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    PAflE TWO
Captain Fred Erlcxaon'a elub
bowling team n wild lat night In
their final game of the lodge tourna
ment to take three straight gsnwa
from Captain Hugo Ouenther' quin
tet and forge three game ahead of
the Orr and Elwood team with which
they had been In a three-way tie
for first place.
The Orr end Elwood teama, each of
which etlll haa one match to play.
mut win all three games In order v
retain the chance of a playoff with
the Erlckson outfit. Elwood bowl
the Sollnsky team tonight end Orr
bowl the Watson entry Friday night.
Ear! York carried the burden for
the Erlckson cohort tut night, straf
ing the pins for a total of 070. Can.
tain Erlckson wae close behind wtth
639. The team totnl for the three
game read 3831, which ahould give
them the weekly h!ch total prtx
money for the third successive week
Oapteln Ouenther threw a ecare in
to the Erlckson In the final game
by toppling 310 plna, but deeplte tlie
fact that hla men garnered 873 it was
not enough, the vlctora chalking up
The tournament among the lodge
member haa been one of the most
successful ever ataged on the Elk a!
leya and due to careful handicapping,
haa been cloaely contested throughout
Scores lt night:
Ouenther, Hugo.... 143 144 310 436
Rankin . 127 170 159 453
Smith 188 16 130 473
Jerome ........- 163 163 163 486
Roatel - 150 150 160 450
Handicap 64 64 64 193
Total .........
Xrlckaon .........
Strang, Herb...
Sherwood .......
833 645 873 3550
164 181 184 538
143 163 403
190 134 497
101 203 179 570
160 148 300 608
76 78 76 315
Total . 880 10 033 3821
PORTLAND. Feb. 21. P) Rocking
rlht punchPA gained Louli Nalaon,
126, Portland, a close four-round dc
clu ton over Roa Dumagullleiv 138, Ma
nils-, m they atola th ahow from th
main eventera at the Labor Umple
fights here laat night.
Allan Prank, 146, BelllrtRham In
dian, gamely faced Ernla Cavolll, in,
Walla Walla, but was no match nd
wu knocked out in the third of their
acheduled alx -round main event.
Roy Ockley, 184, Portland, baffled
Sonny Jonea. 133, Vancouver, B. C,
and won a four-round declelon.
. Harry Klaon, 146, Seattle. -knockd
out Chet Kelaey, 143, Portland, In t.w
furlotia flrat of a scheduled four
round fht. ' -
Jackie Kllleen, 130, Independence,
pounded Prankle Villa, 130, Into ub
mttialon in four rounds.
SALEM. Feb. 81. p)A well-placed
kirk to the stomach flattened Jack
Curtis, New Mexico grappler, for the
third and deciding fall, enabling
Robin Reed to win the main event
of last night's wrestling match here,
two falls out of three. Curtis kept
out of range of Reed's flying feet for
most of the match, but one mistake
was enough.
Walter Tlnklt Achtu, Chinese wres
tler, failed to return to the ring after
losing the second fall In his match
with Cowboy Heine, since the cow
boy had practically rendered hla left
arm useless. The Chinaman won the
first fall.
Art Perkins won the final two falls
from Wildcat Grey after falling pwy
to a flying tackle by Qrey after 10
seconds of the first round had elapsed
VANDALS, 28-27
MOSCOW. Ida.. Feb. 31 IPi Twice
victor over th University of Idano
vandals, the University of Oregon
haeketball playera returned home to
day from their northern Invasion. A
long ahot that thumped Into the baa
ket Juat three aeconda before the game
ended gave the vlaltora a 38 to 37
win over the Vandal in their north
ern dlvlalon. Pacific coast conference,
contest here lat night.
Idaho 0ened the acorlng. but Ore
gon quickly forged ahead to lead, 16
to 13. at the half. The Vandala .-allied
in the second half, and with only
fhre minute left to play, went into
one-polnl lesd when lveraon sank a
field goal. Three eeconds before the
final gun Ollnger rifled In a lona
one to give tho vlaltora their second
victory In two day. They won Mon
day night, 33 to 80.
LOS ANQE1JM, Fob. 31. !,P -
Newr and tougher fields ot fistic
endeavor beckoned to Art Laekr. Min
neapolis Jew, today aa he tucked
hla ninth knockout in 10 bout under
hi belt here.
