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Dally Twnty -third Yeir
Week))' fiy-iith Yer
No. 15.
EAGLE POINT? Apf. 5. The
Stoners moved Into the GeorRe
i!!mae house this week and Mr.
Holmes started In at once building
the next house just north of this
one. These are lovoly little homes
tor anyone renting. They arc niod-
l' Anu rtnttill U'tfh h l fll tit
nook, sleeping porch, shower and ' l"eerine the pollenlzlng process
laundry tubs, with double garage o( fruit trees, besides bringing
between the two houses. We are ltogue river out of Its banks for a
gUd to see these new houses built, short time one day last week. ,
as It Is quite a convenience for oeo- Mrs. O. T. W ilson and daughters. I
TABLE ROOK, Apr. 5. Mrs. C.
T. Hiimilton and koii Cyrun and
Miss Frances Johnson of Central
Point were Sunday visitors here.
The excess. xe amount, of rain
during the last week Is holding
back farming operations and en-
ple wishing to rent In Eagle Point.
William Coy returned home Sat
urday after spending some three
weeks at the Jacksonville sani
tarium. Mr. Coy says his heulth
is very much improved.
Hattie Howlett, who has been at
Frances and Itettey, of Sams Val
ley visited here last Sunday.
Surveyors are busy running lines
and tAiablishing corners on the
Tuttle subdivision which, It is said.
will noon be occupied by horn1?
makers who are purchasing these
the sanitarium for many weeks, is 'five-acre tracts for that purpose.
slowly Improving.
The Community Presbyterian
church plans a splendid Easter ser
vice next Sunday morning. The
choir will render the chorus num
bers of the cantata "Easter Praise,
The 40-acre tract being subdivided
by Mr. Tuttle comprises some of.
the best land in Jackson county
and is adapted to the growing of ',
alfalfa, garden truck, berries or ,
fruit, with an abundance of ii-ri-j
and Dr. Morgan will preach anU''i"tn water at hand with a very
Easter sermon in keeping with the small maintenance charge,
celebration of this important day.' Mrs. Jull Myer of Rogue River
'M Is hoped that several will be Is a visitor at the home of her son.
received into the church at this
time also.
The annual business meeting of
the church tvas held last Friday
evening after the church service
and quite a good many stayed for
the meeting. The entire congre
gation was Invited to slay and have
a voice in the meeting. Dr. Mor
gan was called to servo the church
as pastor for another year and
Mrs. Esch and Mrs. W. 11. Drown
wero elected on the board of trus
tees. The church has shown a
consistent growth, there being an
F. R. Myers of this place.
John Dodge, the Medford well
driller, was a business visitor in
tills section Wednesday.
Robert Morris of Santa Ana.
Calif., is spending thp week at the
home of his brother, W. E. Morris
of this district.
Although our orchardists have
been prepared for more than two
weeks to combat a freezing tem
perature. It has not as yet been
necessary to light fHe smudge pots.
O. C. Xicewood is constructing
a cottage at the Table Rock or-
Increase In membership of 33 1-3 chard to be occupied by some of
per cent since Dr. Morgan's call 1 ino mpioyea.
to the pastorate here. The trus
tees reported a deficit of $7 5 which
will be met- in the near future- and
the new budget for next year sug
gested by the board will be $600.
All departments of the church read
very encouraging reports and the
work Is going ahead as fast as can
be expected. '
James Spencer, manager of the
Irrigation district for many years,
has taken a new position In the
Ashland territory and has severed
"ils connection with the local dis
trict, for a time at least. Mr.
Spencer will bo missed as perhaps
no other man In this community
would be missed. He has consist
ently boosted everything good for
the development of this territory
and has been untiring in his serv
ices to the public. He is a mem
ber of the Orange and i chairman
of the ways and means committee
of that organization, the most Im
portant committee in the Grange.
He Is chairman of the school board
and gave liberally of his time when
the high school building was being
erected. He is the type of man
any community needs and Kagle
Point as a -community hopes to be
able to call Mr. Spencer back to
the district later on. We are all
extremely sorry to see Jim leave
Eagle Point.
Sir. and Mm. J. - M. Kneeland
moved Into the Harry Xealon house
the first of the week.
Mrs. F. R. Myers has recently
completed a successful hatch of
chicks with her incubator.
Federal land bank appraisers
were business visitors In this dis
trict the first of the week.
Mr. Newman and family, recent
arrivals from Hie, state of Wash
ington, have moved into the Cam
eron house.
Lester Hamilton, who hns been
on the sick list, Is reported to be
some better.
It Is rumored that several real
estate deals concerning property in
this section are In the making and
may be closed In the near future.
Electric ranges were installed
this week in two of the dwelling
houses n the Dunlap place.
Our school clerk reports severa
applications received for the pri
mary department of the local
school for the next year.
Miss Evelyn Hamilton of the
Ashland Normal was a week end
visitor with home folks.
The Xicewood and Oregory fam
ilies and Miss 5Cella Adams attend
ed the I. O. O. F. banquet at Med
ford last Tuesday night.
Miss Eva Nealon of the Daily
News and Miss Doris Rlcharflson
of Beall Lane spent last Sunday
here with friends nnd relatives.
"A Country Store" will he the
main feature of the program at
j the next meeting of the Community
club on the night of 'April 20. ac
cording to Mrs. Schafer, the club
mndp T'laco the new persidpnt.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. KUngle spent president.
several days In Medford and vicin- 4 .
ity visiting relatives and rfiends. I MILTON. Wis.. April 6.- WPt A
, P. S. Johnston was In Medford P of the coin has mnde T. I.
fon husiness Monday. Vhice president of this village.
Mr. Ward of Eagle Point and a Phiee and Dr. Oeorge W. Post
Orange organizer from LaOrando. polled, 155 votes in yester-
were calling on a number of folks i day's etection. The coin tossing
in this vicinity Friday.
cMr. and Mrs. H. Zundel were In
the Sams Valley country Sunday.
H. H. Fox returned from the
hospital in Jacksonville with his
small son Curtis, who is still very
T oiU Ma lu irlnH to h nt home.
We hope he will soon be able to
be about.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Menwil wero
shopping at Lake Creek Tuesday.
MImh Dorotha Meyer was in Med
ford Saturday.
A, H. Simpson returfied Tuesday
from a week end visit spent with
relatives in Medford. i
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Culbertson
were in Medford on husiness Tues
day. Despite the stormy day Tuesday,
all board members wero present at
the school meeting.
Miss Marguerite Nickell was In
town the first of the week,
k Miss Mary Hanley. 'and Mr.
iloyt Smith spent a couple of days
in Medford and Ashland. They
report they had a fine time.
There will be church services at
Lake Creek hall Sunday, April 22.
If the weather is favorable at all.
I. E. Dean is in Medford on
business a couple of days.
L. M. Walch Is Improving slowly.
J. G. McCallister was down from
the Springs the first of the week.
Mrs. A. L. Pech Is spending a
few days In town, having some
dental work done.
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hoefft and
Miss Edith Core were Medford vis
itors last Saturday.
Miss P.eth Farlow spent the week
nd with her parents Mr. and Mr.
Frank FarlouO '
Ouy Walton of Trail Is Visiting
at the L. J. Orissom home.
.Miss Edith Jones went to Med
i ford Saturday to spend a few days
ft with her sister, Mrs. James Stew
art, nnd also to meet her daugh
ter Mrs. Hoy Schmldtllng of Jut
land, who Is coming home fir a
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