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    li-M t ' I 1 1 1
; 7
Dttlr, Bandar, Weakly
Publiabed br the
IMMI M. fir St. PhonJI
ROBERT W. RUnL, Rditor
An lodi!idnt Mewapipcr
Kattred u McoDd-elaa. matt. at Ucd
lord. Ortfon, under Act ot March ,
tj Mali In Adw.ce:
DUy, wiUi Hufcday, Jtir 17,60
ptUlj, Willi Hunuay, month ?&
without Bundiy, year 6.60
Dy, without -Sunday, 06
Weekly Mill 'mtmne, ona yeir.... 1.00
Bon-day, oo year O0
By Carrier, In Advance In Med ford, Ann
land, JickMHiviUe, Central Point, 1'hoeDlt,
Talent, Odd Uill -nd on Hljhwaya.
Pally, with Hunday, monui .m
Daily, without Sunday, month 6
Daily, without Sunday, out year... 7.00
Daily, with Sunday, ona year 8.00
All terma, cash In advance.
fcccfirinr 'u" Uaaed Wire Serrica
Only puper in city or county recemnf
atws by tlegrauh.
The Aaaoclaled Preaa la ticliHlwly en
Utled to tha uh for republication of all
ocwa dispatches credited to It or otherwiat
or edited to thii paper, and alao to tha local
two puhliahed herein.
All riltita for republication of fpadal dlj-
Official pap of tfTe City of Medford.
Mtlia In New York. ChtcftffO. Detroit.
an Fraooiaoo, Loa Angalea, Seattle, Port
i '
Ye Stands Pot
By Arthur Perry
MotlHMH havo ntarti'il work un
llio (1 rOHKcH Iho mvret iili'l' Kiailuati
will nlli'KO alio inurtu nil by herself,
early next June.
HprliiB arrived yesterday, with
out tho iiiinkij nntl barlcrliuis
(KllKi'llc Ki-BlHT)
A charivari wuh given Fri
day evening by a parly of
friends In eelebintlun of tho
WDddiiiK of J. C. llerrcn, who
llveK nt .Mercer lake. Tho
youilK folks not off dynamite.
C'ulliiro linn tnken root In Atty
Vorl Neff, this eminent banister
now saying drama, after the man
nsr of Jim Ktevens.
Manlfeslayons of tho public
doliliht In the terrible aro on dis
play In tonsorlal purlors, an out-,
HioM'lh of the forthcoming h'Kul
eholilim to death of ,(hsih. Kclley.
and Willos,. Salem convicts, on
Friday',, , April 13th. One chin
whacker expresses a deslro to do
the hunKlng. Thoro Is hoiiio milk
of human kindness left In Ills soul,
ur ho would yearn to Blvo tho vlc
tlnift their last shuve.
',' . IT IS TO lll.VKIf
, ( I'oi'lJaiul, Journal) (
Buys today are, effeminate, 1
says a leeturer. They wear
pants like lonir skirls, he com
plains. Hut what Is there
modornly .feminine about
Duo to following In the foot
steps of I'oorla Hill Chiles. (I. Ar
thur Hunt is able lu lake two
liRiylfuIs of slack III tho vest of
his old gray suit, which Is nut
What It used to be.
i iai New traffic signs have been
""'rrected. There Is very llllle cum
fort lu leaning agnlnsl them, the
weary report.
It's about lime an issue of suf
'. riel?nt Importance to start a war
un ciftarutics flitted across the
Oregon politlcul horizon.
An export has fixed our typo-K-Titer
again. Vlie word Mixed' Is
used In lis broadest mid must dis
astrous scuta.
" a. ,
The, Arali chluftalti whose first
name Is Ibu, has nothing on the
Chinese diplomat e.,lv1rislcncd Ng.
They both ought to -Jump In the
Itusslan liver Aa.
"UK'S A lllltl)"
Various roles have been assign
ed0to other birds through literary
tradition. The rohfti has come to
net an If he owned the spring and
, peiHOiuilly delivered it at each
door, liy popular uurefmcnt the
entire dnnitiin of the neck h.ts been
KHlgQcd lo the swan. "Her neck
U like the swan." Very pretty
'that, but why liftorc the ostrich?
