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Dtlly, Sunda. Weakly
Hubliabed by the i
MEDFUUU fftUiTUia 00.
MMB U. fir bU PbaM
. bUMPTEH SUIJii, Hiitn
An hSf utitut Kevrapaper
"" Botrred u cconT-tlai matttr tt Med
fenl, Orcn, und Act of March 8, 187B.
7 Mill In Advance;
Daily, with Hun -lay, jew
Ditly, wttb KuiM)y. mootb. ...
daily, without HundiA year...
Daily, without Sunda" month. .
Weekly Mail Tribuna. one year,
hind, (vm vtar ...........
. .76
. 6.60
. .05
. t.oo
By tirrltr, in Aavaoce m Mramra, aw
bad, JarUoiirJIe, Central Point. itoaix,
Tkltnt, Ul1 Hill -nrt 00 uifTiii . -
lull. viUi Huiidav. nnnlh ..1 .74!
Dally, withodt Kunrlay. month IS
Daily, without fcuoday, on year... 7.00
Daily, with Hunday, one year S.00
All terma, caah id advanca. OF THE ASSOCIATED PRF.S8
Koe,rtna; Full UiMd Wir Etrvir
Only Mpcr in city or county recalling
Mwi by teiffcrapb. r
The Aaaocialed Prea la irlualvtly en
tit14 to lha uac (or republication of all
oewa rllapaUhra crcdiU-d to it or otharwiM
erMUni Ui this paper, and also to Ui local
towa publialird herein.
All rulica (or republication of tpacfal dla
fatohea herein art aiao reaarvad.
Official paper of-tht City of Medford.
Official paper ot Jottawm County.
Sworn dly areraoa-. circulation for til
Month tnrfiug Oct. 1, 1927, 462, (preient
circulation to).
Y Smcnpa Pur!
By Arthur Perry
The romantic impetuosity of the
Mayor of J'ortland, Rot tho bent lit
him uuulii yesterday, and no kissed
Mary (.Jardcn. beautiful and faln
ouh erund opera Htar, on the depot
platform. This In lire nocond of
fense for the metropolitan nuiKls
trate, und the 1'ortland Journal
reports that the linpromptu ncok
Iwr lasted four hccoihIm, and Mary
received the -blow squaro ill the
month it teHtlmonlal to the un
erring accuracy ami nliu of the
liurKonifiKier. H wuh hoped hy all
Rood cillzeliB, that the liontlilnl
would Hhow Home Hpunk and knoek
the Kent kicking for his nont.mcn
tul liupudenee, hut, alas! xho did
All the valley wanderem have
returned to the Hecne of their
bankruptey except II. RoscnberK,
who lm been ulRhtcd In faraway
A pair of nickel anckH, nil the
I'iirc during the administration of
Win. McKinlcy, appenreil on the
Main Htem ycHtordiiy, the wearer
behiB from the "back country."
TIiIh type of nock possesM remnrk
nblc elasticity, ami after 0110 wear
ing' mnke a fine portfolio for a
Htundard size dictionary.
"The hrldo Is not known here,
hut Is said to he a younjr lady of
hlgli Ideals." t Uinporht, Kan.,
(.nzcttp.) Homo journalistic cau
tiousness. Went her conditions are retard
ing; the fruit btitls, and cuushig a
recurrence of galoshes. 4p
iti;;Aitns to ;it.Mi.w
(INillllcal Ann
llaker 11 cm Id
Am .Sheriff, 1 have dealt
fairly and squarely with every
cltlcen und 1 offer myself for
ro -election trusting that you
will favor me with your sup
port. Please remember that only
registered voters vote.
' Your good friend,
The owner of a 4d and cigarette
lighter reports that both func
tioned the first time, the allegation
lacking corroboration.
Kmc Drill and I'ock Itobinson
of Javen spent Thurs. (tni. In the
city. They are supporters of Vice
1 'resident .Jacksonville,
The engagement of u society bud
to a social weed is rumored.
What Messrs. Kelley and Willos.
doomed to hang April 1.1th, need.
