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days, and most ox me wiinessee xor
Watch Your Easter Costume's Accessories;
Hats, Scarfs, Buttons Play Important Roles
ers experienced In Scouting will act
aa patrol lsaders. There will be lnter
patrol competition, whl&h Increases
the fun and fellowship. Oroup sing
ing will also be a part of the pro
gram. No man taking the course assumes
any obligation to become a Scout
leader and there are no costs. If It
1 convenient, the man taking the
course should own or borrow a Boy
Scout Handbook. Men who have not
registered may do so at this even
ing's meeting. ,
both sides hall from ru amain county.
The plaintiff la represented by At
torney A. W. Schaup and U. S. Bal
lantlne of Klamath Falls, and Attor
ney Frank P. Farrell of thla city; the
defense by Attorney L. O. Hampson of
Portland, and Attorneys George M.
Roberts and Robert Hammond of this
Pert To Portland John Perl left by
train on Monday for Portland.
T-i-r l' V;-! gi
Parla Is saying It with "accents" for Easter. The Mue wool spring coat (left) takes much of Its charm
from scarf, gloves and deep cuffs of royal blue-and-whlte striped Jersey, with the ensemble completed ly
a colored straw sailor with a blue band. Designed by Molyneux, It has patch pockets, collarless line but
toning straight down the front, and a nary blue link leather belt. Pearl seashell buttons give a striking new
note to the spring frock of soft gray wool (center), designed by Marcel Rochas. The soft shoulder line wttn
fnUness Just below, high neckline ana belt with pearl seashell buckle Identify it smartly.
The costume ot the right, designed by Worth, Is a navy blue wool suit
with blouse of white printed organdy topped orr with a frilled collar and
a big now. Accents arc added by the ivlde-hrlmmed, blue banded hat of
natural colored straw, the gloves with gold-link backs and the umbrella.
Accents are of prime Importance in spring's fashion picture, with neck
lines, waistlines and hemlines the basic problems.
J, O. Leedy ot the Oregon Turkey
Growers' association, with headquar
ters In Portland, who has spent somo
time In Jackson county In Interest
of an organisation for co-operatlvo
turkey marketing, will ha here the
last of the week to start a aeries of
meetings In the county.
In order that all turkey raisers of
the oounty may get full Information
on the organisation, a nucleus of
which has already been formed, the
following schedule has been arranged
(or meetings at 8 p. m.i
March as Applegate Orange hall.
March 39 Bellvlew Community
March 98 Bams Valley school
March 39 Rogue River.
March 80 Central Point Orange
H. V. Wright of the Crown Mills
will also attend the meetings and
talk on production problems, accord
ing to County Agent R. O. Fowler,
who will be at the meetings.
Mr. Fowler etated that the organi
sation being formed here la an ex
tension of the co-operative market
which was carried out successfully In
Douglas county.
Land on Hanes Tucker, beloved pio
neer resident ot Medtord. where he
had lived for the past 33 years, passed
away at the family residence, 601 Da
kota avenue, 8unrtay evening, after
an Illness ot the past six yean. Mr.
Tucker had been In exceedingly good
health, before this time, not regard
ing hi advanced age ot 87,
He waa horn at Summerset, Ken
tucky, September 11, 1838, spending
hit early life, and gaining his early
education In Kentucky. At the age
of 31, he crossed the plains with his
psrenta Into Arkansas, llvln there
for IB years, before starting on the
long Journey to eastern Oregon by ox
team, taking about six months for
the trip. They came through the
Snaka river country, but were 'not
bothered by the Indians. He nude
the trip at the time Custer waa de
feated In the Indian wars. Mr. Tuck
er spent many years In eastern Ore
gon, coming to Medtord In 1003.
In 1014, he waa united In marriage
to Millie Putney Gage In this city.
Mr. Tucker was one of the few sur
viving members of the Civil war, en
listing at Columbia county, seat ,of
Adair county, Kentucky, In August,
1803 at Lincoln's last call. He wa
mustered In a Olssco, Barron county,
Ky.. In 1883 and mustered out at
Louisville, Kentucky near Christmas
time In 1864.
