Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 23, 1928, Page 14, Image 14

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AlKfirunW Mfl.ii linnurn-i, v,..,.w . L - j ,. , zlmmBrlefl. ,.,.
It .. hi r. it..,. '..! lor,l Tiii.sdiiv uteiit to duclde! Mm. Krauk JoIiubuo lias uwn sum was l r e,hir new of Mr. and Mra. V. H. Zlinmerlw. 4
J ""' V" " ..1.,' T""' . . . ,.... milt, ill recently. 1 family movms ...... ; h. ... . ' I
ia suffering with an abscess in on,
of her ears and is quite seriously
in n A nnnnni alifnt Rhnnl
Friday and is slowly improving In ' B-hool. A vote of three for conaoll- j . A house-warniku? and dance was 'ne- ,,., has ben quite
. -. ... ., ia , ... . .. . ai.Ix.'u TiiAclnv limit Mrs. Jlnl ftierr.n "a "
it'uuu. , aaung anu 10 ukuiuhi m;.
A meeting wus held at the On-! we stand on the matter.
III mm i-1"1""1 "
i . .1 , ., ....... .ll BtlAHi ari I nP ni'Ca- ' I IPUI 1 iiim""
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... - - " 8 I
nmvmillimni I tillIt IIIVll MWY. ilSA
T.V ?V"V Jiff1
jiff. iAfaferXSfath.
.i:.t..' ..t!.. T7n..A-M d nnlrin fnhlpte nm nmrlp
i ernaps yuu uiun l icau. jjul.. ajuu w"-
to relieve the deep-down rheumatic aches as well as dispel the occa
sional headache. They do! In cases of neuralgia, neuritis, lum
bago; (or those pains that penetrate one's very bones, Bayer
Aspirin tablets offer real relief. Just be sure you arc getting the
real Bayer Aspirin, with Bayer on each tablet and on the box
with proven directions inside. All druggists.
- Physicians prescribe Bayer Aspirin;
it does NOT affect the heart
AlpUiD is llie trmlp mark nf nnw Mnmtfnriuro of MonWHIrnH.wifr of HntlPTlleacM
WASHINGTON, Mar. 2.t.(P)
Willliim It. ."Wilcox of Now York,
who managed tho Hughes prewl
denlial campniKii In I'JHi, predltit
ed after a call at t ho Vhiin limine
today that ProHklcnt CoolidBO will
Im re-nominated at the KanmiH City
convention next .lime.
Whether the president would fie
rrpt th noiTilnnfion Is prn)ileni!H 1-
ntl, Wllk-ox wild, contending that
Ih- iuid nut Hint Ics.-d del'lnitely
whut li would do under mich cir-
WIlU.'ox. ti rornn-r chalriiiuii nf
l he" ri'iiuhliran natlniifil citiiiinitlee,
nil Id t hern wuk wide popular de
mand for Mr. I'onlldge'H ro-elei!-lion.
Wilh him definitely elim
inated from (hi field, Hecretnry
Hoover would have the widest pop
ular support of (he repuhliuun
presidential poHHlhllltlett, lie nuld.
hONDOX, Kng., Mar. 23. (VP)
The BiIHhIi suhnnirlno 11-4 and the
destroyer ThurHsler were In colli
sion off Portland thuvaftcrnnoh. In
nnnoimcir. the news of the col
lision, the admiralty mated that
(he damage, appeared confined In
hoth iierlscopes and (nm pert8Coo
Htandard of the Buhmarine.
Pure food experts and doctors do
not pass judgment lightly. The world
over they declnre most emphatically
tJint crcam-of-tnrtnr baking povvefer
is the most wholesome for you.
Coffor o 1 Spires ySt Kxtrnots oTrn
?s n m m 07 I
! GOhV) 1IIIX, Mar. 22. The!
! Beaver Portland Cement company'
j Ih intending to open up a new .
i quarry, situated about one mile j
jup the hill from where the present j
j quarry Ih located. The demand fori
lime rock has hecome so great!
j that a new quarry Is needed, and
since the site where the future one
j Ik to he made was tested and proved '
j to he valuable, the company Is in-,
tending to open this place up. 1 he 1
cement business seems to be on the
Increase. The company has In-,
stalled a new piece of machinery
by which the cement can be load
ed direet Into the cars for ship
ping. This device does away with
the sacking and loading of the ce
ment when It is sacked, thereby
making work much quicker nnd
saving Iobs of hoth lime ,and ce
ment. This new equipment was
necessary In order to fill their con
trant with the Portland 8ea Wall
builders, because the sea wall call
ed for 1 00.000 barrels of cement
land the cement as loaded by the
j former method could not be ship
j ped fast enough, consequently they
had to Install devices which would
fill their contract. There are 300
barrels of cement to a car, and only
a few cars have been shipped. The
cement biiHlnens Is one of southern
Oregon's freaj'est liiiustrles and
ench day Is progressing to make
southern Oregon famous for yliea
ver It rand Cement." Tho largest
cement plant betwen Portland and
Han Krancisco is situated In our
Mrs. O. Pierce of CJnlls creek
wii.1 transacting business ,ln oiu
oily on Tuesdny.
f.awreneo Whltsett and Mil lilt -tie
Bold several head of hogs last
week to tho City Garbage company
In Medford, The hogs were de
livered on last Hunday.