Is three third-rate politicians, and
assurances to the (iovernor that
the Orcgoutun will not say any
riling mean, editorially, if .Justice
Is done and their sentences com
mutted to life Imprisonment,
New ' potatoes, planted hist fall
In a neat speech by I'eoi la It III
Jutes before u Humdingers pow
wow. are on tho market from
i:i,t ii-:i is itK.iiT ,
f'reka, t'nl.. Journal)
Walter It. Pollock, L'5 years
In the mercantile business in
Yreka, eliuled his friends and
went to (.runts I'ass, .Monday,
and was married.
MTiier rrom uas
Stomach Pains
The doctors tell us thnt 90 per
cent of all sickness is due to stom
ach and bowel troubles. You can't
bo well if your digestion is bad;
you arc likely to pet sick unless you
relish food and digest it properly.
Tanlac has a wonderful record
an a relief from digestive troubles,
even those of years' standing.
Mrs. Annie Dougall, of 021 Knst
lako Ave., Seattle, Wash., fays:
"Stomach trouble made my life
miserable. After six bottles of
Tanlac, for the first time in 10
years I -could cat anything without
suffering afterwards." '
If you suffer from gns, puins in
tho stomach or bowels, diziinoss,
nausea, constipation or torpid
liver; if you have no appetite, can't
sleep and are nervous and all run
down, you need Tanlac. It is good,
pure rredicine, made of root,
herbs and barks, (iet bottle from
your druggist tod.iy, Money back
if it doesn't help you.
Tail lac
WK is a ciiineily to those who think, will a tragedy to those
L who feci." Tin; man "who coined 1 licit epigram livetl to
disprove it, for he wuh distinguished by un uhsetiec of real feel
iut;, and his life was a t-'haslh tragedy.
0.s a matter of faet life rtiir't be c lassified, aloni; kucIi siniile
lines. There is 110 Ntiehiliin; as a person, who feels without
thinking, nor thinks without ivflint;; nor is there a traie life
without its comedy, or a comic Jife itriit its tratiedy.
Life is a complicated thing, made up of both thought and
feclii)":, of both comedy and tragedy und, at the end, probably
no one, not even the individual conieerned, is capable of striking
a balance, and dcteriniiiiii"; what alcment preiloiniuated.-'
The happiest life is probably one in which thought has been
subordinated to i'eelinir. At any rati! the happiest person we
have ever known had a very small Iiead, but it very large heart;
gave very little thought to things, tut was as full of emotions!
as a Florida orange is full of juice.
lie was a eonfiniM'd optimist, saw the pot of gold nt tho end
of every rainbow, never really arrived anywhere, but was al
ways gloriously on his way, and possessed a stomach that, could,
if called upon, have digested a gold watch, or a keg of ten
penny nails.
J'erhaps that was tho secret of his optimism. Certainly
health Is a very important factor. And yet history shows us
confirmed invalids like liobcrt J.ouis Stevenson, who not only
displayed a gallant optimism, but got more joy our of life than
most of Lis contemporaries. And we all ;now people, physi
cally fit, who find life so painful they take a pill or pull a trig
ger and effectively put 1111 end to it.
Ho that leaves us about; where we Marled. Anil the problem
Is, now liaviiig begun this" profound philosophical discussion,
how are we going to end itS
AV'ell, we can see only one way out : namely : that the secret
or happiness in life is there is no secret, no rule, no formula,
that can be depended upon, what isn't a mynlcry is a gamble. 1
Life is like a game with ait unknown and invisible umpire.
The sensible thing to do is play it, not thinlc about it (unless
your job happens to be to fill a column like this every day in
the week.)
1'lny it fairly and squarely
until you drop or the whistle blows,-fid your joy in playing,
riitlicr Hum in tho huovq or trying to determine just what tlie
... I
game is all about.
ill oilier wurus, ueu) so ousjr you lion L nave IIIUCII time 101
think. For nothing is more untrue than the epigram with which
we si arieti today s sermon.
- -
A hick town is a place where you don't pay the grocer be
cause he's an intimate friend.
Switzerland is enjoying her first J'ullniaii train,
to pronounce the cur names if you can yodel.
Alas! The only kind of people that hunger for. deference are
always the kind that can't inspire it.
As a general thing, the boss
has a buck private's inferiority
It's all right to speak of a "self-made man," but it may not
be tactful to say a noted beauty is "self made."
There's a word to describe leaving your bald head bale while
talking to a lady on the street, but the word isn't "ehivalrv."
