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j ' A Scoutmasters' training school :
j Is to be held at the 0cal scout
i headquarters between 'f''''.
1 June 1. according to an announce-!
i me-?adi' "TV' '""j!
n .. T.
. I .b fn-'n "
, . h. i.1 wi i.n
T 1 fl l .
VVU iltin UWU UJf 1.UIIJ i-HC. UiriU'
i her of the Crater
eight weeks' course
tram those siBiilng up tor tne
Bcnool lor the position ot assistant
HooillTnaster with the possibility
of sffpping Into a scoutmaster's
place as soon as tho opening pre
sents itself.
The old maxim, "an ounce of
prevention is .worth a pound of
cure,"- was strikingly demonstrat
ed at tho meeting today by Scout
master V. W. Uclcher, who, as
sisted by Scout Denial Henry,
showed the members how to apply
first aid. The knack of carrying
victims from a blazing building
was demonstrated by Mr. Uelcber,
who first hoisted the boy scout,
and then Fire Chief rtoy Elliott
upon his shoulder with apparently
equal .ease.
Hy the use of a large chart the
scoutmaster explained the applica
tion of bandages in case of both
major and minor injuries, and the
efficient way to stop bleeding. The
program for the day was in keep
ing with National First Aid week,
which is being observed by the
Koy Scouts, Red Cross and other
health agencies throughout the
' Guests at today's luncheon In
cluded: W. W. Belcher, honorary
Lion: Fred Frye, Bcrnal Henry
and Lee Tuttle.
M. E. McGilchrist
Appointed Assistant
Attorney General
The ninny friends of M. 13. Mc
pilelirist, first aswistant United
States district attorney under Geo.
Neuner, will be glud to know he
has been appointed special assist
ant to the attorney-general of the
United States and takes up his
new duties in Washington, D. C,
May 1. He will be connected
principally with tho tax depart
ment. Mr. McGilchrist has attended
the fall seysions of the United
Ktates district court held in Med
ford for several years, has been
very successful with the cases he
has conducted nnd assisted in
both hero and in the Portland
office. Ho took an active part
In 'the recent prosecution of J. K.
Wheeler and Emery Olmstoad.
Jackson county voters aro re
minded by County Clerk Delilki
Stevens Meyer that registration'
time Is not up until April 17, and
that up until that date all voters
who have not been registered in
Jackson county or who have
moved Into different precincts,
can make reglntrations, Through
some misunderstanding un Im
pression became current that the
time was up March 17.
.(.Tho impression was particu
larly noticeable In Ashland, where
X'oters rushed to register last
Saturday and likewise the same
tit lint ion was apparent at the
county clerk's office hero. Since
Saturday registrations havo fallen
off noticeably here.
"Who is She?
You simply can't keep people from
wanting to know who jou aro when
' vnu're aa aparklinRly frcah nnd crisply
'lieantiful aa dainty Georgette Vorel,
lovely New York City girl who Uvea
at i82 Carroll Ktreot, Brooklyn.
Kvervono admires her lovely figure,
and her marvelously clear, rose-tinted
complexion; but women marvel most
at the softness and lustre of her hair.
"I am so busy that I have almost
no time to pive to my hair," says
-Misa Vorel. "and I rpally don't know
what I should do about it, if I hadn't
learned how so many of my pirl
friends here in New York are taking
caxo of theirs.
"It's so simple. All you do is put
few dashes of Danderine on your
brush each time you use it This
wonderful preparation ketps my hair
so soft and lustrous that many friends
have commented on it. It makes my
scalp feel just grand and all dandruff
disappeared with the first few appli
cations. It keepa my hair so clean
that I don't have to shampoo nearly
so often as I used to."
Danderine isn't oily and doesn't
show. It makes hair easy to dress and
holds it in place. All dru; stores hare
the 35c bottles. Lovely hair and ft
Lealthy scalp for a few nuts.
