Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 15, 1928, Page 12, Image 12

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1 III. n (juv.i It tu bin wifo for a
' irt'b(nt on their tin wedding unni
! versary.
I 'si!
5V ,i rKW'
6 i4 -tu k"riiV
lias obsoleted?
fy perfo
, if VA , (I
I ' $ t ' 9 I MHH.F.tJIHIRK .
-U " -Ail
' ' Wi'ar a .MKS.JM.flNl.eY
Tho ntntt ChrlHtiiin Mmlcuvttr
Jconvrntiuii whifh boKiim I'huiBduy
fjvcnliiK. Apii 111, in The DuIIch,
Id-onilM'H to lu one vt tlio uiunt
KUcresMful oni'S ( Vi'i- Ih-IiI.
'I In- pciiplf nf tint city itrc niak
Iuk every pifpai-.uiori for tlio coni
fori of the ili'lt'Kitit'H. Those who
pay the icKltiution f-o will ho
Kivrn hiiflKO and program and ficc
InctKlim anil brnikfiiHt Jn Iiihiich lu
'ihii UulloH. Tln-re Jh no limit to
tin number of tk'h'KatoK that may
no ficini any oil" iilaci', uiul no
special authoii'.iiiK "f lK-fsons kh
(leh'Kuit'H 1h rf(uirt'U in urijer that
IhfV may K"-
Mif-akciK for thu conventirm in:
! elude: ItfV. II, W. IMacioriuM itf
(icvcland, Ohio; I 'a ul t'. lliown of
Joh AiikI('H, Pacific coriHt Hocr('-
tary of inislian ICmlcavor; Rw.
alter I,. .MyeiH of Kuwiw; I Jr.
Norman K. Tully of Kalcm; He v.
.1 unioo (. Kverett of CorvalliH.
rofcMKor O, II. Ilohtfatt of Kugcne
will h ud the KinKlriK, a nil M Ihh
l.ulu Aydelott of that city will pn
side at the iiano. Donald O. Xel
hoii of Portland, state prewident,
will preside.
The tenth national convention of the Young Women's Christian
'Association will be held in Sacramento, Cul., April 14-20. Miss
Maude Royden, pastor of Guild House, London, England, will bo
'a guest of honor and will make an address on "The Greatness of a
! Nation," in which it is expected she will sum up her American im
pressions. Prof. Albert Perry Brigham, geographer of Hamilton,
, 'N. Y., will also be one of the speakers. Mrs. John M, Hanna, of
Dallas, Tex., national president, will preside over the sessions. Mrs.
John French, Greenwich, N. Y., first vice president and chairman
of the executive committee of the national board; Mrs. John H.
Finlcy, New York, vice president; Miss Hyalite F. Nikirk, Pasadena,
Cal.1, president of the business and professional assembly, and Miss
Elsio West, Summit, N, J., secretary of the same branch, are all
taking prominent parts in the convention program.
hi u h&nmtM
4 .i. ).,a,it BiiMtifriihtia.wTiii)rtii film ifc
Modern Chickens
Bigger and Better
If gasolino coHt $100 a sal Ion It
could not he more carefully doled
out uml the efficiency of carhure
tlon, manifolding and Ignition
more accurately checked thun It is
during the courne of a KUHollnc
econoiny tet at Htuduhaltcr'H 800
acre proving giound.
' lOlahnrate inxtrumentM that niea
BUre every aspect of car operation
are used to Hecurn maximum pow
er from every druj of gasoline
that KotH Into Htudc baker and
Krskiiie six carburetorH.
With a fifth wheel attached to
the running board to maku an uc
cu I'a to record of upeud. gaugeH
that measure the exact quantity of 1 In Htudebaker'H
gasoline uhimI, uih! other dovlcPH tory,
i . A woman driver Ih rnlltled t
77 onu-tialf Iho road but Ihu trouble
Ih that mont alwayn hho wautH tbo
other half.
1'ned Car Salennian: "W, c 1 I,
whaf'H the matter with the car
you bought from us a week ago?"
The Stung One: "Well, every
part of It makes a no I so except the
"To our way of thinking, per
HoriH In the rumble hoiiIh look
frightfully jiuhllc." ( Philadel
phia Iniulruj ) Ych, tho rumble
weutH Ih the gohiriMh bowl of motoring.
The effect of tho new Ford on
other automobile inakerN proven
that all chlllH are not canned by
I'rof. tilvo mo an example of
tdow torture.
Student A good example of
hIow torture would be a ride, lu a
hard steering HCtMind hand l'ord
with an old fardiloncd girl.
Land Agent Dili you mako a
mile with thoMO pwiplo you drovo to
the cKtalc?
