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News From Rural Districts
EAOLU POINT, Miir. J5. -The;
rr.shvlcrlnn church board met last
week ot the manw nncj decided to
arrnnge for spcrlal
mretingK for two weeks beginning j
nmQjnday. The various immoral
In Mfdford have offen-O.n coind
and help Dr. MorKlul hi these serv-,
Ices, and while the dates ure not j
n tnken pitch fveiilnir for the
nrxi two weeks with the exception I nth Kails Is at the jnitue Itlverj
of Saturday, the pnlplt will he fill-' sanitarium lakliiK trNrinients.
ed by a stronfr man und well worih ilerton Coffman of Klamnth'
otlendinK. O l-awrcnce t.lll he! Kails vlnlled his mother at 'he;
here MondnyiilKbt, Men ..f'lt,.cui. Itlver sanitarium Monday.;
the Christian church on Tuesday! Qlr. and Mrs. W'llllani Cox ,,f .
hluht, Kev. Temiys of tho Method- I'liiebni'st were Sunday visitors at i
1st church In llMupl will preach I the hume of .Mrs. Katie Sparks.
Thursday evenhiR, and Dr. Knton .Mrs. Cox Is Mrs., Sparks' ilauith-i
ht the Hnptlst ehitrch on Krldny ler. I
evenlnft. The man's r-ospcl team of! Mrs. (tilth II teacher of the
Medford will have charKo of the i seventh mill elirhlh i:nldes at Oak
Services Sunday nflernoni:.
!5tb, and will furnish all the music
Including their famous male uur-i
tit. . !
i i.,,nr ...m ..e,i1 ..iihei !
t,tt Hundnv fv.ilriif .it- tho follow-
Irin Htiniiay. find at ihlw wrvlc- thi-j Kd stfllwll hnx hmmht home I
fainmiB pkliirH ot the jams"! oit in Mntlford ;int will rnv' IiIh fani
the HHoific will tin Hhown iri iHn My lhr houti. ,
jiipctlon with tlif hIiij-'Iiik of "Th'fc IN'iiticn Mtxby i-cccivrd mif'tr-i
Holy '(ty." MiH, PitittMrinti fillfiWiuiHtt' thw thi:
th piilll ltoro hfir (he chtii-f'li
whin nrgftnizpil in id tnihti cipiIK Ik
fltio th Putlo-S'iH fur (he work In
Hiding the
.irrunlziitlon ji(ikmIIiIc.
Vev. Mell will have
rhtll'K' l
tho HC'l'vlci'M tlt lii kL week, filvlnn
ihiH community a mil tivnt fnr thf
ntxt two wpkH. T1p iiicci'tw of
then incptliiKM will il' hit tho
local people. There will he nojeral years.
Ihnney-rnlslnir schemes and noreir-i The llov Senilis arc
lllar colleetlons taken. Kveryone
welcome, tiuod music at all times.
,..,,,,,, ...... ... ...n,,,,,
nt the Jacksonville sanitarium. Mr. I
at.... .I.aII 1.1...
last Hundny. .Mr. Iihh ho on t
Ih pfior health most ttl
'inter with ;
i asthma.
'The rnrpnt-TnoliRrn' IiIkH .iinkn
proved to ho n hupe hiutthm in j
every way. Homethlnn like 1ir (lot o( work and oxpense. Thej"111"- returned TueHdny tn Klam
ihaH cleared by the iiHMoriatlon.j fhamhnr of rommernn Ih alnn fit-!'b FallH,
there belmt a very Kood crowd Jtlnw up v. roi nmni in tho I. H. Air. und Mr. Murk Forrest were
there. The pnitfiiun wuh rathr hotel which will nnn he completed I dinner kui-mIh Suiutny at the hume
iuil(iie. at leant to Kaiile Hnlnr. i am' ready for public hp. ol Mlnier Kohh on Kohm Lane. 1
nnd everyone seemed to hnve a very . a iliince will be ulven Saturdnvi Wilford MeCalet of Torvallis wan
enjoyable time,
nn jTVi.f imw ui.i
dctOblO - I
. A.
unci Mm.. I.orcn i
:,;ar. m. Mr.
use ' of Cnpro.
