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Tho bascljull season will opi-n i
In Mwlforil stay 20, when Uio
local nine will men unolhor tcum I
in the Southern f)ni:;'n KUKue
for the flrat' time this rear. This
announcement was matlo ut the
Uons' club luncheon this noon by
Court Hall, this year's local man
ager, who, with Karl Jjuvls, Henry
Fluhrer, and a representative
groiiii, left following- tho lunch
eon, for Yroka to uttenil a meet
lnR of the league, held In that
City this afternoon.
Schedules will be worked out
at; the Yreka nieotlnff, and nn
early announcement of tho first
game and succeedin games on
tho Medford calendar, will bo
mado through tho local papers.
Mr. Hall presented a list of local
business men who had signed up
to support bUMeball, by contribut
ing a dollar a week for the 16
weeks in the season, which prom
ises to take care of the running
expenses of the local team In
splendid shape.
A pitcher, who has expressed
himself as being in favor of
moving to Medford to take tip
permanent residence will prolj
ably be taken on as 0110 of th
principals In this season's games,
according to Court Hall, although
homo talent is to be used as
nearly ob possible.
' Two gameB aro scheduled for
May 6 and 0 with tho Houso of
David, he said.
' An educational program on thu
traffic laws, Is tho. latest project
to bo sponsored by tho local Uons
7. ! : 7 .7 ... . .n,.n nond on theltlie westward non-stop flight
the last few hundred miles of the light hours, the piano traveieu , i .. r . ,,,, ,,, uremen , across the Atlantic. It was noun
lunf inurnev from ureenlv Island, westward rnnidlv. ' isiana a ...-n ,
' Island
blizzard ' without skids for
landing Pr'dar. April 13.
That night, however, a blizzard amended. The plane! The Baron made his way at
swept the oceun. The plane iosi . Iltu ,,. Thi metal i nm e to tne nenuiuuse. uui re.
! altitude in the storm conditions
broke mroug.i - " '.V ' . ,., ,n his comnnin..
r,.neller was hot. the ax,e oi ( - ---. ,ho h' "tJ,""
uirMcu, i - -
us- 'r . rtc .
Flood scene at Shawnee, Okla., where an unnamed creek, ordinarily not 10 feet wide, was turned
into a maddened river by a cloudburst. More than 50 houses were wrecked by the creek waters and
four persons lost their lives. The cloudburst made approximately 1,000 persons homeless.
111 10
nrnniA nunni !
romirt biuz.m
NEW YOItK, A jri I 1 8.
"Knitfjiientury dutuiUi from 'the
IIUI llli llt-.c iuh-llici I . . . . . ,..
. . . , .. unu u wus iiyuiu vt-iy iu. . . i . , ,.
.lay reveuiea a uramauc sioy ' : ,t t.,.; .. landing gear u'"" " !-;.., ,,, ,.i,i thev oat d.
tho trans-Atlantic plane llremen, rhank Uod." said tne niers. u-, ei ' ,-',. ."
succes.,fully groping blind through ; lg the night. The flier, were ril from lh0 ,ine, hav- to their fl t meal in America-
fog and blizzard fur the contl-j """ble to read their Instruments ; lnBJrRP.OIn8hed the first leg o 1 biscuits and fresh milk.
nent of Its destination. I wp".ii '""k ,
An auspicious start developed ! rience in night flying In Oer-1
at the end Into a battle with many stood them in good stcud.
the elements, as the fliers were ' daybreak gave them opportunity,
some 400 miles off their course, to correct their direction. Tho.
duo partly to the failure of the weather, however became -worse
imhiin.. vten I and worse and it wus. only with.
For hours the fllgnt was blind. Kreat difficulty that the plane
Once the plane was fifty feet from;uld be kept up.
the wntcr. A strange river was Off the coast of Newfoundland
seen, then a mountain. At lusv.iiicy siruca a. mnvy iug uu
was elshted what appeared to be
a BealiriK Hteamer. It proved to
be tho UKhthouHO on Greenly Is
land. fcthortly ufter midnight, euntcrn
Htandard time IuhI Thursday, tho
Urernen stood fully fueled for her
flight, on the runway at llaldon
nel airdrome. Captain Hermann
Kothl and Major James Fltzmau
rice sat at the controls. In a
The llremen bounced off the
Kround Jiint In time to avoid
jKi'lndliiK the animal up In tho pro- J God
jtt lUT but thu tii i I ot the airplane
-struck the sheep and cut It badly.