"Her neck Is like the oMirirh."
Now you're saying something.
1 Kor Hwnu reason, unknown to
me, undying romantic devotion
ha been assigned to the smiill and
Tin prepossessing feathered erea
j ture vho we cull thu lovebird.
I I'ussibly 1 have met only the
i men ner representatives of thin
! species, but In such houses as 1
1 have come across them it was gen
1 orally necessary to cover up the
cage to Ntop the iitllesN bickering.
And who knoWf-whu! In his heart
tvf hearts thu love-bird really lungs
for fidelity? W'hrn two are cnged
I tan see mi great (V irtue In the
fact that they reipaln together.
. n or freedom Ihero Is the eagte.
and for gloomy thoughts the
raven. The buxiney. of tenderness
bus been taken ovr? by thFduve,
, and the gray goose is ai'eepied as
ho Hyinbol of spocd. And when
"Vf want to stump some, Qnuuii
sijUelnK us keen uml- piedmoi y we
Aill him u hawk. (New York
; . World ,
t ,, Peopleall about you can toalify to tlut
M Most oi the slender figures seen today
M have been won in easy ways. Man,- havo
?'l been won by Marmnla. pceacrintton tab
alktWs. based on a modem scientific diacov
.firjr. People have used Marmoia tot 20
years millions of boxes of it. Now
i - slender (rgui-ai in almost every circle
Shorwhet Marmola does,
la ' A book in each box of Marmola gives
Ilie formula and atates tlte scicntilie rra
I' -sons, for fraulls. So users rraliza how
1 1 " end why effecu are benc6cial. A way
sravhicb has done so much for so man;
Kfc'deaerv a (est from jrou. Make It now,
watch the results for a Utile while, then
deride. Aik tout druegi't today for a
THREE weeks from tomorrow two d'res.siii;r Kipccimcn.s of
liiuig)iiity will be muri'lieil up a flight of rickety steps, liave
black caps plticcd about their heads, large hempen ropes about
their necks, mid will be dropped into space there to remain,
until they choke to death. 0 '
A few specially invited spectators will be on hand to witness
this ceremony, which, according to the Oregon law answers the
demands of Twentieth Century justice. W'a wonder how niutiy
of them will bo uplifted by the spectacle mid more strongly exw
vinced than ever that this business! ofgnfficial murder is neces
sary and right. ' ' ,
AVillos aPd Kelly, the chief actors in this silent drumu, have
not taken human life. They (jldn't even carry guns, fin the
prison break, which resulted in the death of Oregon Jones, the
leader of the break,'and three prison guards. Tom Murray, the
brains behind this tragedy, and the mini who did the killing,
took his own life. e
Hut the law holds, conspirators in a plot which results in
murder, arc equally guiltwi?li those who actually kill. So far
as theoliiw is concerned, Willos and Kelly, no doubt, deserve
to die.
Nevertheless, we wish Governor I'attei'.sou would coinfiufe
the sentences of death against these two morons, to imprison,
ment for life, and then future officials of the state would sec
that the latter sentences are rigidly carried out.
Kueh action would be entirely within the Governor's legal
and moral rights. Hanging in Oregon is not mandatory for it
capital crime. Life imprisonment is an allowable alternative,
and circumstances surrounding this crime would justify what
many people regard as an equal if not a greater punishment.
, J In t our real reason fur this view, we admit, is our aversion
to this hanging business, end our desire to ifo whatever we can
to lessen the number in this stale, mid eventually do away with
the barbaric procedure entirely.
Not 'because we have any sentimental sympathy for convicts
like Willos mid Kelly. But because, wc believe, hanging dues
no good, does not,, as statistics show, reduce violent crime,
anil is morally degrading to any community that sanctions it.
