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Tha .iim.- .inrmv weather Hhice
Katurdav has deluded the w-'inK uiu Junuury leim ut . - uuu -
d Iind nther fuel dealers Willi nomah county circuit. court a worn-
rush orderH for delivery a (lUiviijnn juror earned Sliii.&O per diem
as possible,
nnrl the suoner the
bettmv Tbene orderH vor so many
durlHK today tlmt they were Im
possible of the desired emergency
delivery, an the regular number of
hauling truettH and wuironH wan In
Mufficlvnt. This sitpullon win
cuuHcd beeaune uu many .cUUcns
who mistakenly bad thouKht they
had onoUKh fuel to l''t them
through uptil summer, and fear
iji a cold upon, "to Kt lusy at
once to remedy this Hltuation.
Dr. TilazoH prescription No. 18!2
for poison ouk a Kunmntocd rem
edy five ounae bottle f0c at
Jlenth'n Druff Store; near as your
phone. Free delivery. lf
Herbert Ciroy of the Mail Trib
une advertiHinK department is
home from Portland where last
Tuesday he had 1iJk tonsil re
moved, following an operation for
idnuH trouble he underwent in that
city recently, and hopes to be back
on duty as .good us over In a few
. W'ells Taxi, -'3c t'hone 25. tf
The Crater Lake Guild of the
Vresbyterlan church has postponed
Its. reuular nieeting which was to,
have been held tonight, until April:
16, when the group will meet at j share, the par value of which Is
the home of Miss Elizabeth Hurrinot named.
of Ktewart avenue.
- Walnut, top grafting by oxnor
ienee.d, successful walnut grafter.
Call at address, 4U7, So. Kir.
-Guests from a distance registered
al Medford hotels include Mr. and
. Mrs. J. T. Little". of Oixon, 111,,
ThOH. L Hulsey of Kansan City,
Ma., -and F.' G. timllh of Donemun,
Mont. .. '
' . Hemstitching -He pur yard.- liut
tona ooverid at Handicraft Hhop.
.... - -. - tf
0, Taylor and K. H. Dowllng, em
ployed with -the California Oregon
Power company at Prospect, spent
the -week end in Medford visiting
friends -and -transacting business.
Special sale of surplus flowering
end hedge shrubs, 60 per cent cut
reduction in price for one week
only. Medford Greenhouse, 1005
Kast Main. 11
With the downpour of rnln con
tinuing 'today - nnd indications that
more is still to come, trout fisher
men nre beginning to evince some,
uneasiness about the opening of
tho pea so n. There are many fears!
expressed that fly fishing will be I
delayed until May by continued j
rains. The season opens on April,
13 for small trout and steelheads
iu the Ttogup river, but It begins
to look as if only the ball fisher
men can be out on the opening
day. OraiHs J'ass Courier.
See Elinor Ilanley Hush for re
cleaned alfalfa seed and baled hay.
82(i K. Main. Phone 02. 33af
( Mrs. I., U Knvag, Mr. and, Mrs.
Jack Havage and small son and
J-loyd Havage of Vallejo, Calif.,
aro vUiltors at the T. J. Kinney
home hone slnoo Saturday when
they arrived in Medford. Mrs.
Havage is a sister of Mis. Kinney.
Idoyd . and Jack Havage left for
Klomath Kalis today on business,
and upon their return here, will
leave for their home in CuJJCorula.
J. V Pruitt motored In from the
Eden district this -morning on busl
neH. .
Special sale of surplUH flowering
nd hedge shrubs, 50 per cent cut
reduction in price for one wcck
only. Medford Greenhouse, 100r
East Main. II
For the first lime in the history
of - the Halem schools, four mem
bers of one family will graduate
from the high school next June.
Thoy are -Albert; Charles, Helen
nnd Lena Wldlck. children of Mr.
nnd. Mrs. C. K. Wldlck of Halem.
Hlen is the youngest of the chil
dren, while Albert In the oldosl.
"Me kind for a year for a dol
lar." send to Jackson County Hu
mane Hoeiety, Medford.
Among the temporary auto II
censes that were Issued at the
sheriff's offlco today were three to
Waltor I-'rar.ier and Everett Bonne
of Talunt and Kred ('ombest of
Clovetieuf 'Inspeiited'' rabbits,
pucked in sanitary wrappers, are
safe from nay disesHe. Any mar-
M. F. Coons was an E';le Point
bunineuM visiter in the ehy this
You'll like our evening dinner,
50c and liic. Jackson j(,tel Cof
fee Hhop. I'l'Stf
W'illiHin Sutherhmd. traveling b
cal dliHricl traveling Hgeju for the
Southern Pacific, returned this
morning after spending the w.-ek
end In Portland.