II. VunHoeveiiburg of Sams Val
ley was n visitor in our city on
The spring Inclination in Oold
Hill seems to bo towards garden
ing. Several people have recently
had their lots plowed in order to
plant their spring gardens, among
whom are Mrs. Richards and Mr.
Sta nwood.
Mrs. H. D. Reed has been ill at
her home for the past week.
Mrs. Carter and daughter Alice
rind Miss Kathryn Moorse, all of
Kugene, have heen visiting for the
past few days at hie home of Mr.
nnd Mrs. C. O. Hindu.
Jim Johnson Is 111 at his home
in Hams Valley.
Harold Uadtke returned this
week from his visit to San Fran
cisco. The Hold Hill Wgh school Is
planning to give nn operetta on
March 30. at the hi!;h hnol audi
torium. The opefeiin Is under the
supervision of Uie music teacher,
Mrs. Kred Ouy, and Is entitled
"Cherry Illossoms."
Miss Orr Is not attending tho
Southern Oregon Normal school nt
Ashland on account of sickness.
Silas Fleming was a visitor to
Medford the fore part of the week.
The weather man seems inclined
to dish out some bnd weather. He
probably forgot that the 21st was
the first day of spring and that on
this doy wo should have had some
The Clold Hil high school has
been busy practicing baseball tho
past week. On Tuesdny the stu
dents got together and raked off
the ball diamond, which had pre
vlonsly been scraped. The prob
able lineup of the high school team
'his year Is as follows: Maxwell
Marvin, pitcher; Heth Coy. catcher;
Wood row Shaver, first base; Itur
nel Davidson, second base; Mar
shall Oray, shortstop; Logan flurd-,
nor, t h I rd base ; Wa rre n Kelsoo,
W lime r Itnlley and Clarence
Whoatlry, fielders. Their first
game was scheduled on Thursday
with Sams Volley.
Kd Holing of Foots Creek was In:
t fiold HIM on Thursday. 1
I FMsvovery of n ledge of stan-!
j nlte ore, 1 -t foet wide colored,
I from steel gray to black and
) currying about one ounce of gold,
j has created considerable interest
In the ore. according to Hert
j Klss'nger, 101 North Park street.
Portland, who has returned from.
! a trip of se era I days Into the ,
lOold Hill district. The ledge is
jnear tho outskirts of Gold 11111. j
I Mr. Kissinger Is interested In!
Iquartr. mining claims near the
jtown end has prospected In south
ern Oregon the past ten years.
He Is enthusiastic ever the fu
1 tore prospects of that country as
the mecca of a permonent mining
district. Gold was discovered tn
southern Oregon In 1 S r 0 hy men
who had experience In the mines
of northern California, nnd for a
number of years the gold output
rjvaled that of California camps.
The Oregon mining, Uko that In
California, was confined In those
days to placcMwoik, and was In
terrupted from time to time by
the activities of hostile Indians.
Tho Oregnnlan.
Quito 11 nmnhor front hi'ro wont
to Portland last weok to attend the
IVny A. Tnl.'iit trial.
Mrs. liny Pritrlwtl Is still ' at
(iriinlH Pass taking rara of Mrs.
I'lii'Htor Pritoht'tt. who Is very 111.
Mls Kdlth Ill-Mow. who hns
CooUs in 2Va to S minutes
Stands by you all morning
be sure that yoiiVe protected
by Super-hibricatioii
High compressions, amazingly j
increased horsepowers, motors en
gineered for unprecedented per?
f'ormances, road speeds never before avail
able in popular priced cars
On every hand new standards, new values
- new and increased responsibilities for
Ready able ivelcoming these new tests of
stamina is a. lubricant that meets every de
mand of modern motoring the product of
50 years of Standard Oil Company experience.
yyy. y ss
0 """ J
m If
" 7
tine modem oil for
eveny motoF car
To promote iafe fllng, this
Onipy U ereciin'n (tiol
Liiihl on .Ml. Diablo nrar 0
t-ranriaco, jnd btaodard. a,
Anuif I inUt i 1 n n
-,,h ,'irivrti 111111
nt i I.o Augflet eai lniible
more ihao a hundred tuilra.
a quart
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o Agency
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