Lank; polished off Bcnne Miller,
highly regarded local heavyweight. In
five rounds of a acheduled 10-round
bout at the Olympic auditorium Is.t
night after Miller had bombarded
him aavagely for three round.
Bowman's Barber Shop bowler
staged a rally after losing the first
game to the Prultt Service Station
crew In their city league match at
the Nat last night, and chalked up
a two-out-of-three victory.
The Poatofflce and Standard Oiler
will roll tonight.
Trultt' Rervlc Station
1st 3nd 3rd Total
M. Cannon ..... 172 138 130 440
Ray Prultt 156 131 134 401
W. Newland ..... 131 111 166 307
W. Prultt - 177 175 167 609
F. Dunn 149 163 180 431
Handicap . 78 78 78
Total 853 766 803 3431
Bowman's Barber Hhop
let 2nd 3rd Total
Jl, Burgees 133 111 183 428
J, Burroughs .... 131 146 164 431
F. Diamond .. 185 106 311 601
O. Oate 187 141 141 468
Dummy . 136 135 138 406
Handicap ........ 68 68 68
Total ...... 383 786 883 3406
SEATTLE, Wash., Feb. 31. (AP)
A boxing match between Ah Wing
Lee of Portland and Henry Woods of
Yakima for top lightweight honors
In tie Facirto northwest may be on
at a later date, or may be off, but
chances of the Chinese whipping the
negro appeared slim today after Lee
received a lacing from "Kid" Moro,
Manila, In a six-round bout here last
The battle waa held as sort of a
warmup fracas for Lee, Woods hav
ing defeated Moro a few weeks ago,
and the Filipino sort of warmed
things up too much.
DETROIT, Feb. 31. P Grappling
with opponents in the narrow con
fines of the wrestling ring has given
Pat O'Sliocker the idea he might be
good at grappling with lawbreakers.
He want to run for sheriff.
Arriving here for a match with
George Zahartas Friday tight,
O 'Shocker observed that "this looks
like a good town to be sheriff of.
I've a good notion to make my home
here and' give It a whirl."
John McOraw.paMed a fairly comfort
able night, his physicians reported
today, with signs of the uremic pois
oning with which he Is suffering
"much diminished."
SALEM, Ore., Feb. 31. (AP) A
basket by Ike Wlntertmite, Salem for
ward, with one minute to play, which
broke up a 30-to-30 tie, gave Salem
high aohool a 32-to-31 victory over
Tillamook high In their basketball
game here last night.
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ment it was discovered the congress
man meant Chechoslovakia.
The man who has more influence
on congressional adjournment
ayone else is the congressional phy
sician, Dr. Calvert. He tells the con
gressmen ho will they are and whin
they need a rest. There have been
Indications lately thst he has been
working with Mr. Roosevelt to flat
congress out of town.
Statement by Messra. Farley and
Earl have always used the word "an
nulled" to describe the cancellation
of the airmail contracts. The as
sumption Is that -there may be a
lentil difference between the word an
nul and the word cancel, so that the
companies may be permitted to bid
agnln within the five-year probation
ary period.
A telegraph company says Its Val
entine day business this year was 90
per cent more than last year, which
indicates either that there la more
love this year or more money to tx
prea it.
lake Creek Grange.
Member, 8l Lake Creek Orange
voted at their laat meeting to wire
their hall and Install an electric light
plant presented to them by Thoa. L.
rarlow. The Orange la deeply grate
ful to Mr. rarlow for th aplendld
spirit of cooperation and generosity
shown by him In donating th plant.
The hall la being wired at the pre
ent time and will be In readiness for
the next big dance, to be given Sat
urday night, February 34.
Several member met at the hall
February 16. and constructed a small
building for housing the new light
ing equipment.
lecturer Julia fJIdley presented the
following proaram t the last meeting:
Flsg salute by chool children; patri
otic song by Ornge; Ufa of Lincoln
by Alma Meyer; recitation, "Thought
ful Mother." by Dorothv Stanley; reel-t-atlon.
