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Easter Church Services
Tin WIiiints
First Thomun llurvoy,
nine, 23 X. J'eni'h street.
Socond Krncst Smith,
10, 404 N. Orapo street.
Helen Smith, nge tv.
103 Jackson tnrect.
Fourth George Mtit b
arc eleven, Uox 14!), Kout
o 3.
Sure It was n case of "IlrlnKlnR I
UP father." anil the young 'una of J
Medford did Vheir xhare toward j
the good cause. Bth "father"
and Maggie were brought u: from j
the bottom of the JIail Tribune ;
front window, to the top, and
"jigged" across the entrance all
morning, expressing every mood
in their make-up and every sorrow
and joy in their hectic lives.
l-.xu.ctly 4U7 aspiring cartoonists,
running in age from four years old
to i2, submitted their original con
(ifptions of the famous pair during
the week, in hopes of winning one
ol the prizes in the contest spon
sored by the Mail Tribune and
George A. ilunt, thru the persoimt
representation of S. G. Menden
liull. This morning at nine there was
a grand unveiling of the works of
art, and tho 4J7 young artists
brought their gangs to the cele
bration. There, were spurts of
oratory here and there throughout
the cmwd, as some young 1'atrick
Henry defended the work of his
friend over that of some other ur
tlst, who either was or was not
more fortunate than the defendant
In the ease. There were sly digs,
both verbal and physical as to the
respective merits of rival cartoon
ists, and tactful suggestions on the
part of the flvo or six year old
creative geniuses as to certain fine
points and delicate shadings at
tained In certain instances.
But the splendid thing about it
all was the fact that there was
little or no dispute heard over the
four artists who won the first
prizes. Their merits were pretty
generally conceded, and the 403
others were well satisfied in the
long run that they were to see a
free movie at the Hialto for their
At one o'clock, the young car
toonists and their friends were
"shot" in an attempt to storm the
Mail Tribuno office for their
tickets, by the 11. I. U. cameraman
who has been taking pictures in
the city the past week. After this
the lucky youngsters went in a
body to the Kialto theater,: where
S. tl. Mendenhall became the most
populnr man in Medford, when he
welcomed them into tho theater.
A unanimous whop ascended
from nearly 500 youthful lungs as
the first glimpse of Jiggs and
Maggie, principal characters In the
"Itringing Lp Father" feature was
enught by the most appreciative
audience George Hunt or Manager
Mendenhall ever entertained.
The first prize In tho contest
won by Thomas Harvey consisted
of a theater pass into the Hialto.
. good for one month; tho second
prize, won by Krnest Smith, u pass
for three weeks: the third prize,
won by Helen Smith, a pass for
t wo weeks ; and t he f o urt h prize,
won by George Mathew, a pass
for one week. Much of the other
contestants was awarded a theater
ticket today to the picture "Hring
ing Up Father."
First M. K. Clmrclu
Morning--- . -
ty gan prelude, - "Caster Morn
ing," Ashford.
Processional, 166, "Welcome,
Happy Morning," Calkin.
Chorus, "l-ift I'll Your Heads'
(The Messiah), Handel.
organ one-lory, "(Jautlqufe d'
Amour." Sheppard.
Of f"tltntV unln "RnnlPr n.iwn '
VanHcoyoc, piano; MIhs KUow Mae
nson, vionn; Airs, nuenergarui,
Chimes, "G olden Harps Are
Sounding. " Havergall.
1'ostlude, 'March Krolca," Mal
lard. Kvening
Organ prelude, "Spring Song,"
Processional, 156, "Christ, the
J.nr1, Is ltisen Today." Havidica.
Hymn 177, "Hark, Ten Thou
sand Harps and Voices," Mason.
Anthem, "The Shout of Victory,"
AHhrond; Epworth League Choir;
Kllen Williams, soloist.
Tenor solo, "The Resurrection,"
Shelley; Mr. Meeker.
Scripture reading.
Chorus, "The Hong of the Easter
Angels," Kearis; Kpworth League
Choir; Lucille Crews, soloist.
Organ offertory, "Memories," St.
Soprano solo, "Sheep and
Lambs," Sidney Homer; Mitts Mel
ba Williams.
Hymn 10H, "Look, Ye Saints, the
Sight Js Glorious," Kmart.
