Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, March 15, 1928, Page 3, Image 3

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The City Sanitary Service com
pany with three new irut-ka this
murninK begun operations under
the went contract mmle with the
city of Medfurd and ut ngon, 1
W. I'hillipH. president und K''i"-i'ul
mannm-r uf the t-orujmny, rMornd
thut the trucks h.iV Ihm-u i uiiiiIiih
to capacity, iie added that tev
eral weeks may elapse before the
company will be entirely caught
up with RarbOKe colleciions. ftH for
two monthK past refuse has been
i piling up In various sections of the
Approximately 70 per cent of
Medlortl citizens will take advan
tage of the new garbage service,
according to cards that have been
returned to the company, which
Hent them out last week to ascer
tain how ninny would care to have
regular collections of garbage
i'reparatlon.i are now being
''made on arranging new routes to
facilitate speedy collections and
prompt attention.
The new trucks of the company
attracted considerable u item Ion
when they made their first ap
pearance on the street today. The
refuse and garbage from restau
rants Is placed In water tight tanks
. with two openings on the top and
one at the rear for rapid unload
ing at th city dump yards, where
fouipment has been ready for
Qome time to provide for its tils
poMil. E
Tim rfirrtoftotltifr find re-decorat-i
tnrr of the former nuarters of the
('rater Lake Hardware store wns!'0'Ho1 s.nlor wl, .,nsreKanl,1 "
begun this morning by L. I
Jacofs, for the establishment of
! a new women's and young girls
store on East Main street. M'ith
the entire stock already on hand,
after having been purchased in
New York City by H. R. Jacobs,
the son, who arrived In Med ford
last night, the store will probably
be opened one week from next
Saturday, according to present
The Blore wm include the iatoB0;?.u ,h '"I' nlBhi w'h,cn
. , ,. i,.,. i,u i Miss A ivian went to tag a faculty
" in women's and young girls' cloth
ing at populQ prices. The stock
will Include novelty slippers, coats.
dresses, hosiery,- lingerie, accessor
ies, etc.
The store Is ideally located nnd
Its opening has aroused eonsider
f3.0',e local Q;terest. It is the sec
ond store to be opened hy .. Jacobs
the first now being operated at
Twin Falls. Idaho.
The new tnve will be ma nnncfl
hy II. U. Jacohs, who will make his I
home in Med ford, and the store will :
Qe known as "Mullins." L. .Jacobs, j
who is the sole owner of the uw j
' establishment, will not makeQis;
home in Med ford, according to pres-;
ent plans.
One week from tomorrow night
' t.he store will havo an informal
. opening, with souvenirs given to
all who attend and on the next
day, Saturday, the store will be
formally opened, to business.
Radio Program
Mall Tribune-Virein Station
The appearnnce of Max FioseVl.
local violin artist and instructor
I over KM KD. the Mail Tribune
Virgin station, is becoming one of
the nio'ivpopular features of the
. local sMdulp, nnd the Modern
, 3lnmblng nnd Sheet Metal com
pany, upon whose program he ap
pears has received n quant it y of
' u'J'hone callnd eprrespondenee
' bearing compliments nnd requests.
The program to be broadcast by
that company tonight from nine
o'clock to ninc-thii'N Includes the
following numbers: Two violin, ,
cello and plnno numherH, featur-
i Ing Max Fiescel. Mrs. Horothy ;
( fin re and Mrs. II. f. Williamson.
The, first of these will be Funiculi-
Kuntculn by Denza. and the second
Forgotten, by Cowles. A plnno
solo, "II Trovntore" by Verdi, will
then be played hy Mrs. William
son. Q
Following this the trio will then
piny "Sochem," by Uosc and
"Egyptian Ilallet" by laiiglrV An-
other violin solo. "Obertass Mazur
ka" by Wlenlnwski. played by Max
Fiescel will be followed by the two
rioslng numbers, Cham in n d e's
"Scarf Dance" nnd Keith ley's
"Where Shadows Fall" by the trio.
ri'ocrnni Friday. March 10
in to 10:30 a. m. Southern Ore
gon Flectrlc.
i 0 : :i 0 to 11 a. m. M. M. Dept.
store. O
11 to 11:30 a. m. Jaques Millin
ery J-hop.
ll:.loQi noon Umphy's Jewelry
12:15 to 1:15 p. m. Palmer's
Music Houe.f
:I5 p. m. MedV-rd Mall Tribune.
news Items nnd Market reports.
