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Tin Mmllord Kuinluv Sun li fur
Slahad auWilbcra , tlrimliif si-van tiny dull'
Offtcs Mull Trlbnns BulMtng, I6-J7-S
North Kir trt. Phona J.
A connolliJotlon of ths DmoCrtlc
?tmm. the Mortford Mall, the Medford
rlbuna, 1hi Southern Orcgunlan. Th
Aatiland Tribune.
ROFEHT W. ni'HU Editor.
BUMPTKH 8. BM1TH, Mninr.
BT MAIL In Advene: .
Daily, with Sunday fun, yesr fl.t
Daily, with Sunday Sun, month .J
Dally, without Sumlay Sun, ysr SO
Dallv, without SuniUy Sun, mouth .&
Wwkly Malt Trltmiio, one ytar- J.00
Burnley Sun. one yiar I.C"
BY CARRIER In Mdforl, Ashland.
Jacksonville, Cantral Point, Phovnlz,
Tnlunt ami on lliiitmaya:
tell, with Sunday tJun. month .75
Tim 1 1 w wlthnut Rnnnv Klin, month .65
Dallv. without Sunday Sun. yr.. f.50
Dally, with Sunday Sun, one year 8.S0
AU term by carrier. cah In advance.
Offlolal pejxr of the City of Medford
Offlclal paper of Jackson County.
Iwaiii riallv avrair circulation for
six moultm unlit April 1. l!t, S.'.i.
mora Uiui double circulation ot any oth
luper published or circulau-u in Jackson Comity.
The only paper between Fmrene, Ore., and
Rarranteolo. Calif., unlaw ot ovrr iOO nil lea.
KavtiiK leaned aire Associated Presa henn-e.
Entered as swwmtt osa matter at
MeJfnrd, Oregon, under he act ot March
I. U7.
The Associated Presi la exclusively
entitled to the use for republication of
11 newa dispatches credited to It, or
ot otherwise crexmeo in mis paper, ami
also the local newi published herein.
All rlahta of republication ot special
dispatches herein are also reserved.
Ye Smudge Pot
By Arthur Parry.
The Coos Bay candidate for gov
ernor has announced. his election, bc-
fnrw tho votua ore counted. There
will t lots of tliis between now and
May 19th.
Piscatorial enthusiasts are at loss
to understand why 500 people attend
ed the ball frame yesterday, when
they could have been up to their
hocks in the beautiful Rogue, fishing.
Though the murderer In the. latest
Portland "Jnurder has confessed, the
police are trying; to prove he didn't.
Another well developed day has be
fell the valley,, demonstrating anew
the inability to Ret anywhere, so
cially or geographically, without an
Among1 the recent arrivals is
Jtost. familiarly known as Jack.
Designation of weeks for special
this or that, has got the general pub
lic worked up in favor of a week that
does not look well in print.
Science reports the moon 1500
miles off Its track. This accounts
for corn tassel blondes becoming au
tumn brunettes with the usual 10
days notitce. - '- -
Virgin weeds are flourishing in the
big district.
Auto-intoxication was rampant on
the Sabbath.
Civil war impends in China. China
nd the Chinese never fight anybody
but themselves.
The Galshevikiat are now falling
for their names tattooed on their
knees. This will eventually result in
electric sign garters.
Reaneries or putting1 too
milk in the water again.
Jawyers journvy-'to 'J'vllle'
week to see that justice Is done.
WASHINGTON. April 24. Elim
ination of the storage battery, the
most expensive part of the home
made radio rereiving Bet is now pos
sible, according to the bureau of
standards of the department ot com
The receiving sets Tequire a bat
tery to light the filaments of the
electron tubes.. The new Bet-devel
oped by the bureau of standards
makes connection with the ordinary
electric lamp socket.
The set may be made with any type
of antennae and special modes of
connection. It is even - possible to
UBe the electric light wires them
selves as the anennae. The receiving
Bet consists essentially of an ampli
fier with minor auxiliary parts. It is
described in a paper which has been
prepared and will be published by tho
bureau of standards about May 1.
