Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 14, 1922, Page 5, Image 5

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    Mfinrohn matl TTiTP.TncE. AfEnronn okfiov. fhtdav. 'avuil ii. 1022
Burnt! J, Will in puuMiul away ul tint
IlllllKI llf l)r Hill), H. It. I'twllle, 111
Ho mil J lolly ut 0 u. in, today, ul the
unit of K" gears'.
lkcoiiad ,wiin liinii In t.'nluwiiy cnuti.
ly. Md., In in nr., Hor KiiuiiliiiidlH'r wna
n ilmildii amain of 1,1-wlii. of Ia'w In iiihI
Clark faiiiii, tlm expluivi a of tlio l'n
cl(U const.
Mm. Walls ulm ' ticiiru u l uu and
Splendid record M II HlllOlll Irliuliol'.
dim Inning rullowo I tliut proreaalon
from the lilto of J 7 to '0 ywtra.
HIlO IfllVCH three SOU "iiinl one
dunithter, Jits, 1', Castile iiml Mr. M
J. ('Mint, of KI11111, Wash., M. K. Walts.
Whlloa, Wash., itnil H, II. Castile of
ruiii'rul sorvlro mil Ij.i hold ut I Ik'
Chapel of Wih"Ii Conner Co., ut 2. 3d
Sunday iiiulcr niiapU'i'i of thn Heveutli
Day Adventlst church, of wnii h aim
wan a member, Interment In JtuliH'ti
vltlo cemetery.
Father Champion Leaves for Europe
t "..ft 1
7 it
1 C. v 1 ! M, ' X- ;
. ' V 'l V1 S . 1 '
' & 't'tt'n V rJiJ ' ft" ' ' ' fi
.tuliniiy Klllmnr, finihi-rw clttlit ill iiiiiplun. with Mm. Klllinno nntl thflr
il iiiuliii r, .Mmy, who .liil on tlm H. . Aiiiliniii for JK(ion unJ mhr
lltiioiiiiui ii'iiu-rn on mi t'Kti'lti'd t'linniir Juunf f
li:I,KAHT, Ailll H.-lly lln. Ai
New Books at County Library
ih In 1 i'U ' I'M') -A Kiufiiiy iMi-rt!.'
Ill Id Ifimt IN .i il. l( .y llilmo Who
lime WiiUlw.J lln- m'irii i.f illn
OlOl'IK lulu. Il 111 11 Iralllt of u lull-
ts'rii-d minik on 11 imiiol t t iumtlul rlnnl
roiiataoii-ii lit Joy Mrwl Lint nlKhl.
Thi iinlrol nun in.ikliie Iin iuiiiuIh
fcfUT III rurfvw hour li n IhuW
flrliiK fiom wliul.i 11 11 J iiMit
hoiiihIimI fmir of ilio i.fKiivm, Tim
nttm k oc. in 1. il in dm hi on inn ni
Kiirtlior Mluiut IIiicm nltlioiitilt iot ir
IivVimI to have ln-.. m tiio tint u re of
reprlNtta, t-:iirrd lotlny ut th tcr
Inlimllun of tlm rtufvw i'rliHl. All
took pliu'v In Cruiullii io:nl. iho niilix
fiom thn .ti' of Itmi nlKlit'K nffalr.
Tim flint Ui'tlin im 11 MotiNt:int
Iwihi'i' iitttiifit ' r 111 1 I. wliu wiii
Fletlort .AlMiifcon, Ailvunritl cjurm In Yogi
Ali. llaiiil iiuij.) fublon; A loot;, i ililk'Miiliy litnl Orluutul ocoiiIUmiii;
1'iul 111,1-irliuM; liunKi. Alien lu litutt- Karl, JIuklnK Koii ioliiUrs for Hie
HuroJ.i Y NohI. Ciutsnr or.younK man of tuaiorrow; Munlen,
li'-ni'l. Tlio ln'KtnnitiK r iiaklim llfo a tuaMtoriiluco; I'urinton,
DuniUKCH of 55,0m wcro nwurd'.-il V-
dny to Vincent Kmi Uinlxtk, 27, of"
Kanton, I'a., Iy n Jury In tlio llutlnon
oouiity nuperlor Coi.rt wlili h fnnnil h
wuB tlio lllcKltluititc ;iiiii(lon of tlio
lulu Jlonry 1ombt-tk, mlllionalra tirew
or, ! tntltlcd l' a uliure In tin;
i-hUIC. .
