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i o,,o,o,n. m WALL STREET!
A training school lr teachers
' iiml leaders In Sunday school work'
The last several weeks Ii.ih wli - j vvlM lie UMll (n Medford cnmmenc-: NEW YollK. Mtuvh 1 4 . v
ncssed the t:tHcr:il resumption of Inji April lxth ami continuing fur , man who twenty years hko w;ih
tho timhcr industry throughout three
Jackson county. While the Owen
Oregon LumbiT company in Med
ford. and a numiur of the small
weeks; on Wednesday and Helling tickets at u Hroadway the- :
Thursday evenings, latricul (iency, today was credited j 5
Ashland and Crants las will with putting over ono of the most.
hold similar schools during this 1 sensational coups in Wall street j
sawmills In the north part of ih ; " ',,in!"",imi 11 , niory. j.
, ..., .. of the ltoirue itiver valley inlti-1 Me Is Michael J. Median, who
single-handed engineered
the state. Kach school is helng ar- the sensational rise in Hadlu cum- 1
which carried the stock up j3
)lr.rf(l n.l ..II
ter, yet in the past few weeks these' !tCtl the m"VTnl. in.hl" V"rl uCtthnt,tit
all-winter operators have taken on I ",e "T, ' K '"-'"'
t,0u- life hv PxniUmr the.. pr . 'K d for by the local ministerial mon
which required additional ; .iu ioim m iom- uhuuik e
1 iiiefiuiK 01 1 ne superui teiiu -1 nroUfe'iii nun u iomine 01 inn- j s
, enis of five Med ford schools I't'llonx of dollars and a severe cure 5
lunch Tuesday took steps to ac-'of nerves.
1 lively promote the school In Med- Just how much he has made in! f
j ford and vicinity. tthe past four days, which haw
I This is part of a m o v e in e n t i Kern the exchange record fori
throughout the country for the I (tales volume twice broken, he! 5
of Walter Inch of this city, who' ' ,7 ",IU "iv pronamy uoes not Know nimie
nr.nni-.pri ih ni.i i,.u i',.,,,,..,, ! teaching forced oi the church, and estimates in the street run I
inu ui 1 ui l- 1 rum f;i,iiuu,uuu 10 1 a.uvu.uuu. 1
land, field representative of ilu'i He has pushed Dura lit. Uver-
I'reshyterian hoard of education more, Cutten and Fisher brothers
and chairman of tho education into the background and today 1
" v. . . .-.-i.,..., n im UlfeKCai lllllll III .-
I has been asked to act as doan of ttve Wall street. There is evl
the southern Oregon schools. Mr. ; dence. however, (hat he is on
VanNuys was in conference with friendly terms with all of them
Medford leaders Tuesday and has1 and has probably had some help
, gone to I. rants Push. The com-1 from those sources during the
ttons, which required additional ;
men lor crews, which will result 1
in an Increased production thit,'
year over last year.
A new firm to enter the Med
ford field in lumber production is I
the Medford Fir-Pine Lumber
company, under the management !
sawmills in the southwestern part'
of the city,, and will commence op-1
erations about the first of April
with a crew of 20 men. Steam will
be employed as power in operat
ing thin plant, as usual, while new
mill: equipment wilr be added, as.
well as enlarging the capacity of
the log. pond. This mill is located
on the old Meirrd-JacksonvUle
railway and. .has been closed down
Hlnco the suspension of operational
on the road bo vera 1 years ago. For-j
merly the logs supplying the mill!
were logged in the Jacksonville
district and shipped to Rie mill
over the railway, while Iocs under
the hew management will be cut in'
the Wagner creek district and haul-!
cd by auto trucks from the logging;
camps to the mill. j
The Tomlin Itox Company's saw
mill in Medford commenced op
erations during the second week
In February with sufficient logs
in the pond and on the railroad
siding to keep the mill in operation
until the first of the month, when
at such time alt the lugging eon-
t plete list of faculty members will mist four hectic days.
oe announced shortly, Otogethcr
with place of. meeting.-.
