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"jobs must ho lml for tlio fol
lowing ball iluyern as 1 cannot
hold on to them much Ioiiko..
Dunsmulr, Wi-eil and
Falls have all secured
work for
their players, certain y
hiiuiiiu iiv r...
a few players," Biiya Managur Hall.
"Twenty-five years ano 1 could aet
work for idaycrH, now I cannot
Bet one player work. I don't ex
pect anyone to Klve work to play
ers unless the players can tlo the
work bh well as anyone else, l.ut
1 must have work for (he follow
ing players: ,
"Number one cutcher and out
fielder, stniiK hitter, wants to lo
cate hero permanently, neat up-
nearanca. 2:! vears old. Has work-
ed three yenrs in wins furnlsliliiK
and sportlni! Roods, as salesman. :
A catcher and third baseman, :
extra strotiu hitter. Will work In
box factory, sawmill, warehouse,
etc. ' Medford team needs both
these men.
"Third baseman, trained this
nprlnK with an eastern team on
the Pacific conBt. This player Is
willing to work at anything he can
get and you may he sure that life
Medford loam needs a good third
"Pitcher, prefers part time or
light work. The fans will have
to pass on this player's ability."
Manager Hall wishes all play
ers who desire to try out for the
Medford ball team to bo ut the
fair grounds Stindny, April l.r al
10 a. m.. and :i:vi p. in., when
practicing will begin. After suf
ficient practice two teunm will he
selected lo play n series of games
and the players best qualified will
be selected to mako tho regular
Experienced players are wanted,
thouKh any young players showing
'promise will bo encournged in
order to develop moro players who
live III Medford.
US A NCI EI..EH, Api'II 7.-M')--Urme
(.'unnliiKham, youni; AukI
i-iKbt hand pitcher, who wua
loiockeU out of thii box in tho firm
inning of "Wedneariay'a Kaine, held
the Portland Heavers to five hila
fodny and turned fn a 5 to 1 vic
tory for Ijih AnelPH.
Harbec'H homer In the aeeond
prevented CunninKham from aeor
liiK a ahutout. Jt waa Iturheo's
fourth' circuit clout of tho aerlea.
Heoro it. H. E.
Portland 1 G a
1um AiiKelea fi 8 i
(Nile Kiul HeKo; (uniiluKhnm
and Hannnli.
The Han Kranelaco club totlay
continued lla wlnnttiK atrenk by
defeatliiK the Seattle Indiana by
n acore of 4 to 3, in a Kume that
went ten Inning. Heat tie appar
ently had tlle Kiitne Hafely Klnwnl
away In the elk'hth Inning with
three runa a two tally Irad over
the Heala. Heavy stick work in
the ninth, however, avu San
KrnnelKco two runa and tho win
ning run tame in the fourth.
Score: U. H. K.
Seattle ;t K 1
Kan KntuciNco 4 i 3
Martin and
and Sprinz.
Schmidt- Uuether
(lAK'LAN'l). Cil., April 7.-M11
Kinney. Hollywood t wirier, fail
ed to fool takland batsmen at
the first Saturday mat! net of the
season today. The . home club
stick men pounded Kinney for
fifteen hits and won by a score
of s to ;(.
The Daks staged a batting rallv
In the seventh, bringing In four
Score: n. H. k.
Holh wond a S (
Oukland " s l
Kinney and Agnew; KraiiM- and" H,luW ' lh" HMu yterday at
lun j one o'clock. They were quests of j
I lite Mall Tribune. l!orgo A. Hunt, j
HAf'ItA M KXTO, A in it 7. --(,Ti and S. Ii. Meudonliall, mamiKer of '
Hatting rallies in tlie third an.tihe Itialto theiHcr.
fifth innings during which nlue
lilts were registered off the dellv-!
ery of lanky I-'.d Cry an. rim bled
the Sacramento tm set ut Hers t"
hang up their fin li straight lr
tory over the M Ission at the In - j
cal hall park this afternoon, 7 to
2. '"
Three fast double plays aided'
In encompassing tlie fifth siocoh
Ive downfall of the Missions.
Score: U. It. l:
Missions 2 m
Hacramento 7 M a,
Hryan, (ht'.nes and Whitney.
llremtel: KeaHnu and S. ejrld. ;
"Hull. I conhl Uavv thrown Al
Kni-Asiek in 30 minnles." boasted !
