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    Medfoed Mail Tribune
i Second Section
Eight Paget
Second Section
Eight Pages
Pill)- Twenty-third Year
Weekly Firt)-iilh Year
No. 8.
BELLVIKW, Mar. 29. L. Wilton
of Salt Lake City Is busy cutting
legs for the Coglns saw mill be
ing erected on the East Main street
road near the box factory. The
lops will be trucked Into the mill
from Shale City. ilr. Oieslns has
also purchased the timber ou a
large acreage of land located In
Tulman canyon and has a crew of
mfc busily engaged building a new
road Into his timber so that he
can truck it out to the mill.
Walter Hash was in from his
Dead Indian ranch the first of the
Mike Tucker and Joe Randalls
have about completed a new gar
afe on the Ed Uarron ranch. Mr.
Barron is planning to purchase a
new truck for use and it will oc
cupy the garage.
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Klncaid and
and Mr. Tana of Emigrant Creek
were In Ashland Saturday shop
pin?. The electric lights were off for
several hours last Saturday on ac
count of a crew of men at work
oil tlio line near the airport, which
la just north of Ashland In the
Bellvlew district. A trial landing
was made a short time ago and the
pilot reported very favorably for
this new field which they hoiw will
not bo in the foggy area during
the winter months.
Many people from this vicinity
attended the Legion show put on
two nights, Thursday nnd Friday.
Several playlets, musical numbers
and the style show composed the
evening's entertainment.. Friday
night the drawing of the prizes
created considerable interest. Miss
I-eta walker of Bellvlew held the
lucky number for the third prize,
which was a lovely floor lamp.
William Taylor is operating a
small sawmill on hit homestead lo
cated near Shaie City.
Mr. Moon of the Moon Lumber
company is rfgaiu operating hJs
planing mill after a few weeks lay
off. With all the lumber indus
tries located in this vicinity Bell
vlew Is quite a busy place.
Wade Wallis, who just recently
purchased the J. J. Murphy place
east of town, is busy preparing a
large acreage for alfalfa planting
(iftls season. He purchased 3000
pounds of seed to be planted soon.
Mr. and Mrs. George Allen of
firanlte street were callers In this
rlcinity Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Spenco and
family, who havo been visiting with
relatives hero for the past few
weeks, have gone to Chlloquin.
where Mr. Spence has secured em
ployment. Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Haney left
the first of the week for an ex
tended trip through some of the
eastern states, where thov win
visit with friends and relatives and
expect to spend some time in Cali
fornia on their return.
The Upper Valley Community
club is giving an old fashioned
dance at the club house Thursday
evening with the Tucker orchestra
furnishing the music.
Mrs. llarkins and son. Dill, are
making a visit with relatives in
California points. They expect to
be away several weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley and family
are moving to the Butler Walker
place on Nell creek, formerly occu
pied by Mrs. Samuel Johnson and
Mrs. Thomns Merryman enler
tlned Wednesday afternoon at her
country home east of town In hon
or of her sister. Mrs. Marry Nord
wick of Medford, whoso birthday
anniversary was ou the Ufith. The
rnoiiis were beautiful with spring
blossoms and waxed lilies. The
color scheme of yellow and white
was carried out In the table deco
rations, with a suggestion of Eas
ter. The afternoon Was spent with
games and enversation and at the
clohe a delicious two-course lunch
eon was served by the hostess, as
sisted by Mrs. Mark True. Mrs.
Nordwlck received manw lovely
gifts. Those included In the guest
ljist were the honored yuest, Mrs.
Nordwlck, Mrs. Carl Gottsche of
Medford, Mrs. Jesse Neil, Mrs. H.
C. Metcalf. Mrs. Richard Scheiter
ter, Mrs. Mark True and the host
ess, Mrs. Merryman.
Miss Marjory Corthell spent last
Wednesday night at the home of
MNr Wtlda Merryman.
Mrs. Jesse Neil was a guest at
the home of Mrs. H. H. Gillette on
Gresham street Tuesday.
What might have been a serious
accident w-s narrowly averted last
Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. A.
C.'Joy of Bellvlew, In an effort to
miss a car at the intersection of
Third and Main streets, smashed
into a Kord sedan parked in front
of the, library. The accident oc
curred when Mrs. Joy, holding out
her hand as a signal that she was
going to turn, changed the direc
tion of her car to avoid a direct
collision with an unknjn car that
as traveling down the street and
that made no effort to slow up
while passing the intersection. The
damage to the parked ffrtHn reult
pfl In a broken left fender and a
rpr wheel. Mrs. Jov was not In
PORTLAND, Ore.. Mar. 2!. (&)
Chamber of commerce officials
jaid today that an Invitation from
"nice Dennis of Klamath Falls for
dpMatlon to attend the railroad
celebration at Klamath Falls May
'Vnd 12 would be accepted.
RrrtNS. Hanen-Vylle Timber
company plans bg sawmill in
Br valley,
(By Mrs. Myrtle K. Whipple.)
