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Will Celebrate 60th Anni
versary With Big Season
Original Founded On
Lake in New York State
When the Institution applied tot a
friendly receivership last November,
the Impression became widespread
that the famed educational center
was to become an historic memory,
chiefly associated in the popular mind
with William Jennings Bryan. But
since November, Chautauqua has been
undergoing reorganization and it Is
now planning to celebrate its 60th
anniversary with a bl season for 19.14
opening July 1 and closing August
In the reorganization there is no
place for the defunct Chautauqua
.that once dotted the land from coast
to coast, and brought elocutionists,
spellbinders, acrobats, Swiss bell
ringers to brighten the lives of rural
communities along "the Chautauqua
Circuit." All effort hereafter will be
centered upon the original Chautau
qua, founded in 1874 on Chautauqua
Lake, In western Now York.
Tents DtKiippt'iir.
Originally it was a Methodist sum
mer camp gathering place, primarily
a tent colony. But the tents have
long since disappeared and It Is now
a community of beautLful summer
homes, centering around the big am
phitheater that seats 6.000 persons.
Its religious life has been broadened
to include all sects. The present head
of the religious work department la a
Baptist, Dean Shaller Mat new, of the
University of Chicago.
Old regulations about "compulsory
Delicious Cereal Brought New
Health to Mr. Bartholomew
Vfe quota from hin voluntary let
ter: "I had considerable trouble
with my Btomach. Digestion was
out of the question. I got medicine
which gave me rnly temporary
"Then I thought of talcing Aix
Brak. I started eating a cereal dish
ful two or three times a day.
"It has been over a year now
since I ate that first dish of bran,
but from that day to this I have had
the pleasure of enjoying the proper
functioning of the digestive organs.
"Thanks to All-Bran. I still eat
it regularly and like it better all
the time." Lcstor Bartholomew,
Cadillac, Mich.
Constipation is usually due to
lack of "bulk" to exorcise the intes
tines, and vitamin B to promote
elimination. All-Bran supplies
both, as well as iron for tho blood,
The "bulk" in All-Bran is much
like that of leafy vegetables. Cer
tainly this food is more natural
than taking harmful patent medi
cines. Two tablespoonfulB daily
will usually overcome most types of
constipation. With each menl in
chronic cases. If not relieved this
way, seo your doctor.
Get the rcd-and-groon package at
your grocer's. Made by Kellogg in
Battle Creek.
For Complete Satisfaction
'Grade A" Raw and Pasteurized
mHnmin lift ,tnnn.i
For your
Human hands do not
touch tltCi milk. Heal
Kaps 0(4 only cm or the
milk but rover the nwk
of the tmltle ns nell,
fllmlinttlnn ft mtI Rii suh-KtnncPH,
Snider Dairy & Produce Co.
church" and "smoking prohibited"
have disappeared, but the reorganiza
tion of Chautauqua does not mean
that It la to be turned Into a summer
resort on free and easy lines. It will
maintain Its Ideal of combining a
cultural atmosphere with a religious
background, but with Increased op
portunltles for sports, especially boat
lng, swimming, tennis and golf. Noisy
parties will not be encouraged, Chau
tauquas go in for quiet.
Ravings Effected
' In the reorganisation, the receivers.
Dr. Charles R. Haskln and Alburn B
Skinner, have effected large savings.
Under the direction of President
Arthur E. Bestor, a summer program
of cosmopolitan appeal la being plan
ned. The Chautauqua Woman's Club,
headed by Mrs. Percy V. Fenny backer,
former president of the General Fed
eratlon of Women's Clubs, will at
tempt to duplicate the success of
The Bird and Tree Club Is headed
by Mrs. Thomas Alva Edison, who is
a daughter of Lewis Miller, one oi
Chautauqua's founders. The Chautau
qua Literary and Scientific) Circle,
the oldest book club In America to
day, offers literary discussion by lead
ing authors and critics. Two orches
tras will be heard during tho season
The Little Symphony plays under the
baton of Georges Bacrrere. At mldaea
son comes the full Chautauqua Sym
phony, directed by Albert Stoessel, Er
nest Hutcheson, pianist, plays and
teaches at Chautauqua. John Ersklne,
author and musician, plays and
speaks at Chautauqua. Horatio Con
nell, baritone, sings and teaches.