William Saiidiihl yesterday at the I
county jail, where he has been !
confined for moiiio time as ihe re
sult of heing arrostecl last year
on a eheargo or transporting moon
Rhfn. Sandtthl. whose Ifmo
hooii bo up, claims that no aa
throw anv wrestler on the coast
in :i0 miriuleH with Iho cxeeptlon
of Ted Thye. who ho admits is
a much better man.
"Why," continued Sunilahl, 'l
could ko right In the riiK from
the jail hern and throw Karaslck,
and I haven't ben training for
month." H la wondered If local
promotern will take Bnndahl up on
his boaat
Kdlnon ayn those who sleep
lnni.n.t v,nt.iU
April ". . Illinois triuniihed
over Southern California by the
mur;ln of two points in
i a H ack and Held
meet hero to-
( day thl( WUB m)( awUll,d ,,, the
final ovent on Iho program. The ; iiko, wub married to him ovor fit
scon, was: Illinois 04; Southern I yrs In fact, Mrs ('limeade's
California B" I 'narried life was striking evldonte
l.e.l hy their sophomore distance married couples knew more
uce, Oavo Abbolt, the loiiK-wlnded I about what It meant to lio "lirty
runners of Illinois swept clean ull i ty tliun most young couples
places In the mile and two mile, I nowadays do who spend their time
and annexed places In the 410 and I talking about It.
SSii that were not doped In their! , Al"-1', "'-' d tlle, !"'-''' e,r-
favor, to give dill's aggregation a j Hnu mM yesterday, when lalklu.-r
im hit ronmlnf on tn.'it wns threat -
ened on only one or two occasions
land then not seriously
The Oraime and Hlue,
also was
flaunted In the Trojans' faces in
(lie shot put, discus utid high jump.
The Southern Callfornians were at
their best l.i the two dashes, the
llltnlles, broad Jump, pole vaull, I
and Invelln. hot Illinois ;;rabbe(l
a nolnl here anil there which com-
blued with the great leud taken
In the illstance events were enough
tot give victory to the pride of
the .Middle West.
STANF'OHI) ST A 1)1 tT M, Cal.
April 7. Ktanford univoraity j
defeated the. Olympic club track J
team hy a nroro of K7 to A here ,
t h 1 k iifternoon. Keoriim clean
HWeepH In tlle ahnt put and juve -
t ii throw, th Carriit piled up 44
pointH in the field evetilH uainHt Mono County, Culiforniu. -eleven
for the Olympic club, ; loiter they sold out and moved
cnoimh to mi in tmcli u aiibatantial I to Humboldt county and then, 41 1
lead that (tin Olympic flub could ' yeara it'io. they moved to Jackson!
not ovorconnj it. County, On;on, and nought thoir :
! ranch at Kawlo Point, which alio'
, HKUKKLKY, Cal., April 7. iA1) H( owna. Ten yearH before ho!
ScoriiiK uulooked for points In j died. Mr. CiiiKcudo told bin wife
many eventa and ninulti'; true to that lie waa KhiK to deed lier
form in the olhera, the track and 1 everything h owned. '
field team of the 1'iiiveralty of I ..'vou wortd aH hard na I did,
Caliiornia deteuted tho I'niveraity alu, he,)e( mnk OVerytliinK we I
of Caliiornia al l.oa AhKulea,
in) i :t to 121 on California Held
hure today.
Iter'H fee In the old days, slfce said, i wuh made ben- laylveek iy tlo
i "Well, wo paid him $:'0." J'- L. I'icturPH Co'l'"iy., will
Tho JlKJTB and MaKMio cartoon Mrs. (Ingcado had six children, arrive early tomorrow fur ahdw
conteHt HpoiiKiinMl hy tlie Mall Tri- two of hop sons living in Kaglellng tomorrow matinee and night,
Initio and the (ieorgo A. Hunt com- Point, and two other sons and a i followed by showiuga on Tuen
tuinv wiiii-h i'IohimI VMHienlav whmi ' tlauKliter in California. Anolhor of (day and WednnHday. in viw of
tho work of it7 youthful iiHplr-
antH niiiKin-i hetween four and U'
years old waa displayed on Ihe
front window of tlie Mall Tribune
hitsliicHs office, and the angrenu
tion nl' aitiHts were admitted Into
tho Hlallo Theator to see the
lltihKing l'p Father" feature film,
wuh a success trom overy stand
I'robahly no greater amount of
artistic talent was ever encouraged
in the very yonm of the city,
than In tho Jlggs and Maggie con
test which extended over n per
iod of two weeks and wuh entered
heart and soul hy those who could
draw and thoH who win bed to. The
4117 young artlHts and their friends.
avi-raguig in i ram i u in an ai i -
1st. crowded in iront. oi i no iMaii
Tribune office all yesterday morn
ing ami throughout the afternoon
and evening, studying the various
drawings submitted.
