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    Mwronp mvtt; TmrnryTi. ftrePTOTm fmr.fioy. satttrdav. vml ?. ..rjs.
!. Multnomah hotel on (In w an oM pioneer : !W thenj. 8 n N an 08 $ Lot Sec JII W.i- SrlL'X!' i ...V0 TWP
Kr iluv nf th U uonb ot this creek. She was men " - ' " -v a..,..-, .V - ... " ' ' '
Arthur C. Most and James V. known as Miss Nailor. daughter " ' ; .,.,.,1 x,nl,ntntn Vtw A.ia rod: theme South 42.75 rods: ! i -,rVnn ' 1 '
AS HI. AND, April ;. (At Dr. V.
I'hy. owner of the Hot I-ake
Owsley of Silver Luke whom she t home near I'hoenix. Their many
had not seen for thirty years. i friends regret their leaving. j
E. CI. Harlan, chamber of com- i liorn, to Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
The Original Science of
Healing by Adjustment
The educutlonul requirements of'
the osteopathic profe.-iiun ure high, j .
In order to entrance tn i.
school of osteopathy, applicant Sanitarium near I.u Grande, Ore
must furnish Hatisfuctory evidence gon, spoke before the Ashland Ro
of good murui character. They'tary club on Thursday. Mr. I'hy
mllNI Ijl UrUUUU.M HI l.('.-re(1lt.( tu In In ................ n .... '
high schools or schools giving high I invitation fium the l.,.-,.l rhnrnWl.. MeDonough of Sams Mrs.
Ki nuu i io u invn ,
credited literary
leges; inaiUulanis
and other schools
school certificates 1
There ar XU
school courses tn
inresent the minimum
-dlstudy requires four full years of ; be on a paying basis, wood-working shop on Urnnlto j cveek folks attended the grand Sec 30, Two 33, 2W, 1"
Murray returned to Ash 1 a n d : of Mr. and Mrs. Granhtlle Nailor. ti nutti-iot i..., thetu in a I Lots 1. 2. Block 4. 14X54. , theme Kant 56. oy rods to the place
Thursday from a business trip by j The H. S. Lynch plave was men i .urthwetrly dir
automobile to the coast, having j Mr. and Mr. Nailor t
I driven over Monday. . known as the Nailor
Mrs. J. 11. Hyeiiay of Gold Hill Hand claim. Many fiiends
is visiting in Ashlund at the home glad to greet the old
of Mrs. Mhitv Wilshire on Granite ' ouatntances.
"trtreet. Recently Mm. Wiishlre ' Mr. and Mrs. j. 11. Kinney ittnd iw nit 125. V 589. Sec ! . VhJ;:r .Ti. f JuokiwnvilU,. Oregon,
also had as her guest Mrs. . J. moved last week to their new . :n"V ' I " , i i H Lt T .ii'a 4 -5 ' TwI Ss- 1 w 1 5 A- 36 1 lord in Ja.kson County. Oregon.! Des. Vol. 4, V 405-65,,
A respectively. JJU0.U0. iW S4 '-0t HUKk 'I .,, ; . , , ... .. ..... leed Records of Jackson
Kfii-lu liitn. Vrvnra Aiiil. I.ots ' i ,'ul0 hm m. oh"... ....,nV iroirnn t'n lif i .rtiin (
i-.orn. to .r. una r. .... . un.i 2. ni.,..k 2j una i.ik s and Jac
tenon a.i.iiit n.e l)es. 1)H SO. V Hit." "... of '4. Sc.: 27. Tivn 37. 3W.
1 plac..w line of said rlxht of way and i s. 3S2. IU 117. ! 232. Sec A '"' ,rm- " : 60 a. JS18.7K.
donation the Intemi-ctlun of said I'unal with j 15 .Two 3U . 1 K, ABA . J7ll. 44. N1!, and SK'i of Lot No. 3. n..a 1,.,. 1. Vnl 4 P 405
ads were;the South line of l)l.C No. 4. Tp u nw ,1R 8W' . of Lot No li; all In Block j an,-a, "h UH 148.
time ac-;". tn.nce 10 . ace UI oe- lllBl.ay. 1 ' ""-""' 45 and 46. Ueed Kecords of
iKlnnlnt,-. conlaliilng SSA more ori,, ' fc W . as he same Is dellneali U', county. Oreiton. Oallfor-
merce secretary, snoko at the rcR- : Harlow, an SVi-nound dauuhterU m, k it. imi (in 4, S
ular meetlnir of the Kiwanls club 1 Thurs.lav. March ?9. ........... a,..i Jackson
kB.ilivillp. llolman Aid, Lots 1 as the Fame is delineated. . desiu-, J hMon lu Orfl.on ,3 50
6. 7. i. 53 S3 tinted and described on the offic- " ' ' .
ksonville, Jlolnian AoJ, Lot j lal plat thereof, now of record ',,;, A? ' seu " lwp 33'
today. outllnlnK the work plnnned
for the chamber for the' year i28. . week-end with her sister-in-law
t'.oddard spent the;uml u nUk.i "K," 13.78.
Jackson County. Oregon, $182.80. 3U4.2 1.
...(kstMivlllp not .ilutte.I. Lots a ('........eni'lna- In the mluule or I
I K4 0' NWH. NEV,, una Lots I , , . ku. 32. the road at the HYV corner of,7
Lula lean. of l'hoenix. 1. 2. 3. and 130 A oft est end ...i- i.n a e.u u imu,...u w..i...iivtui..r. lwn
K.uuuui.-s 01 ac-iof,11Prw to su,v,.y the possi-1 J v.s.ieu sn.a...i on 1 ueu.. . . Mr. and jtra. James sawyer 01 or in.u .o. id, less c . of xkv,, SIC1 of N ii,,37. It 1V. and runnlntt then.eiau. ti
or scientific col-l.,.,., , Miss May Benedict and MrsJvtiuu' i'hf .mM ,vHr Vrl- IK 161 1 402. Sec 34, Twp so. t ..1. 1 4 ri. ,.f ivt. Ml-:... : r.t.x.v th II.ia of said I t.m.i
of ui.lversiti.jSj KeL.liun Ur ,,.. diatuui.ued ! Horace Mitchell made a trip toj.hiy ,0 attend the play Riven by ' 1 W. 3 1 0 A more or less l.oo.uo Svc sl Tw r. n, G04 , Aij,olk 3, , , xw corner of 31'. T
r.-.iulrlnk- high .ur ' h oluuruu Medfurd Tuesdav afternoon to visit .... .-.... .. .l' Hhoeinx. Lots 22 and i!3. lllock . . -. 8 . 5 nlock 3. then..- West 30 rods: : Htrl 01
TorTu, - missionary ,,., lhe wwk.ena with w,lutltaUJJiU(i.;VUN,l, Sec; J : K
osteopathy. At that the smaller sanitarium would i .. """ iiaients. . m ua n. muck 1. 50.ou. ... t. .,r vw u mkh ,.r vu'n 1 ltl...n 5 li. the center of dedicated f. on.
course of:mu..t .ho i...... W0..1.1 l- 1 ayne, who operates a . nrcc number of Wncner l,,is 1 and 2. of SIVS.ivivi: ... j 1 c... ,. t.. -ii i. ti. K.t u r...l to ula.o I . r...n
nine months each.