Surviving are hi widow, Mr a. Millie
Tucker ot tola city, three daughters,
Mrs. Weldon Hartley, of Jacksonville,
Ore., Mrs. E'sle Henderson of Medford,
Mrs. Etta Wilson ot Berkeley, Calif;
two sons, Dave ot Joseph, Ore., and
xSen of Enterprise, Ore.: two step
daughters, Mrs. Earl Issaca of Ash
land, Ore,, Mrs. Earl Conklln of Taco
ma, Waah, and one sister living In
eastern Oregon.
He waa a member of the old Chris
tian church at Phoenix, Oregon, and
the Q. A. B. of Medford.
Funeral services will be conducted
from the Perl Funeral Home Wednee.
(U afternoon at g o'clock, fun.
Brownrlgg, assisted by Rev. W. B.
Balrd, officiating. Interment will take
place In the Phoenix cemetery.
civil action of Laura D.
proprietress of the Rose
Grocery on Weat Jackson atreet,
against James Kershaw of the Red
Top district, for groceries asaertedly
furnished Kershaw In wood cutting
operations, was adjusted out of court,
after the trial had started before
Justice H the Peace W. R. Coleman.
Mrs. Stewart testified In her own
behalf. She was represented by At-tej-ney
Porter J, Neff; the defense by
Attorney t. j. Enngnc.
FThe groceries lurnlshed Kershaw
nnd two wood cutting employees, Mrs.
Stewart testified, amounted to ap
proximately 30.
George McDonald of Central Point,
charged with operating an auto after
his auto license had been revoked. Is
acheduled to appear for henrlng this
Peter Natarlnl, a Filipino, charged
with operating an auto with improper
license plates, was fined 910 and coeta.
Natarlnl carried countrymen from
Arizona to Seattle. He paid the costs.
VI sit or In Grants Pass Medford
folk vtaltlng in Grants Pass Sunday
were Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davenhtll,
Mrs. O. O. Falling and daughter, and
Mrs. O. Murray, the Grants Pass
Courier states.
United Atr Lines pauengsr.
express plsoci are flying their regular
daily achedulea from cosat-to.
coast, from border-to-border. United
thua providea citle, In nineteen atatea
with the world's faattat multi
motored passenger-express service.
Discover for yourself the
swiftness, convenience, comfort ol
this modern travel way. Follow the
lesd of 127,69) passengers who
'traveled with United last year,
spfco coMFonr
, Burnt pUmt, , IfiUh. . J-tiwy rJk
. tvry prtnJ aldtnlrntriftitn..
1rawnVen , , bnttti ipurtm rwsViu,
tljl-4 lira. 1.05 AMiK.l.rS , S9.M
1 1-8 Mrs. POHTI.AM) , . . 14.S8
3 lira. HKATTl.R , , , , 83.40
10 Off til Raima Triaa
Diricl Strtk, n 41 Citin
Nation-wide sir snd alr-rell tetvlce.
Lewrstea. Free plck-up,ipeclel dell
.-, Ship pitpeld, collect or CO.D,
Hottlii Penal inj. Wtitara Ualoa OKcil
The program for the Lenten services
to be conducted under the auspices
of the Chamber of Commerce next
week at the Craterlan theater, was
announced this morning by John
Mann, chairman of the special event.
It Is planned to start the services
punctually at 12:40 and to finish by
12:65, In order to permit those attend
ing to be bach at work by 1:00
o'clock. The services will only be
given from Monday to Thursday, In
clusive, and are as follows:
Monday: W. I. Vawter, soloist;
Sebastian Apollo, organist; Rev.
George P. Kabcle, speaker. Tuesdny:
Margaret Williamson, soloist; Mrs. K.
E. Marsh, organist; Rev. W. R. Balrd,
speaker.1 Wednesday: George Pack
bam, soloist; Dorothy Burgess, organ
ist; Rev. Joseph Knotts, speaker.
