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Word haa been received from Char
lei O. Falk, chairman of the tourna
ment oommittee of the Humboldt
Oolf and Country club of Eureka,
Cat, that a team of Burekana would
like to try conclusions with member
of the Rogue Valley Oolf club on the
link here at an early date. Secre
tary Homer Marx of the local club
haa forwarded an lnrltatlon for next
Sunday, and ahould It be accepted,
another irreat day of divot digging
may be expected here aa the Eureka n
are aald to boaat aome excellent ama
teur talent In their rank.
A check-up of the Med ford player'
lnvaalon of Vreka, Cal., laat Sunday,
ahowa a great array of plunder car-1
rled off by the locale very man i
bringing back aome thing in the way
of award for effort expended In the
blind bogey tournament. No one auc
eeeded in taking the capital prize
offered for a bullaeye In the faole-ln-
one tournament. The Medford golf
era were led by Prealdent C. J. Se
mon of the Rogue Valley club, and
Hanry Frlngle. aouthern Oregon cham
pion. Other making the trip were H. A
Marx. W. L. Beeney, H. A. Johnaon.
. Hout, Dick Sleeter. Ed Slmmone,
I. Bowera, Jack Hueaton, Ft. Llttrell,
A. R. fltapheneon, A. W Overmyer,
Frank Truitt, Jack Porter, Oren
Schenck, w. Leverette, Gordon Oreen,
Bill Heath, Foster Cone and H. J.
The Yrekana have promlaed to bring
SO men here In the near future for
a match In defenae of the cup which
they won from Klamath Falla on the
local Ilnka a few week ago.
Grappler Boasts Bad Hold
. . .ieV
PORTLAND, Fob. rt. If) Robin
Km4 took two out of three fall from
Mickey McOulre In wrestling mutch
her last night and then ripped most
of RararM Achlu't pant, off him.
' Read, 1M, Hcedtport, used regular
and backward body .lam. to gain falla
aftar McOulre, 167. Wnt Salem, took
tha openar with an Indian death hold
Cowboy Heln, 190, Burns, took two
out of threa falla from Beanpole
Larry, 108, Oreat Falla, Mont. Art
Perklna. 1M. Detroit, took tin odd
fall from Jack Domar, 108, Pendleton
I' ' Wnl
1 1 Trs. .
LE8 OKIMKfl, Aunlrallnn grappler, U aliown above demount rut I iir Ills
net writpuu, a comblnutlon body m-lnKon iinrl nnn hold. Grimes will he
wen In action hero TlmrMlay night at tlio armory when lie meet
ftchneli, oIko from "down under," tn a 4.1 minute BPtnl-wlnrinp. Les
lVolfe and lMb Htone are carded In the mn In event, and Warren and Hall
for a curtain raiser.
nty Botvirita; League.
Mnll Trlliune.
TIM rain, which pelted the city of
Medford In true aprlng faahlon to
day, although welcomed by farrnera.
qualched the local feminine golflra
and their hopea of a tournament to
morrow. v
Mra. Jack Thompnon announced
thla afternoon that the tournament
vaa off for Wedneaday. on account
of the weather.
Find "Plera of Eight."
CABOT, Ark. (UP) A farmer who
plowed up a Bpanlah coin dated 1734
and atamprd "Carloa gave It
to O, H. Davla here and complained
because merchant would not accept
It In exchange for goods. Davla aaya
the coin Is quite valuable.
for MEN
Watch for our ad
announcing the
opening of our new
Shoe Department
for Men . . .
To Fit You!
i a a
O. Puhl 184 131 128 420
P. Hnaaong ....... 131 180 137 437
O.' Elliott 174 122 124 420
A. Hfiflen 163 182 122 487
J. Murray 188 181 130 488
Handicap 107 107 107
. 805 672 7M 2521
By IJim.Uin J. NKIL. Associated prew Suorlti Writer.
MIAMI, Fla., Feb. 27. Pj The nrtlatlo aucoesa of Prlmo Carnera'a
heavyweight title defense ogainat Tommy Loughran amid a background
of pal ma aeema aeaured, rcgardleaa of the outcome, but from a financial
atandpolnt the receipt tomorrow night probably will fade all the way
back to the low record of boxing 'a dark agea.