HAS $14,803,785,790
The annual statement of the
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.,
tractors furnishing the mill will be tm fm. a numncr of
He literally and actually "made
the move" In Itadio, gave most j
of tho orders, filled most of the;
bids and churned tho stock around
at a million dollar clip, which
left Wall street gasping and try
ing to guess what "Mike Median
would do next." q I
liven the bears, who have taken
one of the worst whippings In
years, pay tribute to the dashing
j drive that for daring and success
ih outstanding.
Twenty years ago. when passing
out tickets, Median met Charles
Morgan, one-time newspaper man
and later a big-scale slock broker.
Morgan, at the time, was in the
market and Meehan went to work
few wires G
After seve- 1 Z
1 ..u n.(i. 1 i"-i" " .v. m ""-ifor him. nanuiimr
Hhinnimr. and will be able tn mainJ Hm' the pe,ort for 1927 n the curb market
tain a steady supply during the, f; , . , ral 'eiua he tnrt-a out for him- . 5
holnnno ..r th U htlnth.. ' ,ltr '"eni. mujws HWVIH "'jHOlf'Wlth little SUCCCSS. H! lUld
company has not added additional
saw cutting equipment the past 1
Winter during the general repair!
Vtnrlnri thiM- huvn 11111 rip iininv tin. I
' . , , , 1 surance.
provenienis uuring mo winter 10
fffoct a Iicttcr efficlem-y In the
present equipment, which will re-
$2.3S8.647.63t;. renresentlnir the'.,,. ...,i,..i, 1.,, .- 1 l!
savings of 25 million people andjai( of a fpw fl.'cmis, staged u i II
showing an increase during the :
year, m?, of $S0,C4:i,2n 1 .02 in-1
pini 111 it 11 iiit-M-jij-r-u iuiiijuiiuii iiii.
j cur over ihsi 3 ear.
In cvirlence of this, t hey hav
con'raeted with Mireo new logging
firms to increase the output this
year, which will bring lif;s from
outside of Jackson county to the
mill. The new logging firms aiv
TXtiy vTinrrows, shipping ' by rrtll
from Grants Pass, and T. It. Miller
and H. P. Wallers, both shipping
fi'om Iceland. The company will
receive logs this year as usual from
J. W. liwrenee and W. H. Melton.
Itogue River: S. .1. Spauldtng, Putte
Kalis; Steve Thomas. Siskiyou
mountains; Ocorge Mathewson.
Hutte Falls; James Katon and Fred
Flck. Jacksonville, as well as from
I he firm of Skeeters Pros, and
. lathers from tho Wagner creek tim
6er, The company's output Inst
year with Its Medford mill was 20, -000.000
feet of lumber.
During the year the insurance
issued, increased and revived
to $:. 834. :75. 7118.
, ine company mm iu, n.o.i v 1 1 (i) comimm ami immediately be
, jiuiii'ies 111 lorce, wn 11 ituui iiimii
comeback and eight . years ago
bought a seat on the exchange,
when they ver selling between
JS5.000 and $115,000.
lie made progress slowly, but
finally became a specialist In Ua-
ance of $l-i.8n;i,7S:,7lio In force
on December SI, 1U27.
They tailed attention in their
ad to five great hazards of life
and how they can, and should be
met, by life Insurance companies,
f W. R..' Olblett is manager of
'the company for southern Oregon,
including the counties of Jackson.
Josephine and Klamath, and has
his headquarters in tho Liberty
building in Medford.
Clara Bow at
Hunt's Craterian
Practically the same combination
that gave the motion picture world
"It" was brought together again
to make the new romantic-comedy
"Red Hair." with Clara How as the
star will be at Hunt's Craterian
Clarence Rndger. who directed
"It," and who is known as one of
the screen's ace directors, was be
hind the camera while "Red Hair'
was being filmed
came bullish.