As to the objection that mini shouldn't fly because it isn't
his nature, think how; many times he falls while learning to
"Von can't prove anything
You can prove a man is drunk
Tho final test of personality
piii'tyyoii are there merely as a
Nature makes mistakes, but
youth near the nose on one side
Yuiii;k of patient study, resulting (it last in n combination of
chemicals that will iiinkc teeth almost as white as a dog's.
Jusl wjiil. If government finds it frisked us more than was
necessary, it won't pick us so'clcan next time. That is called
"efficient financing,"
If you would know liow poopln roni'd you, tell t he truth
about yourself. Only those who feel inferior to you will think
you nre hoHKtiuK. 0 '
Then' will .JwuvkIh one kind ttf yellow peril while whites
and blacks inhabit the same land. And tho Nordics can't blame
somebody else for that.
Correct this sentence: "Now this is n sere," said he, "thai
won't get shiny when itVprcNsed."
You can tell a mail who hasn't yet bought a ear of his own.
He's the one who drops oitfiu'ettc butts on the taxi floor.
They call it the bloom of youth, but there isn't anything
peeiall' youtjiful abmit terra eotta.
"Iiciifitli T skirt is lo niiiiip oxli'nt left lo llio (lism-tinn of
tli woiiror." Su this is iliscri'tion ! '
"Till' must nii I it r jilncfc tif
thu swiiinps." Night t-ftihs iiron't
l'roliiliiliini isn't n rriil isstic. An issue it .sniiietliiiiir tluit
cullies out, mid lliis stnys in deiiile all the hoys can do.
O . , ,
It miKliti he well, however, t)luivc n war of exteiiiiiiiiition
between liiilisli und American jinxoes.
lu llio ease til' a wQ li, the
ease of a six automobile, the
tries to hiile.
-He 5A.D 1 ME OUCKEO - jUvTT fl lVV. ApT.MG A 1 lD, C CO.CTED 1 H IM REAL DoOgM AMD 7
yMiLE tmi, " '
itV.lfnif I - I fc""! .Ci-,h. k-r 1h Hell SiiJtral In, TrU7M.rl. Rf U S PBOfV. 9 VT5 I
by slalislics. " Oh, yes, you call.
by asking him to pronounce it.
conies when you tell the raiding
social investigator.
she never aiiiiiigc-s tlie bloom of
and close to an ear on the other.
rit'uj;i; for our wild lifo tin
what tlicy used to lie.
seenud - liand hides the six , iai, 1 1,
neeoml-haiul is what the ileahT
Personal . Health Service
Hignad IvtbBT. ptrt.lnint' to perMn.l health and hygiene, not to dlaeas. diagniMla or
treatment, will m amwered by ljr. Brady ( a stamped, ielf-addreased enrelopa U eucloattl.
Letter, ahould b. brief nd written In Ink. Owing to the large number oi letter, re
celeed, only a few can be enawered here. No reply (ran be made to quartet Dot conform
lug to luatnictlona. Addreaa Dr. William Brady, in carl ol una newapaoer.
Nearly every day my mail urines
reriuesta for "literature on hl:h
blood pressure" or "SHKgcsllont
fur the ijntrol of high blood pres
sure.' w
It seems to make mine run a hit
high. Anyway, It proOkes me.
first, that readers
Imagine high
a disease or ail
Is u disease or ail
ment, and secoii'l,
that they assume
I distribute mor
bid Information
This high blood pressure that
seems to be so popular is to t lie
best of my knowledge just Hil
lings OninplHlnt. Josh Hillings was
no doctor, yet he made a wise di
agnosis when ho said, ""The trou-
hie with a lot of the plain people
is mey know so much which alu't
Who started this high hloocj
pressure lad, 1 wonder? WHI, that
is hard to determine now. Hut I !
have a pretty good Idea as to who I
keeps Ifco fad going, and 1 hope i
you will credit live with benevo
lenco and iit sarcasm or some
thing when I tell you my ldon. I
tell It because I wish you better
llUAltll. ':
First, IIkji. the ((Hacks, lOith
within and without tho ranks or
regular medicine, find It to their
interest to keep folks worrying
about high blood pressure. I urn
not unmindful of the fact ihitt
some well meaning physicians havo
half heartedly shared tho notion
that high blood pressure is some
tltnos u disease or ailment, (hey
call It "essential hypertension"
when they fall to discover just
what alls the pal lent, however, it Is
the quacks who wltoop the high
blood pressuro business lu the
Then there Is a second factor
that perhaps has more
than tho quack ndvcrtisiiw;. 1 re
fer to iiuiuplilets or articles or to
books a'jout high blood prcrsure.