The following statements re-
IK. 1C0 A, I188.1J.
l'hoenix, "Lot 1 and 2, Block
U.t r and NEVt of NEi'8eo
38. 3W. 4ti A, f:.4-.u.
Xea. UK T4. P 37. Seo i
Twp 38. IE. Thai cfitaln
parcel of land lylne and
between the- southerly aide ..
if the1 County road leading
Ashland, - Oregon, to Talent, '
on. and .the northerly side
I of beginning, containing 1 5 A land. 1 lino of the O. and I'. Itulli oad
Mrs. Gordon Macfrncken on Har-r"'ef't- WUH lnJl"",ll Tuesday when ,,PninK of the newly remodeled 1 K of iVS, Sec 22, Twp 33, 3V, , ',', No-,1(i nV'C'of NKVi. Sl!4 subject to u right of way to City j r ght of way lying ' opposite to
Rardln osteopathic colleges were1 "'; Aland , mi. shoulder. While!";"1' '" Thov ha a f n.V MlVord. Mountnlnvlew Add
i.ubllslied in the Journal of the.on H eiliiesdny after spending n,,, ... ..... . da n'Kh'- The had a tin.. . Block 1. lio.Oo.
American Osteopa'hlc Association , week In I'orvallls where sjic at- ,,,,,' "7n,'Z,, uml ' ",UB, ",rnl,,nM , SKV. of SKS.. S' of SWVi (n A iliii i,nl 1 Tn 1 1 1W con-
tor February, 1927: tended the state conferenc-iof the : """""" "y"" :'" ,y lhe """ Makers orcnestra HK ,, sb;kl ,lf NEvi f St.v.. One-hnlf Interest In HKM of ! mining 30 A. Said tract of land
n..hi-H il.. A t. ........ o.j ..unit- iui ntn Tninl 1 W.. I 31. S VV 7.1 A I 1 III .UO. ...... . .. . . m .... a . . . . .. . , .1
- I .- : .i ti .4. pec .. iwp j., i vt , -u A, oelllg more ..c.i.i.. ty ...-nv.iuv..
"En trance requirements are ; Daughters of the American Revolu-
steadlly itnpt ovlng and educational i.ion. irM. MacCrucken served as i rerovcry- K. n. Ueames is engnged In1 ljind Ues. Hit 117
requirements within the schools ... . .... ,.,,i..,,i n Tuesday the car registering . ...i. ,.,. . fln. rite, swimming 1 2". Twp 36. 2V.
of NV6. NKi of NKi. Sec 2. of Mcdfom, for pipe line, $85.43. tbo said descrllwd t'uunty . road
Twp 34. 1W. Hiss!) A, $116 88. lxit 4 of Arthur Wilson Kslate.'sldo line, the said atrip of land
SK(, of Xtt, Sec 4, Twp 35, ' situated In anil being part of Sec. I commencing at an Iron stake set
- i i.i. me cuu.i.y roa.i iuu leei
northerly along the said road from t
Tw p 37, 2", 20 A, I being more particularly d. scl tbe.l . tne place wnere Sam roan inter-
$14 75.
las follows to wit: Beginning at a keels the West Una of Ul-C No.
! office in the chnmher of commerce
. :,i r...:;:. ::iV,.; .v..;.; u presiding officer at the recent, ''"' ru "om icreek
" vu" ' ' , : " - loutsiue tne state.
or culiege anu universuy grauu-., . -m...
ates. Mrs. Ralph Billings and Mrs. 11.
0 A, A bin j ..! . vpi; vvi' n..,i a-li ! i..i.ii cr..n. -i.ii.h lhe vw eori.erl48, Twp 38. IK. and extending
... u...,n. hrt,v, nr. Ih M 111 AMI i-u, a uit. , X(. o M,. . IS. 'W. ,.f Mix- 1.1 Two 37. 1 W . Hears ' v ive. ii.ti.iit.riA. ...una m..
City Water Superintendent 1-url
"Laboratory equipment In more E. Hartley attended the Foreign
Hosier states thai Ashland's city
abundant and of a better Knuie. .Mi(Wionury HOCiety c v e n t ( 0 n water supp y w 1 1 ne normal next
Vllnlcs and hoapitals oro leinK.whK.n wuh held
used lo a greater extent for oateo- i hie trainlnK-
There are six chartered osteo-'
pathic colleges reconniBed by the
profecshtn as (Mass A colleges: The
American School of Osteopathy
and SuiKery. KirkHVllle, Mo.: The
C'olleKO of Osteopathic I'hyisiclanH
and t3urKeons. I-os AnneleH. Calif.:
The Chicago College of Owteopathy.
ChicaKO, 111.; The Philadelphia
ColleKH of OHteopathy, Philadel
phia, Fa.; The Kansas City Col
lee of Osteopathy, Kansas City.
'Mo., and the DesMolncMi ColleRO of
fstopalhy and K u r k e r y, Des
Muines, Iowa. The course of in
Htruc'lon Is complete and the traln
ln thorouKh, aa Is evidenced by
the followlnK comnarative curric
Subject rec
o m m ended by
the Asociatlon
of A m e r Mm
Medical Col
leRes with a to
t a 1 of 4 3 6 7
lu Medford on
heavy fall of snow on Mount Ash-
. land at the head of the city water
Mr. and Mm. Cedrlc Myer and
i.. . uauBn Mfiu v- jTldent J. A. Churchill, of the
eral days vislllnff In Ashland and Southm.n 0rtt(ton Normill Hrnool(
have now returned to Klamath John ru)er mcmber ot the
tt,9' . t , board of reRenls, went to Snlem
.M . ndTn.,1 Jen (Wednesday to attend an important
Chemistry and
Materia Medlca
PharmacoloKy .
Medical Zoology
Clinical Miscro-
Physical Diag
nosis. Tract Ice of
T Medicine.
Kye. and Kar
Nose and
Nervous and
Klerto Thera-
and Syphilis
Hygiene and
Public Health
Medical Jurls-
flu hjecte
tnught by the
Associated Col
leges of Osteo
pathy with a
total of 4410
hou rs:
Chemistry and
Principles of
Clinical Mls-
Physical Diag
nosis Osteopathic
Practice of
Kyo and Ear
Nose and
Nervous and
Electro Thera
peutics Applied
and Syphilis
Hvuleno and
Public Health
Medical Jurisprudence.