You It'll a (jreat limit by
Ket'iiiin onlimirv.
Tttlrnince n Hie ijualily that. ntaUrs you think the other fel
low's pet prejudice silly, it' it's unlike yours.
The whitlow
roiMu in this ureal hotel
The more people think you
believe in eptalit
That luiKpht'd man is a wel
some tolerable reasuu to oppose
If keeping marines in Nicaragua is
do you eNplaiu lhra!'s approval?
It's mi loiitii-r litTosary n the -nni 1 1 tlio nf the
will It ful' siifoly, hut it's fliivali'ou.s to (jive lirr the oluser view
of windows.
Now the saxniiluiiiivis I'MaM
We liiw tin? iv was some reason
THE NEBBS The Martyr
AtVlEOV VOO LOOK SAO 1 1" 252 r J 'V ) ACxDUT TMAT -...p. -rsip-M OM 1 WM-5 AVE SERVE UMTIUTWE TGIAt, ii-MS
aMPkB03p VJ TktooeLe. W-v y APHS C OUT or IT -A akjDME kXJOVAlS. IT ) Un I -Pnn i a.
TrrCE JF Pi "tA A- . AhiH )i4 MnUe.Do.U.W
DiaAPPBOVAL 7 i S&lh " V'V ffcV f rS jfe LCTK l i
0FTME Y' if i CX A iT r V 1 yKiffJ if ! JXOprdyupwtthoU
IIZJUS'Tt failrq.,... V- j --- . j
Or ;Ji..-,p"r-i 7 ft.1 1 I. i V W& XJe a ; j LJ- i "o.r.
j J lJ I iC,Trrtn. ICT.,1V B.IHrUia. i. Ttad. M..,. H S Pit. OJi V j
..,,.,-,.,,.,,.................,.......,.'"' ""'"' r ' - - , . .a....-..'.....,...., ... v . a a
' ' ' I
and fiercely as you can
play it I
z ----- I
with second-lieutenant manners
the facj tlmt he (hicsn't iniinl
marked with an 'X' is in v
superior, the more ardently you
trying to think up
the sensible thhiir, bow
as a reason for ilivorce
existence of those
Personal Health Service
Birngi Mtn prrUlnlw to p.n.n.1 htiltli ind, tint to lii.- or
UMtmeuV wtu ho iimrred bj Dt. Br.dr II .lamped, kII .dilrrwed nrlo im tnclci.
im Dn.i mm wrlltrn in u.k. Owing to M e hrg, number ol let!.,, re.
cei.ed, orilr l.w can bl anaweted here. Xo lil can Jf made 10 quen.i not awlurov
Ing to;Uoiia. Addr He. WUliam Bradjr, in car, of Uli. Dewapaoar.
Orandma, nt nny rate, will re -
member the. bald HHertion I made
here the other day about colic. I
said that, after
years of inten-
... out,j aiiu leu-arrn, fjl nna
reached a eon-
elusion, to -wit..
that cfillc; ni'ver :
1 tll'tnj
put it In Just thm
wny I Haiti "in
my opinion colic!
iwvt'r haii()nn." ;
Hut that xv nn jut
to hrenk it nently.
The censom insist .
(hat I drane thee
radical tenchinKs of mine with ft,
few folrtH of chffHccloth at tint:,
n order not to nhock tlip old-fush-
ioncd roiiHcrvntive reader tho old1
tosA, 1 Khould miy. ThiB 0)inlt,n,
I cxuicuMcd nil of sH hnui'H hl-o 1
Now 1 wlMh to qualify what lnUl,
then. I tnM you now. old timers.!
I thaL the idea or cunt-eption of cnilc
! in fiifiintH is upocryphiil, imagin
ary, und lhafH no opinion merely, t
hnt un assertion of sr h-m if I.- f,t.
i non t care how
many emiaVm
prdfntricinnt or literarily leading
child specialists may mill sanction
the fancy of "colic" in their pot
boilers, nor am I at all abashed
hy the moral if not open encour
agement some of the most Kuccen-
ful di,pt... i.i,. i, ",
.- i h no
aceuso infants of having 'the colic
I Hay it is all hunk. There is no
such thing as colic. It is as spur
ious as "acute Indigestion." . And
I challenge any physician to de
fend the diagnosis of "acute in-if-
Kestion In any cae serious or I
ulnrming enough to call for med
ical advice.
