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    rKTlTT TWO
Focal and t
f1 Personal
S. A pompier ladder it tin latest addi
tion to the equipment of the Medford
Hie department. It lu H foot ladder
with a strong book at Its upper end,
for uh at fires Id high, buildings as a
reacuihR apparatus where a structure Chief of Police J. W Hatcher went
is-without fire escapes, and t enable j to the state line Monday where he
firemen to scale from floor to floor, 'recovered a Chevrolet .ear with a drlv
!J. A. Ormondy, assistant goueral
passenger agent of the Southern Pa
! ciflo lines, spent yesterday on business
in loe cuy, Hopping ort on a return
visit north from San Francisco. ,
Flean, lulling to Wtmof dance, Jan.
21. ' ... 153
For business opportunities In S. Ore
gon cobault the Four-Site Bales Agency
j room 421 Medford bldg., phone 900. tf
Twatlfe belts are a laii 'if The new
ladder equipment. t
Ewrywnere you look you
Chevrolet. " i .1 ' t
shaft broken. Reetmla ahow that it
was stolen from Portland on January
un tnv car wnsr pinned' -a note stat-
tfjliuf Wat It nad betjn; loft for repairs. J Chevrolet.
The curtain at the Knights of Pyth
ias minstrel show tonight will rise
promptly at 8:30, And the audience la
asked to be sooted at that hour ready
for two hours of solid enjoyment.
Invest your saving m the Jackson
County Building and Loan associa
tion. The city council has consented to
reduce the improvement assessments
of the Frvo Methodist church for a
finxl settlement the same as has been
done with other churches.
Knlmknh t:im nrnt'tlrit nmt.iv nftor.1
fnoon at 3:30 p orv.ptly at 1. O. O. F. , Ktfrn committee of Ida Washington
' ' , ;57 : cvnft-rence tmlny adopted two res uu-
Kvervwhere rou look vmi nwi l"l" uwuinn who- kinnw runways
WASHINGTON:" Jan. l.-Tho Fnr
tro.nnd then bosun consideration of the
Ml". John TYpitorlrk Maorvn nar1rr In the Caf were ' 'overcoats. ' tools, a I 1 ,.. i a,.., j. nt.ihw ilnt1nr mnimttmint4 In
.. , ... ... . , I i I rdi. irvinx IDHK tu ASiiinnu ue-i " - -
impersonator and humorist appeared I clock and a,y deposit box bearing ,jwrix, a Kr,,at y e-.iJo)-ed address to! China,, the lust item on the' Chinese
before the high school yesterday with' tne name of William K. Cole, Seattle, j lh ... . .ko Ktti lent bodv veater-! r th onfrne agenda.
special reading nnd elicited hlshcat ash. Ashland Tidings. .iav -rtw,n 11., uM.vt ' One of U 'railroad resolutions
which he was stabbed In the neck, and j1'? CaM! Co., left yesterday for o
who has since
police court for
counts ami Ah
not known,, will be .brought lnt court,1
PPe.MaI attention to children s teeth. ..Mc,(h of Ttf! KlJ ,Uno the' adopted, presented by Sir Auckland
aJT h, fibjort does not sunl particularly , British detection.
Bid. Phone office 2S5, Res. 331-B ; alIar1ns ovrlnx t0 Mr. Yln,us-S aWltty , isle. the power and China aHlo..t
-51 u. . ...... 1,.. ., .! ,k ..v..i 1 "unfair discrimination." In railroad
A nice dressy raincoat for 7-59 at; w0 ,,L ' u-it nr..t.r i rates and facilities. The other, by
South 1 , ik,' . ' ,.. v- I Secretary llufthea, expresses hone in
A a. ..... I ..!...... .. Ik. I ......
See them at the Riverside T"'lUMl u"""u
roans unoer (.ninese coniroi. 110m
comniendatlon and mtfeuclasm on the
part pf the scholars and teachers. . Mf.
Mason is in the city to (five an enter
tainment at the First Baptist church.
