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'Mis Dorothy Conner, oiip of llio
mirvlvurs or li Ill-rated I.tisltnnla,
ncoonipnnied by Mrs. Charlo II. Con
ny, Is nt thu Now Washington. Miss
Connor spent ssvoral hours In the
watr l)0fore sha was resetted. Tho
imrty lms Just ratitrnod from a
tonrlit trip to Alaska. South I'orl
llatlis 2Sc. llolol Holland.
J. tt. Orttke, pnlil laser of (ho As
toipln Daljy Iliidgct arrived In Mel
fanl Monday wlUi his family m rout,,
to (.'rater Lake, lfo will return In
time for the stats editorial asaocla
ttify. Gray's plaao for cigars, to
baosooa. Mr. Lou Jones will Itmro lonlght
for Pendleton, Ore., where she will
vlstl friends for 11 fow days, after
wlileh the will go to Tillamook, Ore ,
for n month's vlilt to lior daughter
Do Voo nlvoB trnillnc stamps with
everything oxcont grocorlos.
Mr. mid Mr. Prank Itoss, of On
tario, Oil., itoppod off In Medford
SnUirday for n day' visit to Mr nnd
Jim J. V. Wiikaflold, 1003 WmI
Tonth strool. Mr. nnd Mm. Koss nro
oliMlmu MlnnuRota noiiualntancas of
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wskeflnld. Thoy wer
returning from it plonsuro trip to
(lot your milk, oroam, butter, crrh
nnd buttnrmllk nt Do Voo'n.
. i:. I'unlln of Olondnla, Cal ,
was visiting Mod ford relatives over
Sunday. Ho In In the employ of thn
Kdlion-I'olk Coiupany, uxtouslve
stock rnlRurfl.
Tho world's grontost compnnlos
ilolmos, Tho Insurnnco Man.
Horn To My. nnd Mr. W. V.
QulKoaborry, July 31, a daiiKhtor.
Typowrltor papor of all kinds at
ModfonU'rlntlnc Co.
Horn In Medford, Hnturdny, July
20, to Mr. nnd Mrs. II. 1'. Henglo,
n Hon.
Try a King Spit clear nnd 'on
cotiraKO homo Industry, tt
!Mr. and Mrs. I'rutik Isnaos, Mr.
nnd Mrs. Ulinrlos (lay nnd Judgo nnd
Mrs. K. h Ton Voile spout Sunday
fishing nt (ho llnnuu ranch on thn
Upper lloguo rlvor. A high wind
nlndo tho fishing poor.
Dr. KlroliROsnnnr will bo nt Hotel
Nash ovory Wednesday. Hours for
consultation 10 to Jl.
A. H. Nicholson of Hnokuiio Is In
Medford looking ovur uiiHlnuag
Gray's plneo, cold, drinks, fruits.
IU J. Itowou of tho Moadoivs Is
Hpundlng tho day In Mudford.
8qo Dsve Wood altpiit Chat flro In
surnuco polltty. Offleo Mall Tribune
, . A. Courtway of l.rta Aagelee Is
111 Medford for a fen day oh h eight
lHtf trip.
I"or rent, 2-roam turnUliod hense.
Q. A. DaVoo.
Mm. IS. Uottltt Connell and Miss
IlOtty .Manplii sjrrlvad In Medford
.Monday morning. After attending to
IuhhI business her, they will go on
to Uliaatu Springe. Mrs. Counell Is
the wife of an uinlNent Portland
111k Se .TlllkaVakos at De Voo's.
frank Ishncs will leave mhiu for
WmiHlohttt. Wash., where be will id
xialu porwaueiitly.
dates sella Kori nr, JUO tlowi
nii.l'JJ5 n hifHtii.
J. XI, Higge or Grants Pass anl
IWiHlAy Hlght Is Medford.
tValpplfeg ,rflta nt DeVr-t's.
