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    The Weather
Weather Year Ago
let ion-Ocxtiftlonal rain.
Maximum ypinlay ft'
Mlntmu mtodny 43
Minimum u
Minimum 27
CUj Tamti-Uurd Ttu
-rtlv Fitt.v-.iiui Vr
No. 20.
By Arthur Briiban
Missionaries Among Us
Water and Air Waves
A Mania for Excess
Fearfully Made
opyrleht, 1927. by New fork
Evening journal, inc.)
Lnst Sunday Hindu nontlc
men distributed lit the entrance
of Mr. Rockefeller's and olier
New York churches handliills
savin "Cliristianity has out
lived its nsefulnes" asking the
public to embraee Hinduism.
That seems to us outrageous.
Bt we finance devoted mis
Biunanes that do the same thing
in foreign countries. The mote
. in our brother's eye is always
Old British builders of wood
en ships who said ships made of
steel would sink in heavy
tsjiorms would be interested in
the Leviathan's latest trip.
She reached New York Mon
day with her forecastle deck
smashed, deck structure badly
twisted by a wavo said to be
lf)0 feet high, that dropped 1,
000,000 Hounds of wacr on her
deck at once.
Men build ships that the
ocean cannot sink. . Water
waves are heavier than air
waves. Airships will soon be
built that no air wave will
St. Paul reports a mama of
endurance contests among chil
dren. Two boys kept one kite
flying 48 hours. Sylvia Mosko
wita bounced a golf ball 2710
imcs without stopping. An
Vllier girl skipped the rope 5:'5
limes. A boy bet her by f0
A going-without-slccp con
test started the thing. This type
of excess explains the fact that
heart disease threatens to hold
the death championship in the
I'nited States.
The case of Miss Irene Ham
ilton, 27 years old, unout to un
dergo her nineteenth blood
transfusion to combat perni
cious anemia, should make the
average human being grateful
for bis body "fearfully and
wonderfully made."
While we work and while we
sleep, blood is manufactured,
with red corpuscles to do the
building nnd while corpuscles
to fight disease. Thu blood is
f transformed by the gallon into
other fluids of the body and re
transformed into blood blood
over and over. In eflch of us a
marvelous ehen.?al and physi
cal laboratory is doing work of
which we know nothing.
Chicago criminals admit plan
ning a kidnaping campaign ex
pected to yield lf000f60O. If
the friends of the kidnaped
failed to pay, the kidnaped
would never return.
The penalty for that crime is
death, but that made no differ
ence wih $1,000,000 in sight.
That kidnaping U unpleasant, hut
not as bad as in the old days of the
t'Jacquarie" in France when there
Jhere 70 local famines In one year,
And peasants, tired of eating the
bark of trees, kidnaped and ate
euch others' children or seized trav
era and ate them. In one hiding
place were found 45 skulls, truvel
j era thus devoured. There is SOMK
Fresh from pleasant pasmes
and musings of Raster, the bulls
returned to w an street .Monday
more bullish than ever. Prices
went UP all along the line, more
than 4,w0.hOO shares were sold.
New York banks called $35.0f0,oA0
In loans, but that bothered nobody.
It is hard toOliscourage a deter
mined bull.
Smallpox is rn'.'lns in Mexico, (l.'O i Andrews, I.uko S, May. L. o. shlr
deaths within a few days In the; ley, O. It. Roberts, Oscar Peterson,
t state of Jalisco. It. I. Lawthorne. OIk- Anderson,
Investigation will show that In-
hnbltunts of that region do not be-
beve In vaccination." They call It
?clenllfic folly or have auperstl -
I Hons fear of it.
(Continutd on Tour,
Prosecutor Enters Plea of
Not Guilty This Afternoon
Charged With Convert-j
ing $310 of Public Money,
to Own Use by Grand
Jury Final Report Still;
Unfiled. !
. !