Friday evening.; i ,i ; , 8i6
Ceorpe GrlKsby who was engaged in 1 8. Army Oooda Store, 3
1110 uri wim uie ;iwnaji masic-1 (selves,
ians late last Saturday fatcht durlns I 1 pat Welch of the RoRue River Val-!
j Garage,
,u " 1 ' - : ; I (Kvirge T. Col lns and Diwa Dnrrell j
failed to appear in week bushiew 1 visit .In San PrMctaoo. ft h fcu Bhnrt
'r fcta hearing xm threej TUg dajce n ''a- riJf I buMne,a triMo Klamath Us. The,
tU;se whereabout ai!Urtrt. Free tranaportatloa. TickeU.. ' R.,Br, ,, M1(fl W
Gtvirge T. Collins and Dana Barrel! wor Pl aubstantially In the form
presented yosieroay, aitnouttn a tew
minor changes were niado.
hen the subject of existing com-
Snappy dances at Wlmer Sat Jan. 21
Kvorywhere you "look you see a' wltmer.t was taken up it wss suk
i Uonua plan or pay with i wWe' n(l tilcker tTead thur wear, . ,
1, like rent Gold Ray;,oner. Riverside Garaca. 4 HI tr
yr. . tf i Tbe .monthly meeUaj ef the Crater. pLT"
removed to 520 North. Grape St
Rested that all the nations repre.'wnted
by Chief of Police Timothy as aooa as
I19 can be found. Warrants for his ; 25SJ There'was born to Mr and Mrs. R ifwrt,lah ne committee with a Hat of
arrest were issued tnis mornlne; on the Mrs- T- A- Howell left yesterday ! p Flac.h pf jaeksonyj'u,," ln tn) rjw ! treaties and BKreemeots relatlnjj t
charges .of aellinj Intoxicating liquor. ! afternoon for Portland. She eipects; ' . hnital a 'v.m nound ' ChlM and the proposal was agreed to
havlaa; siK-h liquor in his poeeesslon : to return about the end or the week. 1 '
and Cor . wUcltlng tk rte of liquor. ;- ' JJiB-w' - ' Mrs. Jank Parter. dressmaking.
unaer aoiuiera
share of crop,-
Realty Company,
Marshall Hooper, vice president of Lake chapter D. A. R.. win be held ( . . t ' ? " h,( ' 'd delegates indlcatod afterward that
the First State & Savin, bank ol 8.8. Smith. 7 IW. Eleventh wl .SPj SSu"! Pfl th9 list to b. la the
business here as usual.
MSON county
Haydsn Jones, manager of
the Photo shop left for Portland last
tentatively. The lists furnished are t
cover secret as well as public under
standings. " Although it was said that the agree
ment to furnish' this information wns
only tentative In character, moat of the
Klamath Falls, and formerly assistant street, Saturday. Jan. 21st at 1:30 p.rn
state- bank" examiner, has resigned.) Wonderfully good. Re4 Ribbon of
C B. Wailes, formerly of the, Bankers f- 1 ' -; . ' 1 2S8
Trust company of Portland, has been t ' &ah and doors. Med turd Lumber Co.
named to suecaed" him.
Trenci shoes with or without hob
nails at Army Goods Store, 32 South
Central avenue.
The Parent-Teachers circle of the
Washington school will hold their reg
ular meeting Friday afternoon at 3
o'clock. There will bo a program and
refreshments. : - .
Letters received ia the city from Mr.
and Mrs. John A. Westerlund, who are
sojourning in Honolulu, state that they
are greatly enjoying the life there.
They have taken a bungalow on the
beach only a short distance from the
Elks Club, which in itself make a hit
with Uncle John. They have met a
number of former Medford people ia
Honolulu, including Mr. and Mrs. Otto
Klum. Mr. and Mrs. a A. MaJone, and
Sergeant Fred Hopkins of. th U. S.
Marine corps, with whom they had
dinner recently. Fred ii stationed oa
2uty at Honolulu. .
Hard times made easy, buy ranches
without money, pay with share of crop,
like rent; Gold Ray Realty Company.
'-: tr
Madrons Dairy has certified Jersey
; 8 ? r ..;(! ' ' "s S 4 1
. The employes of the Grants . Pa&s, s
Medford and Ashland branches ot the j
StlnHnnt All Mmnnn, will . 4 .. . I
dance this evenlnj in the American t?8Chofl b.u,"'f-
The Southern Oregon Lumber Co.
will offer good 2i4's at their mill at
end .North Central at from $13 to $1S
for balance ot month. tf!
The Lincoln School Parent-Teacher
circle will meet Friday afternoon at
hands of the secretary-general of the
conference before the commlttoe re
sumes Us session tomorrow afternoon.
Legion hall in the Medford building.
About thirty couples will bo present
and a midnight supper will bo served
after the danee. .;..
Come to, Wlmer Sati .Jan.. 21, Peer
less orchestra. - ''" -' - - J58
- When la need ot sash and doors.
air "Wallace Woods. 10S or come to
THE. Main St. - ..