According U) tcblktony ut th trial,
tlio plaintiff mother, 41m. Joliliio
DoC'nrllor CoukIiIIii, wa employod
tlilrty y-ar ago ih a cook in a real-1
dunce nur the Lt'inbuck' mumVn. J
Blm bocany) acuuinted -Willi' the
bn-wer'i on, Victor, who Is allfiflcd to
have etiltTed Into a common law niAT;
rlagu with Jier. Jut before tlio iliilf
was born, Victor S alk-Kod to hive
oonftmiMid that ha ulrf iuly was niarrlod
and to have olwbl with the woman J
not "to wreck tila lite.'' Blie went to !
KaHton und raliifil hor Hon. unknown
ta frknda of the Limbeck family until
the salt was filed few months ago.
Taste is a matter of
t5b.-icco quality
We t'atc it as our honct
brlicf that the tohacrm used
irr Chcitcrfield are of finer
iiu!i!V (and hence of better
tae) than in any other
cigarette at the prire.
I-'ZS'U V Mjrtrt Ttbata Ci.
lttVA hi l. Atl
Lower Prices
20 now 18c
10 now 9c
(Two lOV-lRc)
of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos blended
rOHTI.AND. Ore, April H. The
hUU- hlKhway commlaxton wa In itvu-
(Ion lu-re today oix oini; bid for con- j
t ratio on road and brldce work mtt-J
doiu; t'ublo. . Kim uid'a linttoiy; Con- The triumph of tuo man who acta;
lltir T(l lilfll lliul liHtll' I'unrflrf ifoln Tim luiuinnafl et li.klnfrM ft
Tn'.h.m; fn.wloy. A dauKhtcr of now J llosant, MnMicm; Ciiiant, Theoaophy "u,d t0 coat ftiHroxlmau-ly ircoo.
r'mnro; Ulblm, Youth triumphant; and th Thwmojihlca! aoclety; Une. ww beina; ointd on 20 pro-
. mi. linn..!.!, onri' nuouru uio iiikkt, i no iron oi ticiut), iiiikkr, .oiicku j,h.( for )ttVliiit. prading and ma
Kln. -4'ho litpty KUik; McKo. llr-!llfi; Cooper, Why t- rolloce; llrad- cKdamUlnar. aKKretiutini; 150 mll-i
anil for 1J blidifoa.
Klgun s were to
IxiurM of niciiioiy; . MacKpntle, Hbiiliiy, Yoimik folks' tncyilopedla of ell
nliitlv-a; Moatitoiiiniy, Kill of In:k-- j nurtte; UlarrMt. The chum of fine t tulmlutd and thn convibwion
Bldo; Overton, The anaworer;' Quit k. jmnnnrra; St rvlwi. Aatronomy with the to mk award tomorrow, ecconnu
Aliul.lm Ac t:o.; Itullnnd. Clorambault: Inakvd eye; fUHhnian, CliimlHlry end to niiountmriit nt noon.
lt..i.V. Ttm Inland : Hulmtlnl. Hrara. jclvillr.atkm; Drummond. Ascont t' "i" "f r,,Bir? I1
... , . ., . , ,. , , , ,. than thoiw for hlKhway or re
iiioiicIik; Hiiclair. I ho luiud. orac. 'miin; JnckBon, Out ttinK our nerves: i..... ... nt
owntutd wiiii" ri-turninir from . i.rowlni; ui; alxili'. Tim younn en OulUk, The efficient life; J'ylo, A num. j,iKhway fiiKlnccr Nunn,
wirtk, tho (mcond. a oruoi-iilion cbanled; Wolla. The ninn who Ml ! mil of p.ronul hyKlenc; tialbreath. T. I
rfnir. rnthollr, who wna ahet and la in,,,,.,..), ,i, ,.ni, wt.ii.. Th ...nilu ,.t.Mr n, i in,. ,,,.,i
fna ,y::t,rn,,:n:.rm!:r-,.r l'- W..l..,r. ..r.,,,,.: V.,,!,,.., jtlon; K,k. The battle with tubercu-
irtaiit. who UKd iii ttt.- aire.t after I Nor-Flctkm IobU and bow to win it; Otla, Tijlwrcu.
in ahot. Abhoilanniulii, How ti be a YokI; IokIh, lla rnuHe, cure and prevention;
1 - '-1 1 .aj 11 Spair.iliuu. Your doK and your cat, how
taftrt. luuclieona and dinnra, how to
rortland aaaoclation before coins to organization he la one jf the Vice
the foreign fteld and ton freely r-oK-;, presidents. A meeting la scheduled
nlaed a one c the moat outstanding; witn the gtate hghw8y cotnmlaslon on
lilfll 111 4. .11. . J. .I ll Cll'S II1U
northweat has produced. "Hia worli
matters pertaining to the nae of tne
J. C. Clark, tor the past ten ycara
awijciated general aecrtiary of the
Shanghai Young Men's Chriatian a
aociatlon, will visit the valley May 17,
according to word recently received
from tho-Y. M. C. A. state office.