In Norton Hall, a full season of
opera is given, with the Little Sym
phony in the .pit.
SALEM, 'March B.-(AP) Grading
of 6.2 miles of the Idaho-Oregon Ne
vada highway In Malheur county will
be included In the project awarda to
be let by the state highway commis
sion March 22. It was announced last
night. The eight project will ap
proximate expenditure of S00,000,
and will also Include about 20 miles
of other road Improvement and con
struction of two bridge and one
Wage scales for labor In conformity
with the federal acale was announced
as 68 cents for common and 66 cent
for much skilled labor, wl'.u the fol
lowing exceptions: Carpenters 90
cents: eloctrlcn) workers SUO: shovel
runners S1.20: concrete finishers. 00
cents: painters 90 cents: drivers ope
rating three-ton trucks or over, u
cents: concrete mixers, II.
Projects listed Included:
Jackson county Agate-Little Butte
creek section Crater lake highway,
3:64 miles roadbed widening and bltu.
mlnoua iiincadnm surfacing.
PORTLAND. March 9. (P) A spec
tacular comeback after two knock
downs brought a four-round decision
for Tommy Roes, 156, The Dalles,
over Torchy Yarnell, 158, Vancouver
Barracks, over whom the referee
counted three before the final bell
sounded at the fit, John'a ring last
When the referee oalled their four
round bout a draw, Frankie Monroe.
143, Lakevlew, and Young Harry Wills.
142, Longvlew, Wash., brushed him
aside and flailed each other unt'l
seconds Intervened.
Carl Campbell, 204. Mount Scott,
knocked out Jack Story, 193; Van
couver, Wash., In two round; Clem
LembrlRht, 181, Portland, gained a
four-round decision over Ikey Bost
wlck, 131. Portland.
Our Grade A Haw and
rartetirlird Milk lias
been delivered with BK.U.
K.trs for veart, 8ral
Kaps are the only ahw
lutrly sanitary nottlo
Cap ueri In Metlford.
St. Patrick's Day Special, Attrac
tive bricks on sale at your favor
ito Fountain Restaurant.
On Sale All Week
Brain - Racking Task Faces Academy
In Picking the Year's Film Winners
. Here are three outstanding film stars due for canstderatlon when the
Academy of Motion J'lrture Arts and Sciences picks the2 year's best:
Charles Laugh ton, as "Henry VIII, Katharine Hepburn rabove), star of
"Utile Women" and other films; H len Hayes, In "Farewell to Arms."
The field from which the outstanding films are to be selected Includes
300 feature.
HOLLYWOOD. Academy mem
bers voting on the annual awards of
merit this year will encounter more
headaches than usual.
The awards year, ordinarily Includ
ing those films exhibited In the Los
Angeles district during a 12-month
period, this time covers 17 months.
The annual banquet, customarily
given In the autumn, has been de
layed and will be March 16. The de
lay Is due partly to a constitutional
change making the official year like
the calendar's, partly to Internal
troubles which for a time threatened
the existence of the academy.
Needles In Haystacks
Those troubles, officials say, are
now ovor. So the members have be
gun stretching their memories to de
cide where to cant "their votes In a
field of nearly 600 feature films.
A considerable group In Hollywood
expects that the prize for the most
outstanding production will go either
to "Cavalcade" or to "Little Women."
(But the Judges will have to consider,
too, such pictures as "Dinner at
Eight," "Berkeley Square" and "State
"Best performance by an actor"
may be claimed by Charles Laugh ton
for "Henry VIII," but It can be dis
puted by Leslie Howard ("Berkeley
Square"), Spencer Tracy ("The Pow
er and the Glory"), and John Barry
more ("A Bill of Divorcement"),
cant serve
"J TWo
Masters V-
Percolator method or Drip method. Take your
choice, but whichever method you prefer, be sure to buy
the proper coffee for it. The methods are so different that
a different coffee is required for each.
