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Medford mail Tribune
MEr-ryen in Southern Ortaoe
Head, the Mill Tribuni'
Dally (Except Saturday
(ubllirwd by
3S-3I-29 N. fir BL
Ao Independent Ntwapaper
Bntend u second elan sutur it Htdord.
Oregon, under Act of Marti) 8, 18TB.
Km .1.11 .In Admac
Daily, cm year 9&-00
Dally, ti cental . S-T6
Dally, om moDtb AO
By Carrier lo AtjTanee Mdfora aahlaod',
JlcUomilla, Central Point, Phoenix, Talent, Uold
UU) and on Iflgtavar.
Dally, on rear ?.HJ
Dally, eli nonllu 8-26
Dally, one oaontii
AU urma. ttb Id adisnea.
Official papn of tba City of Medford.
Officii! paper of Jackaoo County.
Becettlni Vu Leaaad Wire Serrtc
Tbe Aisociatw, Pmt la ieliulieij entitled to
Ihi ui for pubtleailon of all w dUpatcAea
credited to It or otherwli credited In thle paper
and alto to Iht lorw news published oereln.
All rights for publication of ipeclal dlipaUnat
nerein are suo reamed.
hembeh or on in: I) PKK8S
Arliertlilnt KeprwenlatlTea
OrflCM In Nee York, Ctilcago, Detroit, Sao
FraneUco Lot Angelet Seattlt Portland.
M w
Editorial Correspondence
Ye Smudge Pot
Br Arthur Terry.
The rain deficit has caused a short
age of toadstools, for eaperts to pick
and eat by mistake for muahrooma.
LOS ANGELES, Feb. 18. Lord Marley, broad shouldered,
ruddy faced, forceful and outspoken, gave a public speech here
a few days ago, which knocked the accepted view of British
nobility into a cocked hat.
Over in Hollywood, for example, an English Lord is accepted
as a very dignified, conservative and rather slow witted individ
ual, dawdling a monocle or pulling a drooping mustache, not
disposed to catch up with the procession. until the caboose has
passed by.
But here was a REAL Lord, not only looking like a wide
awake American business man, but acting like one, and making
one member of (the audience at least fairly gasp at his slashing,
withering attack upon the leaders of another world power, with
whom England is at peace.
Strangely enough none of the Los Angeles newspapers com
mented editorially upon Lord Marley's extraordinary speech,
though they gave him several columns of space. Just WHY the
chief opposition whip in the House of Lords, hasn't caused more
of a sensation in this country, we are unable to understand.
Certainly his Lordship must be an authorized spokesmun for
England. He flew here from New York, where he landed only
a short time ago, and from here he took a plane for Denver. He
apparently intends to talk everywhere, as he talked here.
Most amazing !
No doubt a report of Lord Marley's remarks was printed in
tho Mail Tribune, so there is no point in repeating even the high
lights of his speech here. But what he said about Hitler, Goring
and other Nazi leaders in Germany could only he compared to
what British commentators said about the "Huns" when they
were marching through Belgium.
"Lunatics, dope fiends, paranoiacs, sadistic perverts, not
only persecuting the Jews, but torturing and "killing thousands
of inoffensive German citizens." America must awake for there
is danger of Fascism and Nazism HERE. An organization
against this world menace should be formed at oncel (Contri
butions will be received for any amount individuals feel inclined
to give, as they pass out the door.)
Personal Health Service
By William tirady. M.D.
Signed letters pertalnlLf to personal aealtb and hygiene not (o dia
eahe diagnosis or treatment, will be answered by Ur. Brady If a stamped
.elf-addressed envelope Is enclosed. Letters should be orlef and written lu
Ink. Owing to the large number ol letters received only a few can be an
swered. No reply can be made to queries not conforming to lastructlona
tddress Or. William Brady, 263 El Carolno, Beterly Hills, Cal.
The law "Is but a specious and fan
taatlc arrangement of worda by which
a man can prove a horse chestnut to
be a oheatnut hone." (Lincoln
Douglas Debate, Harper's Encyclope
dia of United States History.) And,
not a "whereas" hurled.
According to press reports only about $300 in all was raised.
Over the entrance to the Biltmore, where Lord Marley stayed,
the Union Jack was proudly flying, and Baron Long who now
operates the hotel was a gracious host.