Pete Corum left this morning for
Corvallls where he will attend the
O. A. C. Mr. Coram will enier the
school of commerce. . 'i -i. ' 0
The soonor you try the saoner youll
like Red Ribbon coffee. s 258
Only a few lots on paving left. Got
yours at once at City HalL . tf
Dr. Frank Roberts, dentist. Deuel
Bldg. Telephone 503-R. tf
John Mack, who drank a half pint
Does your Ford start hard these
cold morn lags? Wo guarantee to make
It start right or no charge. Riverside
Jack Hoffman of Dorwn and Brown's
while doing so mo heavy lifting Tues
day afternoon tore, loose, a ligament
in his back, and was forced to go home
where be is under a dotcor's care. The
injury is exceedingly painful but .not
serious. .... . . ...
All kinds of mill blocks. Valley Fuel
Co. : ' '
Mr. and Mrs.-Hal W. Bingham end
Misa,. Eleanor have: returned from an
extended visit at Santa Barbara, Calif.
William Nosier of Klamath Falls, Is
among the out of town visitors in the
city this week.
Lime, cement Medford Lumber Co.
N. Y. Stocks
of denatured alcohol ' last Saturday i 1 Bnmmef ; excurstou rates 1 on the
night and was a very sick man for a
day or two later, and whn vm riven
I the choice of paying a fine of f20 or of
milk and cream from tuberculin tested
cows, for sale. Phone 201-J. 257
Carl F. Carlson and M. Audrey Mor
ris, both cf "Ashland were united in
marriage by. Acting Justice ot the
Peace Farrell at 3:30 n. m. Wednes
day afternoon, ia that official'a office. !
sen-ing 8 days in the jail, for intoxica
tion, was later given an hour to leare
town. Ha left quickly by the freight
tmla route. . - ... ..
Peerless orchestra, Wlmer dance.
Jan. 21.- ,,-. - " 258
New and reclaimed O. D. breeches
Peerless orchestra at Wlmer dance, I and shirts at U. S. Army Goods Store,
fcaturday, Jan. 21. - 2E8
Shakes, shingles. Medford Lbr. Co.
A rural school, near Central Point
was broken into last Saturday or Sun
day night, and the marauders wrote
objectionable literature on the walls.
The sheriff's offjee is working on the
case. ... ' . - . .
A new and complete stock of ma
chine needleB. Deuel's Art Dept. .:
Army slickers 31.00 at V. S. Army
Goods Store, 32 South Central avenue.
- 2&8
The Elks lodge initiation will begin
at 8 p. ra. tonight, and a large atten
dance of members is looked for. . ,
un: Doy: I'eerless orchestra at
Wimer dance, Sat, Jan. 21. ' ' 23S
We are atlll selling Velvet tobacco
2 for 25c at V- B.Aray .Goods Store.
32 Houth Central., . , ; 1 258
Wci5 0. Tait arrived home this fore
noon from a business visit in Portland.
8yltex Ropo 6tUr--f)!ack and colors.
Free ifletructlons. Deuel's Art Dept.
Beat tho burglar. Insure with R. A.
Helmed. The lusurar-ia Kan.' tf
Tho U. fi. senate ha passed Repre
sentative Sjnnott's bill to extend for nesday was right
10 years the prefereuce right of. entry land in the arly
for aoldiors oa the. opening pf public
lands, granting them S0 days' prefer-t-nce
in oIectkn of .homesteads,-,.
A new and complete line of Package
Goods. Royal Society of Lo Morite.
l'Vee Instructions. Deuel's Art Dept.
Please remember that classified ads,
locals and small ads are cash in ad
vance. Bring ln your ads and do not
use telephone. ' ' 1 , : ; ' tf
OueeU at the Hotel Medford include
, J- S; Parker of New; York, Mr. and Mrs;
' Peter Schmidt of Columbus, Neb.,' It
Oleuson and W.. L. Jordan of Seattle,
, W.. Eleanaer of . Los Angolcs, j A.- &
Oeagg of Salem and W, F. Thompson
of San Francisco. b ,
Fat goat meat from the Webster
32 8. Central avenue. " 258
Fresh milk delivered mornings.
Phono 2S-J-3. . 260
Among guests at the Hotel Holland
are C W, Cottam of Chicago, Thomas
R. Campbell of Portland, Mr. and Mrs.
H-iJ.. Burton of Minneapolis, Minn.,
H. K. Devereaux of Seattle, and A. L.
Adamson and C. Beck of Eugene.