These fire all written by authors
who .way or may not he ilifJii1ans.
hill if they are ilnclnrii JlW aro
'.ibctors without the grout)rjf rjrk of
experience to stabilize their Ideas
ous flaw in miirh of thefiiiiiialar
health or medical litcratuM ol' the
day; It is written hy pcrnaiis brii-
llan literary mun, fine writers, but
nevertheless men with liltle or no
experience in tho pructico of medi-'
einu or health. Such authors Kv.l
out the. stuff about high blood pres
sure. i NUpposo It in unite neccRtmrv
for tno to say clearly that I do nut J
Intoml to imply Ilia! blood pressure
is nuvur liih or too hlh. What I
do mean to tell the earnest seekur
or health is iusL ihis: It is slllvl
for unv natient of valetudinarian
U tfive his blood pressure a single '
thought. It is silly to trifle with!
any kind of diut, treatment or nH-!
t.ii.i, ,,,. I .. -, . , .
ular elTect on blood pressurM.. One!
shoutil leuve consideration, ni suclrl
t 1 l.iU li u h ,wl iM..uull,r,
metabolism, blood uhemiMtry and
tho like, entirely to the physician.
I am convinced that the luymau
who Imagines he can "control high
blood pressure" is as hadly bun
coed as the layman, who fu ?s
about uric acid or ucidusis, all on
his own.
Ol' course,- no doctor can advise
or treat atr individual lor "hih
blood pressure" unless I he doctor
first determines what, if anything,
alls the poor duffer.
Hard Heeled Lady J
I'lmiac toll me what I can not fur :
I my calloused heelK. The lieel is n
liaril ralluus and cracks npen anil ,
ia very ore at times. I.Mrs. .. K.I I
Answer. 1 am afraid there Is no
market for 'em. lUiller cme down
oil your Htllts by fcentlo slimes if
you'vo habitually worn hiKh heels.
If or when (hero arc no raw cracks
in tho callus, it may he sol'tened
and removed by thu upplteathm
daily of the familiar corn remedy
n solution of 'Mi Krains of Bali-1
cylie, aeld In half an ouco of f lia
ble collodion. It Is well to wear
moccasins or just stocUiim feet
with n sou paddiiiK of cotton upon
tho heels, much of the thug in (lie
Vain and Futile
Please Inform tne if the use of u;id scoffers at the br. than any
patent ml nose adjuster overnight ls!hw now on the federal statutes,
harmful. It. has a simiil opening ! Voting &en now llvlns will never
to permit free breiithlnn. Altai state j see a successful enforcement of the
I if this is tho cause of stomach cun-i
cer. (Worried I. ; too many men of infl lenee and
Answer. It may not be harmful. wealth, who openly violate the law,
but it is fut Ho to hope that anyvl,b h has a tendency to create dis-
uch appliance will alter the form
or size of the nose.- fl bus uotliim
to do Willi stomach cancer, Any
prolonged- slight local Irritation
may provoke the dcveloument of
cancer In the site of Irritation.
Leprosy Scare
It has O-eu brought to my atten
tion that three casesof leprosy
have been removed l'ro one of our
Chlnewe restaurant. If so, would
one be susceptible by visiting such
i a place to eat?
e Answer. -Vo.
IC. A. U.)
Kvon if the story
; be true, leprosy is rather less In-
or discripVlii-is i fectious than tuberculusis, and cer
descriptions o fjtainly one would not be likely to
disease promiscu-1 catch either by eating lu such res-
Pupils Dilate '
Is it a sign ot sickness when the j
pupils of lint eyes dilate? (Mrs.
