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Local and
Here from Weed Mao Russell of
Weed, Cal., vu hers Sunday visiting
Med ford friends.
Visiting In Klamath Miss Mary
Burknart, of this city, is now visiting
relatives and friends in Klamatj, Falls.
Visits Parents Miss Joan Huener of
Grants Pass spent the week-end In
Medford with her parents.
Extinguish Flue Fire City firemen
answered an alarm at 6:40 o'clock last
evening to extinguish a flue fire at
816 West Eleventh street.
Mr. Bruce Here H. A., Bruce cf
Redding. Calif., is a visitor In Med
ford today, attending to business mat
ters. . - . .
I Fire st Fireman's The city fire de
partment was called to the home of
Fireman Henry Haswell, 23 Mistletoe
Monday afternoon to extinguish
flue fire.
In Grants Pass In Grants Pass over
the week-end, from Medford were Mr.
and Mrs. T. K. Flynn, who were Sun
day visitors, and Miss Mae Andrews,
who was the guest of Miss Louise Mar
tin. Music Has Arrived Announcement
was made thla morning that music
for the Teachers' chorus has arrived,
and members may secure It by calling
at the county school superintendent's
office in the court house.
Meet Tomorrow The Home Econo
mica club of the Jacksonville grange
will meet Wedneseday afternoon at
two o'clock, in the grange hall, for
their regular session. It is hoped that
tha oullt may be finished at this
Program In Evening The commu
nity program to be given at the Tolo
chool house honoring the birthday
of George Washington, will be held at
7:30 o'clock, Thursday evening, In
stead of 1:30 as announced in yester
day's paper.
Seek James Andrews The local Red
Cross chapter, with headquarters in
the county court house today, was
making an attempt to locate James
Andrews, father of Robert Andrews.
Anyone knowing of his whereabouts, is
requested to get In touch with Miss
Lillian Roberta of the Red Cross.
MoReynolds Comlnff Ward McReyn
olds, examiner of operators and chauf
feurs will be in Medford Friday and
Saturday, February 23 and 24, in-
nouncement received from P. J. Stad
elman, secretary of state, says. Ma
Reynolds will be in the offices at the
city hall from 9 a. m., to 5 p. m., on
Friday and from 8 a. m., to 5 p. m.,
, on Saturday.
Moisture Recorded There was .03
of an Inch of rainfall listed by the
federal weather bureau for the period
1 between 8 p. m., Monday and 5 a. m.,
today, according to report this morn
ing. A trace was fecorded for the time
between B a. rn., and 5. p. m. yester
day. En Route to Hospital Captain Mtr
on Rockwell, formerly in command of
Camp Agness, and Camp Port Orford,
waa a visitor in Medford yesterday at
the OCC headquarters, en route to
San Francisco where he will enter
Lettermen General hospital. Captain
Rockwell arrived here from his regu
lar post at Fort Lewis, Wash.
Named First Alternate Ned C. Val
entine of Eugene, formerly of Medford,
has been named first alternate for
. the appointment to Annapolis naval
academy, according to announcement
made by Representative James W.
Mott. Valentine, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. L. Valentine, Is the nephew
of Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Stennett and
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Strang of this
Report to Police J. P. DeWltt filed
a report Monday at the city police
station concerning an accident at 11
4 a. m., the same day about a mile west
of Central Point. The other automo
bile involved In the collision was driv
en by Wm. Tethrow of Central Point.
Only damage resulting, the report
showed, waa the rear left mud guard
on the Tethrow car being battered
The Garho thrill Is
here. The Oirbo f
fit, t i if "!;vi 1 v r
mC'& John Gilbert Ian Keith f s
B Lewis Stone Elizabeth Young ' I,
EjFjjf A Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer Picture j :
u iih John Gilbert In Keith
Lewis Stone Elizabeth Young
A Metro -Goldwyn -Mayer Picture
"I've Got Your Number
n-ith Pat O'Brien and Glenda Farrell
Mrs. Bowman 111 Mrs. Carl Bow
man underwent a major operation
yesterday afternoon at the Commu
nity hospital and was today reported
as getting along fairly well.
Automobile Recovered The automo
bile belonging to L, C. Scott of Cen
tral Point, which was stolen from 118
Cottage street in Medford' last eve
ning, was later located by city officers,
at 145 South Ivy street.
MUs Smith Improving Miss Jessie
Smith of Ruch, a patient at the Sao
red Heart hospital where she under
went an operation for appendicitis
three days ago, was today reported as
getting along nicely.
Flies Report Champy MoCollum of
534 Hamilton atreet this morning filed
an accident report with the city police
concerning a collision at the corner
of Central and Court streets at 5:15
o'clock Sunday evening.
