Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, February 22, 1934, Page 7, Image 7

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Local and Personal
Business Caller Mr. "Red" Car
roll of Griffin creek was transacting
toasim-M in Med ford thl morning.
In from Central Point Jose W.
Johnson of Central Point waa busi
ness caller In Medford thla morning.
Vltlts Here Mis Katharine Keyes
of Grants Pasa vlatted friends In Med
ford Wednesday.
Buslnesi Caller George Knight of
Eugene was in Medford thla morning
transacting business for John Mor
rell fc company.
Leaves Hospital J. R. Monroe, who
has been & patient at the Commun
ity hospital for several days, was re
moved to his home today.
Undergoes Operation Mrs. Jack
Bickler underwent a major operation
at the Community hospital today and
was reported getting along nicely.
nard Putney, who has been with the
Marsh grocery store in Medford for
some time, has been transferred to
the Faber store at Central Point.
Visits In Roseburg George W.
Wimer, Southern Pacific clerk, is
spending today visiting in Roseburg.
His position heTe is being filled by
Francis D. Fry.
Bicycle Recovered The bicycle be
longing to Wilson Church, which was
stolen from 435 North Bartlett street,
was found by city officers at 803
North Riverside avenue.
To Hold Social Women's Relief
corps will hold a social meeting At
the home of Emma Wheldon, 424 King
street, at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon.
Friends of the corps are invited to
Helrl In J nil Arrested earW this
morning on charges of disorderly con
duct. Jack Rudman, 40, Is being held
In the city Jail. He will be taken
into court tomorrow, as today Is a
legal holiday.
nUWICbt flUQ IWM inmr J VI
Eagle Point were shopping at Med
ford stores this morning. Laura Bur
son and "Mrs. Donna Graff Is were also
visitors from Phoenix.
Mr. Frank, Visitor Henry Frank,
president of Blumauer-Frank Drug
company, was a business caller In
Medford yesterday from Portland. He
was accompanied by Fred Stype, sales
maneger for the company.
Mr. Mender Returns Following a
few weeks' vacation in California with
his sons and daughter, Hiram F.
Meader returned to Medford. In Oak
land he visited his son. W. E. Meadar;
In Santa Rosa his daughter, Mrs. Lynn
Applegate, and in Gilroy, another son,
R. O. Meader. Mr. Meader reported
.visiting Sunnydale to view the dirig
ible Macon.
Bible da to Meet The Young
Peoples Bible class will meet th:s
evening at the V. w. C. A. at 7;30
o'clock. All young peop'.e axe lnvite.1
to come and to bring friends. Mem
bers are also asked to bring their
Bibles to the meeting.
Nandles on Trip Mr. and Mrs. F.
E. Nandfe. who went to Klamath Falls
Tuesday, when Mr. Nandie appeared
with the Medford Gleemen in concert
there, are continuing on a motor trip
into eastern Oregon, from which they
will return via Eugene the last of
the week.
Visiting Parents Here Mrs. Herbert
Alford of Grants Pass is a guest here
for several daya of Mr. and Mrs. M.
L. Alford. The Herbert Alfords are
leaving soon to make their home in
Portland. Mr. Alford having been
transferred to that city by the Union
Oil company.
To Attend Meet O. D. Hall, state
president of the Fraternal Order of
Eagles, will attend the regular busi
ness meeting of the order tomorrow
evening to take part In the initia
tory ceremonies to be given in his
honor. A large number of candidates
will be taken in at that time.
Runaways Iorated Frank Mock
and Robert Cramer, both 15-year-old
boys from Grants Pass, were picked
up by state police In Ashland this
morning, after report had been made
by their parents that they had run
away. They were en route to Sacra
mento, they told the officers.
Reports- Collision Invllle Bailey of
Central Point filed an accident report
with the city police concerning a col
lision on an unspecified rural high
way at 4:30 p. m. yesterday. Operator
of the other vehicle Involved was
Fred Chrlstean of 401 South Oakdale.
the report shows.