In Infancy the meaningless diag
nosis of "colic" is not so dantrerous
is is the hokum diagnosis of "acute!
lmllKeslion' 'In adulthood, because:
to " noise like a bad cas,. of!
ctJic tin. i fir 1 law, i 'i
,ve net,UKiM,. m u;iadf.,i
"ul" must ne toiu: .sometimes a
cZe I'lv
intuKum - eiiilnn (IcU-woiiIiik of
seKiiient of the Intentlnc), Is wronkl
I iy aci iim d of liavlm," colic.
! livery mature peiHort. .who has(
iKiven the inntter any thought niurtj
biifc wondered why this allrucil:
''colic" Is so much les common to-'
nay than It was in tirandma's time.!
.-iuii'ij, not liccaiise motllciH arj,
more careful nowadays to keep th,.'
baby's "bowels Warm." The- in
telligence of u mother may be pret
ty accurately estimated today by
this very gauge: It varU4 inverse
ly with the amount of flannel or
other coddling .die keeps on hcj-
habys belly. So, the reason why,
"colic" Is no longer the vogue is
tiimply that babies are more ino-,.
llgentiy cared for now than
were when you ami I wore swaii
dling clothes. And the ever-ready
diagnosis of "colic" has lost caste
with the doctors because the in
creasing intelligence of their clien
tele has scared them out of it. It
is really alarming the way health
Intelligence Is increasing among
the laity some doctors are grow
ing very circumspect about makingj
these phony diagnoses, because I
they fear patients will give them1
the laugh.
The ennrcpiion of "colic" means
principally pain; the infant is ap
parently in pain or distress fro in
distension of some part of the eli
mcntary tract with gas, or some
thing like that. I'.ut no pain t,v
distress can be so produced; then:
is no evidence t hut mere disten
sion any pain or distress
on the contrary, there Is ample
evidence that even extreme disten
sion by air or gas is painless. J'o
there goes your colic. It is ali
bunk. For the baby's sake, believe
im. colic never happens.
Ol -:sTINs AN h.WsWFUS 'for. I thoroughly endorse the
He hind to Vniir lng. j health work done in .Medford and
Please tell me whether it is Ashland schools, and other coun
harml'ul for me to pet my dug anilities in the state, especially Marion,
watch it nil the time. I am an' As rounty school superintendent,
expectant mother and so afraid Ijminf the rirst major duties would
may mark the baby . . . to establish a health program
j .Mrs. . L. v.
i Answer Certainly not. lie as
kind as ever to your ili.i;. I assure
voll it ciimiot mark the li.iliv. 'liere
is only one objection to petllnj; tlie
doe. ,,r liailui; htm about and thai,
apl'llics to every nne that owns a
don. It Is the risk of Infestation,
w ith Intestinal parasites, the eyns'i
of which m;iy be lu the ,1.,'s sil-
liva. Si i never let ihe dot: lick
your hand unless you wash the
li.ind earefillty w uh sn.iii ae.l waleri
! l-illlliiH! i
Iy afiei-ward. This pre-1
import. nit when there
me children. lint otherwise there
OT?Ef!ONT, FRIDAY, M.AT?nT 23, 1928
HMllliS Till: J.Kss WK 11KAK
;l no harm in keeping a dog. If
: 'ou wlil (,nd a Mamppd envelope
. h' "r"lt: "ur addrew. 1 will mail
VI, II XHII1C I'l'tll-ltl I Mwi ril, , i,,u n,l
.iA.B a....,!. .
llilf llt"h lttml'
, w;u 1o lmM , Smjr VM.
cra ,,. (liscove,y I have ;,!.
m- ni- ,n,..a. .. ,,!,.
pefrj, vlJtll lh0 .iU, Wj curu
the oli.stiiiitte of hlc-
coiik'h iinmediately. WI have made
over one hundred test he fore writ
ing' thin, and every one wuh huc
cest.ful. Can it he that certain
fruitH ,-ind vegetables are, after all.
the real cur en forertain uilmentH?
'e all know how applet keep the
ductoid away. .Mrs. f. li. K.
