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KENOSHA, Wf, April 7. (AP)
Employes of the Nash Motors com 4
pany today rejected a suggestion of '
the National Automotive Labor Tri
bunal to settle the strike at the
plant. Union officials ordered work
ers back to the picket lines.
Third Annual Session For
County Under Direction
Of Mabel Mack Has Three
Guest Speakers.
Parent from all section of Jack
son and Josephine counties are plan
ning to attend the third annual Jack
son county school for parents to be
held next Tuesday, April 10, at the
Christian church of Med ford, com
mencing at 10 a. m.
The program has been prepared by
the extension servic In home eco
nomics and Is under the direction
of Mabel O. Mack, county home dem
onstration agent, assisted, by mem
bers of the county extension com
mittee. The theme of the conference is
"Some Problems of Modern Paronts,"
which will be discussed by throe
guest speakers who are all well known
In Jackson county.
Mrs. Sara Watt Prentiss, who will
discuss "The Social Development of
the Children," Is a graduate of Ore
gon State college and since 1017 has
been In charge of the child develop
ment and parent education In that
Institution. Prom time to time, she
has taken leave for study with au
thorities In the field at the Merrill
Palmer school In Detroit, the Uni
versity of California, the University
of Chicago and the University of
In addlltlon to teaching students
at the college and supervising the
nursery school, Mrs, Prentiss finds ;
time to meet groups of parents In
the state In connection with the
schools for parents being conducted
by the extension service In co-operation
with the Parent-Teaher associa
tions and other groups concerned
with family life. She Is state chair
man of parent education of the Ore
gon Congress of Parents and Teach
ers. Many Jackson county homemnk-
ers know her through the weekly
Tuesday afternoon broadcasts from
the state-owned station, KOAO, and
as the leader of the radio clubs,
Miss Clarlbel Nye, state leader of
home economics extension, will dis
cuss "The Importance of Emotional
Maturity." Miss Nye has been state
leader of home economics extension
In Oregon since February, 1030, when
aha came here from Cornell univer
sity. In New York, Miss Nye was
associate state leader of home eco
nomics extension and professor of
home economics. She holds the de
gree of B.S. from Cornell and M.S.
from Columbia university and has
studied at the University of Chicago.
Tor many years Miss Nye has been
connected with the adult education
program In the field of home eco
nomics. Ml be Nye Is state chairman
of homemnklng of the Oregon Con
gress of Parents and Teachers.
Mrs. Wm. Kletzer, president of the
State Federation of Parents and
Teachers, will discuss "How the State
Safeguards Our Children," Mrs. Klet
ir is well known In Jackson county
and throughout the state for her
outstanding work In the field of par
ent education and home legislation.
Mrs. Mabel C. Mack, county home
demonstration agent, will discuss the
Jackson county radio clubs and the
parent education program in Jackson
county. Mrs. Mack Is a graduate of
Oregon State college and has been
county home demonstration agent In
Jackson county since January, 1030.
A covered dish luncheon will be
served at noon. The suggested menu
la sandwiches, vegetable salad, fruit,
oake and coffee.
The county extension committee
Will serve tea at 4 o'clock In honor
of the guest speakers. Mrs. Bertha
Glasgow. Minn Alice Hanley and Mrs.
O. 0. M tins t are the committee In
Every homo maker In southern Ore
gon Is Invited to attend.
Tale of Cannibalism
HALIFAX. N. 8., Apirl 7. (AP)
Because caribou are disappearing, In
dians and Eskimos In the northland
are dying and there are a great many
cases of actual cannibalism, accord
ing to Rev, W. O. Walton, who ar
rived today from Toronto.
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Fast "Twice-a-Day"
I'IIotu hmniii;hs
217 East Main St.
Bruce Metsger, 13, Is at his home
In Jacksonville suffering from a pos
sible fracture of the skull. Homer
Smets, IS, also 'of that city has an
Injured nose and U without two
teeth, the result of the two boys, on
bicycles, running Into Ernest Olson,
18, who was also on a bicycle.