Ho started his accumulation of
the stock at around 85 or so. Ra
dio started out quietly when Gen
eral Motors began to move two
weeks ago. Then, quickening its
pace it went cm a'ramiiage of its
own, which brought it from $!ML25
last Thursday to a close of ?l-iti
a share yesterday. At one time
if reached $ 1 00.
Median's firm now holds four
other exchange seats, in addition
to his bwn.
SAI.EM, Ore.. March 14. (IP)
Tho final dny allowed hy luw this
year for the candidates to file
u-ifh thi. MniTpturv nf Klufc. fallH
Included In the supporting cuton A.n ,3 and that .
KLAMATH FALLS, Ore., Mar. II. ar0 """a"1 auhimi. '"""""'"'pou to be Friduy, thero is some
-(P) 'Toppling over backwards as I for l'omnjiu oi uie i.nMii.-; Hpit.-tilntlon here whether there
the driver stepped on the acceler-! '"" ' "" Hudson, w be (nc U!lu,ll (.,.ush nf cnn,.
alor. a small tractor crusbed out j j dates clamoring to get tnemseives
h Hfa rtf VtnthAW nnlFnttl. nrnml. I production
nent farmer of the Midland district, i and Claude Klnit.
vn.torHnv nftomnnn. Thi rancher "Hed Hair Is a
properly recorded before midnight
of that date,
story of an ,.,... ilk. uniin.-u .....l hall
could only murmur a few words ! American manicunsi or ina u pun i pl,lyorll are knoWn to he suiier-
chareins a hired man to take care j flapper type wno miuni i H.un.u; stulolls and .S(.,..r(.iiu.y u .state Ko
of his family and announcing that of diKBlnB-' a I'M until the rlBht, ycr a wondl.1.,n(f whether It will
l'e had only a few more minutes . man conus almiB. The "rlBht man , Ilct.0BBary f,M. ,ln to k,,, his
In live before ho succumbed. i in mi raw is "mq- ffrc 0,,n ,min niidniKht, niday.
April i:l to accommodale those
who wish to keep their Candida
lies in the dark until the lust min
ute. Ho thinks it a pretty safe
bet that most of them will bo In
by the- close of business on April
12.. "
Secretary Kozer reports
I L 5. Ml MM
'VV 1
"It has been in this house fifty years. You can't9
find another piece like it. This, ladies and gentle
men, is genuine! What am I offered for it? These
old treasures are going for a song. Give me a bid."
As the auctioneer rattles on, the neighbors think
of the old days of entertainment and open hospi
tality in that house. They wonder how long the
proud and lonely mistress has been righting off
the inevitable.
t$mt . I Inv.11 . .fkteJJLIB.
O M, U t, CO.
WHILE ipresenting our Annual Statement showing Assets
of $2,388,647,6362 Billion, 388 Million Dollars representing
savings and investments of 25 million people in the United States and
Canada, the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company desires to make clear
what a life (insurance company can do, what it should do and what,
so far, it has been unable to do toward meeting what have been called
the five great hazards of life:
which may come early, be
fore one's clependents have
been provided for.
always sudden and often
causing lessened earning
which may cause want as
well as suffering.
Dependent Old Age
which must seek charity if
self - support is" no longer
which may bring distress to
others in addition to the
one unemployed.
Annuities for old age, protection-
in case of death,
accident or sickness al
most every financial re
quirement can now be met
by insurance. Only one
Fiscal Report to Policyholders
for Year Eliding
December 31, 1927
Assets .
Statutory Reserve
Dividends to Policy
holders payable 1928
All other liabilities
Unassigncd Funds
Increase in Assets during 1927 . . $280,643,251.02
Income in 1927 $651,068,588.43
Gain in income, 1927 $55,472,082.55
Paid for Lite Insurance Issued
Increased and Revived in 19270. $2,834,975,738.00
Total Bonuses and Dividends to
Policyholders from 1892 to and
including 1928 $371,918,295.48
Life Insurance Outstanding
Ordinary Insurance $7,157,922,228.00
Industrial Insurance (premiums
payuble weekly or monthly) . . $5,877,465,375.00
Group Insurance $1,768,398,187.00
Total Insurance Outstanding . $14,803,785,790.00
Number of Policies in Force 40,166,107
(Including l,IS4,SSS Group CerllJIealn)
Amount expended during the years 1909-1927 inclusive for Welfare
work in all Departments and Divisions . . . $74,314,293
problem is still unsolved
unemployment insurance
and that only because legis
lation permitting it has so
far been refused. The day
must come when every
family can and will plan to
meet every one of the five
great hazards so that none
of its members will ever face
the need of charity.
