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The Weather
rrMltiUm Pair: heavy- frtt to
night; rlsliiK tniKTature Friday.
Maximum ycMenla y AO
Minimum iiMLuy -a
lntlliailni. oa
edford Matt, Trtrttnr
Weather Year Ago
Maximum 57
.Minimum 3(j
Pillr Tent;uiinl yt
J 'f -m-lta Vc.r
Xo. 14.
By Arthur Brisbane
Weak Heart? Beware!
100,000,000 Years Hence
The Oil War
A Boomless City
v (Copyright, 1927, by New York
Evening Journal, Inc.) .
If you have any tendency to
heart disease, don't speculate
in radio stock. When the stoek
txehan-rc opened Tuesday the
tieker said, "Ifadio is worth
$178." A few minutes later it
saiil. "Iindio is worth if 1 irtj.oO. "
A few minutes later it said :
'?iatlio is worth $17t"
When stock exchange closed
t tic ticker said, "Ifadio is worth
AVlicii a young hero in the
navy wanted to marry David
AVai-field's stnire daughter, in
old Weber and Field days, War
field said, ' 'A hero ! That 's not
4fo business."
You might say that of buy
in" radio.
A stoek (rumbling craze af
flicts England also, with busi
ness "not so fjood." The ex
planation will interest our spec
ulators. Britons speculate on "newt
enterprises," on big profits
from the things not done yet
or not done thoroughly.
They realize that real wealth
is in human ingenuity and arc
gambling in the intelligence of
men. Not such a had risk.
liishop Richardson, of Geor
gia, asks his Methodist Episco
pal congregation, "What are
you going to be doing 100,000,
V(K)() years from tonight!" nud
reminds them that 100,000,000
years is only the beginning of
Many have asked themselves
that question, wondering if do
ing nothing, no marrying or
iMvimr in iiuirriii ir,. no niio-Hir- I
in'' in iinv biisuu'ss or malting
inventions does not become tire-1
. ,. , , ,,
some at the end ot .100,000,0(10
roars or a billion yt'ai's.
Mp. Kii'lianlson says wo are
not irmii 1o W itllr. (iotnl
news fur the umhitiouH.
('nnimm'ial war ncvirr ends.
Julm Hull ami I'nclc Sam now
fiht for control of the worlds.
Oil stnililv. 1
i I." l.t .1,,.
iiiiiii imiii t iiiMiii.
Ihiiijr intelligently. Kvcrywhriv
ill tllC Jiritisll empire Water i
P ;,. i,;,, ,i..v.,l,,i,n,l nunc. I
M. ,, . ' , , I
fllilly in ( aiiadll. I'.ven 111 hll(I- '
land thev plan to use the title
1 it.
power at tlie mouth of the Sev-
, I
em. Tic more electric power
Vised the less use of Oil.
Here we seek new ways to
lnirn up our oil, allowing a I Miss Anne Depew Paulding. When j I
chosen few to monopolize the I ',' ,bp "bParent that he was SAI.It. Ore.. April 5.-W,-;
I dyinj? tho servants and the house State Treasurer Kay announces
water power. (hold staff were summoned to the the deficit in tho state general'
ITrnvever when oil is hnrned bc,Is,,,('- f,m(I I,s "f areh 31 ns 253.-:
jioutir, iun on iMmnuu, n a(jViiU0(1(, Mr I))1K,W but expects it to bo more
lip, the government will have j ways viewed life from a younshan covered in the next 30 days
A cAmnthlnrr nltnnf niii ' aian's viewpoint Biid was an Incur- ' when counties pay In their first i
l" u" ' ,
water power. That S cue com-
1 I
.Merchants in smaller towns
i...i.vl.l..n tblu Vorrv hnnts and
.. ." . .
.mil von iinu ..... ...
Vo Xcw York CitV 3bo,31,24:i.
Think what thai nians in
sprmlinfr power.