Bom Horn "He,"' by Ireu
Charley; recitation, "Oraaehoppe:,"
by Bordon Stanley; flaying of Lin
coln, by Mabel fltantey,
Th lecturer sake that all member
be ible to repeat the tl.rf salute and
th American's Creed at th, next
meeting, February 93.
KBW YORK, Feb. 91. (p) Max
Carey today was relieved as manager
of the Brooklyn Dodgers. No succet
sor has been appointed but Casey
Stengel, Dodger coach, has been called
to New York from California to be
offered the Job.
The announcement that Carey was
being paid off on his one year con
tract came from Bob Qulnn, general
manager of th baseball club, who Is
111 in a mid town hospital.
Qulnn, propped up In bed, with a
nurse In attendance, said Stephen W.
McKeever, Dodger president, had wir
ed Carey hie services were no longer
needed and that the club would pay
him the full amount of his contract,
believed to be for $13,000.
He said Stengel had been called
In from Glendale, Cal., and would bu
offered the Job, but. that he had no
advance Information as to whether
Stengel would accept. Casey, a former
star outfielder, was given his coacii
lng Job by Max when the latter took
over the management of the Dodgers
for the 1933 campaign.
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tude of the royal family, must sur
render his title and military rank,
and become plain "Mr. Bernadotte."
or, If he prefers to adopt the name
under which he Is known in German
film circles, "Herr Holger."
Prince Sigvard's last Job with UFA
In Berlin was In the production of
the film "Walwrkrleg." He become
acqqualnted with the actresa less
than a year ago.
Frequent Visitor
During the summer, the royal suit
or was an almost dally guest at Anton
Patzek's home In suburban Wllmers-
dorf, where the family has lived since
1030. He also was a frequent visitor
at Patzek's country estate at Neu-
globsow, about 60 miles north of
The two seemed Inseparable. She
was constantly about on the movie
lots while he waa at work.
"They seemed the happiest of mor
tals," acquaintances commented to
day. Laat, Sunday. Prince Slgvard told
the patzeks he was determined to
marry Erika despite the royal family's
Psteek started business In a smalt
way In the produce market. He now
controls several suburban markets
and runs his own transportation
Drastlo weekly outs, beginning
with the week opening this coming
Friday, February 33, were indicated
today for the CWA enrollment lu
advice received by the local commit
tee from Elmer R. Cloudy, state ad
mlnlstrator of the civil works pro
grnm. Beginning Friday the - Jackson
county quota will be slashed from
964 to 433, a decrene of 313 men.
"From all indications," the local
committee stated, 'It is quite ap
parent that complete demobilisation
of Vie CWA program will be real! red
by May 1." i
After this week, drastlo weekly cuts
are anticipated until that complete !
demobilisation Is accomplished.
The local committee is making a
thorough study of the situation and ;
a complete Investigation of cases will
be made before the reduction In en j
roll ment is made In attempt to keep
those persons in greatest need on the
payroll for the longest period of time. ;
Hope of the selection of Medford i
as a site of the federal psych o-neu-1
rotlc hoslptal for Alaskans and res-1
ervatlon Indiana was renewed todsy j
In the receipt of a telegram this j
afternoon announcing that W. L.
Tread ay, assistant surgeon general of
the United Mates public health sen- i
Ice and chairman of the board, was!
on his way to Medford to Inspect
the proposed site.
Mr. Treadway wired that he would ;
arrive In Grants Paxs, trawling the I
Redwood highway. City Superinend- 1
ent Fred SoMelfe left Immediately
for Grants Pass to meet him there.
A meeting of the local board will
be called, A, H. Bsnwell, manager of
the Medford Chamber of Commerce.
stated. a soon as It Is learned when
Mr. Treadway wishes to make the
local Inspection.
tVm t let them get a strange hold.
Fight germs quickly. Creomulslon
combines 7 major helps In one. Pow
erful but harmless. Pleasant to take.
No narcotics. Your own drutstst is
authorized to refund your money on
the spot If your cough or cold Is not
relieved by Creomulslon. ia4v.)
y u ii- - A I
Dr. C. W. Butler
The convention now being held in
the Free Methodist church at Tenth
and Ivy opened last night with a fine
audience present. Dr. C. w. Butler,
the speaker for this week, made a
fine Impression In his first address.
Beginning tonight Dr. Butler will give
a series of messages on the NBA vs,
the HRA. Do not fall to hear him.