Attend School Play Included
among Medford people who attended
the p resen tat i on of "Th e Perf s ct
Alibi" at the Southern Oregon Normal
school Tuesday were Mrs. Milton Otto
ma n . Mr. and Mrs. Wal ter Frazer
Brown. Mrs. Myron Root, Gerald and
Gerald In e Latham, Audrey Lofland
and Atleen Latham.
Pecaravttch Here Mike Pecaravitch,
football coach at Gonzaga university,
Spokane, was a visitor in Medford
yesterday, en route north from Los
Angeles. Due to an automobile ac
cident, his Journey north was de
layed about two days. Pecaravitch.
who has visited here with John Reddy.
stuednt at Gonzaga, called on Mrs. J.
F. Reddy while here.
Mrs. May Very III Mrs. A. S. ATiy,
who has been ill for some time at
her home here, has been moved to
the country home of her sister, Mrs.
D. W. Dickey, and was reported very
111 there today. She recently suffered
an attack of pneumonia.
A. D. Lewis, prominent lumberman
of Prospect, accompanied by Mrs.
Lewis, lelt last evening on the South
ern Pacific en route to Detroit, Mich.,
to 'drive back to Medford one of the
new Chrysler Airflows, which they
purchased through the Armstrong
Motor, company, H. P. Lange, now In
Portland, has announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis plan to spend
much time on their way back to
southern Oregon from Detroit, ex
hibiting the car and boosting Med
ford. The car Mi. and Mrs. Lewli
win obtain la one of the first of the
new line and will be the first In Medford.
WILL PAY CASH for men's second
hand hats, suits and shoes. Will
H. Wilson, 32 No. Front St.
FOR SALE OR TRADE Piano, daven
port, refrigerator, two radios, wnl
nut table, two russ. 316 Willamette.
Piano bargains are harder to find.
S? these at owe Fine standard
mnke upright. 65.00. Bungalow
upright, only slightly used. Terns
like rent. Also fine organ. D15.
26 So. Grape.
valley or coast property for southern
Oregon properiy. uwner, ti. ir--
WANTED Electric repairing. Day
and nieht. Tel. 107-J. Flynn Elec
tric Service.
FOR RENT 6-room unfurnished
rinise. newly decorated and clean,
on Mistletoe. See owner, 37S So.
FOR RENT 3-room neatly furnished
nnirtmont on Ivy. See owner, 375
So. Central.
FPT RENT 4-rnnm house. 44 Myers
St. Inquire Farmers and Fruit
growers Bank.
FOR TRADE Small home clone in.
free from to trade for equity
m Hrer modern home. Tel. 331-W.
Tie B".t Values You Ever Saw.
l?f pontlac 2-dnor Sedan.
12 chevrnt Ppazt Coupe.
Chevrolet 2 -door Sedan.
lf-?T Bu!.-k SMan.
jpin Bu!-k S-mr- sdan.
Oakland Coupe.
Trd and T-ms.
Stulebnker Sales and Service.
Ii ld Farm Too'.
Ti-se D' Ha-rows.
T'--'' D '..
Tracvr Flo-.
Do'.ib 5nrel Plow. M Bw.
Holly's Star
i ...
While positively no assurance that
Medford would be chosen as site of
the psycho-neurotic hospital for In
diana was given here yesterday by
W. L. Treadway, assistant surgeon
general of the United States public
health service and chairman of the
board, Medford officials were much
encourafied following his Jnanectlpn
of the proposed site on the wester
lund property near Roxy Ann.
Mr. Treadway. accompanied by Dr.
Ernst, also of Washington, D. C, ar
rived here yesterday from Grants
Pass and, accompanied by City Su
perintendent Fred Scheffel and A. H.
Ban well, manager of the Medford
chamber of commerce, made the in
spection of the site.
He was very favorably impressed
with the scenic view offered in that
region of the valley and did not
hesitate to say so. He refused to
make any statements, however, re
garding Medford's possibilities of ob
taining the hospital.