" , ' ' " " "
,i hi. f,i,.,,,lM In .liiiksniivillo dur-
nK i lie week
.Mr. Close Is the for-
cut riuwr in I'i
favorite deer li
nlter's Mill KtulloM.
huntiim ground in
flreuon. Mr. Clone lias friends nil
over Oregon iirnont; the nln:Qls.
Mrs. J. O. I'aekard from Xlnnl-
Mlrnve school, was a caller In oill'i" - .
elty Wednesday evening.
ft!rs. Slalstnllh, dlsirict deputy
of the Clival .S'eiuliliors. visited
i,.uw.iii.. ii,..i v-i.-i, i... i.i .... i
r r.
TiM'srtriv i-vniiiiK.
ek of his hi'iiih-l
er, A. 1.. Hlxl.y ami who. Mm
a i ui.i,., 1,111. i i i.. ..
husband serlouslv Inlurci l an! Mrs. (isenr Lewis enierlalned Ihel I'yrl Woodmun, who reMiilly iir
auioinnhile a few da vs : Hrldis cluli ; Mnudny evenliiK at her! rived from the east to visit his sis
.m. They havO.v. d at l.lneoinj borne. The following were pr,.. : ter, Mrs Tlaud Williums died BUd
N'eh. for Ihe piisT 3 years. Mr. nt: Mrs. Jeore Maxwell. Mm. '" M last Week.
Itlxhy is .. newsimper man at that "arold frumii. Mrs. K. S. wi-! nlerment was made In the ceme-
... m.m Veil i.'iiinev mi j How. I lery at Ashland.
,i,' v,. i, y,.,i,. i ..i r i.l
ihelr first hike of the season for 1
m iiiKii.iMii-. i in- ii'pjm lire luyum
In ihelr eoulpmeui fur Ihelr ath-1
t... I I
Tim ch
'iiiiiii, ii e iii.
have the work Blurted won on the
new (llHplny caliinrtM for their niti
Keurn. All of tin museum in
be remodeled, which will menu a 1
nii - bt M.trch 17. n t the 1 s ball.
ts t right. If y oOvsti
to live long, prosper anI
enjoy life to the very
limit. You don't have to
go on a restricted diet or
e:tt things you do not
care for. There arc scores
and scores of delicious,
healthful, nourishing
foods that can be made
with CaJiirniiK Baking
Powder.0)odsthat you
Will relish. That ai
Ipjrich with body aniT
vigor building elements
of the highest value.
Eat your way to health.
Let Calumet help you.
xwu at yur way to health. I ,
(jSJ LCtCalUmCt MP y0U' I ;
Alti'ys in your coffcC
cup whether you
drink it mil J,mcJiti:-i
of strorg- whf n vr;t
serve tliil woiiu :
blrnil. i
lull-flavored coffee
Demands Indemnity
Captain Gottfried ifellcr, for-
mer American officer, and now a
representative of the Y. M. C. A.
jn Roumania, is reported to be
, .. , ;,..,. ,i.
anclinB indemnity damages
Jrom the Roumanian government
ufter being beaten and wounded
by rioting Uoumanian students at
Orndia Mare, i He attempted to
. u i .v.
1U1P' nn JhfUriated JOBD in a tha.
DancInK from !l to 2. The pro-l
ceeris of this dame will he used;
"' iiiiinioi i ...iiiu..i
fn,.ii,.,w I hb k .en,. u on ine nioieiiin
...... .
and rest room. Supper will be,
served by Mrs. Amy J-low (n the:
illnlnK room at the t'. S. hotel.
MIks Carmen riorothy of Med-
ford vlMlled at (lie home of her
.j'"" """ "
"thy, Wednesday.
aid Hare. Miss (lol.lle limine. Miss1
Violet ollmer. Miss
White, Atiss Thelinii tianaway, Mr
Martha Mitchell and the hostess
" " "
I'rlze was (riven to .Miss Volimer.
l' (I Hn.,1.1,... ,.f ll,n Itlnn Plnu-J
lour rlty Thursday.
j M im. Kiln W'a 1 h a n il k rn n d son , '
to.Alh'n Klliw, who Hpent a tew dun;
,lt tlm home nf Mih. Alpha Hurt
11 visitor in our city Thursday.
