Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, May 03, 1922, Page 6, Image 6

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W. C. BUTLER, 010
Barnes Big Wild Animal Circus Greeted by Big Crowd Today
William Clnrlntcilim liutlcr was
Ml II III n t I'UllKiii)
ris county MIkhouH, nnd died nt noon
May 2, Ht hi homo In Eaglo Point.
... When In his l"th year lie Rliirtc.l
arroM the plains In company with hist
father, who died on Pitt ltlvcr. Cul..
Ill 1849. Until 1S52 ho engaged in
mining, coming to Jackson , nnd
Josephine rounty, whore ho engaged
In mining- until the year ISTH,
he moved onto a homestead oast of
Ashland, where ho lived for more
than 4S year. In 1S55 and lSTit! ho
fought Indians In the ltoKuo lliver
valley. 8lnce leaving the homestead
he has made hi homo with hla son,
William E. Hutler near Kngle Point,
Oregon. Deceased loaves to mourn
hla loss one brother, Oenrgn K. litt
ler of the state of Washington. Also
two son and one daughter, as fol
lows: W. K. Hutler, Eagle Point;
Mrs. O. 11. lh-mvn of T:ift, Cnl., John
F. Butler, Ashland.
Dr. T. 7.' Huddy, ostcorathic spe
cialist in eye, tar, nose and throat
work, and head of that department
In the Lo Angeles Coliese or Osteo
pathic Physicians and Surgeons, is
making a circuit clinic through Ore
gon, Washington and Idaho. He ap
pears before, the osteophutbic societies
In clinics and lectures. He will bo in
Ashland Mondar. May Mn nd con
duct clinics before tfco Southern Ore
gon Osteopathic -society.
At 2:30 he will deliver a free pub
lic lecture at the library on the sub
ject, "The Mudel Doctor and the
Model Patient," or ' Why Some Ta
tients Don't Get Vq1."
. v: ' its-: -'frv
"V li
J "I
: ii i I '
Big Fire in Omaha
' OMAHA, Nb May 3. Fanned by a
stiff breeze, fire early today destroyed
a Ihree-story brick building , in the
heart of the downtown business sec
tion. The loss is estimated at J10O,
000. .
Tusko, the world's largest elephant, costing Mr. Barnes $100,OCO to import this big beast from India. Ths
ivory in Tusko's ta3s is said to be worth $'. i,CC0.
Today the ie;ir.ut uict-ts its fat'" i half Ueavicr than Juiubj, was a bl j horses and 12oo wild nntmnla nml IN
Kiies to its ilea tit to add to tbat'truly attraction. muc anl sconic invetitltures rntlrvly
i "ii.-. ,.tn..i..ii ir . . .... . . i. .... i a. ..
American jul.iloe. cirrus !.iv. For the I wi ) ,,. ... -.... vM-v mra uuunr mc
a luaitod u or a utuair.iotn or sJiue-;Muc h I.UX'T IlurnoM uialit tent toduv
elephants, the clowns, the edm-nti-d ;thn shrilled the youngsters. ' ! and Liohthl. As to the quality of the
wild beasts and the Mianyled f-'1! art" j it was fun to watch the buby cle rforntti:t'es well, the AI 11. llarnes
in t.iwns and the bands played under pliants filchius tid bits from their roo! j circus is declared to be bettor each
the big top this afternoon at the bull ; nature J grown-up pals of the "bull"' ( visit, and It lojks like a fine larj;e
park on North Holly, while the clatter lines, and It was a trifle awesome j party for u'.l where the big top streatn
of shod hoofs, the rumble of cases, j looking at Lotus, the largest and only era beckoned today. ,
dens , and tableaux wasons and the 'educated UippoiKitamus, gulping a; There will be another performance
blare of brass and reed was tj be bucket of carrots with each and every ' tonight nt s- p. m., opening with the
heard in downtown streets this fore-' hungry yawn. .new and wonderful circus cxtravagan
; noon as the Al G. Dames circus parade I With the announcement that its fa- ita. "Allen In Jtingletand," In which the
passes in review, with hundreds ofl'mous fairyland fantasy, "Alice in whole show participates. This Is fol-
wild animals iu plain sight of y.m. J Junglelund," is this ' season greatly ; U: wed by more than lv'O regular circus
The giant Tus2o. largest elephant elaborated and lavishly costumed, its nets, principally iitcludiej the wild
on earth, a foot filler and a ton and a st increased to 10si) persons. 550 animals. . ,
In order that lUereSiiay Im o mis-;
understnndlug l.y timlrtenlH of Jackson I
county when charged for tho piivllegoj
oi me uho or mo nuto park nt (liauts.
t-iiss, t no nuto pak ooimnllleo of the ,
tl rants Titss chutuhor of riimmerce hittti
sent a copy of their regulation to the)
.edford oluuulicr of commerce, with a!
request that the. rules bo publlsheil'
here, . ' . i
For the use of the nuto Vrk ilurlim'
tho day. a charge of '.'no per car wlllj
bo nmdo.