His Lordship might have been interested in the comments
heard in Pershing Square directly in front of the hotel during
his brief stay. Many fists were shaken and curses delivered in
broken English.
But as usual the Pershing Square radicals were badly mud
dled. They failed to realize Lord Marley in spite of his title, is
Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd, Okla-1 politically a laboritc, and has far more sympathy with Soviet
homa bsndlt. has escaped a posse of J, , , , ,.: W,irn,: r .), ,. ,,,, ,,1.
1000 Oklahomans. He Is the No. 7 ...... w. ....,.....
The only explanation for Lord Marley we can give, is that
England fears anofher European war, and sent a very dynamic
and effective propagandist over here to prepare American pub
lic opinion for it, and on the right side.-
"No. 1 Public Enemy." The hunt
lasted 36 hours, and the only un
toward event, was a police chief
shooting himself In the leg. Nothing
like It has happened since the day
two Mexican armies fought all day
and killed a mule.
now can not be shot through the
curriculum until he is is.
(fllnklyou News)
Depression, low prices, high
taxes, end the dozen or so other
unfavorable conditions which
have harassed the farmer and
stock man, apparently are not
enough. Siskiyou cattlemen are
also blessed with having some
first rate cattle thieves walking
around among them In the day
time and walking off with their
stock In the night. .
Yesterday the Demon baker fell on
the Fluhrer, and Spun.
The voters are once more asked to
place their confidence, where they
know enough not to put their money,
or watch.
The Depression, aa a topic of con-
versatlon It petering put, except at
the courthouse and the bank corner.
J. H. Puller of Ashland townrd
Tuea., and Indulged In some dainty
gloating over the Democratic victory
at the polls In 103a. He Is t ?arker
Democrat, and originally hailed from
Maine, which produces Democrats,
like Oeorgla produces Republicans.
This section also rejoices In a Bryan
Democrat (J. Frank Wortiruin), a
Cleveland Democrat (Moee Barkdull).
a Low Tariff Democrat (Col. Voor
hlesi, a Jackson Democrat, a Jeffer
sonlan Democrat, and any number of
lifelong Democrats, who get that way
when It looks like the Republicans
can't win.
Rob Wagner, pal of Will Rogers, veteran publicity man for
The Don Rlinyard boy has a COld, fi. Mnvlno nnJ aAlinv nf thai livnlv nnrl fiiiiiiU...n ntil.liniif Inn
and cannot go to school. He Is 4. ! ' J . t
His education ii being delayed, and Script , whs honored Inst night at KFI with a birthday party.
It wasn't his birthday Rob, we imagine, has reached the age
where he doesn't like them it was the 5th anniversary of the
birth of Script.
Informed that Charlie Chaplin ami Leo Tracy were to take
part in the program, we decided the party would be worth at
tending. It WAS altho neither Chaplin nor Tracy appeared
for it gave us our first view of a big broadcasting station in
operation, decidedly worth while.
And then, too, we heard Arthur Jarrctt King a couple of
catchy tunes and his wife, (nee Eleanor Holm, former swimming
champ) warble a Bweet ditty on her own account. The piece
de resistance, a verbal ring battle between Jim Tully and Char
lie Chaplin, narrated by Pete Smith of MOM, was really clever
and funny, which is more than can be said for most movie
"drainers". '
The amazing thing about the performance was the confusion
at least what looked Iiko confusion to your correspondent.
No one appeared to bo in charge, and during the performance,
everyone was talking, smoking and milling about regardless
except those directly hi front of the several microphones. Yet
on the big illuminated sign on tho wall of the recording room
'0K" was brightly shining all the time, while "too much bass",
"trouble", too much accompaniment, not enough etc., etc.,
never flashed during the "audition".
There was a large orchestra, directed by a very energetic
leader, and three microphones, one used by the announcer, wflio
carried the Pullman ear gong, one by tho script reader on the
other side of the room, and the third by the main performers
including Rob and bis wife, the latter singing a song very
sweetly, too. Then a couple of men we had taken to be studio
scene shifters or electricians, sauntered over to a grand piano
and started to sing a song called the "Window Cleaner" one
of the best things of the evening. We didn't got their names,
but the master of ceremonies told us later they wrote the piece,
and were two of the biggest song hit boys in Hollywood.
