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le audience with twu
E APR. 21 - 28! BE HERE APR. 8:
It was learned last nlKlit that Fire Chief Roy Elliott lias been ASHLAND, .Miir. 31. Spciiklns1 jhfi news that Bedford Is
Edward E. Kpnffonl,
JackBOQ county's two members of ,n u 'M'ftnum y ever sine' n m return I before an uuiliciwe mudo up at have thin year's convention of the t oominamier of lh American Le-
tha linitua In tha Kt.'ltP MK lilt I VPt. a .v wt i !
national ! (By Stanley W. Preuosil, A. P.
Financial Editor.)
Ii.,.,in I i Uliih...ti Hiaumh r.nlnpuln.1 . ..... , . Vt'U' VH il Mn l
Wmd HriS Jrof Ashland will pt an Invitation he received up ; diiUKhu-n.. and .epre.entatlv. vlt- men's clubs here Apr! J. and ; ford ncxt Hund . 8lh MeU. , Wall Street was thrown Into tur-1
ll?kito"wtou-' then to witness the tannin. '' h "'. " "a" wMUX&toTi Wi" L hl" "r"1 lhe m" ,od"y by the Brea,e8t S'lt-'
K!f,iV.n fir . f'.rt Vhll-h ' of Jumes Wlllos and Kllswurth ' the Oregon Journal gave un W ? "'" " ...L Pacific coast and local l.eBion-, lirday stock market in its history.
' IV.fliy HI 111 oaiCUl il'.ll.t.'IJ..UI y Ui. . " - ..,,.. u-onin'.i f.ri'i.iilviitl.inu ' " ur iwukiiik iuihpiu ... i men BM.uit:u . U .
bad been unofficially reportf-d for
some time past with a
d -
Air '
eluded In the federation.
Alias Grace (.'hamberlain of Ash
his visit with keen anticipation a shire at the sounding of the '
However, due to tlie date fulling opening gong and then stumbled
on Kustt-r Sunday there will be under ilie wtiglil of profit lukiiiK
lies in his unusual sympathy and . " .u" o"..v7.." ' no elaborate reception planned, which reduced or wiped out many
possible - al hnlf seve Thr throuKhoutthe valleyw-.l. be ...
never seen a lianKins or electro-!"""" ' i.ocaiej aumeas
ciitlon, Hoy has a natural curios-, !' i" his unusual sympathy and
Ity to witness Btich a grewsome ui'iterstan.ilim or those hardy "-in reiieraiinn whUe Mrs -Merely an informal meeting of l.e. of the early gains and sent a num-
evont, yet Just as ho about mukes'lers who braved the certain: i',Alr' of Mcdford ' B'on rfi,luls of southern Oregon ber of Issues $1 to $9 a Bhare be-,
up his mind that he win uo so, "iKer oi tne west, not ieu on o I d lln8tlon of vice Dreg.'and northern California to con-, low yesterdays Ilnul quotations. . ......... N-r.TO.V Mar. 31. i-Pr
along comes a leenng o. itorror . - '" b"i uy y me oesire . . . ihrounh Mrs llmnnhrles ft-r w"" tne national executive i timers poured onto tile tionr .,, ,,, department
at the thought of It that over- to see that the land was good, ana ' l ST,e c7m i "u,'lic reception t the local with such startling rapidity and ' " ' ? , " ird a
whelms him. , a : ''-''-'':' '1 -....- , Z for ccZw . greet fontmandc spaf. ta-ta volun.e that the .ulce and
j.iicui iiei'i.MJ n ii" iiinu niiiitnotu , , k i i lord wiu-n lie arrives lie iiiaii"- icluiuhi uiminntii ui iiic c-a- . ..,...
