Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 18, 1928, Page 14, Image 14

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PXHE era
U. or
In Vaudeville
Farm Pointer?
The week eiliriK Mureh 3 was
notable fot9 very heavy potai 9
shipments, UMlfi chih belilr0moved
In late potato surplus states enm
pared fn itnly Wl'l tlie previous
vek und 470 the tmmo week n
year a((o Ah a result ' prh;es fell
backsomewhat from, the higher
levels established In recent weeks.
In the l'aelflc northwest shipments
tainted 1(140 fompaieil to 'tw the
iiju'VifluH week and only "741 the
Name, week a year tmt. Orennn 1
HhlptneiitM were !U .ear lomls 1
against At the previous week anj '
h'i tho Hame .week litst ear. !
Soft roil wirier wheat went to
fl.ll at Kt. Louis ItiMt .week re
lleetinK slocks (his kind of
wheat on farms tinly iilmuL half as
lai'KQ as a year uk. Stocks of J)Mil
winter wheat are alno Hinaller Umn
last year, but hard ' ipi Inff stocks
on farms nre lai Kcr. l'or all kinds
of wheat stocks are sllKhlly smal- 1
jer than last year al this time. 1
lliKher foreign minkets a I h 0
strengthened wheat. Hyu was firm
on exported etna ml. Itupld disap
jiearanco of merchant able corn
sustained prices. Oais were firm
with small Mocks nit farms. Total
Hlocft of hurley on farms are
nliout f0 per cent langr thuu a
year a (to, particularly In the north
central slates hut markot stocks
1 are about "fi per cent Hinaller and
demand Is mind- with prices welt
maintained last week.
liny ami I'ccmI
Alfalfa continues la K"ul de
mand In central western markois.
The feed market Is very firm kch
erjilly. Seeds
Tho red clover seed market did
not change much last week, t'on
Hlderable injury s reported to
"clover In secilous where winter
w heal was da matted, hut nu the
other hand deuuind Is limited by a
very conservative h'.iyilig policy iin
19 I'1"'! of deaiiM-s to carrying
over stticks.
Iota! imports for the
1H27 lo rVbruary 2D
jierlod July 1
re only 2.llVI,tlO pounds
ngainst 7.fi4N.iMin pounds for the
same period a year earlier, tin
the oilier hand latest information
on domestic shipments made or to
ho nmilQindlrntc about ll.nilll.illiu
pounds more this year than from
the Kiuall crop 01 i:'.'i.
Tho butter market In Ihe l'aelflc
coast was reported In 11 firm sl.i
j'lcnl position last week, while
itcru markets opened firm am'
closed unsettled. Foreign markets
ure higher. Production Is increas
ing In southern sections and re
ceipts were heavier M
than the nrev'l
is week.
, ... Livestock
full It prli'M were up nmi down
snmewhnt Inst week nnu nogs
showed little sirength. particularly
nn feeders, (lood latnhs were firm
wlth00n,p I'n'l'nfy I" discount
poorly finished kinds. The nuin
ImT uf f""1' Inmbs yet to be market,
rd Is well ahead of Inst year but
there nro oilier fncU-s which will
tend to countcinct iWs.
The wnol nintkets conllnue very
strong nlthnug'h more or less spar
ine- Is Blne on between puyeis mm
A more nclivr demand nnd more
fnvornhln outlook for American
npplrn In Kngllsh mnrkets was re
ported last week nnd domestic
juices were generttlly firmer.
Burning the range Is of nn value
In etllng rid of tho touthern cat
tin licks. Jt lias been fully tried
by (Tallied scientists, who declare
Hint no pasture has ever been
cleaned t licks by burning
AUl'ke clover will grow under
in , t
I : - 7
k':7M . ill
MSm L m m
'V ts tr Jn, Kill l rvV.rUA
18 fill lw WHh Mtf 1 TV
6. Symphony Orchestra at hunt's Craterian
f-5isat .MtxtSKemttkm!. isi'saOaiaa.v.ilP'S,Jf) is. ?