In a drip coffee maker, boiling water drips ONLY once
through a coffee specially prepared to yield its flavor
quickly. In a percolator, water passes many times
through a coffee prepared to yield its flavor slowly. The
same coffee can be used for both methods, but like a
"Jack-of-all-tradcs" it is "master of none" neither drip
nor percolator. In one or the other, little things happen.
It's a little weak, or a little strong, or a little cloudy, or
it has a little less flavor. It's these little things that make
or mar good coffee. Be sure to use the correct coffee for
each method.
your grocer has two Schilling Coffces.idcntical in flavor,
but each is specially prepared for -its purpose each one
different in blend, roast and grind.
l . Mi
In the women's race Katharine
Hepburn ("Morning Olory." "Little
Women," "Bill of Divorcement' la
conceded an edge. But what about
May Robson ("Lady for a 'day"),
Helen Hayes ("A Farewell to Arms"),
Ann Harding "When Ladies Meet,"
"The Animal Kingdom")?
Directorial Contest
For directing Frank Lloyd ("Cav
alcade"), George Cukor ("Little7 Wo
men") .Frank Capra ("Lady for a
Day"), and Henry King ("State Fair")
are all In the running.
"Little Women," "Cavalcade," "Lady
for a Day" and "State Fair" stand
out for best "adaptation." Sure of
recognition in the "original" film
story group Is "The Power and the
Glory," although those with long
memories will recall, too, "One Way
When they're considering cartoons,
there Is Walt Disney, for Instance.
Oregon Weather.
Fair tonight and Saturday; freez
ing temperature over ast and frost
west portion tonignt; moderate east
erly wind offshore.
If you have not already made n
inventory of your business and will
soon, remember the Commercial
Printing Department of the Mall
Tribune, 38-30 No. Grape, carry In
ventory blanks. Phone 75 and we will
deliver the blanks to your place of
raise fund lor the Edwards' Congre
gational Church Women's Union, Mrs.
Calvin Cool id ge, widow of the former
President, permitted her f-rarlte reci
pe for New Orleans stew, autograph
ed, to bs sold for 60 cents a copy.
Here's the recipe:
"Ingredient, are two tablespoons of
butter, three onions, three green pep
pers, three ears of corn or one can of
corn, three tomatoes or one can of to
matoes, and salt and pepper to taste.
If freah corn and tomatoes are used,
add one cup of water.
"Slice the onions thin and fry In
butter. Chop the peppers and add to
the onions, frying gently for five
minutes. Cut the corn off the cobs,
scraping the milk from what remains
on the cob. Slice the tomatoes, after
peeling them.
Put the fried onions and peppers
Into a double boiler. Add the corn and
tomatoes, also the water If fresh veg
etables are used. Cook there all to
gether for one hour. Add salt and
"Serve with toast points or boiled
TULARE, Cal. (UP) tTom now on,
Christmas will be klsaiess in this Cali
fornia town. x .
The city council, after considerable
debate, voted to enforce an old ordi
nance which declares mistletoe a nui
sance and makes It a misdemeanor for
any resident to permit It to grow.
Owners of property on which the
parasltlo plant la found are subject
to prosecution unless they destroy It.
The ordinance, passed In 1904, was
not enforced for years.
Let the rain patter on the roof. It's warm
and comfortable inside. After meals, while
sitting around the fireplace, when it's rain
ing, have you ever tried serving steaming,
fragrant cups of Hills Bros. Coffee? There's
nothing quite so good as really good cof
fee on rainy days. Or any other days, for
that matter. Please remember this: Hills
Bros. Coffee is made for those who like
good coffee for families of two or twenty
two who like to count the pennies. Because
of greater strength and abundance of fla
vor, Hills Bros. Coffee is actually more
economical to use compared cup for cup
than "bargain counter" coffees. Order
Hills Bros, today!
Menus of the Day
By Mrs. Alexander Oeorge
The Menu
Old English Eggs
Buttered Spinach
Corn Muffins Currant Jam
. Vegetable Salad
Nut Cookies Coffee
Old English Egcs
(Serving Two) ,
3 tablespoons butter,
3 tablespoons flour.