L. S.)
Answer. So. The pupils dilate 1
normally when the eye regards
i distant object ami when there Is
i dim Illumination. I hey contract
i when the eye regards a near object'
: in blight light.
(Copyright John P. Dille Co.)
i "liHf txj glail ulirn I'm fouliul
, guilty, un git u nciv trial, an' go
j tree, an' have tlilK mess over viili."
i said Mrs. TUtord Mno.K' nlctv,
J wIiom late liusbaml wii. iiiMii-cd ft'i
SlH.tMMl. Mm nan Craw, nliu grad
unlet! troni I'lirdui'. Is laklu a pot-
Kitiduaie I'ouiM hi trap ili-ituiiiilu'
at ChlraKo.
i CJ-ir1". CHniiimls, Ktc
To the Kditor:
o.usc. of increase of same
. , , v , , ,
Amevjcn, we believe. Is the
t''t Vn-re are too many lawyer
- crtmrnhls who are ready for a price
I to defend criminals, regardless of
I . . . . .... .
j proven guilt. Money cuts too wide
1 a HW.ith In courts of justice. I'Vr
( Insiance, look at the long drawn
' out 'iVapot 1 ome ruse. The hon-
orablc defendants still at liberty ! Uible may be tried. The various
and kitirshiug in the faces of tho i books wete left by themsplvfts on
public; the general public too in-j the floor. Those that miraculously
tent on sports to keep posted on ' jumped upon the altar were .tie
crime Increase and terrorism, and ) dared genuine, the others were
the litnle fellows believe if bl -
thieves can Kct by, wliy nut IV ami
tbe Kumc kich merrily un. tuul what
I the cost? I've bct'll all my life
! a rciulcr, ami I rend every shade
I of pulltii'til paper: sincerely believe!
I if the pcolf uf ibe United Slates
! of America do not awaken to thej
'tendency of legislation, buth stale
and federal law-nialilng. and llu'j
ease of evaiiiim the laws, bacausej
j f
tt'L'hnical loopholes, purposely!
loft, lo proniott miration, wc as!
People, will be hopelessly at the
, tnerey of n set of eold-biouded.
rsrhemtiiK sharks, and this country
i will eventually down in anaivhy
j and inter ruin. John J. Infills,
if. S. senator from Kansas, never
uttered a greater truth than w hen
lie said "purity in politics is :in
It-iidescent dream. lioiten poli
ticians ami pviitirs are a curse to
The enactment of the eighteenth
; amendment has been a s.Q.ree of
more perjury, created mure crooks
luu, as it now stands. There are
(By Walt MmaomX
Some wtmlri are hacked and
ridtlt'n until they ure u fright;
und I shed tt-ars unbidden when
they apiitar in siht. Tho "iu
per" word is jaded, it's thread
hare, stale and worn, and still
It in paraded until it makes me
mourn. It used to have a menn
InK before it Ki'ew too lipo, he
Tore we saw it lean i un in every
line of typw; the word neemed
urn nd mid Mutely, an fi't for
HUper-kime. and it allured us
greatly when vo were buying
thin'x. And wuper-men were
C'aesarni in thoso days, you'll
allow, and not the tinhorn geez
ers we label "super" now. I'm
tired of super-service and super
this and that; it makes me sad
and nervous; it makes me eat
my hat. The super-salesmen
bore me, when they invade my
lasvn; I see them stand before
me and tell them to begone. I'm
tired of super-bakers who turn
out super-pies, of super-undertakers
who grab the- gent who
dies. My weary spirit hankers
for plehes of bygone years; I'm
Hired of super - bankers and
super-auctioneers; 1 loathe the
;uper-splelcr, I hate the super
bard, the super-tallow dealer
who renders super-lard. The
man who advertises u super lino
of stuff astounds us and sur
prises If it is more thun bluff.
The people who first used It put
merit in the word, but now we
have abused ft until it is ab
surd. It makes me sad to see
it where I my tent would pitch,
and I avoid and flee us though
it had the itch.