He asked for much Information re
garding building costs and asked that
Medford prepare a brief, setting forth
extensive information regard
lng building materials and labor
costs and toward same within the
next week.
The brief will be prepared at once.
Mr. Banwell stated today.
"Eskimo" Scores Craterian Hit
lit U
1 1
A meeting of the Southern Oregon
Bar association has been called for
Saturday. Feb 24. at the Colonial
club, beginning at 6:30 o'clock.
Members from Klamath, Josephine
and Jackson counties will be present
and a representative from each will
speak. An Important business meet
ing will also be held, as matters of
(treat Interest to all are to be taken
up in co-operation with the national
bar association.
Balance of Adriennea Wool Nel'y
Don Dresses, sizes 12 to 42, values to
$10 93. Now only 3 9o!
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Alden Gal
breath of Gold Hill, a son. weighing
seven pounds, three ounces, at the
Community hospital Wednesday. Feb
ruary 91.
Halliburton Star
Rialto's Picture
Of Life In India
What la said to be the wildest polar
bear chase In the history of the Arc
tic was made by natives and members
of the expedition In which "Eskimo,"
which opened a four-day engagement
at the Craterian theater yesterday.
Some four hundred miles of ter
ritory were covered, and many days
of cold and discomfort were endured
in search of the elusive bear that
didn't want to be captured. When,
however, they did finally catch up
with the bea there was enough ex
citement to Battsfy the most exact
ing film director.
Other spectatcles in the picture
Include the caribou charge In w.hlch
Be fitted in a new model Corset by.
Adrienne's experienced Corsetler.
Help Kidneys
If poorly functfoninir Kidney ftnrf
Blulilrr raako you iiitf r from Getting
Up Night. Nervouanras. Khcumatio
Pains. StifTnrna. Burning. Smarting1.
Itthlnir. or Acidity try the truarantcwi
Doctor's PreocriptionCyitexlSiM.tex)
V MuBt nx yu or money
CsfSroX back, Onl76AatarugBiati
more than 4000 of the homed beasts
go on a rampage; walrus hunts In ;
which native boats were overturned
and men injured In attempts to es- !
cape knife-sharp tusks: natives hunt- i
lng whales in small boats; blizzards !
and ley hurricanes at temperatures '
that defied human life; wolf hunts J
and native spear fWilng. !
The native Eskimos in the picture (
give Individual performances that:
will be remembered for their utter 1
simplicity. There Is no sense of a 1
story being "acted." The two chief
native players. Mala, the mighty
hunter, and his wife. Dortuk, will
startle those looking for the Holly
wood brand of actors.
"India Speaks." which has enjoyed
& reputation of being one of the
most widely read books or the past
ten years, has been made into an
engrossing film story and will be
shown on the Rialto theater's double
feature program for Friday and Sat
urday. Ken May nard, with his horse Tar
zan, will also be shown in "Fargo
Hundreds of thousands of vampire
bats, eager -for the blood of human
victims, are shown in one flight in
the electrifying "India Speaks."
This is Just one of the many thrllla
contained in Walter Putter's amazing
production of high adventure and
romance in the Far East, featuring
Love tnd laughter are singularly
well balanced with fast action and
melodramatic thrills In "I've Got
Tour Number," the new Warner Bros. '
picture which opened yesterday at !
the Holly theater with the saucy Joan (
Blondell In the stellar role.
"I've Got Your Number" presents ;
an ent-tainlng revelation of the ro- !
mance and thrills that underlie the
gigantic telephone system' that hon- :
eycombs America and the world In
its network of wires.
Smooth Numbers I
Hot Numbers!
They're all back
numbers com
pared to this lit
tle sweetie of the
switchboards all
set to make a e
quick connection J
to your heart In
the hi number
of the Ian Kb
the noted globe trotting author, Rich
ard Halliburton.
During one sequence of this talk
ing picture. Halliburton starts on a
death defying search for romance. He
is led through python infested Jun
gles Into a region swarming with
unbelievably great hordes of the
deadly 'lying mammals.