I "After huvlng been in session
The grand Jury, which has been , , . .,'
in session for over a month invos- j "nust ltto "lunlhit- 11,6 rand
titrating the handling of the coun- jury of this county has finally re
ty prohibition fund, returned an 'turned an indictment charging me
Indictment late this forenoon wlln hav)n8 wrongfully converted
ngalnsl District Attorney Newton j nlom,y belonging to the prohibition
C. Chancy for larceny of public . of countv. Oregon.
mniieyK, nlloKinK the tippioprmtinn
of $310 from the county prohibi
tion fund. Up until lute this
afternoon, the jury hail made no
other report.
Uistrict Attorney rhnney, when
arralKned in oinruit court thin
afternoon, entered a pla of not
guilty nnd bonds were set at $1000,
Newtnn ('. Cliuney
with 48 hours time Riven in which
to procure the amount. lie was
represented by Attorneys tieorye
Hnlerts and l'orter J. Neff.
"I am innocent of the ehnrpe.'
lie .said this nfternoon, "and it has
come onto me unexpectedly. I
know there is no foundation for
the indictment."
The Indictment is as follows:
"Newton C. Chnney Is accused by
t h e sra n d ju ry of the co u n t y of
Jackson, state of Oregon, by this
Indictment of the crime of larceny
of public money committed as fol
lows: "The said Newton C. Chaney In
the month of June, ami 011
or about the 4th day of said month
ami long prior and nubseuuent
thereto was the duly elected and
qualified and acting district attor
ney in and for said county of
Jackson, and prior to said 4th day
of June. lH2t, within said county,
the paid Newton t Chaney re
ceived various sums of law fill
money of the United States as such
district attorney for said Jackson
county, said funds belonging to
and being the property of Jackson
county, Oregon, and being part of
the prohibition funds of said
county, which funds were then nnd
there received by the paid Newton
C. Chaney in his capacity as such
district attorney of said county,
snd on or about said 4th day uf
June, 192C, the said Newton C.
Chanev had the said funds in his
possession by virtue of his said
office, the said Newton C. Chaney
did on or about said 4th day of
June. 1916, prior to the finding of
this Indictment and within three
years Immediately prior to the
date of this indictment within said
county wrongfully, unlawfully and
feloniously convert to his. own use
a portion of said funds, to wit ;
three hundred ten ($310.00) dol
lars, contrary to the statutes In
such made nnd provided nnd
against the peace nnd dignity of
the state of Oregon.
"Dated at Medford In the county
and state aforesaid, this 11th day
of April. D. D. lPL'K.
Attorney General for the State oi
Assistant Attorney (Jennal.
Hy It. U. KDDY.
Assistant Attorney General.
Following is a list of witnesses
given in connection with the in
dictment: A. Walker, K. M. Wil
son. 1). J. Wilson. Oris Crawford,
Kred Wahl. Charle Talent. It. K.
Sweeney. Terry Talent, O. D. Frn-
ze. Delilia Stevens Meyer, O. W.
M'-Nabb. OeoiKe NHist.n. w. J.
! I-ker. Robert Crnddock. W. M.
lenien.on. Clarence Philips. J. p.
Heath. Ralph Jennines. I'aul Jen-
I n ok", Lewi .lennniKH, n.
lllk-inhotham. Frank Ft. Nell .1 II
Kdlth I'rescott, J. Dcrondo, W.
II. Harper, o. j. Ivc-rott. l
I Morrison. It. I,. Itnrry, W.
1 Wllkie. r;iadys wiikie, n.
I Ittirnh.-im.
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County Official Points Out
That Only One Side of
Case Heard Declares
Innocence and Will File
for Re-Election.
The following statement was
muilo this nflernoon by District
Attorney Chnney: - I
in June. l!'2ti. Of this charge I
am entirely innocent, nnd It Ih my
earnest request and plea that the
people of this county reserve
their judgment on this matter
until I have had an opportunity of
presenting my side uf this case.