Frozen automobile, tractor and truck
cylinders welded, ' re-inforced and
guaranteed. . Only tho finest pre-heat-In
a; fuels and metals used. Vulcan
Welding Works, 3D S. Front street
When better automobile mrm Dalit.
Bale will ffnlld them. ' tf
Hot coffee and light lunches, ta
males and chili con earns at DeVoe's.
A drive for new members will bo
held -by Josephine County Farm Bur
eau, in cooperation with the drive by
the state bureau, beginning January 23
Southern Pacific from middle went and
eastern points become effective May
15th, and expire September 30th,
When In need ot shingles and roof
ing call Wallace Woods, 108, 711 I.
NEW YORK. Jan. 19. Stocks.
other than a few selected industrials
and utilities, were freely supplied to
day. Lighter money rates contrib
uted to the general reversal. Sales
approximated 650.090 shares.
American. Beet Sugar......... 312
American Can . - .. U4
American Car A Foundry 14. J
American Hide A Leather pfd 61
Ameriean Locomotive .tv.i.a
American Smelting St I'.ofg IT. 3
American Sugar ... t3
Anaconda Copper 49.3
Atchison ,7.
Atl. Calf ft W. Indies 29 7
Baltlmoro ft Ohio ...,31.1
Bethlehem Steel "B" 5S.$
Canadian Pacific ....125
Chandler Mottrs 59.5
Cbsapoake & Ohio .: 3K.S
Chicago, Mil. ft St. Paul 19.
The circuit court of Marlon county
bus upheld th flog license law and
tho county clerks hnvo been tuittr not
ed by tho attorney (tetieral'a office to
proceed with tho collodion thereof.
The law requiro tv.e payment Of $1
Htjenne for male doirs, nml 12.50 tor
females.- County Clerk FJorey has
received 600 llcntixes and collars for
The penalty fr non-payment of the
dog license Is death to the dog. and
the sheriff mntntnlna that a dog Is
entitled to life, liberty, and tho pur
putt of cats, us long as ho does not
go mad. and bite somebody. Last
year Sheriff Terrlll. flntfootmlly re
fused to have any canine blood on
his hands, rid forla'tho sm way
aho'it it thltr year. If any dogs re
k'IMed tf will not be by tho shcrlfr.
who 'seos no swine in being mean
hint to knock a dollar out of some
body." - ,
T'.ie law is appllcabio alike to city
ud Country dog, the owners of city
dn claiming they are hit twlco In
the ro'?ketbook, once by the city li
en", and once, by tho ftatoi ' On tho
other hand, the country dog own
ers say their dog perform good work
In ridding the world of peat, guard
the kids, are fairly sood companf,
any pUice, or time, and behave thorn-
selves whou they come to town. The
hoot tho contention of sheepmen tUa'
dogs kill sheep, and furthermore, ar
gue, that a dog thus Incllued, will do
the deed, as quick with a license, a
without one.
Last year dog owners did not tvir
out any doors In the fourthom try.
ing to get a license, as only S00 remitted.
It is estimated that the canine pop
ulation of the county is In tbe neigh
borhood ot 2.500, Including about a
dozun purps, with blue blood In ifto'.r
C. R. I. ft P 3 J.S
Cracfblo Steel . 59.2
Cuba Cano Sugar . 9
Erie .. 9
Harry Bermlster came down Monday! General Electric 143
from Bohemia and went to Medford for
inspection. - Mr. Bermlster was wound
ed in the world war. Eugene Guard.
High grade tailors tor men and
women. Or res. Ashland. Ore. tf
Mr. and Mrs. William Ilildreth from
Medford have been here caring for Mr.
Hlldreth's father, Ed Ilildreth. who is
ill. Mr. Ilildreth returned Monday to
Medford. Eugene Guard. .
We have Inspected the reclaimed
Tule lands at Klamath Falls. We
recommend these lands as an Invest
ment Page-Dressier Co, tf
Mr. and Mr.e Wilbur Fancber who
have been spending the winter at Mur
phy, Oregon, have returned to the city.
All kinda ot rougn and artnatud
lumber. Wallace Woods, phone 108.
711 K. Main 8t
The Barnum apartments on North
Front street gutted by fire last fall will
be completed throughout in three
weeks. Seventeen apartmcnta are now
High top rubber boots 14.85 at U. S.
General Motors 9
Goodrich Co 37.