New ork is one eitv that service that man s span or ine nan
W never b,.,l n I ' t, ' b,'cn ln''rsla ''"' ' a" s,m;c, ,S ' " :
litis neir hail a r.iel estate0J!r. ,.,,,,. saiM hc i,env,.,l "com-
boom. Xo boom would be biirinwn sense rather than monkey
cnoim-h to tell the facts. 1
u .......v..... ...... ...
where their wives take the cur
in the shops. Ajid those visit-
... -v- vii- i
ors while 111 New OrK live Htnl
i 1 !.:- 11 i
.-rl..u men .nunc. IN n Mill. I ,
part of Manhattan hounded bvi,.. Qi ,i,.'i,..niifi n.inj .
itll and iVItll streets, Kilfhth
I r.iftj) Thkd avenues.
In tho?e few hlneks nf stores nnd
hotels New York business men
(Contltued on page Four,
Second Section)
Picturesque Figure,' Friend
of Presidents, Republican!
Leader, Called In 94th
Year An Apostle of Op- j
timistic Common Sense.!
MOW YOHK, April 5. (J) I
Cliauneey M. Depew, picturesque j
Krund old man. who entered noli-:
tics before Lincoln was mentioned i
lor ine presidency and tor more ;
thaa seventy yearn was famed as
an uftcr-dltiiier speaker, died at j
4::i0 a. m. today at his home of j
hionchial pneumonia. !
He had been 111 for less than a
week and would have heen 114 years i
I !
old oa April Ti. Ho continued all j sas, where a tornado In Washini;
active career until the end, serv- , ton county devastated a lartte area.
iHK as chairman of the board of di-j
rectors of the New York Central .
railroad. He intended to attend
the republican national convention
in Kansas City in June. With the
exception of the 1U2I convention In
Lhautite DeptfH, hIhj helped numl
nate Lincoln and has been in at I,
.... ..!,.... , i....ikh., i
Cleveland, he had attended every creek bed di,i not believe the
republican convention its a dele- ! I' stream would go wild.
' , , , )fjs8 AtThc.v did not realize the Herloiis -
the 1SS convenllon he received Ufl !
votes for the presidential nomlna- !
lion. b.wilhdrew in favor ot lien-
jam hi Harrison. His wfl tn rousing
political speeches was a feature of
early days to be known as "the,
ah. iepew served two terms as
Mr. I'epcw- suffered a chill while
coming io .m- .oik asi e.san six leet deep in basements. :
iironi a nvc wccks vacaiion in m.
AKUs;1??: F,atln Sa.,"rda; ll0;nml were broken by '
,!e advice of Dr. H. l-yman Hooker
he remained in bed at his home '
here. He became unconscious and
medical consultants were called In ;
Tuesday he improved and
regained consciousness,
Alter a ;ood day yesterday. Mr. I ,l,.lln ... ? n,.ln,.l- .
i1" " 7,w" ' , V" ' 1
last night. Members of his family
were summoned to the bedside. '
These -
(able optimist.
On his 93rd birthday he agreed;
to join tue mjw iorK l oung ne- :
j publican club, because he felt that j
contact with youn; men whs Ihe
I11v wnv 0 ko(.p in lollrh wmi tl)e
world's aclivilics.
He had expressed the belief that
R, womu live to he i"u years 010. j
-I seful or not. be said every-
body has a rlsht to live as lorn; as
he can: as for me. I am trnlng to
do my best to set a record."
t Olllinclltilli: on an BIllK.lllli ement
oPthc federal public health bureau
..t..n.t.. (o I- ln! Iw.llillir tlw. ,'
",, ,,f tifr." !
- -
,n,.s nf evory war i which the
I'nited States had been er-'aaed.
"l V"U know." he said on an-
0, h(.r nf.(.slon. "that if vou live
l,..r i.timiiAi nenr'.vervtliinL' W ill-
... .. . .... .. . C3,.,,,llrn,an , ,
about it Is wb n ynii have advanced
II, vears v vu siai IIIK in" nnim
doesn't lead people to believe that
k,.,.i ..I, rulf I.e.
caune it Is what tmies Xthp
course of nature.