If they do I know that they will
completely vindicate and exonerate
me and realize that these chargeH
were trumped up by political ene
mies of mine who Intended there
by to accomplish my defeat In the
coming primary. I say this with- ;
out any reflection- upon the per-
sonnel of the grand jury or the
special prosecutors who have been
in charge of this investigation, for
u-hniit I hnvp nnthine- hut the
I kindest feelings, and who I feel
sure have tried to be entirely fair
and impartial, but since they
heard 'only one side of the case,
unquestionably, were swayed by
these actions upon the part of my
"Inasmuch ns I know that I am
entirely Innocent of all wrong
doing, and having at all times
worked for the best Interests of
Jackson county, and since I be
lieve l hut my record conclusively
shows that 1 have enforced the
litw - iminrrrfcrlly," efficiently nnd
economically, without fear or fa
vor from any j)erson or persons
whomsoever, I am filing for re
election as originally planned.
PORTLAND, Ore., April 11. (Jp)
Kruest Wnterhouse, i.'8, arrested
February 7 at Kugene charged with
violation of the Mann act, was on
trial in federal court here today.
He was living with Ada llunfill, H,
of Kenton, Wash., when arrested.
Mrs. Wateruouse and Miss Btinflll
were in court.
The defense indicated In opening
argument it would seek to prove
that Mrs. Waterhouse was not the
kal wife of the defendant, due to
the alleged fact that she had an
other husband.
Ada, according to the story told
from the stand, traveled with her
family with a carnival company.
She helped her father with his con-
l cession stand and It was In On-
tarlo. Ore., that she first met
Then the Runfills settled In Ren
ton. Wash., and one day met tho
defendant In a neighboring town.
From that day on, she said, he piled
her with notes and letters and lov
ing words, asking her to elope with
him and promising to marry her.
She. knew nothing of his previous
history and finally agreed.
They drove to Vancouver, Wash.,
Where he asked her to take a
street car to Portland. Once in
Portland they met and drove to
Kugene, where they were living at
the time of the arrest.
opts of the state game commission:
Harold Cliffoid, state aame war
I.os ANGKI.KS. Apr. 11 (M Idea; Matt Ryckman, superintend
Police authorities, in the bellif!ent of hatcheries; II. C. Moreland.
that Walter Collins, aged 0, whoi bookkeeper; F. M. lirown, fJeH su
hns been missing from his home 1 peTinte?:idcnt, nil of the Portland
here since March 10 lat, started I name office; Gene Simpson t,t Cor-
to Sra'tle on a childish par"h for vallfs, superintendent of the stale
hi father, today appealed to the! game farm, were In Medford today
northern niithoritie for aid in thl-iln route to Ashland to attend a
newejit nnj-'L- in the wenrch.
The Sea: no theory wan adop'ed
by the pollen ien the boy's moth -
er. Mrs. ChrfMtlne roll inn. Inform-1
d t hem that the boy had been
vi'Oept In Inorancr,f the f.-ift ihnt
;hU fiither. W.ft-r J. H. Collins.
n convict wrvinie Hvo-yr-ar termf
in KoNnm prlxon. ,'ntend. he hnn
been told vacuely that his father'
wag "in Staule."
fV :
i I r A i
! f II f k 1 - ?H J
Successful telephonic recording of a phonograph, accomplished
when Delorcs Del Rio, jnovlc star, sa ng from her homo in Holly
wood, Cal., to laboratories in New Yi rk City (3,000 miles away),
may revolutionize the entire manner of making records in the
future. This is the first test of its kind ever made, the only
means of recording being a long distance telephone wire from the
star's home to the laboratories. Experts pronounce the. master disc
made of her voice almost perfect in its reproduction valua. Photo
shows Miss Del Rio preparing to record by phone.
First Meeting of Kind Ever
Held in Southern Oregon
To Attend Sportsman s!
Meet Tonight 0. S. C.j
Report On Douglas Deer
Discuss Routine Mat
ters. The regular meeting of the state
game commission, which will at-
j tend hi a body the annual meeting
unu oanquei oi inc .lacKson boun
ty flame Protective association was
held at Ashland this morning
the first gathering of the kind ever
to be held in southern Oregon,
Governor I. L. Patterson wlll ar
rive this afternoon to attend the
banquet tonight, at which he will
j be a guest of honor.
ax. tne morning session of the
game commission, the reports of
O. S. C. veterinarians and experts
on the malady that is claiming
many of the deer rung in; in I'oug
las county was read and discussed.