UOOrK KIVKlt. Mar. 28. Ste
phen If. Beers passed away at his
home on Evans creek, ubovc Wi
mer. Sunday morning, nt the age
of 8 5 years, lie came to ItOHue
I liver in 1H7- and has resided on
Evans crvek all the tiim. in J8T1
he was married to Elizabeth Kvans
at Philadelphia, l'u.. and to this
union were born Uvo t hildren. who
survive. The daughter, Mrs. Lillie
Cole, lives at Weed. Calif., the son.
George, resides on Evans creek.
The funeral was helu Tuesnuy
afternoon at the Presbyterian
church, Be v. Wilson officiating.
Interment in the ltoue River cem
etery. The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. J. F. GutUiford passed away
Saturday of pneumonia, at the hos
pital in Grants Pass. The funeral
wsls held Tuesday morning at HuH'h
funeral parlor, Rev. "Wilson offici
ating. Interment in the Granite
Hill cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Guil
liford came here last fall and pur
chased land on Kvans creek and
have built a home. , The sympathy
of their friends Is with them In
this sorrow.
Leonard Kaup. seventh and
eighth grade teacher, spent the
week end with his parents at Mon
mouth, Ore.
The first and second degree team
of the Grange met at the home
of Mrs. James Whipple Monday
evening and worked on their
dresses for the drill. During the
evening Ice cream and wafers were
served and a very pleasant even
ing was spent.
Live Oak Grange met in regular
session Friday evening, March 1G,
with Muster Galligar in the chair.
Not as large an attendance as com
mon was out but a nice crowd at
that. The regular business of the
evening was attended to, then the
subject of a hall was discussed,
which ended by renting the hall
over O'Kelly's store, and they also
agreed to furnish It In a manner
for convenience. A new piano was
purchased Saturday and put in the
hall, and this week members have
been busy making tables and add
ing everything needed in the kit
chen and banquet hall, ro now tho
Grange has a fine place to meet 'as
well as hold their dances or other
Saturday night, March 17, the
Ladies' Civic Improvement club
held a St. Patrick's dance in the
hall over O'Kelly's store and it was
a success In every way as the ladles
report $70 net and nothing but
praise Is heard by all who attend
ed. The proceeds of this dance
will be added to the scholarship
loan fund.
A steam shovel was unloaded
here last week and a crew of six
men are having quite a time taking
it up to the mine on Pleasant
The Grants Pass high school
band gave a concert at the school
house here last Friday night and
was enjoyed by all whn nttndnd.
Mrs. H. H. Bobbins and two
children of Eugene were visiting j
last week with her father, James
The regular meeting i-i1 Live Oak1
Grange will be Friday nlht, March
3oih. Let all members be out as
we will meet in the new hall. And
on Saturday night, the 3 1st, the j
Grange will give another goodj
dance. The floor is In excellent j
condition and good ents and good i
music will all be there to help
you have a good time. J
Mr. and Mrs. James Whipple,
were Grants Pass shoppers Tues
day. Mrs. Fred Dingier Is getting
along as well as possible, although
she is not able to be up yet. j
Mrs. J. W. Dingier of Grants Pass
were visitors at the Frod Dlngkr
home Sunday. j
Miss Florence White is clerking i
for the O'Kellys at their store now.)
Mrs. Nancy Conway . and son
Tommy. Mrs. Lon Conway and i
children have gone to Lakevlew j
for the summer. j
The leading Ivea of 1
the Jackson county granges met'
at Gold Hilt March 23th, In cun-j
ference. to arrange for the organl-1
station of other and more local !
granges In the county and to seek
ways and means to further the
grange program of marketing nSj
outlined at our last county meeting-
Plans were adopted to supple-j
ment the efforts of the state grange!
organizer, Gekeler, by each of the.'
local granges assisting the state
organizer in turn until the whole
county has been well canvassed, j
which we hope to accomplish be-i
fore next quarterly meting of the.
county granges, with Eagle Point
grange, the fourth Saturday in
April, where we expect to see the
greatest gathering of farm people
that has ever met In southern Ore
gon. Master Cltne of Kagle point i
informr, us they are preparing for
us now. Arrangements were made!
for an open meeting at Live Oakf
Grange hall In the town of Rogue
River on the evening of the sec
ond Wednesday in April or on .
April 11th. The discussion will he!
marketing, with special reference
to dairy products. Discussions will
be led by the dairy marketing com
mittee of the grange, George Hil
ton of Medford and Reed Carter
and Oscar Shepherd of Live Oak
The grange plans to take up
other phases of marketing and will.
make special efforts to form a tur
key pool later, to include the whole?
of southern Oregon. We have seen
In the last year where tho orga
nized growers havo received from
20 to 30 per cent more for their
products than the unorganized
shippers to commission dealers.
This we hope will save dollars for
all our local people.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O'Kelly and
son Cloyd were dinner guest Sun
day at Mr. O'Kelly's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. L. O'Kelly.
29. OP) Mrs. Lemirn, Goodhue
mother of Mrs. Calvin Coolidge,
spent an uncomfortable night, and
her daughter deferred today's visit
until this afternoon. Dr. J. C, Hays
said, "Mrs. Goodhue did not have
as comfortable a night as the night
before. She is quite fatigued."