(Continued on Pff vourj
Children Safe In Cyclone
Cellar As School House
Crumples 20, Homes at
"Duncan Wrecked Flood
Renders 1000 Homeless1
at Shawnee. j
3. bib i
Tornadoes climaxed a general wind '
and rain storm that caused at least i
three deaths, lei t more than a score ,
of injured and damaged buildings
at widely separated points In the1
southwest yesterday. 1
First reported in southern Kan- i
sas and northern Oklahoma, the!
sotrm swept southeast into Arkan. 1
One person was known to have
been killed and a score were In-!
Dl'NCAN, Okla., Airil 5 p j
Within a few minutes after leach- j
ers had placed 45 pbplls In a storm ;
envp ne;ir Ihn Slui'n Kuml u,.l.,i,l i
i ... ...... .
noose, ine scnooi DUUillllE was do-,
molished by a tornado which Btruck
three miles weBt of here yester-!
ctay, causing damtw;e amounting to
thousands of dollnrs.
More than 20 homes were blown i
down or torn from their founda-1
lions by the storm which cut a !
strip two miles wide and five miles
Ions west of the town.
(Pi A iiitlo muddy creek which
has flowed quietly throuHll Shaw
nee since tlie town was laid out.
I last night went on a rampage
iinu touav nau resoneii in nt
least two deaths, left 10U0 home-!
Il'SS nn.l enilH.,.1 .ll.Mlllim nutltmitn.l !
at 1. 000.000.
It was expected the total dead
would reach six. Tho known
dead were Jlrs. Joseph Ii. Camp- I
bell. 35. wife of an engineer of
an Ice plant, and John Lewis. 7 7, i
who lived In a tent adjoining tho I
crecK oeo.
The missing included Mrs.
t'anipbcll's two c h 1 1 d I- c n, who
were swept away when their:
home was lifted from Its founda-1
Hon, and carried dow n the creek i
bed. j
A score or more of persons I
were Injured during nttemnls to i
Thi. fi.x.d pnmo ith.,iit l
warninje. I here had
tw.n n i 1
UOen a ClOUlt-
rhlch brought 6.X I Inches!"
;oi rain, but residents along the 1
"ess of the situation until water
Kushed through windows and
rs and rose to about ten f,,olJ
Houses were torn from founda-!,....
lions and idled up In wrecked ,
of shuwnee. Men
women and
.i-ii wile mtii cumin i" .
root iops as wrocKane KWimt '
stores in ait parts of the ,-iiy
were damaged. Water stood five,
and lnanv nlate class windows
Kepnrts told of hundreds-taken '
from trees and roofs bv police, '
firemen and rescue workers,
. - ,,
II If 11 I M f I" Ll
half of Mate taxes.
Ku- has recently paid the j
Htate's fiscal agency in New York
f.10n.D 10.8 1. Krom this will be ,
,,i,i s 1 2 . 2 r, 0 principal and 1790.-!
,.,. ,.,.,..., ,, hl..h,i due Am il t. and JB04.-:
vi .,- ii,.Pet n nrei.on vei-!
eruns' state aid bonds, which now
,oln, ,;.5oo,ooo.
.... .,, n,ivm0nt of this In-1
...,,..., on j,ichw, i,on(, ,no!rltunl the poor mendicants were,
iin,lin. I, n n d ri i. I
,.,,,, .it. .., f t,i..i,. I
.,. ,..,,,..,,, . J33.654.2ri0. 1
()n ABust m0 000 wm ,,c h obk (winning ..o pieces ot -
paid on hichw.iv bonds principal, i "r. f " "' j
' ,. nn ,.,.,,, . ,s37 5oo. Hair".1"1 .f"ml"' "n leaving the palace
. veterans' aid bonds I
n"""re """ yt'ar-
TMl'A. Kl.-i.. April 5. ofi It. M.