Selections from cantata, "Our
Lord Victorious," Shelley.
Solo, "There Were Three
Crosses." Miss Parrett.
Chorus, "The Lord's Hutial."
Chorus, "He Ik tlisen"; soloists,
Miss Perrett, Mr. AlcGee.
Soprano solo, "Thou Art With
Me." Mrs. Nichols.
MeditNtion, Kev. T. II. Temple.
Chorus, "Our Lord Victorious,"
Chimes, "Crown Him With Many
Crowns," Elvey.
Organ post hide, "Easter Post
lude," Hosmer.
Mrs. Matle Vroman Huenergardt,
organist; Mrs. W. M. VanScoyoc,
pianist; Mrs. May Jordan Mac
Donough, director.
; limitation, "Ferns in His Gar-1
;den" Irene Judy. j
; Song. "Jesus the King" Junior
! department.
j Play. "Easter Every Day" I
The Pages, assisted by Miss Lu- i
iclle 1'orter. j
Play, "Her Easter Song" Jud-1
j son class. I
j Hemarks on "The Easter Idea"
j Pastor. j
Organ postlude Mrs, O. 11.'
Bailey. t
St. Mark' i:ilr--;n
Cor. Oakdale and Fifth fits.
7;yo a. m.. Holy communion.
8:00 a. m., Holy communion.
10:0 a. m., Sunday school.
11:15 a. in.. Holy communion.
7:3o p. m., Evening service.
Win. H. Hamilton, rector.
Mrs. Gladys York, stenographer
ot the county agent's office who
suffered a badly sprained left
wrist when she last Thursday
stumbled over an obstacle In the
office, said to be from Sams Val
ley, and fell headlong to the floor
with such fni 'c.e that she fainted,
was abte to resume work today ns
Her husband, Karl York of the
pnstoffice staff, feeling solicitous
about how she was standing the
work today, was overheard to call
her up on the phone and on re
ceiving an answer to the inquiry,
to remark: ".Vow you see. Gladys,
how it would feel if I should ever
hit you."
With an eye to the future and
In order to show who was boss he
could not refrain from the attempt
to instill some fear in his better
Faster Servl First Presbyterian
Holly and Eighth.
Edwin Percy Lawrence, minister.
Ministry of Music. 1
Double mixed quartet: Florence
Hazelrigg McElhose, Elizabeth Cnl
Hns, sopraus; Edna Elfert fsaars,
Nina Cole Mulholland, contraltos;
George S. Johnson, George Mad
dox, tenors: Dr. W. W. Howard,
Don Newbury, basses; W. Carleton
Janes, violinist; Alma Katharine
Lawrence, substitute organist.
Wide school, 9:4ft' n. m. -Last
Sunday recorded tho largest at
tendance for the spring. The num
bers crossed the 300 mark. Every
pupil is urged to be. in their clause
and present for the opening serv
ires at 0:45 a. m. This should set
a new record for attendance. Verl
G. Walker, superintendent,
1 1 a. m., Easter service. Sermon,
' Faith's Anchorage." Children's
sermon, "Springs Flowers." He-
ception of new members and bap
tism of Infants.
Organ prelude, "L n r g o from
XerxeM," Haendel.
Anthem. "In the Early Morn
ing," Shelley; double quartet.
Offertory, "Traumerl," Sehumnn
Anthem, "Easter Vespers," Shel
ley. Postlude n, "March Homalne
p. m., t.rand Easter concert
by a double quartet.
Organ, "Prelude and .Sielllann'
from Cavalleria Uusticana Mas
Hymn, "All Hail tho Power of
Jesus' Name."
Anthem. "In the Early Morn
ing." Shelley.
Scripture lesson.
Contra ?;o i-olo, "Resurrection,"
Marsh; Edna Elfert Isaacs.
Anthem, "Hosanna," Granier.
Anthem, 'T h o Resurrection,"
Vlulln solo, "No. 2 from n Suite."
Anthem. "In the End of the Sab
bath," Speaks. t
Offertory, "Consolation," Men
delssohn. Anthem, "Easter Vespers," Shel
ley. Itecptlon of new members.
Anthem. "Awake, (dad Soul.
Awake." llrown.
lienedletion nnd silent prayer.