The seven ll anil eighth grades
""'"'7 i" "".ii " "'".business
candy In tl:e school Thursday
March I ii, fo'.' the purpose of huy
' lnic the 'iniiicr for Ihe boys' bas
! kethal t,Hi at the tournament tn
he held In Ashland soon,
Mr. and Mrs. Will Mellanlel were
In our city Saturday.
! Mrs. Julia Williams, Mrs. Kiank
jfiiiiiPxiK'rry uru. .iiisa tiny
t wi'i'o truiiHiK'tliiK hiiH.nowH In t h
j Mcfirnnl Mnndny.
iinrohi trump ih iiikhik trent-i , .'reddle, who had spent the
inenta nt the Itouuo niver until- past week viHitltifr relatives! In Tul
inritini. -, ,., ,( .Mndford.
.Mr. nnd Jin. JohiV Willis ofi The p!uy and matinee. "Tonv the
.Mnniann visited Miss Mrt'tilly) Convlet," put nn by the hlith school
Tuesday. Mrs. Willis was Ilena: Inst Friday afternoon und evenlni;.
Itanfoilli nnd left here many yearn ' netted the IliKh school the nice sum
afn. Mr. WHIN as an old friend,
of Theodore Qiseveii, Sr. 1
.Airs. Mtlliweil anil llltiei Wlllard t n'e 4ert Inst weelt foi'.UIIUe in HiiinuniK ocninu un lliese
dauchter l.ella returned Weilnes-1 Ooirls, fill. j efforts.
dny fintn a visit with relntlven at1 .Mrs. l.ulo liowmnn is stavln.; Mr. nnd Mrs. Selhy S. I.eep, wlm
Hill. Cnl If. with Mrs. McKadilen, who Is in j hnvn been bih'IuIIiik the past two
Ml'. I.ynn of I'.imene wns ralllns poor health, (luriiiK the ubsence of weeks with their uncle and mint,
nn friehdH li Wednesiiay. her daughter. Mis. Horse, who left M'"- niMrs. .1. .1. Tryon, left last
In the rnntest held In the hlKhi Wetlnesilny inr a ten days' trip to ThiirstrSy niorniiiK for the north
schoiil for the purpnse of sociirinu ' southern Cnlifoniiu. ern P'"t of the stale,
subscriptions for "The t'ountrv; JIfK. Archie Kvuns of Kumne l "nl Mr- Wno'1 'Krn
tlentlemnn." In which the pupils; iJadliiK a few weeks with her par- - visitors ill Asiaind Inst Monday,
wine arninijiMl In liioups called the tSfTs, Mr. und Mrs. Will Illjjh. IUlDicipal I.. I'. Miller is tlrlvine
Iteils and tlreens. the Iteds won.. Mr. und Mrs. John Itohison spent i " "" llpw Hl' k sedan and Is 111-
L'li to I'd. Tin. si himl re ves so
(rents on Un- dollar of the amount!
rn sed. ,
Mr i.e.l Mr- rieniee i ii,... i
and sonJlillie of Meilfoni vlslied '
Miss MVilly Wednesday nfter-'
.Mrs. Vivian Iteech and Mis. filio Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins mo
NMileiniever were innklnc business' ln,',(l ovor lr"m (i'enilnle last
calls In cmineeilim with the l'res-i Thursday and spent the day with
bylerlun church here nn Wcdnes-I M'"- Jenkins' brother. I'M., nnd Mh
dav. I family-
Mis. Kml W, k was pleased t.i Mr. and Mrs. ( K. Ilorire; Sr., and
note that il is her cousin. Captain! Vr- MrH- l'- R '""K'". '''"
1.. :. Kevanev who is chief pi: I Wednesday by molor for Chuln
of the crusader. West Coast AH-! Visln. 'l. They expect to be none
plum", will, h made it;
Monday from Snnia
IMl Hand.
trial fllaht
Charley much Sr. and Frank
MiiiKo wci . ninniiiO parly nf t n ;
who left Tuesday mr n pleasure '
I rip to Tin .lunnn, Mcx. Tliey w ent I
in ihe Incal bn driven by Chariest
Howard. j I
rcshyU'i-lJMi Chunb. .lai'k-ionvillc.