Reports from Jacksonville yester
day afternoon said that young Mets
ger did not regain consciousness un
til Saturday morning. The collision
occurred on the street In Jackson
ville about 7:30 o'clock, as the three
boys were en route to the operetta
at the school gymnasium.
"Jerry Is dead. The homely o'.d
alrdale, owned by Lyda King, former
county nurse here, and loved by many
people throughout the county, com
pleted his span of more than 13
years last week In Sanders, Aria.,
where Mrs. King Is now located.
In a letter, received by Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Richardson of Boall Lane, Mrs.
King announced that she had burled
her pet of many years, and asked that
"Jerry's friends" be notified. Even the
Navajo Indians, who are not friends of
dogs, had come to love him, she
An Important meeting of the plo
neer parade committee has been call
ed, by Chairman J. Verne Shangle for
tomorrow night at the chamber of
commerce. All committee members
and others Interested In this feature
of Oregon's Diamond Jubilee celebra
tion In Medford next June are urged
to be present,
Mr. Sh angle reported last evening
enthusiasm la rapidly Increasing In
parade preparations, with quite
number of entries already outlined
Arrangements are being completed to
have John E. Roes, Central Point, son
of Col. John E. Ross, famed southern
Oregon Indian fighter, to be in the
line of march, attired in his father's
buckskin suit astride a white mule.
Col, Ross had always ridden such anr
mat when on his Indian campaigns.
Several stage coaches have been se
cured, Including two or three frbm
onatern Oregon. There will also be
quite a number of oxen.
Pacific States Mines, Inc., operat
ing the Opp mine, has started pro
duction of concentrates, according to
Robert Clarke, manager. The - mill,
recently remodeled, has been put on
a two shift schedule, running on de
velopment ore only.
Mr. Clarke stated that ore Is being
brought out, but for the present
no stoplng Is being done. A night
shift has also been put In the mine
to expedite the work In the west
heading of No. 18 tunnel, where the
company expects to develop a good
shoot of higher grade ore, dlscov
ered In a cave stone In the old
workings some time ago.
The superintendent reports that
the mine and mill are both running
smoothly, and that the mill recov
eries are satisfactory. A shipment of
concentrate will go to the smelter
some time the next week, he said.
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Mrs. C. W. Ashpole of this city Is
one of the winners in the Better
Homes and Gardens' three thousand
dollar national remodelling contest,
conducted during the past year, it
was announoed today. Nineteen thou
sand, entries were made In the con
test, according to a letter from the
magazine agency, and the house on
the Mc Andrews road and the Crater
Lake highway, remodelled by the
Ashpoles, waa Judged a winner.
The house, colonial In style, has at
tracted much attention since comple
tion. The pictures, submitted to Bet
ter Homes and Gardens, for which
Shirley Bros, are local distributors,
in the contest, are on display today
at the Big Pines Lumber company,
which furnished the materials and
planned the remodeling program with
the Ashpoles.
The house stands on the property,
originally owned by Tom McAndrews
and parts of it were constructed as
early as 1853, The main house was
constructed by Capt. John S. Miller,
who waa assisted in building by W.
M. Orlffln, brother of Tom Orifrin.
The solid oak sills, placed In it then.!
were utilized in the remodelling of
the house and the new brick fireplace,
which warms the large living room,
was made of bricks, which construct
ed the building, then used as hog
Prior to the remodelling all the
rooms of the house were small and
square In shape. There were four
down stairs and four upstairs and no
closets for clothing or linen. The
staircase occupied the middle of the
house, and extended from the front
door. It was moved to form a feature
of the living room, made up of two
former bedrooms. The old living room
was converted Into a bedroom, and the
fireplace removed to the dining room
A completely new kitchen was con
structed and the upstairs thrown
Into two large bedrooms, a sleeping
porch, nursery, bathroom and linen
Interesting features of th,. iown
stairs to all persons, anticipating
farm houscs are the lockers for work-
ins men's clothes on the back porch
and the garage, woodshed and hired
mane quarters, into which tne 01a
woodshed was converter.