On Inspection Trip This afternoon
and evening. Captain B. B. MoMahon,
Seventh Infantry, will conduct the
federal Inspection of Company C,
186th Infantry, Oregon National
Guard, at Grants Pass. He was ac
companied to that city by Major W.
H. Ellenburg of Medford, who Is as
sisting him.
Rothneli Goes North Byron Gor
don Roth well, 32, arrested here Sat
urday by city and state officers on a
felony warrant, for Superior, Wis., was
yesterday taken to Portland whsre
Superior officers will take the prison
er in charge. Lieutenant A. G. Dunn
of the state police headquarters here,
took Rothwell as far north as Rose
burg yesterday. -
Gets Mall Contract According to
the Grants Pass Daily Courier, an
nouncement was made Monday that
beginning July 1, the K. to L. truck
line, operated by William Kayser, will
have the star mall route contract from
Grants Pass to Gold Beach. Mr. Kay
ser has operated freight service be
tween Medford. Grants Pass and Cres
cent city for the past aeven years,
J -
Automobile Damaged The und-w-crosslng
north of Ashland was the
scene of an accident Sunday evening
when a car owned by Mrs. May Nor
vell of Jacksonvilla failed to make the
turn and hit the concrete abutment.
No one waa injured, though the car
was considerably damaged, and was
brought to Ashland for repairs. Ash
land Dally Tidings.
Buys Delivery Service Delivery ser
vice of Ashland stores managed for
the past four years by Frank Barnt
house has been sold to Herb Moore,
who took over operation of the deliv
ery truck Tuesday, according to the
Ashland Daily Tidings. Mr. Moore i
well known in Ashland having been
formerly employed aa a traffic in this
district. Mr. Moore Is a resident of
Attend Meet Today Mrs. Mabel O.
Mack, county home demonstration
agent, Mrs. Azalee Sager, clothing spe
cialist from Oregon State college, are
spending today at the Apple-gate
Home extension unit, where they are
conducting a meeting on clothing
work. "Line and Design" Is the topic
of today's discussion. They were ac
companied by Mrs. Bertha Glasgow,
member of the county extension com
mittee, and Miss Claire Hanley of
Attend conference Supervisor Karl
L. Janouch end Road Foreman Bill
Jones of the Rogue River National
forest, left today for Roseburg, where
they will vlalt OCC camps located
In the Umpqua forest, Eugene district.
They also plan to confer with Super
visor Vernon Harphan of the Ump
qua forest. From Roseburg Mr. Jan
ouch and Mr. Jones will continue to
CorvalMs, to attend the annual ban
quet the forestry school gives for the
forestry officers of the state. The ban
quet will be Friday evening.
Ingredient of Vldt
VapoRub in Convenient Candy Form
beauty, the soul -stir-ring
allure of the t '
gren t est screen per-
tonality of all time, i
a the Queen who waa
first of all, ft nomnn!
1 BE
The new 1934 Terraplanea and
Hudsons have arrived In Medford and
will be on display tomorrow at Eaktn
Motor company In this firm's attrac
tive new ehowrooma at 103 South
Riverside. The announcement of the
initial showing was made today by
Clyde Eakln, veteran automobile
dealer of this city who recently has
assumed the representation for the
Hudson and Terraplane line of cars
in this territory.
This new line of cars, which are
said to be the finest In the history
of this company, may now be seen
by the public.
Larger and more luxurious bodies
of ultra modern type are mounted on
chassis designed on the basic princi
ple of unit-engineering which charac
terized the Terraplane for 1933. It
is thtB principle which was respons
ible for the unprecedented record of
performance and ruggedness estab
lished by this car. The Terraplane
Six Is made on a wheelbase of 112 in.
and 116-in. The Hudson Eight is
made in two wheelbase lengths, 116
in. and 123-ln.
The exceptional smoothness for
which Hudson-built engines have
been famous since the Introduction
of the Super-Six la even further ac
centuated this year. The six-cylinder
Terraplane which takes the place of
last year's model will have a larger
motor, the displacement being in
creased from 103 to 212 cubic Inches
due to an Increase In the bore, of the
engine from 2-15-16 in. to 3 In., and
the stroke from 4 In. to 5 In., mak
ing the dimensions now 4 in. by 5 in.
bore and stroke.
Many new features are offered by
the Hudson and Terraplane this sea
son, Including Independent front
springing of the "Axleflex" type and
smart roomy stream-line bodies.
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made here, two north and two south,
on June 15, 1931 the line was extend
ed from Los Angeles as the southern
most point, to San Diego, making the
service from Seattle to San Diego,
which was the route used until the
army started operation of the mall
Pacific Air Transport ' established
offices here with Seely Hall as field
superintendent In 1926. Later the
company was taken In by the united
Air Lines, and with Hall's transfer
from Medford, he was succeeded here
by Phil Sharp. W. L. Campbell la at
the present time local field superin
tendent for the United Air Lines,
which is continuing regular stops
here for passenger service.