For tourists and pnests deslrinir to
use, tho auto park to. ramp In over-
night, tho regular eharga of 6dc per
car will be mitdo.
Thesn regulations will enable those
tourists and guests wishing to use tho
nuto park for picnic piiriHtses, to have!
the- use or the- electric plates, hot
water for cooking and other equipment
tint Ing thr. day time at a reasonable
charge of 23 per car.
There ure how only two, or tho lar
ger cities tf Oregon , that ore not
charging tourists Tor camping priv
ileges, they are Albany and Medford.
Albany like Medford has not a fully j
developed camp ground and to chargo
for the accommodation they havo
would be an Imposition on the tuurlst.j
Vnder the present plan, which ran-'
not be developed this year, tho Mod
ford auto park will have a cottage j
constructed containing a large room
with fin-place, and comrorlablo furnl-j
ture. a screened In porch, laundry ;
tray and IroninV hoard, hot water at i
all times and facilities for shower!
hatha. Thero will also be a rack Uxnj
hich tho tourist may wash his car.'
This will staridardixo tho Medford auto!
l-ark and permit the charge of 0c er i
car per day which the tourist is willing '
to pay as police protection alone Is
worth thut t him.
T-fn,:fcr t"ttt iwrTTf!
. ii;.i.: ll hi .tin, i i-in.m it- 1 lli,tl,
f . Mini- i':i' i5:;1 ! : i:- ( i W) r! I. !' ! rl !
H i f i I ll i! I it lul ii ' ' I!' Hi ilM I t: t , I' , . Ti . . Ml.
' ' ' )k f :k J h'l 111 V . '
' f t ihomiiwi Ll " ii' i kniin., r 1
lygvi c mi psiiwiiiii i ,p jc i i "rn I Hj'r1 m-
V V Vyw It , t nm it i Miai. i.i mwmmmmmmmmpmmmmmmmmr Yi V 7y Jr'
ZyS' " Single-Six Seven Passenger Touring
THERE can be neither question
nor quibble concerning the
valueof thisnewPackardSingle-Six.
It is value outstanding and in
controvertible, which will set you
seeking in vain for something
It is value expressed in a richness
and dignity of embellishment sur
passing the utmost you have
always, counted upon in Packard.
It is value exemplified in a bril
liant virility of performance which
can only be described as Packard
functioning. at its finest.
It is value so emphatic and unmis
takable as to inspire almost instant
eagerness for ownership among
those who appreciate cars of the
highest class.
The price of the new Single-Six five paumger touring it $2485 at Detroit
Xht new price of th Twin-Six touring is 93850 ut Detroit
123-125 So. Front StM Medford
1 .
Symbolic cf Ameiican wouianhood.
phliosophy, nnd life, and with u theme
carrying a universal appeal. "Hail the
woman." Thomas II. luce's upremo
human epic, tho featured attraction at
the. Tags theatre this week. Is one of
the most dramatic and Impressive
screen productions ever seen here.
It Is a picture which preservot the
tender Illusion of romance In the midst I
of an atmosphere, of stirring reality, J
introaucing jHiwerrul situations. spen-
dldly enacted. Into tho surroundings of
everyday life. It hall "The Woman" 1
of the modern age splendid product
of the most modern of peoples, the
Florence Vllor, "unforgettable," In
terprets the role of Judith lieresf rd ,
In a deeply dramatic manner. Not I
alone doe Miss Vldsr display a fin- i
lnhod screen artistry, but she grasp j
the spirit, the basic underlying motive !
of the story, that be I the vYVomao." I
conveying with convincing reality the !
tremendous strength of character and
devotion of tho outstanding figure.
The role of weak, vaselllatmg David
Re res ford, Is ably handled by Lloyd
Hughe, whose flair for strong dra
matic characterisation Is most con
vincingly evidenced.
Madge Hellamy, the recent Ince
discovery," displays an emotional,
quality In her Interpretation of the;
roio or Nan, pathetic glrl-wlfe, desort
ed by David.
Theodore Roberts, In the role of
stem old Oliver neresford. gives
another of those virile characteriza
tion which havo made htm so uni
versally appreciated.
Equally Important In their various
role are Charle Meredith, Tully Mar
shall, Gertrude Claire, and others of
this all star cast.
NEW YORK, Mav 3. -Siibncrlptlon
v.oo's f .r the $2.', Od" ono tMrfr "!r
live per cent general and refunding
inorn!fce bonds of tho Pacific Tele
phone, atid Telegraph company weie
fiio.-'.ed today within a few minutes
after the opening of business. The
bond which were offered at 94 to
yield C.40 per cant were underwrit
ten by a syndicate headed by J. P.
Morgan and company.