It.uton. 77. .f Si. I'etersburij. I'la..
raiiwai moor .
i'"l durimr th
iii.ouiiiMiaii.MiF ,
"' " ' "r '"
" i"HKin nines
'li eenvllle. T- nn
He was ''' in ' '.'S. :
. -M.-t-.,
"ti oi irnuftj una M-i.n on-;
practice Gi law at insuanooga, ;
fefcaNtwap; ti& ! pn ad unp
Here is a view of the Ogdcn river, near Option, Utah, at llood licieht.
burst and swollen mountain streams. ItcporU that a dam had burst
of Mormons from their chapei near the river.
1 1 iUUUI 1 1 L
rM..:Ai j i n A . , n A
OUIIVIUl nillltiU ttl ntiVUIHJC
in Letter, Chief Clue to'"'wl"-
I be warrant tor the arrest
Latest Los Angeles Mys
tery-Body Wrapped m
. . . ,
Papers in Auto, Driven by
"Foreign Pair," Spurs .
t-lllnt '
. I
.,. ,..,..., , - im !
LOS ANC.hl.LS, April D.-(tfh
. ... , . . ,.
niaiiv mysiery touav nan en po ice i
, ...... ii
Who 8UK,,t t0 80,VC """"""l-lieai-,
HI1CC "'"'ell 1U ot Walter Lolllns,
9 years old.
A body wrapped In newspapers,
reported to ho that of a boy, asleep
or dead, seen in passing aiitom-
iiiooiu: imo uits imo. mi u i-ii 1 1- j
ifed "foreign looking" couple, who.
; sat at tho front seat of the car and j
a letter said ID Hint 111 reveui;e.
written by Ihe boy's father, Walter
' s- Collins, serving a term 111 Fob
soul state prison, for robbery, were
ll,e only clues.
' he letter. Held ! the police,
whose contents so tar nave noi ,
1)0011 rpveu cd, sent t he oiiicefH on -
' fan r rancisco on tie
'"" ' ' V" , ,
Me J" "3 ,,,,,., r
A gasoline sal ion alti iidaiilr
;P"r"',1,,"!l - ,,K '' '"'.v.
eB niiM.ii, , . r ti, br 'ul in t fit,
"l"nlK ox;,p" ' f''r ' 1 n. , l( !" J " ' "
l"iH'au ,.f a n auloniob 1 l iven by
' '
j.,r ,', ,,,.,.,
lion, loaded with clot bin.-; and !
household poods and occupied np-
nfirtlv i... lhrt ... (.nnnh,
' 4:.,.ii u...i -.i..,..-,
H,:;r" "" otHki-. fruil m:LriZv:J'ZLTniZl"
Ni.,' ,,',,' slll(1 Ula, ,y had!'" ,a,ke Lnrii" Caruso's pl,..o ln,,,ls f,., Nl.lU, , ,.ollr.
answering Ihe same i
, .. .... . i... , t, I
(.olHnJ ,mm0 lirinr ; Walter's dis-:
' ' Wli.t ti-.'.. ' .n.rimin win, ,i10 !
i.(,i r,r i. vm.r.,,1.1 uvyini- !
I Uixon two
ks ago 1 who was'I,ls pnisncrous candy and
taken fnmi his home and then
abandoned In n hotel room,
. .
.mvilmm, n.un. -m" " wi i
The kinu and niieon of Spain today
washed the leet ot ji neKKsrs,
men and i:i women. In a. national
holiday ceremony
Christian humility.