Answer Weil, anyway, we oujht
to have a prompt and decisive re
port on the cure now. I only hope
it isn't a deep laid .scheme of the,
citrus marketin,,' association.
Heading (irouih of tho Soil?
Is harelip a deformity or a birth
mark? I would like to know just
what cause it and if babies can
be "marked." .Mm. A. V. 1..
Answer So cllefl li:n'ali. iu t
developmentaldefect , a failure of
the natural ujiion or urowinMT to
(jeiher of two projections of em
bryonic tissue. It is not hereditary.
It is idle to explain such defects
as "marking." us Knut Hamsun at-
" in -i no i.rowth of
tu yn
The expectant mother
was herself hurelipped, but had no
mirror, so the author has to catch
o hare in order to cook up a likely
yarn. Heav-n only knows whv
such developmental defects as hare
lip, clubfoot, spina bifida and the
like happen now and then. , The
great wonder and mystery it why
don't happen all the time.
f 'J
VL-Aaol y
By th' time a modern weddin'
day rolls around th' father haint
got nothin' left t' give but a daugh
ter. One o' th' worst combinations
I know is lots of initiative an'
offensive personality,
K l'oi Health i:d itcal ion.
the i;ilitor:
I have been requested by sev
' eral people to state my attitude to-
ward h cult h education in
I schools of the county, especially
I what I would do if in the office
i of county school superintciuleiu.
My answer is that I am a tlmr
ouuh believer in I lie m-w hen 1th
J pnigram. It is one of the first
Italic tilings wl'.ifh tembers wnrk
j fnr Jackson county schools, co-
operating with all aencb-s
w ho
e now' making it ihismIiIc fur
Iii.iiI rhil'lit'ii tn knuw thrir d
els and how to correct them by
correctives anil excr
cises. .
1 believe 111 the ilent.ll clinic, und
endorse tlie wort which Ilr. Ih unk
of Salem did for .laekson county
, school i hiblren. 1 believe in
annual dot-tor' examination of th
child, and endorse the work
Mcilturd doctors in ni.ikiia: free
1 phy-ieal eviminalioiis. iA-ei, if I
I didn't believe In nil this pcrson-
nicy uon i Happen all the time.
(Copyright John K. Ullle Co.) j
r . j. if i hi i
' .ii r-w i i
(By Wall MftwmV
On many South Sea Islundu
the climate is superb; no bliz
zards hit the highlands, hot
winds do not disturb; the na
tives do no sowing, from reap
ing they are free; they iind
their dinner growing aiou the
nearest tree. Tj natives view
with loathing the tg! of cultur
ed men; ihey have no use for
clothing, save flyneta now and
then. They spend successive
summers reclining In he shade;
they have no use for plumbers
or men of any trade; the peo
ple are contented to loaf in sand
and silt, and nothing's been In
vented and liothin-'; has heen
built. The islanders an? stand
ing jus where their forbears
sat, when Noah he was landing
his ark on Ararat. Although
they're often charming, no les
son have they learned, since
Tubal Cain went farming and
his first furrow turned. They
have not learned to grapple with
any problem high, since Adam
hith the ajple. with Kve cavort
ing hy. If some daw snow were
falling upon those golden isles,
if biftcr winds were brawling
among the coral piles, metbinks
the lazy squatters would quit
the transquil shades, and they,
their wives and daughters would
learn Home useful trades. To
keep themselves from freezing
they'd build some useful shacks,
to quit attacks of sneezing they
would read the almanacs; to ob
viate distresses while . yet the
cold wind croons, the gif is would
fashion dresses, the men make
pantaloons. The goldenisles are
merry, and there the natives
dance, but frost is necessary if
people would advance.
. jents, Mr. and Mrs. "W. A. Chllders,
ally, which I emphatically do, ij Wednesday.
would be forced to by the DD per llev. G. O. Wagoner will preach
cent cooperation which the whole in the Methodist church Sunday
health program is receiving at the afternoon. March 25, at 2 o'clock.
! hands of the people. Most of my I Dick Hartman returned Wed
i troubles as a principal are directly ! nesday evening from Corvallis.
iraceuine to inseaseo tonsils.
de -
cayed teeth, malnutrition, unclean
liness, etc., etc. I'm on the firing
line every day. To me these things
! are very real. I believe In the new
t ..... - . . ... ... ...