Tool Magneto Doad.
PETERSBURG, Fla.. April 24.
L. 8. SUrrett, head of the Athol Tool
Company, Athol, Mass., and promln
nt in the manufacturing hardware
industry, died yesterday at his win
ter home here. He was 87 years old
Card of Thanks
We desire to extend our most sin
cere appreciation to the many friends
for their kind words and deeds. And
for the many bcauliful floral tributes
and other expressions of sympathy In
the laying away of our beloved mother
. . ...MR. AND MRS. J. C. LAIRD..
UK exported has happened.
is near death, as the result
Angeles, taking the law into their
As usual the (ioblin of the Ku Klux Klan arises to deny all rospoii-
nihility. Of course, a seeiet order, with wo ret circles within secret
circles, can always deny responsibility when its activities, day or
night, are hidden behind robes and
Hut this much is certain. Wherever the K K. K. has been estab
lished in this country, east, west north or south, communities' which
have not been troubled by depredations of masked men in years, are
troubled by them at once. 1'nder
proof, m the public mind, rests with
( f the secret order. It will take overwhelming evidence here, in Los
Angeles or anywhere else, to 'convince the man in the street that the
Ku Klux Klan is in no way responsible for these continued outrages
which nro throwing communities throughout the . country. Into fear
i.iul confusion.
Regrettable as this tragedy is. however, the sacrifice may not
have been in vain, if it will arouse the American people to their
danger, and result in cleaning up this underground lawlessness once
(.nd for all. There is nothing more
j-aid in this column. The issue is plain. If any group of masked men
rrc to be allowed to take the law into
fabric of civilization falls, and we
evervone toting a six shooter with
ful citizen, the Rolshevik who is
Almost time for the humorists
The chief fault of the liking generation is that it seems to be up
in the air most of the time.
About the only moral atmosphere lady jurors have been able to
improve is that in the jury room.
Tradery is so nearly out of fashion that almost everybody knows
now that "limb" means a part of a tree.
And yet we can remember a time when old-fashioneU folk com
plained bitterly because young sports let their horses trot too fast
on Main Street.
Once it was marry in haste and repent at leisure, and now it's
marry in haste and repeat at intervals.
Every time we gasp with dread
develops that he is mcrelv reaching
Life will never be comfortable for the pedestrian until he invents
Sime kind of disguise that will make him resemble a tack.
As the thermometer climbs, the average, man finds it increasingly
difficult to get excited about the threatened coal strike.
borne day a race of supermen
enough to fit the sleeves that manufacturers attach to our shirts.
There seems to be some kind of law against having an adult party
without inviting some loud-mouthed fool who thinks he is wittv.
When a woman tries to do her
brats clinging to her skirts, you can't expect her to call it a "career."
-As tve look over tiie list of those classed as the saviors of civiliza
tion, we can't remember that any of them wore hoods and bed sheets.
, , Some people find it difficult
seven days. But it must jbc remembered that Senator Rved tvasn 't
there. j ,. -
fy Walt
.... ... . t ,
Jlil JACKSON" lias a brand new bus, that glitters in the sun,
and he's a proud and happy cuss, whene'er lie makes it run.
And we might make him gladder feel if we would be but kind,
and hand him out the sort of spiel that soothes the voter's mind.
Alas, we are not built that way, we're stingy with such talk, and
when Ave see .a neighbor gay, our impulse is to knock. And so,
on slow and dragging limbs which wearily we ply, wc push our
selves to Neighbor Jim's and try to make him cry. "Wc view his
car and shake our heads, and look depressed and say, "It's
done up in blacks and reds, nnd makes a brave display; but gin
gerbread and paint and brass don't make a worthy Van; jour
car will never cut much grass, the make's an also ran. They
say its pistons are of wood, its springs won't bear its Weight, its
generator is no good, its frame is out of date. You might have
bought, at smaller price, a boat that's better far; had you but
asked for our advice,',you'd have a better car." And so, in our
poor foolish way, we are but human guysf we try to spoil our
neighbor's day, and turn his grins to sighs. . We're always doing
tricks like thes, and low down tricks they are; and , Jackson
shudders when he seos the bunch approach his car. ,
ndulgences and Bible
The Catholic ChurrJi teaches th 'indulr-noes (remission or
whole or part of temitora punishment due to sin) may be granted
only to thosti who have repented of their Hins, and whose sins have
previously been forgiven by the B'tcrament of I'ennnce. l.N'DULG
HN'CKS AKK AUTHORIZED 1JY THK IilBLK. .Matt. 16, 19... St.