You must regiKter to vote at the
prittmry Mr 1 The new wv jiutf
a, Ktop to swearing in vote on elk-e-Mon
Uay. Kegister at oner with
1. C. (larlock at the Chuniher of
Commerce or at county clerk's of-I
Ur" " Medfnrd. tf I
Rain or Shine
Fluhrer'g Milk Broad
comes to your grocer
fresh from our ovens
twice each day.
Members of the circuit court
jury me public officers, and un
;ler u recent ttup rente court de
cision ( annot assign to Hcnu-onc
else money for wiik'u or tjalary
until the money actually has been
earned, according to a ruliiiK Tiien
day by Uistrlct JudKP A! earn. !"-
aim mne.iK'. out on uie uay hih"
Mtarted to Hurvc hu assigned to
another woman all that nho was to
darn a a juror. While alio was!
serving, her par diem at the rate this week. 1J'
of a a day was attached by fivei I- C. Grain, aHsistant Huperin-credltoi-H
umler uarnishment nro-! tendent of the Portland division of
ceedings. The woman juror held
that she had previously assigned
the amount due her, but Judge
Mears held that the assignment
was without effect, and cmnted
Judgment to her creditors. The
Aliss Frances Janeck Is ut our
store to demonstrate the making
of hooked rugs. Ladies should
avail themselves of this great op
portunity. Shields. Jl
' Do not Jiilss the big wrestling
match, Hull Montana, movie sheik,
vs. Al Karasick, the Hush Ian lion.
Hilarity hall, AprU 6th. 14
The articles of incorporation of
the l-'lrst Xational company, which
was formed to take over the Pine
Kelt Hanking company of Hutto
Palls, wre on file today at the
county clerk's office. The officers
; are the same as those who
the head of the First Xatlnal bank
and the
corporation has lOOOj
! We fancy the ladies will
tm rnnoy riincy work hi the; new
ProHbytfrlun church at Phoenix.
ThurMilny. April 5th. 13'
Dnn't fin'KPt to onler yonr Clo
verleaf "Inflpoetnd" rulihit, packed
in sanitary wrapper. Any market.
' 1 ..--.; J.).
J. '(. M(?J.e!luiul and on- Don of
McLeod, Calif., were bitHinewi vis
itor In tho city Haturdny. Mr. He
Lelland Ik connected with tho Mc
Leod Lumber .company.
JOaHter I I I I e Hi hydrangeas and
choice cut flowerK. Medford (Ireon
Houho. phone 37-1. Downtown
Hale at CoIvIk'h druK Mtore.. JItf
Hpeolal Hale of Hurplun floworlnK
and liodKP fihrubfl, fit) per rent out
reduction In price for ono week
only. Medford GreonhoUHe, lfioti
Kat Main. 11'
An avcraKC of four cal'H of Net
tod t'lom potaiooN have boon Hhin
ped fi-otn Klamath county durint;
tho puwt . inouih to meet tho tie
ninnd from the San Francisco mar
kotn. , . ,
Froo ItiHtrurlioiiH will be fclvon
in our nit department by MIhh
KrtiniieB Janelt. an authority on
hooked niK makhur. NhieldH. 11
Soo rllftrlea A. Wine to buv v(nir
' homo. 'in
t'aliforulahN rcKlHtorcd at local
hotela Include Mr. and Mix (iene
rjiyman, Nancy l.'orucllUH. Tillle
(iulibonl und Mr. and Mrs. (.'Inn-leu
iiorety of Ocm-out City. Mr. and
Mm. A. V. lleckwith of Oakland,
Mr. und Mrs. F.nnna I.awnon of
Chlco. 11. A. McXally, .Ioh. N. White
Martin Verb and 10. Kelf.-I of Lot
Anceles. t-. W. Delloff, .1. s. and
Atloo Hohh. 11. F. JS'oble, Fred An
derson. C. W. Tliniiins, K. M. (iro
rey. Ili-nry KIiir- and II. F. Klvln
of San l'ranclsco.