There is no sharp dividing line be
tween normal, Ideal or perfect nutri
tion, metabolism, health and obesity,
but physicians
JS"i-5. -V-: mm arbitrarily regard
an accumulation
of fat amounting
to more than 15
per cent of the
average for the
age and height,
that is, more
than 15 pounds
excess for every
hundred pounds
body weight,
At once we
must acknowl
edge that this is a rougn and by no
means Infallible index. It falls to
allow for Individual, familial, racial,
constitutional differences In body
structure or type. Everyone knows
there are "large boned" and "small
boned" types of build; types with
long trunk and shorter limbs, types
with short trunk and longer limbs;
types with full round chest, and types
with flat broad chest; types with
slender, frail waits, and types with
sturdy waist. A 10 to IS per cent
variation from the "average" weight
for a given age and height la quite
an ordinary and normal occurrence
Then, too, the cut and dried tables
of "correct weight" for persons jf
given age and height and sex Ignore
the factor of specific gravity or dis
placement. Fat has greater specific
gravity, buly, displacement than mus
cle or other tissue. This was Im
pressed upon thousands of young mn
who left white collar Jobs .to undergo
military training for the World war.
They got rid of flabby slacker flesh,
became more slender if not gaunt,
yet gained an average- of 10 or 11
pound weight In a few months la
the training camps. You see, they ex
changed superfluous fat for new
Still another condition commonly
regarded an obesity or superfluous
flesh and often so treated with griev.
ous consequences la simply a reten
tion of a greater amount of water
In the tissues than the body should
retain. More than half of the weight
of the body of a healthy adult is
water. Certain unhygienic habits may
lend to retention of too much water.
ForInstance. the consumption of too (address
In sufficiently dilute solution. (All
starches or sugars, carbohydrates, are
converted Into dextrose, a form of
sugar, by digestion).
Obviously, the remedy in cases of
excessive water retention Is not re
striction of diet or any other reduc
tion treatment, but regulation of the
salt and sugar metabolism. As a rule
an actual Increase In the amount of
protein In the diet 1 advisable, and
often an Increase In the amount of
fat, but a decrease in the starches
and sugars. On such a regimen the
pale, soft, flabby phlegmatic, bogy
body loses the excess weight and re
covers natural vigor. It Is not ad
visable to subsist on "salt-free" food,
except under the attendance of
physician. All that Is necessary Is to
refrain from adding salt to the food
milk, cheese, eggs, meats, fish conta-n
salt enough, naturally.
Even in conditions of partial starv
ation and under-nutrltlon this reteu
tlon of too much water In the blood
and tissues is commonly observed.
Remember, then, that here Is one
rather common form of overweight
where an Increase in the amount of
protein and fat in the diet Is the es
sential remedy, and a decrease in the
amount of starches and sugars Is of
secondary Importance.
Eden Precinct II Butte Falls
Calcium Lactate N. G.
X promised to report on my experi
ence with calcium lactate for hay
fever. X took It exactly as you ad
vised, but as far as I could see there
was no change for the better in my
condition last fall. Mrs. J. A. H.
Answer Thank you. It has seemed
to bring considerable reUef In many
cases. If more of our readers wouia
report their experience with It we
might learn something to the advan
tage of hay fever sufferers. But so
few ever bother to tell the doctor
unless they happen to want some
thing else from him. -
loflln for Everjnouy.
Would you advise lodin for stiff
knees and other stiff Joints? If ,
please tell me how to take it? C. H
Answer No. Many persons of ma
ture age do not find relief from such
.stiffness after they begin taking an
lodln ration. Particulars in the book
let "Regeneration Regimen." sent on
request. If you Inclose 10 cents (coin)
and a stamped envelope bearing your
much salt, and an excessive propor
tion of carbohydrate food (any Item
containing much sugar or starch).
This excesslxe retention of water In
the tissues Is not edema or dropsy.
It Is merely the additional water ;n
tho blood to hold the salt and sunr
(Copyright, 1934, John F. Dllle Co )
tid. Note: Readers wishing to
eonimunlrnle with Or. flradv
ho ii I.I send letters direct to Or
William Brady M O. 8B.1 El Ca
ml no. Beverly Hills.. Vol.
BY O.O.Mcintyre
out otter-ltke In traffic on crutches
so nimbly.
(Love Agony Col.)