Paul, 2 Corinthians, 2-10.
These advertisements inserted dally and paid for by two native
Medford Catholic business men who believe In their rellKlon.
One man has boon killed, (mother
of a band of .masked men in Lo
own hands.
such circumstances the burden of
a heavy hand upon the members
to be said than has already been
their own hands; then the entire
go back to the middle ages, with
no one safe ami the most success
quickest on the trigger.
trite some more bathing-suit jokes.
to sec Lloyd George slippiri;.
for a better hold.
mav be evolved with arms long
own housework with three yellini,'
to believe! the World yvas made in
?. , ,, ,
m..u '. jj n lis
WE OF 18 10 4
.V litrite number of f.ins turned out
Sumlay (urmuit (u wltties" tin'
IuimiIniII Riiiue between the Jackson
ville unit MviiToi'it tenuis on the Onk
Oi'ovo diamond. vhtrh the latter Wuit
by u score of IS to A. The romlillon
of tho (loltl xlowed tip the pune
HoiUew hut Hiiii was tvHtonmbl for
si'Wia! I'livU'iv .
-.The trioito hml.n double Interest
Cov Medfnrtl fns for besldo the con
test Itself, it mtve them nil oiti Ui
nlty to see the new city tewnt lit ac
tion and drnw eunt'lusioits us to what
limy bo expected from 11. '
Foley was on the drlnK line for tho
locals during the ft cm rlk lunltitiH ninl
kept the Jacksonville hits well sent
tetvd. Montgomery look up the bur
den In the seventh and also heaved
good ball.
The general niukcup of the Mod
ford team looks good nnd they are
a snappy, hitid-wotklnK hunch tlut
will work belter every time they net
1. Is the Negro exi'ectallon uf life
greater or less than a white man's?
i. Which rlty has the greatest
altitude, New York, or Chicago? '
3. Why Is the new wireless called
ft radiograph?
4. Are fish -MvaU-s u-cd t'utiimei -
clutly for unythlim?
. What did the unity vf uecu pu
ltun cmt Germany '.'
0. What wuultl l.tHHUHiu J It) bills
I. What street In Ktiglum! cor
responds to Wall Mtrcet?
S. Did IMIxon Invent the l;ullu-
grupli? !
. When did John Hurt uiighs, the
naturalist, die?
10. What N the meaning of tho
words Santa Ke?
Answers to Yrxtrrtlur tjut'stlnus:
1. What state rank' serond to
New York In motor car registration.'
Ann. Ohio.
I. Which U I he largest eaittil
opened in the I'nlivJ Stales? Ans.
New Orleans Industrial. I V- 1 .
3. What is the largest city in
Japan? Ans. ToUlo.
4. unnlversury of nur In
dependence will l'hil:iie!plit:i cele
brate in 1S2S? Alls. Ses.iui-t'elltell-nifll.
ii. When d stiunils ce:ise to he
roine music and become noiw? Alls.
When the vibrations are l .i than -4')
a second.
6. What is the color of the silver
foK? ' Ans. Chiefly hlack. Some
hojrs fire tipped wiih silver.
7. What caused the tumilier uC
poBtoftlces In thuS country t de
crease? Ans. JCuial frer delivery.
5. What Is the annual averugo
consumption of stigur per person 1"
this country? Ans. iletneen 7 and
100 pounds.
', 9. What large- American city lies
directly north of the l'nnama canal?