Postlude. "Pomp and Circum
stnnace." Elgar.
Viral Christum Chmvli
Ninth and Oakdalo streets.
Carman E. Mell, minister, office
and pastor's study in the church,
phone 1007. Residence phone
"Test our welcome."
Special Easter services will be
held Sunday. The Riblo school
will give a short Easter' program
at the opening worship of the
Sunday school session. The aim
is for COO in attendance. At the
close of the lesson period the
decision day will bo observed and
the pastor will extend the Chris
tian invitation.
.The morning worship at 10:55
will be the climax to the special
meetings Which have been in
progress the punt week. There
wilt be Easter anthems solos and
beautlui decorations. The sermon
subject will be, "The Resurrec
tion Victory." Communion serv
ice will be held as is usual every
Lord's day. At the close of the
sermon some brief reports will be
given covering the past three
three months' work.
A great Sunday evening service
i? being planned for 8 o'clock.
The Easter spirit will continue to
have prominence. Easter music
will consist of congregational
sinking, special anthems, quartets
and instrumental accompaniments.
A popular- presentation of the
Easter message will be given In
the sermon by the pastor on "Is
Jesus a Dead Teacher, or la He
a living Lord?" This will be an
interesting discourse on the battle
over the empty grave of Jesus.
A very noticeable thing In all the
evening services Is the large at
tendance and happy fellowship.
Preparation will also be made for
baptisms at the close of the eve
ning sermon.
Christian Endeavor meetings at
7 p. in. The young people will
also join in the union sunrise
meeting at phoenix at 7 a. ni.
Catholic Chuivh t
South Oakdale a v e n u e nnd ;
Eleventh s t r e e t. Rev. F. W. J
Hlaik, pastor. i
Masses at h and 11 u. ni. Rev.
lleninus ltrennan, O. M. Cup.,,
will preach at the musses.
Wagner Crwk Missionary ltnptUt;
Church lit Talent. j
Pastor, T. J. Simmons. j
nunauy scnuoi ui iv u. in.
Preaching at 1 1 a. m.
All are welcome.
Church of Owl.
Corner North Grape and Haven-
Morning service, 11 n. m.
Sunday school, 9:45 a. m.
No services Sunday evening. All
are cordially Invited to attend even
ing service at Grants Pass, 7:30
p. m.
' Advent Christian Church
Bible school at :45 a. m.
Preaching at 11 a. m. by Mr.
The evening service ia mainly a
service of song. AH are welcome.
Come ami Join lis in our service
of praise.
The last of the pre-Eaater serv-b-es
held during the week by the
combined churches was well at
tended in the Christian chimb
last night. Special muein wa
arranged in conimemorafton of
("Jood Friday. A beautiful solo
was suit?, by Mrs. T. H. Temple.
Rev. W. H. Eaton, pastor of
the RaptiM church, delivered the
firm sermon, centered around the
la? words of Christ on the cross.
"Father. Into Thy Hands I (Vim
mend My Spirit." Mr. Eaton
emphasized the simple faith and
trust of the words nnd brought
borne the fact that it had a nies
np for each and every human
The appreciation of the wnis
was manifest In the large "it
tendance of church goers-of every
faith, who crowded the church at
Very meeting
Baptist Church.
The Easter program Sunday
morning at the Rapllst church, is
as follows:
Song. "Christ, the Lord Is
Risen" Congregation.
Welcome address Marjorie
Recitation, "Awake!" Roland
Recitation, "The Tulip" Betty
Exercise, "if i Were the Sun,"
I a-v.-in Thurman, Harry Thur
mnn. Janice Rtiley, Carlln Piatt
Recitation. "The Violets" Mu
riel Piatt.
Song, "Just a Word of Kind
ness" Primary department.
Recitation, "E a s t c r" Aldfne
Dun iv
Song, "Easter Day" Primary
A parting word Melvin Hoover.
Play. "Hope of the Nation"
The Joy class.
Musical reading, "Mary of Mng
dala' Mary Might and Mrs.
Recitation, "A Cheery Wel
come" Alice Mae Shirley.
Song, "A Welcome to Tou"
Junior department. I
Recitation, "Easter ' Angela"
Alma Edler.
Recitation. "The Hyacinth"
Lea Etta Evans.