Thursday: Ellow Mae Wilson, soloist;
Gladys LaMarr, organist; Rev. John
T. La Rose, speaker. On good Friday,
a special message will be given by
Rev. B. S. Bartlam, the new rector
of St. Mark's Episcopal church, over
the remote control station at the
Chamber of Commerce, from 12:10
to 12:15.
Lenten services are conducted In
most of the larger cities In the
country, during the noon hour, and It
la hoped by Chamber of Commerce
officials, that large support will be
given them this year, the first time
In which they have been sponsored
In Medford.
The meetings, as announced, will
only be of 16 minutes' duration.
Nellie Greenwood piano Concert
Tuesday, March 20th at the Bald
win Piano Shoppe. Miss Greenwood
la the young Portland artist, 17 years
of ago, who haa been appearing with
the Junior Symphony Orchestra,
Tickets now available. Admission 30
cents. Phone 335.
To tell multitudes of housewives who already know the
merits of Norge Rollator Refrigeration that the new Norge
is better than ever, sounds unbelievable. But it is true. Have
you seen the new Norge? It is a veritable wonder refrigerator,
beautiful, unique, rich In serviceable features and new Ideas
that you may never have thought possible in refrigeration at
so little cost.. .Read about a few of its many new conveniences.
r INk
1 v " ''
: : M v- jot .v.i' i
Pnlttve, Esty-owrrtlna Door Lstsh Opens at a
touch when hands are fall.
ElMtrMghted Interior Antomadcallv illumi
nated when door is opened.
Adjustable Shelrts Shelves readilv adjustable
to accommodate ail sorts of food package
and bottles. Even large watermelons can
be chilled whole,
Eaiy Sliding In Tray A tray of frozen cube
slides out as easily as a tray of water slides in.
Oder-proof loe Cuba A hinged, right-doting
door closes over the ice trays.
Froron-deitert Tray Will accommodate stem
glasses, for f reeling individual servings, as
well as quantities.
Epa B It ktt Holds sixteen eggs, safe from
cracking and away from possible breakage.
Hydrtnlr Keeps and restores garden fresh
ness to vegetsbles and fruits.
Butttr and Chess Rack Keeps thua small
Items in place and where the temperature
is just right.
Be sure to see the new Norge before
you buy any refrigerator.
Norge Corporation! Division of Borj-Warner Corporsrion, 606-670 East Woodbridge St., Detroit, Michigan
, 21 North Bartlctt St., Medford
rf .Nry iulir mtd ii him to fitly m nmpttti
dtmtmtmthn 0 titamua Ktrp RclUtvr "nU
wuklng" mKhmltm with mly tort moving for
touf aftmsnr M ptrmsntnt Wi a til.
A large number of men
pected to attend the 'training course
which starts at 7:30 tonight at the
Roosevelt school gymnasium. The
course, conducted under the auspices
of the Crater Lake Area Council, Boy
Scouts of America, will Include eight
evening sessions and two outdoor
All men are Invited to avail them-
selves of the opportunity to become
Better acquainted with the Boy Scout
program, rathers of boys will find
the course as .helpful as the scout
master of a troop. Men will find the
training very enjoyable as well as In
M. N. Kogan, chairman of the
leadership training committee for the
council, will open the session by ex
plaining the purposes and objectives
of the training course. This will be
followed by an explanation of the
Scouting objectives and program."
More than 225.000 men are actively
connected with scouting and more
than 835.000 boys are In the work.
A. O. Soderberg, scout executive,
will present the topic, "Character
and How It Is Influenced." This
subject Is presented In an Interest
ing and informative way and will be
easily understood.
The group will be divided Into pa
trols of eight, each patrol having a
patrol leader. Scoutmasters and oth
The 925,000 damage ftult of Annie
Turpin of Klamath Fall against the
Southern Pacific railroad, and J. O.