I am a girl 30 years old and
considered good looking. X have
been going with a traveling sales
man for two years, and recently
he slapped me, In the front seat,
while auto riding. I slapped him
right back. Our tempera got the
best of us. Please tell me, did I
do right? WORRIED.
t t
8l.OlAN .
The season has again arrived when
everybody with a slogan la running
for office. The slogans aUays mani
fest a war-like desire for the well
known economy, the truth, and all
leading virtues. Truth and economy
have been favorite fighting topics for
years, and, win or lose there la little
or either. Moat of the slogans are
elected in a hurry and have nothing
to do with anything In particular.
There should be a Commissioner of
Slogans, whose chief duty would be
to compel a candidate to pick out a
slogan that meant something, and, if
It did. that the candidate understand
what it meant. If a candidate with
titr.h aa a keynote, told a
should be forced to eat the lie. On
the other hand. If a chronic liar acci
dentally told the truth, he should be
given 500 votes as a reward.
Here are a few sample slogans:
t stand for Truth, and More Snow
In the Hill.
Truth, and no Lock on County
I am George Washington, when It
to llng.
When this party was over wo were invited to listen in ou
Gene Austin, Candy and Coco, in the next studio room. CJenc
plays the piano and sings falsetto, while the two "C V manipu
late a steel guitar and a bass viol respectively. They tell us
"One" used to earn $1700 per week and bought a steam yacht,
but was busted by the depression and is now trying to stage a
comeback. Well it's all n matter of taste. In our opinion Gone
should have been busted long BISKORK the depression, for to
our mind lie is the sort of thing makes people turn off their
radios. So wo left before the jingle-jangle was over. K. YY. Ii.
Abandoned Beer
Sold at Auction
PORTLAND, Feb. 31. WUh a hid
of aoiS, Portland grocery company
lie he purchased 635 cases of Jap-
Radicals Parade
Capitol at Salem
NEW YORK, Feb. 31. The cock-
tall room In the smart restaurant
la the dizziest, most tightly packed
spot In town.
Niched In easy
access to bars,
now fringed with
plants to keep
drinkers away
and obey the law,
these bright - lit
rooms have taken
the speakeasy's
place In one
jump. Ex-speak-easles
have died
The small cock
tall room Illus
trates New York'a
sardine complex In herding. The
more Intimate, the more they love
it. The continental navor is provided
by tambourine-capped boys circulat
ing constantly with cigarettes and
lights. Also spindly tables against
deep divans. And dogs everywhere.
The de luxe havens provide hors
d'ouevres gratia and there is no cock
tall the modern bar-tender does not
know. At leant he will attempt it.
Few return such libation for re
making. The Intimacy delays dinner
aa never before. Some do not get
started until 10.
Tills gives dining rooms at the real
dinner hour a look of utter desola
tion. Theaters again complain of
late comers and "the affront to art."
But theater goers feel when forced
to go to agencies to pay exorbitant
tariff for only fair aeata they may
go when they please. And so they
may I
Ted Cook, who has written humor
moflt of his writing days, has turned
to fiction as a relaxation and dlspowt
of several efforts. Aside from his
hobby of raising sheep dogs, Cook Is
alM an artist. Those old-tlmey alma
nac things in hi, pieces are his, O,
yes, a sturdy redwood grows through
the center of hta studio.
Among most distinguished feminine
handwritings is that of Knthleen
Norrls, the novelist. The small and
well rounded letters are like the chi
rography of a steel engraving, ex
quisitely chiseled. It's an achieve
ment flowering during her earlier
days when .she was permitted to tell
all the news of her family to a rela
tive In a nunnery on only one small
sheet of paper.
EDEN PRECINCT, Feb. 21. (8pl.)
The hymn, "The Way of Faith,"
words and music by Mary O. Carey,
was heard over one of the Portland
stations by some Phoenix residents
who were in that city recently.
John E. Roberts of Phoenix, who
recently returned from Portland
where .he received medical attention.
Is much better now.
Roy Cofman of Phoenix spent
Saturday evening In Talent.
Aunt Sula Dean who resides with
her daughter, Mrs. Louie Colver, had
another bad fall last week and has
been confined to her bed again.
Dr. and Mrs. . M. A. Miller were
Ashland visitors Tuesday. Mrs. Mil
ler was having a tooth extracted
and some dental work done.