I.asi Sunday the canva.sMi't-s wi re
set apart and opened the campaign
for ihe annual budget for the com
ing year eommeming April 1st.
This church is weir-supporting.
nnd they talk money but once ai
yenr. and to accomplish thi theyl
place all current expenses, luil-
lug p
stnr h salary and benevolent!'
When Ihe canvas, 1, com- ,
i moves. When the canvass Im com-
tpleteit M ,.. ,,,, p,ertKe cards
are plared In the hands nf the
church and benevolent treasurer,
nnd they carry It through.
... . . . ... I
The annual business meetlimi
,,,, , ,, ,, . ... .. . imi m uiiia'4 .nr. i (ui ii s p ace nt
rz:: ,,;rmrsrr!ijlrB mpr,'nn,ile s,o,b iim"
At the close f ti,,. ,nner the of- ,,,. Gamier conducted church
l.-lal reports will he inaile nnd , al , ,,, rhn ,
the ee,u f rticers and past or ; j1K.k,m.mi ,sl Sundav afternoon
will take place with nnv olher. The lowers nr.. RettliiK the Ions
business that Is to be at. ended to. M,fnn ,B fnst ,1R ,,.,
Nevl Slitmliii- i.itd 1,1 .!.'. b a..t...' . . . ... ..
' ' I
Sunday scbool. Ill n. rn.
J Mailin, superintendent.
l'n -.,i-l ! n v . I I n. m . bv the
! lor.
Christian lOndenvor.
Sernmn. 7r30 p. m.
Illble Htudy Tuesday
Junior choir prarti
I p. m,
Wed new -
iViy p, m.
We extenl a lo'aity welcome to
nil. j:itner K. McVlcker, pastor.
-James Pur
T A I. EXT, Mur. 15.-
I vis returned home from the Com
munity hospital at Ashland last
week. He has been sick since the
I first of the year and h;s been a
(treat sufferer, not having been
; able to be up except for a lew niln-
' IllOil Ut a limn olifl ii uilr a un laul
Saturday was tuken toMie hospital
to have HIk torisiU removed In the .
hope that thlH would better his con
i clitfon.
I The Talent boys basketball
team went to Chiioquin Jam Satur
day nijiht to play n Bum with the
( mloqtiln team. The visit jiir team '
won, 37 to 33. The boys were ten
dered b royal welcome and were ;
Riven a banquet with dance Xol-
day. tired but happy.0' hume un".
The boyn are now .ayins tho Hub-;
iiimi hi hid iniyHi?u unu every- , ., j . . .
lhin- Is proKresslnu fine. They fun'i'y' M.r; nn,' M"- (;t"rRO
soon be ready to erect ,hP I hrallh and family and Mr. and Mrs.
frKie for the huildliiK. Some of the
carpenters of the town have do -
naied several duys' work which has
helped Kreutly in (,'etting the worlt
Mrs. Allen of Ashland, InVom-
nunv with her niece. Mrs. I. W.
H,1MA , T,.,.n. ,M'n',, ,',m '
far,,. Ore.. retiirnlnK Thursday aft-
.. . . .....
' ei tt tlire '" ay vwit with
relutlves in lhat city
Mr. und Mrs. Jumes Dopp of
I'lioenix were miests ut Qn C. W.
I.oiik home Wednesday evenlmr.
t). A. Manning Is havlne two new
V '
ley Ksles Is doluK the work
Thn r"'iln h111"- w P"' '"1
" uie luieni nusmess men
i day and u eiinesdiiy.
I The Kpworth l.uKnn will give a
h' i
1 e J.
The ladies' Aid of tlr Method-
: next Thursday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Moorliouse and
daughter, Claribel, of Ashland were
j dinner siientH Sunday of Mr. and
Mra. Allen i'rnctor.
The public library will b open
Fridays ouliy from 2 to 7 p. m. until
Mr. nnd Mrs. Lewis Hill were
quests Tuesday eenin. of Mr. and
Mrs. Knrl Withrow.
('. K. Stevens spent Monday in
A ul. In iwl ni t tnwlln.r tr Imnnrtnnt
Mrs. O. A. .VhninK won the prize
la silveji sandwich trayl at the
briduc iJiy Riven at the clubhouse
in Ashland by the ladies last Thurs
day evenlni;.
