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    Trim; m"T9:
only run of a torrid hurling duel
between Elmer Jacobs and Wll- .
bur Cooper and enabled the Seal
flinger to annex a 1-0 win.
Iluzz Arlett, Oakland outfielder,
collected four of the seven blows
Jacobs allowed:. Batteries: Coop,
cr. Could and Bool; Jncobs and
Olnmdfled advertising gets results.
itoftk rcvrntfo on his former mates
by ji telling the Missions to a
I 10 3 win. The Hells collected 13
hits, seven of them doubles. Bat
l teries: HUKhei and H.ildwln:
Couch, I'onder, omlin, Yerkes and
j Seattle' Indians went on a
j rampage and scalped the Holly
aviw wilder than a March Hare,
a I low f iif 1 1 hits, walking five
! batters, making a wild pitch and
committing a balk, while Knight
1 lM Angeles. 3-2- Keating turncu
in his fourth win or the ear,
! lowing the Angels only eight hits,
! while Osborne drove In all the
let the loners down with three
hits. Hatteries: Mulcahy and
Cook; Kniyht and Schmidt.
! Hay Keating and Frank Os
: borne combined to make thinei
' men to made It two straight from
' tough for the Angels, and Bacra-
(Senators runs with n homer i
the fifth. naileries: Keating
nnd Koehler; Uarfoot and Sand
berg. rinoh Hitter Hollls Thurston's
two-base drive In the seventh In
ning, drove Jolly home with the
(By the 'Associated Press)
"FtKl Huphes, Portland cast-off,
wood Stars to the tune of 10-1.
Mulcahy. the Shirks' 'moundsman,
i 'i
' Representatives of the ball
teamn from Dunsmulr, "Weed,
Klamath Falls and Medford mot
t ;Yreka last night.' Officers
elected are A. 8. Ninlnger of Ash
land, president, Lloyd Noble "of
Mount Shasta, vice president, M.
. . Carpenter, of Weed, secretary
' nnd Dan Levy of Uunsmulr, trea-
4- The league, will open May 20th
with Klamath Falls at Medford
ond.Dunsmulr at Weed. All play
ers except those blacklisted will be
' llglble to play In the first five
Karnes. The balance of the season
Ihlrd and fourth position teams
will be allowed new players on a
live days notice nnd the approval
iif the majority board of directors
nnd president. First and second
" position teams will bo allowed new
players on giving two weeks no
tice with same approved.
' Three per cent will be deducted
from the total gross receipts to
raise a bonus of $500 to bo award
ed to the winning team, which will
fret as an incentive for players to
piny the best ball possible.
.ln adopting a nnmo for the
league, Manager Court Hall of
f Medford argued that Oregon-California
was natural and sounded
Letter that the longer name should
lie last nnd that the California
Oregon Power Co. had always re
K retted that they had not 'placed
Oregon 'before California when
, naming their corporation. Hall
finally carried hln point. .
, The meeting was enthusiastic
nnd harmonious. A good-natured
bandlnag wan hurled to and fro
between Mnnngor Orover of Klam
ath Falls and Manager Hall of
Medford. It finally ended with
Hall betting Orover Ifi.OQ that
Medford would draw a larger gate
attendance than any other town
in the league. Also another bet
of the same amount that Medford
would draw one gate of one thou
sand dollars before tho season j
Manager Hall says that Duns
jnuir and Klamath Falls will have
Exceptionally strong 'teams and
lhat the Medford team will have to
be strengthened sumo to copo with
the other teams.
Hall says if he can get Jobs, he
win get the players. Hut to secure
lllayers without Jobs .would wreck
the team financially. Manager
Hull Is now ready to announco his
"Urst string battery.
Ray Reppy of Onklnnd, pitcher,
who tried out with the .St. Louis
Cardinals Inst seuson and who was
recommended by Nick Williams,
' manager of tho Heals, nnd o I hern,
. A catcher named Thathlr, from tho
Texas league, will arrive Satin day.
