Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 19, 1934, Page 3, Image 3

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Garner's Brother Dlea S
Official ballot for the primary elec
tion. May 18, Is being prepared by
the county clerk's office and will be
submitted to the state printer for
printing within the week. The bal
lot la checked and double -checked,
and is passed upon by the district
attorney's office before submission.
Notice of the election has been
posted In most of the precincts of the
county, as required by law.
Three ballots will be given the vot
ers one containing the names of
state and county officers, one con
taining referendum measures to be
voted upon, and one containing the
names of candidates for circuit Judge.
There wilt be 68 precincts in the
county this year 13 new ones betn
created because of the Oregon law
which requires that when a precinct
shows more than 500 voters a new
precinct be created. Nine of this
number are In this city, two in Ash
land and one at Brownsboro, from
the Eagle Point precinct.
With an estimated registration be
tween 13.500 and 14,000, It Is
pected that between 8,500 and 10.000
ballots will be cast at the primary.
This will be due largely to Interest
in the School Relief Sales Tax. The
average primary Vote in this county
Is between 26 and 30 per cent. Apathy
so far marks the voters' Interest In
candidates, for both state and coun
ty offices. The sales tax Interest Is
greatest In the rural districts and
among the women voters of Ashland
and Medford. All the candidates are
browsing around among the voters.
but the political pot has not reached
the boiling point.
The first of the rural schools will
end their terms Friday, April 27, ac
cording to the county school superln
tendent's office. They are the Ruch
school with 20 pupils, and an eight-
month term, and Willow Springs with
45 pupils, and an eight and one-quar
ter month term. Both terms are short
on account of restricted district fl
The Anderson creek school Is sched
uled to close next week also.
The Antioch, Pankey and Shady
Cove schools are scheduled to close
Friday, May 4.
The Central Point and Mt. Pitt
schools will close Friday, May 11.
Rural schools listed to end Friday,
May 18, are:-
Derby, Sterling, Meadows, Sams
Valley, Antelope, Lake Creek. Long
Mountain, Provolt, Griffen Creek. Neil
Creek, Eagle Point, Applegate, Table
Rock. Trail, Reese Creek Crater Lake,
North Trail, Gold Hill, Little Butte
Creek, Laurelhurst. Oak Grove, Elk
Creek, Liberty, Beaver Creek, Little
Applegate, Alderbrook, Pinehurst, West
Bide and Howard.
May 25 school closings are:
Jacksonville. Phoenix, Lone Pine
Independence, Forrest Creek, Wagner
Creek. Prospect. Bellview and Fern
The Watkins school will close May
28, and Thompson Creek May 30.
Charles Edwin Brous, a resident of
the Reese Creek district for 10 years,
passed away at his home early Thurs
day morning at the age of 74.
Mr. and Mrs. Brous came to Oregon
from Idaho and settled at their pres
ent place.
Besides his wife. Mary Brous, he Is
survived by two brothers and two
sisters, who reside in Kansas and
. Funeral services will be held from
the Conger Funeral Parlors Saturday
at 3 p. m., with Rev. John Sttlle of
Trail in charge. Interment will be
made in the Central Point cemetery.
Jolly Garner (above), 48-yearolt
brother of Vice President John N
Garner, shot himself to death at nil
home In El Paso, Tex. (Assoclatec
Press Photo1
In line with the local observance
of Be Kind to Animals week, the
art department of the Medford schools
has devoted much time to the study
of animals and development of
"Kindness to Animals" posters. This
work has been carried on for the
past two weeks under the leadership
of Miss Louise Hollenback. art su
pervisor, Mrs. Sidney Richardson of
the Humane society announced to
day. A number of fine posters have
grown out of 'the study and will be
entered in the Latham Foundation
for the Promotion of Humane Edu
cation contest through Oakland, Cal.
One or two posters from the high
school will be sent to the American
Humane Institute.