Although the collision of an alr
j planu and a bleating sheep may
; Mouml humorous, the danger was
very scrluus actually. The take
off was considered one of the most
criticil niiinicnts o the flight, the
piano being so heavily loaded with
; gasoline and u head-on collision
CMICACio, April l S. (JP) The might ca-siiy have upset the ship.
I Chicago Herald, und Examiner j
NKW YORK. April 8. W 'Hald today that Governor Kmnil ; ML'flUAY HAY, Que., April 18.
Tho National Honublican club has ! probably would appoint -John,- Hy Tho Canadian PresB.) Per
gan to wander. They tried to fly
above It, but at 2U00 feet tho
fog still enveloped them. They
descended to within "0 feet of the
waves, but had to climb upward
again because of the high seas
running and which threatened to
engulf them.
Then they saw land. It was a
wooded country and they flew
over It. try Inn to locate their po-
co m part men t behind sat Ilaron j sitlon.
von Huenefeld ready to man the Next they flew wcr a large
fuel pump. (river which they could not Iden-
Captain Koehl and Major Fltz-! tify. A large mduntain loomed in
maurlco went to communion ho-j their path. Again tho llremen
fore getting in tho plane for headed upward and over it,
their great udventure. They took! Tho fuel was rapidly running
n, crucifix of Connemara marble low and the country over which
with them. The fliers cabled Oer-, they were flying offered no op
man friends that they were put- portunlty for a forced landing
ting their trust in the hands of : which would probably have proved
iiaron von uueneieia wus
days, led the ma.iy who await the
coming of James Fitzmaurice of
the trans-Atlantic plane brcmen to
expect his arrival early today from
Clarke City.
nndklnto of the Uiwdcn-Dcneen 1 Miss liu. tn .lun' ers. (laughter nf
faction of tho republican party. ! "ie head of the firm which built
The vote on the two reports pailey, running for nomination '!"m""' "P
came after almost three hours' j as nuornry genorm on me i noni-; ,;.,",'"
debato and tho outcome appai- son-smnll slain was iifienten i.y ;
'sidestepped tho prohibition qucs-! Dailey of I'corla to tho seat In ; foct flying weather prevailing here
rllih. who will tnkn a numhor of tloll. Tho dill, ill exccutlvo .BUS tlio unnen Hl.lies senate, which in cimiisi io n.u pssi lew
pictures of traffic violations and sion last night tabled a majority; twice was refused u former op
carry on contests In the Medford report of Its committee on na- j polntcc, Frank ! Kmlth.
fcchools In ordor to awakon ln-:tlonal offalrs. odvocallng repeal j Smith sought ronomlnntion In
terest In tho now lnws. This Idea! of tho lth amendment and aho prlmnry election lust week,
was brought before th cluh hv,' minority ronort urgine detent of , but was defeuted by Otis F. filenn.
Uon Fred Bcheffol. ' the report submitted by tho ma
' Fire Chief Hoy Klllott nn-Jorliy
nounced tho coming of Governor
I. lj. Patterson, the flrq marshatls
of thu states of Oregon and Cali
fornia and the president Df tho
pacific Coast FIro Chief's associa
tion. In Medford next Wednesday,
to attend tho ccremonv nf nro-
senllng the flag to tho local firo Inducted Into the office of iiresl-!"'"'0 senator and that the gov
uepanmeni, wnirn will inKe pinco nent immcillatciy alter tne voio " - which wnuld nrnvnnt flicht over
.1 tk. . ..i.. ii i. ...i. ' in .1 conference IimImv nr toninr- " "ol"u prtvcni. lllhlll over
eon. In order to accommodate 1 thoso who spoke against tho nia-j,'ow-" I
tho largo nttendancn expected ntjorily report. Henalor Dailey the one man Innl Ur Tn m
that'timo, the Wednesday lunch- lie quoted President Coolldge, upon whom both factions of 11,0 (JCUla Lt'sCCUld
run win ou nein at ino jioiei fiecreuiry iloover, Mcnalor turns - i-.-..v ..n i.j
Medford. lof Kansas and former (!i.vern..r paper salil. "ilo is popular per-:
; J. V. lteynolds of Portland. Lowden ot Illinois on law en- ""' Ib on friendly terms
representative of the Automatic 1 forcemcnt. nnd asked. with United Stales Senator Ue-,
Coal Stoker compnny, was n guest
After a daring take-off through
tu breach In a stone wall, the
plane wns going strong, two hours
later well over tho Atlnntlc, hav
ing passed over Costello, Onlway,
at 2:05 a. m. Foggy weather
prevailed along the coast because
cold and exhausted. All through
the flight he kept his pistol by
his side ready to shoot his com
panions If worse came to worst.