The bats descend about Hallibur
ton In what is literally a cloud. The
camera caught one flight that easily
numbered a million vampire bats. In
one episode the author finds himself
lnsiduously bled by one of the crea
tures. According to the producers of "In
dia Speaks," this Is the first time
that motion pictures have ever been
obtained of vampire bats in action,
and the sequence forms one of the
most thrilling of the many scenes
In the production.
SILK DRESSES, a special group in
cluding some that were priced at
(29.95. now only 5 00 at Adrlenne'.
Phone 332. Retaking Trucking Co ,
for Modern Fuel Oil deliveries.
Stops Your Cough
or money back j
One swallow of Bronchu- ;
line Emulsion and you get)
relier INSTANTLY. Un
mistakable relief. -
Certainly you won t need i
more than half a bottle or this grana
old cough-killer to knock that vough
for good. If you do, you can have
your money back. Jarmin'a Drug
Store and alt other first-class drug
gists guarantee It. "
No dope. Nothing to upset your
stomach. So why cough, cough,
cough yourself to pieces? Get Bron
chullne Emulsion and RELIEF.
Embezzling Teller
Given 3'Year Term
PORTLAND. Ore., Feb. 92. fAP) '
Lloyd E. Burbrldge, 42, for more than
ten years savings department teller .
at the First National bank here, was )
today sentenced in federal court to
serve a three-ypar term at McNeil Is
land prison. He pleaded guilty to
an indictment . charging embezzle
ment and misapplication of funds.
The United States attorney said i
Burbrldfre'a defalcations amounted to
about $9,000. over a period of about
30 months.
trr one on" at Adrienne's. Priced at
$l'.95, 12.95 to 110.95.
HURRY! Ends ToniU
"Morning Glory"
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
S.lturil.iT Nlrlit. Ib. Jlltl
at Gold Hill Hall
;no Mil Mr
"Metro News"
Cartoon, "Shipwrecked
Snappy Comedy
Mntlneen ' ffnraim
Compare our pictures with all
the others regardless of price!
Mats. -15c, Eves -25c, Kiddies -10c
Geo. Bancroft "Blood Money"
Tomorrow and Saturday
INDIA! Land of a million
ml'slng soull . . . nherft
the Inflrtrl'i life lnl
worth ft plugged rupee!
Come with
on hl many exrltlni adren-
tur through this mvitlc land
. , , share with htm the thrill
nd the dnntr'n
whlrli lurk hfhlnd
very rtrk corner
how, at lnl
A Drama of Lady Luck in a Cow Camp
Where the Fir3t to Draw Had the Best of Law!
and his wonder horse "Tarzan" in
Thursday & Fri.
Smith and Dale In Hot Daze
Camera Adventure, Iceless Arctic!
Dally Mat. 1:30. Eve. 6:45
15 800 i.vjjjMrtai5l K
MatH , . , 23r
Ete . . . 3Jc
Indies . . IDc
Now! Until Saturday!
The Greatest Epic of
Arctic Thrills Ever Filmed!
raptured for the first ' 'ftl'&rjf'' Directed by
lime In the while hell STVl. W' '
. ,. ., . . P&fS!W VAN DYKE,
of Cod troien out- Mkli CrMrtor of
post . . . Internoven ?M 1 "TIMBER
Kith the stark drama fif: .2taM?t HORN"
of atrange people '
their love, their life, if
their pasMom, their
4yjlf "AR0XJND THE
jjjffiffi-Sffifr Universal News
in their latest laugh barrage
i i
Turned Off
to Save 1c
on Evening
Eyestrain It dangerous
ond glasses ore inconvenient.
o o o o o
A wash board is hard on
clothes but you can sove
3c to 5c o week on your
electric bill.
nothing else you con buy will give you os much comfort, good
health ond convenience os electricity. Keeping your tooster on
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One light left on costs less thon one cent on evening and is ex
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