!HPIinH oeing in goou neaun.
i I endorse the work of the Jackson
I CinntlP t-lr.nllh -...c-rw.i. .i,,..
'Very sincerely. The Missionary society of the
RAYMOND U roiiXWELL, Presbyterian church met Thurs
Principal Washington School.1 day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Medford, March 22, I G. O. Sanden.
Mr. Covert, civil engineer of
Port la ml. is visiting M r. Way
wright of Jackson Creek.
Miss McCully visited at the
home of M i. and M rs. leorge
Howard of Medford Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McKeO j
of Applegate were visitors at the
home of W. A. Chllders Wednes
day. Mrs. Vivian Wilson nttended thei
funeral of M iss 1 tea t ha Stock am j
in Medford Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. Frank Saulsberry has been
ill at her home for a few days.
Mrs. F.d Glitches of Medford
spent Tuesday at the home of her
daughter. Mrs. Klmer Adams.
M i s. Finest Hpagnoli. from San
Francisco, and Mrs. Juanita I hit
ler and son. Glen, from Medford,
visited their brother, Joseph Bus
by. Tuesday,
Mrs. Fred Fick and Miss Alice
I loci's were business visitors in
.Medford Wednesday.
Ouestion : Why is emulsi -
, -t l
fied cod-liver Oil, in the form
' of Scott's Emulsion, so gen-
prnUu USpd?
Answer: Because it is pal
atable and pleasant to take.
v Children and crown people i
,'..! Ill-Inrr (nr it
" &UU1I dtuuiit: a urxiiiK v. ...
By all means take
r'-immrNi'.iiiwiciaiiiti; i
1 vy Leison No. 13 j
Mrs. I
i.- u tiKin and
i.,'.irn.d Wednesday!
.. .I..-..' irh. to San t
Francisco They reported an en-
V'a' rl ' X
Joyable trip.
Krank Woolen and George Mf-;
rltl were tranNicuntt m
Medford Wednesday. ... '
ik, FTinma itecu vwis
on friends here Wednesday.
jir. ana .mis. . ,.!mi ,,i the eoiiKreuation i.
Klamath Kails
for a ehort visit,
Wednesday. They
: ... ". uftok
turn tne laner iwn
Fred Butcher, who Has spent.". - . .
the past couple of weeKs with : Pera. .. . - ; : U
his family here, returned Thuis- '' " " . ' ,n
day to hi. work at camp 1 at , Kdnur C-P- -.h.,,.
Mrs G. O. Sanden'. Sunday
school fh,s of the Jresbytenan
..!,..., m.,..t.nrt nf hiuh school'
i..u.-., .
students, had a very
and enjoyable party in th
', parlors Friday evenign.
....frh. I
were played ana uainiy
ments we're avrved. The
das:, tie-!
cided to have a contest whl h
opened .March 1 1. and i ctHn-1
posed of two sides. Points are!
counted for each side for their t
attendance, bringing their Hlblesj
and other Important thltifH. The!
contest will close some time in
.May with a party given by the
losing side. j
Mr. and Mrs. Itaime Phillips i
of Squaw Lake were visitors hero
Mr. und .Mrs. U Ii. I.ynam of I
.Terrebonne. Ore., are visiting at;
the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. K. j
Forest. They brought with themj
, Mr. and Mrs. forest s son. Clor-;
don. They will visit Mrs. Lynum's
sister at Wllart. Ore., en route j
home via Portland. . j
M.L. CJreen and Mr. Wood of ;
i Grants Pass were in town Sun- j
.day looking over sume local min
ing ' properties. j
Dave .Lee. the veteran miner, is
somewhat ill this week, being un-'l
able to attend to his mining
J. Wahl made a business trip
to Grants Pass Monday.
Mrs. Ktbel Olson was u Med
ford visitor Tuesday.
Mrs. Kermit Combs of Medford
i visited at the home of her par-
i where he is attending college.
will spend u few days at
homo here.
Mr. und Mrs. G. A. Page
son from Fort K 1 a m a t h,
j spending a few v weeks at
! home of Mrs. Page's parents,
nn,1 -If.... I. t a...
Howard liaer left Wednesday
evening for Huntington. W. Va-.
to be with his father, who is
very ill at his home there.
