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    Medford Mail Tribun
Weather Year Ago
Maxlttitiitt .
Mtitiiuum ,
Dally Twenty -eeoood Tea
No. 300.
n orm it r in
'ihr-Uth Tear
DAM Vi ,3
Here They Are! Medford s Fighting "8"
, While Ye Have Light
Brave, Pious Patrick
Making Steel With Gas
Big Bootleg Bribes
By Arthur Brisbane
SHUT bank: on carpet
The Weather
rrcdlL'ttmi - Vnsettlwl.
Mitt I mum yeUnlur 74
Mluliituiu nxlar 3
lrtviilliUtun Truce
t (Copyrisut, 192T, by New York
1 I
I Evening journal, inc.)
NEWTON, Kas. As tliis is
written on tlf? way through
Kansas, two cars are visible ii
to their hubs in limd.Oon the
road beside uie Huntu Fe truck.
There should be a national well
paved highway 100 feet wide
running From ocean to ocean in !
! Well Known Bank Official's! Rockefeller, Schwab and
j Car Found Near oButtej Mellon to Be Called to
Falls Sheriff Starts!
Search State Bank Ex-j
aminer Takes Charge sf;
Pine Belt Banking Co. j
place of this long naidhole.
Explain Horrible Condi
tions in the Coal Districts
of Pennsylvania Fannie
Hurst Makes Report After
Senator Capper's
WASHINGTON'. Slur. 20 (ffy-
0 I Ax u resurf uf the mysterious '
le "T o- disappearance Monday afternoon J
.icki. nnitv (Wifat" carries this r"f Oeorne W. Parker, president of
',., ... . i,,,!,,,.'., ,1! itho Pine Pelt I Sunk ii r liutte Fulls. I Ait announcement that subpoenas J
appropriate text on toitav s cat . t, .
' '. , 1 , .,, ! the institution was closed today by I auld be Issued today for John D.
.... .... jmBe ..; . l0,.d,.r ot lho 8tlltc bunking depart. I Kuckefeller, Jr., Chaties M. SeBwao
while yc have light, lest dark-J i,u.t, i,a u search for Ha.ker j and R. H. Mellon to testify before
Jiess come upon vou. John 12-! the wilderness of northeastern I the senate committee In vestisatttiK
or," I Jackson entity, m charge of Slier-Ith0, bituminous mltiltu; industry
"' Iff Jenninps, Is underway. ! ma(le b'' Senator Wtee1cr of Mon-
,-, . 7717 ...I Marker's automobile was later ; ' h statement
ISoliflls 111 his "Denver I'ost" 1 touml i,monea in the hills lwo t from Chairman Watson that this
K..s tllp r(,,. Fuel and Iron ' '' northeast of llutte Kails, and ; J""1'1 hvtf " le "P0" rsl
satstHct.oloiadolu.Uaijtlioi, m ,,y , l? sm committee
Company will mttkc steel With proceeding from there. ! vvwlB aetins as chairman yester-
nntiii-nl ims Thev will also use Htute Superintendent ut Hanks I ' Senator Gooding of Idaho, ve
nitUliai gas. 1 Ile V. HI also use ,.,.fi...i . ,., publican, acceded to W heeler's re-
gas from coke ovens since coke ! arrived here today and left at once 1 1"08' tlult Rockefeller, Schwab and forward: At h
, . . . , . If.... n...... ..'..i,,, .in ....ft.UA.i ... I Mellcm would have to be called. -
JS liceuetl 111 llie omsi lurnuces. i it w exiilnlned bt- Wheeler ves-
innke an.- statment relative to the! c as e.imiiicu nj irecicr yis
SfJSJffV 3 -7- j; Sbi
Sis ,wr wtM- 8 I wLi
"J----- -i ' .:;; 'III! . . .. .... . , .Jf,, .