1 From now on, weather-permitting,
7-trenuous practice will bo held.
n-Kvery ball, player with ability
lj" should mako himself known to
('Manager Hall when calling ut tho
v frlr grounds for practice.
CHICACiO, Apr. 19. IP) When
Nevy meets Notre Dame on (Sol
dier field October 13, In n football
classic of the fall. Chicago's $7,
00,000 memorial to Its war dead
will stand completed not only as
the greatest stadium in the world,
but also as 6nc of the world's great
est amphitheater nnd exhibition
. Famed already nn tho modern
coliseum where 200,000 worship
ped at the eucharistic congress,
whore Army played the Navy and
where Tunney defeated Dempsey,
for the second time, Soldier field,
when completed will Include be
sides a place for spectacular out
door pageants an extensive scries
of exhibition halls.
On either side halls 075 feet In
length and 10 feet wide will af
ford great quarters for expositions.
In addition to the 600 feet long
hall at one end.
Tho temporary wooden structure
forming seats at one end. of the
rt! nd him has been removed nnd
concrete stands are rising In their
place. These wooden sents won
prominence during the Tunney
Dempsey fight as the $3 ringside
locations. The studlum's builders,
tho South Park commissioners,
have promised to have the work
completed on tho stadium in read
iness for tho Navy - Dame
this fall.
PORTLAND, Ore., Apr. 13. (rT)
After each wrestler had taken a
fall, At Karnslck last night flip
ped Sam Clapham over his head
with a flying reverse bond lank for
tho deriding full. Clapham was
almost out after bis air ride. Clup
hnm took the first fall with a
series of wrlstlocks In 10 minutes,
two seconds. Karnslck won the
second full with his .punishing
hcudlork In 37 mlnntc.s. Cluphuin
weakened In the third period, final
ly succumbing to Karnsfck's nu
merous hen d locks. Following his
victory, Karnslck demanded a
mutch with Ted Thyo before- the
latter leaves for Australia.
Huilor Pete and Mutt Kddy, wel
terweights, wrestled to u draw in
the preliminary.
Major League Leaders
(By The Associated Press)
(Including games or April 18)
National League ,
Railing (irantham, Pirated, .G79.
Huns FrlHch, Cardinals, 7.
Runs baited in Fi'lsdi,' Cnnil
nnlH. 8.
lilts firanthnm, Pirates, 31;
Pnrdy, Hods, It. . .'
Doubled (Jrahtlinm, PIrnleH, 3;
rioltomloy, Cubs, 3.
Triples Itlcomln, Dodgers, 2.
Homers F r I a c li, Cardinals;
Q'loul, Giants; Webb, Cubs, 3
NEW YORK, Apr. 19. JP)
Notables of America's golf and
tennis circles were bound for Ku
rope aboard the Aqultanla today in
the annual, quest for laurels. Ten
nis was represented by Miss Helen
'Wills, national women's champion,
' and Miss Penelope Anderson of
(-Richmond, Va., and golf by three
j lending American professionals,
Walter Hagen, Gene Surasten nnd
'.Hill Mehlhorn. Tom Armour can
celled his passage at the last mo
j ment.
I The British open championship,
won six times in the last seven
years by Americans nnd now held
by Robert Tyro Jones, the Atlanta
attorney, Is the goal of the golfing
contingent. Miss Wills will storm
tho heights of Wimbledon, tennis
capital of, the British empire.
For Hagen, the glories' of the
British open .are old,- but for the
others, Sarazen in particular, suc
cess nt Sandwich would bo prized
more highly thnn victory on any
other course. It was at Troon,
back In 1928, that Sarnzen, Amer
1 can open champion nt the time,
met what he- has always termed
the most bitter defeat of his ca
reer. Having mnde his position in
American golf secure by bis vic
tory In tho open at Rkokio (Cbi
cago) in 1922, Oono failed oven to
qualify in his first British open.