"icn aim wircu ot ine loineii ic ,
Afu'r ""' "'mole foot washlnt;
led to another apartment and each
prescnien will! a iitw sun or dress, ;
overcoat or mantle underclothliia. '
,10 "Kars sold the ikets to a J
........ i. ...... ,. ,
outside for Rood prices
. m,., ,., ,,,, ,,, .,., i ii.t tyHliiii K, Hew from bis Home """ ' "oiiui i aionna weie
royal palace In the prescnen of , here on his wav to the soldiers' i uiiai.b- lo ti ll whether they hud
blub I'uncllonnrlcs of Ihe court, A"- honnO los.llal HI llainptiin. Vu,1"1''1" wounded any ofjhn flee
lialous officials, hundreds of arlSTo- ! where hlicnils to submll to an followers r denenil .Vut'ostino
ninny loiemo viiorn. i
i Similar services occurred In the I
.palaces of every archbishop and
i,ishop In upaln. j
- r
, ,,,. ,.. ... ' ,,, ,.r .
front :i eaplzi'd host. Vavn''
Wantler. 21, and I.vnn 'estal..
... .... ... ;'"";"" r"""' "p"
- -i - ,
11 mi.-h mo ii i-f., it m ihiiu i
j before attptins the nwlni.
Teacher Arrested
for Paddling Boy; j
Papa Is Incensed
PlTTSHUlHi, Ia., Apr. 5. ;
& Mrs. 1'tHcr Shoemaker, prlu-
t-ijHil ot the Hiinnaston public &
sthoul, today faced t-uuri on
ciuilT'' of assault and lat- i-
tiVrj as an afi'Tnialh of a 4 I
P ll d d I i n n administered to I
....... .
T forrest Kchowalter. 1". a ptl-
Oil 'at tho school, with a rat-
I of Mrs. S c b o e in a k o r was 41
swirn out by the boy's fath- j
ZZ t
side the building while plav-
i,,g in .be iu,oi yr.i. '
All's. Sebneniaker admitted
whipping me i,uy. rn.
temletl he stood ill front of
l,H' school wiih a mirror and
! cast the reflection of the vim .!
into her room, annoving her.
(.4,4.4,4.4.4. 4. 4,4,
... ,
ftlrrrnr DnnnKinnnl lr
jug U, ri uayei uua,
Sold Store to Take Ca-
ni -rt r '
ruso s Place The Dream
a Tnum inirn
I u?ao nn irwrn
hr- r-Uh
Fades, and He Hangs f-v in.s not. arrested, due n
i frlctoln between pollen and fel
Scf. h't-al officei... It was indicated,
I hnwever, tlr" dif I'lcnities would
1 be brushed a si tie today and t hai
I'CKT ANCKI.KS. Wash., April
" ' ".
. (A'l Joe Alassaro, ul, who IS
n iniseii ncre yesieniny ica'iiig a,,,..,,, ,
,,nU;- wrltu,n in '!al'i,n
world i.H no g o o d for honest
I' 'de.
.lue had a fair tenor voice.
stand here Joe played Caruso rec
ords by the hour. For month.
after tin- great tenor died, a cus
tomer kept lulling Joe, "Now,
o.i juui .tx, u -nil
loe believed hi m. Auainst Ihe ;
ad vice of his banker, many bus! -
nesH men and friends, bp sold his;
store and went out to awe thi
world with his voice. He left a
fine bank account behind. j
Joe rang doorbells of famous
theatrical impresarios in the east.
Some gave him a hearing, none ,
a contract.
tlie women uerctUI 11 111 LnilL I llll
WASIIINflTON. Anrll a. f'i
c,,!,,,,,.! ii,ii K. ! Scott i.f Cell vs-
,,.r,. I'a .... s t.vear.old retcrun of
,,, rlvl Bt(.ocd out of nn
j,inilaim at Hoover field here to-
day evcbilnilna In hih kIch Ihal"
he ha,i rKaC(1 hi,, hrliiK while
, . Mlr ,
, ne veteran, who lias devoted .
,,,,.,, ,I1M. , hMmy , , i,,,,,,,.
oieral Ion. v
" ,n t lmV(, , re.i,ronr Ill's
anv mini." h.. ii.i l... it 1 1 1 ..... u.