Asa Keyes Said to Have Eight Miles of Standard
Evince That Kcwhall! Guage to Be Built This
Year New Surveys Or
derecfc Many improve
ments Arranged Will
Operate 12 Months Per
As froufi as n-eather camlttforur in
To rciw, tfft tu HkIu Vved Melmrtld, rrrrunrtf? Kttttt VhUntt. f-:nttt , WIHNm lorsi, thipiI;
Coach i'alltsnit. lieitttirn row lrrmrtl llrrg-ta-. imir; WMhm IVimeriimn, nHHl.r; Vrsl Svvtem
fttnnmt, him! lif(m ;rmit. gttnrti. m
Tragedy Was Work ofj
D y n a miters (ncrtmi-t
nating Note Pund All;
City Lines Guarded.
f The Krening Kxpress tmi'tt tofiurt
that Ius AuKetcsffCehiU ar9car-
trying on their investigation of the j the wttt peviutt, Ifcs 0n-
tSt. Francis dam aim&?r on Ihft j Oregon l.nm0r zvmrmny. wlW ilis
Hbpory that the collapse ef the blgj patch an engineering caatoar force
t buttress was caused by Arnnmlte. j lIlta tne luitte Full dtsUict. la
., ...a . .. , make survey f r future exten-
tail Is said to e In the hamia fi , , , , , .
.vit t.. . . . Istwiw. ivf their ralH-osrt fvtm
( Luiu'.a.i .wt.K rwip Ilud. E-tt
t ? T'T , " llW yesterday by James ft. Octv
rtviU-tf, detune to the Jtanta; v(C(..proKttlott at(I nitt. vv er vuttey was. the work at t t(w mmmar wha mttrt.
bomb .otten.: t , a tveek aBo from the annoal
, VI . K , '"imeellnp of the dtrertom ut the
have In their possession a sheet of.
ewwimny, hebi lis Wsssau and Kaw
mrteimter, found at the dam site; i.fe.1,. wimmi
ami kept secret until today, oni ti,u wm tv . ...u
(which as drawn a roweh chart ! .,,.,..,.., o , ji..
t ..on irom a juacwan near liutte
aneis dam.
rv-r i 1 1 ir ai a r- ' a n rv t- rr t-r n 1 1 1 nnu in n I nrr ...
-v ...... ... - - i .i n, k. . ..,.,! .i i i 1 1 hi iiiinni nil 11 n iiii'i'i 11 iimiiiiiii iiaiu 1 1 " r"
Whv not eh,,,,,., natural eras L..?. ""I" JZ., nokel because of S1S till f I IIUl.l llUlh VI H II IWH K HnWI I U KflPTIf f ... .?!?!!. "t!?. i -d Weventuatfy cover a
v r-- - iii.iiifi.iiiini uic muni i, B a B S S S P a JP B S M t VIP 3iil U lit
IUIIIU II1UUIIIU lll.ll.U. 1UWLI1U IlilllUlllU I 1 It Utthandwrltl.,K l
lit the well into electric power, The incidents immediately pre-i
tlon with the rwnsolldatlon Coal 5
'.....ii...- ..... i.-t.t...- ..f K....I...,. .. r ryiii s i esi v iruinia. e saiy ;
manufacture steel by the clec-lMtt,?d 5. uistnei Attorney .Newton i also ,hat Schwab would appear as)
trie tnmees do mvav with eoke!W. fhaney, are as follou-s: : chairman of the board for the Itelh-1
tile pieiLtss, tlo a.Mti .inn time . tH .' ehem Steel corporation which i
Olid make better, cirsaper, 1-!i)0oks of the bank by Deputy State 1 mtnfs COKi in Pennsylvania and;
tutu Jtt-iiuii, a uukiht ui tne iieas-
iii ost rust -proof st eel 1
lie written In the seme ,ho timber hoWincs of the can- Bketrlwil charts! , In thf mtnn tnrfnrftn r.
found at the scene at recent tfyoa.-jsBrvey covrrfns h oW i. K.
? mttlns atuns the city uueduct. t un-. extension
j . A short length of tiewty fray-1 t'ntll Ibe surveys 4 conluors
;ed rape, of the same strand, hemp j are completed, the HaaS iieallmi
(and slice as that used by aqueduct j ttau ad future plans, istlt not be
I lint : examiner .ogei was underway. , , , - : . ,
. i,,... ..... w ... . .o . my secretary, would be questioned i
should interest Mr. lioekt'feller Lvlo,.k .M,iiiyi uxlensiiiiv to Bet'8 a member of the board of the
who controls Colorado Fuel and ch. when he failed ... return wj g pMsbnfK
, , . . . In an hour. Deputy Kxamlner ,.' ""ers lainiiioa in ine i iiisonrn
Iron. Mir. ills who helped ,iOBel Htined J H Slmmerville district are "llvlns under animal,
helped Henrv Ford to develop ."'.eht of Hutte i-alis. and a I If" 'iSL'iSl
wonderfully strong steel alloys, !ear, n" timte.r " that co'n.Rtiona ' that i Total Thus Far is $18,000,-, Official Coleman Names Even Death Fails to Checks ift
i lounu m ; ' i , ----- " ,
rnnmWrn rt Oirens ratter to
lr ispir cnarus into several sec-
tHmn of th watenrar. ws ttntrtti
could tell how to do it.