K ust in the minds of the rank and
file of the majority of men, und
even of ninny women voters. This
is our honest conviction of the sit
uation that now exists, especially
in the lar cities.
Medford, March 21.
- '
Brisbane's Today
(Continued from Page One)
democratic "machine of capital
Ism" will win next fall.
The earth has not settled down
yet. In splte of the fact that sci
ence proves it to be more than a
thousand mfllion years old. In fat
away Java, volcanoes below the
water, throw up stujim and lava,
build in--; new Islands, and earth
quake shakes trees and houses in
the Adirondacks, and other north
eastern yarts of Now York state.
The British cannot make up
their minds about a new prayer
book. The bishops wrote one. The
lords approved, and his majesty
was said to approve, but the house
of commons threw it out. What
does a house of commons know
about a prayer book? second
, ,1PV nnok ,s UJBI, wit.h m,lcn
,l,ll,,cnl I"".'11' uuiiMi; illlll M.tliH,
the process. Hut the commons will
undoubtedly reject that also.
An old plan that settled the gen
uine and apocryphal bocks of the
'not. Hut in these sceptical, mod
ernis' days, the iirayer books mlKht
not jumii. Once a miracle linp
pened wliunover it wuu needed. Now
It happens rarely.
"My knuckles were
sore and
lien with rheumatism I couldn't!
hold a pen in my
band. After many
remedies had fail
ed I tried 'St. Ja
cob's oil.' AlmoMt
Instantly the pain
disappeared and
soon my h a n d s
were normal
' St. Jacob's Oil"
Is tbe ti o o d old
remedy for pains
Neuritis. I.umbuK". 1 am a candidate for re-nomlna-S
p r a I n s a n d tlon on the republican ticket for
Strains. It uoes di-' County Commissioner. If noml-
(& to the scat of the trouble and
, drau.s out all tbe "ouch. It works
sk in i:.l it stii:ill t i hil hrM le i.f
"St. Jacob's oil" at ybur druj:i;ist
tolay. anil sec the mairle.
..ONOON. .larch -tHS
llally .Mall today printed a dls-1 ustl.oua ,.
patch form Cairo hu , '
Lady Mary 1) a I 1 e y has been a
i.aiLu.i in ii- itiipmnt to make
solo fliO1 from H-nt-lund to Cupe-1
town, aouii) Aiinu, "
L'nless she is accompanied, sue
will not be allowed to go beyond
Kartoum, officials of the British
residrney in Kg.vpt told her. Au
thorities t the Koudun are . un
derstood to ha9 disapproved the
flight because they
that the dangers which wouiu
follow a forced landing made it i
woman to make )
haz-irdous for
the flight alone
Lady Rulley said she was un
able to take u passenger because
the extra sent In her nhine is
occupied by gasoline cans. -
Wall Street Report
! NKW YORK, Mar. 12. (P, The
rapid ndvaift e of stock prices came
to an abrupt halt today when Wall
street bears took a deteomined
' stand agrainst the charinj? bulls.
' General selling broke out soon
l after noon when Radio 0 common
! broke sharply and numerous gains
I of ?1 to Slu a share were wiped,
lout or greatly reduced.
! Soiling of stocks became quite
general in the early afternoon.
: Must of the early gains were re
,duced or wiped out and several of
' the specialties crashed $4 lu $12
i below yesterday's final quotations.
Strung buying support was
' quickly forthcoming ior General
I Klectrio which snapped back to
$171). 75. Radio rallied above $115
and the general list improved in
sympathy. Consolidated Jiy ad
vanced yd a share to $14'.. and St.
Louis-Kan Francisco moved up
"nearly $2 a sharO to $117.75 both
new high records.
The closing was strong. New
peak prices for l'J-'S or longer
were made by oiany shares when a
new' buying movement got under
way in the final hour.'
Case Threshing Machine closed
at 303, up 15-4, United States Cast
Iron Jlpe got up to JG! 3-4, Int-er-hatloual
1 larvester $250 and St.
