Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 06, 1928, Page 2, Image 2

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Temporary auto IIi'pdm'h wero ! ! The null lirouitht liy Marlon H. When he appeared jn Juticr
KM'! al tlM- HtietifrH orrire today ( Ki'itni-tly auaint tm ( Yllfornln court yeterduy n a chart;" of
to ritu'k. ICutjt-rt .M.ihar, Oregon Tower company for 141), Oih) reckless driving, preferred by Slate
Jtoliei-t Akei-H, '.. Khafer, I.. A . ; fl.-tiiifiKe for the death of his son, j Truffle. Officer O. O. .ichuls um u
liurly. Jam (livens, l. I.. rimlth j 1 tufua K. Kennedy, , begun thin' result of an auto collision on the
and Waller r'rick of this elty, Ixn- week hefore u Jury In the court ofj Pacific hluhway early thin week,
. ter Taylor of I'entral I'olnt. Dick . KeiUral Juilue Mr.Nuiy. Kennedy; Huns Jeschke was fined 15.
Al Ksnirfck. vell known Port- Knit-lit of I'hocntx. i K. Alwood of , was killed October 25. 1U27. on I Kresh eBBs for Easter. Kaptist
- land wrestler, ueeompunled by Dan I KBle Point. Mrs. Kate Alrllur and the (arm of r. J. Hess, by whom; hidles' food sale Saturday, iled-
.ewi, J'ortlund flKhtor, arrived in! '-" "". ne was nnpiuyi-u, in me raw urove f()rrt Klectric cu. 15
X4..,lr,...1 Ust venlnif for his mutch Dance. Kivnxlde Coinniunltv 1 '"" ''l. I' ll miles east of Klamatn
tonlKht at Hilarity hall Willi Hull' Club Saturday nlnhl. Ilroadway j l'a"- H was eiiKaued In hauling
M.,tnim i,( Hollywood, the film I Orclicsti a. 11 of straw when he came in
Dnnen. KiikIi Point. Sat. rile. K
uctor and wrestler who defeated
Sailor Jack Wood here last week,
and was himself defeated by Wood
at Klamath Kails last night. Mon
tana arrived here, from Klamath
Kalis early this uftornoon. lioilijUic Cui,,nlnl Ihikery kit. hen
wrestlers are in excellent ronai
tlon (or tonight's go.
Attention, M. V. A
A. K. liruffee of Portland, In
ventor of the Ihuffee eyg sepa.
rotor, Is in the city today on busi-j
ness. One of tile Hruffee vmz epa
rators was Installed this week In
contact with a stikkluK hiKh-pow-.
er line. The Oreaoniun. j
That uood coal. Hansen Coal.
I Co. Phone 139. 337tf, ;
Neluhbors! Danco with refresh
ments, April IZth. J-adU's S6(
gents GOc. 21
Dance, Riverside
.Mrs. Klixabeth Parks and Hon,
j llollls Parks, motored In from their
Let me write your fire insurance.! home in the Aiplci,-ate district tills
I Carl Y. TeiiKWald, Hotel Holland,
and Koynl, Phune 1113. tf
Tomorrow noon at Axhluml the
W. It. C. dinner will be held In
Odd Kellows' hall. The corns of
Community Medford. tiranis Pa; Central
Candy may be all
right to send to your
Sweetheart '
riuu Saturday nmni. jirouawnyj puflt nm (j0i, jmi i,HVe i,ecn ln
OrchfHtrn. 3 6 ! viU'ri.
Mr. and Mm. Ooo. Mothol iff Soo i: tin fir llunly HuhIi for re
Gencpc, Idu., who hnvc haon vin donned itlfalfu Hfed and billed hay.
I'hono 02. 332tf
A. AJ.wp.od, 126 CoUhkc Klieot, left
this morning for Oljriuliil. Calif,
Hxtra special barfcntnfl at tho
Emm Jou Jfat 8hope in M. M. Urawiry, Mary
Store. We invito you to tH.e ad-ilteiiuh, Mr, unci
fulifornlaiiH iPKiwtiTi-d at Mtd
ford hoti-lH in'-ltidft M. K. IIuIkpp
of Oakland, K. K. Kllswoith of
Owi'il ttt Iniif;
Mih. H. It. Ca,-.