Exercise, "Sadness and
1 new" Junior boys.
First Presbyterian CliurvJi
of Phoenix
Sabbath school, 10 a. m. This
will be the first Sunday that the
classes will assemble in their in
dividual class rooms in the new
church. There will be rooms for
each department, everyone Is in
vited to come. J. O. N. Poling,
superintendent..- . -. ,
Morning worship at 1 1 o'clock.
This service promises to be very
helpful nnd Inspirational to all
attending. . There will be a bap
tismal service and reception of
new members, also ordination
service. Sermon, "The Lord of
Life." by the pastor, Rev. R. W.
Nelson. Offertory will bo special
number rendered by the Temple
fiiartet. The "Gloria" from the
Twelft h M ass 1 y Moza rt will be
rendered by the Templo chorus,
Junior Christian Endeavor will
meet at 4:30.
Senior Christian Endeavor will
meet at ti:30. Leader, Twlla
Evening worship nt" 7:30. A
large congregation is expected to
be present for Sunday evening
service to hear the beautiful
Easter cantata, VEaster Angels,"
which will be presented by the
Temple chorus consisting of 16
voices. Those taking solo parts
will be H , W. 1' ra m e , ha ss ; Ar
thur Hardesty, tenor; M. 1
Sheets, tenor: Mrs. Bertha Rader,
alto; Mrs. Geo. Carpenter and
Miss Twila Rader. sopranos.
There will be a duet by Mr.
Sheets and Mrs. Under. Mi's. H.
W. Frnme, choir director, will
preside tx the organ. The can
tata pictures the tragic and vic
torious event of the first Easter,
bringing to mind again the fact
that death does not end all, that
victory over death Is won.
Tho members of the chorus nnd
their director. Mrs. Frame, have
spent much time and diligent
practice on the cantata, which
indede promises to bo a great
enjoyment and benefit to all at
tending. Anyone having heard
the Temple chorus render "Praise
Ye the Father" at the dedication
service last Sunday evening will
not miss the chance of hear
ing them present this splendid
Full GosMl Church.
Corner Newtown und Main Sts.
Sunday school at l:-5. A class
for every age and a welcome for
all who come.
Preaching service at 1 1 o'clock.
Sendees will be conducted by Sis
ter Martha Uryant, bith morning
and evening.
Evening service at 7:30. Come
and bring your friends. "Come
with us and we will do thee good."
children baptized will please bring
them at this hour.
The morning worship will be in
keeping with the spirit of the day
and no pains will be spared in
decoration or In the service to
create a n Easter atmosphere. At
this service there will be baptism
and reception of members,
The evening worship will be one
of appropriate music and song and
a short Easter mcKMitce by the pas
ltcihcl MLv-douury Itaptist Church, j
C. H. Fredenhurg, pastor.
Sunday school, 10 a. in.
Preaching, 1 1 a. in.
Evening service, 7:30. '
Text, Mutt. 12-15. Subject, "Cnity
of the Church or Kingdom of
Christ." "And Jesus knew their
thoughts and said unto them, j
'Every kingdom divided against it-j
self is brought to desolation; and!
every city or house divided against
itself nhall not stand." j
Evening service subject, "Divine!
Authority." John 10-1. "Verily,,
verily 1 say until you, he that en-,
tureth not by the door into the
sheepfold, but climbeth up some:
other way, the same is a thief and'
a robber. Rut he that enlereth,
in by the door is the shepherd of
the sheep. To him the porter
openeth, und tho sheep hear blsj
voice; and he en l loth bis own ;
sheep by name, and leadeth them
out. And when he putteth forth i
his own sheep, he goeth before i
them, and tho sheep follow him:'
for they know his voice. And a I
stranger will they no follow, but
flee from him, for they know not'
the voice of strangers."
Prayer meeting Wednesday even
ing nt 7:30. Come and hear the
old lime gospel at 7 HI Welch street.
Everyone welcome to all services.
The place and importance of the
doctrine of the resurrection in the
system of Rible teaching Is found
in the Kith of lut Cor. The
memory verse for tomorrow 's,
".Mercy." Get a verse with that
word in it.