Great Northern pfd 7J.7
Illinois Central 102
Louisville ft Nashville 114
Mexican Petroleum 112.8
Miami Copper i 27.5
Mldvale Steel : 30
Missonrl Pacifle 1
New York Central 74
N Y., N. H. and HartVrd 13
Norfolk ft Western 69
Northern Pacific 77
Pennsylvania 33 S
Peoples Gas 69.5
Ray Consolidated Copper I I S
Reading 7 4
Rep. Iron & Steel . A 53
ranch at public j market,, i booth ) 14
Saturdays. e v . ; . 4,2.57
A good line of talk will not give you
a good Job of wiring. See Pierco for
"Hoose ? wiring rpf. Quality,"; fPhome
46&X.4 4 j In nil I 231
cnro .iis
30Tntaar ,
11. T. N
7 "! :A
is (narsnttsd by 30 yean
service to millions ot
Americans. Kondon't
works wooden tor your
sold, SnssElng, cough,
chronic cattaiTh, bead.
aUia, sore note, tic
flssnHls, Mlnv
and ending January 28. It is planned I Arza Goods Store, 32 a Central eve.
to hold meetimrs in each community of I bH
the count)-. ' '
Mince meat and pies, cakes and Jelly
at Public Market Saturday. , , 257
The cold north wind that blew Wed-
off the snow fields.
afternoon thermome
ters hanging in tho sun registered only
50 'degrees.- Freezing: weather has
prevailed all over the northwest the
last week. One of the widest places
in the etae la Klamath Falls.-" ' "
Try our merchants! lunch. The
8hasta. . ; " ' '
The high school was dismissed at
3;13' yesterday afternoon because cf a
parent-teacher meeting. '
Mrs. Paul Hansen cortetiere for
N'uBone. Phona S8S.1. tf
Get acquainted with Cash and Carry'
system. This store was built up for
tho good of the hundreds of people
that have been, working hand in hasd
with us, and have learned to live and
let live. We are now brtnglnff down
the high cost ot living.' Alt goods sro
marked' In plain figures ! 00 .outs,
that Is the value you get for every dol
lar's worth of goods you buy Just the
best of everything for lws, at the Spot
Cash Basket Grocery, at the Vinson
Barn, 229 N. Riverside Are. tf
Dance Klnfjsbury Bat. night, Jan. 21.
Leedom's orchestra. Nuff sed. 208
C. C. Cate was One of tho citizens
wbo forgot to take propW precautions
to protoct their water pipes lust night,
after having predicted a possible hard
ffecze. Consequently was phoniug
and hotfooting It for plumbers all duy
tcdhy. '
Fred Alton Halght, teacher of piano
and harmony. Classical and popular
courses. Studio 818 Liberty Bldg.,
Medford, Ore. Phone 72. tf
; Phone or call our offlee for Informa
tion Klamath S"a!l Tula lands. Pago-
nrofifiler Co
The Gold Hill boxing commUjsion is
going ahead with its plans for the
wrestling match next Wednesday be
tween Ralph Hand and Ben Ruebens.
Tho story about Rueben's arm being in
bad shape should be taken with a grain
of salt if at all. The suspicion is
gaining ground that Ruebens is scat
terlng the report about having a sore
arm to catch Hand and future oppo
nents off their guard. They point to
tue report that Ruebens had a sore
arm before be clashed with Ted Thyo
at Portland, but was able ti uao it
effectively until he was heaved out of
the ring on his head. '
Hemstitching, -
Picotla& . ;
8c per yd.
; Buttons covered. ? " , ;
LandlcTait 8bop. , tf
Edward Rrseson of Yrcka, Calif..
has returned to his home after spend
inga -few days in the city on business
, . J". E. EiiBer, wh took 111 very sud
denly while attcndlnK to buslneas in
Medford, was returned to this city on
the afternoon train.- Ho- was accoui
panied by Mrs. Knger, Mrs. O. D.
McAllister and Dr. Louis Melvin, who
left this morning and met his train
at Riddle. Mr. Enger's condition is
serious and painful but not dangerous
Roseburg Review.
China lily bolbs. Jap Art Store,
"I've got enough. I'll pay my fine.
Let me out quick." Thus spoke James
Smith, a J'jO pound canal company
worker; when Chief of I'ollce Timothy
entered the city prison yesterday after
noon. Smith was arrested a week ago
for Intoxication, drawing a sentence in
police court of a 120 fine or 10 days in
prison. , Although be had several un
cashed pay checks on him Smith de
clared then ho would not pay his flue
and would "v it out,"
Shell Trans, ft Trad ..
Sinclair Con. Oil
Southern Pacific
Southern Railway ,
Standard Oil of N. J., pfd ...