City police were culled at 13:30
on Snturday morning to the Jun
ior hiffh school, when It was report
ed someone had broken Into the of
fice of tho building. The burglara
had gone when offlccra arrived, but
the knob had been knocked from
the aafe.
Mrs. B. O. Sllllrnan, who resides
acroas the street, told police she
overheard someone outalde the build
ing, apparently talking to someone
Inside, to "make it snappy." The men
had gone when officers arrived.
Polios also reported that the Med
ford 8heet Metal Works at 118 North
Central avenus waa entered during
the night, but nothing waa taken.
The aafe had been left open.
Medford high school's negative de
bate team, Irene Stubblefleld and
Betty Thorndlke, yesterday afternoon
defeated the Coqullle high school's
affirmative team in an interscctlonal
debate, held In Coqullle.
The sunt of radio control was
debated by the two teams. Miss Dorla
Baler of the local high school faculty
accompanted the Medford girls to the
coast, ,
On May first, there will be twenty
camps of the Civilian Conservation
corps under the supervision of the
Medford district headquarters, of
which Major Clare H. Armstrong Is
The camp names, their postofflces
and telephone exchanges are listed
as follows:
Camp post Offjce Telephone.
Melrose Mel row, Ore., Melrose.
Oak Knoll Hilt, Calif., Yreka. Cal.
A pp legate Ruch, Ore., Medford.
Medford Agneas, Ore., Marshfleld
( Dog Lake Lakcvlew, Lakevlew.
Bradford Camas Valley, Ore.
Rose burg.
Hilt Hilt, Calif., Hilt.
Devils Plat Azalea, Ore., Hosebur,
Annie Springs Medford, Medford.
Tyce Rose burg, Roscburg.
Steamboat Roseburg, Roseburg.
China Plata Powers, Ore.,. Powers.
Tiller Drew, Ore., Roseburg.
Wineglass Medford, Medrord.
So. Pk. Rogue R, Butte Falls, Ore.
MoKinley McKlnley, Ore.. Coqullle.
Cold Springs Olendale, Ore., Glen-
L. Pistol River Pistol River, Ore.,
Union Creek Union Creek, Ore.
Indian Creek Happy Camp, Calif.,
Yreka, Calif.
An appeal was made yesterday by
the Jackson county relief commit
tee to residents of Medford, who
have vacant lots, which they are not
utilizing this summer, asking them
to donate same to needy people for
planting of gardens.
Anyone with extra ground and
available water Is asked to call 524.
The committee will furnish seeds to
eligible people ror this project and
Is anxious o have as many people
as possible partially self-sustaining
through garden products.
The city of Medford Is cooperating
whole-heartedly in the plan and has
donated considerable space to the
Finance Corporation
Wins Jury Award
A verdict favoring the Commercial
Finance corporation In its suit against
C. B. Dunnlngton of Jacksonville Tor
collection of a note for 4100 with $9
Interest, was granted by a circuit
court Jury Friday.
The defendant had claimed interest
was charged unlawfully ond asked
that the note be voided.
r ' : mil
i a r
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Sixth and Bartlctt
Alfred 8. V. Carpenter, County
Judge Earl B. Day and Senator Geo,
Dunn have been named by the
Jackson County Relief committee to
form a committee of self help and
rehabilitation under the Substlnence
Homestead Plan, Chapter 87, Oregon
Laws of 1033.
The money for the work under
this plan comes out of the (050,000,-
000 F. B. R. A, appropriation to the
Three highest companies In the
Medford CCC district rated by the
forestry service and the army, have
been announced by headquarters
here, with Pistol River camp. Com
pany 1922, placing highest, having
976 points, from a possible 1000.