Ans. I'ittHhurg. I'm.' , ,
, 10. What Is the liiont important
Island of the Dutc h Hunt Indies? Ans.
- I J&I
L' ' s- I
f ' It I
? t-3Saiir-1
NiiiUiiiiiI Long no.
Si. I.oui.4 It; ('lilt ItMiatl 3.
New York, 1; ltiooklyn, :1,
I'lltsburg, I 4; .t'liletigo, a.
Ai'it t h an 1. can no,
Wnshlngton. 0; .New York II.
t'hlciigo, 3; St. I.oiiIm, 4,
tuhei's not stheiluled.
t'tmst I.eaKiic.
Sail Lake, - ; 1 los , lilies
tl'lrsl game II InnlngM. i . " "
Sitriameiito 3 0; Sad KnilieH'O 7-1
Vernon !-l; SeUllle, i-S. ..(Silcin
isame. 10 iniiliiKsK J(
tViktttnd, -t: I'oitlanil, 5-.1,( i- .
SAN KUANCIsro. April !M,-Slamt-lug
of cluutt In the I'ltelfle I'tuiBt Iiiimo-
ball tongue today Mlow:
w. I.. vt.
Sun Francisco 14 7 .fiilT
Vernon oil li .lilt
Suit t.uke 8 5 .613
Oakland 1U 11 .ITti
Us Angeles 0 II .t.'.U
Sncitimento 9 If AM
Porltuud 7 .4;lS
Scuttle i 1 1 .Sail
NI-:V YoltK lientiy I i.i l il.
lightweight cliiiiiiiiion. received ihi
oder tu box Ted (Kul) I.invia In Lon
don August S. provided Lewis lie
feuts I'arprnticr. ,
NKW Ytl!K Johnny Inindce
Junior lightweight litlc holili r. will
meet la'W- Tcndlcr of l'liiliidelihla In
l.'i rounds at Madison iSnuaic tiHtdeit
May i.
TlKIO tlvcli) university defeated
Indiana base boll team 3 to 1.
W aslilnuloit to Itnce Lust.
NKW YORK. April 2L Kastetn
row titu circles were imni! today over
thf expected entry ef lite I'nlvrrslty
of Wnshltortoit crew, 1'iielfle coast
chatnplnns. In the liilctvolleMOi'e re
K.ittn nt' I'ouklikciiuiiv June iC.
It hud I'ein anticipated that C'ntl-
ternlu. which finishes second to lUej
powerful nav;s crew last t,ir. ai;iiln I
I hereby announce my candidacy for
Die republican nomination for repre
sentative In the state legislature at the
May primary.
I annnunr myself ns a candidate
for Representative in tho I.'Klslitnn
on tho Republican ticket, subject to
the i rinurlci In May
Thos. H. 81mpson. of Ashland,
aiithnrlzes hti announcement a a Can
didate for the nomination tor the office
of County Commissioner r.f Jackson
County, subject to the decision of the!
Republican voters ot said county at
the Primary Kloctlon, May 19th. 1922.
I am a candidate for the nomination
for County Commissioner ot Jackson
ounty, on the Republican ticket, sub
ject to the decision of the voter at
he primary to be held May 19th, 1922.
Ailv OmROR ALKOHI). I'hoenlx.
i fc
Local Distributors I
Would m ini IIH OHl-lllCU CMHl, lllll till)
tleienl of llie Hears Hat HI ilii)' b.v
VVuHliliiiilon by the wlile 1 1 wi i'm I "t
iilne ooKihs wmh ctiiiHlileieil to have
ellil liinleil t'allt'oiiilii an nil cllll'V.
Wanlitnc'lon Iwlco hail raceil In the
collect' IhsmIo, I'liilnliliiK third In
IHia ami (Hilt In lli.ll,
leinp-cv- Ills Hunt, l.uniliiii.
NKW VtHtK. April I. 'I'lie Hs
slhllliii'H of Jack iH'inpscy u ml Uairv
Wills, licHit) lien v uiuhl coiilentler,
nieclliiK In a i Ueiiii'imliii context In
l.niuliiil thin stllilliu r luoinol today tut
i lu Klt'chKtli of a cablegram fnnn
ileorge Mcloniil, ,1'TllM IIhU pt'omiiter.