The O. H. (. report showed that
the malady was due to six differ
ent afflictions, caused by parasites,
and that the infestation was of
long standing. The report staled
t hat the epidemic was due to an
exceptionally long wet season. It
was reported that the game co?n
m Km ion was distributing medicinal
salts in Douglas county In an ef
fort to halt the disease.
A resolution was adopted voic
ing disapproval of the Norbeek
bill, which places game reserves
under federal control, nnd voted
to senl Commissioner Clifford to
the annual convention of the Izuak
Walton Anglers association at
Omaha, Neb., in May. ile will
make a speech on the growth and
propagation f Hungarian pheas
ants in this state.
Deputy Superintendent of Fish
Screens W. It, Coleman of Medford
discussed the electrification of the
power dam ot Gold Ray, in the
Rogue river, as a fish protective
measure. No nction was taken.
The fish commission spent the
morning inspecting fish hatcheries
In this county.
The Oregon Game Protective
association, also In session, spent
the mornfriR discussing the power
dam situation In Oregon streams,
and n resolution to be Introduced
this afternoon Is expected to be an
argumentative nolnt.
M. L. Lynch of Redmond. Jj. A.
(Wright of l.nlon, Matt Corrfgan of
McMlnnville, ( K. Miller of Port
land, Ren Dorr is of Eugene mem-
meeting of the game commission
t today and the Hportmeri H bani'iiel
! t-Sitiht.
( Ivllliilifiil I'rogre-'M'M
,ir';,,U'V' Al,r11 n W Ainnliil-
Is'"h K,lhn- kinK of Afghanii-tan.
n 1 n"' ln- removed by n
km,wn "l""'iallst, I'lofeoi
hi ken Th" l,e,atlu
completely lucct-Miful.
uriLurui ui
Desired to Keep Husband
Home Nights, So Port-
JWomansed Unique;
Method, Police Claim j
Maid Choked by Robbers.' nii,u" ,,r whl,h 11,1,1 Im,m ai-
. lively behind the McNai y-1 laugen
bill, was. Dawes" campaign inan-
rOHTUXU' Ore., April 11. (Af j ager and that this explained
Police announced today that Mrs. ! I'eek's desire that the senate pass
Klenore Collier. admitted tola bill certainly to be vetoed.
them that she had set the stage
tor a "chloroform attack" on her
last nlKht. in a desire to' keep lier
I husband a! home nights.
When her husband returned
j home last night from a meeting
! lie round the odor of chloroform
i in the apartment and a gag in her
j mouth. When pulire failed to find
I evidence thai an intruder bad en
tered through a window, the wife
Is said to have confessed.
The husband, following adjourn
ment of a union nieetiiv; ho attend
ed, went directly to his apartment,
the Ferris court. He found the
door of the apartment locked nnd
later ascertained that a cedar chest
had been shoved against it.
With the assistance of friends
the door was forced. Mrs. Collier
was found uiicouaeious on tho bed,
a chloroformed gag in her mouth.
When the young wife regained con
sciousness Shu pointed to an open
window, access to which could he
gained from tho ground, and re
peatedly muttered "Man."
Mr. and Mis. Collier left their
apartment at about the same time
last night. He went to thu union
mcciiu. unu Hue accompanied a ;
girl cnum to a skating rink.
Mrs. Collier returned ut 11 p. m.,
undressed and lay down upon the
bed to read. She fell asleep and
declared she rememberst nothing
until she regained consciousness
after the return of her hushund. '
Choking and beating a maid at
the homo of Isador Koshiaml, on
Montgomery drive, into uncon
sciousness, a man and woman loot
ed the house yesterday, taking a
$:"f0 fur coat, a $1X5 clock and
other property.
When Mrs. Kbshlnnd returned
home she found the maid, Ida ller
vela, on (he floor.
C H. Jackson reuorled to the po
lice that he was attacked by two
men on his front porch. They ran
without attempting robbery, being
fii'-hicncd by his cries.
fi.M.KM. (no.. Apr. II 'Pi I..