A radio ttlk of particular interest
to parents will be given from station
KMED Friday morning at 11:45, The
subject will be "Implanting . Kind
nes in Children."
The humane creed, which has also
been given much consideration this
week, reads:
"I believe in a vital relationship
between man and the animal world,
and that the 'Golden Rule' has a
definite application in dealing with
dumb creatures.
"I believe that, a sense of Justice,
mercy and sympathy for the suffer
ing of any creature is fundamental
In the excellence of human charac
ter and evidence of the divine qual
ity in man. -
"I believe that the finer concep
tion of civilization recognizes man's j
responsibility to minister to the
needs and happiness of the lower anl- i
mals. j
"I believe that common humanity ,
should outlaw all deliberate cruelty '
and unnecessary abuse of the crea
tures." i
The stork yesterday. April 18.
brought a baby girl to the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Watson. Mother
and daughter are doing fine and the
entire Watson family rejoices. It is
the first girl in the family in a de
cade. . Boys have heretofore predomi
nated in the Watson family.
J. F. Watson, the grandfather, was
smiling the broadest. It was his
first granddaughter. He has five
grandfons. the sons of Dsn Wataon,
Lee F. (Dub) Watson, and J. V. Wat
son, who has two boys. Mrs. Lucile
Bentley of Ashland, the daughter of
the famtls, also has a boy.
That a sucrefut director must
have a lolivanna complex if he is to
continue to direct successful pictures
is an interesting point raised by
Ofor?e CuKor. who went from stare
direction to films. He directed the
hit. "Dinner at Eight." now
at the Studio, and the mot difficult
d::e:to:Ul Job tn years.
Mrs. Eliza Carlcy, late of Pine street
passed away in a local hospital early
Wednesday morning at the age of 80
years. Her Illness was brief.
She was born tn Wisconsin, Novem
ber 12, 1853. Her early life was spent
in Wisconsin and Minnesota, and in
1871 she was married to Franklin A.
Carley, and eight years later moved
to North Dakota where they were
among the pioneer families who
homesteaded that state. They resided I
there until coming to Medford In i
1921, and Mr. Carley passed away in
Mrs. Carley was a member of the
Congregational church at Jamestown J
N. D. She leaves six children, R. E. !
Carley and Mrs. Hattle Campbell,
Medford: Mrs. I. H. Porter, Los An
geles; Franklin H. Carley, Edmunds,
N. D.,; Mrs. Theo. Cumber, Mont
pelier. N. D.. and Mrs. L. B. Howey,
Singapore, Straits Settlement.
Funeral services will be conducted
by the Rev. Wm. J. Howell at the
Conger chapel at 3 p. m., Fridav.
Interment in Medford I. O. O. F
Piles Go Quick
Without Salves or cutting.
Thousands of sufferers from Uch
ine. bleeding or protruding pllea have
learned that quick and lasting relief
can be accomplished with an interna'
medicine. Neither salves nor cutting
remove the cause.
Bad circulation of the blood in the
lower bowel causes piles. The veii i
are flabby, the bowel wails weak I
the parts lifeless. To end Plies an ;
internal medicine should be used to:
stimulate the circulation, heal anc
restore the effected parts.
Dr. J. S Leonhardt rfas the first .
discover a real internal Pile remer
He carted his prescription HEM-BOll:.
and prescribed it for hundreds j'.
patients with a marvelous record o: j
success and then decided every Pl
sufferer should be able to get HEM
ROID tablets from their own druaMi
with a rigid money back guarantee
So why waste time on extern!
remedies or worry abou tan operation
when Jarmin's. Woods', also McNair
Bran of Ashland say "No matter what
kind of Piles you have, one bottle of
HEM-FtOID Ubt muM how you tiie
(.tfe clean wy to cet rid of your P. If
mi.ery or monry-oicK.
Skin Dsscomfort
j ield amaiinply to the specially effici
!" . -I
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