TAatagd ot this amazing offer for idr. A. M. I'lirHxtis of I'aHa(!cn:i,
one week only. See the smart, j Allien M. Umith, Air. and Mih. it. I
pretty now huta, speriut $1.98, II. Williams, 11. Al. .Iinkstm, Mr.!
$2.8, 3.9B and 14.98. Kiddle hata and Mix K. DeHi.ff and I.. V.
98c up to $2.98. Green tradlni; ; Hart of San Knincis4o ami W. (!.
dtamps given here. You can't af-i Krac kletcm. Martin lorl, I, BHrpI,
rnorndiK to vl.slt and trade
iJancc. l-;a(,-U Point, Hat, nite,
Mr. and Mih. 1. P. Oliver are
amoiiK tho Klamath Kallw resl-;
dentM in this c ity. They arrivel i j xj i, i i
yentenlay. , "Hi JUTCr fcili IVdH beCOlUC
Vou'll like our evenlnft dinner J VOIU ' '
rioc and toc. Jackoon Hotel Cof-1
fee tthop. 293tf I
.1. J. inuhter left yeBierday for1
Portland to attend an eloetiical '
cotiveiition in that city. They will.
Ie Kne fur u week.
Walnut ton Kraftlne hv pxtmr-
lenc:ed. Hticceasrul walnut firafter. j aild the
Call at addroHB, 437 So. Fir. :
" 'lls laxi. 2ric. - Phone 25. tf
isoniL'thhig belter for her
ford to miMt these bitrwiinii. 1ft
Wella Tail. 26c. Phono 5. lt
42. 21. Wood, a former resident
of fedford, now of Orants Pass,
ilr. anil Mrs. II. I.. Nack, Mr, and
Airs. 1). Hays and .lack Jorclman
of I. os Angeles.
Chicken dinners $1.00 at Loc
U repo'tet,' seriously III it lilnj Cabin, Redwood Illchwny. Free.
home in the former city. Mrs. H.
13. Powell and Miss Clara Wood.
Ilia nieces, left hero yesterday for
Grants Pass to be with him.
"Hero dwells youth." attractive
booklet. Oet ono freo at Colvlic
Drus-s. next to Walto theater. Open
very niKht and bundaya. 20
If you wnnt a Rood bulldlnu loan
on a low rate of Interest, see Red
den A Co. iitf
OuestN from a distance register
ed At Medford hotels Include T.
Albrecht of Indianapolis, Alma
Bruner of Cambridge, O., Walter
Htead and Mm. J. Martin of I.anR
heed, Alberta.
Thl stormy weather has made
It difficult for nhoppers: however,
the sale of pianos, Vlctrolna and
radios, now going on at Palmer
Music Houao haa been very suc
cessful. The sale will continue all
this week. If you huve been want
Ine a bargain In a. radio now Is
your time to got It.' Several six
tube sets ore being offered at one
third to one-half off. These ants
have been used as demonstrators
and are fully guaranteed. Hpeclal
terms are In effect during the sale.
' 1.7"
Best Utah coal. Hansen Coal Co.
Phone 239. 337lf
An Kaster cooked food sale will
be held tomorrow at the Medford
Klcctrlc company store, 33 North
Ccmral avenue, with fresh eggs
and cakes as spoclayios. by the
Baptist Jartlea. .
"Here riwoMu VM.tti. o ., ,
booklet. Oet ono freo ut Colvlg
Drugs, next to ltlallo theater. Open
every night and Bundoys. 20
Kaster bunnies. Heo Hamilton at
Wed ford Blcntrlf! Co., 33 No. Cen
tral. Friday and Halurday. Ui
Miss Mary Connor, daughter or
Mr. and Mrs. Cluy Conner return
ed yesterday from the Oswego Nor
mal school, which she has been
attending for some tlmo.
Utah coal, clean, low In nsh. Han
sen Coal Co. Phono SJ9. !mtf
Phone !