S to 9 p. m. Itenlty IVmrd.
State basketball tournament re
sults from Salem will tie hroadcaFt
during all programs by the Mall
Levins Forced Down
., IinrSSWIfK. Ca.. Mar. 15 (T)
Charlp A. Irvine. In ht trans
Atlanltc monnplanc Columbia, was
i forced down on St. Pinion's Island
t 1 1 : "0 a. m. today hr a Irnse fnc
which prevailed off the tieorcia
roast. lie had alarted from .lack
aonvllle. Ha., to Charleston, 8. C,
?D route to New York.
t Lester Mann of Hollywood, Cal ,
i barely escape the devastating
i flood of lute uiunday night when
j the St. Francis dam broke and
j s nit 1 fed out hundreds of lives, ac
; cording to a report made when he
1 arrived here yesterday for a visit
; with relatives at Central Point, lie
j passed through Xewhall, one of the
i hard hit towns, shortly before the
flood waters raced through the
'Streets, leaving death and ruin In
j their wake.
( Mr. Mann said today that he was
, familiar with the entire section and
' had been on the dam several times
'shortly after It wus completed. He
i described the beautiful Santa Clara
j valley and told of its acres of
i orange and citrus groves and choice
farming land. Fie seemed to think
, the dam break was largely caused
j hy erosion and said he was con
t vincert Ijtat it was no fault of the
! dam construction, saying its
strength was so apparent that it
I left no question in his mind. O
j He described Newill as being
about the size of On mil Point and
heins an up-to-date small city about
i tlo miles from l.os Angeles,
j Mh. Mann, who nan spent the
past three years in Hollywood, re-
ported conditions to he Generally
j quiet, with the movie studios Work-
ins ii i uTr-.i iiniii uiie-iiau iiiitiy.
He explained the slump in the mov
ing picture production was due to
an over production of pictures and
the advent of a number or new
producing companies.
He plans to spend the summer In
Med ford and Central Point, where
he lias a number of relatives, and
then return to his home in Holly
wood, where he is interested in the
trucking and transfer business.
Plucky High School
Girl Plays Game
With Broken Finger
Tim liiy v;im tlm iliiiiK" vllh
Vivian Onss.
"",M'" "msn out an in
door baseball game against the'
women's faculty team on the high ;
school diamond last night. Taken
to the Community hospital after i
the game, the girl was treated by ,
Or. H. XV. Stearns, who claimed i
that the hone in the little finge.
nn the left hand was badly spUiN
tered, necessitating ihe wearing of
an arm sling for n few days.
The accident occurred in the I
member with the ball. Miss Maud I
Itarrager, coach, gave first aid and
suggested that Vivian "drop1 out of,
the game. Hut a broken finger or I
so, didn't amount to much in the
middle-of an exciting contest, and i
Vivian suspicted that tiO faculty
members were trying to get rid of
her anyway. So she kept on until j
the end. .
Sage Tea Turns
Gray Hair Dark
That beautiful,
even shade of j
dark, glossy hair 1
can only be had
by b r e wing a
mixture of Sage
A Tea and Sulphur.
W Vour hair is your
"f charm. It makes
or mars the face.
4-.. -dl when it fades,
turns gray or streaked. an ap
plication or two of Sage and Sul
phur enhances its apnea ranee a
hundredfold. . !
Don't bother to prepare the mix-!
tare. You can get This famous old I
recipe, improved by the addition!
of other ingredients, for only 7.' I
cents, all ready for use. It i.s call-!
ed Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com-
pound. This ran always be de-i
pended upon to bring back the j
naiurai color and lustre of vour
l-. . ryhody uses "Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound now lie
cause it darkens so naturally and
evenly that nobody can tell it has
been applied. Voii simply dampen
a .-ponge or soft brush with it and
draw this through the hair, taking
one small strand at n time: by
morning Ihe gray hair has disap
peared, and after another applica
tion it becomes beautifully dark
and appears irlossy and lustrous.
There's vital, iinadul
t o r a t c (1 iiower in
pvory drop of ymir fa
i'oritc lias, it i.s of
tremendous impoi-t-ance
tliat you use the
riy;ht ,i;as and oils.
The .service station ot'
reaily response.
"Be Ready With Reddy Power"
Lewis' Super
Service Station
I'lione I .inn. Hlh anil Front Hts.
