dem
onstratlon agent with assistance of
project leaders under supervision of
Mlaa Claribei Nye. state leaner oi
home economics extension, and the
assistance of specialist, and a coun
ty extension - committee of seven
members who meet with the agent
once each month in an advisory
Projects Completed
In the past year In foods and nu
trition three projects were completed
In the 17 units: home food preser
vation, including canning vegetables,
fruits, meat, fish In glass and tin
and curing and drying. This also in
cluded the relief canning project or
ganized in 12 centers; eggs, milk
and cheese and vegetable cookery. In
clothing and textiles sewing funda
mentals and economy dressmaking
projects were completed In 15 com
munities. V
In recreation and dramatics leader
training work was given each month
with 85 leaders enrolled and special
schools In dramatics, dramatics con
test and public speaking were given,
At the present special work In com
munity singing is being T donef by
Miss Harriot Baldwin. The parent ed
ucation work Is given through radio
study clubs In 14 communities. Fol
lowing the report those enrolled were
divided Into five interest groups for
discussion of projects for next year.
Groi rt Organized
The Intorest groups were as fol
lows: 1. Organization and Administra
tion Mrs. Effle Blrdseye, chairman;
Miss Claribei Nye, secretary.
2. Clothing and Textiles Mrs.
Bertha Glasgow, chairman; Mrs.
Azalea Sager, secretary.
3. Foods and Nutrition -Mrs. Mabel
Thornton, chairman; Mlaa Lucy A.
Case, secretary.
4. Child Development and Parent
Education Mrs. Bertha Young,
chairman; Mrs. Mabel C. Mack, sec
retary. 6. Recreation and Dramatics Mrs.
O. C. Maust, chairman; Mlsa Ger
trude Skow, secretary.
Mrs. Mabel Mack presided at the
noon luncheon which was an illus
tration of the eggs, milk and cheese
project and was sorved by the Wo
men's Association of the Christian
. Guests Introduced
The program opened with the In
troduction of the guests by Mrs.
Mack Judge Earl B. Day and Mrs.
Day, County Commissioner R. B.
Nealon and Mrs. Nealon, Miss Clar
ibei Nye, state leader; Mrs. Azalea
fiiger, extension specialist In cloth
ing; Miss Lucy Cnae, extension spec
ialist In foods and nutrition; Miss
Gertrude Skow, home demonstration
agent at lnrge; Mrs, Sara Wertz,
Josephine county home demonstra
tion agent; R, G. Fowler, county
agricultural agent; Gladys York,
secretary county extension office;
Grill -Tavern Coffee Shop
Jit MOST CmvtmiHt
Vka BlSTovmrnodobiu
7Me TXHtXTsVeab
Meteorological Report
April 37, 1034
Medford and vicinity: Cloudy to
night. Fair Saturday. Moderate tem
perature. Oregon: Fair east and cloudy west
portion tonight. Saturday fair, but
overcast near coast. Moderate temperature.
Temperature a year ago today:
Highest, 84; lowest, 44.
Total monthly precipitation, 1.04
Inches; deficiency for the month, .06
Inch. Total precipitation since Sep
tember 1, 1933, 0.U Inches; defi
ciency for the season, 0.27 Inches.
Relative humidity at 6 p. m. yes
terday, 48 per cent; 6 a. m. today, 77
per cent.
Sunrise tomorrow, 6:11 a. m.
Sunset tomorrow, 7:06 p. m.
Obserratlona Taken at 5 A. M.
120th Meridian Time
5 n
3 2
Boston .................. 68 46 .... Clear
Cheyenne .............. 46 30 .04 Clear
Chicago 64 34 '.01 Cloudy
Eureka 60 62 .... Clear
Helena 70 42 .... Clear
Los Angeles 84 60 .... Clear
MEDFORD ., 72 63 T. Cloudy
New Orleans ........ 82 68 .... Clear
New" York 68 48 .... Cloudy
Omaha 66 36 .... Clear
Phoenix 96 64 Clear
Portland -..... 72 64 .48 Rain
Reno .......... 76 44 .... Clear
Roseburg 72 62 T. Cloudy
Salt Lake City .... 62 44 .... Cloudy
San Francisco .... 72 64 .... Clear
Seattle 66 64 .14 Cloudy
Spokane .74 66 T. Clear
Walla Walla 76 62 .... Clear
Washington, D.C. 64 62 -01 Rain
Mrs. Ida Sweeney, mother of Mrs.