23c dozen
Plan to take ad
vantage of this of
fer. Made as only
Fluhrer can make
Let us remind you
we will have a
stock of Hot Cross
Buns and Special
Easter Pastries on
sale which are in
dispensable to any
Easter dinner.
norscHhoc pitching, croquet and
other gumes. 15
The Dixie club meeting has been
postpo 1 to Nuiunluy. April. 14.
when they will meet at the homo
of Mrs. (;. It. Katchwell, .111 South
Front street.
Dance, Kaglv I'olnt, Hal. nlle. IT,
Mrs. C. V. Nichols left yester
day for Klumalh Fall's where she
will spend several days visiting
friends and relatives.
Kaster lilies, hydrangeas and
choice cut flowers. Medford Green
Mouse. l'honc 374. Downtown
sale nt Colvlg"s drug store. Iltf
Fuhnt llurkun tentple nf the
Pokkles will bold the April meet
ing of the order in drama Pass, it
has been announced by' Hoyal Vi
uler Carl Flchlner. The meeting
will be here on Saturday night.
ihe entertainment fur the local
iiixciuiK is to ne in mo hands of
local votaries who will provide a
feed al the close id" the session.
(irants J'nss Courier.
.Cooked food sale Saturday. April
7, .Medford Klcrtiic Co. Jiapllst
ladies. j
11. It. Lewis has accepted a con
tract to redecorate the Colonial
llakery. tip' work to begin this
week end.
Heo Charles A. Wing to buy your
home. ;),,.
A representative pf die Abn-r
Kline shows is in tho city today
In advance of that carnlvai. wblcii
expects to npiicnr In Mclfurd In 1
tno ncai fuiure.
Heaullfiil (iago and Monogram
eastern chapeaux. featured exclu
sive at Ihe Hand llox. 223 Kast
Gill HI., first door east of tlroce
terla. Also morn popular priced
millinery. Wo Invite you to our
now slioppe. x
Thirty out of the slate cars reg
istered here yesterday with the lo
cal slate traffic motor bureau,
which wns the largest number of
such cars to register here for a
week or so past.
Sportsmen attending the :;.ime
banquet at A-dilnnd. April 11th,
wtlh extra room lor passengers,
please report to Chris Gottlieb,
chamber of Cutnmcrec. Likewise,
those that have no means of trans
portation. IK
is a 0 1 o ve rl e a f "Id
spectod" rabbit. Each
i jilainly .t a ft g e x a 11 tl
marked. j
...... j
Can be lioujjlit- at inostt
any market for the ask-l
injf, or jilione ,599-J.
I & 1111:
1 ip 1
Todav fk
In a Story of Love vs. Luxury ,
"Soit Living"
A liiiiifliini; roiiiniifc nf imiiTinnc mul a wii'i- who
ilisi-tivi'is tlinl .slit- ciiii't ffolil-tliir h(.f Imslmiul
uric;' slip i'alls in lovo with hini. "' .
lH 1 one day only, SPECIAL 1 . U I
: -fl s . -. . . . ki ii h S' 1 a m n
; with Marie Dressier, Polly Moran and
I J. Farrell M tic Done Id jv
ffel ENEMY" i
'tl His. T" bitter truth . . .. the pomp of Ki '
: ?A 8 i J A WvWaavs 7 militarism stripped of Its glory Sf
t-L 'vfNXi u ,hc hMrt ' 9lrl d her m
:foi ;?Jf.lJf A rfjTWXff boy . . . laid bare this . . , make Mt)
no mistake ... is a cinematic ma- MX-
WjptiffibJ Va'AI It's another I ALSO 1 ifB,
j fa "y!ErV tJf . b'9 prCduCti0n I BETTY BROWN J)'i m
L-T-J .i A " -rC', ' AT THE GIANT f Vt
iff 4w mi i
"1 V V f . O COMEDY CI' J ,
; , tx-WH, . . ... . km4
f-i j. . ft ,, , LATEST NEWS t5.Vf ;,3
SUNDAY V7 CHIC0 S""' firSy
state '.. .-. ,,'V w '
tZKTL AY. Vm' band ys.