Post office figures show that the
first year the mail route waa con
ducted out of Medford there were
3713 pounds and 7 ounces of mall
sent from here. For the calendar year
ending December 31, 1933, there were
13,918 pounds and 13 ounces mailed
from Medford.
Liquor, six brands. Prices reduced.
Gardner Drugs.
Starts Today For 3 Days
The Finest Actress On
The American Screen!
457gam She Triumph in Drama thai Touches the
Heart of the World!
D 0 G L tPT S
Fairbanks; jr.
tmtll town girl caught In
Broadway's drift
JACK HALEY in "Nothing But the Tooth"
Rialto's Star
George Bancroft, after an absence
of almost two years, returns to the
pictures in ''Blood Money," starting
a three day run at the Rialto theatre
The story exposes the machinations
whereby crooks are sprung, unscrupu
lous politicians are railroaded Into
office and out of it, and mayors are
made and unmade at a nod from the
bail bond racketeer.
In MiMlford Today J. G. Hlnton.
representing the Northwest Police
Journal, which is published in Seat
tle, Wash, Is spending today in Med
ford, calling on officers located here.
Liquor, six brands, Prices reduced,
Gardner Drugs.
Today and Wednesday
A mad, murdering midnight
menace striking out of the dark
. . haunting the silence . . .
bringing dread .... panic I
t.v l ' i
if f BEL A "DrocuU" LUGOSI
ffif Story by Will ard Mack
jM ' AI'so
Jtjj Warren Donne", Brevities
$ Betty Boops May Party
y News
Daily Mat. 1:45. Ete. 6:43 p. m.
Here Wednesday
The strange life of the Eskimo, and
his even stranger moral code that
permits of exchanging of wives, are
only a small part of ."Eskimo," com
ing to the Craterlan theatre tomor
row. The most adventurous of all film
expeditions to the Arctic was under
taken by a company headed by Col,
W. S. Van Dyke, to record in pho-
Matinees bIm -vrw-Bxm 1'"1" ij'l Evenings
IMS liffl 1 t ml I Be. MM 8:43-9:00
Compare our pictures with all
the others regardless of price!
Mats-1 5c Eves-25c Kiddies-1 Oc
Starts Today for 3 Days
Bondsman . . . Big Shot . . . King of
the underworld . .-. hobnobbing with
all sorts of crooks . . . with a city
cringing before his tarnished goldl
But how he fell hook, line and sinker
.for a dizzy blonde!
Henry jUa 1 v k jj
I .'Open Sesame" lj
tography and sound the many thrills
with which the frozen north abounds.
Among breath-taking spectacles
obtained by the expedition are scenes
of caribou herds on stampede; walrus
hunts with natives risking their lives
in small boats; whaling expeditions;
the terrific roaring and crashing of
millions of tons of ice, and other
thrills of the Far North.
Around these many exciting events,
a story of the Eskimo and his life
has been woven, with the cast com
posed entirely of natives.
Mrs. R fames Betrer Mrs. Charles
Reamea was today reported in an im
proved condition at the Sacred Heart
hospital, where Saturday she under
went a major operation.
f Hotel heueroa
Tenth and
Flftueroa SU,
a: ia','. r
j;j 400 outside room
Dne of the
newest hotels
Next door to
in downtown Los Angeles. As
comfortable aa It is convenient.
Garage in connection.
Rooms with, or without, private
bath. Rates $1.50 per day and up.
Attractive permanent rates, week
or month. A. B. SMITH, Lessee.
PORTLAND, Feb. 30. ( AP) The
sale of 10 carloads of onion sets in
the Willamette valley at from 9 to 9ft
cents a pound, the highest price ever
paid, was confirmed here today. The
entire shipment, from the Lablsh sec
tion of Marlon county, will be rushed
to the east and southeast for imme
diate planting.
Emergency Operation Grace Wy
man of Prospect underwent an emerg-
Janet Gaynor- Lionel Barrymore
Starting Tomorrow!
Civilized men turned savage . . .
battling starvation in an em
pire of emptiness . . . fighting
for life I
With only harpoons in an open
boat on the storm tossed icy sea
. . , they conquer a
"Love Your Neighbor Love
His Wife" what a Btrange
moral code . . , and yet who
can say they were unhappy7
wbibv mm
Tracked down by those he had
helped And befriended . , . put
in chains for violating the
white man's law I
A thousand and one thrills
await you in this mightiest of
all mighty pictures . . . You'll
gasp in amazement . , you'll
experience new sensations , t .
and wonder bow such a picture
could be filmed!
ency operation at the Community hos
pital last night.
Liquor, six brands. Prices reduced.
Gardner Drugs.
Mats . . . 5c
nves . . , 850
Klildles . , loo
giant whale I