Ilest place tu buy ullllly npruiiH
at Phoenix bufcaar in tho new
church Tliurmlay, April u til. 13
liiHlst on itotilnB a (Movcrlenf
-InHpecloil" rabbit, packed !n Hiinl
tary wrapper. Absolutely safe. Any
market. h
.1. '. t'linnlnliam. repreHenta
tive of the Wlllamelte SecurilleK
corporation of Portland, left Sat
urday for the north, after havlnu
spent Hoveral days In the city on
I'tah coal, clean, low In ash. Han
sen Coal Co. Phono 23!. 33 ?t f
(hlcken dinners $1.00 at I, ok
Cabin, Uedwood Illiihway. Free,
liorHoshoo pltchlnu, croquet and
other kanios. jri
J. T. Dixon of Fort Klamath and
C. c. Charley of Klamath Falls
are nmonit the Klamntli county
visitors who arrlvod In Medford
Hoc minor Ilanley Hush for re
cloaned aHalfa seed uml bab-il hay.
SIB M. Main. Phone 1102. S.llf
Let tno write your fire Insurance.
Carl Y. Tenuwiibl, Hotel Holland.
Phone fl!3. tf.
There were three faJa lilies Iu
Oregon due to Industrial accidents
UUI-IHK the week ended .March 211
uccordiim ton report prepared by
me mimic iiioiisinai accioem coin
miSHinu. !
Ksster lilies, hydraulics
choice cut flowers. Medford Creen
House. Phone :i74. Downtown
ille at CoIvIu'n druu more. lltf'S.
i se oi hperl'y i lour companyi
carrier plueonn for .sendiUK hh-h-I
xantH during the Uedwood IiIkIi-i
way marathon In June neem un- j
Mired. followluK receipt of u b-tter ,
nere irom ine company, i lie .Port
land concern promise all the co
operation possible In making the
race a Mjeeess. (iranla Pass
Every man and woman ove
years old w ho lias resided In
state Mx months prior to the pri
mary. May IS. Is entitled to vote,
but must noisier at once. Anyone
in the county can rentier at county
cierkH orrici
Medford resident!
"l v o.iuiucr oi i. ommcreet two week haw prevented the eon
or county clerk's office. tfiinieior Knlm; alu-tnl with the rad-
Cluard rails been completed - nK nutf :rMvellnK of certain Q r.Tts
at the dty reservoir ground and and the pavinK of other thorouuh-
unr luiiu iciMiin u uu two rcs-r-,
voirs nave been mavelled. aftord-(
Utii .Metiitu'd mototisls a spot from!
which to see ope of the valley'
Pest Mcenic view. CNpcQt lly at ;
niK'H wncn uie ini oi .Mwitord
afford a beutlflll srene. feven
nmn iHnuieower ilot tltumtnnte stauonaiy.
the ivsvrA-tdm. on of which is; That ood coal. Hansen t'oal
only fitll of WHter nt 1he prem'nt j 'o. Phone L:tft. .T37tf
lim'- j -Mr. a. .Mrs, X. i. Youmans
liet I tah coal. Hansen t'twd t' dauuhter have moved to Med
Phone 3:l7tfj f,ird to make theh home. Mr.
Included annum the f h eiionlans ; Vounians is the new district mn.
reKlKK'red nt Medford hotel, otbrr; aiier of Hie fntnation Milk com
Ihun those frrtQ Portland, are p.m.. und will tiuiko Medford hlv
Frank McWttrlaiui of Sulem. Ityke-j hetiduuiu terH. The family I look
nmn Uhtte.r. H. Hanfield, l'. l..,itt for a modern furnished bun
Jone. iiiy ti . P le and Herbert j K"lmv.
u neep-r of Mifcene. i
.Special km le prices from now un
til Kusrter at the Kmmy lou Hut
Shoppe In M. M. Htore. Marvelous
valuen priced 11.95, $2,115 and hp.
hiindredn to eect from
hnle orn nnd ttj.
A divorce decree, which W.ih
granted to Clenn Putnam from
Stella Putnum In circuit court Hat-
mduy. wm on filo today ut the
county clerk's office. The divorce
hearitiK wan held In court hint
week und decree wan grunted ho
fore the trial wim completed, in-
- .
j deny uny of the alU-Kaiion that j
were brought against her by the;
Aprons, rancy woik nnti ngni re -
freshments ut the now church at
Phoenix, Thursday afternoon of
me houthern J-acinc, witn neau-
quarters at J-.ugene, spent several
nours in tno city Maiuruay.