W- ..."
WW 'rsr
1' 't.l
economy Groceteria
You want to be sure of good eggs for your Easter Breakfast want to be sure they
are strictly fresh and we guarantee them to be just that if you buy them here
Every egg is passed thru our candling de partment where our expert candler
carefully examines every one and none is allowed to go to our counter unless
strictly fresh
Medford's finest bread home-style
baked without substitutes of the
same ingredients mother used
lilbi loaf 7 3 for 20c
iiib) loar.. ioc
Hot Cross Buns, doz 15c
-I L
Hams 2 or
whole ham
lb. .... .28c
Swift's Em
pire Ham 1
or whole
ham, lb . 25c
Fancy Rabbits lb. 30c
Veal Spring Lamb and everything
for your Easter; Breakfast.
Bananas good fruit, 3 lbs. . . . . .23c
Crystal White Soap 12 bars. ... .45c
Per case 100 bars .$3.59
White King Washing Powder- :.
large pkg . . . . . .'.39c
Tru Blu Graham Crackers fresh
from the bakery this week 4j-lb.
caddy 63c
Solid Pack Fancy Tomatoes No.
2i cans, 3 for . . . .v: 43c
Iowa Standard Corn No. 2 can . .10c
Del Monte Medium Peas-No. can
3 for . . : . . . ,.. s..,.48c
Sea Port Peas No. can, 2 for .... . 25c
Yacht Club Brand Peaches large
halves No. 2 can, 2 for . .35c
Tommy Tucker Brand Peeled Ap
ricots No 2 can, 2 f or 35c
Amaizo Corn Starch 1-lb. pkg.
3 for . . . . '. . . . ; . .25c
Calumet Baking Powder 1-lb. can
25c; 10 lbs1 $1.29
Kellogg's Bran Flakes 3 pkgs. .. . . 23c
Post Toasties-r-3 pkgs 23c
Quick Quaker Oats large pkg. . . 25c
Scott Tissue Toilet Paper 3 rolls . 25c
Elco Jam the large 3-lb. jar sev
eral kinds to choose from 49c
Wellman's Florida Grapefruit No.
1 flat can 15c
Coffee our'own'reast--in three
very fine blends ... . v. .38c; 43c; 49c
Dromedary Dates pkg. ......... 19c
Prudence Corn Beef Hash a No. 2
... .can of very fine hash, per can . . . 35c
Lindsay Ripe Olives No. 1 tall can 15c
Sweet Pickles pint jar 24c;
quart jar . . . . I . 39c
Until Easter with every pair of wom
en's shoes selling for $6.00 or more
a pair of full-fashioned pure silk hose
your choice of color FREE.
With each pair of children's shoes a life
size toy Easter Rabbit in choice of two
colors FREE.
Savings ycu can't afford to overlook
Certainteed Paint you can" judge
the quality by the weight Put Cer
tainteed on the scale against any oth
er paint and you will appreciate the .
White or Ivory per gallon . .$2.79
Weathershield same colors, per
gallon $1.59
Ready at 1 1:30 A.M. '
Steer Pot, Roast with Noodles,
Masned Potatoes, Gravy, But
tered Bread, Coffee or Milk 25c
Evening Lunch at 5 P.M.
Buy here and bank the difference
Use our parking lot while trading here It's for your use while you are shoppine
withus. - ... . : .. . .
I I " h. ' -i
These Drug Stores ONYX rT D F 1? C
Are Open Nights POINTEX j 'J. Jy JQ
This Week HOSIERY I .
m Jf j Fruit, Ornamental and Shade
Medford Pharmacy For Women $i.9s
u i ri - Shrubs, Evergreens, 'Rose.
Heaths Drug Store . .. yfc,. .. . , Washington nursery co, toppenish, wn,
Strang's Drug Store CHAS. W. AUSTIN, Agt .
L 1 Yrd 33 Portland Av. Phone 87-j
I " . i
Clrsn rw wnntfd nt ths Mill I HnK wsptril at ths Mull Trlh.
Trbn cffK'. rtune offlc. Must js'clt.