The ws.iion of the city coun-
cii aat igntl beyond the con-'
(deration of matters of a routine I
, . , Bv6rlll ,
Wi""" relating to Individual
! properties, was devoted mainly to
1 1 discussion of future city poll-!1"'"
especially relating to In -
ordinance relating to Individual i
' - .nd!cd. Tho new society has outlined
- . . ,.,
neighborhoods, before already es
tablished and built up neighbor
hoods are provided with newer,
water and other facilities. No
action was taken beyond discuss
ing the matter.
Tk ..... ...timlnl mnnr nf
Chas. Coffleld to the city board i
of plumbing examiners was an-1
, . r ui i i i..
proved by the council, which body
'"J T".TrV0,C- J;k!I"
I, i i . . V, , ,lthe need of such un offlclul as
tinue bis potato chip factory at
its present locution on West Main
street until January 1 next, in
formed him that the council
could not grant him the privilege
to violate a city ordinance, and
that for him to continue his
business in its present location
ho should obtain tho permission
of tho property owners in that
A number of petitions for street
paving, sewer lines and installa
tion of street lights In various
parts of the city were referred
to committees or the city superin
tendent, Including Che paving or
Almond, Spencer and. Arcadia
streets. A petition was also pre
sented asking the city to rebuild
the bridge at Cottage street across
Bear creek. The annual report
of the library board was read
and accepted.
Bull Montana, u.ovlo 'sheik nnd
wrestler of Hollywood, who is to
wrestle Sailor Jack Wood here next
Monday night In the new Hilarity
hall wrestdinn pavilion, isjhe sub
Ject of an article, "Yea, Bo, tho Bull
Has His Mash Notes. Too." which
appears in the current Issue of the
Motion Picture Classic magazine
The article discloses secrets of tho
actor and wrestler's fan mall from
all parts of the United States
Montana, who real name Is Uulgl
.Mnntagnav is expected to arrive In
Medford Sunday for his match with
Sailor Jack, who is now training
Jor the southerner, wlfuse strength
gave him the name of "Bull." In
a mixed wrestling - ami boxing
bout with Jack Dcmpsey in Holly
wood, whert the latter was still
the world's heavyweight boxing
champion. Bull defeated the Ma
nassa Mauler and photographs of
the battle were to be ut on dls
play In Medford today.
The picture of Montana, which
appears on the wrestling cards that
have been given a general distri
bution in the county, is the same
as the one appearing In the movie
magazine, and Shows him to be in
a disagreeable mood.
Radio Program
Mall Trlhune-Virf-in Station
- I
The Voice of a Great Country
Program March 22 ;
lto 11 A. M. Economy Gro-
11 to 11:30 a A .M Ulnns, tho
1 1 : :I0 to 12 Noon Jnrmln &
12:15 to 1:15 P. JI. Val. J.
0-.1B P. M. Tho Medford Mali
Tribune News Horns nnd
Market Ilcports. ,
8 In 9 P. M. Jackson County
Creamery. .
9 to 9:30 P. M. The Modern
Plmnbiiu; and Sheet Meal
9:30 to 10 P. M. sSlxth Street
Super Service Station.
The hip LeKion nienibershjji
contest between Medford poet a Hi
Uoscbtirc post will sooti be over
and tiniest the local legionnaires
take a spurt, they will come out
necnnd bct. Although the Med
ford landing ha been boon ted to
472 member, RoMsburg has alf
hit the high spots with a total
of 475 to date, and the "prune
eaters" haven't stopped yet.: It's
a clone race and one In which
the winner will not be decided
until the lastwlay. The Medford
Ienion boys Sre out to win, and
with the hearty support of every
i .- v Ir- nmn nnii L-iniftn In this
Linni i nwrn
vicinity, will go over the top tojUghtizO. Mary Rcbb, Ruth Htrln
victory before March 31. the'ger. Interment was In Medford
close of the contest. A special
request has been made by Post
Commander Bromley for every
veteran to pay his dues within
the next few days and help put
Medford post In the lead.
RoseburR Local cannery will
pickle 1000 barrels broccoli.