As enthusiastic as the children
in the eon test, wen the parents
and friends of the youngsters,
many of whom also made special
trips to the Mall Tribune building
to view the exhibit.
The names of the four first prize
winners as well uh ihe cartoons
of all the young artists will re
main pasted on the front windows
over (he weekend lor the bene
fit of those who have not seen
them. Those winning first prizes,
consisting respectively of a month,
three, two and one week, passes
) to tint Hlalto Theator, were.
'Thomas Harvey, age nine. Krnest
i Smith, uuc in, Helen Smith, 'age
til' and (ieorue Matliew. age 11.
Kvery entrant was given a ticket
,( ,,lt' "Hilngiiig l'p rather" film l
The Mtdfor.l school board In
compliment in the senior elites
graduating vU if the high!
schitol. has decided not lo bold
ttv regular meeting next Tues
day night, so that the board mem
bers can attend "t'n(f". the an
no il senior class play, which will
be pi (se tiled ut Hunt s Craterian
treutre that name night.
This tlet Iston is all Hie more
of an honor when it Is kimwt
'bat the school hoard has been
working for weeks past on the
problem of m' the teacher
appointments for next eur.
In view of the fa. t that th
win t.H no vo.ird meeting
wcrk tne itst of teacher selections
Will probably not b, made public basket. The prettiest basket will'
until week nfter next. The list'reelve a ;irle. Take voiir friend. I
Is not (Uite ready, altbo It
understood thai the mtijortty of
l lie teacmiig Heieciioos Have been t
Tlppiiin l a fonliKh und usto.
"love, honor and
formerly In
the marriage
cere.nuii, .. .....I, '" ""
KaKle I'olnt, a 40-year resident of
Jackson county, who at the tljne
of her husband's death three years
;1" " "i "hi hiiiu uiuiun iii
Medford, "Mr. Clngcaile had
actly lie cents left; and as wo
walked down the church Btcps, he
took out his two dimes (every
thing ho had In the world l handed
me one and kept one himself,
l-'rom then on, we divided every-
" -''lui i sun nave uie iwo
'Hmes, and am going to take them
. '"I" tow" '""I I'"
them In my
safety deposit vault. They are for
my children," she said.
Asked how they managed to get
aloi:. on ten cents apiece, even in
the old days Mrs. Cingrndu said
that Immediately after they had
been married they hired out on
a neighboring ranch together for
$MI. she doing the cooking and .Mr.
Cfngcndc running the stock. They
1 invented their money in at nek und
I finally took up a ImmeHtcitd in
have," ho told her, and although
there had always been an tinder
atanditiK that It wau a pnrtnerahli,
he had the property transferred to
her name.
Uetui iilnr to the Hiibject of their
early at art, the pioneer woman waa
iihKwI "Why did you pay the
reachper at all, when you were aa
hard up aa that?" and nho answer
ed:. "Well, 1 Kiieim you modern
.younttatera think ulamt thiima dif
ferently than we did. We'd have
paid that preacher if wo know wo
1 mm to starve to ucaiu auerwania.
iteKardiiiK the cuHtomury minia-
children died several ' years
riic local Ie Molay
Qiuen cun
I'ide which
entered In
which is to de
Med fun I girl is to be
Ihe slale contest a
I 4 and it was startei
J day, when local I t
Kelani, Mav
here yester
Molay mem
bers tin ml tint I'd eight run lest ants.
They are: Kdna Mae Welts, Kl
noi a Hula tnler, 1-Mith St ump. Ro
berta stem n, olive Lantis. 1 )or
othy Itidd-lt. Uuth llowne and
Lillian Walker. rtnther nntnina
ttons are In order. The votes will
he published In tlie Mall Tribuie
following Ibelr counting eaeh
Saturday and Wetlnesilay.
or tin- etinte
Any Mill Is eligible to enter
this oVut("t. All nominations
must be made by a member of
the Medford Chapter of the He
Kvery girl is given 1000 votes
when the nomination is made with
t lie contest member. No mi un
Hons may
ite made mull Hi
leM rlohes.