IiGRAN"DE. F 1 v e buildings
will ho erected to house state
highway shops.
The tin is different.
Tlie tea is different.
Bringing tea to you packed
in vacuum just like your
coffee is only half the story.
Schilling Tea is more freshly
fragrant than any other, to
begin with. It's a secret
Schilling process.
JAPAN (Clrcr
BLACK fOraniic Pckoo)
Now 10c
May Fashions
From Butterick
Here Now
time for the
Easter Showing we
have received hundreds of
A V l A J 1 bring to you W "
v -5s I I ViM I'01' nc fivst show- '
yii'-k i inS 3llst u week ibeforc Easter
in n i u ss r'l -now fi , i v- m i i i .11 1 11 11 1,1 1
1 1
New Summer Frocks
$10.75 to $32.75
From the style centers we have
gathered the most comprehensive
showing it lias ever been our
pleasure to present to the ladies
of Medford. The latest style
tendencies, the newest colors, the
most wanted fabrics, and sizes for
everyone from the miss to 'the ma
tron requiring the extreme sizes
to 461-;. Truly a showing unex
celled before in Medford, repre
senting all that's new and correct.
May we invite your inspection
Coats of Rare Beauty
$16.75 to $59.75
Capes, half capes, fancy sleeves
and coats with and without fur.
Every one a personally selected
garment, every one in the accept
ed fashion mode. The fabrics, the
colors, the furs and trimmings, all
in keeping with the latest style
tendencies. These approved styles
received at this time assure you of
correctness not heretofore a cer
tainty. Carefully and personally
selected, you can bo sure garments
selected Saturday arc the latest
style word.
Dainty Crepe Silk Undies
Regular $2.25 . "." ' (C I QC
Saturday at 1 uo
French panties, envelopes, of excellent
quality, all silk crepe de. chine in the
'wanted pastel shades. Daintily trim
med in fine laces, nicely made and
well finished.
Sport Satin Slips
Regular $2.50 ;j . .
Saturday at
A new foundation for your Easter
gown is sure to improve your costume
and these excellent slips can be had
in most every color to match your
favored select ion.
New Sport Blouses
Excellent . " ;
Values at
Mouses in demand again, is- the word
in every style journal. This showing
is representative of the best styles, of
both plain and printed fabrics, all
crisp and new.
New Pico Top Hose
Holeproof .
and Phoenix
Silk Hosiery
Full Fashioned Silk to the Top
A New Number
In Both Lines
Showing Many Colors
For sheer chiffons or service weights these are the most
beautiful qualities you've ever been shown. An excep
tional value at the price because there is extra quality
silks used,' silk foot and silk to the very top with the
colored pico edge. 1'e sure to see thcui in all the newest
shades Saturday as they are needed to complete your
Easter outfit. .
Fine French kids of
the latest design and
color. The new braided
cuffs, the inset flare
cuff and the embroid
ered turn-back cuff.
All the newest ideas
and the newest spring
shades. An exceptional
assortment at very mod
erate prices.
$2.98) S3. 98, $4.50
Easter Hosiery Here Now at
Wayne Knit
Twenty of
the Newest
Spring Shades
The excellent selection to choose from gives assurance
you can "match up" any colors you fancy, l'ure silk
hose, both full silk from top to toe and silk to the narrow
lisle garter top. Our guarantee assures service as we
unqualifiedly guarantee; these to give perfect satisfac
tion. It's surprising what quality in silk hosiery we
can now offer you at $1.00.
Easter Bonnets in Review
Every day in this past week w;e have
been receiving the cream of the
newest designs in Easter millinery.
All the important style changes are
here, all the most accepted fashions
in review. Emphasizing also the
moderate prices in vogue here. AVe
especially invite your inspection on
Saturday of the unusual displays at
2.95) S4.95, $5.95
The home dressmaker will delight in the display of new
fabrics on display for use with Butterick Patterns.
Glorious New Printed Silks
$1.98 to $3.25
Xew printed chiffons and georgettes at $2.50 in all the gor
geous new deigns and colorings the new polka dot or so
called "coin-dot" prints at $1.98; beautiful crepe de chine
floral and figure prints at $U),S; radium prints of shimmer
ing beauty nt $3.25. That's the story of this elegant dis
play, they're all new, correct and reasonably priced.
Tfee New Printed Rayons 59c-98c
Absolutely fast colors, prints of silk designs, fabrics that
give wonderful service and arc suitable foall summer uses
for women or girls.
40-Inch Sport Satin for Slips $1.00 '
Nearly every shade obtainable is here and as it is washable
there is no better "slip material" to be had for real service.
Fifteen shades for selection.
40-Inch Fine Chiffon Cotton Voile 98c
"Mistsheer" fast color voiles can hardly be told when made
up, from fine silk chiffons. Fine mercerized yarns are used
and beautiful patterns shown.
French Flannel Checks for Skirts $4.50
A 54-inch cloth of finest French manufacture, in beautiful
colorings that can be matched with sweaters for sports cos
tumes. They're real new and correct.
New Flannels and Kasheen at $2.98 yard