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Student Singers, Beautiful
Settings and Colorful Cos
tumes Combine to Make
Operetta Outstanding
By Eva Neaion Hamilton.
Combining with the talent of the
musically able students of the Med
ford high school, the abilities of those
In five other departments art, man
ual arts, clothing, Journalism ' and
commerce the presentation of The
Mikado at the high school audito
rium last night reached a level of
perfection, gratifying to all, who are
still believers in the community
project: and to every individual, who
harbors the notion that each youth
has something to contribute to
With the beloved comic opera of
Gilbert and 8ulllvan as medium, that
something was brought out this year
by the staff of directors, who should
have found some recompense In the
applause of the audience, which
crowded the auditorium to the doors
last night.
Effort Appreciated.
For In that audience there was ap
preciation of the tremendous amount
of work represented In the mastering
of the opera and the creation of the
beautiful stage settings, and colorful
costumes in keeping with the desired
Oriental atmosphere.
The third and last presentation of
the opera will be given at the high
school at 8 o'clock tonight, arid an
other record crowd Is anticipated.
In the staff of directors were in
cluded: P. Wilson Watt, conductor of
the orchestra: Miss Harriett Baldwin,
director of the Glee clubs: Miss Doris
Baler, director of the dialogue: Miss
Carin Degermark, director of dances,
and Miss Dorothy Burgess,' piano ac
companist. The art work was directed by Miss
Louise Hollenback, with Paul Smith
as student assistant. The construc
tion of stage settings was directed by
Lei and Mentzer and the making f
costumes, wigs and accessories by
Miss Maurlne Carroll.
The work of publicising the pre
sentation and caring for programs
and tickets was directed by Ralph
Bailey. Miss LaVera Moe and Lucian
Burgesses Aid.
8pectal mention was also given Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Burgess for their in
valuable suggestions as to the pro
duction of the opera and to Mrs. Mary
Q. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Qulsenberry, James Stevens and the
Japanese townspeople for their assist
ance. -' The cast of characters last night
Included: The Mikado. Harold Grove;
Nankl-Poo, Robert Nelson; Ko-Ko,
Edwin Owens; Pooh-Bah, Arthur
Cook; Plsh-Tuah, Olaf Severson; Vum
Yum. Mary Kem; Pltti-Sing, Con
stance Moore; Peep-Bo. LaMurle
Beck; Katlsha, Margaret Pennington;
Nee-Ban, Robert Murphy.
Girls' chorus Josephine Applegate.
Joyce Banish, Margaret B a tern an.
Ellen Louise Beltz, Florence Bous
sum. Mildred Buckles, Elaine Bro
phy, Rosemary Canine. Patricia Car
Ion, Muriel Cartwrlght, Fiances
Combe, Leona Conger, Dorothy Cox,
Frances Daly, Myrtle Davis, Mary En
ders, Doris Ellenburg, Mary Anne
Gates. Margaret Geer, Carlyn Jane
Hill, Barbara Holt, Dorothy Limbeck,
Mary Lou Long. La Verne McCulloch.
Elva McKlnnls. Gladys Mlnear. Mar
gery Paley, Betty Paske, Betty Pur
din. Alene Ray, Lots Remington.
Martha Shurtleff, Patsy Smith, La
Verne Stephenson. Edna Takahlra.
Eleanor Todd, Georgia Webb, Wanda
Wyant and Margaret Younger.
Boys' chorus Hoke Curtis. Frank
Dalkey, John, Dickinson. Thayle Ford,
Durwood Gass, Allen Gebhardt. Her
bert Oifford, Lawrence Grantham,
Leonard Klein, Boyd Klein, John Kop
pen. Laurel Morris, Bob Murphy. John
Newcomb, Andrew Severson, George
Watson, Delmar Wright.
Orchestra Esther Alexander,' Dor
othy Burgess, Wm. Campbell. Bob
Cherry. Weldon Colbaugh, Nevin
Cope. Bill Cummtngs, Mayme Dur
kee. Lester Fay. John GlHings. Dor
othy Gore, Virginia Loom Is. Frances
Porter, Doris Upp, Ruby Waddell.
Society and Clubs
Edited by Eva Neaion Hamilton
Alfred Poston of Pinenurst, Indict
ed by the last grand Jury for allegedly
threatening to commit an assault
with a deadly weapon, and who fail
ed to appear Tuesday morning at the
time his trial was set, appeared in
court this morning and was granted
ten days' time In which to pay into
the court Jury fees and other ex
penses entailed by his non-appearance.