Osteopathy as a scienoo is able
to treat successfully the following
Bowel Troubles,
Chronic Coughs,
Kye, Ear, Nose, Throat,
High Blood Pressure,
Kidney Disorders,
Ligament Troubles,
Liver Disorders,
Pharyngitis, '
Rectitl Diseases, . ''
Stomach Troubles,
And many others.
(Bights reserved.)
jp q d g d eg
q Windows and Doors g
First Insurance
A. L. HILL, Mtnagaf
Phon 105 80 N. Central
Medford, Oregon
Mrs. U. O. Van Nutta, and Mrs.
C. W. Hanson have returned from
Corvallis where they served as
delegates of Mount Ashland chap
ter of the daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution ut tho state convention.
0. H. Yeo Is 111 with the flu and
confined to his home on Oak street
Leonard Swenson, Jr., a former
Ashlnnd buy, spent Tuesday In this
ity visiting with friends and at
tending to business errands.
Miss Dorothy Nlnlnger, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. A, C. Nlnlnger. 1
md Voyle Kranklln, son of Mr.
ind Mrs. O. M. Kranklln, were
married on Wednesday afternoon
at Grants Pass at the Methodist
hurch. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin
ire both well known in Ashland
where they have both attended the
public schools.
Mr. and Mra. Fred V. Hitchcock
on Oak street left on Thursday for
ueblo, Colorado, called there by
the death of Mrs. Hitchcock's
Dan Kay of the Automotive
Shop spent several hours In Med-
'ord Wednesday attending to busi
Will R. Ulen of Portland, a for
mer Ashland resident, was in Ash
land recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark True spent
Wednesday afternoon in Medford
visiting with friends.
Dorothy Short, who was gradu
ated from the Southern Oregon
Normal school In March, Is spend- I
ng some time at her home near
Henley; Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Hilty of Dunsmuir,
Calif., spent Wednesday In Ash
land visiting with relatives and
Mrs. H. R. Westerberg and son.
Richard, of Ashland spent Sunday
at the home of Mrs. Westerberg's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Nich-
ols of Valley View.
Artro Swingle, son of Mr. ami
Mrs. Frank Swingle of Ashland, a
junior In electrical engineering at
tho State college at Corvallis, has
been elected to membership in Tau
Beta PI, national honorary frater
nity in engineering. Such elections
ire made from the Junior and
senior classes on a basis of man
hood and outstanding performance
In engineering activities ond In
A Delphian board meeting was
held on Wednesday afternoon,
April -1th, at the home of Mrs.
A. H. Pracht on ViHta street. A
three-course luncheon wns served
:o the members at a table lovely
vith Hprlng touches. The nfter
noon was spent In a study of
French drama with special consid
eration of Moliere, Corneillo, and
Raclno. .
The two honorary fraternities of
'he Southern Oregon Norma)
school, Theta Delta Pi, and Thetu
Beta Phi, will sponsor the first
student mixer of the spring term
on Friday evening, April 1 3th.
Stunts will be given by the two
locleiles and the evening will close
vith a dance. The entire student
Sody wllPbe in attendance, os well
is the faculty members.
The first of the state series of
lebates for this district will be
held In Ashland on Friday night,
April fith at the Ashland high
chool, against the Kin math Falls
team. The question is on the six
nercent limitation. Members of
the Ashland team are Dirk ami
Aduna Joy who Inst year were suc
cessful in winning the DeCou cup.
The Friday night debate is the
first one of four which the local
earn must enter If they get into
he tnte finslH.
Marlon (Gus) Moore, son of H.
L. Moore on Liberty street, was
-irtfrt Tuoofiay as president of
t he Hl-Y club In place of Barney
Miller, retiring president, who will
graduate from the local high
school In May. Other officers
dected are Tom Heswlck, vlce
nresident, Happy Smith, secretary.
nd Howard Wiley, treasurer. At
he meeting plans were made for
joint picnic to be ' held after
Viortt. Anril nth. nt Jaekson's
Hot Springs, with the Talent, Cen
tal j-oim, and AshUnd Ht-Y clubs
Mrs. J. H. McGce was a Medford
visitor on Thursday.
C. W. Fortmiller, manager of
the J. C. Penney store In Ashland,
went to Portland Wednesday to
ittcnd the J. (V Penney ronven-
meeting of the board. The pos
sible establishment of another
state normal school at La Grande
may come up for discussion by the
lit). 1 WD .1 0, . 0 I
'...fx . 1 l1'1' ..f WV L' l..uu N
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. S'ngle of;. . sw K 2$ T'VV 35
oint called on their son 1 w, ulso land in K l of SKVi and
and daughter-in-law, Mr. and ISK f XKH. Des. OR 1UI, P 346,
Mrs. H. T. Slagle, last Sunday. ( Sec i!ti, Twp S&, 2W, l&u A,
Mrs. Eleanor Perkins and : f l fuu.uv.
Vtf ur:;i3 I i3$.93 ' ' isouth 74 lUk-rees. 40 minutes West (County road to another Iron stake
Fruuiionu. HEtt f NWU, ! feel, and running ihenc; neiir the County road, the
WH of NWh. U'hs land to J.jNorth sy d.grecs, 48 minutes Kust abuvu lund beinK situate in Twp
Orth. D.s. HR 8. 1 414, and Nfc 838 feet; thence South U degrees. is. R IK, vt . M., Oregon,
ul ..r l: r. i t ( miuiiloM l-.nst lf(ii2.1 feet; , -
as nv ax? a 74s i:k ' Ithimre Xorth Hit degr.-es. 60 mhi- Des. DR 88. P 167, ex-
daughter, Jtan Kllen, called on
Lund Des 1U 63. P 270, and
I nu r i li r.r.v l nuu I,, ml 1 tnu 1 Hi
Mrs. M. W. McC.rew of Talent;1 ' . ,... a,( , F ...
last Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. M. E. Knighton spent last
Sunday with her dnughter, Mrs.
W. R. Jones, of Talent.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bell called
last Sunday on Mrs. Bell's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Job, of Phoe
nix. Mrs. Howard Boyd of Medford
spent the week-end with her par-
A. S431.1H
Eagle Point. Fryers Add. Lots
1, 1'. 3, 4, Block t3. $4.00.
Fract'l NES of NWVi, Set; 1,
Twp 3y. R 1W. 40 A, $117. 9H.
SMt of NE4, NEi of SEU.
Sec aO, Twp 34, IK, $luu.00.