I.. Sunn of Alliilny. nH-lnlx-r of th1
legislature at the 1'ilt, and;
l!u'C M'i.lonH, is not a randl'lntc
for re-election, but filed torl-iy as a
f-;irilMut in
the reptihlj. an nom -
inath.n for dNtrh-t nttnrrwy fori' vain r the company at more
I Cinn county. Swan i n member than
"f he so'iial Iwglhhitlv coininl;-! ",l myutHM that the proper-
; '-"e on the repeal rf ntiKob-to lit
Among other candidate who fib-d
today wuh: ' Ti"tluiony dilgned to ithow that
Oi-nrge A. r-odillnt?, Medford, j Sinclair al one time com-ddercd he
dfinocrat, for dlmrlet attorney fori'""1 n,:",,' ''l"e to n hundnd mil
Jai knon county, ,,,n ,Hlt ut dal was Introduced
. 14 j by the govi-imoent afler It had
Oregon Wcinlicr. j flint cKtubllshed that all of the
Oecrifional rain, tonight nnd ! of tin- Mammoth enmpaanjr
Thursday. Mild lemperatun. K'roug : hud gone to Sinclair In exchange
Mouth to went wlnda on the coiiat. r the lease.
I !
Brookhart Charges Meas
ure, Sure of Veto, Used,
As Means to Boost Can
didacy of Vice President
Just What Happened'
to Lowden.
Kuliveiicd by chargi-s of delay to j
gain political support for Vice
1 -resident Dawes in the coming
republican convention the senate
tinned today to consideration of
additional amendments to the Me- 1
Nary-1 laugeu farm relief bill. 1
l.cadern hoped to pft'd up this
program ami have ihc measure
ready for a vole in a few days. j
What will happen when thu bill
finally gets to the While House is
mt known, but It was plainly Indi
cated yesterday that If the equali
zation fee provi-slim Is retained at
passage, even at (be alternative of
withholding Its application until
other surplus crop marketing ma
chinery fails, It st amis little
chance of receiving IM'eslilent
Coolitlge's approval.
Senator I'.rooUhart, republican
Independent' of Iowa, one of the
opponents of the bill, took the
senate by surprise when he charg
ed, during a let-up in the amend
( rm nt discussion proceedings, that
I (lie measure had been held up by
j those friendly to Vice President
t Dawes to bring the vice president
(to the front as a presidential can
MlUlate. This was denied by Alc
! Nary.
I The lownn, who was In the late
Senator LaKollette's camp hi the
i 1 !;M presidential race, said the
!;'"" ;' r'"."r
I issue into the last stages of the
1 prc-eonvenllon campaign and that
llmwes was running for the presi
dency as a mipporler of the mea
sure which should be called, "the
t)aweH bill." " "
lie declared that Cleorgo N."
I'eek. bead of Hie corn belt coin-
Uronkharl stnod unwavering In
his claims after emphatic denials
were put In the record also by
Senator Watson, republican, Indi
ana, candidate for the presidential
no ni inatiou, n ml supporter of the
farm bill, and Senator Gooding,
republican, Idaho.
"They nay that the farmers are
for I.owden," the lowan shouted,
"but poor old Lowden has been
double-crossed, criss-crossed, cross
eyed and cross-legged out of about
everything from ihe presidency to
the governorship."
Rioiikhart did not blame Hoover
as Peek charged in ail article In
serted In the record, fur deflation
of agricultural prices. The secre
tary's control over agriculture dur
ing the war. ho said, "wasn't re
sponsible for Increasing the far
mer's debt or for the increase in
the farm bankruptcies."
WAMIINfiTON, April 11 .(!)
Kvldcnc WHH Inlroiluccd 111 llio
trial of Harry K. Hjnclulr today to
hHow that afler eonKroHH became
IntoroHliMl In the Teapot JJoma
leaao, Albert U. Kail tflfKrapheil
hi executive HHHtxtant liere to
havo KIllL'lalr furrilxh a 1250,000
bond from ft HUrety company in
stead of a pci-Honal bond to done
the oil deal.
The telegram HUbmllte.l hy the
Koverninent i j. Htafford
to "notify Sinclair boat rurnlxli
Heeur.ty company bond In view of
the leaflo."