Mr. Clark had been for some years in
in China has bei-n remarkable. Ten- u r'
tatlve efforts have been made to have Prations, and other matters of m?w
Mr. Clark speak nt the forum dunc-h- tance to the telephone Industry will
eon of the Chamber of Commerce. , be taken Up. " '
He will probably be ued for a pub- , Latiie-. .t mfin. einiind
ln th0 'and dyed In a superior manner. 8end
your garments to Forsythe, UB Miatle
toe. Phone 341. Packages called for
and delivered. 20
"Beauty s the first gift that nature
gives to women and the first she takes
away." E. liurnham'a toilet rerjulsltles,'1
shampooing, hairdreaslng, manicur
ing, facial massage, scalp treatments.
lie address ln Ashland and
high schools of both cities.
A. J. Vance left for Portland this
afternoon to attend a meeting of the
Market News
executive committee of the Oregon; hair dyeing. Medford Beauty Shop,
chare" .f th boy' depnrf mont of the . Local Telephone Association; of which ' Medford Building. Phone 191-L. tf
New Oxfords and Shoes for men, from
$5.00 up to $9.00 ' ;
New Strap Pumps and Oxfords for women,
from $5.35 up to $8.75
We have (pent thirty-four yean in thd shoo game, and
thirty-four year, is a long: time, we fit your, feet, we don't
guess Bt it. Like any other profession, we take pride in our
HOW TO FIT THEM." ". " '
rOHTI-AND. Ore.. April 14. Cattle
!plan them, how to servo them, how to nominal; no receipts. Hogs nominally.
oen.ivo ai iumiii; .Martin, Make your leady; no receipts. Sheep steady
jown hula: Drake, Maternity without receipts 43 8.' f . -
atlfferlnK; lllbson. Wltcleaa telegraphy l 3 '"'' :
.and telephony; Arthur, Home bulldors Gutter
KUide; Kit by, Ihirfmllls, narcissus and
how to bmw them.
vOooo Shoes"
PORTLAND, Ore- April 14. Butter
steady; extra cubes 30tfi3!c; under-.!
grades "So; cartons 36c; prints 35c;
SYDNEY, N. S., April 14 This city, j Dutterfnt, No.. 1 thurning cream 3&c
due lo coW'strikes and long do pros-' r.o.b. rortland; undertfrades 33c. '
alon in the steel industry, is "broke."! '
according, to Mayor Kltztterald. Until! San Franciaco MlrkeU
June no more checks for civil em-! BAN FHANC1SCO, April 14. (IT. S.
ployes will be cashed, tho mayor an-'bureau of Markets). Eggs, extra firsts
nounced. beeuuse there are no funds 27c; extra pulh'U 24 He; undersized
ut the bank to meet such paier. j.o. 1, 2lHc Poultry unchanged.
(Siiuc 11112', B
M- jam.
Thin ix ii ww vgg ( iiuinuilt'i'il or
money ivfuuilotl. Will not milk
or jcllo. Is firm nml will slay on
hook, no mutter how mtiny easts
you , make. To try u can will be
We carry it line of Gul.l Meilul
Camp Furniture, to make tin? trip
more comfortable. , '
'I'lic Tourlftt Wont Stay 1-oiig if I-'or.
cat J'lie Nmoko lllilcs the Scenery.
Southern Ore. Hdwe. Co.
Phone 300
203 West Main
Spend moderately on your past- I
nge and yet r,et the maximum m
comfort and service. Sail Irora
Montreal or Old Quebec . two
days down the picturcs'iio St.
Lawrence only 4 days open aea.
Ariitocratlc serutcf at
domocruKc area on
f -1 t -..,f II 4 J -ft
rttrtlier Infoi'miiHon from local railway uml Htouintilili) nBonts, or
V. II, JU'Hi'oii, (Ion. Agl.,' I'niiM. Dept., fiS .Third .St.. rtirtlnnd. ..Oregon.
mL fairyM
The Wishing Frog Fish or the Angling Fish.