An uptodate iVatuie of iuteteQ
to all k-dlord people in the show
ing of aViving pictures at the Rialto
theatre, taken just after the big
San Francisqutto valley flood in
California late last Monday night,
in which so many lives were lost
and so many millions of dollars
worth of properly destroyed.
Through an r, eeptionnl stroke
of enleiprise the Kialto theatre
management made arrangements
to have these pictures rushed here
us soon as developed, and the
"00-foot film anred here today in
time to be shown with the re.;ulur
picture program this afternoon und
The flood pictures depict the uw
fulness of the disaster, showing the
ruined condition of the valley and
the searching through the flood
debris for bodies. !
4 . I
Now tun 11 or don. former I
well known Medfoi'd attorney and j
district attorney nf Jackson eoun-j
ty, former chairman of the demo-;
cratic county ujinimittee and for
mer defeated Qlemorratie nomi-!
nee for congressman in Ibis dis- ,
trict, who wit h bis family about
a year ago, removed bark to Vic-'
giniu iiA r years u( residence J
here, neertheless retains his in- j
t crest in local politics.
lie is especially Interested in j
the fight for the i-epublimn nom
ination for district attorney, ac
cording to a letter Allison Moni
tor! has received from him. giv
ing his hoinn address as U !. Xo. i
O Cr
0-5?:-"Ss All Aboard m
I j
m U ipir
j California Flood Disaster j
H Dam Breaks Kills Scores Peaceful Valley Now
Horrible Chasm of Death.
l, T'ins llio"k, Virginia, arul tu
'which ht mak"S simie jnteii'stiiiK
' romment4 as u lU'imurat i an
.it.-Hpiiintf ifi' iandu!:tt
There will doubt !ess be a grand
exodus of Med ford and valle;
lisli-M ni'n to Hie lloue river
when they learn that the first
Chinook salmon of the season
was ciiuchl yesterday morning
in i h" ;'Mie ri er in the Sav
age liypids dam vicinity, by Mer
rill Mm k. a boatman employed
at ih Vii-kti Inn.
This fish weiuhed L'H pound
w.-.s rauht on a brass spinner
and was landed at s ::in oYlocl
y est e rd a v m o r n i n g.
w hi-t was much
swollonO roily
of the
recent rains
and i
leariniQup again.
rain is iircdhted tm
tonight and
Tho vlitini rif a stranno nnd
pninful iH'ciilcnt. whU-h oi'cnrrod
to hnr Sfvcial days iiko in
ditwiitown sluio, .Mrs. (JoorKP
Dunn. :mh; West Fourth street, re
liorti'd tin; dr-tails of tho happen
ing this mornhiK. Aeeonline to
Mrs. Dunn, sh-yvas slantlinK in
the oxrliatiKi n Hn'tmi'nt of n
loral fnriiltui store when u loin;
lutard leaning aKaiost tile Walt,
fell nver on her, driving n rusty
spike thioin;! her coat and dress
sleeve anil Wo her arm to the
The flesh HOrrotilnlin the wound
LARS HANSON a great ocean liner hit a mine
Mats. 10 and 25
Eves. 10 and 35
IJJltff. H-WWlaW. ft"
Pictures of the
, turnvil almost Mark ami It was
' I limii; !u tov a tiim that th arm
iiiiKht have to 1 t- uintiiatftt, no
:niii:m: in fritwuls of iht woman.'
;lr. thuilfjc r. swt'ctn'y unl his
1 :isir tit have tltvssfil the arm
iiai! Vui.l iln won ml is i .'parted
it'i h.- heMnf; hy d'KreH
1 V Iv-w
Man of Han 1'rol'eK-ional
The originator of Dr. IMeree's
(tolden .Medical Piscoverv was the
late Kay V. I'ierce, M.ll. At first
he praeticed medicine in western
I Vnnsylviuiiu ami his unusual abil
ity and smvess were nood recogniz-"
ed there, then be moved to llut't'alo.
. V., and established the World's
Dispensary whi te his famous home
remedies have ever since been
I iach succeeding war t he sab
of Hi. Pierce's tiuhlen Medical Dis
covery has been c really increased.
hlent ly 'e n ppreeiatc the
fact that it iWreases tin- appetite,
stimulates Ihe digestion, heipt to
enrich the blood, clears the skin'
oT eruptions a nd blemislies. a ml
makes both ineii and Women feel
as they did when they were yotmg.
It citiita'tis no harmful i m; redienl .