Citizens reported they saw
. 1 area "were worse than
anntKiaccd, according to General
3la(ULgcr Owen.
Construction of eight mites uf
standard sangv track in the Butte
Kails district thhr nmiaur, in the
main body of htt wmnr'f tlro-
folmWenl with the discovery of'.bev In the fwnthSU suMtheaxt of
;utte Palis, for use t case winter
operaticm are .-sv'."i on, was ais
llarker drl. hiK in his car in a i 11 . , , , , . ,
1 northeasferly direction Int.. the ' Tbe human deyrredatlott there Is (
' heavv timber, and later his car beyond the telling," she said, and I
bribes (was found two and one-half miles i !pr views were seconded by Good-j
There were, no signs, of
Prohibition inspectors indict
rd in Detroit for takin
i rnm rum runners, are sum uy rr, . ... ,,'.! .',.,... Sepvior Wawnor. democrat. New
tUe district attorney to have 1 was renewed, and up to two I Yol'k. likewise aKreeil with She
. i i-xinotin i.. Ibn fie-t "'dock this afteinoou no clues as ! ioy nt "maliKnant conditions' in
received $200,000 Hi the lust L Mh whereiJoulB ha bc.c Fennsylvania, addinK (hat he wag
six mouths of 19127. I found. I "truck by the "indifference of the
,l...ll,..r limm,. nnTsI flow in1 TI,'M '"ornini;, tbioUKh ll.o re . j ftatr, government toward the sltua-
; booties lKpioi must How " ( 1UTOl of Jlrs. Hst7 1;nrht,,.. wlfo!tlon-
freely for the inspectors got of the missing man. ami other of-! ,!,ss lli'rst described JarRe fam-
; fleers ami stockholders in the bank ! " . ul . . " ".i
000 Grealer Than Year:
Ago Mellon, However, :
Wants to Wait Before He
Draws Any Conclusions.
I . .,.,,..." ,. ...... ........ nnn.ll , .
ni ill.' ii.k. ...... till were i -" ". ". ....... ,t ,-,,, .T,. ,
plaecd in the hands of the state "ona sow seeus 01 anarcny. one i)y ..undress and the administra- Bli sini- nMin scisool oi,kciubii team ( ,, (,msr nml r,imlflnK Imesiiga-
Ex- "H-aieu Kineinineui mierven.ion. show n t at tho cioBe ui , front amone the narttclimnta nt the lion of the now cann-Hct! oil
only 1 a case for whiskey, 25j;'J'
cents a ease tor beer.
... , I linnklnL, (Icini rtim.iit llciiiili'
tnder proluouiott customs aiu(nor- 1)()t nm(. coml'ut.(-ne Herbert McCorkevy, a photogra- I)Usl'ncsa Jlttr,.
ii.Ktiee.tors call L'et a hundred .examination. jher who visited the Pittsburg coal , m. . , ,
4i.....,..wl ,llle VO.K enel, ! Vo rn"mn ' etven for the un- i or the New York pally News, j u...
Tiribes, if wi linu to take who is wen
tounty. lle
WASHINGTON, March 2. W) !
Treasury receipts froTtt thej
ilart-h 15 ineome tax payments.
Melvin, McDonald and
Phipps w M-State Bas-1
kefball Team -Latter Se-
lected as Guard Instead
of Center.
Inuoctinatcnno nf Ottatp at l!vat'sr VIl'Me spot to the: announced. This tine,
isivcsuydliuira wi ociisbiv', domestic water supply ar-iO-en. later wilt be t
, iery. A heavy armed patrat hasf required.