Mrs. Cora Chandler of South Phoe
nix visited her mother, Mrs. Anna
Simpson of Medford the first of the
week. Her mother was having her
house re-papered.
Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Walter
Allen will be glad to welcome them
back to the James Allen farm south
of Phoenix. They are expected In a
few days. Mr. Allen has a man do
ing seeding on t,he place.
Mrs. J. E. Roberts of Phoenix and
Mrs. Mary O. Carey were Medford
shoppers Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frame, mem
bers of the Phoenix choir, went to
Jacksonville Saturday to sing for
Lodi Parr, a young man who Is very
111 and who formerly lived in Phoe
nix. Noah Chandler had the ground
drilled to spring crops the past week.-
Mr. Chandler has about Vie best oat
and wheat crops in this locality,
mostly due to his fall plowing of the
Mrs. c. Carey has her early gar
den planted.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Peckham and
Mr. Lovell and son George of Wil
liams creek wqre business callers in
Talent Sunday and called on Mrs.
Mary O. Carey on their way home.
Mr. and Mrs. Peckham have bought
into partnership with Mr. Lovell on
a farm at Willams Creek.
Harry Pellett. whose funeral took
place Sunday, was for many years a
well known business man In the Tal
ent vicinity. He was highly re
spected and leaves many old friends
to mourn his departure.
Mr. and Mrs. Pres Turpln are mov
ing Into the Smith house on Church
street In Phoenix. The Anderson
family, who formerly lived here, have
moved to Medford.
Mr. and Mrs. Max Hawk of Valley
View werp ovemleht. o-nnntj nf Mr
and Mrs. Ely Ltndstrom Thursday.
Ira. Alice Cobleigh, who has been
making her home wlt.h her son. Guy.
left Wednesday -by plane for a visit
with her daughter, Mrs. Page, of Ta-
BUTTE FALLS, Feb. 31. (Spl.)
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Pool have a
daughter, born February 13 in Med
ford. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jones also
have a baby girl, born this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Wymote and
Mrs. John Marlon spent Tuesday and
Wednesday in Medford.
Mrs. Bob Edmonson was hostess at
her home Februaay 15 to the Hustlers'
club. The St. Valentine greetings of
club members were given In Pollyanna
style. All enjoyed the afternoon.
Mrs. Joe Hlbbard entertained the
Pollyanna girls at her home Wed
nesday evening.
Wesley Hilkey broke his wrist while
swinging at the school gymnasium.
He waa taken to Medford for medi
cal care.
Clyde Hanson of Central Point
visited Butte Falls Thursday.
Patty Young entered the second
grade in Butte Falls school recently.
She attended school in southern
California the fore part of the year.
Mr. Botts spent Thursday In Butte
Falls. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph .Nelson and
baby daughter went to Medford to
spend a month. Mr. Nelson will work
for Owen-Oregon, overhauling ma
chinery. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Morehouse and
children moved back to the ranch.
Opal Wooley who Is a freshman In
high school. Is staying with Mrs.
Loren Moore.
CCC basketball team defeated the
Butte Falls town team Friday night.
There was a big dance at the Wood
man hall Saturday night. . Moore's
orchestra, consisting of Mr. and Mrs.
Everett Moore. Mr. and Mrs. Botta and
Elmer Abbott played for the dance?
They will play at Lake creek Satur
day night.
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Wright are liv
ing in the Roberts house.
Flight 'o Time
(Medford and Jackson Count;
History From the Files ot The
alalJ Tribune of to and 10 Yean
February 21, 1924.
(It was Thursday.)
"The Heslth -Giving Prune" Is tha
subject of a short address at the
"Economic Forum." by W. A. Gates.
The Mall Tribune corrects an error.
It stated a man was Indicted for "In
toxication" when he was Indicted for
possession of a still, possession of
liquor and sale of liquor."
Many of the county offices will
have no cendtdatea at the primary,
and the Democrats "hope to put a
legislative ticket In the field."
Interest at "white heat" over the
basketball games series with Ashland,
and record crowd will see the battle.
Medford star who "want to a dance
last Saturdny" and violated training
rules by so doing "Is placed on proba
tion" by Coach Calllson, "but will
see no action." rather of lad threat
ens to "disown him."