Stafford replied tho mailer
would rcc.lvn pionipt attention.
Owen ,j. HohirtH, government
eountiel Ihcn reviewed Sinclair's
leMllmotiy before the heln.te nil
committee over tho proteat of tho
In the testimony Sinclair wild
testimony Sinclair
some of the hhures rif the Main-
' moth oil company which got the
' Teapot leaxo were selling around
(" a Hi:we and he placed the mar-
ticH wmi Id be worth more than
! ?1 '"."'',,"''n, he said.
Windy Bill and Crowe Suf
fer Stinging Defeat at
Polls Scant Solace for
Losers Al Smith Wins
52 Delegates.
CHICAGO, III., April 11. (1
Rising in mighty revolt against the
political faction headed hy Gov
ernor Small and Mayor Thompson
of Chicago, republicans of Illinois
yesterday buried them under an
avalanche of hostile ballots that
swelled the record-breaking; propoi.
lions today ns belated returns piled
up the totals.
Ruried under the load of ballots
with their "America first" banner
tho Small-Thompsou-Crowe candi
date for governor, the factional
candidate for United States sena
tor, all the candidates for lesser
state offices, the factional leader
running Tor state's attorney in
Cook county and even Mayor
Thompson himself.
Kmergiug victorious from the
hottest and most acrimonious pr
niary campaign an entire slate
sponsored hy United States Sena
tor Charles S. Deneen won with
the heads of the ticket currying
majorities expected to reach or ex
ceed 400,000 votes.
Virtually the only solace the
Small-Thompaou-Crowe faction ob
tained was control of the republi
can machine in Cook county'nnd
nominations to a few minor offices
in the county, whllo Congressman
Martin It. Madden, sponsored by
this faction, had won over William
DnwHon, his negro opponent.
CHICAGO, 111., April 11.
Yesterday's stale-wide primary
election put n formal sanction on
at least fi2 delegates for Governor
Alfred K. Smith of New York at
the democratic national convention
next June.
The regular democratic organiza
tion, which favors tho Smith can
didacy lor president, had no con
testy in Chicago, Down-state there
were three of four places for which
democrats opposing Smith had
filed. Returns from those voting
places were not available early to
day. Governor Smith's nnme was writ
ten on thousands of ballots in Cook
county, many republican ballots
even boarlng his name written in.
WASHINGTON, April 11. (f)
PreHldimtliil niimurlon in IUIiioIh
and NebniHkii yesterday uml party
conventlotifl In Heverul other HlnteH
chanKed dcloKato totnla Bomowhat
but did tint nffect the rchitlvo rank
liK of the different candidates.
With retnrnn still incomplete, from
both Illinois and Nebraska, the
lineup, on the basis of dclcxates
actually selected' to date, appeared
as follows:
Republicans Hoover (Instructed
and claimed I, lftl; I.owden, 130;
Curtis, 'ii; Norrls, 20; Hortili, 11;
preference in doubt, 109.
Democrats Smith ( Instructed
and claimed), 241: llccd, !lli;
(leorno, 2; Hitchcock, 18; prefer
ence in doubt, KK.
WASII1NUTON, April 11 (Pi
Interest here In the Illinois primary
centered chiefly In tho efforts of
Km nk I,. Smith to win the republi
can senatorial nomination.
Smith's defeat was generally re
garded here as mennlng that the
republican voters had ratified the
nction of the senate In refusing him
a seut on account of contributions
made to his primary campaign two
years ago.
Unless flovernor Small appoints
a successor to Smith who is ac
ceptable to tho senate, his Beat will
remain vacant until after the No
vember election.
COIX'MlirH, Ohio, April II.
(A'f Ccorge It e m u s, Cincinnati
wife slayer, today waa refused
bail by the slatn mipreme court
and imiMt remain In the Lima
hospital for criminal insane until
further action In taken In his
fight for freedom.
PORTLAND, Ore., April 11. Oft
Falling three stories and landing
on his feet, Oral, 20, window
washer, suffered only a vacture
of the left leg below tint knee.