WVs of HWI4, Sec 30, Twp. 3tf,
4W, S A, Wb of SE4 and that
part of lhe Eiist of SVh, Sec
30, Twp. 30. 4v. lytng r; i nav
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, (age Creek and both contiilntng
NEVi of'NEi: Sec 8. Twp 38, Ut,s West HSS feet; theme North eepting 20 A Des 1R 52. P 280,
2W. $31.80. iO degrees. 23 minutes West 1 650. 7, " in i N E . Sec 32, Twp 3, 1W.
u ,,r WW.. vu f spv. ifn't to the place of beginning,
comaiiung au a o
less. $216.36.
Twenty-two and ono-half A off
from tbo entire South sldo of the
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. White and 108 A, also NU f NV Vi j atl. SW, 200 A. $286.06.
mMy of Medford motored to Sec 6. Twp 37, 4W. $6K7.8. , Ni0ii nt.c ii Twp 37
elr Summer home on this creek' t'JT mM A. $24 4.1 0.
SWii of HWVi. Sec lli, Twp 3H,
2V, 100 A, $143 04.
W'j of NK'i. Meo 22, Twp 8S,
2V. K0 A. S58.84.
KM of NK14, SWU of NB i, following descrlheil tract of land
N'H 1, of BKi,, Hec 10. Twp 35. ; lo-wH
2V, 160 A, SL'30.82.
Lot 4 nnd Part Lot 5, SWVi of
Ntt'd, DWli, SVi of BKU less
m 147 l' 6;:'. sec 13, Twp 30.
SW. 343.34 A. 1327.83.
NK4. SH'i f NWU. West 3
X of NICm of NW4. Sec 28, Twp
I'entral Tolnt, lola 13 ond 14.
Block 4. 130.00.
Land Ucs. l)It 85, V 42, See
1, Twp 38.. 2W. 8 A, 76.95.
l'nit of SM, of NK14. part N4S-
of MKVi, llesv 139, I lis.
E. J. Centers la papering a house
for George Gentry of Central Point
this week.
F. M. Centers spent Sunday nt
tho J. Maya home,
Mrs. Bchutte Is spending a few
days in Medford.
Mrs. Hlack has been very 111 this
woek. Dr. Haynes of Ashland was
cnlled Tuesday morning.
Mrs. MacDowell called on Mrs.
Jonea Friday afternoon.
-Mrs. Jas. Mays spent a few hours
Friday with her father, F. M. Cen
ters. Frank Marquess and family were
shopping in Ashland Thursday.
.Jas. MacDowell and J. Mays wero
In Talent Thursday. ' '
D. C. Hale and wife wero Med
ford visitors Wednesday.
Goorge Young went to Medford
Ted Flury is working for Jaa
MacDoweirlhlB week.
Mrs. J. Mayes called on Mrs.
Flury Thursday afternoon.
tneir summer nome on una u. ... . . . ,, niook 'ju 14 no
lust Sunday. Lv,ltl. oiiu. Oak 1'ark Add.
Mr. and Mra. Bynnn Keith Mil w , Hluek 7, and lllock til,
family railed on Mr. Keith's jioo. 00.
mother. Mm. Keith, of Talent. i Meoiord, Frances Add, Lota 9,
1 ' .Idonry anu r ranK iiroy ai-. ..".
I about to get their new dairy barn Medford. Carlt..n Add, Lot 6.
completed. They nre con'empli.t -, .,,'? ;.-i,n a.1.1. Lot 4.
ing riiiini.ig .-a ii.-uu ... ....... i Hluek 6. till. Oil
SW. 100 U'u.ttiil Pni'L' Aibl t.l.t
NolltW of ApiMilnUncill of Ailllllllls-I , 7 ijiu,. 'j J37.G0.
tmtor. Oentri.l I'olnt. link l'ark.A.ld,
In the County Court of the Stale ;U), ,6 mock ., , , 25
... w..h".i ... . liol.l lull. Kiveisuie Aim,, ioi
. - I. Block 2
h.stnie ot, M..,ir....,i xi..k.-ll A.1.1. N 174
purl Lot l,
of Jackson.
In the Matter of the
tleorge . narKer. t.ei easeo. ()f s ;l04
.x.iicw is in-ieiiy H. ". ...... l" Ijilo.-k 1 $44 83
undersigned has been duly appoint- s , . (1'f KU' S(JC 26 Tw 36 . 13
ed and has qualified as admlnls- SI., Illld -u , sw , Sue 34,
" r" Uvm OIlX; w.'t 1K.' Twp 38. J
I."" nut
HW corner or in ayne "!3w. 40 A. $81.26
1 ...1.1....... A4.UU V ...111. .. ,
Twp 37. H 1W, nnd running thence
Unsl parallel with Vhe South
boundai-v of said Dl.t; No. f.7,
NE of NE(4 See 13. Two 30.
IK. 40 A. SS ot SK4. Heo 12,
Twp .10. IK, 40 A. $30. S4.
v n. i uL-i ...... i u m.-.
... . H.,ll. 2 1 .7 8 i ' :
chnlns t.. a' point G or, chains " .i ,.arl.,i nm
Kogue ltlver, not platted Des
having claims against saici cma.c . m J j; p J!)4 , ut on st
are nereny llirecicu lo p esen. same , , , , , , R , Um
nrouerly verified in the manner . .. . ,?.-., '
provided by law-, to Uie undersign-j Ki3hi of'sw Soc 20, Twp 39,
i'.I.b Onln. Mt.ll.llnir MnH f.irrt I 1 ? ' 5
In the Pnlm Building. Medford. ! lr'.' ,, ,
f..,. ..hl..l. nnnih. tmm 111. " ""1'. 1 "
A..,n ri..u. ..,.Ktl,.rlnn it II. la 3
ditto ot tho first publication ot tills
40 A. $126.00.
""The date of the first publication J , of ?VV J4 . ' Sea 14, Twp 37
nr ihlt, n.nlou U Mnwh 31t. A."- 1UU
ll28. '
Administrator of the estate of
George W. Barker, deceased.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Oru Smith are
making an extended visit with the
Childers fnmily. They have rented
their ranch In the Willamette vul-
ly and are making a change for
the health of the family.
Charlsie Champilrt of Medford
spent the week end with lhe
Chumplins on Foots creek.
Another great rain on Saturday.
Sunday, as if to emphasize April
Fools' day, snow fell, both morn
ing and afternoon. The surround
ing mountains are white with snow.
Wm. Buldoc has sold Riviera
park to a Portland man. This is
one of tho finest and most remu
nerative parks In the country. MrJ
Huldoc came here much handi
capped, huving; suffered the loss of
one leg. Since he assumed charge
he has been compelled to go to
Portland many times for treat
ments and has had two different
nrtlficlal limbs. We all hope the
ltuldocs will have much success
wherever they may locate.
Mrs. W. R. Lamb has been ap
pointed song left tier for the Sun
day school. We have been handl-
rnpped in our music since Mrs.
Maude Champlin left us a year
and a half ago. Mrs. lamh, Mrs.
Putnam and John Ferry gave us
an Instrumental treat with two vio
lins and the piano.