Washington clubman, who met hltn
at the f eld "Wo Ui ttn Vlllin
"T ' niv eustachian
l-,.lr li'
.iregon Went her
-i iooikmi. rising lempet iiiuro
in me iniKir HPiay
( Jtntle j
s. "wwvr r v w vrrsk?
,' ' a. ::( s M
V v.
the result of a torrent h.I ,.n,,.7
above Oedcn drove a congregation
, n , . ,
flhTeSlaCnt 5 3 10 10 HaVG
SpOken MillCl tO Cabinet I1'"'"'" northernmost. extremity.
ul- a request for lllno signals.
Mpmhfir-c Qtntp IncictQ WMklns hoped, however, to keep
iviunuu!) oidte iribibtbln ,lu.h wllh tl, wurW llul.lnB hlH
ftrt I -1 I 4 : rt1Ai:r. 1 fbght from I'oint Harrow to
On Indicting Shooting sPi1:,be,g,.n wi.n a nr.y watt wire-
Federal Dry Agent.
I'M K'Ai io, Aorll 5. (VI Tho
Herald and Kxamlne. said today
. .........
I'lesident Coolldge had given
bis personal atlenlion to tho po-1
litbal aspect Involved In the re-
cut shooting of a Chicago court
bailiff by a federal dry uncut.
The newspaper said that It had'
learned ine presment told Sec-,
lemiy .ieiion aim Aliorney wen-1
eral Kai KCiu "hi no unmistakable
(words that he reKrelted the ap
' peara nco of ati Intrusion of tlie
( Washington Kovcrnmeiit into a
local campjilHii.
Infoi-matiiMi to the newspaper
i was that as a result of the
Wash i out nn conference the spe-
i cial prohibition unit headed by
1 ( li'in't,'!' I'., t luldhiK would not bu
withdrawn from chlrao at once,
: but that It probably would bo
i confined to routine work. It Is
, . , ,. , ..
a II Ciller Of t If ( III MIT llllll.
..,,, . " .
charue.l w t I h stu.iir.n.r vvnihun
lieatiy. nmri bailiff, durinu a I
Pi uhihlllnn mid.
Although the n,.tiy Hhooti.m1
I lie Htalo would go ahead wit h
jI1L, his Mm uovern
IVd.ral Inlerest In .
ent po-l
inirs was nlven as "'"jSheCtCd HOOdlUITIS (Not
reason for I) 1st r let Attorney
jCenrne Q. Johnson's personal j
; appearwtic yestenlay before t h
! grand Jury. During (he day the
i govern men t agents released Lo
renzo Jtiliano under $i;iiaa IhuhIm
I on an Indlnnapolls fugitive wiir
j rant. ,1 ii liu no had been held for
i up stionliiK in connection with
but denied knowledge
sprea.i out over i
aragua. April "i.
murine patrols
spread out oyer northern Nicara
gua today coni Inued to track scat
tered bunds of rebels through the
Nine rel l, ,.,ve bee
killed l.v
!"' III m e sepii rat i. i ni i.un
"'" " '""In week and unTindet. i- 1
""" "umi-r woundeii.
A sooill ,,at,,,t r ,ai lt,. s also j
'' 'blity i.l,,.. out ;
..f just l..-r..i e dawn yes-
.". i.e.nne i whs oars, ion
marl,,, s under Lieutenant John W.
.--ii 110 ino. i ne, i, were no marine
I To oilier ualrols eoiooi,ieri..i
"'"Is i each paiiol killed niicjKu Klux Klan.
an.l Wounded oik ,
' "' "I" I olny of on q
' "' "
rm-h wan iea,.bd nn impo riant at NKW YnftK, April 6 (At Kxec -
mi.iine b' imI'iii.u lets ulnce It wiis.tlvr-4 of eastern railrotids meet hi if
'eiiev.-.i mat be 1,-M H leading
pot anifliK th" ipIicIh and had
befti rmbai nixsing the marines for
o i- a niont h. ,
Radio Operators of Coast;
Tune In for Word of;
Flight Explorer Hoped
to Radio Progress Over
Top of World.