Mr. akd N'rs. U V. Jones of lt
rleJts )nvk, Cal., wrtved In Metlford
la tVelr rar Sunday night and Mon
day M-rUg left for Crater lakp.
Sntl a Kli; IplU riivu, 8.
Mi(y l9 hOBW-Dlid. it
2Ir. hiK Xn 8 g Thlll-r and Mr
and Mrs. I It Thlllur ut Yreka,
a)Net Sunday night In Mod ford.
Take Oiom loose auto bits to
HllllHgs Oflrrlnga and Auto Works
Hd bar thorn wad like new, at n
AJHMll QXpsngg.
Rv. W. K. Shields returned Mon
day noralng from ICugene, where he
yrggebod gt the Presbyterian tfhurck
Iay. Uev. gbleids will leave In a
faw.days g his ear for Uurns, Ore.,
al Which pbue Us la now pallor of
tite Presbyterian church.
Do Vo buy beer bottleg.
lrs. rreilerlck Webster and
daughter, Margaret. ho ha beeu
the gueets of Ur and Mrs. K. It.
lAuport left this morning for Bhaats
taring, returning from thwro to
tMr homo in San Kraaciseo.
PaskwrUt tally cards In stosk at
thg MstUotM Printing Oo.
JuA4 Qaorge. N. Davis of Port
toad. Vko tg trial Judge in the case
9 J, W. teney vs. Jatksoo County,
left ilooda.) inornlng to Inspect the
ttskoyou Highway, payment for
M'blrh is now under dispute He was
accompanied by Evan Keames and M.
O. Ueuuett, who was the englneor la
cliargtt of tho work and Is now work
ing on tin- Koreraiueat highway In
ii.iti i i.Ui i'. irk.
c.t Notir iniMia oarif. Doa't wait
until iii, ut wlnul. Tha Madtord
I'rlntihtf Lj. u the place
Miss Mtfrti'ur tM sm-jriev dr.
cii:tv otfiLftN lfi5.15 jmBsa.
f '
'i p
' W W 1 S Wi KsM(mM I
v w mi mm Wrwf SfllwKaSSl
m IK Sir ae iy$ 'tifa WmDmS?
v&jKt lgggBeH9v 4 y. jTS3lMirVytiiw9rii9
danadlnn noitf i
raJMdJ 8li .111 u
id DIOA '111
111 '
tore;'M for Edward D. Nolan, a ma!i?MithNniMii rt lAftier '.'
lDfll itaHey and t'n rorth m
fill flftlTin OTriTi 1' uorerlake rdiniii In t
tt wm , .ttrAw
1 1 1 ui u 1 1 iu uimuw j,,.
waafbar tiuicaa cfilfl.'l h; I
WABIIINOTO.V, 31 -After -tt ,n'k (, ,r,
J breaking aeveral heat records In the tofk, but ewhare, H'Jimii
western upper lake region, th hot will maintain torrid tc.iii" r..i
wav today spread Into tho middle
land south Atlantic states. An ureal i. J. HaUBl Is arbusf)iH vl
ihpsfaturw wpre ri4rd'!
weatner"' wss i-t-p.ltctpd
cltltdM hell la onnaatk.n wKh'lHf mpJ'm'm thc from Told tWy-
prmHiwne pnnwe iwinu f uwgr a
waatOKt Huturday, brjtrfh n fight to
day for hi liWrty, wbH-h would, it
Wt anid, fiiX'f the potico to hring
tlirif- rhnrgi'H aitninnt liiio. Aionntiaie
tlio pttilion in hghena cniriwis of Im
ratl Wi'inbprjr, nindlior au-.M'rt, wiih
diMtnisHPil and he listcmd 1 thx iiul
ttg of a clinrge of murder.