There will be a food sale, a pro
gram and an Foster egg hunt for
the children at tho schoolhouse
Saturday afternoon, April 7th. The
proceeds are to help pay for the
new piano.
The following unique announce
ment has been received from Rob
Notice of Salo of Ileal Proerty by
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned, administrator of the
estate of Alice A. Voso ( Mrs.
Gorge F. Voso) deceased, pursuant
to an order of the County Court
of the Stnte of Oregon, In and for
Jackson County, made nnd entered
March 21st, 1J28, in the m;ter of
ftaid estate, will, from nnd after
the 21st day of April, 1D28, pro
ceed to sell and will sidl, at private
sale to the highest bidder for cash
In hand or on sueh terms as said
court will, subject to the confirma
tion by said court, the following
described real property of said es
tate, situated in Jackson County,
Oregon, to-wit:
Lot 18. .'.lock zo. Lots i and
in Hlock 13, Town of Gold Hill,
Oregon, and Lots 7, 8 and 9 in
Do sum Addition to tho Town of
Gold Hill, Oregon.
Administrator of the Estate of
Alice A. ose (Mrs. George F,
3 North ttartlett St.,
Medford, Oregon,
Attorney for Administrator.
Public notice Is hereby given
that the undersigned Sheriff of
Jackson County, Oregon, under
and pursuant to a certain order
of tho County Court of Jackson
County, Oregon, duly mnde and
entered on the 21st duv of .Mnrch.
1928. will nffi.r fnr hi, nnd will 1 HE
tii.11 nt ttiA twntxt iliini- tt.n 'n.rt I talnlllfS 600 A. $650.00.
rttr OI l 'i , ne: o, jwp av
V-4 of SEi of SEW. Sec 10,
Twp SU, IE. 20 A. $80.00.
Land Des DR 157 P 23G, Seo
16, Twp SU, IE, 6 A, $26.00.
N Lot 1 nnd N of Lot 2,
Hlock 6. Gold Hill. $26.00.
Medford, Capital Hill Add, i-nl
22. Block 3, $15.00.
WV. of SEu and SEW of SEW.
Sec 2, Twp 35, 4V, 12U A, $500.00.
SWW of NWVj, sec an, rwp au,
3W. $12.00.
Eagle Point, Central Add, Lots
35 and 36, It lock 7, $ZH!t..3.
Jacksonville, Lot 5, Block 6
Phoenix, all Lot 5 nnd part of
Lot 0. Block HI. $65.72.
EH of NWW. SWW of NW'W
SWW of NEW. Sec 32, Twp 34
3W, 100 A, $000.00.
Talent, tract adjoining Lots 11
12. 13. 14 und of Lot 15. Hick
"It." Des DR 122, P 403, MU.UH
E of NEW Of NEW. Sec 23,
Two 38. 2W. 20 A, $50.01).
Phoenix. Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, Block
29. $340.30.
Eaglo Point, tJlrlchs Add, Lots
16 and 10, $40.00.
Medford, Capitol Hill Add, Lots
4. 6. 6. 10. Block 3. $55.00.
Orchard Tract Stewart Acres N
10 A. Lot 17, $40.00.
Seven A Des R 1(182 In Sec 12,
Twp 37, 2W, $44.13.
Lsnd Des. IR l7. P 4R4, Sec
3, Twp 36. 4W, !i'i A, $300.00.
NW'W. Sec 8, Twp 34, 3V, 100
A, $400.00.
Eagle Point, Central Add, Lots
26 and 27, Block 4, $2S.0.
E of the SEW. Heo 12; NEW
of tho NEW. Hen 13, Twp 37. 1W;
SM, of the SWW "d HU'W of
the SEW. Sec 7; NWW- Wfc of
NEW. N'fl of SWW. NWW of
Sec 18, Twp M, lr;, con-
House In Medford, Jackson Coun
ty, Oregon, to the highest bidder
fnr cash In hnnd all, or any of
those certxiln lots, pieces or par
cels of land heretofore acquired
by Jackson County, Oregon, for
delinquent taxes and now owned
by said County, upon which lots,
pieces or parcels of land the said
County Court of said County has
ert, only son of the late Judge andjet a minimum price as indicated
Mrs. O. H. Oilman: "Horn. March M" nM order.
21. 1028, Christine Susan Gllmore. ' M ,hU'h "'d rninlmum price is
weight 7 lbs. 6W ounces, (she still , ffiTol oroVof land here
admits her weight nnd her nge), inafier described,
daughter of Anne Mundt rillmore s.tld sale will commence at ten
and Kohert H. Gllmore, Leffing- o'clock A. M. on Knturdny the 28th
well road. Whlttler. California, (day of April, 1928, and rontlnue
(Hon. mention): Anno Margaret. Iunt" four o'clock I". M. of said
'..!. 4AMU ... case an (li sum
age two years, remarks:
flapper In our family."
1W, also timber only on riK
of SK hi. Kti of 812, Heo 1, Twp
3, aw, nri.on.
Eiiglu I'olnt, Daley A Kmery
Add. Lota 1, 2. 3, Hlock 9, II 0(1. Oil.
NEK of Hec Zf). Twp 35, SW,
16 A of Warrell Tract, KM of
NKVi of NKVt. Kli"4 of NKVi,
See 2. Twp 39. SW. 60 A. 190.0(1.
Gold Hill. Lot 13, Block Hi,
NWVi. W Vi of NKVi. NWVi of
SHVi, EVi of SWVi, SK Vi of
SKt.. See 36, Twp 36, 4W, 400
A, 1193.34.
8V4 of NKVi. SEK of NWVi,
SKVi of SWVj. Sec 30. Twp 30.
4W. 160 A. $110.69.
NVi of NKVi. Soc 10, Twp 38,
4W. 80 A, r.9.49.
R'i of NWVi of SKVi. Lots 1.
4. Sec 33. Twp 36, W, 86 A,
SKVi "f SWVi. SWVi of HE Vi .
Hec 30. Twp 37. SW. 80 A. J2S.11.
NKVi of NWVi, NW4 of NBV4.
Hec 31, Twp 37. SW, 80 A, 134.48.
NWVi of SKVi. NKK of HWVi.
K'4 of NWVi, ami laud In HWVi
of HE Vi , 172 A, Hec 32, Twp 37,
SW, $61.95.
Medford, Imperial Add. East 50
feet ot West 80 feet of Block 11,
.ot No. 2. Heo 20. Twp 30. SW,
Gold Hill. Lots 1 to 6 Inclusive.
Block 2, 1110.17.
RV4 of S'4, Sec 25. Twn 37. IE.
160 A, J261.99.
EV4 of NW"4, Soc 32, Twp 39,
4E, 80 A, $406.00.