Judge Day Speaker
Mrs. Esther Merrit Sanderson of
Central Point then sang a group of
songs accompanied by Mrs. Mabel
81ms of Jacksonville. Miss Nye gave
a short talk on the progress, of home
economics extension work during the
past three years, stressing the pro
gress made In county-wide program
planning. Judge Day gave an inter
esting discussion of the . importance
of the home to. society.
A style show was presented by 12
home extension units of the county.
Homemakers modeling the dresses
made In the economy dressmaking
project during the past month.
Mrs. K. Ethel Lathrop of central
Point, former member of the coun
ty extension committee presided at
the afternoon assembly at which rec
ommendations of the five interest
groups for project work for the com
ing year were presented by group
ohalrmen. The recommendations were
discussed and adopted by the entire
group. -
' Officers Elected
Mrs. Lee Port, chairman of the
nominating committee for county
committee members gave a report of
her committee and the following
members were unanimously elected:
Mrs. O. O, Maust, Phoenix; re-elected
for a three-year term; Mrs. Bertha
Young, Eagle Point, re-elected for a
three-year term; Mrs, Mabel Thorn
ton, Roxy Ann, one year term; Mrs.
Rita Myers, Eagle Point, one-year
Miss Claribei Nye, state leader,
closed the program with a discussion
of looking forward in home econom
ics extension. Miss Nye discussed the
wider use of project leaders for com
munity work.
The following home extension
units and communltiea were repre
sented at the meeting: Applcgate,
Boll view. Central Point, Butte Falls,
Evans Valley, Eagle Point, Griffin
creek, Independence, Jacksonville
Lost Creek, McLeod. Roxy Ann,
Rogue River, Phoenix, Table Rock,
Talent, Trail, Sams Valley, Valley-
ASTORIA, Ore., April 37. (ff) The
motorshlp Pacific Enterprise, which
grounded on a sandbar in the lower
Columbia river yesterday In a dense
fog, reached Astoria today for in
pectlon to determine whether any
damsge had resulted.
Very encouraging reports of health
actlvitiea from the various sections of
Jackson county were received Wednes
day by Miss Mildred Carlton, presi
dent of the Jackson County Public
Health association, at the meeting of
the executive board at the Hotel Med
ford. The representatives at the luncheon
session reported that Jacksonville is
working for a school nurse, sponsor
ing the Applegate committee conduct
ing more child welfare clinics and
making laundry bags. Phoenix Is con
tinuing with the serving of school
lunches, which have cost Just $1.08
for the four and a half months this
year. Free lunches were served to
children In the first and second
Gold Hill Is having a bazasr to fur
nish a room for school lunches and
Sams Vajley is concentrating on a
school nurse and health education
In Prospect the talks by Miss
Blanche Runels, county nurse, on
health education are being continued.
Central Point members are trying to
pay off the 9100 debt still against the
health house, and expect to meet the
amount by this time next year. Tal
ent workers are devoting their time
to piecing quilts, making comforters
and making over clothes. Ashland 1b
furnishing scales for the clinic and
Medford Is providing obstetrical packs
and doing clinic work.
Miss Carlton Informed the members
of the board that she was very
pleased with the reports, which Illus
trated that much progress has been
McKay To Speak
. At Dedication Of
Free Methodist
Sunday will mark the close of the
revival campaign. In progress for the
past two weeks at the Freet Meth
odist church, Tenth and Ivy streets.
Evangelist Elmer McKay, of Green
ville, 111., who haa been directing the
revival, will speak there three times
Rer. Elmer McKay
on Sunday. In t,he morning at 11
o'clock he will use for his subject,
"The Coming Coronation Day."