Kred Conk and his friend, Mr.
Kvnns, of Tennat, Cnl., arrived Frl-
' rlnv unil Kiifnt (hp WHpk purl with
i parents, M IV ami Ml'H. R,
, Cook. Thoy returned Sunday
coiupnnied by Mrs. Cook and small
nf about H7 for the piny shed
Sunday as the miests of .Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Culver nnd Mrs. Dean
ut tne Lniver nonirri i'lioenix.
Mr. and llw. .1 Kntnn nf Med-
fikni w
were i.M'sCJSuiiday of their
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Vo
a ween or len nays, .Mr. iiorKe, nr..
pill ciiuseii piiiirn.v in mm
, , , ,
Word has boon received byQm.
iicnry nuriicu inai ner son, uiw-
! n-ncf. has been very sick nil win
ter and recently released from n
hospital in northern
where he had been working, and
that he will leave for home In a
short time.
Mr. and Mrs. Uoy Seaman and
small son, Floyd, of Medford spent
Sunday nt the home of Mr. and
Mr. Jay Torrill. Mrs. Seaman i
Mr. Terrili's sister.
Mrs. John Kohison and Mrs.
Kdith Cochran spent Ma ml ay after
noon shopping In Medford.
Wesley Voyell is dolus some car-
i,nni.,r irorb In A I, I. in. I (1.1.. b
" , ' , "
,"""1, linrdner expects to
' , V""T '"'V " 'fK
ii iin h uiiuKiiiiT in rnnsas. M1P
j ntay spent the summer in the east,
j Mr. nnd Mrs. Cliff Bond motnretl
I over to Vreka Tuesday. Jonah !ar-
... " , 11 ' Wl.
secured it move inetn.
Mis. John Hearing Is recovering,
after a couple of weeks' illness
with the flu.
Mrs. Harry tllelm Is old,. in he
out alter her recent operaiinn.
Talent will have a plain iospnl
meeting every Sunday nlcht at
7:.m. Mr. and Mrs. Drlhuv, have
rented the Ames ball for the pur
ixise. All are ronlhilly invited
Miss Knld llarillnit. who Is niak
luit tier homo wtu her aunt, Mrs.
Thurston, on the highway, under -
went an operation lam Saturday for
I appendicitis at a hoRpital in Ash-
! land. She wag improving at the
i lout report. v
I The Hyde1, Park service station,
i owned by Mr. Thatcher and located
I on the highway no nth of towfl, nan
I had the gas put In and Is now open
! for business.
Rev. and Mrs. Warner were the
I attests Monday afternoon of Mr.
.and Mrs. Dennis.
i Community club will give
- ' another dance Saturday night, the
- ; 'cmanity affalrB ar.d are ReMaK
17tn or aiarcn. rnese nances nro
quite iiopular. Music will be fur
nished by the Talent orchestra,
which will hereafter be liuown as
"The Melody Makers." Supper
will be furnished by the Camp I'I re
The C'nmu Fire Giris held their;
re km la i mewing at the homo ot i
Miss I CI I u Hamilton on Monday
' evening and completed their planH
for the mother and daughter ban-1
, quet which was hel! Thursduy
1 here were 35 out-or-town callers
' registered at tho Sun Cold rahbltry 1
' last week. i
.Mr. and Mrs. P. F. flurk and i
Mrs. Hurk's mother, Mrs. K. A.
Gardner, of Medford attended the
dl"er nMrpS hiann and
! 1 , Al""'r were umoni; the Talent I
1 P"P' shnppliiB in Medford Satur-j
:0,1 n'tfirn,0"'1- , 1
i "nv- rH- W,aKnPr Hl'fnt,sl-!
i rlay mornlni? collin.-r nn Iriends In I
i J't' ksonvIKo and Medford.
n,r- Hn 'Ten tmrt. wno
nave iieen iiii'illiyniK loo vi'osiei j
apartments, moved to the Koozer
house on (iibsnn avenue Saturday.
Mrs. Hurl's mother, laielln l!ow
mu is spending a few duys with
lu VdauKhter and she expects to no
to Portland soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Itlley Nyswnrner re
turned lust Friday ut'ler spending u
week In Sun l-'ninclsco nn business.