Oral slipped on n wet sill nt the
Abingdon building after having
loosened his safety belt to change
from one window to another.
Big League Teams Greeted
by Chilled Fans Nota
bles to Hurl First Ball in
Three Cities Seas o n
Promises Many Thrills
and Stars.
CINCINNATI, April 11. iffy
Smart base running and timely
hlttliiK Kuvo the Clnclnnntl Reds u
5 to 1 victory over the ChlcaKO
Cuba in the opening mime ot the
National Icaguo season here.
R. If. K.
CIliciiRO 17 5
Cincinnati 5 5 0
Hatieties: Root and Hartnett;
Luitue and Hai-grave.
R. H. E.
llnstnn 2 8 0
New York 6 10 0
Smith and Taylor; Denton anil
H. E.
Philadelphia 4 10 0
Brooklyn S 7 2
Hint! and Wilson; Petty, Elliott
and IIuimeaveB.
R. H. E.
St. Lottlg 4 6 3
Detroit 1 7-3
Cirny, lllaeholder and Schanne:
IlillltiKs, Stoner and Shea, Wood
all. R.
H. E.
Washington 8 10 1
lloston 4g o
Marherry and Tate; Russell, Wil
son, Dennett and Haftnan.
(Uy the Associated Press)
Cold weather HasohuU'u nem
esis, cast a chill about a majority
ot the elKht parks for the major
league tipcnhlKS today hut the eri- '
thuHlnxm of Impatient fanis was
such that shortly after noon 250,
ooo customers were rendy to move
to tho battlefields. The cold, raw
weather, ' with heavy clouds In
eastern cities, suggested that the
"worming up" of players would he
only a gesture.
Washington fans who partici
pated In an ndvance opening yes
terday under unfavorable wenther
conditions, wrapped themselves in
blankets and indications today
were thut fanB in several cities
would follow the capital example.
flovernors wore ready to toss Out
the first bnll and tho presidents of
the two leagues and Commissioner
Lnmlls wore adding a touch of dis
tinction to three cities.
(Hy Ilrlnii Ilell, Associated Tress
KportH Writer.)
Daseballs weighted with pennuut
hopes and fears today bring tho
j game nome to more than 400 ma-
- i.n)via unu u quarter
of a million fans.
Opening of tho season in eight
cities will produce material for tho
compilation ot box scores nnd a
standing of tho clubs on which thu
championships will ultimately be
awarded. , f ,
A shivering Washington, crowd
snw the Senators and Boston Heil
Sox offer a prologue yesterday.
American league fans today will
see the curtain rungi up at Phila
delphia, Bout on. Detroit and Chi-
".llio too uiionui league :s
rstartlng another baseball year nt '
-ew tor. iiroogiyn, hi, l-ouis anil .
Heavy artillery has been massed
on every front for the opening but
tle. Each manager wants to get
off In at least temporary triumph
and play.ers have been told In vig
orous terms that a game won In
April may decide a championship
In Into September.
Tho opening finds the usual va
riety of changes. Ambition. VAim-.
isters will be found on every club
I knocking at the door of opportun
ity, wnnc a quota of veterans has .
fallen tinder the handicap of bail
legs and arms, and. passed out ot
the picture, '
More than the normnl number of
former major league players who
have served sentences In the min
ors hnve disproved the truth of tho
snylng that they do not come bock
for here they are again. . .
Thero was no Walter Johnson to
nnswer the rallying call of the
Washington fans, "Hey Harney,"
when the Senators and Ked Sox
lined up yesterday, lluck Wheat's
sunburned face will bo missing to
day nnd the swarthy Jacques Kour.
nler will not hear n major league
fan cry "Hit it out of the lot,
The sun will not he dimmed by
the brilliant red undershirt of Itnb
Hhawkey when the Yankees emerge
from their dugout.
To pick up the bnt nnd glove
dropped hy the players passed on
to the minora the some minors have
sent up young arms and legs tn
carry on. Eddie Morgan, s'nnd
Ing out in a crop of promising
young outfielders, will bid for the
favor of Cleveland fans, while St,
Louis has flrannon nt second and
Kress nt short to carry a formid
able Infield burden.