' Hugen said he would ask Archie
Compston for a postponement of
their 72,-holo match, now sched
uled for April 27-28, ns the Ameri
can's first wnrm-up for the open.
Hagen explained that, the original
dato of tho match would give him
only ono day of practice after his
arrival at Southampton nnd he felt
that this would ' bo too little, In
view of his comparative inactivity
through the winter.
"All of ufe," Hagen continued,
"are sorry Bobby Jones won't come
over nnd try for three In a row. . 1
hold n lingering hope that ho wll!
change- his plans nt tho last min
ute, as ho did last year.
1 "Professional golfers sometimes
aro jealous of an amateur who
takes the play from them In an
open championship, but I for ono
can't be jealous of 'Bobby. I Just
have to marvel."
Hagen bus played no tournament
golf since he won the professional
championship at Dallas last full
for tho fourth successive season.
He also Is to meet Aubrey Boomer
in Fiance before ho returns to
In addition to defending her title
In the women's championships at
Wimbledon, Miss Wills will enter
the French women's championships
and will play against British wom
en ns a member of the Wight man
cup team. . Miss Anderson prob
ably will piny with .Miss Wilis in
Holland and Berlin. ,
Kdwnrd O. Chandler, who prac
ticed with Miss Wills at Forest
Hills yesterday, said that In his
opinio nthe California girl was GO
per cent better than she ever be
fore had been. Kach won ono set
In their practice match.
(T3y tho Associated Press.)
Frank (Lefty) O'Donl crashed
? two homers for tho Oiants yes-
terday, enabling New York to win
; over tho Phillies, 6 to 1.
. , Dazzy Vance, tho speed ball king,
struck out five batters In pitching
tho Koblns to a 10 to 6 victory
over the llraves.
. Ilomerun drives by Kikl Cuyler
find Webb failed to win for the
Chicago Cutis ns tho Cincinnati Hed
, Jjegn enrried off the senson's open
, r at Chicago, 0 to e. National
i .league opening attendance records
.-. Witre broken when 46,000 funs Jtun
nied Wrlgley field to look upon tho
12S edition of tho Cubs.
, The Athletics went under again
, before the heavy hitting of the
.Senators, 11 to 6, nnd aro the only
major leaguers .who have yet to
; hnng up a triumph In the catu-
Owen Carroll, ex-stnr of Holy
Cross, stopped the ltrowns with
six scattered hits, while his Tlner
. mutes rung up a 4 to 1 declslr.n.
Inaugurating the start nt the
.aeries at Cleveland, the Indians
1 shelled Pitchers Adkins nnd Wll
son with 13 hits to down tho White
8ox, 7 to 1.
The Yankees coasted to nn easy
. triumph over tho Iteri Hox, 10 to
.7, bombarding tho Ilnstcn pitchers
,w.llh 15 hits. Vdlte Hoyt went the
distance for New York, nllnwing
,.22 hits. Including a homerun by
Ken Williams.
, The Cnrdlnsls and Pirates wero
..flot scheduled yesterday.
SEATTLE, April 18. (J) TVnns
,'df women nnd co eds from colleges
in most of tho states west of the
'Mississippi met here today to lls
' cuss social standards nnd problems
nt a joint conference of tho denns
of women and IntorcolleKlnto asso
' elated Women atudents.
RALEM. Paper mill starts f 30,
- iftsft wond-dlgewter nddltlon.
U AT "
American League
Uniting KiiHterllin;, TlgorH, ,G3fl.
llitns .lamlcson, Indians, 10.
Huns balled in J. Sowell, In
diana, 10.
lilts J. Sowell. Indlnns, H.
Triples Hognn. Red Sox. 3.
Homers tlohrlg, Ynnkees; K.
Williams, Hod. Sox; Coslin, Sen
ators; Todt, Ited Sox, and Mauser,
Athletics, 2 ouch.
Stolen linKos Mycr, lied Sox, 3.
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