St. Helens Steamer Knoxrllle
Ctty takes carno lonjtr pilinK to Nw
Tho JucMw County Dog IVq
trctivo aiwociution, which cxihti d
for two U - thing of the
ua8, . y.atcrday the members of
: tho association Incorporated under
j the laws of the state of Oregon
the Jackson County Humane
1 society, with seven trustees elect-
the association incorporated under
n extensive urogram and plans to
begin activities us soon as pisible.
commencing wiUi a huge nufnber
ship drive, which is expected to
Interest all animal lovers In the
One of the primary objects of
tho society Is tho appointment of a
fu ' "un.ano officer to bo
fur """"i0 '
wherever needed. The society, due
been on duty for years, places
paramount In. it work, Later, as
soon ns organizJitlon tnnttcrs arc
gcnornlly adjusted, tl' societv is
iilannlnir to take over the city I
pound and manage-it permanently. I
Tho seven trustees, who were I
elected at a meeting last week, ure
follows: Mrs. Bert Anderson,
Mrs. H. D. McCaskey, Mrs. C. W.
Palm. Mrs. Prank Upton, Mrs. M.
K. Sehuchavl, Mrs. Sid Richardson
and Allison Moulton.
Allison Moulton, who wan. tho
president of the dog association.
will continue to hold the name po
sition with the humane society and
likewise Mrs. E. IS. Kchuchard and
Mrs. Sid Richardson will contlnuo
to hold the offices of vlco presi
dent and secretary,, respectively.
The growing popularity of the
radio drama was evidenced by the
fine reception accorded Wie pre
sentation of the 'tWo-act comedy,
"Madume Q," by the California
Oregon Power company last night
This was tho second play to be
broadcast through tho courtesy of
Co poo, the first having been the
now noted drama, "JuA Planniu1
by Miss Helen Norrls of Talent,
"Madame ii" Is a clever little
radio comedy in two acts, written
by Mary Greiner of the Mail Trib
une reportoria: staff. Tho Rogue
River valley was used as a setting
which created no little interest
among, local llstencrs-ln, nnd the
play was fulP of light comedy dia
logue with snappy lines which
went over big with the many radio
fans of this vicinity. The play was
directed by James i:evcns, who
also directed the last Copco radio
drama. The caHt of characters in
cluded Miss "Jo Murray. Miss
Mary tlrelner. Earl Dais and
James Stevens, all of whom proved
exceptionally well adapted to their
particular parts.
The large number of phone calls
and expressions of appreciation re
ceived lust night and today by' the
Copco publicity department indi
cate the growing popularity of this
cbui of radio program,, and it is
hoped that future radio dramas
of this type may be presented from
time to time as part of the regu
lar Copco progrnm.
Social Notes
and Meetings
Dr. and Mrs. K. W. Hoffman
entertained Tuesday evening at
their homo on tho Jacksonville
road. The event being tho cele
bration of tlio second anniversary
of their marriage. The house was
beautifully decorated with Spirea
Thumherci (bridal wreyi5 anil
narclsis. Cards, music and friend
ly Intercourse wcrcenjoyed by the
twelve guests who were present:
Mr. nnd Mrs. 11. T. Hubbard, Mr.
and Mrs. W. G. Drew, Dr. and Mrs.
H. R. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Harding, Mr. and Mrs. Willowy
fund Dr. and Mrs. 12. W. Hoffman.
Delicious refreshments were
served nt the midnight supper
after which with many cxpresaiona
of pleasut-e the guesta repulrcd to
their several homca.
Funeral Servhvs
The -fuuorat services for Itetlitj
titoekam wero held at the rerTj
funeral homo Tuesday at 2 :U0 1
pi m." Itcv. T. H. Tomple paid
a fitting tribute to Miss Htockam.
Mrs. !t.. K- MeElheso wing I two
beautiful solos, "No Night There"
and "tinfc in theQrms of Jesus."
There was a largo attendance of
friends, and tiff Copco organiza
tion iturned out In a Iwdy to at
tend the serviO. There was a
profusion of beautiful floral
tributes. The pallbearers were
from the company: Mlwes Gladys
Applegatc, Angle llaHey, Carol
l'etiy, Bstell Knight. Mary Wil
son. Josephine Greaves; assistant
pallbearers. Lloyd Williamson.