SNihiKCUS and Plmale had Iw-cn ever an liiterpmril in Stella's account
of tlio KlnuiKi" llttli I'll Kili. of how It la a emiMln of the tiny Soa
Jhano, uinl of how Imth Mr. l'lpo KIkIi uml Mr. Si a Horn, have pourli
pockets In whVh to carry tlii lr lutbloii, ami of Imw pinir Mrs. Sea
ilorKo ami Mra. l'l Kinli huvu uu such (kh Kat siicli as Mrt.
Knni;aron has.
"t ahoulil think the mother Flali wouM' fort awfully unhappy ahout hav
ing lint hiilili-K uhruis kuIiii lo their fattier Inateail of t. arr." exclalnrd
SiiooKiuiiH. "Tell uu, Stella, ilenr, can you ttnnk of any other queer fish
to till alKot? I i'a Iota of fun to hear of them !"
The Utile Winning Kairy did not answer for several momenta, for she wa
I hUiKlng jiiHt as hard u alio coulit think.
"Yen," ahe replied at length. "1 can tell yon of just uhout the atraugest
Kih iniagiiiahle I Yon are now going to hear shout the Fishing Krog !"
"(Hi!" riled l'linsie. Ill a disappointed tone. "1 thought we were going lu
hear of a mranun .
"Well," luugliril Stella, 'and an j-ou are. ICven tlioagh It l called R
KlnliliiKlKrou it u a Kixll and It alio la often enllod an Angler Fiah. Here."
and tne Vnlt. v slopped to pluck a blado of grunx which in some magic way
Hiiddeuly elianged into a Kairy pencil, "I'm going to draw- a picture of this
'Angler' so Hint you can sco Just what it loukg like and how It In no way
reminds one of a Krog."
Tho two Urownlea leaned over to have a good Iwk while ahe was
"This Ayigler l-'Wi la a large creature from three to five feet Ions."
Stella explained. "It haa a dig head and a short fat body ending In" a long
thin tail, and it la Just about as ugly as anything could possibly he. lu
mouth la simply huge, while lta teeth are longi cruel and pointed end also
movnhle!" r
'Movable!" exclaimed rimalo in aniaaement. "Do you mean to'aay that
It can move lta tenth?" . ; .
"Yea," laughed Stella, "but It can't remove them I Well, to go on with
my atory. ' This Angler Is covered with a naked akin I ineun by that, that
It haa no ariUeH nu ll am cover other Kluli, but Instead Its skin ia roughened
with warta and bumps."
"It is also very clever, it"
'Mow la It clever?" asked l'lmsto curiously.
"It's the siinie greeny brown color as tho grond tinder the aea. and. as It
knowa It, thlu la what It doca to catch smaller Kish, which art what it eats-
It aura around anit around uml thoroughly muddles tlm water so that It can't
he aeon, thou It ahakca li.o lung, thin, threadlike filament that utunda up
.from the top of Its head, (Yon cart kco lt in tho picture) The passing
Flanea see trie shining up or tuis tiiamenc waving uo above, thn nuidil eil
water and, thinking it Ih sonicthlng good to eat. couui near It and arc sud
ilonlv aeiaed by the Angler.
"J'lmt la how tho Angler trot Its name. It angles or fishes, for other
Klsh. It la ulso exceedingly" greedy, Sometlinea when Humana angle, this
hungry thing grabs a Fish Just aa the Fish la about to grab the fisherman's
hook ,111.1 la hauled up
hanging on , to tho
FIhIi, and It won't let
go until It Is knoekod
on tho head."
"V h c n fishermen
hook an Angler they
ni'vr.r throw it away,
even though it la not
Koou in ui : mey nuvw i . r
it bocitutio they know Li?"j-
tllHl .wnen tney cm
opun the atomneh of
tiila greedy-1 it tin nion.
ster they are aura to
find it uulto full of
freshly swallowed
smaller Klahi" '
The Parlor Tea Rooms (1
Announces Its Opening JS I
I: to Patrons ' p
April 15, 1922 ' 11
Woolworth Building ' ' ' Jl
. Afternoon Tea 3:30 to 5:00 l
, Luncheon 11:30 to 1:30 ' ; i
AXGLUit iiau
riionu lliortilway 0(1