Services at 3 p. m. and 7:30 p. m.
PORTLAND, Feb. 31 A meeting boys are paddling In the old swim
with representatives of the United m.rig hole.
States forest service in an effort to. ln the south temperatures moder
preserve certain primitive areas In ftti ome from the low readtnirt. of
Oregon, was urged at the meeting of
mo wicKuii Htviiit? com.uinn.on nere
Monday by Dr. Irving E. Vining. Little Rock. 36; Memphis, 36: Birm
commlsstoner from Ashland. lneham. 33: Richmond. 17: nnrt New
'The CCC la cutting roads into
every area of the state, " Dr. Vining
declared. "Within a ahort time there
will be no primitive areas left-ln the
country. I believe we should effect
an agreement with the forest service
and find out if we can't save at least
a portion to the state."
Tho executive board of the com
mission challenged recent criticism
of the game department by the state
bureau of auditing. Chairman Matt
F. Corrigan said the auditors' crltl-
clsm of reputed excessive mileage re-
ports was unfair. There has beon
no report by the auditors, he aaid.
pointing to any specific mileage Item
confiacrea gui oi orner.
Ernest L. Crockatt .assistant sup
ervisor, said that outstanding funds
in game law violation fines total no
more than $3,000 at the most. The
total would appear to be larger, he
reported, because bookkeeping de-
nartmenU have Incomplete flanren
on many fines which have been aus-
SALEM, Feb. 31. (AP) Criticism
of members of the state game com
mission for "excessive mileage ac
counts and reports" was denied to
day by 8. W. Starr, supervisor of
audits for the state department.
Starr referred to reports thru the
commleslon resented such criticism
v.. , a.uu.m.uue .rnv-,nM B(wn pMtp0ned until March 3, It
'or business. w announced today.
The erlttclam which was declared ...
"not Justified" by chairman Matt, Going Home Tonight Ir. Pearl
Corrigan of the game commission,
wns enegco. to nave oeen contained aeveial day at he Community hoa
In the audit report of the game pital, receiving treatment for an at
commlaslon during the past year. I tack of poisoning, will be removed
Starr declared he did not refer to to her home tonlaht.
excessive mueage Being charged by
members of the department." He
said the audit merely pointed out
how the state game commission
could save a large amount of money ,
annually by purchasing Its own au-
tomoblles and eliminating the cost
of privately-owned cars where con
siderable traveling was Involved.
The original audit pointed out
where several members of the de
partment had been paid sums of
fi3 and M48fl for traveling on state
business In their own cars, these
members being reimbursed at the
rate of 6 cents a mile. The mileage
of the superintendent of the game
farm set down at 14,700 miles with
in one year, was also ud In the
audit as an example of saving by
Vie state purchasing the cars for the
use of these members.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. 0. V. Martin,
a daughter weighing seven and onu
half pounds, at Purucker's maternity
home this morning.
Announcing NU-MODK Tint Finder
W-vea. They give the hair life and
lustre. Medford Beauty Shop. Nort.i
Central. Tel. 191.
Rib-Cone Mill Machinery
For nold. silver, etc. Install this
rclinbie equipment nsul get satis
faction. Duvlng rtlwt saws your
money. Mills from ft to 850 ton
capacity, V32S up. Crushers, feed
ers, concentrators, flotation and
cyanide plnnt. any slw. -Water-wheels,
steel tank and pipe work,
mill supplies, etc.
Rlbrone all-strrt mill have stood
the tet of time.
. v , "", Straub Mfg
m j " ra. ma
irjl ' r,"r'
-uSt-SU .Sjjjl i l:tMlhed
s- " , 1101
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town. It looked like a Harvard-Vale
day In New Haven, Conn., as stranded
travelers clogged the town.
Worst In 56 Years -a.
Trainman C. D. Drake of the New
Haven jallroad said: "It's the worst
storm In my 66 years of service."