extended us:
. ,,, "4 ej. nenvi- armea panrot
bOmmlliee tUllOrS Ut , Wn dlspntrrd to guard that sec- i Nw HhIMIrc Jresnm
, ' , ' tlw of the anuerturt traverwinel "he bnlMIn? prwgmm of he
RffariSn Star We'COme the1 valley, iMrtlcularly the blrIOw-Oresso eopy, pror-
t , i reservoirs, f ed by the MtevUtm for the Mnifwil
DeCtSIOn f Tho evidence, tho Kxprwm soysjpluut. Is as foltowst
Ie f n.i, e it.i m.s.s s car-; w -uu..u... . um -
Iuiioi'k Jury when Angete' of-intHt fur a finished lumber sturaKv
u-.u.ii.'.Ti..v i. .. f,oi lftelul tnauest over some of the f "bed. with a capacity uf MOT.itail, Alar. ut) ( hotl(t,s of tt(.al.iy mtta kaawn attst feet, which te now ondermty. The
With the pMnte of the late 1-: (n the dtauilor. Is heid, omn recently eompieted the
OHKGON STATK COM.EOE, .,,.nt Harding n.nv within its focus,
arc being watche closely. C'uivals, liar. 20. Plcklns ot tl jiiw Mmte Ttiipot IWne o.mmtl-
I explained disappearance of Barker
In connection with the thcocv' inslallatlon of a shaving Mower
that dynnmltlnfT mar have caused i W11" tmr ewreeytaf nhsvinss and
the ureal ..-oncrete RtrucUtm to giver upt from the plsslsg mill to the
way at both ends, It to msiited to-'ntw fuet vault at the sawmill.
t .... 1 . . . I 1'pni'eMnnf tmr ttn avnun,r,'i .
t. the govern-, i:!r,!ei tournament at Salem lut W l tbelr .ubsmuent cosi-" , '.T . " .ff ia " "
ment had obtained payments : wt ta .Wftcnll K aeronlliw The extension of the lumber
said he saw necro strike breakers V.' r,.r:;.""''V ... .,7 . rl,.l Uf lh Tliree ,.uu.u,k on the floor uf comae., r nyu.11 ul",ut the time the torn TO!-'Be Jros ,o a capacity at
, ...... . - , . m.-i J v T v . - - - " ' r fUtntPlf Tftaun r'f.. .. I. v i. t i IP.UVtf. Vtftr I W I . Sc 3 tit X Tr
known In Jartam i n'ooraiB into luiraes ot mrracrs ana WJ 51 iiuarils and three foitvards were i Today was .mother oft duy for 1 -"""iafla
has conducted the I tntohe school house at Drotlgltton, j ,j ,,, ru,mrim shoulrt cany ' outstanding and it would not be fair ; the tn.ptlry but It will get under j u"t ti.l ,Um?Um ! The ..l.,-, rf .h,
: i, .. , i. 1.... .... t , ... ra. : . . . . . . . ., . , ,...,,...... p ........ ,. ,i, ; , ,,,.. , , , .,.. . ..." u.uvlB u.ui&v uuwii . . ..
! ' ": ' : I . .4 iiiiioiiKii "or mo nwi "-"""". t . . . " . ' . ' . " . , .. i
!a Kniiluale ut the t nleersity of I ' .." ee.nm i nf ,,.,s ireitMiry wulllil be second team, in the opinion of Cole- .lays or siin-iommlllee mvejlf.
ukeiv m i,iv ibaii sino nao on.i i malt. lb' So t'hb-nso.
mn.e nhve miinmim tu.! KViT litis reason Ihiffv, S,ilrin; McnowbSIc further reaelbm was"
,.., , fi..,., i,. I .Melvln. Meotoror j.n.l lo)o. W.ish-' ItM.kea fr f..lloWlK the IllHIOUttca-
keep Ihem from ellinK hit." ! ....'... ' ,......' Inxton. are oii-ked as .lie cream of ! im-iiijf yesienlay by Senator Nye,
The pbotoRiapher said that about I.. ., ,., .., ' : lho forwards bv Coleman. KiiowI-'i-eimWlean, North Hukuiu.
...c.r nr ten ma ant. .ran notice.. ' ,
The I'ttlfliian purler who suitl
'm jiII .rM1!li sJe.'il KOftl -rppufntlmu Local friAmls (nebf i acher latpr loW me that fhs hart
i-nouh huiu'st inspecyirs.
Viclor Herger, only Socialist .
in Coniiress and a sincere ud
tocate of obedience to 'law,
-f.i r . ,. .. . a the children Ivine on the floor to
lrniu 1 u l u,l H ll cms, un. e.nj- I shape.
bodv bus his price," would ' County funds in the closed Instl
, ..... ... ,. Itutlim totalled about U'O.OUD, and
doubt the possibility ot tllHltllb' rl. protected by a surety bond.