Mr. Nyswarner relurncQto Sun
I'ranclHco eurly In (he week with
another trucklmid of fruit.
Mrs. Marlon Tryer was a busi
ness visitor In l'hnenlx last Satur
day mornlliK.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hurt and
fumily of Medford spent Sii'iday
with Ihelr parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Hart. They also ultended
church while In town.
Mrs. Klin Hamilton nnd Miss
Marsaret Ili'-'Kino were shopping In
Medford Wednesday afternoon.
The dance Klven by the Camp
Fire Oirls Inst Saturday night was
well attended and the clrls realized
a Rood return for their work.
Miss Anna Kvans of Clilloqiiln,
wno is attending tne Btate normau
ill Atihlnml. was n honsn jiiakI t
.ii..- xi..n.n. in!. .. i. - .
Miss Hose liickertlike. Miss Kiln
Hamilton, Miss Marnaret HiEKlns
and her snet. Miss Anna Kvunx,
nnd llnrry Hamilton motored to
Sams Valley Sunday and had a
picnic dinner.
fiti iriln Pnlrni-r-nn nnri ti-a Will
Ferris were dinner puesls Tuesday
at (he home of Mr. and Mrs. F. F.
Hurk in Medford.
Salmon fiithing has heun nntl
some of our town "dads" went to
jlogue river last Sunday, but did
not brinu home any fish.
Mrs. Uleu Withrow and children
and Mrs. Rd Jacobs were dinner
Kuests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs.
! ttpow Nichols in Ashland.
The supper nut on by the Com
munity club Wednesday niubt was
a success In every way. The Qfn
mittee In rhnrRe deserve much
praise for Ihe splendid supper pro
vided, andrAhout Jl'i! was realized
the resim. The eiub Is plunnitiK
:ine improvemeiitK and we wish to
'hank the public for the kind put-
I tenttins to leave tniiuy witn Mrs.
Miller und two daughters, Wlllitla
: ""' '"r iuikuhu uu ,i isn
ni a ween wnn ineniis
Mayor Ij. T. Crnwiord wont, to
tnrir.ti-H W'mtnaurlnv in
take a ride in nn airplamO TtuQ
mayor remarked to some of his
friends that he had- seen Talent
from all points' but wished to see
what it looked liko from the cloud.
Kev. and Mrs. Wagner returned
VednesdHVveuini: from few cIuvh
spent at cQrent City. They were.
P really In love with the beuutlful.
clear vlr x they obtained of the
Pacific nQn and the lovely flow
ers in bloom In the Kardens.
Next Thursday r-reninc there j
will he a short prayer meeting fob i
lowed by a basket lunch. Come '
and bring your" lunch. Do not !
brine oiiythlim fancy, hut just plain !
' things, so we can all have a good;
social evening. There will he the
usual church morning nnd evenlni! J
nt 11 nnd 7:4S o'clock. Sunday i
school at ft:4f; I.eHter N'ewhry,
perlnt.endent. Kpworth lengue on i
Sunday evening ut 7 o'clock. The j
young people's prayer meeting on.
Wednosdi.O evening tit 7. All are!
welcQ,,'- Itev. Warner, pastor.
DinTi forget the Hnptlst church j
services Sunday morning. I
The Community club will meet at
the club room next Wednesday at
2 p. ni.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tirandt nnd
daughter. C ntherlne. were guests
Sunday evening at the Tryer home.
Wrights ict Credit nt lM
Credit for having made the first
successful flight with u powcr
propetled henvier-thnn-alr ma
chine carrying n man, wns accord
ed to the Wright brothers today
by ibe board of regents of th
Smithsonian I not it ut inn.
Prc-me). In rtlms.
XKW VorvK. In the belief that
wild animals will have disappared
from America tn 5a years, officints
of the American museum of natural
history have sealed xa.ftnO feet of
film in n vacuum container and
put it in the nrchives vO r I wilt
not be opened for In If n cMtnry
The film nf Jungle life was made
by Martin Johnson.
Classified Advertising gets roauU.
i nrs-
I - A .
1 "-f- I fait II li
; I s?