The Massachusetts state house shut
up shop yesterday, telling state work
ers to go home If they could. A spe
cial snowplow broke a path so Gov
ernor Ely of Massachusetts could get
to work. Half a dozen CCC camps
near North Adams, Mass., were ma
rooned. Rural mall deliveries were
suspended or hampered almost every
where. Snow halted a murder trial at
Freehold, N. J. The prosecutor could
not get there. Fifty commuters
camped last night In the Matawan,
N. J., railroad station, unable to get '
home. j
Water Mains Freeze
Subway riders In New York were i
frantic because doors froze and trains!
carried them beyond their stations, i
In North Adams, Mass., 300 families
were without water because the
mains, deep down In the ground,
froze. Bobsledding at Lake Placid,
N. Y., was discontinued. Too much I
a now. !
At Floral park, L. I., two locomo
tives fell over on their sides trying
to buck snowdrifts. A conductor was
killed at Rockvllle Center, L. I., when
a snowplow plunged off Vie track.
Fire Island, off Long Island's south
nhore, was completely cut off, and
no one knew the condition of Its
200 Inhabltnas. Spencer Smith, fire
man of Wayne township, New Jersey,
spent two hours Inside a cake of Ice
and survived- Knocked down by a
hose while fire fighting, he was found
two hours later coated thickly with
Slippers for Horses.
The American Society for Preven
tion of Cruelty to Animals handed
out "carpet slippers" for horses. Made
of thick carpet, they prrevent the
animals from slipping.
Up In Ketchikan. Alaska, straw
berry olants are buddlnn anrf the
. Tuesday. Chattanooga, Tenn., report-
ed 19: Atlanta. 30: Nashville. 33:
; Orleans 44
Bicycle Awaits
Lucky Child at
Piggly Wiggly
Some Rogue River valley boy or girl
will be the proud possessor of a new
' bicycle, with balloon Urea Bnd full
' equipment when the final votes are
counted in the Plggly Wlggly store's
! special QucJc Arrow mBkn Ml,(
cording to an announcement today
by W. O. Cooksey, manager of that
A vote will be given with the
purchase of two packages of this well
known Swift & Company product.
The contest will be limited in time
and announcement of the closing
date will be made later.
Should a girl be the winner of the
contest a gins" Bicycle win oe sutwu-
tni t0T the boys bike. Names of
the contestants will be posted ln the
windows of the Plggly Wlggly store.
P.-T. A. Postponed The meeting of
the Orlffln dreek Parent-Teacher ns-
.,.,.ion. cheduicH tor this fridov.
MoCredle, who haa been a patient for
San Francisco Butterfat
First grade butterfat 36,
f.o.b. (San
Thil special show
ing; nf Splint
Dresses Includes
Junior sires 11. 13.
1.1. 17. Regular
sires U to 00.
Priced ot
Found! Fabrio Qloves. Blue,
brown, hmgt, wTiite.
lenne s
Prints . . .
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8:00 Friendship Circle Hour.
8:30 Morning Melody.
8:45 Meeting of Martha Meade So
10:00-l-Musical Notes.
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11:00 Orants Pass Hour. 0
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6:15 Dinner-dance Music.
6:45 Berrydale on the Alrt
7:00 Eventide.
7 :30-8 :00 JModerne
1 Furnished oy the Jackson County
abstract Co. 131 B Slith Street)
Marriage Licenses.
Jay J. parrick and Rhoda T. Keea.
Albert R. Patterson and Mabel R.
Lester Robin and Vesta R. Hibbert.
Harley V. Dressier and Elizabeth
E. Scott.
Circuit Court.
Byrd Abel, an infant, vs. J. D. wal
klns et al; damages.
Emma Winana vs. James Valentine,
John Wldner. Harry Kessler; tor
Chester Parsons vs. Elva Chapman.
Eva Nichols; chattel lien.
Jackson Co. B. & L. Assn. vs. L. R ,
Hardman et al; foreclosure.
Jackson Co. Bldg. & Loan Assn. vs.
Heinle Hertager, Ruth Hertager et nl;
Skinner's Oarage vs. H. W. Keys;
chattel Hen.
Jackson County Building and Loan
Asan. vs. Orover A. Youngs et a!;
Dan Watson vs. George L. Jantzer
et al; to quiet title.
Emma Wlnane vs. James Valentine
et al; damages.
Estate of J. B. Scott, deceased; pro
bate. - ,
R. M. Conley et al vs. Nancy E.
KreJger et al; 'to remove cloud.