Votes will lie counted and an-
noum cd on each Wetlnesilay and
Saturday niglu nf the content.
The votes will be counted and
j certified by the local contest
manitger and the adlor.
j This cunt eM will close on Sal
, m day, April lis. 1 '.'I's al 7 p. in.
I The Medfoi d (liecn will lie an -
nnnnred by the manager and tlie
ad vinor.
Votes will rost one rent each.
luxes will lie placed at Hie fol
low in places: Chamber of Com
merce. High School. De Molay
ball. Vole may be given to Hie
manager id advisor.
The winner of the local con
test will be frt'tu to Salem, Ore-
gun. and entered in the state
test there on Max" 4 and ..
Basket Social
Con I ml Prxtn
w villi v m von
jug dt'P!lt' rorpnralton roiiiniiHn-
im- .it SiiI.mA with W. K. Crows.
A 1..11II11I lnvttutUm i rtrnd" Wn, ,V, ,p i iis,i. lali-l
el lo nil lo Join In nn cvrntni; "I'm linv inl-lii'. Mr. IVilillim
iMil.Ttuiiiniont to'.low.Ml ly 11 lak-!!rlv,,(1 ,lf, Vorl,l war ovrr
.1 foi lill nl ('.mini 1'ollH. rridav . .M. .....l ., lirommcnt mrnilN-r
ovonlilK. April U I 7 S0 l. 111.
1 A II 1a0 are Invited to take
Hemlnrson will act as aue
HAMILTON. ltermuda. Apr. 7
iVi Andrew W. Mellon. American
j lu-crotary of tho trwiKury. hn itr-
I The month Just past was the
j"0"1" - '
.Muivn ul record in nie
of the .Meilford weather
I ,,,.,,, ,le ,,. predpitat uf
which, 3-24 Inches, was almost i
three times the past average fnl"
Mareh. The greatest amount to
fall In any 24 hours lust month
was .!I2 uf an Inch, on the liili-J
2'ith. Meusurubte amounts of rain I
fell on lit days and traces of rain,
oil three more days. A trace of'
snow fell on the IMlll. j
Cloudiness during the mouth
was high, and sunshine was de
ficient, only two days were clear,
five were partly cloudy und -were
cloudy. Dense' fug form1
on one dnv. Kulur halos were oh
served on two days, lunur hales!
on four, and rainbows on two I
j days.
j 'I'herc were four frosts durlii'V
the mouth, but only the one on
jlhe 14th could he classed of the
j killing character. Although vegetu-
tion. especially fruit trees hud
showed considerable ailvancc-
llli'lll I'j iiitii iiiii, li i. lie ui in'
dainaKe resulted. The exceaivu
rluiKlinesM and freiiient occur
rence of rain prevented the for-
.... ,
I 1 1 trlt WilM I'UIIillUI'l ilUlR 1 1 in "
iimtinn nf tiMiitipriiturp iiniini; the ""
n . nrh 1 ri?v t! .!l,s ,hp niullier- wllh I,ol,uW Ford" I
chanKeH wore mostly Himill," aaya
h. Walter Ilck. the meteorolontst
in chaise of the Medford weather
bureau, from whom the. above
in I urinal ion waa obtained.
Tli mean temperature for last
month was 4it.4 decrees, a de
part lire of :t-4 degrees above th
IMist average for the month. Tb
higlH'Kt temperature' SI degrees
on tile 1 K(h, and tlle lowest wn
:il.4 on the 14th. On the date
of the monthly maximum the
range wna 43 decrees.
On that day the temperature
rose steadily and rapidly from the
minimum of :tS at ti:4r a. m. to
the maximum of 81 at 3 p. m.