District Attorney Newton C.
j.'haney, upon tin. arrival of the
; slate .iffietats, look charge of the
i investigation.
j The bunk was betleved to be in
ia thriving condition, T,y reason of
' (In. h.Ml officii.! n-nnrf. tl hi.nrlled i
sometimes says things that need j many of the checks of the owen-'
. . ( treR-on Lumber company, which
to la saill. (renters lis loegliw operations In
When coiijjrcssmeii of both that vicinity. Iji winter Mr. t
t t.n.l ....,... fbn.o i l'.arker ftrch,u.ed a home In this J
bv liartics na.I tsorii iiiciu- ' . ,,,,,,,
u'r I 'clly. ami owns considerable Jled-1
wives Ollt Urging reduction Of j ford property. j
, ...,
Ulg 1IU11N iu.iui. to. lO.O..u.l
income laxes, Victor
said. "1 want to say
M-ords for men and women tftio i
do not earn enough to pay any j
ineome tax. j
' "They are the people with-1
out whose toil and effort the j
income taxpayers could not ex- j
ist for n single day. They are
.. . ..r .s. ..... nm. i ni.iuuHK. mkitui: nisis wit i ei.!!UUi..
utitier command of Serccant "Mtl1""11 "'"' utiu- M(.I)1nBlt jimtfo, are selected us ' tee, that the committee would look
tie," wore lit the vicinity at the , ln ,.,m,., ,.. ,,.,,, : the outstanding Kaids of the tour-ifrtto the t.-,rtfa of ITesIdent iinr
tlmo hut did nothliiB to halt the I 1 fttul " 1 I ! numcnt. I.cwiS of Washttmtoti was Idtr.K's estate. .
, , 1 ..... "' , , , , i the .mtataiKifnn; center this year, ac-1 While h dirt not believe any ol
I , f' M.y elect to imy " ; , (n foieman. Ithe bond? would be fol-ml there,
'full and thus the rtmr er b,, 0n g mmj (.1(,m N). mM ..,.,t w,ml1 !(l(!h
1 ,, ,,, .. tl'lllra ..... I I m. 1 .r uittvrit4Um IV thlu t-mi mii tun
iw.i- .-f ,.(,...,tfl .,,,,1 Iftitm.i. i witivuut f'i.(ttr liifit (Ik. muffiir
far the niofct prolific
government receipts.
The statement of March 1. ln-
hteh power lines, mmtnv Anrf f system, to covw the east portion.
circuits. I" tl,e cnttve y( wH( be under
Chief Knitlncer Wlittam Mnl-trali ttt eteetiito tncouiirtSve ana
hollant) of tbe Dllrean of Water!car"- Lumber cturrtecs, arc now
and t'ower, who was refused uf0"'" escd ta the ttauuHtas, uf tb'
"leave of absence", by the power I oul"".
ta(4 and was slven if H off rutan improvements by the
renewed confidence hv HmtelMMi : """pmnr Sneiinie the building of
yesterday. Informed the feww-o tM I "''""tonal tSry lns, in order that
nteht that after a clow tnsoee-' b'l.""r " lumberlll K
.... v .
ttan of the erumbted structure hci
ouah uu dry kilns, ami be
"to not satisfied that the clam 1 ,,M nu,aeW wnout lHK
had coltapsnd because of fault ,r l"" fw, tt,r tflJlf: .
"act of (tod " I Operate an Alt l eaf Dusts
f competent ' enKineer, working-! , i'Tw "ST01, U
An the theory of "fnttif in con- T." . , ta ,s,tat""!'P tu
' "- it tisK-tt i sriatft a-ijivn
j Jftt'i MHing to a asWe stem it con-
the Rovvriuncnt's cah hitlitnc? .
Uiwt KatuvUuy to the coiuiutttttiv--lv rr r w
hteh f.eure ot mJ72,477, while tiaoeaS LOtpUS 1 8
i the nutnitftilatiuti of the floating
-rn i firm i nr iir
KA r Y h A K Famous Pilot Takes urttZj::
I 111 )Uk.L I VI J till
becked durlna the ful! business - , ,.... I i, ,, ..,.. ..,,itho f, ih th. hi,h ! e-roenm (wrts-. single hft,
.lav ou which the installment f"ll .......... .... ... ,, ... . tmum .! ..- .h.u. t "e
la T. ... r ,.., n, P'-,"'K ..-in.-. ... in... ...... ii.iiiie n .... j ...... ..... ....e. ..... dltlun warrant.