Studebaker Corp
t'nion Pacific
t'nlted Slates Rubber
United SUtjS Steel
Utah Copper C3.
WeHtlngbouse Electric 50
Willy's Overland 5.
American Zinc, Lead and Sm.... 14
. .17
. 0.
. 3
. U
. DS
. 54.
. 85
Seek Priende In Hour of Need
"In the hour of nowl we quickly seek
our best Mends," writes Chas. ScBrldd
Ward de Wet, 957 73rd Ave, Oakland,
Cal.. "our little boy and girl had
severe dry, rasping cough without
phlegm, a cough that chokes and
flushes tho face of the sufferers like
unto- convulsions. Foley's Floney and
Tec was a wonderful emergency rem
edy." Cases like this Civs Foley's
Iloney and Tar Its reputation as the
best remedy for coughs and colds. Adv,
10 c
CASPER. Wyo., Jan. 19. Officers
from the sheriffs office started north
or the Salt Croek highway this morn
ing to Investigate a report that two
trurk drivers had ben froieo to
death lart nlrht. Temperature had
moderated tnla morning after reach
tug a minimum of ten below turo.
Temperatures in Wyoming ranged
from 10 to 4S below Inst night, the
latter reported from Worland.
Iewey Fitzgerald, the rancher and
miner ot the Little Applegate unction,
a married man with children, who was
placed under arrest by District Ovn
Warden Pat Dalley srernl d.ivs ag'i
fiiosdod guilty to the cnargo of b..'.n;
a quantity of venison In his possesnion
out of season before Acting Justice of
tho Poaco Farrell in this city yeHlor
day. A sentence of 30 days in Jail and s
flno of IG9 was lmpod, and Kitrger
aid becaueo of his family wns paroled
during good behavior,
Sale ' Prices
ssswasssssaBHsssssassssaaM sMwwsssssassssjwssssBassjsassi
Another lot of those $1.50
Aluminum Roasters Join j
while they last ,': . . 98c
Men's Work Shirts going at 59c
Bib Overalls , .
Work Sox, 3 pair for
Dlack and Brown Sox
Mayo Underwear . .
Canvas Gloves . . .
Men's White Handkerchiefs' 5c
Men's Work Shoes . :
. . . . . $1.98 and $2.50
18-inch High Tops . . $5.98
Dayton Loggers . . . $4.98
i - 1
Yow -Can Save a
Lot of Money Here
Men's new Suits, right up
to the minute in style
and quality; we are giv
ing them away at . $12.90
If you are paying a big price for
Clothing and Shoes it is
your own fault
That's all today
Wiii H. Wilson
K. of 1
A. F. eV A. M.
Rogular communication Med
ford Lodge 103, Friday even
ing, Jan. 20, 7:30 p. m.
L. E. W1LLIAM3, Becy.
,U .-!..
1 LJJ 8! .tlB I'O-
FOR SA1.B-CJ tons alfalfa and grain
hay In barn: hay extra clean. Buyer
can have ue of barn. Fhone BC1-X
R-13-X, J. J. Skinner. 268
FOR SALH- Llaht Iirahma roostors,
full bloodwl, beautiful young birds.
AIho one PsrtrldKo Wyandotte roos
ter, blue ribbon prize. CIS W. Fourth
Bt. 267
WANTED Young lady with business
experience for position as salealady.
Permanancy. Apply Mr. Corner,
Medford Hotel, 10 a. m. Friday. 250
WANTED Plain sewing, making and
tacking comforts. . 017 Itcatty Ht. 205
LOST Glasses between Louie's Oro
eery and Bnldpr'u Dnlry. Finder
pleae leave at 33 S. Front. 207
826-J. 260
FOR, RENT Sleeping
luat, 3 N, Qraiw, .
"Tho Perfect Woman"
. .. i . - . . . j m ..'; ti."
Scholz's .
Tbe bijger tho loaf the better the flavor. Pound and half Bias
now being made. Try one.
.! . J J-t-1-JLJ. I ..-.- V -T J...' 'J... -' JL.t. t. L, . JJ
IrKn or amall (hrhni-d Jolw.
Jftxlern tmlpinciU,
' lTion 100 for Contract It;itw,
Shfl j9Jk- in
w mi
Eyes Scientifically Tested
and Glaasoa Properly Fitted
Broken Lenses Aernratcly DopUcated
Price Reduction
'Wcod Inaulated'and All, Rubber
! ' ,
Starting, Lighting and Ignition Work. Re
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