S Vi of HEM of SKVi". HE Vi of
HWVi of KKVi. Hec 28, Twp1 37,
3W. 30 A. $48.96.
Twenty-two A of land out of
land Des. Dlt 00, l 34. and land
Des. DH 167, 1 239. less DH 155.
I' 636. Sec 6, Twp 37. 2W. $75,110.
WVi of DLC No. 40. Des. Dll
46, I 247, and I'lob. Hec. 25, P
235, Sees 28 and 33, Twp 88, SW,
160 A, $100.36.
Eagle Point, Ullichs Add, Lot
No. 2, JI0.62.
Medford, llerryvalo. Add, Lot 11,
Block 8, $1.00.
Gold Hill, U.t 7, Hlock 6. J40.73.
Part of land Des. Dlt 91, P 617
and land Des. Dlt 71, P 631, and
Dll 134, I- 166, Sec 17, Twp 38,
1W. 36 A. $403.76.
NKVi ot NWVi, Sec 13. Twp 30,
1W, 40 A, subject to Irrigation
Liens, $84.17.
Part of NH'Vi'of NWVi. Sen 12.
Twp 37. 4W, mining ditch from
Foots Creek, pipe and Blunt,
$209. 6S.
Und V$ Interest In Government
Lots 6, 7, nnd K Vi of HWVi. Hec
0, Twp 39, 1 W, $60.00.
NVi of NWVI. less 32 A West
of Andorson Creek, Hec 0, Twp 89,
IW. 65 A, $84.37.
SW Vi of NKVi. Sec 1, Twp
jy, i , ny.72.
HWVi of SEVJ, Sec 16, Twp 36,
2W. 40 A. $97.08.
S14 of NKVi, NVi of SKVi, Sec
2, Twp 38, SW. $250.00.
VVj of SKVi, SKVi of HW'4,
WVi of NWVi. Sec 18, Twp J9,
IE. 200.9 A, $422.79.
Rock Point, Lois 1. 2, Block 1:
Lots, 1, 2, Block 2; West 36 feet
Lot 8 and all Lot 4. Block 3: West
32 feet Lot 5 nnd nil I mi 6, Block
4: nnd Dim. Dll 49. P 363. East
part Block 6, all of Ilock Point,
SWVi of SWVi, Sen 28, Twp 38,
3W. 40 A, $110.05.
NKV of NWVi, Sec 24, Twp 40,
2W. 40 A. $155.11.
SW'4 of HEV4, Hec 24, Twp 38,
2W. 40 A, $37.88.
Lois I, 2. 3, SE"4 of NWVi, KV4
of HE 14, Hec 21. Twp 311. $40(1 00.
NWVI of NE14. Hec 25, Twp
35, 2W, 40 A. $67.00.
SVi of NKVi. Hec 14. Twn 35.
ZV, so A. $1!9.37.
Bensons Add. Lot 7.
Block S, $84,411.
Central Point. Oak Park Add,
Lot. 1. Block S. $10.00.
Medford, Nob Hill, Lot 3, Block
N.'i.rih of the South line of Hec
34: thence West parallel with the
Twp. line 34.10 chains to a point
In the center of the County load
and set a. post ttno nouin iin 1 j, $36.00.
of Sec 34. Twp and range n oie- Meiilord, Lntirclhurat Add, Lot
sain nenrs nou.11 u ow .mh.,.0.... iiiork 9 f.2 &0
Medford, Oak Park Add, Lota
1, 2, Block 2, $8.06.
Kngle Point. Central Add, Lot
28, Hlock 8, $30.00.
Lot No. I. Hec 2, Twp 34, 1W,
43 A, (26. 50.
All Lots 0-7, Hec 28: Lois 1, 2,
Hec 29 W of mlddlo Pine and Co.
road lending from Jacksonville lo
Medford and ndjncent In greater
part the Frank Bybeo trnct; Lots
property la not sold within said 3. 4 and that portion or Iot t..
time, said sale will bo held and I See 29 B of Co. rond Lading from
Hain. rain, and still more rnln.rnMinue'l at the same place be-"i Jacksonville to Willow springs
n t
Snow fell All Fools' day and again1 tween the samo hours on each excepting therefrom tho land sold
on Monday and Tuesday. There In succeeding day until all sold lands to Brunei and Nail: all portions,
a foot of snow on the mountains. 1,0 10 be ""'d have been sold. Or tracts and parcels of land nnd
at the head of the creek. Mv. how ! feuding further orders of lhe cemetery lots and Interest therein
the miners, cattlemen and ranch
ers smile.
Heavy frost "Wednesday morning
and Ice thick as window panes.
Colby, our primary teach
er, was taken sick at school on
Wednesday. We hope she soon
muy be back In school.
ICounty Court of Jackson County, 'In Lot 9, Sec 29 S of a line drawn
Oregon. tirom me rst. corner oi inn -aiiiiii.iu
Daled at Medford, Oregon, this I O. Mount land dun East to 1110
r.asi line ot said ij.u . in ....
filer. f Quality Jewelry Jtepalrlru)
Satisfaction Assured It
Quality and Price.
Witch Impairing
Diamond Setting
Mall o your wants
REDD! A 00.
The 1(1 a y. "Miss Janle." by
Mary Bonham, given by the Wag
ner Creek tV.tool last Friday eve
nlng, March 30, was a great
success. There was an excep
tlonal'y large crowd, as a number
of outsider attended,
those were Mr. nnd
21st day nf March. 1928
Sheriff of Jncksun County,
NE V4 , Sec 26. Twp 40, R 2W,
amount $263.65.
Medford. Benson Add, Lot 1,
Block I, $30.00.
S'i of SVi. See 10, Twp JS. SW,
Government Lot No. 2, See 28,
Twp 36. 2W. 14A. $92. 4.
WH of K'i. EH of WH, flee
16. Twp 88, IE, 320A. $206.83.
Phoenix, Lois 14 and 15, Block
33. J50.00.
Jacksonville, R 40 feet, Lota 1
nnd 2, Block 39, J2C.00.
Medford. Walnut Pnrk Add..
A m n n a IjOts 7 and 8, Itlock 2, $50.00,
Mrs Tne Butte Fulls. Lot 10 and KVi Lot ( li , . ... ., . nr.
Skeeler. and Mr. and Mrs. John (f NM ' 4 Twp ,;
Griff. n. Mr. and Mrs. Griffin nre.w. go.9A.
making an extenuea visit witn , fjeglnnlnt nt the NW Cor. of
remaining land In the SW corner
of SEVi of the SKVI of Sec 30
South of the Mntllda G. Mount
tract: All Intoreri or claim to a
2 A trnct deeded J. N. T. Miller
and Eltftnheth Ann lor Betsy Ann)
Miller to Will L. Miller adjoining
Lot J. Hen 29 at the SW corner:
also any nnd all claim to any
wnler rights of record or other
wise belonging to or uppurtennnt
to nny of said nbnve describe.)
lands: All the nbnve land nnd pnr
cels thereof being In the J. tl. T.