The United States and
Canada pay higher wages
than other countries. Nearly
all their workers earn
enough to provide for both
present and future needs.
If they will but plan ahead
they may have in their
years of retirement, not
merely bare existence, but
real comfort.
Thousands of those interested in life
insurance have asked how the family in
come should be expended. Send for our
Home Bucket Booklet which tells how
much should be spent for necessities
food, housing, clothing, fuel and how
much should be laid aside for protec
tion. It will be mailed free. .
HALEY FISKE, President FREDERICK H. ECKER, Vice-President
The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is a mutual organization. It has
no stock and no stockholders. Its wealth is owned solely by its Policyholders.
Biggest in the World, More Assets, More Policyholders, More Insurance in force, More new Insurance each year
"Not best because the biggest, but biggest because the best"
lory, given at the rcpulitr lur-' ghtion fiom their kiudkc AIho Herhcrt Uovit iiih-inl'-M a Suii-
turcr'u nilit, alfu brought out a .utlvcrtlHe the fad. that thiH nurd- day m-limil whlrh who taught, anil;
la ripe crowd. Many were tln'n' in Ih open to all farmorM nnd wu In clanne at 1'u.elfte rollKc
from other Oranift'H. a well dairy produrers in tho county, which k1h frcmionlly lauuht uh u
more man- outtulifr. Tho pageant r?-' H'timmlrr tin date of thlH dairy ) nultltutt;.
20. S i. in.
Ore. Mar. I I -
-(!') !
Ijidy KiiiUw Hups Oft.
NAI'U;S, Man h 1 I. (I; Lady
I tailey, KnKh'h fly Inn fntliunhiHt,
activity 'ninoim the candidatcH than reived much favorable comment meet. March
I hi iho corresponding date two and from thorn: present. ;
ifour yvnrs hko. bo Tar, aixiy Th(J W))1 nc(, on Uc mmc:
i unlrnl for office have filed. 1 ,. . , ....
Lini the-;;; z - u:-k ,,rf r r ':r ,"' .?:r
-- . I U'llll'l l I MJUVIT W UJ a you l II, Ul'll Hinuvinu I ;uu J t "i ' (i . ii iini., i'.. ii,,,
building fund. jU th(t h(MIU of lVVH , port.'Khe is on a nolo fllKht, from
The last bUHlnen kchhIoii wai .,n,I Mnnduv n ' Knuland to Capetown.
jn very IntereHtlnff Henlon and wuHj"" -n n n " 1 1
wuro 61,
SAI.KM, Ore., March 14. iff)
While trying to relieve another
logger who wan in illtrc, (corcc
.1. Schumacher was drowned yes
terday in the Kantlam river ut
Mill City. Kuymund Mlnto, Behu
niHcher8 brother-in-law. wan try-Inj-
to free a loj; Jam wln-n he
-lipped into the water. Schu
marhcr ruMicd out upin the Jam
The lecture hour whh a roll call
nicotinic una orougni out pom;
very Intercut inj; miKKeutlniiH from
the members. Frank Dltwwurlh
handled the wuhject of potato cul
ttire In an able manner. Mr.