The church, which haa been re
modeled and enlarged under the un
tiring labors of the pastor, Rev, E. N.
Long, will be rededlcated Sunday at
2:30 p. m. Rev. McKay will prcacrt
the dedicatory sermon, using for his
subject, "Breaking the Alabaster
Rev. A. O. Archer, district superin
tendent, will be present and offer the
dedicatory prayer.
Rev. Long, local pastor, states that
,he is highly gratified with the re
sults of the campaign. "My church
haa received a 'new vision and many
have received definite help spiritu
ally," he aays.
Rev. McKay will preach the fare
well sermon in the evening and will
leave Monday morning for McKees
port, Pa., where .he will open his next
There will be special alnglng fur
ntshed by the quartet for the Sunday
services. '
Sermon subject for tonight, "The
Coming Crisis."
Beagle Eden Precinct
BEAGLE, April 27. (Spl.)-chool
children and patrons of the district
put on the following program April
20: Instrumental selection, Leo and
Lorlng Martin; poem, "Night," E. B.
Lucas; play, "Wynken, Blynken and
Nod," Alta Jennings, Nedra Schulz,
Tommy and Vivian Mulhollen; read
ing, "The Shaving of Jacob," Edith
Sage; poem, "The Village Black
smith," Mae Edler; piano solos, Ruby
snd Nedra Schulz; poem, "My Shad
ow," Dorothy Gillette; poem, "Wash
ing," Nedra Schulz; instrumental
selection. Ina Pearl Lucas; play, "Wil
liam Tell," Dick Rush, Robert Btscn
off, Robert and Ernest Sanderson,
Walter Gillette, Marcellus Morton, J.
C. and Gordon walker, Cecil Martin,
Ward and Harry Blaine, Charleen Wal
ker. Mae Edler, Alice Gillette, Emma
Frlnk; Instrumental music, Leo and
Loring Martin; accordion music, Rose
Gillette; song, "Maytlme," Mae Edler;
poem, Ina Pearl Lucas; poem, "The
Face on the Barroom Floor," Jack
Edler; reading, Editn Sage; instru
mental music, Elaine and Dick Rush.
After the program there was a
spelling match between the young
people and the parents, with the par
ents standing on the floor last. A
hobo lunch was sold to the men with
a number for his supper partner. A
candy and cake sale was held and
games ended the evening.
April 19 was Joan Edler's birthday
snd Mrs. Edler made a large birthday
cake for Joan and the school chil
dren, with eight candles on It.
Mr. and Mrs. Garlson have moved
onto the tract of land just south of
the place Chas. Mulhollen ia living
on, and will make their home thete.
Antioch school will hold a track
meet April 27, in which Long Moun
tain, Table Rock and the Meadows
will take part.
Vera Hutson of Los Angeles Is here
for a few weeks visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Rush, and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Walker and fam
ily and Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Walker and
three young children spent Sunday
up Rogue river with Mr. and) Mrs.
James Rodgers and family. The oc
casion was a picnic for little Loretta
Walker, celebrating her birthday.
Mrs. Herbert Dennison and baby
Ursula spent Wednesday visiting Mrs.
The teachers. Miss Anderson snd
Miss Brewold, spent the week-end here
ss guests of Mrs. o. C. Frlnk.
About 60 neighbors and friends were
entertained by John Nelson with a
dancing party given at the old house
on the Dennlnson ranch Saturday.
Chas. DeArmod spent Sunday at
Flounce Rock, attending a picnic.
Walter Grant is building a new ad
dition onto the Grant home.
Thelma Sanderson holds the rea
ord so far here for the earliest green
peas ready for use. It Is a month
earlier than other years.
Dance at Rogue Elk Saturday night.
April 28.
EDEN PRECINCT, April 27. (Spl.)
Several persons In Talent and North
Talent received small flocks of baby
chicks . this week. Including Fred
Rspp, Wm. Bruin, Noah Chandler and
E. L. Hopkins.
The recent heavy rain haa glad
dened the hearts of all the farmers,
and Is expected to Insure good crops.
Grandpa Bell and little grandson
are much better the past few days.