Poston was allowed to go on his
own recognizance during the ten
days' Interim. -
An affidavit signed by Poston and
his daughter, Manilla Poston, sets
forth that Poston was unable to
reach this city until 5 o'clock last
evening owing to an auto accident
on the Greensprlngs highway, while
en route to court. The affidavits
state that the Poston car slid off an
embankment and failed to start un
til several hours of labor. The affi
davit states that the car Is old.
When Poston failed to appear
Tuesday morning the court ordered
the bond of 1500 forfeited.
The court -ordered that, pending
payment of the Jury fees the bonds
men would be reinstated as such,
but at the expiration of ten days,
if payment was made, they would
be released. Bondsman are listed as
Al Hopkins and Clarence Taylor, far
mers, and R. A. Miller, service, sta
tion operator of the Ashland dis
trict. No time was set for hearing of the
case. Poston, a well-known resident
of t.he Pinenurst district, was ac
cused of attempting to .hit a state
trooper on the head with the butt of
a gun when stopped for questioning
about game laws last September.
Wedding (iown by Exclusive
Seamstress to Be Shown.
The same seamstress, who made the
wedding gown worn by Ruth Bryan
Owen, famous daughter of William
Jennings Bryan, marie the one to be
modeled here Saturday afternoon at
the "wedding gown" tea. under aus
pices of the Parent -Teacher associa
tion. It was announced today. The
gown will be lorfned by Mrs. J. F.
Gllllngs of Lincoln avenue, who wore
It In 1910. Hand-made lace, a dou
ble train and many other fol-de-rols.
prominent in the 1010 fashion plate,
add Interest to its loveliness.
The gowns will be modeled several
times between the hours of 3 and 5
o'clock to enable guests to view them
whichever hour they call.
Gay posters, made by the Wash
ington and Jackson grade schools and
Junior high .students, are appearing
about this city and Central Point to
dav. announcing the tea.
Two cash prizes are being offered
for the children creating the most
attractive posters. One will be award
ed in the grade schools and the other
In the Junior high school.
The tea will be held at the Colo
nial club. Just across the street from
the city park on West Main street.
The tickets are now on sale and can
be obtained from Mrs. Eldon Drysdale.
phone 821 -X. or Mrs. Jack Heyland.
phone 1537-J.
Control Point Pt!T
Plans Fmimlprs' Tp3.
The Central Point P.-T. A. will ob-
l serve Founders' day Friday afternoon.
March 2, with a stiver tea. A pro-
gram of unusual Interest is being
i prepared for the occasion and Mrs.
I Ray Wyatt will have charge of the
impressive Founders Day service.
Rev. Howell of the Presbyterian
ichurch of Med ford will be the guest
.speaker. His subject will be "Our
Movie Made Children." Miss Arlene
Hay will present her second and
, third grade pupils in two musical
! numbers. Refreshments will be
served hy the fifth grade mothers. A
prize will go to the room having the
most mothers present.
Billy .Infineon, III
Has Birthday Party
February 25, Mrs. Eva Peter enter
tained at her home on South New
town with a party honoring Billy
Johnson. Ill, on the anniversary of
his birthday. Five of his little school
friends were invited in for a theatre
party and dinner. Pink and green
decorations were artistically arranged
about Vie table, centered with a large
birthday cake with seven candles.
Covers were arranged for the honor
guest and Jack Fay, Warren and
John Baglen. Jack Bid dell and Don
ald Smith.
Pan Hellenic Meets
At Club Saturday
The local chapter of Pan Hellenic
will meet Saturday for luncheon at
the Colonial club and alt members
are urged to arrive at 12:30 o'clock.
Following luncheon they will con
tinue to the home of Mrs. Don New
bury for bridge.
James Stevens Honored
At K wept Ion in Ashland.
Immediately following the pro
gram of the Music Study club given
at the Methodist church Monday
evening. Dr. and Mrs. E. A. Woods
entertained In honor of James
Stevens of Med ford, who had ap
peared on the program. Those who
took part in the program, officers of
the Music Study club, and members
of the program committee were In
vited to the Woods home. The occa
sion was a particularly happy one as
the birthday anniversary of Mr.
Stevens was observed, and appro
priate refreshments were served fol
lowing singing In which all present.
Invitd guests included Mr. and
Mrs. James Stevens, Mrs. Andrews,
mother of Mrs. Stevens, Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Joy, Dr. and Mrs. Walter
Redford, Mr. and Mrs. John Fuller.
Mr. and Mrs. George Lowd. Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Albert, Mr. and Mrs. H. G.