Holed your new spring suit at
the Men's Shop, from the M. Horn
and Kd V. Price lines. All the new
weaves from to j0. We guar-
anteo fit and nnllsfaetion. 36tf
Mr. and Mrs. William McDaniels
were meuioru visitors irom nucn j
Jf you have never seen the fa-i
mous Newman hooked rug pat-
terns, by all means come to Shields' i
and see the grand display. 11
Mr, and Mrs. I. 1). King left
yesterday for their home In Oak
land, Calif., following a short visit
l here with Mr. and Mrs. II. J.
li. Hchonlnger used piano, H
llu down and $U) monthly. Pal
Illfl- J UNIC riUU "if, 1 -
Keg iKt rat ion of voters is pro- i
L'l'i'KKinif fa Irl V well iici'iinlliH' In1
lim HtovenM Mever. eountv rlerU J
J who reported t lift t Saturday was i
the heaviest day of the week, with
a number tit rural residents mak
ing out registration blanks. The
time for registration closes the
17th of this month, and all voters
who have never registered or who
have moved into new precincts, are
uiK'd to rof-fHter ns early ns pos
For dance orchestra, call
The theft of a valued watch wan
reported yesterday by I. E. Nan die
of tho ftex cafe to the police. The
watch was taken from u coat Nan
die had left In Ills automobile
which was parked in an alley in
the rear of tho Kex cafe. .
I-adies' Aid bazaar at new Thoe
nlx church, Thursday. Aprit 5th.
opens nt 2 o'clock.
(Mvlc ornaniza tions. lodges nd
A merlcan l-elon posts are plan
uinK an airport and airplane land
ing in Coos county nnd a bond
issue of tr0,0()0 may j,et on the
ballot for the May primary.
Try our noon d a y merchants'
lunch, 4Uc and aOc. Jackson Hotel
Coffee Shop. 29.'ltf
Loren J-3. Messenger, Tniverslty
of Idaho, has taken the place of
Wayne W. Weils as instructor of
blolony at the .Southern Oref m
Normal school during the laMer's
absence for six months of study.
Mossi'iiKer was formerly superin
tendent of schools at NysHJi, Ore.
Wells Taxi. 2 fie. Phone 25. tf
Kred liarneburK from thn -Men
valley district transacted business
In the city this morniUK
Three pianos for rent. 1 'aimer
Music House. 2
An answer to the damago action
filed by William Mil'ter aalnst
.lohn fioKwIck was on file today at
the county rlerk'H office. Gnswick
in the answer denies all allega
tions made by Millar that rloswlek
sdd tin' NnHh hotel to him while
Coswick was making negotiations
lo purchase the Hurnum upart
mentH to turn it Into the Hotel
Grand and run cmopctltion. (Jon
wick eluinis that he had no hh-d
of making the purchase until after
the Nash bad been sold for. some
tint. e
If you want a Rood buildlm; loan
on a low rate of Interest, nee Red
den & Co. -iiltf
Amonw the state of Washington
hotel nuests in Medford are .1. I,.
Cooper of Kpokane. Mr. and Mrs.
1). I (ircKory of Centralia and
Jack O'ltryan, D. J. McNerney, H.
K. Itaclne, Mrs. V. H. White, Mrs.
John 1. IJcle ami Kloise and
Jtllth McCorkle of Heattle.
Kpeeiat pre-IOater sale nt the
Kmmy Lou lint Hhojipe In Al. M.
Htore. A spenlal purchase of hats
makes it possible for us to orfer
these moncysavinK prices to you.
t'otinty Physician I.. l. Inskeip
returneil Saturday from I'.erkeley,
Calif., where he attended the fu-1
neral of his father, who died there1
week. I
I Htldoleiitine uml vnim.kl,,,. Tlw,
Fashion shop. 42-1 Medford Itldu-.
i Slntf.
A. .1. Vonler. employed nt the
llaitell orcluird u i ,. I.n.i,,...
visitor In Ibe ehy this morning.
KluUih'C ..11 fin' unle 11 IW1 i, a,
I r -i i. ...i.
iiin,i Creamery
Mched'uled to 1
hce court for
( Papas.
Asliland. ore. I I
h e a r I n r h were
helil today in po
lan Jackson and
who were arrested
Kuturday nii;ht by the police on
ciiaros (if Inloxb-atlon.