, Acci. riling-to tr I.llngs, KngllHh
ft 1 1 insimger, ItovV.Jrt New York, h
l-eciiM'd ilie f'llluwliig tiiessiiK" Inst
iiIkIh rmm Mcnuiiiihl:
" 'an yell ! Wills In tiiiiie to l.i'll
rlon to ti Dwrnpsej 7 -
Wills, when Ittfi.iuu'il or thn tjiilile
mam. annotmceiV lit "would lie ready
In depait on tltu first heat," litil his
inilimsef elleifU mi colllliieni, ex-
K-ent In m.iC t k as 'Vitlllil ax.i On i-HiiMii.i
for IciivtiiK let.'" .
Iolio;s did tint ludlcato whether
lie Inid soiorlit It ileflnlte ttnsner to
lcli nin Id's rallies ram.
liiinpsev, so fur ns Is known here,
lias not mined nt tlelcs for tiny mtiti h
In connection with his present tour o'
Lurol'.' altlioliKli ho llas uiniinim ed
his w illlntiueas to meet I'm iietilli'i- In
a leliii u i i.miili un lit or it 1 1 y oilier
Ktiri'iieun conti'iolei s.
Nolle tu W.RC.
v,Meol til tlm l.i'Kiun hall til ,;iti
slim p. I'ioki uiii will bi'iim nt llliih
School nt,, COMMlfTKi;.
Two-Piecc Suits
$35 to $50
Three-Piece Suits
$40 to $55
Wc Make Them
'Nuff said
Fir M.OO Tlrr ami up. I
tsh r.ttg Coal StO.ftO Ton. S
Cor ris anl Tilrl
Medfbrd Grocery; C
; Z
Tweed top coats, full
silk lined $30.00
Sport Suits, Silk lined
$40 to $50
Skirts $9.00 up
Knickers $9.00 up
China Herb Store ,
Tills i to rtrnry Omt film Cliun of
I Mi'ilfunl. lite., ha cuivl his irf I'lilrs
, ami stomach trootile, H. M, Lvuiwrd,
i :u J rt , lit, ma I'ssh,
T! is is tu crrtlf)' that tltin f'tiuns of
j Mnirurd. tri-. Ims Clire.1 inn of runtUM
; or f"ur yests' "isiullng I'. J. isliii,
II) rl HI . tlrnnls l's. tKs.
Me.Unrd, ir.n&n, 3-. 11. I'll
I This lai io rrilfy Ituit f. :tl wl
I alttnrd, lind r swvert) slmiueli truul.U
ami )md bwn Oolltere.1 fur a ami )rt
i nnd last Annual ns uot rtliMWlsd J
Ihr. nnd im uf tlliu Chuns (whusf
llrrli slum M a I 311 Knuttt In.lit alt"!. I iI.i-hI.hI i gnl linfUS for tut
; siiiinacli trnulils, sul I startnl to Irrhnu us vim us I usr'l tiirin uml twhiy
am a r II nmu nml ran heiililr rin
mi'itil nn.itiiia nfrllrtn,! us I was to
tiiin t"liim mu try Ills li-rla
tM1)in.i , , V, It, JuilNtlON.
i Wlturssrl
Wrn l-ia, Ka(W Pnlnt '
vv, u riiii.irfiii, 1'oitit
X, A. Amlnrsnn, Nl.ofdtil.
H ft lli.liiira, Ksslo loin i.
t". K. MiKifn. ICajtln l"olnl.
J V. Mclutyrr. La a In I'uloL
it.m Vi-n il"r ll'-li.Mi. Iluiiia I'olnt.
TKiw I-: a. ratals I't'lni
Two Tior 12 inch Pino, One
Tier 12 hioh Oak nnd Laurel,
all for $2.75 a Tier.
Phone 551
jMcdf ord," Oregon r.
; i 1.,W, CASTER. 28