Enders. Miss Imogene Wallace. Mrs.
I. R." Bateman, Miss Eunice Hager.
Miss Frieda Ernestine Bratzell, Miss
Mary Chambers, Miss Dorothy Rey
nolds, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Elhart, Mr
and Mrs. G. H. Teo, Miss Louise
Woodruff and Miss Irwanda Bate
man. Ashland Tidings.
Mrs. Mlnear Hostess
At Birthday Party.
Monday evening, Mrs, Jessie Mines
entertained at her home on King's
highway, honoring her daughter,
Ruth, on her birthday anniversary.
Present for the dinner party were:
Misses Elsie Williams. Kathleen Wil
son, Leah Stringer. Wllma Ranney.
Frona Herrlod. Sadie Nlchol. Nina
Moore, Yvonne Devaney, Marjorle
Fisk, Gerald ine Latham and Ruth
and Gladys Mlnear.
Following dinner bridge was en
Joyed. D. A. R. State Regent
To Visit In Grants Pass.
Mrs. John Y. Richardson, state re
gent. Daughters of American Revolu
tion, will be in Grants Pass Wednes
day evening, February 28, and will
at that time take charge of organi
zation of a new D. A. R. chapter.
Many from Adhland and Medford are
planning to attend both the evening
session which will be opened at 8
o'clock, and the no host dinner
which will be served at 6:30 p. m.
Ashland Tidings.
Mrs. Peter Honors
Mother at Sewing Bee
Mrs. Eva Peter entertained Monday
with an old fashioned sewing bee for
the pleasure of her mother, Mrs. Geo.
Baldwin, visiting here from her home
on the Caves highway.
Spring flowers and pussywillows
formed a lovely setting for the af
fair, and refreshments were served
at the close of the afternoon. There
were nine guests present.
Schade Have Guests
From Long Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Schade of 1007
Reddy avenue have as guests for a
few days their nephew and niece.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard W. Seely of
Long Beach, who are en route to
Portland for a few months' visit
with Mrs. Seely's parents. They will
also stop in Salem to visit Mr. Seely's
Lojalty Circle
Meets on Tlmmday
The Loyalty circle of the First
Methodist Episcopal church will meet
Thursday. March 1. at 2.30 o'cl
at the home of Mrs. L. E. Newi n,
204 West Jackson. All members aie
urged to attend the session.
(ierald Burrs, Dinner
Guests at YYauroma.
Celebrating Mrs. Gerald Barrs
birthday anniversary. Mr. Barr enter
tained at dinner Sunday at Wau
coma Inn.
i aided and at preaent there are only of Sajna Valley nn Ralph BlUlnga,
a few who have been mentioned, on i Incumbent of Ashland. Neaion U re
the political horizon. None are def- j ported to have the support ot the
Inlte. There la a definite and out- majority of the Grangers and It la
apoken sentiment on the part of the 1 also said at least two prospective
votera to "concentrate." Instead of i commlsstonerahlp candldatea pro
scattering their suffrage, and this Is ! mined not to run if he would,
supposed to have caused the Hike- There la considerable maneuvering
warmneiu. It Is generally agreed i and conferring going on, of a political
. among the conservative elements of ; complexion. County officials have
the county that the last dose of i been advLsed that the formation of
"economy and efficiency," was too ' an organization "to save the farmera"
much. I la belntr fostered. So far. It has held
A candidate for county commla- two meetlnga In the country, and a
Prlnrln.l artlvltv nn the .inkimn ' aloner, from the rural sections la ex- couple of conferences at homes of
Meteorological Report
Medford and vicinity: Cloudy to
night and Thursday; no change tn
tempera utre.
Oregon : Generally cloudy tonlglit
and Thursday; occasional light rain
in northwest portion; no change In
Ixtcal Data
Temperature a year ago today:
highest 52; lowest 36.
Total monthly precipitation, .78
inches; deficiency for the month, 1.53
Total precipitation since September
1, 1933, 6.92 inches; deficiency for the
season, 5.60 inches.
county political front so far this week
is the filing of Intentions to run for
democratic precinct committeemen.
Some of the prectnetmen have de
parted for other lands or are tem
porarily detained elsewhere, causing a
vacancy, which in the present state
of democracy must be filled to up
hold the administration. It is the first
time since the regime of Woodrow
Wilson that any gceat interest has
been shown in democratic precinct
committeemen In these parts.