SKATTI.i:. Wash.. April 5. ')
Kadio operatoi'H in ainaTPiir and
' KoviM'iiment .stations on the Taeifko
nttrthwest aiul Alaska elainpeil on
j their ear phones today to try to
' piek up word of tin? start of the
(projected fllKht of the Wilkin ex
pedition over the polar sea. Altlio
jt'aptain f.ettiKe 11. Wilkins, Aus
. It alian explorer, and Lieutenant
rail It. KielMin. his pilot, tenta
tively set their tleparturo from
I I'oint Harrow, Alaska, for about
!S:3u a. in. I'aeifie eoast time, un-
I certain weath
comlitlons were
expected to delay the start.
Wilkins' comnitinlcatlons with
the outside world since he and .Montana senator, prosecutor of tho
Ktclson flew from Fairbanks to Teapot Dome investigation, dc
I'olnt Harrow, March 19, have clared that Smith reoulred no de-
been extremely terse Just a coin-
nont that all was well,
elllllK of
! the weather at the American eon-
less transmitter which he carried
in his wooden monoplane. Ho kept
a steady flow of communication
with WuW, the United HtntoH army
i Knnl ctn ps stullon at Seward,
j ?lnkfn- T!1""""?
. fV,,,,, I.',, IMumk. In l,,lnf It,..-
wilkins is working on 33.1
STOI.I. (lermany, April G. Ayf
Colonel Urosna, uldo to Ooneral
i moerio isoitue, nas arrived nero
iuki cnaiKe 01 ine prepara
Hons for the Italian expedition
Into north polar reKioim in thn
OlriKlblo Italia. The dirigible will
stop at sedtlln, six miles from
hern, before setting out for Kings
Itay, Spitzhernen.
Colonel (I ro ssa was accom
panied by Cajilaln Von Klelst of
Merlin, director of huftfahrzeuff
desellischaft, w h I c h owns tho
hatmar af Seddin.
At the same lime tlie first ear;
load of hyilroK'Mi k's and benzine
for the Italia arrived.
U'lon Rnnf Cnofalnr of
Rally For Al, After Pa
rade Quick Adjourn
ment. l
ATHKNB, (la., April G. () A
well directed bnrraKo of i-KKs,
hurled by a Kiotip curbed la flow-
I Iiik white was responsible for at
least a temporary lull In public
demonstrations by the t'nlverslty
of Ceor-tla Al Smith for President
Some fifty adherents of the Now
York Kovernor, after organization
yesterday, wired him expressions
of fealty. IjimI night, they Inform-
' ed hltn, u purnde would ho held In
tribute to his candidacy.
Torchl .uhlH sputtering, banjoa
st rum in lug, saxophones moaning
and hass drn men booming, tho pa
rade formed as advertised and pro
reeded through tho downtown
streets. Its progress was unim
Arriving al the Improvised nlat-1
form which had been the proces-
; slop's Koal, (iwynu Nixon, presl-
,i,., ... , i i ..i .!. ....
.ni, . nk '
Tlusii. out of the iikltt, tho sheet-'
,.,,! t.iiiiKiit api.cared. Its mem-
.w,,d down unnn thn son.
orteis of (iovernor Smith. Pro-
.(lueUiK eK8 from the folds of their
, ,h,., u,y flr,, ,Hlv ,.,. ,
on the celebratitH. Oiitnumliered
ten to one. tho Smlth-for-I'resldent
club adjourned without the formal
ity of a vote.
Kven the Smith adherents admit
ted last nlcbt that tho white Karlied
alia. -I, ers were not members of the
T. ,...i....... ... i....1
,, , dormitory hunks.
her Io.Ihv to discuss merger j
plans ndjourneil shortly before one
o'clock without making official
Memo Attacking Hoover
Farm Record, As Com-
piled by Professional
Friend of Farmer, Pre
sentedSmith Defended
LaFollette Forces Re
buffed. WASHINGTON, April 5. M'l
(iovernor Alfred K, Smith of New
York and William (!. McAiloo woro
defended by Senator Walsh of
Mnutanu who replied In the senate
today to attacks recently made,
upon them hy Senator Robinson,
republican. Indiana.