1 1 o- ietter No. I wan arrested
ft a Hpeedlng between tho Hlatluii
uml the allotment.
cash thin
t Tourist: "Will you
1(M) eheek for me?"
EoiX Htntfc 1 1 Town Hanker: "Sony we
haven't Unit milch on hand but
I'll take you over and Introduce
,Jryoii to the filling Mutlon owner!"
.v f
j Auloinoblh Intornuitlon
Detour: The loughettt Ulstancu
-J - -between two iiolnts.
Tuxl drivei-H toll not, but oh,
huw they can uplu.
PT'V-r California Iuih an atilmnoblk'
" for every Mhree peiHons. That
j ; leaves Junl enough pedestrians for
Many ft girl walks home from
nVim auto ride because she does, not
chooHU to run.
Two motet 1st found a man
walking lu his sleep. They woke
hiv.i t". to glvo him a sporting
Well, anyway, p e d e h t r 1 a n s
Should be Been and not hurt.
A long-legged sheep in the
Himalayas Is able to run 4 it mites
an hour. That's the kind of little
lamb to follow Mary nowadays.
Motorist: "Can you tell me how
to get to the nearest garage?"
Native: "Yon. You go along
thin road until you have passed
forty-nine hlgnhnai 1x. four filling
v Htat Ions, and ten hot -dog sta mis.
Then you turn to the left and go
until you come to thirty-two new
fllgnboards built in a circle. The
gum go Ih In the middle of them."
"Wasn't them "
"(lot eighteen miles to tho gal
"Wasn't them "
"And two hundred miles
every quart of oil."
"Wasn't " ,
"Didn't slop at one garage."
"Was "
"Killed twenty-eight chickens."
"Wa ."
"Hoy, it sort was a fine trip!"
"Yes, but the scenery?"
"What scenery?"
Copyright 1 !il!H, Moss l-'ealure
Syndicate, for Mall Tribune.
When you sit down to your
breakfast eggs or your Sunday
chicken dinner nowadayH you will
probably enjoy much butter food
than you did seven years ago. Kor
whilo few know anything of the
change, the great American hen
lias become a decidedly improved
bird since 1021.
Thousands of poultrymen in
more than hair of the stales of the
union have adopted standard yn-
iteniM for Improving the breeds and
1 eradicating disease in thei flocks
IhIiicc Wisconsin began producing j rhea the basis upon which flocks
I "accredited" chicks seven years were to be accredited. Following
Inge. j the lead of Connecticut, Massachu-
Tho basis of the Wisconsin planU.ettH. Uhodc Island, New Jersey,
wits a breeding program whereby 1 Pennsylvania and a number of
tq register acceleration, enable
engineers to get the facts on which
u II engineering progress must be
based. Maximum efficiency is at
tained with the leanest mixture of
gasoline to air possible for smooth
High and low speed adjustment,
idler adjustment on the carbure
tor, the setting of spark control,
the exact instant when the spark
should occur to secure maximum
compression in the combustion
chamber, the design of the com
bustion chamber itself, the various
elements of heat control for the
manifold, are a few of the aspects
of carburet Ion studied under test
outdoor labora-
Illustrious Nrtv Chrysler "72"
Crown Sedan $1795
In U2'2, Connecticut adopted
tho Wisconsin Idea, but made the
blood test for baciliary white diar-
thru culling, selection of hints of
standard qualifications and vigor-
011s constitutions, with supervision
I of hot h f lockH and hatcheries,
ihigh quality flocks and chicks
I might be produced. The chicks
other eaMcrn states have built up
an accredited -system based on the
d incuse-eradication plan. Wash
ington. Oregon ami Idaho are now
on, or are adopting, this plan. New
York lias 11 plan that is a modi ft
SHANGHAI (P) A protective
association has been organized to
install modern burglar uml fire
alarms in Shanghai. American
protective apparatus, such as
alarms and bullet-proof glass, will
be used if quality and prices .suit
the association.
CHRYSLER "72" performance ob
soletes all other performance at
its price or even for $1000 more.
The first Chrysler, four years ago, put
in the discard the cumbersome, bulky
vehicles of its day.
Chrysler "72"
performance wid
ens that margin
of superiority.
No other car to
day approaches
it for readability,
hill climbing,"
comfort, ease of
handling, style,
safety, long life
and appearance.