Louis and San Francisco 1 ID 5-S,
advance ranging from 4 to G
points. New York Central, Soars
Roebuck, Consolidated Gas,
Brooklyn, and Edison and Adams
Express ulso were up 3 to 6. Sales
'approximated 3,nd0,(J00 shares.
Prevent Flu
Check All-Colds
the Modern Way
Families in Meiiroril li
While (,rlp and Influenza are so
prevalent local people are uriied to
use this modern way of checking
Utile colds before ihey become bia:
Have n jar of Vlcks N'apollub on
band reaily for Instant use at the
first sign of every cold. Wlij'n rub
bed on throat c.r chest, or snuffed
up the nose Vlcks0 releases its In
mvdlecls in the form of medicated
vapoYs which are breathed In di
rect to the infected parts.
1.1!,!.... ....... in...
,.,.. . ..j .1..... i.i ,,.
inhaled to l.reak'lip the conse'stion.
To prevent colds Inwerintf th
vlmlity and twos paving the way
for flu and pneumonia, they should
be ti9aled direct and' instantly
as1 you would an infected finger.
. o l Adv. )
Political ARrMmcemeits
I am h candidate for tho repub
lican nomination for sheriff, pri
mary May 18. CHA3. D. STACY.
May 17.
I am a candidate for republican
nomination for county clerk; prom-
; tsing personiil attention, economy
and courtesy. CJ. K. CAIITKR,
May 17. Talent.
I am a candidate, for the demo
cratic nomination for the office of
County School Superintendent in
tl May primary.
Prinrinnl Wnshintfton Srhimt
. nted and elected I will rnntlhiii.
tn rfn mv hrst to iV( th- npnn,
j nn economical business it dm In Is-
I tration
May 17
Sage Tea Dandy
to Darken Hair
Vou can turn
botiU, of "Wyoin
pund Sul,lhllr.
any drug store.
It costs only 7
i.nntu Millions Of
bottles of this old famous faago
Tea Ki'clpe. improvtd by the addi
tion of olher Ingridients, are sold
annually, says a wcu-Kiiown uiug
i i ilBlst. because it darkens me
nsldereil 1,.,,n.. ,,m evenly lb"
onP ,.an t,.n n has been applieu.
Thosewnoseliairisiui jjnK,
or becoming faded have a surprise
awaltinc them, because after om
ur two applications the gray hair
vanishes and your locks become
luxuriantly dark and beautiful.
This is the age of youth. tSruy
haired. unattractive folks, urent
wanted around, so get busy with
Wvoth's Sage und Sulphur Com
pound tonight and you'll be de
lighted with your dark, handsome
hair and your youthful appearance
j within a few days.
Notlcv of C'loslnit Ktifnius und
L4ikes. -
Notice Is hereby given, that by
un order duly and regular!-, made
by the dlale Game Commission ut
the Stale of OrcKon, un the 14tll
day of Kebruary. 193. It wuh found
und determined thai the supply ot
trout and other fish! Is belnu, and
will bo .injuriously affected by per-,
mlttins the same lo be taken Willi
hook and line, commonly called
anKlliiB, durlnK the periods of time
hereinafter specified from tho
slreania and lakes of the state of
Oregon hereinafter mimed; there
fore, It is hereby ordered, that on and
after the loth day of April. lK-i, i
shall be unlawful for any pcrso.f
to angle for, lake,, kill or have In
possession except as hereinafter
provided, nny species of trout or
other fish of any kind or species
In or from the following named
and described streams and lakes ol
Ilia Stato of Oregon, during the
periods of time hereinafter speci
fied, in accordance with the pro
visions of Section 8. Chapter 66.
General Laws of Oregon, l'JIM. as
amwded by Section V, Chapter 'Z t u.