Finally, as despair grew, they
saw what they took to be a seal
ing steamer frozen in the Ice. It
of the heat. Soon, however, the wns the lighthouse on Greenly
plane ran Into clear weather over island. They did not know where
tho Atlantic. they were for their log bearings
All Thursday during the day and compass were Inaccurate.
This funny looking little guy
with the big nose and bald
head has got to face the music.
The determined attitude ol
'he Mrs. tells us that she is absolutely througr, seeing reni money
handed over to Mr. Landlord. She wants a brand new home ol
her own. She's got the plans, and she knows where the lumber is
coming from. Us!
There's another bald-headed man in this town who said he was
going this year. If he doesn't get busy pretty soon we'll
set his wife on him!
Woods Lumber Co.
"Back to the Woods"
711 East Main ' Telephone 108
-...i.. . ...ul i Om-nr 1-1. Pnrlst rnm. Incumbent
Im r factions Tie vote was I'M1 The paper said that favorable 1 """"1",",p , li"n 'as BlllnlnR
both factions. The tote was -,,! ,, ,,,. ,. tl) hero with diminishing wind, it was
... . ... Lvm in ihir ,,r n. veteran' known what co iditions were ai
iiicnani yt . ijiwrence. who nun -- - f'lni lin riiv 11 .. i.u l,.,ll..,l hn..
..rnui stato senator and that the gov- .v
ever, that there were no conditions
In 7 Days or Less
"How can this cluh uroocrly ,l'l'n-
t todays luncheon and gave some take a position oppoHcd to that1
Interesting Information on tho of the' men mentioned as tho!
$3,(100.000 plant by which ho Is leading poMsibilllles for -tho-' re-1
Here Is a surgeon's wonderful
. prescription now dispensed by
pharmacist at trifling cost, that
I will do more towards helping you
K't rid of unMKhtly spo s and skin
(Continued from Psjce On.)
ouo ican no m union iur ureni- -
dent?" j had flown to fiinuda from New i uiscaHOu man anyihinK you've evei
The name of r.ovi'nior Hm'th1 York in a sister ship of tho truns-! UH''- , . . , .
, ... .... .i ah, .nil. .,im i Nt only docH this j;reat healfnu
was frciucutly brouKht into the; Allantic piano. lnnllsptlc oil promote rapid and
luxe iipeinii ano opponi'ius oi inc
majority n.i.scited It propiiHed t. ' 1 ' wounds, hut boilK. aliccsscs and ul
Ko further tllnn tlovcrnor Smith ' .....,.....n .i.., ih . ,.,,rs llr ,iisl.K,iKini. nre ill
In his onliimitlon to iirohlbltloll. ' . " '' " ..i"...,,. . , . ,,,m imnieilintely dellcvcd ami
tlty the t'.inaitiun I'ress.) Aiikiiik
the ilahKcrs encollnti'i-ed by the
They pointed ulit that tho New '.,, . ' ,, i '.. i,
BAN.r'HANCiacO, April 18. (T)
ei-l-orln Maker. outalantlliiK Infield
prospect of the 8nn Kranrlaco
Seals, was farmed out today to the
Dallas club of the Texas l.nanue.
Baker, a former Oreiion AKKios col
lege star, probably w o ti I d have
boen playing regular shortstop this
year had not Hal Khyno boon pur
chased from the Pittsburgh Na
tionals. The axe nldo fell on elKht rookie
nocks today, nil belnc farmed out
to Salt Lake Pltv nf llm l;inl..i,l.,l... i
l.enmiM Thnv nr. llt,.hnp. in.. the
ers, Onmcz,, i)avls and Olynn;
Inflelders .lacnhsen and Keono, and
.Catchers Wodson ami Hand.
oi'k Kovernor never
out for repeal of the
amendment .
hiiH come
ac.llnn ly
In ml I.. l! I..-!.. ...I H..1...1 ' little less: than mntririil T)ie tlfh.
prohibition lc uf f,t illtcl.yU.w- wMh I Inn of wi'iiiu in liiHiantly stopped:
!i..i.,.. i,.,..u i.m... i 'the eruptions dry up and scale off
After the mcclinir iiepresentn-j ' ... . . .' ,', ' ' : In a very few days. The same !s
live llenjamin S. I'Mf r.-Ii 1 1.1 . clmir- " ' I,!,'"".,, , ' ' . . i "f barbers' Itch, salt rheum
. aiiii ii it lriiiiiiinir iiiiti iinsiirni i-
man of the committee anil hatl- r
I from Crccnly Island to Murray hay ! skin tiouldcn.
of the majority faction, cxprcss-l . tt)M h nivVi rovrvvuUlt jv
satistactlon with tho vote.