State industrial Accident Commis
sion vs. Kenneth w.'Beebe: for money.
Estate of George Smith Gordon, de
ceased; admitted to probate.
'i Hotel Figueroa
Tenth and
Figueroa sts.
400 outside ruiooj
sne of the
t newest notela
Next door to
la downtown Los Angeles. As
comfortable as It la convenient.
Oarage ln connection.
Rooms with, or without, private
bath. Rates 11.50 per day and up.
Attractive permanent ratea, week
or month. A. B. SMITH, lessee.
An Economical Car
AT normal touring speed, test runs show that
. th Ford V-8 for 1934 will give 20 miles
to th gallon. It is actually less expensive to
operate than most cars with fewer cylinders. Her
are some of the reasons.
I. The horJ Vs it high comprtsiiiit motor the
type that uses fuel most efficiently.
3. The tord VS bss Mtumtnum cylinder boJi
which means that, tUhaagh ilhm higb-comprtumn
motor. It can us regular medium-priced gasoline.
CM .V.or. UARLSG S rEKSSYLVAXtASS. Sunday 4,J0.6
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Orange will prealde aa debate chair,
man; Roe Kiine, master of the Po
mona Orange, will Introduce the
Orange maater. other member of
the debate committee are C. C. Hoo
ver and Chaa. E. Hose.
The debate 1 an outgrowth of
action following the passage of the
sales tax law by the Oregon legisla
ture. Immediately after passage of
the law Orange Maater OIU Issued a
state-wide bulletin condemning the
legislature' action and atatlng that
Wall Street Interest had descended
upon the legislature to put over the
The claima were answered by Rep
resentative Brockway in defense of
his own and the legislature' action.
Since then lie haa to a great-extent
headed the defense of the sales tax
In this section.
Preceding the meeting of the. spe
cial session of Vie legislature, a large
committee was appointed by Oov
enor Meier to recommend some so
lution to the tax problem. Orange
Master OII1 waa a member of that
committee, on dealrable solution was
offered and when the special session
met the legislators faced the question
of raising from four to five million
dollar to save the schools. After
three week of etudy the sales tax
waa adopted during the final houra
of the session.
Immediately after Its passage Gill
I x-Ol m,
Right Tools Make
Right Gardens...
14-Tooth Rake 95c
Long Handle Spade Fork $1.25
Steel Tray Garden Wheelbarrow . . $5.70
Rubber Spray Gloves 95c
Flaxoap . .......34c
Treheal, gallon .$1.45
Just received! A big stock of Garden
Cultivators. The best buy in years!
built for those who want the
power and pick-up of a V8
. The ford Vs tut leu u eight per horse power
tban any cat we know of.
4, The Vord VS hoi dual manifoldt and dual
carhnrethn. You utilire every drop of gasoline
J. The Ford VS hat automatic engine temperature
control. Ihe engine operates at correct tern
peraturt for maximum gasoline mileage.
Tbs engineering feature), which malt for
economy, alto help to increase Ford performance;
I hats why w say. before vou huy any car al
any pric drive the FORD V- for 1934.
0) for 1934
condemned th action and Brocltway
came to defense of tba legislature.
The debate tonight will give th V.
public an opportunity to hear both ' '
sides of the question a they hav
been tudlel by two men probably
more thoroughly Informed than any
other In the state.
Music will be furnished by th
high school band and an Interestint
and Instructive program 1 anlcl.
Roosevelt Unique
As Politician Says
Admiring Britisher
LONDON, Feb. at. (p) Deacrlb
lng President Roosevelt as a re
markably adroit politician, Sir Ar
thur Steel-Maltland, former min
ister of labqr, said today "he can
give Lloyd George five yard tart
in a hundred-yard dash and beat
"There Is no queetioa of whether
American recovery will com," said
Sir Arthur, speaking to th Amer
ican chamber of commerce. 'The
only question la when Roosevelt
will make It come.".
He termed Mr. Rooevlt a
"Sphinx of a remarkable kind."
Harry Morrison, of Boise, Idaho, ha
been elected president of Six Com
panies, Inc., contractor working on
Boulder Dam, officials of the organ.
Izatlon announced here today.
Morrison, formerly vice president
of Six Companies. 1 a member of
the firm cf Morrison ! Knudsen of
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