Ask yotir ne;irel driii;i;is f . ,-1
Doctor Pierce's I inM-n .Metlb al
Diseoveiy. fa lallet of It'iui.l formj
or " tri cents for a rtiat pack-:
age of tabbMs to Dr. Pierce's 1'lu.ic
imria'o. X. V
K I' I I I A V i: Jfl.H I
I ill
and sink
a thousand Qirilling rescues
Jackie ploy Cupid in the Cap
tain's romance
a shipload of laughs and
The Kid Himself in his most
lovable role.
f rk Gothes Week
Featuring Our Own Nationwide
Valees and Extreme Low Prices!
The Capable
Workman Is
An Artist Too
Tlift man in overalls,
with nis hand on the
throttle the man
whose skill .takes his
precious human freight
over njauntains and
rivers mat man is an
artist in his chosen pro
fession. So is the me
chanic who turns out a
machine, perfect in all
its parts the factory
worker who creates a
beautiful article the
miner who unentombs
the riches of the earth
the farmer who pro
vides the necessities of
life. Knowing his job
well, und loving it
wholeheartedly, lifts a
man out of the drudge
class. It makes him a
big man in his calling.
We are proud of the
part our Store is pre
pared to play during
Work Clothes Week.
Mr. Workman will find
here t h-e things ho
needs to help him keep
the wheels bf industry
busy. Serviceable over
alls, shoes, caps, shirts
and socks; all reliable
merchandise at inter
estingly low prices.
The workmen o f
America have made life
over for all of us during
the last 50 years. We
are too prone to accept
as a matter of course
and forget the debt we
owe the workers whose
skill have made our
lives more convenient.
Canvas Gloves
(food weight, durable,
eoHon glove, ideal
for garden work.
Blue knit wrist, can
ton. f'laiii'Ol.
Lunch Kits
!eimine "TIkmtiioh"
lunch kits, wilh at
laclmicnt U) fiohl vac
uum boPle. A splen
did kit at a IruJy re-
le price.
.Work Shirt
Our own make, of fin)
nil coarie yarn chambray;
cut lull all over; roomy
leevea and body. Slim, reg
ular and extra tizca. hxcel
lent values at.
el HJr,iAir,l a
J?.J.R JUl l EU JJ,
'where savings are greatest
"Pay-Day" Overalls
Choice of American Workmen
With the Union Label
Boys' "Pay-Day" Overalls
Union Made Cut Full
Every bit as durable and well.
made as our "Pay-Day's" for Men.
Of heavy, staunch 2.20 blue denim.
Cut full and roomy, with high
back, two-scam legs, large front
and back pockets. Our large Mass
Buying makes possible these low
3 lo 10
II to 17,
98c 1.10
"Pay Day" Overalls for Men anBoyi
'are Union Made and our own Trade
'Mark Brand. They spell Value, Serv
ice, Durability. Buy them for Economy
Wear 'hem for Satisfaction,
Our own lYiiiimiiil brand.
One; Pint size. Will keep
cnittciits hot or cold. Widl
made nnd a reiil value nt
our low price
Union Suits
for Boys
Medium weight cotton un
ion Hiiit. Sizes 2 to Hi.
Kcni only. "Well iniide,
and full cut
Work Shoes
This work tthoo lins leath
er solo nnd i.s nuido of.
chocolate, retail. A good
kIioc ul a low price
for Men
Short sleeves, and
ankle length or Ions
sleeves a n l nnklo
length. "White or ec
ru. Flat loek seams
thru-out. Sizes 36 to
4(5. Made from high
grade eotton. On out
standing value at our
low riee.
Made to our specifications of
staunch, durable 2.20 blue denirris-the
starQrd of workmen who demand the
best in Work Clothes. . .
Cut big and roomy all over,
triple-stitched; kix pockets, bar
tacked to prevent ripping. Jack- O
cts with engineers' cuffs ' to
match. All sizes including Ex
tra Sizes overall or jumper for
men at
Canvas Gloves
Heavy weight red wrist
gloves. Strong and dur
able. A most popular item
with men who need n plain
canvas glove. Pair
Khaki Pants
flood weight khaki pants,
sizes for boys or men. Up
to size 42 waist. Assort
ed lengths.. Substantial
Shop Caps
Rome with screen front,
others o composition vis
ors. Several types from
wlich to choose
15c to 39c
Sturdy Sox
Workmen and the wo
men who buy for work
men will do well to note
the trade - mark shown
above. It stands (or our
Kig Pay Work Sox
known from coast to
coast for their' durable,
lonp- wearing- qualities.
.Very low priced at . '