MODESTO, Cnl., May 3. Tho offers
If Japanese to work In the melon fields
of the Turlock district cheanne (linn
white labor was tho prime cause of
tho deportation of a number of Jap
anese fro mthe district. July 19. E. P
Morse, nn operative of the bureau of
investigation of thn Justice department
testified today in the trials fit ntx men
on a charge or kidnaping in connection
Willi till! (illlOt'tHtfollH.
Morse told of having been detailed
to Investigate tho Incident,
Flsk lVrinlvr Tread
Non-Kkld Fabric
aii'xj),- 1 1. S3
Eatra-riy ltcd-Tou
30x3.- lf.83
SU-riy Non-Skid
Clincher ford
H0k3'j-- 1T.85
PIx-lMy Noit-Skld
hfralght Kid t'ord
30x3j, l'J.85
31x4 2T.W
Tune to Retire ? (BuyFl.k)
Non-Skld Cur4
Non-Skld ferd
K.inktd Cord
31x4, ;--41.00
Non-Skid Oonl '
51 x 3 . 8LM
Fl'i! Cord
tot Trucl.
33x0 '.,.C3
t)tH 100.0(1
tnaub kbs so. u. . t, err.
THERE is a difference in values. Look tho mar
ket over before you spend your liro money.
No product can urge comparison without o back
ground of superior worth.
Compare Fisk Cord Tires with tiny other tiro (or
size, strength, resiliency and price.
Tluim'$ a i'hk TUe of extra -altie In every $Ut
or Mr, inn or tpavd uacon
If WimJ
lot of lkm eiHtuw from
itnsMiiltary plumbing. lie
safe ami have rrlUldc, rt
Mrlencett plumlxTs Kl-o
you, anil ito your work.
l'lwme 02O
, ft-k it iB'iK r. '. 3 .41
Don't Neglect
Your Floors
It's fun to paint or varnish them
yourself easy too'
FLOORS thut have nood fin.
Mi do not pet scarred and
worn, the fmUli tukrs the wear.
Well finished floors always look
Letter, too.
If your floors nerd rrfinishtnf!,
nlid you can't get u painter to do
iho work, rrfuiish them yourself.
You ran do it easily "it's really
Our "Home Service Puint De
pnrtmcnt" was orgunicd just to
help women rrfinish thiiifrs ahotit
tho home. Write for free udv'ue,
telling us wliut you want to rr
finish and how you want it to
Oiir experts will explain rvrry
Btep of tho work nnd recommend
the right materials, brushes, ric.
There are special Fuller
Paints, Varnishes, Knanicls, Wall
Finishr and Slain for you to
use. Thry are the best product
of their kind thut we know and
we have lrrn making tuch prod
uct for 73 year. '
Tale advantage of Fuller'i
Free Advice and Fuller Prod
tuts in LrautifiiiR your lioine.
The result will surprise you
The work will fuscinute you.
' Fifteen-for-Floor
Films fM Flour. Vaml.ll.
thl. v.mlkh I uutptfilrit (
lur r ftnUh. .Iiiiiliit.
Ily ,IMi .M Uf .llllllt.llu..
Hulling lHrnllBi.,',lltits, lf-.l iuik. .,.rrJ.T
Mr.r .nil tr.i b. no .H..I
.ri ,lhl ttmt, .l.aitil an4
ilui.lil. buitb.
Wn .t D'rmifi Vir.
nltb St.Jn.. All-Vmeu.. V.r.
I'.lnu .,lu,l. rinlik,
Mlkrnwhit. I ii.mrl, rilll"nir V.rn1k, FIa.1
a, Auln lutUr'a llm S.i.r V..II
I li,i Jt,ti)inil, Hori b tui M. e.iui, .u
I'lONKt.S Will IK. Ik. Ml,
Home Serylct Paints
Manufactured by W. P. Fuller & Co.
t lit. 'i, Sun trfjiro
riuni-.r P.liit W,nuflm fur 73 Yr. l nalJlihrJ IHIt,
' Brasche. 1 10 tllin In lb. llraW. ,f ry.h.ia. . ' '
Wlll'.Pr. TO nUY. Hit mn ami (ft III. tl,l. maintlal.' Tin vii.K kl
l.lla rim irherii ynu 'an in Fuller. Pi.Mu.l.. Im a uU, a. i.ininJai.
Will" Ha rn'W. Fiillft'a lining Sirlr." Saint Uf,.,., wtidh
li-ll. im IumI .11.1 li buy htr .vi-iv khnl nl fialtillMtf, e.S Uaas
r-iil gui bur ir(. uvk. vn nj .inn ui jianiun, ,tiu Mailt lu Uu,
Cut ril.rinr nb. uf painllii It la ..Kl.ilila
lu uhialn lh. aarvlca u( Maal.t I'al.tcr.
i i' !i..
ivi.-'d'1 I'iiili f old If ili (tillimlny in mir rHy.
THOMPSON, The Painter
, 120 N. Front 8t, , phone 404