The little boy, who was run over by
a spray rig, will not suffer any per
manent Injuries, as at first feared.
Mrs. Will Bruin and Mrs. Fred Rapp
of Talent and Mrs. Hattle Smith and
Mr. and Mrs. McWllllams of Ashland
visited at the Carey -home Tuesday
snd Wednesday. -
Mrs. Donna Graffes was able to be
out to the play, "Adam and Eve," at
Phoenix high school Friday evening.
Mr. Germer Is having a concrete
spillway made for Irrigation on his
new place south of Phoenix.
Missionary society of the Presby
terian church held an all-day meet
ing at the home of Mrs. , Gammlll
Thursday of this week, with covered
dish luncheon. The program includ
ed! reading from the missionary study
Mrs. Ida Lock wood delivered a nice
bunch of her White Leghorn baby
chicks to Mrs. Fred Rapp last week.
Rogue River
ROGUE RIVER, April S7. (Spl.)
Mrs Florence Boyd. 61. long a rut.
dent of the Ward's creek section, pass
ed away Friday at her home. She had
been 111 many months from a cancer.
She leaves her husband. Riley Boyd;
one son, Charles Hulen of North
Bend, and four daughters, Mrs. Mary
Harris. St. Helens, Ore., Mrs. Grace
Harris. Wapato. Wash., Mrs. Stflla
Dlese of Rogue River, and a daughter
who lives In Kansas; one brother,
Geo. Zlders of Roseburg was here for
the funeral Monday, at the graveside.
Rev. Conden officiating. Interment
was In the Rogue River cemetery.
Mrs. Sam Sandry and Mrs. Ird
Phelps were Medford shoppers Wed
nesday, and also called on Mrs. "Doc"
Paul Pierce and family returned
home to Salem Thursday, having
spent many days here, called by the
death of his father. R. A. Pierce.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Combs,
a seven-pound baby girl, April 17, at
the Love maternity home. The young
miss has been named Joan.
Mr. and Mrs. "Doc" Grim of Med
ford spent Sunday at their parents'.
Mr. and Mrs. Sandry.
A picnic surprise dinner was given
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Baker, April. 18.
Those who attended were Mr. and
Mrs. W. A. Johnston end son Paul,
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Mcllvaln, Mr. and
Mrs. O. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. Lacrosse,
Miss Bertha Buford and Mr. and Mrs.
McNabb. The dinner was spread un
der the beautiful trees in the lawn
and a Jolly time was enjoyed.
The many friends of Lee Hug are
glad to hear of his Improvement. Mr.
Hug was operated on April 17 at the
Grants Pass hospital.
Charles Hulen returned home to
North Bend Monday, having been
called here on account of the death
of his mother, Mrs. Boyd.
Saturday at 8 a. m., the cry of fire-
was heard on the atreet, and upon
Investigation the postotflce was dia
covered to be on fire, but by ths
quick action of the citizens It was
soon put out without much damage.
Miss Ruth Robblns of Eugene ar
rived on the train Saturday and apent
the week-end with her grandfather,
J. M. Whipple.
Live Oak Grange met April 16, with
a god attendance. Visitors were Mr.
Bell of Bellview Grange, Ted Sims
of Jacksonville Grange and Mr. Caster
of Phoenix Orange.
Visitors Sunday at the J. M. Whip
ple home were Mrs. Alice Robblns,
Clyde Robblns, Miss Shirley Smith
and Wade Palmer, who motored from
Eugene, retuumlng In the evening
accompanied by Miss Ruth Robblns.
Ladlea' Aid of the Presbyterian
church met with Mrs. W. A. Johnston
Friday afternoon, plans were made
to give a chicken dinner May 2 from
6 to 8 p. m., at the Community hall,
the proceeds to pay the Insurance on
the church. Rev. Conden will also
show a reel of moving pictures and a
program will be given for which a
small sum win be cnargea.. xnere
were 16 ladles present at this meet
ing: Mesdames Pauline Wahl, Elisa
beth Fowler, Marlon Lance, George
Hutchlns, Albert Mcllvaln, Sam San
dry, David McLaren, Ralph Witt, Roy
Moore, Allen McGregory, Cloyd Dick.