Miller nnd Elizabeth Ann Miller
Donation Land Claim or adj.
the some In Sec 28, 29, nnd 30,
Twp 37, U 2 West ot Willnmelle
Meridian In Jackson County, Ore
go'A J 1600.00.
iT'i of E'4 of NE4. K'4 of
NE'4 of HE'4, HW'4 of NEH of
SEVi. NWVi of SEVi of HEW,
HWVt of SKVi. R'i of SK ol
SWVi Den. Dll 114 P 670 Seo I,
chains) : t
thetico North on the center of
tho county rond 21.78 chains to
tho plnco of beginning, contain
ing 74.43 A more or loss. Ex
cepting and reserving from the
said 22 Vi A tract, the following:
t' lmr nt the NW corner
of DLC No. 63 in Twp 87 S. B
1W and running thence jsortn u
rods and 6 vi foot: thence East
30 rods: thence South 1.1 rods and
5 Vi feet: thence West 30 rods to
place of beginning, containing 2 Vi
A. mnro or less. It being tho
intention ot this tjnnveynntm to
convey 20 A of land net. $141.34.
The Soulll 6 A Lot 14. Crest
brook Orchard Tracts, according
to official plat thereof, now of
record In Jackson County. Ore
gon. $38.03.
All Lot 19. Crestlirook Orchard
Tracts, according to official pint
thereof, now of record m jnoa-
...n rn.tntv. 13R.37.
All Lot 1, Stewart Acres, uii
tht samo la delineated, designated
and described on tho offlclul pint
thereof now of record in jaca-
m,,.. fi.itntv. orcson). ex.tept a
parcel thereof containing 0 a 01
land, more or less, described as
follows:' Beginning nt tne w
corner of said Lot 1, Stewart
Acres ond from snld point of be
ginning miming thence South
611.7 feet: thence South 89 de
grees, 60 minutes East 425.7 feet;
theneo North 611.7 feet; thonce
North 89 degrees. 60 minutes
West 426.7 feet to place ot beginning-
containing 19.67 A, more
or less, $110.92.
All I Aits 11 and 12. Stewart
Acres, as the same Is delineated,
designated and described on the
official plat thereof, now of rec
ord In Jackson County, Orogon,
All Lois 2 nnd 3. Stewart Acres,
ns the same Is delineated, desig
nated nnd described on tho offic
ial plat thereof, now of record
In Jackson County. Oregon,
coin 93
"Beginning at lhe SW corner of
ni.c. No. 66. Twn 87. R 1W and
running thence North 89 degrees.
48 minutes East 839.9 foct along
ihn Houlh boundary of said DLC
Ne. 06: thence South 23 minutes
East 1550.7 feet; thence North 89
ilctrrcca. f.o minutes West 841 feet:
thence North 23 minutes West 1324
feel nlong West boundary of see.
ia In lhe NW corner of Hec. 10:
thence North 6 minutes West
227 3 feet on West boundary of
Hec 9. Twp 37, II 1W of W. M..
to tho place of beginning, con
tnl.ilnir 311 A. 1220.22.
Beginning1 nt a point from which
the NW corner of Sec 16, Twp 37,
1W, hears North 71 degreos, 12
minutes West 1777 6 feet: and
running thence North 89 degrees,
48 minutes Enat 1 878. 5 feet to
tho center of County rond: thence
South 11 degrees. 24 mlnnles
West R79 feet nlong tho center
of County road: thence South 12
degrees. 36 minutes West 1201
feet along the center of County
rnud: thence North 89 degrees.
46 minutes West 46.1.2 feel: thence
North 23 minutes West 1325 feet;
thence North 89 degrees. 60 min
utes West 962.4 feet; thence North
23 minutes West 756 feet to bc-
less 10 A to Railroad fight of , J. containing 4.( A.
wy.nHec 7, Twp 35. 213, 107 A, 11 f Ait 16. Stewart Acres, as
WVi' nf Ktvtl of spu KVI nf l,ln same Is delineated, designated
FfwV sec ,n J , iV Vw4 r?,i"""' described on the official pWt
A, $150.00.
HWVi. Hec 4, Twp 41, 2E, 15S
A. $60 30.
NEV4 of NEV4. See 4. Twp 40,
2E. 40 A. $18.42.
Medford. Marys Place Add. Lots
1 to 8 Inclusive, Block 3, $232.90.
HWVi f NWVi, Seo 9, Twp 39.
2E. $64.06.
NWVi of SEVi, Sec 4, Twp 39,
2E. $42.92.
HW'4 of NE Vi , HK'4 of NWVi,
NE Vi of SW Vi , NWVi of HE Vi .
So- 8 Twp 87, 2E. $75.71.
Medford. Canltol Hill Add, Lot
3. lllock 2, S 19 00.
Medford, tT.pltol Hill Add, Lot
12. 13. 14, Hlock 2, $50.71.
t'nd. Vi interest In S'4 of
HE'.. HE '4 of HW'4. KVi
HWVi of SWVi, SWVI of SWVi
of SWVi. Hec 12, Twp 38, JW, 75
A, $46 .63.
All that pnrt T,ot 10. HT-wart
Acres lying above lhe R. W. of
the Main Canal of Medford Irri
gation District, $410.00.
' Kugle I'olnt, Centrnl Add, Ixits
Ailnnd. Downing Tract, 200
1, i. i.n i. a, .iw.
Medfotd. West Medford, Des.
Mr. and Mrs. Bkeeters. Mrs. Gn- Government Lot No, i, Seo i, Twp Twp It, JW, 1160.00.
thereof, now of record In Jack
son County, Oregon. $05.97.
Me.lfnrd, Mary Place Add. Lot
16. Block 2, $13.50.
Medford, Oak Grove Bilb-dlvls-lon.
Lot 2. Block 2, $26.00.
Medford Fnlrmount Add, Lot 1.
Block 4, $18.60.
Medford, Kenwood Add, Lot 81,
Block 1, $18.60.
Medford, Kenwood Add, Lot 22,
Block 2, $21.00.
Medford. Kenwood Add, Lot 21,
Block 2, $17.60.
Medford. Walnut Park Add, Lot
7, Block 3, $86.00.
Medford. Oak Grove Add, Lot
8, Block 2, $11.00.
Medford. Oak Grova Suh-dlvla-
nfilon. I-.t 12, Block 3. $28.60.
..leoiiir.i, iniK .irove riin-'llviH-lon.
l,ot 13. ISloek 1, $26.00.
Medford. Oak Grova Sub-dlvia-lon,
I.ols I, 2, Block 4, $40.00.
Medford, Columbus Avenue
Heights. IaiI 3. Itlock 1. $17.60.