You will enjoy the fine pro'
L'l'iim on th retjurrAi-tinn which
is being given in the Rible school
at the time of the morning wor
ship. All the school will have
some part.
j A special service will be held
I in the afternoon at 2:30 o'clock,
at which a fine class will be re
jeeHved into the church. If there
aro somo who wish to unite with
(the church who have not spoken
j about It, will they please let the
; pastor know? The program for
the afternoon service will consist
of appropriate hymns, scripture
! readings, layer, a short address
by the pastor and one by the
chairman of the official board. ! epeciitl meetings.
consecration and the formal re-'
Our young people who are
planning to go to the sunrise
services near Phoenix, with the
other young people of the valley,
should be at the church, ready
I to start, at ti:15 a. m. They will
I gather at their places of service
I here at 7 p. m., and come to
i stay for the evening services in
ithe church, which will close tho
You will do us good.
ter music.
Special Eas-
CVntrul Point Federated Church
J. M. Johnson, pastor.
Come study with us the won
derful story of the resurrection
tomorrow. You will find the
scriptures In Mark Iti. Malt. 2S.
Luke 24:1-1'. and John 211.1-12.
First Hupilst Church,
W. H. Eaton, pastor.
The Easter morning program
wll consist of the Sunday school
at 9:4Q a. m-, studying the Easter
lesson, followed by the Easter pro
gram given by the Sunday school
at 11 n. m. Raptismul services at
the close of this program.
The evening program at 8 o'clock;
will feature Euster music by the
choir, glee club and orchestra, and:
the Euster sermon by the pastor j
on "The Resurrection Gift."
Try our w elcome.
First Church of Christ, Scientist
Authorized branch of the Mother
Church, the FirBt Church ot Christ,
Scientist, in Loston, Mass.
Services aro held every Sunday
at. 11 o'clock, cburc:i edifice, 2V1
North Oakdale. Subject tor Sun
day, April 8: "Are Sin, Disease
and Death Real?"
Sunday school at 9:45. Appli
cants under the age of 20 may be
Wednesday evening meetings,
which include testimonies of Chris,
tian Science healing, at 8 o'clock.
The reading room, which is in
the Medford building, is open dally
from 12 to 4, except Sundays and
holidays. The Bible and all au
thorized Christian Science litera
ture may be read, borrowed or pur
chased. The public Is cordially Invited to
attend the services and visit the
reading room.
Con. 12:30 to 11 p.m.
Marie Dressier, Pol
ly Moran and J. Far
rell MacDonald in a
laugh riot seaaoned
by Maggie and Jlggs.
He was to henpeck
ed, he thought the
.statue of Liberty had
a rolling-pin In her
Main Street M. 13. Chuiyh, South,
W. K. Ray, pastor. Rssldence.
25 North Oakdale. Study at the
church. Phones 384.
Sunday school hour, special Eas
ter program, 10 a. m.
Sermon, "Why Weepest Thou?"
11 n. m.
R u sin chs 'Men's Gospel Team ser
vice, 2:30 p. m.
Epworth league, 6:3ft p. m.
Sermon, "The Stone Was Rolled
Away," 7:30 p. m.
Offlclnl hoard meeting, pastor's
study. Tuesday 7:30 p. m.
Prayer meeting nnd choir prac
tice, Wednesday 7:3ft p. m.
District conference convenes Fri
day and Hoturday. Dr. H. Ji. Hhan
gle. D.D.. of Milton, presiding. Re
ports of visiting preachers and del
egates during the day. Pouching
each nli'ht nnd following Sunday
by the leading preachers of the
Epworth league rally Saturday
You are Invited to all of nnr ser
vices, especially "the stranger and
tho poor."
. .
We are In posltloito pay to
more than anybody for wool -mohair.
See us before you sell.
Phone 1063. 37 N. Grape Ht.
Ion liiitheiim Cliuivh.
West Fourth street nt Oakdale.
F. W. Russurd, pastor. Residence,
32 Rose avenue. Phone 1201-X.
Sunday .school at 10 a. m.
Morning Easter services at 11
o'clock, with administration of the
holy communion nnd reception of
member. Her m on topic, "Clod's
Evening, 7:30 p. m. Instead of
the regular evening service the
members of the Luther league, as
sisted by some of the Sunday
school pupils, will present a pag
eant entitled "I'nder the Southern
Cross," with 40 participants. Final
dress rehearsal for same promptly
at 6:30. 1
The Ladles Aid society will meet
at the church on Thursday at 2
p. m., with Mrs, F. J. Harris act
ing us hostess.'