The huge champion from Italy andt
Loughran. hi veteran challenger, were
content today with light exerclee and
reat, the tr lining campaign over. It
became apparent from lack of interest
at the box office that the match will
not draw more than 170,000 In gate
Despite the fact that Miami la Jam
med with v gl tor, the aim la ehlnlng,
and Lough ran haa increased hla UUua
aa a challenger conaiderably by hi
ahow of condition and ability In train
ing, ticket were aoid alowly. It would
take an amnr.lng run on the box or
flcea to bring the gate tin to the
total' Madison Square Garden hoped
for when the match waa made 0100,
Odd on Camera to retain hi
champlonahlp, perhapa by an early
knockout, atlll hold at 8 to 1. and a
few wngera have been made with thn
tltleholder a favorite aa high aa a
to 1, a altuatlon which haa the vet
eran ahaklng their henda and analys
ing aharply the chanoea of a 160-
pound Lotighran beating a 258-pound
Back again Into ring hlatory. the
aharps can ahow you that every time
the heavyweight title haa changed
hand under the Marqula of Queen
bury rulea, the challenger wm the
under dog, John L. Sullivan waa a
4 to 1 favorite when Cor belt bent
him, and Corbett waa a 0 to 8 choice
when Bob Fitralmmona knocked him
Jack Johnaon waa 3 to 1. but ha
loat to Jeaa Wlllard, and Willard hid
an 8 to 5 edge when Dempney beat
him down. Dempany waa a 3', to 1
favorite over Tun nay the first time
they met. Max Schmellng waa a
alight favorite when ?hnrkey beat him
and Sharkey waa 3 to 1 when Camera
knocked him out last June.
PlKtrlrt BaHketball Standing.
W. L. PC,
Aahland - 3 0 1 000
Medford 3 1 .600
Oranta Paaa 0 4 .000
Coach D. K. Burgher of Medford
haa been draining every aource poe-
alble to strengthen hla team for the
tilt with Afihland Friday night.
The coach la In hope that hla team
will have an "on" night agalnat Aah
land. The Tigori have dropped one
of their two-game aeriea to the Grlz
zllei, but thla doesn't completely
eliminate the locale from the race.
If the Tlgera ahould win Friday night.
another game would be called to de
termine the rightful weore; of the
district five basketball crown.
Max GUtnaky. apeedy lltt'e guard.
was aent home yesterday on account
of a very bad cold and aore throat.
Aa a result, the Tigera underwent a
drastic ahlft In the lineup. Klnman
waa removed from the tlrat atrlng
center position to guard on the sec
ond team and Tom White waa shifted
to guard on the second team, while
Curtis and Smith were placed at for
warda for the first team and Harris,
last year's center and this year'a top
notch forward, waa shifted back to
center. Don Steuart took Oilinsky's
place at the other guard.
whether thla la juat an experiment
or the way things will lay (or the
crucial content Friday night, was not
announced by Coach Burgher.
Coach Don Faber of Aahland haa
not let out any Information concern
ing hla team, but from the apectatora'
standpoint Hoxle and Hardy will be
two boya that will bear plenty of
watching. Hardy fa a southpaw and
whls at shooting twister ahota.
Whether Hoxle waa lucky at hitting
he basket or Juat plain good, la aome.
thing that sort of baffles old man
In the game laat Friday night Hoxle
made ahota that required an eagle-eye.
Although Afihland has a team com
posed of one or two sharp-shooters.
Medford high, when enjoying one of
the "on" night,- boasts a five-man
sharp-shooting aggregation.
35: calvea 10; stead, unchanged.
HOOS: 150: 10c lower tar llbt
weight.. Lightweight, good and choice
14.50-5-35 medium weight, good and
choice. M. 75-5.35. Othera unchanged.
SHEEP: 50; atead, unchanged.
Portland Wheat
PORTLAND, Feb. 37. VP) Wheat:
Open High Low Close
May 731,4 73 73V4 73
July 73 '4 7314 73 ',4 73 !4
Big B;nd bluestem. .. .Y. .74
Dark hard winter (13 pet.) .7914
Dard hard winter (11 pet.).. .. .74
Soft white , .71
Western white .71
Hard winter J .71
Northern spring .71
Western red .............. .71
Ooata. No. 3 white 131.50
Corn, No. 3 E. yellow....- . 33.50
Mlllrun. atandard 13 00
Today'a car receipts: ' wheat 171:
flour 10; corn 1; oata 1; hay .
Broadcast Schedule
Portland Produce
-Print., extra, 36c! atandarda, 35!4c
EOOS Pacific Poultry Producera'
selling prices: Preah extras. He;
atandards, 14c: medluma, 14c dozen.
(Cartons 1c higher.)
Buying price to wholesalers: Preah
extra.. 18c; flrete, 14c: mediums, 14c;
pullets. 13c; undergrade., 10c dozen.
BUTTERFAT Portland delivery: a
grade, 23-240 lb.. Farmer', door de
livery, 30-310 lb.