Survey of Gold Hill smelter pros
pect, to be made. -
February si, 11)14.
(It was Saturday.)
Bud Anderson, "Prldo of Medford,"
is knocked out by Red Watson, and
aecldes to quit the ring.
The University club dance Is the
"most stunning event of the. year,"
and "society was agog."
"Quo Vadls" In e!ht parts, at the
Star; "The Howl at Daybreak" at the
Isls. and "Sin and Sadness" at the It.
Socialist orator on Haymarket
Square fools police who were waiting
for h'.m to attack government by
praising President Wilson.
Anderson Creek
Among best of the old-time story
tellers Is the actor, Lew Fields. His
gestures are an art all alone. While
a Dutch comedian, he can apln a
yarn In almost any dialect and has
mastered the technique of proper
pauslngs as no one else. And speak
ing of gestures, few of the moderns
can touch the mimic. Sheila Barrett.
Her Impression of monoeled George
Arliss Interviewing the movle"a hippy
hussy with the bagnio banter la, to
Inflate The New Yorker'a whimsy,
"the neatest trick of the year."
Almost everybody recalla David
Warfleld's epochal performance In
"The Music Master." the cllmsx being
acene In which Warfleld. aa Herr
Barwlg. defending a mistreated slip
of a girl In a wealthy family ahouted,
between magnificent sobs: "If you
don't vsnt her. I vent her." It be
came a part of the routine of every
Impersonator for years. And, believe
It or not, that slip of a girl Is none
other than Laura Hope Crewa. the
portly portrayer of a tyrannical old
dowager In a aeasonal offering. Tem
pore mutanteri
But of all Imitators I recall most
vividly that of a repertoire comic In
the long ago. "My next," he ssld.
"will be of Buffalo Bllll" Hla left In
dex finger mustached his upper Hp
and his right Index mede a goatee
from his chin. And grandma had to
take me out In the alley to ahake me
out of a hysteria.
(Copyright, 1934, McNaught Syndi
cate, Inc.)
ANDERSON CREEK, Feb. 21 (Spl.)
Miss Bon Nell Jones spent Saturday
with Mrs. James Mays.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rlcdel were
out to the valley Friday.
Frank Casey was In Ashland Satur
Edward Smith waa In Ashland and
Medford Saturday on business.
D. C. Hale of Medford was out to
his ranch on the creek Friday look
ing after his stock.
8tcve Lunak went to Talent Thurs
day evening to a Grange meeting.
Jim Brown of Talent Is cutting
wood for Mr. Hull.
James Mays and family were In
Medford Wednesday.
Miss Ruth Mays, Edward Smith and
Mrs. Jamea Mays attended the party
at the Christian church In Phoenix
W. Srhnelr called at the Maya home
Miss Ruth Mays Called on Miss Bon
Nell Jones Thursday.
BROWNSBORO, Feb. 31. (Spl.)
Mrs. Barker and the school children
enjoyed a Valentine party at the
school house Wednesday afternoon.
After the valentines were distribut
ed, refreshments were served.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Maxfteld spent
Tuesday of last week at Applegate as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Hard.
Medford shoppers Saturday were:
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Henry, Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Woodley. Mrs. H. W. Wright
and children, Lelnnr Dyslnger, Mr. I
and Mrs. Leland Charley and Mra.
LamrViler. Mrs. Lamphler arrived
from Washington recently for an ex
tended visit with her daughter, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Wright visited
at tho DeHaas home Sunday after
noon. Mrs. Rita Myers of Eagle Point called
at the home of Mrs. Matlack Sun-1
day. Mrs. Matlack, who has been
very 111, Is Improving slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Tucker went to
Medford Saturday to bring home Mr. !
Tuckers mother who was operated j
on for appendicitis at the Sacred !
Heart hospital ten days ago.
Plan Thoroughly
Big Pines Lbr.Co.
TEL. NO. 1
Mrs. J. O. Vlall of Phoenix Is con
fined to her home with a broken hip.
as the result of being knocked down
Wednesday afternoon by some dogs
on the Pacific highway near the Blue
nower lodge.
Wed. Nite
Latest Dance Hits
Men 25C Ladies IOC'
CLIMAX, Feb. 31. (Spl.) L. H.