such lt'al killings In the past have ; m trips Into southern Oregon . . " " ' .' 1 from Iteno. Nevada will probably 1 change became completely clog-' oenouncing .11 . " " " '
The conference meetings are lo 'f arrangeo, netans oi p.... c.,,,,, s.o,. ,,. , immediate conversa-
be held in the Medford I'resby-, - announced later in ,he brokerage houses throughout the 't,li;,l,.,,1" i!ritain,
teriau church and an extensive i wrl N
prtvtrnm Is being planned for the '
entertainment of the fifty or more
i . i. ,. l'ilk7U a out of that six-way dicussiun,
oat iv. sluuipUis fio.u JUt ki 1 a
share to 1S0 and closing at 1ST !tl.e French government hopes will
for a net loss of 5. come -any adjustments" that pre-
When the "S sounded sent the possibility of reconcil-
Ceneral .Motors was oeliis printed ing p.ev.ous obllgftlons wi the
on the tape at $lSi. lleneral ,crmS f the proposed new treaty''
Klectric dropped from J 161.50 to ... .mints out that Secre-
1156.25 and b'e,1 ,0 ""'itary Kellogg has clung not alone
'wht011 Aeronautical crashed ! to his insistence upon a n.ultllat
from $'!. To to fM. closing at Ihorjerul treaty instead of the bl-lat-bot.oni
for a net loss of 5.25. eral Franco - American treaty
against war originally suggested by
Hriand, but has also insisted upon
an "unconditional pledge" In an;
resulting treaty. In that connec
tion, the new note says:
"If your excellency really be
lieves that greater chances of suc
cess may be found in this formu
la in spite of the consequences
which it involves, especially th
necessity of attaining a treaty
nf world wide scope, the govern
ment would hesitate to discuss
longer the question of its adher
ence to a plan which the American
government originated and for
which it is responsible."
been stuffing Chief Klllott with for the past thirty-seven years and ,
the advice that If he wants to oeciares himself no stranger. The
retain his peaco of mind ever j work that he has uudertalton is;
nfterw-ards, to forego the invlta-lof a unique sort and of unusual
thin to see Wlllos and Kelly hung. : worth In the annuls of the com-:
French note
A locul newspaper man, who has n.onwealth. lie meets tin. plon-i .,!.... .....
witnessed a number of hangings eers, forms an acquaintance that whi;b w( jn,ers,)(,rse the regular
and e ecirocutions in years past Is will respond to the fr.en.liy int-'i -' rouIillP )rKram , the convention. !
especially a. .ne c ue. ..... .e u,.u , ecu. us ........ tne Thfi f,dra,lon (lf women's clubs '
his observations of how the aver-, stories of early days. nt,e,e a,c!tkps , ,,, clvU. .,,, 80ral or. ;
age man at witnessing his first many Interesting char.o tera in ev. Kiinlza,j,,n!)- aIld , tliwns rHpre.
banning Is overcomo with the hor-; .-. community, in an old com- H,.nted in the Southern Ore"on
ror of It all. and advising Hoy : muniiy there are many whose Ins-: division Include '.Iedford. Ashland. I
to stay at home. , tory Is not always told. It l Klamath Falls, Crants PasB. Hose-
Other citizens then counteract irooi such us these that Mr. Lock- ,,, !lml HunoundliiK towns.
uus am ice uy tiiouiK .m-iii..;. icy ..cenres most vallianie uula.
life I would sec It If I hail a chance. . Mr.
in my. llaiy and .lapan to that,
end was in the hands of Secretary :
Kellogg tonight, awaiting his de-
vision as to tlte American reply. j
l-ending detailed examination ;
of the French communication. !'-j
partment officials withheld com-
meat beyond saying it clearly rep-
country, so swift was the reversal
in the price movement ami so long
was the ticker clrluycd that the
market was over before thousands
.if speculators learned what had
happened to their orders placed in
the opening frenzy of buyin.':.
Total sales were 2,a0l,1')ij shares.
comDai'erl Willi the nrevfoiiH Sat
urday record of 2,ls8,100, on March !e-cnted an advance toward a time
10. ' when a meeting of minds on the
Despite the recently abbreviated ' -subject among the great powers
svstem of ticket n.mliit lonu tile Will be "possible.
The Medford American l.c!lon 1 final transaction was not printed' -Mr. Kellogg was reported as
l.ocltley gave a review of Floyd ii. Young, fi nst expert of i post won tho membership contest , on the tape until 5!i minutes after tmpetui mat a lormuia mi a.