POTATOES New : Hawaii, 1.75
per 31-lb. box. Othera unchanged.
Cheese, milk, country meat., mo
hair, poultry, atrawberrle.. wool and
bay. quotations unchanged.
Chicago Wheat
. Plehe Hnrdware.
13 3
8. Carey 180 170 ISO 530
A. Wilson 113 87 100 300
A. Plche 107 163 08 367
Ray Prultt 100 133 168 408
Dummy 135 135 135 405
Handicap 138 138 138
773 814 807 3303
Tonight: Fostofflce va. Bowman'a
Barber Shop.
Kyan to Appeal.
ORBOON CITY, Peb. 37. (VP) Don
ald J. Ryan, former atata repreaenta
tlva and Clackamiaa county clerk, filed
notlca of his appeal to the state su
preme court Monday from hla convic
tion on a charge of converting money
held In truet to hla own use.
Oregon Weather.
Occasional rain west and local rain
or anow In ea.t portion tonight and
Wednesday; little Chans. In tempera
ture: moderate to Ireah southerly
wind, offshore.
SALEM. Feb. 37. The World
War Veteran. 8tu Aid commission
will open bids for the aale of M60.000
worth of bonda March 8. The money
will be used to aid In retiring prin
cipal and Interest amounting to $1.
050.000 on reKrans' aid bonda. due
April I.
Bob Boyd, charged with recklaM
driving a result of the collision
several weeks ago with young Gerald
Penrce, pedestrian, near the taber
nacle on Sixth atreet, entered a plea
of not guilty at hla hearing before
Police Judge A. D. Curry late yester
day. The Pearce boy waa removed
from the Community hospital about
a week ago. The case, Judge Curry
stated today, will be continued when
the boya condition la definitely de
termined. Mary Conner, also charged with
reckleaa driving, announced to Judge
Curry thla morning that ahe would
change her plea to guilty. Her auto
collided with one driven by Mra.
James Rosa of Central Point a short
time ago at the corner of Sixth and
rront streets, this city. Mrs. Ross
sustained Injurlea. and Mlsa Conner,
upon whom sentence has not yet been
passed, will In addition bear the hos
pital expense and coat, of repstrlng
the Ross car, Curry stated.
In keeping with the time. Drugs
and Tolletrlea at Cut Price, at JArt
& Garden
All kindi of Field Seedi, and a largs fresh stock of Garden
Beedi, both bulk and pHckngg are on ale at tha Hsht
prices at tha Morton Mill. Also a rather complete line of
Fertiliien, and 8eed Potatoes.
Morton Milling Company
Jackson Street at Railroad
Alfred Poston of Plnehurst, Indict
ed for alleged threatening to commit
assault with a gun, failed to appear
In circuit court thla morning at the
time set lor trial, and Judge H. D.
Norton ordered his bond of J1500
forfeited and a bench warrant Issued
for Poston'a arrest. '
The court said that In the eVent
Poston could ahow a reaaoable ex.
cuse for not being present In court
the default order would be modified
upon the payment of the petit Jury
feea for half a day. The Jurora were
present ready to be called for aervlco
In tha case.
Bondsmen for Poston are listed aa
Al Hopkins and Clarence Taylor, far
mers, and R. A. Miller, service sta
tion operator, all of Ashland.
Before ordering tha procedure In
the, caae. the court waited for 45
minute, and then directed Bailiff
George Lewi, to call Poston'a name'
from the court house steps three
times. There waa no response.
Attorney T. J. Enrlght for Poaton
was also ready for trial and atated
to the court that .he knew no reason
for hla non-appearance, "except that
ha la delayed by atorm condition. In
the mo-ntnlna."
Poston waa Indicted by the grand
assault with a deadly weapon last
September upon state Trooper Eldon I
jacnaon during questioning about I
game law violations. Poston Is al
leged to have threatened to hit the
trooper over the head with the butt
end of a gun.
CHICAGO, Feb. 37.
Open High Low Close
May 86 .87a .854
July .84 .86 .84 4
Sept 8514 -8714 .85!4
-(AP) Wheat
87 ?4
.86 '4
Wall St. Report
S :0O Breakfast News, Mall Tribune
8:05 Musical Giock.
8:15 P eerie. Parade.
8:30 Shopping Guide.
0 :0O Friendship circle Hour.
0:30 Morning Melody.
10:00 Musical Notes.
10:30 Morning Comment..
10:453 Volcea.
11:00 Granta Pass Hour.
11:15 Marching Along.
11:45 Tone Plcturea.
13:00 Mid-day Revue.
13:10 Chamber of Commerce News.
13:15 Radio Rendezvoua.