Taking up first ltoblnson-s ref-
. erence to tiovernoi- Smith having
retained iiarry r . Sinclair In tho
office of racing commissioner, tho
fenso from him or anyone else
iiKaitiKt the eh a ices nmdo by Sena
tor Hoblnson.
"Tho governor uf New York Is 11
most extraordinary mun In many
respects' said ho. "Kven calumny
has not dared to ussert that he Is
not honest. ' The heinous offense
of which ho Is chained Is that ho
appointed or retained Harry Sin
clair as a member of the racing
commission. No one could seo
culpability in a manager in tho
(lemoeratic campaiRn in lOl'O in
New York state receiving: contri
butions from Sinclair.
"The whole thins to me seems
tu be that character which mlKht
be described in tho language of
tho street as 'piffle.' "
In riling to tho assaults on
' McAdoo, tho Montanan said Mo
Adoo now was a private citizen
and as such had exercised bin
inalienable right to select the
ciindidatQ he would. Htipport tor
ihe nonioerutlc presidential nomi
nation. Ho added that the fact
about McAdoo's retention by Kd
ward L. Dohony us counsel wer
now well known,
'l have no dcalre to enter Into
any eulogy of that Kentlemnn."
Walsh said, referring to McAdoo,
but he reviewed briefly his work
as secretary of tho treasury dur
ing the World war and declared,
"There never even had been a
suggestion that McAdoo had not
performed lilts mighty tasks with
fidelity." ,
Asserting that in Ilobinson's
last address ho himself had heen
tho chief object of attack, Walsh
said he had been instrumental In
some degree, at leust, in recover
ing to the government lands de
clared by the present secretary of
(ho navy to contain 1.000,000,009
barrels of' oil and worth $1,
000,000.000. "Had a great corporation re
covered land of such value which
hud been fraudulently disposed
of by tho directors," Walsh con
tinued, "and I had been tho at-
tnrMr- the court would hMvn
' richer than I ever shnll he
or hope to bo or would desire
to be.
"Hut I feet amply repaid by
(lie gratitude of the American
people which the senator" from
Indiana now would liko tu snatch
away from mo."
WASHINGTON, April 6. M'l
i Contention of Herbert Hoover's
j friends that the commerce secre-
fry and presidential candidate
! '"is been a consistent friend ot tho
farmer were assailed today In a
statement by (leurgu N. Teek,
placed in the senate record today
by Senator Nor beck, republican,
Mouth Dakota.
Peek, who Is chairman of the
executive committee of 22 of tho
North Central Htatos Agricultural
conference, had prepared h I s
memorandum for tho late Senator
Willis of Ohio, who also was a
presidential candidate ufter pam
phlets reviewing lloover'a furm
record had been circulated In thu
Huekeye state.
The J'eek memorandum charged
! that "most of the statements made
l,v Hoover nnd his friends. In
behalf, were at vuriance with
the facts.'
"The belief that tho farm lead
ers with whom I have been assuel-
"led," reek said, "Is that he Is
i ""' seekliiB to Insinuate himself
Into favor with the rank and fllo
'be farmers in order to serve
his own political Interests first and
that If successful hp will then
rvo tue Interests of exporters,
dea'ers and manufacturers of the
farmers' products, then, as welt as
his limited vision wilt permit, the
business Interests uf the nation
ami that finally the farmer may
have the crumbs which fall from
I the rich man's tsble."
M..vlne- lh,.t "M. Ilfnv...
' "'' prolmbly will charge that my
motives in maklnir this statement
nre pollticHl and that 1 favor tho
, , (ulldiii-v nf utbers for m-HMblint
I'eek eontlnutd.
"In one way, he Is right. My
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