General Laws of Oregon, 11)20, to
wlt: Rock Creek, situated In Uenton
county, Closed for a period of ten
All that part of the Willamette
Itivcr, situated In Clackamas Coun
IV, beginning ut a point on Uluck
Point at tho west corner of tho
Hawiey Pipcr & Pulp Company's
lOlectrlc Light Station, situated on
the east bank of said river, thence
running in a southwesterly dPrce
tion across said river to a point on
the Island In line with the corner
of the Crown Willamette Paper
Company's Pulp .Mill, situated on
the west bank of said river; tlionco
in a southerly direction to tho
deadline established by an act of
the State Legislature, J0U feet be
low the fishway over I he Wlllam-.
ette Falls In said river; thonco fol-
lowing said deadline, across said,
river to the cast bank thereof;
thence In a northerly direction to
the place of beginning at the west
corner of the Jlnwlcy Paper &
Pulp Company's i:iectric Station on
lllack Point, closed for a period of
five years.
All that part of the Willamette
lllver. situirted in Clackamas coun
ty, and known as the Tall ltace ot
the Crown Willamette Paper Com
pany, beginning at a point near tile
mouth of said Tail Kaco on the
south hank thereof, thence extend
ing across said Tall Knee follow-
Iiil the line established by the
bridue across said Tail Itace to the
north bank thereof; thence in
westerly, southerly and easterly di
rection around the bank of s&id
Tail Hace to i ne place of beyinninK,
closed for a period of ten years. ,
Klaskaninn Uittver. situated In
Clatsop County, beninninK at lbn-th
Kalis, approximately three miles
above the State Kish Hatchery lo
cated on said river, and extending
down said river to the junction of
the South Kork with said Klas
kanlne Hiver. closed to May 1 K of
each year for a neriod of ten yeru's.
Kerry Creek and all tributaries
thereof, situated in Coos County,
closed for a period of ten years.
Olive 1-itke, Ijike Creek Ueser-1
voir, and Lake CiVek. situated In w
Orant County, closed to July 1 of i
each year for a periodOif ten years.
Middle Kork of the John Day
U i v er. si t u a t ei' I n C ra n t C ou n t y.
from a point three miles below the
town uf Austin In said county, to its
source. includliiK all tributaries
thereof above said closing point,
closed for a period of five years.
lllue Lake, Campbell Lake and
Dead Horse fjike. situated In Lake
County, closed from September 1 to
July Ij of each year for a period
of ten years.
Munsel Lake. ( oliardUike. Clear
ijp.ase iinii iicsei i.v liihc siiuineu in
1 -a ne -l ouniy, ioseu 10 juiy id.
WhoaMnk Lake, situated In Lime
County, closed for a period of ten
Warner Lake, situated tn Linn
County, closed foi a period of two
ANca Hiver. situated in Lincoln
County, for a distance of HmiO feet
above umi looO feet below the dam
across sTid river at the State Fish
hery on said river, closed for
a tWJi
Jod of ten years.
Kinney Iike. situate !ffti AValln-
nii County, closed for a period of
three years.
All streains flowlnc Into Wallowa,
Tike, situated in Wallowa Countf
from said lake to the Kails situate
in said streams, rinsed to July 1
of each year for a period of ten
years. (g)
Wallowa Hiver, AMiated in Wal
lowa County. nn-V'all tributnrfes
thereof. bei;innimr at a p.olnt 10P0
feet above the east and sooth
boundary line of the City of En
terprise, and extendinir down said
river to a point Inoo feet below the
State Kish Hatchery rial property
line cro-Mnp said river, closed for
a period of ten years.
Deschutes Hiver. situated in
6asco County, for a dintanee of
it feet above and e0 feet below
from the center line crossint: said
river in S-ctlnn 17, Township 4.
S. It K. Willamette Mr rldlnn.
ut Ouk SprinKs Ki-h Hatchrrv on
said river, closed for a period of
ten vears.
Clear Crk. situated in Wash
Incton County, closed for a period
of ten years.
Hi NePtucc.i River, situated r?
ahnihlll County, and all tribu
taries thereof, above Menrinw tiir
j closed for a period ot ten years.
aieci kx Koruand, Oreon. this
Hth day of February.
OHK.C.ON ST t v. .!ift.'
f 1 box ol Marmola,
' 1 1 ! p' 1 11 1 11 1 11 1 ttmmmm i 1 1 i i i i