13:30 Newa Flashes, Mall Tribune.
13:80 Pipe Organ Program.
13:48 Popularity.
1 :00 Advertising Talk.
1:15 Varletlea.
3:00 Classified Edition of the Air.
3:00 Songs for Everyday.
3:30 KMED Program Review.
3:35 Dreaming the Waits Away.
4:00 Rhythmical Cocktail.
4:30 Masterworka Program.
5:00 Interlude.
5:15 Hllo Serenadera.
5:45 News Digest. Mall Tribune.
6:00 Medford Theater Guide.
6:15 Al Plche'a Sporta Flashes.
6:30 Musical Masterpieces.
6:30 Andy Slough.
6:45 Dinner-dance Program.
7:15 Eventide.
7:30 Idaho Cowboys.
7:45 to 8:00 Moderne.
St. Oil N. J ,
Trana. Amer. ,
Union Carb
Unit. Aircraft
U. 8. Steel
45 H
Pears Yesterday
NEW YORK. Feb. 37. VP) (USDA)
Pear auction market: Nine cara ar
rived; 5 Oregon cara, 4 Washington
unloaded; 5 car. on track; 8 cara di
verted, ' .
Oregon DiAnJous: 3.440 boxea extra
fancy (2.23-3. 28, average (3.73: 1.887
boxea fancy $3.60-3.10, average S3 85.
Washington D'AnJous: 564 boxe. ex.
tra fancy 93.35-3.55. average $3.45;
154 boxes fancy $3 35-3.30, average
NSW YORK, Peb. 37. (AP) Stocka
engaged In a creeping rally today, but
the majority of tha leadera were un
able to recover all of yeaterday's de
clinea. Caution waa the watchword
of most tradera and activity was the
dullest aince the first few day. of
January. Tranafera approximated
only 1.350,000 Nhare..- The closa waa
fairly firm.
Today's cloalng prices tor 33 selected
stocka follow:
Al. Chem. fe Dye ..h..m..h,...u..153 1
Am. Can ...103
Am. & Fgn. Pow. ... 10
A. T. & T ........13014
Anaconda .... 15
Atch. T. & B. P. . ........ 65 1.4
Bendlx Avla 104
Beth. Steel 44
California Pnck'g 34',
Caterpillar Tract . 384
Chrysler 65
Com!. Solv 37M,
Curtlss-Wright . 414
DuPont 00
Gen. Foods
Gen. Mot
Int. Harvest
I. T. & T
Monty Wsrd -North
Amer. ..
Penney (J. c.)
Phillips Pet ...
Sou. Pac
Std. Brands ..
St. Oil Cal
..... 1614
..... 714
Pump System Clean. l.on Con
Any Rind Any Amount '
Tel. 031
NEW YORK, Feb. 27. (AP) Bar
silver steady, 140 lower at 46c.
Son Francisco nutterfat
SAN FRANCISCO. Cal.. Feb. 27
(AP) first grade butterfat, 26c. t.
0. b. San Francisco.
Kxport Wheat
PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 27. (API
Emergency Export corporation's quo
tation for aoft white w.heat for for
eign shipment, 76 140 per bushel.
In keeping with tne time. Drugs
and Tolletrlea at Cut Price, at JAR
Steals Cops' Car.
trolmen Maloney and Kramer entered
an apartment house seeking a burg
lar, the burglar calmly atole their
Dr. S. Ralph Dlppel and Or L. L
Sander, have combined their
dental offices and are located at
313-311 MEDFORD BLD. Phone 807
Great Community L . K
flffafl SALE IN ALL W )) I
mi medford wSy I
WjJ stores UrCy
kJ Saturday f W
1' . tvatrti the Mail Tribune WtT
WO"IMtinil(fij Dollar r
for MEN
Watch for our ad
announcing the
opening of our new
Shoe Department
for Men . . .
To Fit You!
(Continued from page one)
down part of ' three - tor y brick
The c&u of the wreck U still a
mystery, one of tn executive who
viewe the wreck Mid while watch
ing huge crane pulling away at the
tangled mas of steel.
Engine Crew Missing
He pointed out that Engineer W.
M. Shaw of Newcastle. Pa., and Fire
man O. C. Douthltt of Youngstown.
Ohio, .had disappeared.
"We couldn't find them In the
cab." he. said. "Of course, they might
be burled beneath the engine. We
have heard also that they got out
all right.
Disconnected from their pilot after
It plunged down the embankment,
the cars were shoved past by the
momentum of their speed, estimated
by some passengers to be between
36 and 40 miles an hour.