Lewis Ulrlch, one of the "Old
Democrats" filed today for precinct
committeemen from the Northeast
Medford precinct, and Moore Hamil
ton, a "Young Democrat" worker filed
for the same honor in the newly cre
ated Queen Anne precinct In this
The January enthusiasm for run
ning for the major offices has sub-
pected to arise in opposition to Com- j the leaders, when candidates were
mlssloner R. E. Neaion. who filed last discussed. The attendance at the
Saturday. So far this Is "Just talk." j meetings was small, and no organlza
W. E. (Shorty) Morris of the Table ! t Ion was perfected. At one, pamph-
Rock district. Is reported as consider
Ing running again. Morris was de
feated for the same post In the 1932
primary, running against L. M. Sweet
lets urging farmers to "save them
selves by electing the right men"
were distributed. No enthusiasm was
Relative humidity at 5 p. m. yes
terday, 74 per cent; 5 a. rn. today.
93 per cent. .
Tomorrow: sunrise 6:46 a. m.; sun
set 6:01 p. m.
Observations Taken at 5 A. M.
120th Merldnn Time
s a I s 3
MH zS sf I
crnf "i 5 8
ss S 35 I
? ! j
Boston 30 4 .00 Clear
Cheyenne 42 30 T Snow
Chicago 18 . 10 .00 Clear
Eureka ..- 63 46 .50 Foggy
Helena 44 36 T Cloudy i
Los Angelea .... B6 53 .00 Clear i
Medford 60 38 .48 cloudy
New Orleans.... 46 40 .00 Cloudy
New York 20 6 .00 Clear
Omaha 23 18 .00 Clear
Phoenix 70 64 .00 Cloudy
Portland 60 45 .30 - Cloudy
Reno 54 30 .00 Cloudy,
Roseburg 64 42 .20 P Cloudy ;
Salt Lake 50 38 .02 P Cloudy ;
San Francisco 84 48 .00 Foggy
Seattle 54 !
Spokane - 50 38 .12 Cloudy
Walla Walla .... 58 46 .04 Cloudy t
Wash.. D. C 18 00 Clear j
Children's Colds
aj. Yield quicker to
Jrfi double action of
w& visas
Romantic Spring
Why not get a new dress for
the big parties this week
end? Pastel shades and
white mousseline de Soie
and crisp organdies.
$5.95 $7.95
$12.95 $19.95
Also new sqmi-formal
dresses priced from
$10.95 to $29.00
1 1 ri kj-v-
u v - t m -
One of the most useful
seasonings on the pantry
shelf. For soups, sexvs.
sausage, meat
loaf, etc., as -well
as all poultry
and meat dressings
Poultry Seasoning
1 sswm
How Are
YOUR Nerves?
Do r.r re.pon.ibilitie. give you that "dragged
through knot hole" feelmgr " T
home tired, Irritable, with nervei en
Whatever your job or place in lile, Manny
nerve, are worth any effort. Check up on your
h.bit.-your eating, your .leeping, your reerea-
tion-.od do not overlook the subject oi
ln4. Turn to Camel., tor the ..k. ot your nerv...
Anyimpertialleal-tobeccoMpenw...." ,
jay- Cornels are made trom i.nor,
any other popular brand. An
Important fact to nervous people.
Camel p.V million, more -for your enjoyment.
And bow much better Camel, ta.t.-mild,
i a.vor, delightful. They never (et o. you,
nerve.... never tire your ta.te.
msr m so
1 -'fin. vrXt ic:i,;mJ,,
TAIes ueA
Miss Elizabeth Harben, Secretary,
Garden City, L. I., says:
"I know that deep-sea diving calls (or
healthy nerves. But, believe me, you can
also feel plenty of real nerve strain being a
secretary to a busy office executive ! Tele
phones, callers, dictation, and a million
other demands all take their toll. As to
smoking I smoke a great deal, but I'm
careful in the choice of my cigarettes. I
preferCamels. Theydon'tmake mynervej
jumpy, and I like their flavor better."
Prank Crilley, Champion
Deep-Sea Diver, toys:
"Deep down under 300 feet
ot water, working feverithly
under terrific pressure no
place for a nervou. man I
A ti.r'a n.rv.. n.n.1
alivayl be in perfect con
dition. I smoke Camel, and
have .mokrd them for year.,
They are a milder cigarette
and they taite better. They
never upset my nervou.
lp...,TO., ..u'uma. M'i 'i "i . 'i i "JMWty.mMWtUWW.W
rvwrriftit. itM,
ft. J. Rvntoida Tat mod Ooaouy
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vrk Great Community L
l Saturday
a Watch the Mall Trlbiinn 7
wOuttndinr Dollar