splendid musical organization will
at Hunt's Craterian Wednesday
Arthur Alaxander Company
eonrilt iMH nmrc
ml verso than red j
clover nmi will endure nion Hevt'n
wlntetM and m nre field hoI, TIiIk
Hum nmde It po.Hible for ninny far
nwr lo use a elover in nhni t rt)ta
tinn without the expense of iixfur
hii Ke iiuantltli H of IhneHtuue. In
Komi seetloiLs where the ha
been gradually Kiowin inoie acid
in reeenl years farniei-s have been
seedluff mixtures of red and a!Hihi
elover, thus nnu'e nearly HHHuriiiK
a stand of elover than would other
wbe be possible. If winter killing
or aridity Inju
alstke Is likely
the red ctnvr-r the
tu make u tho de
Four good grain .mlxttti
1(1 I
suggest -d lo supplement legume
mv j
In (he winter feeding of dairy
rs of six montlis of age or
more: (1 ) three p;ls by weight of
ground corn and one part wheal
bran; ( 1! ) three parts ground corn,
one part wheat ht 11 11 , one pari
ground oats; tltn'oiir parts ground
corn, one part wheal bra n, t wo
parts ground outs and one p.trl Un
seed i-ul; 1 4 ) two parts by
ight grouml oats and one part
wheal bran
Now is the time to 1
k over the
incubator, ninke sure that It is In
running order, obtain necessary
su tip lies and replacements and
pre pure generally for the early
hatching of the chicks thai will
bring the enrly eggs next fall when
prices me high.
White Wytonclotte
?en Is Expelled
From the Union
ill. IT I
hile WyandoUe hen Is re-
pnit. T hy lis ow ner. I'arker of
W'ecNtiy House. Knalnnd, as ONtra
c!.'d liy ils fellow hens l.r not
olisi'i-ving onion iiili-s iimPlnvio
inure than the orthodox number
of eygs dally. M
I 'i'lie W.v.itiiiottc heaan (o lay two 1
onus a day when It was a pallet
and Ihe other hens showed their
displeasure liy pcoklnj; and III
Ireallttg It.
i'arker segregated tho proliflo
layer which conituurd lo produci
It m dally ouota of two egas.
Here is her reconl for one week
according lo Parker:
Sunday H egas. .Monday 2. Toes-
day I.
H. Saturday
Thul silay
I Friday
Radio lotes
tlty Ihe AsMclattM(ftef.M
"Mntorbcattng." tme ihe In
cm en icitccs that has dime wii h
I he use of socket power It units.
j may be
prevented by the addition
of a regulator ot glow tube. 1( i
holds ihe voltage constant and
prevents "putt-putting." The tube
is conncclcd tn Ihe It pAcr cir
cuit delivering the radio Mnene.v
amplifier voltage.
Although given little attention,
the receiver ground connect Ion Is
Very import a tit. Often one or
11 lor ground will aid reception.
If 1111 atwtmcnt dueller, the fan
should iiwnol only the cold water
pipe system, hut . if possible, ob-
jtniu one or more oixi,lc ground
by driving pipes Into tho soil
. bere. It Is nmlvt.
The moMt eeonnmie.'il power mp
ply for u four tube tei-elver in thul
obtained from batteriei. The
rurrent drain of the net In com
paratively pniall. While elinil-nutm-fl
perform ;itlnfuetorl1y, their
Initial 'OnI and muinteuainp over
a number of yea in in greater ihun
battel IeK.
Htnclo control Keta whleh tend
lo tuno broadly can be .hat Plned ,
fp:T)r'-oTm matt,
be in Medford on Thursday, March
by uslnif midget iNimlenHerH nrrnss
i two Hoi'llnns of tlie multiple tinilne
condenser. The mldvts should be
placed on ttie 11 nt en mi coiidenHcr
and that in the detector circuit.
Automobile Notes
.. 1 1 -1 .
Harmful hi Clutch
The m net li o (if I'tielmr I ho PI1- I
!, . Ih)in in xhft ,.int(.h
1 will result In serious damage, to -
the rear end and force the clutch
' plates to slip and burn.
down a steep hill a i
letting In ihe clutch, in order to
permit the engine to hdp slow
down the car. Is JiM :i harmful.
The thing to do nicr (onsling Is
to sliced Up the engine before
Ituunlug Hoard t leaner
I Keio.sene makes the best cleaner
I for muddy and greasy running
j hoards, but le cleaning procesj
1 shiotM be followed Inimedtntely
3!Q. 0
vji r Sk.
9 rt&
t .4 I ,
trtbune, reproRn,
r: ':
1 wtlh n clean water wash. Kero
sene. If allowed to remain on the
hoards, is likely to affect , their
i rubber . or composition covoj-ing
and render tnem unfit for the
'work of standing up under scrap-'
' inj; feet.
Iti0kcr Points Dirty .
There are two rather sure tests
for dirty breaker points. The first
lis the uneven running of tho car
; at low speeds In hih ear. Tho
' second Is Increased difficulty in
craukintt. Hither test, ab0-t may
indicate a different source of
(trouble, but together they consti
tute a very enective means or ten
iiiK when the points need dressing.