Applegate Camp, Company 928, was
second with 972.6 points, and Com
pany 1555 at Camp Evans Creek was
third, with 965.4 points. The ratings
give a possible 600 under forestry
supervision, and the remaining 400
under the army.
Although Camp Pistol River wins
the district flag for its placement,
the company will be required' to re
turn the flag to Medford headquar
ters soon, as the company is leaving
for the Vancouver Barracks district.
Applications for enrollment in the
Civilian Conservation corps for the
next period, will be received by the
Jackson county relief committee after
10 o'clock Monday morning, it was
announced at headquarters In the
city hall today.
Applications will be accepted from
legal residents of the county, who
have dependents and are between 18
and 25 years of age. The Jackson
county quota will be 22 men.
Jacksonville Operetta Pleases
The operetta, "Mnglc Beanstalk."
presented by the grade school chil
dren of Jacksonville Friday evening,
was considered quite a success by.
those who attended the production.
Florence Hunsaker was in charge of
the operetta, given at the school gym
nasium. MASSENA, N. Y. April 7. (API-
Mrs, Franklin D. Roosevelt arrived
this afternoon for the funeral of
A. B. Cook, 85, father of her friend,
Miss Nancy Cook. She motored from
Syracuse. 1
PORTLAND, Ore., April 7. OF)
Mild weather has permitted starting
national forest and national park
road projects this year two months
earlier than In former years, tho
United States bureau of public roads
Much employment Is afforded by
the projects which must utilize hu
man labor as much as possible under
the public works highway program.
Road construction now underway
includes: '
A new route from Union Creek on
the Crater Lake highway northerly to
Diamond lake. Surfacing work has
been resumed, and bids are being re
ceived for bituminous surface treat
ment on the first 12 miles.
Work on three grading contracts on
the highway between Bend, Sisters,
Cascadla, Albany, Detroit and Salem.
Work on the Tiller-Trail highway,
an eventual short cut from the Pa
clflo highway at Canyonville to Cra
ter Lake.
Four bridges under construction on
the north Santiam highway east of
Oiling 52 miles of the Oregon Coast
Bids are being received by the roads
bureau for reconstructing and surfac
ing 4.4 miles on the McMlnnville-!
Tillamook highway between Dolph and ,
Hebo. i
Crime Falls To Pay
FORT WORTH. Texas, April 7.
(AP) O. D. Stevens. W. D. May and
M. T. Fettijohn, convicted as prin
cipals in a $72,000 mall robbery here
early last year, were assessed the
maximum penalty by Federal Judge
James C. Wilson today, 27 years in
Leavenworth penitentiary and a $10,
CiO fine.
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April lltli
PORTLAND, Ore., April 7. (P)
The Oregon milk control board will
not set aside Its minimum price
schedule as demanded by Portland ad
ministrative officers.
Chairman E. Q. Harlan today de
fended the board's actions and re
fused to vacate the orders and "plunge
the industry back Into demoralization
and chaos."
His decision was directed to Frank
S. Orant, Portland city attorney, who
last week charged that the board's
hearings before setting prices were
"preliminary and superficial.;
In commenting on opponents of the
milk schedules Harlan said:
"Two or three persons appeared
who clamled to speak for the mayor
or city council or both, but they fail
ed to offer and evidence, oral or writ
ten, and confined themselves to mak
ing speeches assailing the ood faith,
the Integrity and the acts of the
board; speeches that were obviously
prepared and delivered as hostile
propaganda and for newspaper con
sumption and clearly designed to em
barrass and. not to aid the board."
8llver Strike Reported
CORTEZ. Colo., April 7. (AP) A
silver strike on which ore Is said
to run as high as 93,200 a ton, was
made In the Battlerock district 17
miles west of here, near the Utah
line, according to reports reaching
Cortez today.
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