Presbyterian church of Jack
sonville next Sunday closes the
fiscal year, and Tuesday night
the annual business meeting will
be held. There will be the regu
lar annual dinner a tti :.I0 p. rn.
and following this pleasant hour
tho business and program; will
take place while sitting around
the table, when the reports of
the different auxiliaries of the
Night calls
Men and women everywhere are
using and recommending Foley Pills
diuretic for relief from the disttessand
bother of a too frequent urinal flow.
Foley Pills
A diuretic atlmulant for th kldntyt
Soft Eetrywhtn
Political Announcements
ron siii;itii'F
I am h candidate for the repub
lican nomination for sheriff, pri
mary May 18. CIIAS. U. STACY.
May 17.
I am a candidate fur republican
nomlnatiun for county clerk: prom
islnff personal attention, economy
and courtesy. 0. R. CA11TKR,
I May 17. Talent.
TKXKKXT ! .1.,nma "'"''."""r fo.r, thc'",10-
i viiiue iioiiiuiiiiiuii mi iiie oiiicu in
i County School Superintendent ill
the May primary.
Principal Yashington School.
, 35St
I am a candidate f.r ro-noinina-tion
On the republican ticket for
County Commissioner. If nomi
nated and elected 1 will continue i
to do my best to Rive the people!
an economical business a.lmlnls-'
trillion. VICTOR Dl'RSKI.I,. I
May 1
church will be j;iven?wiih
financial reports
will be th
election of ol:
for the ensuum year, ad,,,,;,,
the budget, wtlh the
,he,0 matters if irw
iat ohoul(1 ,,c. UcU..i L
i ., ,..... .i . .
..'.....'O, " , 'i,li-,ai.. tl, i,.,..'! 4
: , . ,, 11 ft
part ol tne meiiiiK. jh nu-ijUnrs Sj
to;of the church and contra, im,,.
,. v.,v, ' "
days pniKiam
nunoay si ium.i ib
, .,.. ,,.,.. nei ini. ii,
Tuesday 7:;.o p. m. Senior CUlir
iPract.ce Tue a S:U p. i.
Junior ci.ou i-dw.t.-, , ,n.
. ..lcasfil to li:iv,.
won are iiueresieu in me cniis.i)
work to be prosent at all serviec-s.
KIiiut E. AlcV'ii ker. pastor.
" " . I
COLl'MI-irS, Mar. 22. fPt Heat- ';
en on the head with a h'-t miner ;
and nailed in a closet at her home, t
Mrs. Arthur ISaltelle was fouml
near deuth late today by canvass
crs and a neighbor who were tolj
of her plight by the woman's iwt
small children.
Mrs. Ilattelle died before she 1ml
reached a hospital.
Polite are seeking the husband,
Arthur Pattelle. -11. a s; Icsntn n.
When you wake up with backache
and dull misery in the kidney region
it may mean you have been ating "
foods which create acids, says a well
known authority. An excess of such
acids overworks the kidneys in their '
effort to fdtcr it from the blood and .
they become sort of paralyzed and
loggy. When your kidneys get slug
gish and clog you must relieve them,
like you relieve vour bowels, rcmov- '
ing all the body's urinous waste, cisc
i you have backache, sick headache,
I dizzy spells: your stomach sours. '
tongue is coated, and when the weather t
is bad you have rheumatic twinges, ;
The urine is cloudy, full of sediment, ;
channels often get sore, water scalds i
and you are obliged to seek relief two
or three times during; the night.
Either consult a good, reliable '
physician at once or get from your
pharmacist about four ounces of Jad
Salts; take a tablespoon ful in a glass
of water before breakfast for a few ,
days and your kidneys may then act
fine. This famous salts is made fro-a
the acid of grapes and femon juice, j
combined with lithia, and has been j
used for years to help clean ai.d;
stimulate sluggish kidneys, also t- j
neutralize acids in the system, so they ,
no longer irritate, thus often relieving
bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot in- '
jure and makes a dc!ihtf-:l. efferves
cent lithia-water drink. Drink lots of
soft water.
ron kvi;ky vse
Tor "Women $1.95
iWttar if You &op HI
aucrs ui 6pkino rrwesr
' Ym wflllike '
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