Tlie developed filniH . of .."Tho
reporter," two-reel romedyi whieh
tho fiut that Medford- penidi- ap-l
peared in practically all of th" j
srenes, interest in the showing oi'jSSS
tho picture Is high and the then-1 z
ti e is expected to show capaelye ! Sjjjj:
houses al every performance. j
Tho plot of the story deals; with
the experiences of
presumably uu the Mail Tribune
dally grind. Scenes in the picture':
include a demonstration of a new
life-saving machine, invented by
L. K. Morris of Santa Ana, Calif.,
ami shows 1:1m making a descent,
(it her scenes feature' fieorge Mad
dux, tlie colored siiinotogist. Tom- .
ipy Henderson, four-year-old son j
or .Mr. and Mrs. limi Hemierson
and members of tlie fire depart
f Jene 1 l'alt liyinon, who Iwm
had yeai of cxperienee in inoviv
work, takes the lead and ' plays
opposite Nancy Cornelius, who is
a living resemblance of Clara.
How. Lay nun by his comic ait
I les assures the success of the
picture- and with the good acting
on the pint of .Miss Cornelius, the
worth of the comedy ran not be
The dlreelorial woti; was In
charge of Charb-s Uorely, a movie
comedian as well as a director,
while Hie photography was In
charge of Tillie dabbani. who 1ms
been employed for Hometimo as a
Tathe News cameraman.
Attorncy Ceorge todding an
nounced yesterday that he would
Hie for the candidacy of the of
fice of district attorney of Jack- ;
sou county. This announcement '
was "extracted" from Mr. Cod- .
ding. aH a result of continual org-
log by his wide circle of rinedsj
1 It i.iiii 1)111 11 nl v 11 Oil ii ul-7-sl ni 011
the iKirt of reporiers. and after':
diiii considi'ratit;n on Hie part of
the cnndtdHte himself.
f Thus far, Attorney Codding I
the only democratic candidate
running, the deadline for 'filing
ibetng April n. Mr. Codding has
j lived ill MetH oiM since 1 I It, hav-
: lug come here shortly 'alter his
1 graduation from law siiool at
the Willaamette Cniver.-it at Sn-
From ll'in li 1:T. he scniil
. ,1,. local l.tKlon.
I'll A 1! Ll'STON. W. Vu.. Apr. 7.
Ayh A new unnle was given the
' mee f..r Vm Virvlnla's H dele-
Kiurs to the republican national
i convent ion with the filing today
by Houston (. loung, of a certlfl-
: rate of candidacy na a delet-ate-nt
Inmo plodKd lo nupport ioorclry'
- ' mander Spafford. Frank Jones of
T ve,K a, half -pas, ,:ng -tof
the members of tile I.uther League herB yesterday lo attend tlle ro
of the Zion Luther church will ception of National Commander
picxi.nt a pageant of huutn
America entitled I mlor tne
Southern Cronn." AH of the re
publics of South America will be
represented, with their national
flaga, iih folIuwn: Awntlne, Ka-.
titer Hussard; tras.ll, Edna Bro-
i wnlrt: Chile. LouIhc Hohnert;
j Venezuela, Dorothy Andrea
i Louise 1 lussard ; Colombia,
j DemniiT; I'ruRinty, Donulil Vor
1 ner; 1'urnguay, Paul HusHurd; IJo
! liviu. Hoyden BuHHurU; Ecuudor,
() j Arthur Hertocer. 1
M'llU'd -1 1 a. i. v in r n i wim
two attenctiintH, Edna AVolff und
Jhlu Williama. Hernard Andren
will appear aa "rnele Kam." with
two attendanta, Earl 1'ederaon
and Warren Fichtnei. .Ira. Hel
en Hlunkal) will apiear uh Chrln
tlanliy, with the MIhkoh Henrietta
and Loreen IIiiKk'er us nttendents.
In a itlitylet,
"The Search for
Happiness." forms part of the I
paKeuni the parts will be enacted 1
!' the followinw. Kmnm Itohnert. ,
. . M,,.,n
en und Vera Paulson aa children: (
and three young folks. Maria, j contact, and destroyed, using tac
Ireiie Itrewold. Jose. Fred Wolff: tics which he developed; was aen
saimento. Henry Hertager. im American officer In Adriatic
The Luther League of Ainerl- and received Austrian ships which
ca will lie represented by the j were turned over to Americans;
following, bearing shields with went to Paris to report on condi
the Luther League emblem super- Hons in Zara. Flume nud Dalmatia.
imposed on the national shield:,
John Bobnert, Hay mo mi reuer- war is repioie wiiu Hiiccesaiui
son. Clyde Fiehiner. Hernard : American Leuion service in the de-Mo-n.