!""' ' " , , wuiiKi fit in ta-tter us Kuarn tn tins i" ten tr. worm, i aim t iminrti " mm, s.i mnm. n w ,, u titiinMd rut u tu
Kovernmeni Kht find Itself with cmw,llrrn. believes Coleman. b.T re thee." . Uld to be the belief rf mmny i-fecc auvaZ L tl itldl.l!!
.less cash than It obtained lusi , .,,m(,,b!t, m,,, M, Ktr,.n ,sr.,Hm thiit Nye was "bI,w- vestlaators that wwk today in j ta thJ . ' ,f
ivtar ii, tile same period. ...,,,, ..,..s,,, . .. n,luh tl.. .r 41 . . . y4uy llk
Another effect of tho Inflow of mooi,. t;,'b,.n. The iiiilb's: lleeih. ; with lty M, urchsei. the'were dvOvmUed stmuttaneoustv, 1 T a,?aSJ,vs?"l,:'nt
(income lax funds was to brlmc ,,ri Kalem: and .Arvola, Aslorla. Jlaiion itll.l..) War from I'resl-ilottvlng the center standing Intact, i lh w( Borch. h a,ZS ,,r
ulent lluidlnn, issued a statement small operators.
I ...s. ...h... st.yi.iK .... ...... ...k uki- j 1 m fttftti h ,
. . , """ Vft LI1U VUIIlfJU 1 1L. I completed in 3J. exceeded ex-
uuiHin'i uim-, tt filing
Used by Groom to
ady fyiembers of Cort-itotHi of js., for th.
t p-i ii ...... month and the imnrrJnjr of mw .
gress nrs ruynis .:sh..rt-timo om m tr in n
0ivt tftf ftii t'ttmtttitU'p "arty
iUnHt at fhn trtV:i. lh,B
Get Bick HtS B ride l r thi wiho wf mjim
L nu0 tit VvvyA&vnK Has 1
f! & n t i n n a (Ivap ThrRA
DaysBig Fokker Used.jjl SUMMON
'month to a total of $l,05t,Mll,WU. T -r T J T t -r T -r -r -r I(H ,U(U(, ,.iult mlt tho ou,.tt
Jt. ,.,.. v .. -in isr. ;uuit B" "tialKht lluouah it."
T, . ., r n'A' i The Itorta War flKured in the j
pectallons, aeeonHxg lo Manaxer
woo said thot operation
jam tn the lustalBns of Improve
metMi had been mose or less of a
; handicap. It Is the Intention jjf
(the company to make tlzt a test
(year for the loeai plant. The re-
u)l will have a beiMmr on the
the people without whom civil-j
. i t ..! ,.0 t J',... .. KKW.Mll, Alaska, Mar. JO. (PJ
ization could not estor a T 1)OSB,llmv .,., ..',
single da V." Q jfleorVe llcrhert Wllklns. Austra-j
How liiire V nnvthill" is said """ avlutm-explorer and his Alas-I WASHINGTON, Mar. 20. Wr- I
lion jjiltj niijimii M,m kun pilot. Lieutenant Carl Hen , .Mcmbe.s of concress took to the
ill Congress about individuals Klelson. may have crashed their I nil- with Colonel Lindbergh today'
il,..t .l.oi't nm- iiicomil i!IX Yet ' l'lant' makinK a iaudiciK at Point . as the New Vork-ti-larl filer he-
...... vv... . , . ; f.nrrow.O.esterduy was seen here lean a series of flights for the. u-.4lir vriT. .v f .rnh ftt iHi
they number more Qllall OIIC today when effor-Q to (ret into ieKilotois w hich w ill extend over A definite declamtton that Gov- h" lrMils. Hilly on
l,....,lr..,l mid fifteen millions '"ral nb the expedi-; three days. lernor Alfred K. Kmith of X,w ' '""-" """ "0'
llUItllrttl alltl Illlttll Illlllioos. lnPfied. JS,.,n the w. n,.cer, 00 . various unpIeasanT
t olltfl essllien llOll I li.rcc 1111 . . na... j.ot.en
Itcrger, but listen to him, laugh
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iidlo ...fleer uf the! of the four women members of the ! fure ,ne cnate Teapot flomt iv" "r"" , ft President liar
'Seward and Interior Alaska .Its-! house Mrs. Kdith Nourse Hogers
HA1.B.M, Ore., March ,,.,-
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drew Pratt, M, to return to J !"?, " '1 . . I" . , .-,..,,"" II " I I "L Z . ,'ttt,,t ut operatW of
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1lii l-oo.1 O-illts timi applaud trl.ts, who heard the stutter of the lot Massachusetts, and Mrs. Kalh-l "T ".T' w. ..v. . ." .. i t'M b- court In re,,ist- -' u .."'' 1 Tt A rVTI t tll ftftllAfti I" "h"r thttt the ttwen-OreRon
bin, TI1KY KNOW 111-: IS : V"' wtreles traiwnltt. r from j erlne Latuiiey of Kentucky. (candidate for the democratic t "f11- , f the Interior.' asm'.,ed .11,
me time tw wwr.t ta.r- .,I1,. C ,m nomination. . ,T, T ' T...v.t Ibe i;ik Illtls ami,t. uaiiKs until i. iiKms .ti-amrllcf .....-,...,......, ...,,. -v. tn i . . .ro... o.s WfH ..... eve ..i- -rif, ,,...,.,.