Vnn nrn n fnnl If von overlook the no,., e ,.t tl, n,.l,l.. I,,..a I , thn l'nil..,l u.fI.,.t.a.. I 'from Hoto-hm-tr hv '!'! ,11 lhe market clnsi.ll. lh Innceiil do. anti-war treaty, satisfactory not
online. lltllfV VnW LM 111 t II .1 Villi ........ ,.n ..l..n... I.... ut,A l I, I r ,. i.'iw'lu it nno nil i . I II o V rt. ni-O-rl .1 ll.V ft., rern.'fl ' alolle tO FrailCC. llUt tO III! tllP
element of doubt, and that they don't be a dam fool." ,..i cv 1 1 1 names that are familiar i us usual during the spring season. ! Legion dam e at the Oriental (Jar- The pace proved too fast for : t overiimenis of the world, can
will file their candidacies with This works, and Hoy decides to every Oregon school child. He I will be the speaker al lhe Kiw. mis ' 'lens last night. Hoseburg had a professional trailers sponsoring the be found.
the secretary of the statu tonior- again to attend the double hang , ,..i in,, early nail, rebuilt ibe : meeting Monday noon al the Hotel total of 0-1 and Medford, a total lecent leaders and they hastily , sn ipped of the argument that
row. Mr. Hriggs unnouueed he lug, until another man comes settler's cabin, started the Infant Medford. i of 030. I began converting their paper pro- surrounds It In the note handed
would run last night. along, who has witnessed Biich j ,.Mi,... looked In upon the i -Mr. Young always has an Inter-! , : tils Into cash, lladio was the. to the scrctary by Ambassador
This would have been done ves- gruesome spectacles and itiln'os " fjlst school teacher that taught 'sting message and all Kiwuniaus I SA,-EM. Ore.. March 31. WI frst to yield, plunging from a high Claudel. the French foreign min
terday had Mr. Carkln been able the horror of It and strongly ad-,, tll(. wliUenu'8 and called the should attend. j Multnomah county's share In the of $H,4.f,n to Sisr,, with a drop i bier has proposed that the Wash
to get Into communication with vises llllll to turn tho Invitation 1 ,,. f n,ose whose stories' apportionment of receipts from (rom jS!) to jS5 ,etWpen sales, i ington and Paris governments
Mr. llriKSS, as it was desired as down. ; make the history of the slate Cp' WASHINGTON-, Mar. 31. (P) , motor vchl.le registrations for lhe A sij.;i,t rally followed the in-i agree upon a draft multilateral
matter of courtesy to havu thu For lustnnce, liie tliiel had just .in front row at lhe armorv 0 ""llh8 tooay elected iiopre-; penou imm nepieiiii.c-r ib last io;it,ai break but the stock sagged : unti-war treaty, then Join in pr
I.din II. Carkln.
Mall Tribune classified ads reach
n finn nnnl. mftr. vpt iIst tf
Dinner Today
q Windows and Doors q
two renrerentutlves file al the made up his nillld finally the
some time. ,otlur tlay to see Wlllos ami Kelly Df jyr,.
.1 win oe a nine nwitwiira lor nmn'ii "c. "lii ,ohh v,.,..n tu llu.
Mr. carklus, wno lias lor years nis menu, captain ieoige ami,;, slight error In locating the ex
pasi oeen one oi ine jiicksoii .-i.t.ij oi..... .ne
seiitullvo Hawley of Oregon to the i March K,, lus. was 52;.J33.03. . at the close to $1S6 for
I Ne
IIII.ISOU. I ..MM , ..... ,.,,. ,,r ,, f,.u, .I,
ennnty IioiiBe ropresenttiuvoB, and i-ortiiinu, wuo ions mm. iiiat no , WM llul, ln AHhinnd The story
who Is the speaker of the house , once witnessed an awful huiiglng nt ', AHhl,iml Wou,',.n W1H W:1H
at the present leglslnluro, In which years ago at Heno, Nev., and that j .,.,. ,,.,..,. fl, ,,,..
high position he made such an ex- lie had never gotten over the inv-; KV(.n , ,,, w
cellent record and enviable show- fulness of II. 1 hen Hoy decided , TnorIn Th llamnK r lh(.