Werta has returned from . week's
stay in Central Point. ,
Mrs. Ollle Mel of Medford la visit- j
lng her mother, Mrs. Viola Com-:
Mrs. Frank Hurst and Ona Corn-
stock have been visiting friends and !
reiRiivea in aiearord.
Sam Coy made two trips to Eagle !
Point last week. j
Frank Hurst spent Sunday even- 1
lng at the Wertz ranch.
Mrs. George Mac Lean spent Febru- !
ary 16 visiting Hilda Morgan.
uoyd Adamson la spcndlnir a few 1
days in Eagle Point. ,
The late Basil King and Jim Tully
were warm friends a friendship dat
ing to their first meeting. On this
occasion Tully blurted to the novelist:
'You don't like me. Mr. King. I was
a bum." And bestowing a quick Texas
hug. the novelist replied: "That's
nothing, Jim. I was an Episcopal minister."
anese beer, abandoned -to the gov
ernment when the importer was un
able to pay the duty. The beer waa
auctioned by the customs collector.
Each case contained six docen pint
bottles. Bids were received only on
the entire amount, and distributors
were the only blddera represented,
try one on" at Adrienne'a. Priced at
tl.9ft-42.M to 10.W. i
Because West 73d street was where
1 1 first lived In New York, it s mellow
with sentiment. Other streets change
'but h.jii.vr I know T2t an well the
SAl.EM. Feb. 31 API-More than , rh. , mo MIKblt. Mt
one hundred members of the Inter-: .,,, ,,
national labor Dcfnae Leae-ie pa- ,p, , Mv BroIlwr,
raded through the slate c.pltol to. ' , ,nd
banner demanding the freedom of
Teodore Jordan, negro convicted of
murder In Klamath county.
a branch of the Corn Exchange. Gone
are the familiar facee Dr. Pease, of
antl-clgaret fame. Daddy Browning,
In keeping with trie times Dru:
tnd Toiletries at Cut Prices at JAR
Be correctly corseted In
an Artut Model oj
tthelwja B Hoffmann.
Ye Poet's Corner
c. c. c.
My papt tn the C. C. C
Up In the tall pine trees.
Getting three squares a day
Darn good Job. if not much pay;
Yeah does get pretty lonesome. I
Not much chance for a dance or a
picture show.
And forest fires I wouldn't like to
But then; everything can't be Just
And who knows with Rooerelt's N.
R. A.
That maybe around the corner.
there's a brighter day.
I'm not o good at writing poems, but
I still believe
That if I were a boy I'd Join the
CCC. Miss Jackie Hood
9ALEM. Feb, 31 . ( AP) Fred E.
Harris of Brownsville todav filed for
TOLO. Feb. 31. (Spl.)Add Tracy,
with Fred Petri of Medford. left for
the Aimed a district Thursday. They
will do some mining whele there.
Mnrgurlte Meddo was taken home
from school Friday with a sprain rt ,
Dick Rlchman made a business trip
to Dorris. Cal.. recently. He pur
chased some horses while there and u
having them brought here by truci:
Miss Dorothy Inmann attended a
party in the Christian church recre
ation hall at Central point Saturday
and remained over the week-end with
Miss Helen Lees.
Frsnk Myers visited relatives In
EakIc Point Sunday.
Ralph Rawaon. member of the
school tfwd. visited school Monday
Mrs. AHda Tule visited Mrs. Lul'i
Thurston Monday.
Oreson Heat her.
mr imioi niu lainuy. me nuyiers in tn democratic nomination as state rains In south portion tonwht and
the ranriv stow, the Issdor Strauses. .prwe ntM,ve from Linn county, j Thursday and snow rain Thurediv
copelsnd Townsend and his Mayetlc. charlea Chllda and J. K. Weatherford ' tn northeast portion; slightly warmr
are the present representatives from f in east portion late tonmht; moderate
that district , southeast winds offhore.
the glittering grocers. Park and Til
ford and Acker, Merrill and Ccndlt
Ant tht drelct of the rt.twn. the
our '.".?crt newsboy at the aubwa)
who slept In hi stand and darted
B.vKXiea Briquet. Medford Fuel Co
lua No, Central
Nc wall paper no on dis
play. K D. Roes Co 22 8. Grape.
0- l
fSl If
fa& I S'3mfi I ; U
For the Children at the "
Saturday Morning (Feb. 24)
10 o'clock
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