Uitfworth la an Authority on po
tato Krowinp. Other subjects dl
cimsed were, "Preparation of the
fr round for tho Kcedinp of Al
falfa"; "Krudlofitlon of the firound
Squirrel"; "The Need of Mon
ltcKiilar Attendance at flranKe
Meethurs." alo several apoke
the puhject of marketing
Th nejit ledum nlKhl will be
Cascara is Your
Doctor's Choice
When iiliyniciiiTiit pronounce cascara
Ihe l'KKFIXT laxative why ex-
.ut ., hni. wnen a oir Minncu im-i'i "i, juL-nu.i, ...
iiind threw him Into tho rtreain. ; o clo, k i. in. The whole evinlt
Mlnto wan able to swim and auved will be (ilven over to Ihe fllrrux
blniKplf. Schumacher could notlalon of the Bubje't, 'MarketiniT
awliu. or lairy i-roiiucti'.- n. ii. fowier
and peveral otIHT atirakera will he
' lin-ent to Hpeak on thin Kiibject.
! There will alno be n round table
dlieiiion of the aubject. aa well
' foino special fentur.'K. All
; Gruniren. ere urceil to he present.
and alt flraneera In the county
j The Inat dance (ilven by beal.n inyitpd, , farmera and
' KaK'e Point rirnnKe was very w ell i ,,rnducer of dairy nroduct In the
I attended and a nood time wn had ( county. Jt l hoped that thin
,by all. It being a leap year dance, ; mPPl,llc wm remilt In Home lan
llle ladlen had IblnK" pretty nilli'h K,le plan., which may meet Ihe
j their own way. A mbi-tantlal ( need of the producers of dairy
latuount waa raided for the build- j produela.
.i- .... u ... - . 1 r'
A-1H. Is IV m 4 Unrer .r.f.rtnrr-f mniwn- toUtfitnrt I Th.j " pageant of American Ilia- the tounly will brin? a largo d. lc-
To Lrrnk a cold harmlessly and in a hurry try a Bayer Aspirin
lablct. And for headache. The action of Aspirin is very efficient,
tiK. in cases of neuralgia, neuritis, even rheumatism and lumbago!
And there's. no after effect; doctors give Aspirin to children
ciftcn infants. Whenever there's pain, think of Aspirin. The
penuine Bayer Aspirin has Haver on the box and on every tablet.
All druggists, Willi proven uirccuons.
Physicians prescribe Bayer Aspirin;
it does NOT affect the heart
xr:nu-nt with tliiiifrs tliut luih tho
nvfiieni into action! ( ancara, you
dalr know, is tho hark of tree. A
nattim! nnu normal miuiuiun to me
Tlie Tndinns who tife1 to rhew
thin liurk, had no word in their Ihh
guayo that meant "eoiifttiation" I
Perfect renlarily i jmMihle to
day, and to all of uh. Wo have can
ears in ideal form; the wry delight-fuI-Ufttiiix
candy cat-caret
pure concHra. It lis helped at hunt
i trillion people to liHhitual reuu
larity. .Miltious of otherM, utifor
tunate!y, hae eluck to stronger
TV '
1 iu
thi ups and acuireil only the Inxor
ti.e liahit.
Your first raws. ret will demon
ntrate how TllOHOUCIf this geritlo
laxative is, nter nil. Your next
surprise will la the length of tune
iiefore you nred another. I a rnlii
altv, you'll flee (hat eam-triiti(
temla lo make the Iranets move
thereafter nf their own nerord I
A modern dru'Morr immt stock
many laxativen. Put for ydttr own
pood the dniggit would rather hae
von sok fur the iiiexMnive little t
box of vttMarcts tluui unvtliin r le.
is not a largo number, but it covers
Hie H'iiicipal rinks of tiny one's life.
Tlie advciliscinenl; of the Metropoli
tan Life insurance Company in this
;aper discusses this
question very simply. Read it yon
may get some new suggestions on
liuw you can plan to protect both
yourself and your family against
The local office of Hie Metropolitan
will lie glatl to advise you of the
most prudent and sensible way to
safeguard yourself against possible
Metropolitan Life Ins. Co.
W. R. GIBLETT, Manager, Liberty Bldg.
V,J. Covrtone C. U. Houghten
Agent . lnt