1 cup milk.
3 hard cooked eggs, sliced.
1-3 cup grated cheese,
ti teaspoon salt.
Vi teaspoon paprika.
14 teaspoon chopped plmlento. -1
teaspoon chopped onion.
1-3 cup crumbs.
1 tablespoon butter, melted.
Melt two tablespoons butte and
add flour. Add milk, cook until
creamy sauce forms. Stir constant
ly. Add eggs, seasonings and cheese.
Mix well. Pour Into buttered baking
dl&h. Sprinkle with crumbs mixed
with melted butter. Bake 30 min
utes In moderate oven.
Corn Muffins (Six)
16 cup flour.
1-3 cup corn meal.
3 teaspoons baking powder.
1 tablespoon sugar.
teaspoon salt.
1 egg.
1-3 cup milk.
1 tablespoon fat, melted.
Mix ingredients, beat well. Half
fill greased muffin pans, bake 16
minutes In moderate oven.
Vegetable Salad
2- 3 cup dfced cooked beats.
2 cup cooked peas.
. cup diced celery.
1 teaspoon chopped onion.
1 teaspoon chopped pickle.
y2 teaspoon salt.
3 tablespoons mayonnaise.
Chill Ingredients. Combine, se:
on crisp lettuce.
Nut cookies (Two Dozen)
3- 3 cup fat.
3 cups brown sugar,
3 eggs,
3 tablespoons cream. .
14 teaspoon vanilla.
1 teaspoon cinnamon.
teaspoon cloves.
cup broken nuts.
8 cups flour.
1 teaspoon soda.
Cream fat and sugar. Add remain
ing ingredient, mixing lightly. Drop
portions from tip of spoon onto
greased baking sheets. Flatten well
and bake 13 minutes in moderate
Find Lava Bear.
LAPINE. Ore. (UP) A lava bear,
smallest of the bear family In North
America, was captured near here by
Walter Gore and Roy Yeager. Full
grown, It weighed only 30 pounds.
B, correctly corseted In
n Artist Mo-iol by
Zthelwyn B. Hoffmann.
are easy to prepare with foods from PIGGLY WIGGLY.
Come in and take your time; plan your dinners right from
the shelves. You'll find everything arranged where you can
easily find it and you will find that IIGGLY WIGGLY
prices will keep your budget healthy.
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ft i g o! Fresh Extra t t O P
EjIjVJiJ Candled & Graded QOZ. ZbC
A 11
MILK brands
OXYDOL large pkg. 22c
Minced Clams Roy2lcanf 25c
Salad Oil
Bring your own container
Albers Pearls of Wheat, Ig. pkg 20tf
Gold Medal Salad Dressing, qt. . 29
Oalumet Baking Powder, lb can -. 25
Hershey's Cocoa, lb. pkg 10
20 Mule Team Powd. Borax, 2 lb. pkg 2S
Scott Tissue, 3 rolls 25J
Dinner Bell Margarine, 3 for , 25
Campbell's Jam, 40 oz. Jar .... 33
Woodbury's Facial Soap, 3 bars 25
Chosen Few Shrimp, 2 cans 25
Grapefruit, Arizona, 6 for. 19c
Spinach, fresh, local, tender, 3 lbs. ... 10c
Celery, tender, crisp, large stalk. . . .10c
Judith Lne inherited the vast fortune but there were stringi
ituched. She knew accepting the bequeit would wreck her marriage,
bring heart-ache and unhappiness; declining meant breaking faith,
violating a trust. What could she choose?
Reac! tin eimcer in Jeanne Bmcman'i serial
Neiroes May Play,
STORRS, Conn. (UP) Negro stu
dents oi Connecticut State Oo'ege
will participate In games against the
Coast Guard Academy teams through
an agreement reached recently be
tween athletic officials of the schools.
a Cold
lb. 26c
2 lbs. 15c
4 cans 23c
2 quarts 25c
Chase &
lb. 27c
bottle 10c
Gal. 75c
qt. 20c
"Tf T'- aM..o T - tU. Ti a T. it
if n omuri Of o mo oust tu duj
Ctrhi ijj miti SfM.