The combination express -smoker
dived off an embankment 600 feet
past the engine, resting Us front
down on the ground and lta rear on
the track bed. The diner remained
upright. The day coach knocked
down the signal tower and was bur
led In the debris. It Is here the
bodies are feared burled.
Sleepers Turn Over
The two sleepers turned over, one
above the engine and tender, the
other against a three-story building,
knocking down large piles of bricks.
Dazed by the tragedy, the survivors
of the ill-fated "No. 1638" told their
stories from hospital cots.
Men, paled by the nearnens of
stories of the plunging steel giants
death, and women, hysterically hold
ing nondescript pieces of clothing to
bleeding wounds, trudged through
knee-deep snowdrift to shelter after
the wreck.
Only three minutes more and It
wouldn't toave happened. The New
York bound train would have com
pleted Its run Into the union sta
tion about 0:36.
Felt Train Buckle
J. S. Stevens of Akron said h
"had a feeling Just before the tram
enwhea that it buckled." H
thought they had hit an automo
bile. Wm. Ortlieb, a patrolman, among
the first to reach the wreck, said:
"All I could hear were screams and
groans. I .climbed In and handed
out five or six persons. By the
sounds I thought at least 36 were
Some of those killed were trapped
beneath the swinging upper bertha
that crashed down.
2 Pilot. . . . Stewardess . . . Heated
quiet cablni . . Laratory . . , Both
day and night schedules.
VA Hr. Portland $14.58
25lHrs. Seattle - 23.40
VA Hrs. Sacramento 15.78
2'. Hrs. Oakland - - 20.58
2A Hrs. .San Francisco 20.58
5' Hrs. Los Angeles - 39.53
SVt Hrs. San Diego - - 43.53
Fastrat aervlco to Chicago,
Detroit, New York, Washing
ton and the East.
10 Off on Round Trip
Fare Include! Lunelle Aloft
Hotels: Poital and Wsstsrn Union Officii
Firestone leads again vith the most sensational development In the
Low Pressure Balloon Tire field.
Jiisl imagine.. .the new 1934 Flrfslone Air Balloons come aa a
balanced unit of tires, lubes and ivhccls. The tubes are bnlnncerl to
the tires...lhe tires to the ivlieels...earli unit of lire, tube and wheel
i perfectly balanced.
Thai', real new. for motorists. ..license the result Is a set of Fire
stone Air Balloons that will not shimmy not shimmv... cannot shimmy.
Easier to steer... longer wearing...safer
..and easier riding than any othera.
New in Design . Longer
Mileage Greater Safety
Greater Beauty Perfect
Balance Low Price Free
Trial . Firestone Guaranteed
Firestone Service Stores, Inc.
Ninth and Riverside.
Phone 520
llll l tSnrlL:l!'''.Km.L";J".T ,n infftl"it Pnw.lTtnd .
O FarrtlL b.r. Tht Mam rmeruin, r.l.brlllfi n. lm
a sJhUm!
Hotel Figueroa
Tenth and
rifurro Ms.
I.OJ .tM.LI.E9
400 ovicide roonv
ne of the
t?i" Nex! door 10
In downtown Loa Anpelea, Aa
comfortable aa It ts convenient.
O traps in connection.
Room with, or without, prlrat
bath. Rates ! 30 per day and up.
Attractive permanent rata, wek
cr month A B SMITH 1.
Read this column vrv
wtelr for a calendar
of com Inn ereote . . ,
National Ann. el
Practical RtfriRtrat
Inr Rmrtneera' con
Tenttrtn. Ftb JI-14.
rrWdaTre A n e y
Pa.e Ooaftrtaee
Ftb Jl
War Memorial Opfra
Houta. t, piano rcltt
by Horowita, rt. y,,
Wtiur Hampden
pn at OlumfMa to
"Richelieu." Feb. SI.
W 1 1 r n Women'a
Club, reading rf antith
a Mtini b Roy
Walter Jamea. Mar. t
From (ha Entrinc of tha Manx
rom. In from the .Mr', artlvltr . . .
thmna-h the hnnrtanm Inhhr to roar
qnl.t, tirantlfnllr apmlnlrd mora.
Her. mo r... rrlns l
Frish From tha Dacorator'i Touch I
Pnlntrra. drcorator. Iit hern bu-J
ylvlna a nw. hrlahl.r far. to t all,
fornla. famon. hotel . . hnonn for
tm hn. nit. Mi . triniXf at-
Moderate Ratei:
Wjlh.,1 ihnt, j. vi.c
nilhd.t Mih-riftuhlr ... s.h...'.m
2"i lf-Ji"ii. i.ri'sa.n.aa
m.l.T VI 4T 1HF. MANX