Medford, Walnut Park Add,
Ixits 8. 9, Block 3. $67 69.
Medford. West Medford. South
feet by 186 feet on West side Cal
ifornia St., Des. DR 128, P 312, j
K4 of NEVi, Sec 3, Twp 35. 4W,
NWH of SWVi . less PR 150.
P 2S2, Sec 3, Twp 35. 4W,
$71 08.
W'i of NWVi, Sec 16, Twp 35,
2W. $278 29.
HE'4 of NWVi of NE'. Sec
11. Twp St. 1W, 10 A, $31.81.
CommsDcing at tbs gw eortws I. I7J.80,
DH 127, P 666, part Iot 1, Block
.1, $22.50. .
Medford. West Medford. South
66 feet of North 112 fuel, Des.
Dlt 104 P 3 18. part Lot 1. Block
8. North 66 feet of South 19:1
feet, part Lot 1 Block 3. North
60 feet .if South 137 feel, pait
Lot I. lllock 3. North 66 feet of
South 81 feet, part Lot 1, Block
Jacksonville, iut 9. Block CO,
NKVi ot NEW, leea 3 A to J.
II. Cooley. Sec. 35, Twp 35. 1W,
37 A. $269.47.
NVi of HE'4. K4 of SWVi,
Sec 20, Twp 34. SW. $14.63.
itogue Klver. curner & Sabln
Add, Ut 1, Block 3. $10.35.
Jacksonville, all that part Lot
4, Block 69. lying South of tract
Dos. UK 149. P 490. (27.60.
Plionnlx. 1-ots -1 to 12 inclus
ive, Block 22, $23.53.
Medford. West Medford, part
Lot 6. Block 3. Dea. Dll 110, I'
564. $50.00.
NE Vi of 8WV4 , Sec 24. Twp 40.
2E. $52.18.
Medford, Oakdaln Park Add,
SVi Block 10, $44.33.
Jacksonville,. Holmnna Add, Lol
23. $100.00.
WVi of NWVi. 813 of NWVi,
Lol IrSec 6. Twn 41, 2E. $84.29.
Medford. West Medford, West
16 feet of East 315 feet, Lot 1,
Block 1, $29.11.
Hague River. Lots 1 and 11,
Block 6. Carner and Sabln Add.
also Til. tract South of Block' 6,
Des. DM 74, P 100, $60.00.
Mcuiurrt, Capitol Hill Add, Lots
7 to 11 Inclusive, Block 1, $11.70.
beginning . 6.69 clialns W est, ot
SB. corner D.c 88 In Sec 24,
rheneo North 40 degrees East 7
chains, thence North 10 degrees
West 10.8 chnlns. thence West 31
chains to West boundnry of said
in.t:, thence south 16 chain.
thence East 27.51 chnlns. to be
ginning In Seen 23 and 24, Twp
37, 2, assessed Hophenla 1. Baker,
$2 101.90.
Medford, F.dmcndcs Add, Lots
3 nnd 4. Block 2. $42.05.
Ashland, Elizabeth St., East
Side. IxjI Des. Dll 80. p 614. 60
feet front near Wisconsin street,
$ 1 8.33.
Ijind Des.: DR 09, P a 18, Seo
31, Twp 37, 2W, $26.00.
NWVi of NE Vi , Heo 16. Twp SB,
1W. $7.00.
Medford, Siskiyou Heights Add,
Lots 6, 6, Block 2. $70.00.
Medford, Siskiyou Heights Add,
Lol 1, Block 3, $35.00.
Medford, Laurelhurst Add, Lot
17, Hlock 1,' $20.00.
Medford, Hunker Hill Add, Lot
13. Block 1. $16.00. ,,,,
Gold HIU. l ot '12, Block 2S,
Gold Hill, Lota 1 lo 8 Inclusive.
Block 11 and Lota 1,, 2, 3. Block .
19. $60.00.
Gold Hill. Lota 1, 2, 3, 4, 0, 8. -.
Block 12, $50.00.
Medford, Bnrrs Add part Lo i'
1. Block 3, Dea. Dlt 87 P'208,
$;io.oo. ....
Medford. Siskiyou Heights Ex
tension, South pnrt Jtluck. Dea.
DK 93. P 325, 16.6 A. leas 6 A, ,
Block 22. $200.00. ,,
Ijmd Des. DR 108. P 261. Sec. '7
1, Two 37. 2W, 10 A, $57.41.
Eagle Point, Central Add, Lot "'
26. H ock 9, $50.00. "!l
Medford, Cotlnge Add, North 60 i :
feet of South 150 feel, Jx)t S.Allock
I, $25.00.
Medford. Queen Anne Add.
South 28.6 feet of Lot 9. Block
II, Lots 10 and 11, Block 11.
Medford, Collins and Davis '
Sub-dlvislon, Lot 6. Block 3,
Ashland, Molkle nnd Payne Add,
Lots 13, 14, 15, 16, Block "H."
.160.0(1. j
Ashlond, Fnlrvlew Add, Lots
14. 15. 16. 17, Block "E." $120.00.
Gold Hill, Lota 10, 11, Block '
23, $20.00.
Medford. East Heights Add, Lot
1, Block 1. $30.00.
Medford, East Heights Add, Lot
1, Dlork !. $40.00. ijv
N E Vi of NKVi, und V4 Interest-T
Rnr. ill Twn 3ti A W IStfc 00.
Cnd Vi Interest In NVi of NH,
Seo 13. Twp 32. 2E, $101.00.
One-third Interest In NWVI of '
NWVi. Sec 23, Twp 86. IE. $6.60. nil
Jacksonville, two-thirds of Lot .
No. 2. Block 29, $20.00. ...i-
Lnnd Des. DR 121. P 77, Seo
2. Twn 36. 1W, 15 A. $47.81.
All nf Colosteln Heights, $120.00.
iJind Des. Dlt 11.1. P 679 and ...
land West ot Evans Creek In
SEVi of SEVi, Hoes 21 nnd 28,
Twp 35. 4W, $63.67.
Medford, Hlllvlew Add, lots .
10. 14. 15. 16. Block 4. nnd Lots
3, 4. 6. 11. 17. 18. Block 6, $60.00.
Medford. Siskiyou Heights Add, ,-,
Lots 6 to 18 inclusive, Block 6. . .,
Bednnlng nt s. pnlnt S4.JI
chains North and 18.65 chains
West of HE corner of DLC. No. - '
64, Twp 88 IW, thence North 1K.
.16 degrees East 1 92 chains to :.-t
South of Baptist Church lot in
Talent, Jackson County, Oregon;
thence East along said South line "
.68 chnlns In tho SB corner of -'t
said Baptist Church lot ori ths (. f
center line of County road: Ihencs
:t!auuU Ss.isirsei D- sUanc BUI 3
.1 I