Walter Conden, J. F. Julian, W. L.
Badley and Miss Tillie Anderson, and
th ehostess. The next meeting will
be all day May 4, at Mrs. C. T.
April 15, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Phelps
had as dinner guests Mr. ana Mr.
"Doc" Grim of Medford and Mr. and
Mrs. Sam Sandry.
Cloyd O.'Kelly left last week for
Madera, Cal., to be employed for the
summer at the Orlmmett logging
Mr. and Mrs. Miller are new resi
dents of Rogue River, having pur
chased the barber shop formerly ran
by the late R. A. Pierce. Mrs. Miller
Is a sister of Mrs. John Breeding.
Mrs. Effle Shuck of Bakersfield.
Cal., arrived by stage Saturday to
visit her daughter, Mrs. Walter Comos
and family.
Glenn pierce, who has spent toe
past two months visiting his father,
the late R. A. Pierce and other rela
tives, left Sunday for his home at
Grandvlew, Wash.
a body. A pot luck dinner was served
after the services.
Taylor Williams of Ashland was a
Talent visitor Tuesday. ,
Miss Dorothy Baughman and Edna
Weisly were shopping In Medford Sat
urday, Harland Lowe attended the Na
tional Ouard gt-together meeting
and drill Tuesday evening at Medford.
Mrs. Dunn was a dinner gueat of
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Parks Thursday.
Mrs. Clair Gulllford Is still quite
Mrs. Ruth Montgomery and son of
Medford. called on her mother, Mrs.
A. T. Edmondson, Thursday.
Mlsa Mary McLarnln spent the
week-end with her sister, Mrs. Ted
Quetzlaff of Ashland.
Mr. Wilson spent the week-end In
Grants Pass.
Charles Skeeters has purchased a
new Indiana logging truck.
Henri Warner and Harry Lowe
spent the week-end at Happy Camp.
. A.. T. Edmondson and Mr. Block
were fishing at Dead Indian Sunday.
They reported a good catch.
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Terrill were shop
ping in Medford Saturday.
Ladlea of the Community club were
guests of the Bellview club Wednes
day. Those who .attended the all-day
meeting were Mesdames T. Bell, C.
Gardner, K. Borg, J. Terrill. G. Learn
ing, Manning, w. Batea and H. Walters.
Doris Hamilton motored to Crater
lake Sunday with the Loyal Bates
family of Medford.
Mr. and Mrs, Ksdy of -.Medford were
Calling In Talent Wednesday.
Mr and Mrs. Charles Terrill of
Lake Creek were dinner guests of
Mr. and Mrs. J. Terrm ounany.
A large delegation from the Med
ford Senior high school motored to
Ashland today for participation in th
second day's program of the sixth an
nual music festival, aponsored by the
Southern Oregon Normal school.
The students were accompanied by
F. Wilson Walt, director of the or
chestra and band, and Miss Harriet
Baldwin, supervisor of music In the
Medford system.
In the representation from here
were & members of the Girls' Glee
club, 38 members of the Boys' Glee,
club, the orchestra of 30 members
and the band, composed of 40 stu
dents. A number of parents and other
persons Interested In music also at
tended the festival from here.
Columbia Rising
HOOD RIVER, April 37. f AP)
The Columbia river rost past the
21-foot stage here following a rise
of 13 inches In the past 24 hours.
A huge sandbar north of the city
is entirely submerged. Athough a
slower steady rise Is expected there
Is no fear that lowland gardens will
be damaged.
TALENT, April 27 (Spl.) Kenneth
Miller, who has been visiting his
mother, Mrs. Oeta Miller, left Mon
day for Colorado.
Talendelphlans met with Mr. and
Eaton Friday evening. The constitu
tion and by-laws were adopted and
a general good time was had by the
24 members present. April 27 the
club will meet with Mrs. Thurston.
April 22 members of the Talent
grange attended the local church In
rCV t&a
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Sunshine KRISPY Crackers
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