Owen Freshness
Joy in producing a cracker that is ah irnprove-
merit in shape, in crispness, in flavor, naturally
I fatners tne desire to get this cracker to consumers
in PERFECT condition.
are packaged, wax wrapped and sealed air proof,
moisture proof, germ proof. FRESH from the
ovens. We've tried to make them so good that
you'll be pleased to INSIST on Tm-Bake Crackers.
j l ne ladies iniltistrlal club met on
Thiimrlny nt the . home of Mrs.
Krink. where an all-day quill im:
hep was hold with a delirious old
fashioned chii-ken dfiiiipr. served
by the hontcHH. Twenty-five, ladiox
wore present nnd iwn nrotty ptocp
tvnrlc nntlt a wm-o nt i intti-uK-
The :ilrd (piilt would
huve heen eonipleted, hut darkness
overtook the busy workers and
evening duties called them home.
In spite ut the failure of the lied
Cross representative to appear,
tho day was , considered a very
profit ul de anil pleasant one.
The hlh school flay, privon
'-'- t'v X.?
.jt,-. .-tiiiM.
Baked and Cuaranteed First Quality by i
Spokane Portland Seattle -tgil'
frmay iiiKm hy the ne.snnian wiui inn moim-i, ."''.
and sfiphomoiP i-Ihhhos was con-; The beautiful wild spring flow
sidcied oji of thu l st tfiidcicd ii. are litiit in all thdr jirofu
flays jxivoii for soiuc Q. -TheJlon. hut ih rainy HUiuluy. pro-
'youns 'people all seeinni willins? vent town flower lovers from
to do their ,osi and e ntered so (fiiiherln them thia year us much
. well into the spirit of the play as usQ
that it kiivo the effect of that- Clove Wilson stopped in our
natural ease which is always ap-
preciated by the audionco.
Mr. und Mrs. Uert l.ear nf Con-
don were recent pleasant visitor0
with Mr. and Mi's. .Inhn Hall. The
parties, for many yearn, have been
old-timo friends, but this is the
first titoo the Iears have visited
Sams Valley nnd thoy went away
with a warm feelinc in their
hearts for tho proeinet and what
they termed "its fine people."
Tho religious servii es cotidu ted
at the si hool bouse by kev. Han-
dall and Johnston will continue
of the week, with
an all-day
ii looting Sunday.
Saturday ovenim; is the regular
eveniiiK1 meeting for the (iinnco,
It beinc St. I'atrii k"s l
uroprinto pmm am will
f"r the occasion,
.Mr. and Mrs. V. II.
contra I Point spout the
V. uoip
be Viif-en
ween -em
Who has not admired the plump freshness of
the tomato just picked from the vine?
And because Frye's "Delicious" Brand Ham
is brought to the tables of the Northwest just
when its mellowness and fragrance is ripe to
perfection, it receives a hearty welcome as
being "Everything the name implies."
HAM is at its best immediately after the curing
process has been fully completed, and the Fryc
packing plant adds efficiency of distribution
to skill in selection and preparation. Every
Frye's "Delicious" Brand Ham has passed
through rigid double inspection there can be
no variation in the high standards of perfection.
"V t'fr 'W iV C x
EasSSfct Siitcuit
Xho sveteiied dinner biscuit tb&t
you've eiijuyed t tb fimau Owta
port Hott. Now Bold in pckg-
at your froeara... ...................... JKk
eommuntty Thursday on his return
tn Williams, after spendinR several
weeks tafffiinff sheep in I-ako
Mrs. Kilahrue, who was recently
so severely burned, is 11 in n se-
riniis condition, hut nVttlves have
strons hopes for her recovery.
:ienn AVolride. wife and, chil-
dren nf AppIe4o. visited Sunday
with his. father; .1. A. Cook,
Uiek Straus is having: a coat ot
paint put on the buildings of his
farm premises, which adds much
to their improvement.
-Mi- Jones of flrants Pass pur-
chafed the 40 head of fat iioks
"roni Air. KdfnKton this Week.
Hick Straus, another pork grower,
shipped I'U head to Portland Inst
Creen slab wood at sttmmef
prices. Medford Fuel Co. Tel. C31.
3.11 f