Aprons are always a convenient
article for ladies to have, a usfful
article for ladles to wear, a splen
did article to tve us a present .
If you are a htdy ymi will vetise
the significance. IjuIIch' Aid h
wiar at the new PIum-jiIx church,
April Mh. will stiiply your need.
The ralnv weather nf ih mini
fares. Th
storm over Sunduv and
prevented the coin inuat ion
pnvhiK work on Kins street.
'which was Uemin early last week
e adlim and pavlnw work can
not (Th reslimed until th
dif up and the weathei
Is more
Our stock
lUnrd yarns for
mnklnic hooked rues is complete
and with the fre Instruction! Riven
hy M Im Ja ntnk of fers m n rxcep -tlonHl
opportunity to Irtun this
fascinntlnff nnd u e r u 1 work
Shields. ip
fluents from Portlund relste
at Medford hotels Include j.
Lindsay. Air. und Mrs. Chus.
j Urewtur. A .I Cukc, 1). H. Uuk
K, linker, V, A. Dunlup, Mr. und
j Mrs. Al. K. Vorre, Norman W. Mills,
I I,, HeypoldH. Mr. und Mih. J.. II.
Hanmions. V. A. Crum, Dean Vln
' j..
HeiUmnn, C. W. Alexiindfr, A. A
Smith. Air. and Mr. V. 11, Bates,
i Mr MiU(, jB mi(i(inK his regular
cal, at lhe Kiuma C'line Shop. April
, 5 Your choice of Nestle Cir-
c u line, I.eMur, Shalt on and I.eon
oil waves. Ills work Is well known
here, so make
your appointments
mrly. Only $7
' HhoI) jj,c.rly mu
Dale Htokes, rancher from the
ICagle Point district spent this
morning iSn the city on businrW
'I'hO I'eL'lihir elecLloTi of tlic'ncu'
office of ftotury club will occur
tomorrow at the luncheon. All
members are reouosted to attend.
' I 1 I 1 III 1W1 W 111
Interest is urowini; dally in v. hat
Is expected to be the hardest fought j
wrestling bout of the
season next
hr day evening at the new Hilarity tions of southorn Oregon, said that Prty ,bona vtutt,K , (hn continen
hall sporting arena between Hull, the oil now bciiu; used hero was j tu TradiiiK company .of Canada.
Montana, famed Hollywood movie , practically perfect as far as results chairman Nye announced today
actor, and wrestler and Al Kara- were concerned, nnd Hint Rogue, , bo. oi.nnen.. i,.i .iu,..i ..,.
sick, Portland, v.ussian Lion who
has been thrown but once since
his return from Austrailia several
months ano.
Kurasick, t hronuh his work in
Portland rinKs, lias a pood follow -
in-,' of Medford wrestling fans,
some of whom saw him wrestle at
(rants Pass two months ano. Kara
sick is tho physlral education In
structor at the Portland Y. M. C.
A., nivcs radio lectures from Port
land stations on physical culture,
and is regarded as ono of tho most
perfectly built wrestlers In the
Hull Montana proved his worth
hero last week when ho threw
Kallor Jack Wood, Medford's pride,
two out of three falls, following a
hectic battle which ended disas
trously for the local man when ln
fell a victim to one of Mo-n tana's
punishing headlocks. That match
was rated by the fans as one of
the best ever staged here aiid ba-
cause of Karuslck's u n u s a 1
strength, next Friday's bout Is ex
pected to lie even better.
. Tex Porter and Cecil llarrlck,
who wrestled here last week, will
Lake, part in a. return match. which
will be wrestled lo a finish, llotll
boys, arc in the .115-pound .class
and are evenly matched, A pre.
liuilnury will precede the semi
final natcjij
George Aldeii, who is a republi
can candidate for sheriff, was to
day appointed counly humane of
fluer by the newly organized county
humane soeictv. AltlloUL-tl there
has been a .need, for sncl) officials
for si-vural i years, . no officor was
appointed until the prcsmit time.
It will be bis -duty to answer all
calls where his services are needed
In ret;ar(j to humane work.
Iue to the continued inclcinent
weather, the WckI Const Air Truns
lt company has discontinued Its
Portland to Nan Francisco scheo
ule. nccordiiiK to a tcbmam re
reived today by W. M. Clemen son
of t he Hotel Jackson from C. ".