Don H. Ross, Raymond Htngler.
R. K. Rains. Tho flower bearers
wero Misers Peggy Olnn, rsina
The funeral services for John
Henry llenselman will be held at
the Perl funeral home Thursday
at 2:30 p. m.. Rev. K. P. Law
rence officiating . He rv ices at the
grave will be In charge of Med
ford Lodged 1168, Ii. P. O. K.
Interment In Medford cemetery.
Eugene granted $7:
,V0 building
j permits In February.
With the continuation of the:
mild weather, and no Immediate
danger in sight of a frost. Messrs. (
Young and Rogers, the frost ex- ;
perts now on duty here, put in to- i
day In testing the many orchard '
thermometers that had been
brought In si nee last week, while
they discussed presidential politics
nf the present, past and ' future,
thereby, in the opinion of a report
er, for whose benefit the discus
sion was staged, displaying colos
sal ignorance and bins on the sub
ject, especially in their comments
on the old Ohio crowd of poli
ticians that won so muh Indiffer
ent fame during tho Harding ad
ministration. In Justice to Messrs. Young nnd
Rogers who certainly know their
business when it comes to frost
matters, H should be stated that
they are almost as well versed in
onions i
onions and bananas as they aro In
All tho orchardists. who hud
orougni in tneir incrmumciers up
to this noon, are requested to now
call at the weather bureau or.
county agent's office and get them,
and those orchardists who have
not yet had their thermometer
testedare urged to get them In us
soon as possible.
Mr. Young also fixed the dead
line for testing such thermomeirs
as April 1st, overlooking tho fact
In his political excitement that
pril 1st falls on Sunday, on which
day the weather bureau and coun
ty agent's offices aro closed.
Born To Mr. und Mrs. Chnun-
cey Florey, Sunday, March 18th. at I
the Community hospital, a ten i
pound hon.
J Develops Mexico
I -MTV Ilk
llf , .11
Abelaido Rodriguct, Rovernor!
of Lower California, undur whose
regime a new sijymc of road
building ariii general development
is being planned for West Mexico.
Coming to the
Rialto Wednesday
1 j reused production without tho
When I-aurn Ui Plante bionics kind of farmers and wo can.
, . . . , , .,, . ! not get the farmers without telling
a private in a man's army, you vo ",,. of , , ,,,
got tho maUliiBS of 'Tinders keep- j B,0i lnr advantages wo have to
ers" uno of tho funniest films of j0ffrr In OreRiin."
tho year, cominB to (lie llilolto ,Ustrlal loaders nro every
theatro tomoi-rovft WP,.0 cmlnK to roallio the value
The rtor? is by Mury Roberts , or nd netilement. pointed out Mr.
ltlnehart nnd Is a splendidly exe- I ,,, llml h promoted a creat in
dited bit .if entertainment.. No j ,.rt.,lll0 ,l work alonir those lines
dull moments, lots of laUBbs. a j durliiB Ihe.comlllK year. Ilesults
Rood share of IhrllR und u cast . cm,,,,!!,.,! from n questionnaire
of real actors. H0, oll, oy jr. Culley curly this
This picture, in theatrical par- j monn, ,ow that land settlement
lame. vliokM. ami that Is. It s a
great success-.
And i.niint l.a Plante 1st tho
cause. She has never been photo
graphed better The entire picture
is comedy on a grand scale.
John llairon is appealoiir tu bis
role and adds muny laughs to a
mirthful film.
You have never
tasted fresh tea
(unless it was Schilling's)
Much as you may have enjoyed other teas
- you still have never known the fresh,
fragrant flavor of tea as it is enjoyed in the
Orient. This is not a criticism of other tcas.t
For in spite of call precaution, no one could
keep tea fresh - - until Schilling discovered
the way. Schilling tea is kept freslPfor you
by a secret-patented process then pre
served in a vacuum tin ju8t like your qpffee.
There is no other tea flavor so delicious
this side of the Orient.