John Hrewold. Harold Pe-j partment of New York state, and
j derson. Wallace Werner. F.arl
j Kb litner, Kugene White. Klale:
ilei'lnger. Hetty Forden. Vera An -
.iren Dnris Halt. I
No 'admission will be charged,
tli- public Ib cordially Invit-
The tug Oneonta. one and ono-lmlf
days from Seattle, arrived here
last night with two waterlogged
barges in tow.
( jzs
j ss;
- :
(Contlnued from Page One)
close to tl'.u by Monday "eight.
Out of Town Visitors
Vic MacKeuzle, of Salem, Nat
ional committeeman of the depart
I ment of OreRon for the Ameri
can Legion, and Lert Bates, well
known Legionnaire of Koseburg,
arrived hero Saturday to visit local
Legion officials and to attend to
day's receptlou to National Cora-
Edward hiweu hpatrora was norn ,s,,(i ln the adjusted cum
in Springfield, Vermont, March 12, ; )lensal!on fiilt he conducted when
18.8. was educated in the public the Beeretary of tho treasury had
schools, whero ho made a local a ,llvorlte cheme for deuclng the
record as an athlete and a scholar; , taxeg ,,,, u ,V1)8 8tated 0tjrtcjiall
graduated from the naval academy ,llat , h(. adjU8te(, compensation
with honor, and remained in the ! ,,, ,., , ,i ,. iKn
: service until, I u 1, as a
! lieutenant commander In tho Unit -
ed States navy. While a lieutenant
he turned down on offer to be on
the staff of "Klghtlng Epb . Evans
ln order to get clear of staff duty.
He concentrated his ottorts on ,iun-
recordB. .
Mrr- Spafford studied aw at t oi -
umbia university, hut his studies
were interiipted alter two years
when he re-entered the naval serv -
Ice for the World war, whero lie
won the Distinguished Service
Medal and inciuueu me miiowing:
Served on joint merchant board !
and on board of inspection and sur-1
vey; established submarino chaser I
base and fitted out first submarine
chasers for servico abroad: estab-
i8,ed naval base at Corfu,
Greece, 1
alui 80rVed an chief of staff.
.... i, .i
rectiy in cnare oi uu operuuoiis,
credited with first enemy fluhma-
jine ever located hy means of aountl
Mr. Spafford s record Bince the
in the nation as chairman of the
Legion's national naval affairs eom-
Soon after, the war,
after, the war, National
Commander Galbraith felt that the
Legion should take a definite, stand
ion maritime affairs, and he organ-
Ized -the comriiittee, naming Bpaf
j ford as chairman. Each successive
I national commander reappointed
I Spafford until 1H23, when he was
elected commander of the depart
1 ment of New York.'
Temporary Location
Robinson & Meyer
26 South Bartlett St.
Phone 208
To his credit belongs muclnuf the
IsJccessful opisisttion to the ultra
pacifists. Col. Henry llreckinridge.
assistant secretary of war under
President Wilson, slated that had
it not been for the work of the
American Legion, the navy of the
I'niled States would have been
scrapped in Spafford led
the Legion in this defense. j
As state commander of New
York. Spafford took office when n
! referendum was before the people
to determine whether an amenu
inient should be passed in order
i that a bonus might be given to
those who hail served their coun
try. He prepared arguments and
the amendment passed
Llio uliilitv t, msiiiU'ii ht.r IkhIIPS
: re(lui.e(, says a comrade.
; ..0 ,Bmlttl.y r,, 11124. at the Na-
, U()na, Ke) cIub ln New York
c(v Slullonl ,i0)ated with United
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Office: 742 Mrkt St.,San
PUnt: South San Francisco
Hlghrat Quality Jenelry lteiialrln
Quality and Price.
' ' Watch Itcpalrtnc
Diamond Scttlne
. Mall na yonr vanta,
Records Exchanged
Ilrlng In your old records
and exchango them for new
A Small Exchange Charge
Bargain Store
5 South Front St.
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Our Attractive
Facilities Make
Banking a Pleasure
You will find this bank always
ready to render Banking Serv
ices that are so essential to
every one.
The entire office force makes
! von fcel
at home. Our plan
is to have you feel better when
you leave than when you comifc
With this spirit prevailing
banking can not fail to be a
pleasure here.
"Partners In Community
1 Development"