Ing to go back lo the house lo not to go. . I dly of Ashland was credited to
solve in inu raiisH oi me iici i". mii .,,...,.. ...... ,
Jeglsluttire. hiiow wuat in nil .nun i.ner .lie,
Nevertheless, because of his executions are over, and then he 1
speakership experience nnd long will decide promptly.
Keneral experience In the legls-1
ln...n te nl....n.. i.n v .
.. i.'. i.. .s'. : district, well known oicliar.llsl Island declared that one of
seriously III III IOC . ..lIllllllOIIV '""' '"i usnr,,. in un nMiot..-
hospllai. with no change In hi(ul lllernry resources. The meet
coii.lltlon. Ills son Clyde sailed 'g lhe armory was presided
from Honolulu today to be al his over by v. V. Mills, who first nn
bctlslde, i nounced several musical numbers
I of interesl. The girls' double
TOI.IMiii. Ohio, A p i-1 I 1. A i quartette from the High school
drastic price reduction of lino on j sang delightfully. Might high
all W'lllys-Knlglit standard six school boys Joined the girls to
models was announced here today j sing In four-pan work. The
by J o h n X. Willys, president Longfellow's quartette, composed
Willys-Overland. I. if .1. II. Modee, tl. W. Frosl. .1.
who lingered lo announce 1 v ci.u.ruiun o. tne powortlll .exl came .Marlon couniy wun loss or f'J below yesterdays filial
spcuKcr ini.l bo had made I ",,"". . ,, " '""""'" ' - ' -.,....., . i.i..iuiii..
nt't ; Hint'ns this as a working iiisi.s
to tho other four poweiH, uiv
1 rompanit-d by all Kranco-Amert-fiictod
In fyrn- t r an ri'hnnr!M nn thi silhjects. I
&Z S3 OS
ho will Ht 111 be one of Un inont
influential and leading members,
it r ceneraMv hold.
It la a mlo of tho leRiHlaturo
tto have n dlfforpnt speaker at
onrh leRiHlatui'e, and for tho next
JewtHlatui'1 It In undeiRtood t lift t
tho npeakerHhlp mny go to nit
winter!) OreKcn innii.
A. It. Il.'linan, who eaine from
Ashland, Ohio.
Mr. Lock ley reviewed tho vast
; wealth of the mate tluit )( In
Itanium of tho phoenix 1,M wondorful natural renuurreH
I'ortlund port will install $50,
00ft urn in washing plant.
Mann's Department Store
. WeVe Never Offered More Value and Style
than You will Find in These
For Street and Afternoon Wear
m lil m mmk
'Mm mm hA 8 m mm
W IS 'iXW IS mm
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fl y D made of a beautiful ' I
HI rayon-cotton material ex- j
rvrty woven in tlte mills of Mar- )
M 61,1,11 lie,a " Compnnv. Whole- Ik
i ' sale, for this COMBINATION XX V
A y PLAN event in cooperation with F
this store nnj thousan.U of mer-
chants throughout the country.
A pictured, each of the 6 at- In the large assorftnent are
tractiveityltshaveindividuat plaids, checked and striped
features as a jaunty kerchief, oVfeiiins, raised figures, plain NX
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Wayne Knit Hosiery
Presenting to the Ladies of Medford and Vicinity
"We arc highly pleased to present our newly nmuieil departnients just at (his time, when Easter
out Tils are liein eoiisiei'eil. JOvoryt liiny lias been done lo nialce your .seleel inr a jilensure. Wc'vo
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and with assurance that when your .Sprint' Outl'itt is selected, evcrytliini' will be in perfect harmony
and ,i,rood taste. You'll find adjacent to the Apparel Section, first the millinery then lingerie, gloves,
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You'll find a pleasure, we are
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been enabled to
better display,
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f a b v i c s rather
than t h e ready-made.
New Silks New Woolens New Wash Prints of Cotton and Rayon
Crisp, sparkling and new to the very minute, is the way we merchandise oyr piece goods section.
Always the new things as they arrive on the market, nhVl,Vs keeping in close ton.-h with the stvle
creators so we can offer the new things to you ;,s so,,,, the larger cities receive them. Then
we would mention, also, our drapery and bedding Mrtimi. Oregon City Wol,.n Mills' ftost lin
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