Kakin president mid manauer o
the company, wliich bean opera -tlnn.4
early lest month witli a bit;
Ib-paRMetmer plane. - It is expected
that service' will be resumed as
soon a biMler 'wcnihnr nrriws.
POKTl.AXD. Die.. April 2 tVi
ownership by the Cniu-d States
Kovernment jf t'lshltiK grounds on
Sund iland. in the lower Columbia
river, wan upheld today by Fed c rat
.1 udK 1t'Hn. He decided against
a claim to the grounds by tle state
of Oregon.
The stale and the dumbia
lllver Packets association were
plaintiff in Mie suit aibist the
I'ntted States ami the Iturhey
pHcklim company.
The t-tate ceded the Island to the
Hoverument for a military reserva
tion In KSd3. and contended that tt
had not irivrn up it. t it lit t the
Kiound betueen hiyh and low tide.
It also contended that the Kvern
mrnt's riKhts bud elapsed through
failure t exercise them. .Iudu
Pcan held the government
has exercised Its liKhts since Isti;
Itovetno- for ftshitiK lights amount
to about $4 4.oao a year.
POUTl,ANI. Oie. April -i.4
Over and Hbove the prot.-)of the
attorney for the plaintiffs. Krei'rta.
lUilhll Mild Charles A Hurcktuiint.
Krderal Judge ltcnroday t the
trial of their suit nji.iinst directors
of the Northwestern bank
for June 4.
Tlifi world KhortaKe, due to un
favorable weather conditions, und
subsequent increase iu prices of
JJinrna ('line citrus fruits this year, will favor
I'hone 4a4. if ably alfect the marketability of
Hoguu Hiver valley pears and
apples, according to Floyd Young,
front expert, who apoke at the Ki-
U'Hni liih lnnr-horm ut Ilotrl Mcrl.
ford this noun. Mr. Young pointed
'out that good prices for one type
'of fruit invariably resulted in an
Increase In market value of other
fruits, even w;ien no shortage t'X -
fated. j
California, which Is one locality!
which escaped any serious damage j
to her citrus fruit tho past lew
years, is receiving from fiO to ""
cents a oox more lor mat type ot
Iruit tills year than last, iler nor-
mul annual return of citrus fruit
crops is SM.OUU.OIIU. Last year this
incruaapil In BUI.OOO.HOO.
i-iacticaiiy tno only aamago uone
to California fruit the past season
was from desert wind, according to
H'e speaker, l nis was ctlrueu ny : ,-enewod. Sinclair havinB had the
windlnealis placed throughout tliei0,lton -f,. renewal.
vuiious si-cuoiis.
Mr. Young, in tracing the export-
mentnl work done in the fruit sec -
River volley orchardlsts were lm-
i urovinir their enuinment to nn en-
i couraKiiiK decree, which is bound I
lo raise the standard of local ro-
duction. '
J He exprcosed appreciation fori
j Rplendid co-operation Kiven him by
It. R Hammond, manager of the
Home Telephone company, and his
staff of operators in warning tho
orchardistH of coming trusts. In
addition to tho service extended by
the local telephone company, the
weather reports are to bo broad
cast over KMlil) every evening ho-
tween 7 nnd 8 o'clock.
Today's program was in charge
of S. S. Smith, who announced tho
various speakers of the day, includ
ing Floyd Young, Lou Warner, for
mer resident, and brother of W. J.
Warner, postmaster; Mr. McCor
mick of Seattle, representing tho
Laundry Machinery compuny, W.
Helcher and Pert Anderson,
Scout Executive Helcher an-
! nounceil the Scout leaders' course
which starts at the local headquar
ters tonight at 7:110. lie urged the
business men and Kiwanians to at
tend at least some of the meetings
nnd give their support to the pro-
I Ject.
I Pert
Aamlerson announced the
State Game and Kish Protective as
sociation banquet which will he
held at the Ashland Elks' temple
April 11 at 7: o. More than 150
I prominent sportsmen, newspaper
men and executives throughout the
I state have already accepted the in
'vitatlon to attend, among whom
I are Governor I. -I.. Patterson. Sam
Kozor and Hal Moss,
i I'roceiling the banquet individual
'meetings of both tho game com
j mission ami tho fish commission
will be held at Hotel Lithia. Mr.
I Anderson urged a large attendance
! from Medford, sayin.j that, aside
from other phases to be considered
in surh a mooting, was tho finan
cial benefit Hint it would bring to
southern Oregon. Ho pictured a
large attendance as a patriotic duty
on the part of local residents.