Choir practice, Thursday, 7:30
p. m.
Seventh Hay Ad cutis!.
Corner Realty and Edwards Sin.
Sabbath school, 11:45 a. m. L. L.
Runch, superintendent; Miss Es-
ftnd all classes represented In our
Sabbath shuol, from kindergarten
to bible class.
Preaching service at 1 1 a. m.
Home missionary exercises nt
that hour.
Missionary Volunteer society
meets nt 3 o'clock under the lead
ership of acudmy students.
Preaching service Sunday even
ing, 7:3ft, by Pastor T. L. Thuem
ler. Subject, "The Coming Man ol
Destiny, Looked for by All Na
tions; From What Country Will He
Sunday, April Uth, at 7:30 p. m.,1
the pastor will speak on "The FourT
Horsemen of Revelation." I
Prof. T. H. Folkenburg and the!
Academy orchestra wll render spec-1
fal music at all evening services.!
We cordially Invite the public to
attend these bifde lectures. '
si No Advance Ifjd
$1 . in Prices left
l At the if
lJk Organ
p Tomorrow
I - in a thrilling, baff- II
iiing jarce. j
Hrt Mtlimllt F.iriwoiml Oiurt-h.
T. II. Trmnlp, -Li.D.. minister, j
Itvclilvnce, 27 North Orange. Tel-,
332. !
Morning worship nt 11. Subject , Z
J ne Jtlsen Lord.
Kvenlnic wurnhlp at 7.30. Kul
jel, "The Companion of the Way.-'
Kpworth leamm at :0. A meet
lnit of thciUKhtful youiiK people
with a thoughtful meHHugc. i
Hunday nehnol at IC4&. A clnH
for you.
The mid-week Hervlco AVednet-l
day nlKht at 7:30. A meetlne with
an evannelintlc note.
At the Kunday whool hour there
will be a program by the d.'part-l
menu of tho school. Auio at thin
ervlce. there will be baptixm of
children. I'arenta that desire their
Blue Flower Lodge
We 8erve Fins
Chicken Dinner
A Good Place for
. Partiee and Banquets
Reservation Call 341R 3
ron EVKitf csh ;
Announcement of Policy!
Our Message to the Growers of the
Rogue River Valley
Since we recentlv have been receiving so inanv letters from
fruit growers to ask-how we operate our GRO'WEKS' TRUST
J'UINl), we have decided to run a series of bulletins to explain
our business policies. Also to advise certain principles for the
consideration of all growers who ship their fruit, no matter
what their present affiliations may lie. We believe our grower-
patrons have the right to a straight-forward statement from
us, their shipping agent, on every matter of policy. We are as
willing to record our pfc.dgo to fruit growers in print as we are
to utter it privately, by word of mouth.
A few of the vital subjects to be discussed in the weeks to come
will be:
"Growers' Trust Fund"
"Prompt Payment"
"Individual Attention to Cars"
"Various Methods of Sale"
"Real F. O. B. Orders"
"What Consignment Shipping Means"
"Danger of the 'Guarantee' Of fer"
"Company vs. Growers' Fruit".
Along with these each' week, when the shipping season begins,
we shall also give a short statement, on market conditions here
and in the East. These will be unbiased.
Yours for complete information about the fruit shipping busi
ness. Watch for No. 2 of this series next week. . y
Stewart Fruit Company
E. G. POTTER, Receiver
Medford, Oregon R. G, PARIJWEIsL, ,
Telephone 226 General Agent
We take pleasure in announcing that Copco 6 per
cent Preferred Stock is now available for sale to our
many customers and friends who reside within the ter
tory served by this Company. j , ,
This is an attractive investment, combining safety
of principal, marketability and good yield.
Write to Copco Investment Department, Medford,'
Oregon, for full details and illustrated booklet.
This Company Hag Over 4000 Home Shareholder HiJ'niL'fl
The California Oregon Power Company
Medford. Grants Pass. Roscburg. Klamath Falls -Oregon
' Yreka. Dunsmulr-CalifornU