Ai messatte. "iroini; to land, eolne to.t'obmei Charles A. Lindbergh ' ents" counsel a,-.,etl. wt.eve- ,,,,., ... ,
A thousand more marines arc land." was received, was unable toi'anded at Hulling field this after- 1 " I upon 4u.lxe l.cwls ordered
sent in Nicaragua. Three thousand et a reply from Wilklns In , nuon after iVf, kig a strong head I f .nitlinlftf nf f hn I the father W, produce (he i
five hundred of our "devil dot" than three hours of continu.Q- ( wind since leaving New Voik this I . , 1 b.lde tn curt t ils monm.K. 4
fichters will natch the nulla at Nlc-!", t. j mornlna. , 1 AlTjeVVlCe
araeua's election I Ninety members of congress ac- J I
Nlcaraua mlitlit ak. "Whv don't ! KAIHHANKS. Alaska, Mar. jcept-d his Invitation for a flight: ' O
v,..i ... . few of then in vonr blK lr' "n ,ne lno,r P" ; "W this afternoon, tomorrow and i SAN a.m omu, le Mar. 2i . m i.inmie
: i- , ject. il flight to the oilier side of I Thursday. The lernlatira were . bT1 Klrst Lieutenant William c .! I. A r.ltANIil., tne.. Mar. Za..
the world over tbe Arctic "blind I assigned to ride In groups of ten ! Williams air corps reserve and a.of'iThc weather reached
Those In whom a fondness for:slt," Captain George 11. Wllklns In the army's trl-mmurrd Fokker Judge in Atlantic Iowa, was killed ( warm record for thit y
killing things survives will yearn (and Lieutenant t. lien r.llsim, hi I monoplane.
n Ihov reiio that farmers near El. ' sou, dough pilot, took off for Point Lt.xtlie. Eh W ill receive the on
i Harrow from the Fairbanks air- 1 aresaloiutl medal from I'rsdAm ; nd division air field at Fort Kami warmest March daj
Coulidge at nuuu tomorrow. Houston. years.
then. t. K.Iwur.l l..
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; Pacific raliread. is the1 heartest
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of lumber Tira'j.j'sr'. ,-.3.
The Noted Dead
1 f-t.KVKI.A.m Mar. 20. tm
new '.lames Warren Packard, pioneer of ! tt bb4b acbooS yetertty. o
Freit Prkes Todaf
POttT!.ANt. Ore.. Mar. 2.tPt
Missing since he Ml home for
yesrer- ' the arttnnrnhtle Industry and former iraee bad b found 11,1 Busrntaii j ( federal Btwte Slatkel New Sev-
herc today when bis plane crashed day when the mercury cllmbe.1 to president of tbe Packard Mwor I f Bouert, 1. o of Ctreult Jildge jvlce. I.
. i Into a telephone pole near the sec-jiJ above. This was one of tbe j eomiMitr of Detroit, died hers, to- John H. Stevenson. DonaM ttatdfo, j Apples; Caiifucnta,
(Continued on I'axe Four)
port j csterday.
boxes, d.'tlct-
rtcent I day in a hospital. He bad been HHh a with UIui yentettoy, atwjluus J.Sff; winter bua&aus, fancy
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