In the lype of ignition usinx
hreuker points, n p:lrk for com
husi Ion purposes in induced when
contacts ore broken. If Wie con-
tacts are in well at tho start, the
spark will be cither weak or miss-
iritf altogether. A perfect spark
Is necesir'y. for a quick start as
well as rV.r smooth running at low
When .Ammeter nickers
Having leiirned to watch the am
meter and to consider the flleker
: Ing of its pnlnifT al low car
: speeds as evidence of uneven fir-
in. it is w ell to he prepared
! uilstakA a nattiral flicker
. for the kind Indicating trouble.
1 There is one point in I he range of
Die indicator that tells when the
current used foj- the ignition Is
switching from the battery tn the
gencraior direct. Thi Is due to
Ihe action of the cutout on the
'neramr. X, rally, there must
He a flicker, or a series of them,
if tho speed of the engine is kept
just over the edge.
Hathlng the Springs
"When bathing the springs with
oil, a lijfht machine oil, something
suitable fur household use air for
typewriters,, should bo used. If
such oil is not handy, engine oil
inn v lw. mlvorl iclih rr..untl.. a
K'vnwnn uunM -,.,. i,A .
cause It has a tendency to ruM
;the springs. One of the best luhrl-
.eunts for springs is the diluted oil
drained nut of the when
Ihe oil in the engine is changed. 1.
Illll ( Hinhliag Hint
if Ihe engine starts to knock or
"ping",when climbing a hill you
get heller results by letting off on
I lie gas t lui n by retarding the
spark. The car always loses speed
when (he spark Is retarded, hut It
may be a positive aid to the engine
lo let off on the g:ix. for nine drl-
Continuous 12:30 to 11 P. M.
A concentrated flash of
fur, claws and fangs that
chilled with fear the mar
row of those who crossed
his trail nng the border
country ! 0
Mats 10 A 25
Good Added
Short Features
Eves. 10 & 35
at the FRONT"
With an cntiro cast of negro
j The New
Rialto on. sunday, march is. im
j vert nut uf ton feed tuu much gaa
j in their cajternewi to climb a hill.
A tent mini' by nn experienced
driver ahowed that, on n certain
difficult hill, rclurdinK the apnik
L-tlu-nyH meant an eventual whin to
j second, while by lettinK off gas the
:car would In im Instances actu
j silly KHin apeed. It fx well, how-
ever, to try feeding more ena the
moment after you have let off
enough to stop the ''plnslnK." A
the etlltlne (taina speed it naturully
will take more Kan with less coin.
plaint. If retarding the spark
must be resorted to, however, re
tard fcinperly. Too sur'nlen or loo
IN ANCIENT TIMES folks weie OLD at "60" there were no printed books and
magazines nor movies they could not have enjoyed them if there were for the
want of GLASSES. They just sat around nd grew OLD.
of OPTICAL SCIENCE." Good vision keeps you youthful.
Phone 1S8 for
' .., , $s ; !
mmmrx A
extreme, relardiui; will ."kill" tin;
engine quicker than anything else.
Keeping IIikmI llrlghl
lion, l turn dull quicker than
any other pnrl of the cur because
the hood always Is hotter than any
other nection of the body. Over
this the car owner can have very
little control. But a contributing
reason for the dulling of hood is,
in reullty. an oversight on the part
of the owner, llnoda need more
protection than any other section
of the body, and thus should be
polished twice to every polishing
of the car. Kvjdently some car
owners work on this assumption:
ou urow
DR. D. A.
M M K m m AT
Southern Oregon Optical
... jmmMmm
Don't Get That Divorce
tiiptp PTri nrtTur-p-nw titt
but they spoil the idea by makinti
fthe mistake of polishing the hood
when it 1 hot.
having the Momentum
The reason most cars labor In
second genr Is that the drivers
wall ton long before shifting. If
the shift Is made while the car is
going reasonably fast, the momen
; turn saved will be of considerable
value in speeding up the car In
second gear.
Cuing Thrmigli I be Mini
Failure to get through n flooded
section of roadway often is due to
lack of proper miction which, in
torn, is due to lark of weight In
Good Viskns .
. Only!
chance to
Every couple will
see themselves In
this merry matri
monial mixup
And they'll see
their troubles
change to laughs.
10 and Itfic
' the rear of the car. Thu saino
j applies to getting stuck in the
mud. The more weight there is
on the rear wheels the less they
are likely to spin. When attempt
i ing to pass through a had spot in
the road it is worth while to load
up the hack of the car with rocks
' and have the other passengers sit
back there while you drive.
To Test I '-gg
' Place an egg in n jmn or water.
If fresh It will lie on Its side. If n
few days old wvill tilt upwardw
If stale. It wilr'stand on end. W
1 very old. It will float.
Charges reasonable.
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