Cllne and Jack McNerny, truck opera
tors, for "mental suffering and phyel
cal pain," opened In circuit court this
morning before Judge H. D. Norton,
with the selection of a Jury,
The suit Is based upon a railroad
crossing crash, January 5, 1933, near
Mt. Hebron, Calif. The truck In which
Mrs. Turpin, a "hitch-hiker" was rid
ing as a "non-paying guest" was hit
by & Weed-Klamath Palls passenger
train. ' Cllne and McNerny, the truck
operators. Invited the woman to ride
when they saw her walking down the
highway, the complaint answer cites.
Prospective jurors were asked if
they entertained any prejudice
against the Southern Pacific, if they
"were prejudiced against hitch -hikers",
and their view on the law of
"contributory negligence."
The case is expected to take two
iw m
Enjoy America's scenic highways
with Greyhound! Comfortable buses
lerving all points at fares to meet
nodern trsvel budgets.
Ohi Way Round Trit
SAN FRANCISCO S 7.60 $13.11)
portland . . . 5.90 10.65
sali;m 500 9.00
Jacknon Hotel. Phone 309
zM"ani ys Department Store
' New Linen
I Tea Indeed. Linen Underwear and
mode by "Klckernlck". The smart-
est undies we've shown In years.
Tailored styles In soft linen slips
j In bias with panel front chic
I shorta and steplns and adorable
: linen bandeaus . . . Every one a
dainty hemstitched undergarment
I that you'll love to wear. They
I are white.
Slips $2.98
Shorts and Stepins $1.69
Bandeaus 69c
Service Weight
Silk Hose
A Wednesday sale of Women's and
Misses' sub-standard service weight
811k Hose In good shades and sizes.
These have a lisle reinforced foot
and lisle garter top a marvelous
value at
Medford's Own Store
New Costume
The Jewelry section is ready for
Easter with new costume Jewelry
for sports, street, dinner and eve
nlng wear. New clips, earrings,
bracelets, necklaces ard hair orna
ments. $10.0 $19.8
New Linen
New Handkerchiefs for Easter.
Smart pure linen affairs In the
popular ll-lnch size. These are in
white with applique and In colore
with applique trim.
New Silk Frocks
Here's something really different In Spring dresses 60 lovely
Printed and Plain Silk Frocks featuring the season's newest
style notes for only $5.95. Dresses that you would expect to
pay at least $8.95 for are Included In this unusual Wednesday
offering. See them tomorrow at Mann's. You'll find your size
and color In this extensive showing.
595 ". .
. New Slip-Over Blouses
$ 1 25.
New Knitted Blouses
In the Blouse section on the second
floor you will find quite a number of
new Knit Collar and Waist Band
Blouses. These are slip-on style In
beautiful color combination. Just
the blouse for sporta or street wear.
Th Sweater Department announces
the arrival of 100 new Knit Blouses
at tl.95 each. They are In all the
wanted sports shades and combina
tions featuring clever new neck lines
and novelty weaves. All sizes
Mann's Second Floor
Dorothy Gray's Handy
Salon Package
Invest tomorrow In one of thone
new Dorothy Oray Salon Facial
package. Each package contains
famous Dorothy Gray preparations
for dry. normal and oily skins.
Reefer's Famous
What the well fed moth will eat
this Slimmer depends largely on
ho little you think, of your furs
ar.d woolens. Put Reefer's No-Moth
to work at once and you'll put Mr.
Moth on a starvation diet. Reefer's
No-Moth will last a year.
Our Fashion Books Say
Plain Color Piaues
aa-lneh plain color Plquca are mlchty
popular this spring. Why not select
a dress length from one of the many
shsdes we are showing. The colors
are fast and the quality of this
pique la the very best. (Mann's Main
eim onoes
On Easter or any other day, your shoes sre Jiut as Important
aa your clothes. That's why you'll see so manv Florshelma
on men who know what's rljht and wear It. We are now
showing the new Spring styles In these world famous shoes
for men.
Most Styles Are Priced
Some Styles $10