A lelogrnni was read ny j resi
dent Hnmmoml from .1. F. Wutson.
tlmnliitig the club for the flowers
thev Bent to him last week. .Mr.
WatHon. who Ik a prominent local
Klwnuian, boon in a Portland
hospital tor nomo lime.
A home product, u box of choco
late candy Irom the Wliitlaw
Candy company of Medford. lTMinlv
od tho imanimoiiH approval of the
club, on it way around tho "horse
shoo." The candy was a pift to thn
club from Mr. Whitlnw and was
brought to tho meeting by C. S.
nnttertield. local realtor.
I.C1-:. China. A pri 1
"The P.nddhistie ltrotherhtod of
the Sacred Army of the Virtuous
Way" is the name of a new order
of vigilantes in this bandit-ravaned
province that has been mHkln t
such efficient efTorts to clean the
liandlts out thai one of the ctm
mauders of liie latter has offered
a reward of J J apiece for then j
ears. j
Called "Sacred Soldiers" fori
short, they
makin.u their an-1
ibority felt In this
the upper Yangtze
from the sea. The
rounded and slew
territory of
1 ooo miles
recently sur
wit h swords.
spears and
niutei inn
lauuers looters from a
army of soldier bri-
uunds that had been t error! zhm
the count ryside. They also pro
tected an American caruo steamer
from beinn looted while
a K round for three days,
fu pay for it.
The "Sacred Soldiers'
rifles, but their sueee
tltiH the upper hand
she wns
and re-
es he '
nrmrd brigands
attributed t"
that they nre
to ihelr t;isk.
their declaration"
divinely appointed
talities for iii'.'s in the roy
. . .
force were Increaned to IS today
when four fliers were killed In
two era she. A flying officer
and an aircraft man died In a
crash nt Colchester, while a simi
lar fate met two officers in the
wreck of a hombins pl.uie In Irak.
fflF VlRTIiniK WAY'!
1 W'AK1II.';T0N. April 2. (P :
The contract by which Harry I.,
Sinclair obtained royalty oil from .
the Salt Creek fields, adjacent ' to
! the Teapot Dome, is now under
inquiry by the department of jus-
1 tlce.
Senator Walsh of Montana.
j democrat, prosecutor of tho senate'
loll inquiry, said today ho hud had!
i some correspondence on the mnt-
ter with a man In New York whjntiwing uiey maue. unn a pres-
iobiected to the lease and had suc -
gted that tie turn it over to theit'rt''y possible to raise this figure
justtce department, which was I to ut least 700 by the time the
dune. i state convention meets here in
The Montunun said he had no '-August, and every effort will be
tuplolon about the contract which 'made to attain this goal. ' The
W!lK renewed for five vears on I local post now has nraetically
February 20 except that it was!
. entered into between Sinclair and
Albert 11. Fall after the wealthy
oli operator had turned over $233.-
: mijo t Liberty bonds, to the then
interior secretary.
secretary Work informed the
Teapot Home committee Saturday
uhut the Sinclair contract hud been
T1C Teapot Dome committee
win resume mmnmiw ii i,,veii.
1 ,.( i.i
sevci-al witnessoH. c
According; to Arthur M. Geary,
attorney for tho Northwestern Live,
stock Shippers' Traffic league, who
I has just returned from livestock
hearinits held by the interstate
commerce commission at St. Paul,
Kansas City and Chit-ago. the rail
roads havo proposed the followir..:;
Increases in livestock freight rates
which, computed at average load
ings, on per car. basis from are:
To Portland, on carloads or cattle.
$-5.25: on double dock carloads of
sheep over hogs. 510: to Seattle, on
I carloads of cattle, $.10.02.
Radio Program
Mall Triliuue-Vlrgln Station
10 to 10:90 a. m. S. o.
Electric Co.
1 0 : :I0 lo 11 a. m. Sinclair's
Dollar Hlorc.
11 to 11:30 a. in. -M. Jl. De
partment Store.
11:.'I0 to 12 noon Colonial
12.15 to 1:15 p. m. Mon
arch Seed tfc Feed Co.
p. m. .Medford Mail
to i!) p. in. Sny dors' Duiry
( J'roduce Co,
to: 10 p. m. California
Oregon Power Co.
Special .convocation.