For Chrysler's en-
Illustrious New
Chrysler "72" Prices
Two.passenger Coupe (with
rumble seat), SI 545; Royal
Sedan, 1595s Sport Road
nter(uilh rumble seat). 1595;
Four-passenger Coupe,
SI 595; Town Sedan, SI 695;
Convertible Coupe (u'ilft
rumble seat). 51745; Crown
Sedan, $1795. All prices
' f. o. b. Detroit, suhjedt to cur
rent Federal excise tax. Chry
sler dealers are in position to
extend tlie'tconvenicnceof time
gincering genius and precision manu
facture have gone steadily forward to
greater heights. . , .' !
That is why the "72" today gives, yoii
performance that sets the pace, for the
entire industry for years to come.- 75.
brake horsepower. 72 miles and more '
per hour. Vibrationless smoothness
that only a Chrysler count eruieirhteI
7-bearing ernnkshnft'ean give; Flashy
ing acceleration in traffic. There are
no hills to the "72." ; - ,( '. f
Longer chassis with no side-sway "
spring end3 mounted in rubber shock
insulators give consjinjma,te ease pf
"ding. . s .- . '' '' ? c
Why pay a premium for the-out-of-date
performance others give? See and ride
in the Chrysler "72." You will reat
iie then how Chrysler "72" at less
money makes a dead letter, of all;
other performance in its field today.
..... 8t)
Chrysler Dealers
128 South Riverside Phone 762
Thi meanest man I ever did see
Is that fellow Snodgrass who got a
new tin rout' put on the nar.ine and
thUH produced were designated as cation of this, with more einpha.sia
"accredited" ami were advertised on breeding."
and sold as such. Success of the plan Is evidenced
This accredited it lea spread rap- by the fact that Ohio, where the
idly and is now In operation lu a (state puultryincn's association
number of state. Some eight or j adopted the plan only in l:t:M, will
ten morn slaten arc also preparing t this year produco J chicks
in put this plan into operation. ! from i" nccrediled hatcheries.
-at the Speedway
-on the Road
Lindbergh, Maitlaml, Cli.inibcrlin, Byrd
the famous flyers of the day use engines
employing the Valvc-in-Hcad principle in
their record-breaking flights.
Practically every racing car entered in all
the major speed classics of the past twelve
years, ns well ns every winner of every
important event, has also been Valvc-in-Head
The famous Buick Valve-in-Head Engine,
developing more power than any other
automobile engine of its size, has given con
clusive proof of leadership in all elements of
performance over a period of twenty-four
Choose Buick powered by the famous
Valve-in-Head Engine supreme in thesky,
at the spcedwav. on the road!
a Successful Six s?$Swv. V --
; now winning Even
Greater Success S
' -m. w (k.
k Mensationai 511
SEDANS $1415 to $2275 COUPES SM05 to $2120 SPORT MODELS $1405 to $1775
Kclivi'ri'c! ill Mrillonl. The (1. M. A. C. fliiamo plim, the most desirable, is available.
Sumo nillDtiuililIf inuinifiU'Ulrei.H
dro plnnnluK to m-ll twice iot ninny
earn thin year iih ever before, tlrn
cIouh! I low nro we ever nolns lo
get iieroBs the roml?
It will bo hui'd fir buik-heat
drlveiM lo icet Ihfimnlves heard
In alrplnnra.
Stirval of llio l lllest
KaHleiner: 1 waa out went Inn
Westerner: That so? Waim't
them hill"
"Tho old bu ovigcd three
hundred anrl fifty nillen a dny."
"WiiFn'l them IiIIIm "
' "Vo lint) only (wo blowouts,"
38-40 No. Ei?erside
Buick Dealers
Phone 73
based on sensational value.
You need to know only h few
of the exclusive superiorities
offered by today's Pontiac Six
to understand that its sensa
tional success is based on
sensational value. It is the
lowest priced six in the world
with body by Fisher. It is the
lowest priced six offering the
G-M-R cylinder head, the
cross-flow radiator and the
AC fuel pump. It is the only
low-priced six combining 1S5
cubic inches piston displace
ment, a full-pressure oiling
system, interchangeable main
bearings and instant action
four-wheel brakes.
Add to these evident advan
tages in design the fact that it
is the lowest priced six built by
General Motors that in the
hands of 200,000 owners it has
won a worldwide reputation
for endurance, long life and
high resale value and then
you will know why Pontiac Six
sales are continually reaching
new record-breaking height!
Coupe, $745; Sjiort Rouiislcr, $745; Phaeton, $775; Cabriolet, $795; 4-Door Sedan, $825; Sfort Lan
a'tui .Sedan. $875. Oakland Alt-American Six, Si045 to SI2b5, All prices at actoiy. Delivered fwice
'-'tic minimum handling cJiaigei. Eusyto fuy on the liberal Gcncial Mates Time Payment Plan.
o tropuct of imAmmiT