Vou can obtain Moone's Kmer-
I the t'lark Steamship cinnpany lu-re ' 1,1,1 l1 ' thp original bottle at
In receive XH votes on a ftlle-iUlut JuHt aM llu, ,,,.ine WJ, aMlUt ln;nny modern drtiK store. It i safi
stepphiK resolution based on !'-!, uk(l the . Hl nalltl,tlncl m-ar ! 'V, l,H"- ,imI f,,l"""e ot thi
litlcal expediency shou'ed pro- 11tln .. ttoticl hcihsm ih.. 1 llll,,,PntM noted above is next tt
K-ress," he said. "It mca.m that , 11 Hllt 1 0,11,1 ac' OSH 111,1 I imposMblc. 11-afh's Dru Slor,
the ncntim.'.U for the repeal of; , v""nlV '" " "' 1'"'
the amendment will ko ahead.
not only In tho club but in tho
Andrew Humphrey, leader of,
Davis pitched for Gold Hill Inst
floason. ond was Bent to tho Seals
by Court Hall.
onpoKtiiK faction, said tlo
212 members present wcro largely
from New York City.
The club has l!000 members,
most of them out of town, lie
said. "There nre hardly any wets
in tho club after you cross tho
Hudson and Harlem rivers."
l.OS ANOKI.US, Apr. IS. Ml
Mysler today surrounded the
death of Wayne llrndrnril, acro
batic dnnrer, who fell m wns
thrown from the window of his
flfUi floor hotel room to a sky
light on a roof below.
Toller who Invcstls-a'cd tho case
last nluht were ennased In an ex
tensive senrch today fr a man
yrho disappeared after telling- an
elevator man that the nctnr had
fallen from his window.
lllod stains, liquor bottles, cloth.
Inn strewn about the room and
furniture upset led officers to ad
vance tho murder theory, lirad
fonl. who had sppenred on stanc
In New York and thrnuKhom the
coun'ry, had been drinking- con
siderably, police were told.
John Hilling, widely known lo
cal resident, who was struck by
nn nutomoblle on North tli-apc
street two weeks oko. and received
internal and other injuries, died at
the rlacred Heart hospltill this
afternoon nt 3:10 o'clock. He Is
survived by his wife, two daugh
ters, Itose and Kuth, and a son,!
Newman. Mr. Hillings hud been a
resilient of this city for many years
nnd his death comes as a severe
blow to a wide circle of friends.
Funeral announcements will be
made later.
I'lTTRlll'ROH. I'll.. April IS.
(;p The condition of Dr. Snmuel
lllnck MeCormlrk. 70, chancellor
emeritus of the t'nlverslty of Pitts
buiv.'h, who was stricken with pneu
monia Sunday, was described as
."somewhat worse" by members of
Ma family today. Dr. MeCormlrk
Is known throughout the l'nltcd
Males as sn educator.
Makes Girls
More Attractive
' 'Wouldn't you. too. like A face
powder that will keep shine nwnv
stay pn longer spread smoothly
- not clog the pores and alwavs
be so pure and fine? It Is made
1y new French Process and Is
!Ulled MI-:i.l.O-(II.O. It Is surelv
ft tvondcrful Ksce Powder. .lust
(J't Kor 1 months following their
marrliiKO In New York, Louise '
llrooks, former Follies Klrl. and ;
Ldwanl SiAherland, mottcfi pie-1
tore director, waited for ht!r hon-j
YVhrn Hutheibmd would be dl-'
rooting a picture in Hollywood or!
New York, nbe would be action it:
a plcturo In New York or Holly,
HI month ko they were at'
last Able to open n home In Hotly-J
wood. Yesterday th MM'iiiatcd,
Miss Hrookn moviuK fmn a Heverly
Hills apartment. XMihrr r0 di
rector nor the nctre.o.t would com
ment on tho cnus of the scpara-
----- 3tgs -
For 300 years, tea has come
to America with half its
fragrant rcshness lost, but
now you can taste it as fresh
as it left the Oriental tea
gardens. It's n new secret
Schilling process.
J A P A V t -. re en ) A lV lll.ArlOrsniwIVkiwI
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