Crater Lake Chapter Xo.
32. It. A. .M.. Tuesday
at 7:,'l(i p. ni.. April 3.
Wnrlt In M. M. decree.
P.y order of II. P.
. P. K. NICHOLS, Secy.
V, Attcntioii.
A I. fit ...I It.) ...I
ford l.odk'- No. X3 I
win k l v v n tt : jo
supper, followed by two and a luilf
hours of entertainment. Different
fro in anything ever Kiven la-fore.
All Odd Vellows und wives, Ue
bck:ihs and their husbands In the
valley are Invited. VisjiiiiK luothcrs
and sisters are- tendered n special:
invitation. The sum of 2;c will be
collected from everyone to help
bear txpnae. CUMMITTK1C.
Card of Tlumks.
I We wish to thank our deal
friends for nil their help and sym
pathy durini: the illness and ueaih
uf our dear father.
.loe 1 lannah,
.las))er Hanah.
.Mima Hannah,
11 .Mrs. Timothy Ually.
C 'it ril of Thanks.
We wish to express our thanks
to the many kind friends and
,, ,,. , ' '
Arthur M. Putney
a n d
hhnp Owners,
'We are in poslrion to Jay you
more than anybody for wool-mo-
hair. See us heforo you netl
M KPl''ORn
Phono 1062.
27 N. Ginpe St.
WaNTKO At once, strictlv mod
ern furnished buncalow. by par
ty locating her" as district man
ager of hir manufacturlni:
firm. Jtet oi care guaranteed.
V. O. Y , Mail Tribune. l l'
') U II I'1 4 - room modern un-
furnishf house. Phone .V.'.1 -
I ;
KOT.(. KNT Houvekeeplni: room .
33 4 Apple 1 ;
KOU i:i:.T Apartments.
FO? SAI.K Ford Tudor sedan. '2 7
model: lots of ettras: 3-tei
transmtsslo?i: car in ood rondi
tiun. Must sell at once. Call
HU'T Went 10th St. IZ
WANTKP Smnll fu-nished house
with Ciirnne. dose in. for 5 1 a
month. Wiito P. t. I5"x rj
1. i). )
III T ( I I r T 1 TP-
111 In 10 OlniL'rE'S
Medford post No. I !i i nw the'
third largest American Legion '
post in the stale since the i lof-e
of t h o membership campaign, -,
which broke all local records.
The only poftts with a larger;
(membership are Portland and
Salem, and local legionnaires arc
to be congratulated over the fine
l'nt meinbersliip of OUli, it is en-
-5" members more than in
'nnd is looking forward
I biggest year -in its lilstorv.
i In sumariiiiziiig the results of,
i the recent contest. Post Com-
niander Hromley said this morn
ing. "We feel that Medford and
Jackson county will receive some
excellent publicity throughout the
slate for the splendid sbnwing
made in legion membership. In
behalf of .Medl'oid post No. 15 I
wish to tllank every legionnaire
These Drug Stores
Are Open Nights
This Week
Medford Pharmacy
Heath s Drug Store
Strang's Drug Store
fir 11
Siiml kids, lu kids, skinny kids, I'ni kids, tall kids.
short kids, kids with fi.ccklcs. pin'oontoed and knock-'
kneed kids, school -kids, nice tfirls, tomboys, kinder
garten impils and all oilier children together witli
theii- parents are invited to meet
at our, store on
Wednesday, April 4, at 4 o'clock
Toys, souvenirs
cvervlioflv. lip
M. KiDD & CO.
East Main Street, Medford
BlS TODAY r , JSS. i 1 1
M m, tM myitis TALK 0F THE T0WN' Wm
f Will Rodgers' Ml
H "A Texas Steer" Iff
kf& gff. ' He wrote the titles. ''al 1
C&WS - i-VU Tl-ty are a show by r'iV J
BSW PC themselves. .'U I
ru'shi 'JA Good Added m l
'V-J Short Subject. mSM
i I COMING K'tli A
: f TUESDAY 't )gf
,m ?igacts
ami World war i veteran . w'U jih
the many -local citizen 'who' tu
operaled with ns in tnukili this
wonderful record."
lmtswiuiii's Tat
3 Stay Kell"!
$m m U El 0 ESQ
window & noon
M S3 B 3 Q3
Hilarity Hall
Biz Bo.,..S.lcya. .KiT
information, fun . and hilarity
sure to be on time.