O e
Would you like to know what really fresh tea tiintcs
like? Then try SchillinK's - Jut once. Try a tin of any
size. Your grocer returns your money at once if, com. ,
pared cup by cup with any other tea, you don't liko
Schilling's best I
HOT . in Vac
Kl'CKNi;, Ore., Mar. 21. Pt
iIjuu! settlement in all sections of
:the stuto will form a much larger
part of development programs
tturinu 19-N than ever before in
the Htuto's history, It was brought j
lout at the third itessinn Wednesday ,
of tho State Associativa of Cham
ber of Commerce Secretaries, who
are meeting ut the University of
Oregon this week for their eighth
annual short course.
Progress of the laud settlement
programs now being followed In
the state was told the secretaries
bv W. I!. Ide. secretary of the
Oregon state chamber of com
merce, and 11. K.OL'ulley, of Rosc
hg. "Kvery local chamber Is ambi
tious for Industrial development,
but this must come through agri
cultural development," declared
Mr. Ide, "Our great need Is for
canneries, creameries, cheese fac
tories, poultry ami meat plants,
cold storage facilities' and ware
houses, but these cannot be obtain
ed without sufficient volume of
quality and production to support
thorn, Wo cannot get this In-
holds a major nlaco on tho uro-
grams of nearly every chamber of
cominorce in Oregon. New settlers
aro now eagerly sought by com
munities ami chambers will do a
major part of this promotion vtrk
it was stuted.
Ashland buys alto for alrdomo.
u u m
M'ltile no hearing was held this
forenoon in circuit court, due to
other court business, the restrain
ing older sought by Kay Pifticer
and W. H. Wlty. fanners near
Medford, to prevent the city from
enforcing the new garbage ordi
nance which would keep the two
men from gathering refuse from
restaurants, hotels, etc., is now in
nfl'n.'l mill tint tiiMirllii' wbiiil WIIM
scheduled for this forenoon, will
Uo held later tuts wcck.
The restraining order will tem
porarily prevent the city from in
terfering with tho tOiitinurd col
lection of garbage, whirh Is utilized
Welty and Spencer for feeding
over 150 head of hogs. The
ordinance provided that the city
sanitnry service was to have ex
clusive right to collect all garbage
by Welty nnd Spencer for feeding
lions from being mace through
any other agency.
No More Gas
In Stomach
and Bowels
If mii wliK to b osrinanently r
4Uved ttf g in tomch and bowl.
take BMimann a wn i"i-
r prepared especially for tomach B
and all the bad aftacta resulting from
gae preaeure.
That amply, gnawing feeling t tht
pit ut the stomach will disappear; that
anxious, nervoue feeltnft with heart pal
ttltlon win vnniin, no y"
e able to take a deep breath without
discomfort. .
I hat drowsy. py.
dinner will be replaced by m desire lor
entertainment. Bloating will
Your limbs, arms ana
longer feel cold and " go U sleep, be
causa Baalmanns Gns Inblets prevent
gas from Interfering with the clrrula
tlon. Get the genuine. In the yellow pack
age, at any good drug store. Price
I Am Looking for
I want
They are worth some
tKing to me; I am -
worth something to
I gire them what they
want in garments, the
best in materials, de
sign and finish.
Can I Do More?
You cannot do good, n
cui'utii work if j-our night
in not accurate.
hot us test your c.vph so
Hint you iiihv be kui-c you
arc not lniudicnppcd hy
' Imperfect Vision
Dr. Jud Rickert
222 E. Main
to $3.00
17 PoQl Street t Mr1i
mn important convtniwnca totfou
TVt eouroit MlllMhoI.Ur 4PRKR
lrllow laii-tlpok to Turpin Hotel. .
W.M.SRI.t.. tr,
V nu: new
HAM and
EGGS at the
Saturday Evening Post
It is thrift, econ
omy, g()0(l 8C11HO
and hygienic to
h a v e us Dr y
Clean your ap
parel. Just call
7750 and have
these claims
For Women $1.11
Windows and Doors q
.I'MIIKK y.Mtl)
First Insurance
A. L. HILL, Manapr
Phona 105 30 N. Cantral
Medford, Oragen
l3 !
m fir ' &
V i U! If