Tho iMflice tlieorv of tho crime nw
tnftor n week of ehat'kfnir up 1 tluit
ih(j (innnpirntoi-B orijiiiiillv planned
to hurl tit bomb fYnm tln nwt ol 11
hullriiiur in tlio heart of the liiiwncSH
suction ns the United railway cm
ploye wen Mlii(f llio jwdtit in the
purtidu. A miMcaloulation of time
after the liomli Imd liccn oct lor two
f o'clock nnd the innrchcrw lmd not np-
ponieil, I'OUMctl the dviminitcrx, lo he
romp nervous niiil to hurry to Stunrt
nnd Market Ktrecitin wlieru the lminh
was ul)NuiIonoil hecaitHo I ho Mreet car
men's division whs inaceusHihle.
Captain Duncan .MiithewHon, head
of the liomli bureau said that Thorns
Monney, Mrw. Mooney, Weitilierir and
Iwo (dhcr viiixpcct", wailed in tin
htrccl ut 721 Mnrkcl Mtn-et until in
pntiic tlicv tried to rj'i all the innn Willi
Ilic liotuli I nun the roof.
Ily llandd JoIiiimiii
Miss IIcIIhii Murrns daughter 9ft
V. P. Murray, Ckxliind mlllloiiHlre
Immlled the reins when lior fathers
two-year-old Cord Axworthy trotted
a mile at North Itaudall In the
world's record time of I: IS.
It wasn't tho first tliuo Miss Mur
ray hud driven u blue-blooded nrlo-
'luii'if of tl IlKbr barneaa Into the
Hut 1 m not th" person to loll
about It.' hc mid "The coll JttSt
went around the track like slxly loan
ing imh along hhlnd.
That's all "
Mlaa Murray Is slim and nut Tory
tall, iter rheeks and llpa ate cher
ry red and her fact la so tanned her
shining blue oyos and oven white
teeth auum extra brilliant.
"It's so wonderful you'ro selling
a world's record. So perfectly splen
did,'.' said admiringly women friends.
"Wag ItT" grinned Miss Murray.
"I fuel sort of famous, and I don't
know whnther I like It or not."
"I don't kuott a think about real
raoliiK not a thing,' she stilted.
"Hut I've loved horses all my life
and have rlddrn them even since I
Was a small child."
I'he Greater Med ford Club will
onterlnlu tho ladle of tho mouthers
of (ho State ICdllorlal Convention,
with 11 luncheon nt llrowu's next
Saturday nt 1:.10. All mumbura de
slrltiK to resorvo plates Inform Mrs.
Mundy or .Mrs. Hchulfelln.
Picnic limohos. Central Cufotorln.
Twn nutn loads of men were sent
to Crater take park Sunday, when,
tlioy will work on the rouds. Aioa
day another load was 'sent.
Postage stnmiw nt De Voo's.
Kreeborn Gunlson, who returned
Sunday with Company 7 from camp
at Port Htevens, left Monday morn
IriK for Yreka, where be will spend
a few daya with his parents.
Pear label time la here. StncK
labels or special UbeU nt tt. Hert
ford Printing Co.
Mbu Chrlatliie Jacobs returned
Monday morning from a two months
visit with her peienU lu luu.
Huttermllk So suart at IWWs.
G. O. Taylor and I1I1 parents, Ur
and Mrs. II. C. 'Paylor of Uidl, Cil..
returned Suiidny from an uto trip to
Crater Lake and Klamath KjII..
Pears ana apple l.Owl prlitsrs fr
the Itogue river valUy. Mtdford
PrlHtlug Co.
Guy Crunemlller left Mondf
morning for Gold 111 II, bere
he assumes the pslttoa as
auiierlutendent of tdeeirlral or'. at
the rwmeut plant Mr. Cronemiller
was formerb couuu'tml tltb the
Northfru t'altfoixlu l.;-ht tod Potr
Co , nt Ueddiag.
Sotiiethlug uva, brlei Ire ernca In
sniUry packages. Ketps to hour
T.'.e one Ith you Tht kt.i.
"ir and Mrs. Holurt Noblltt re.
turned riu4y from n auto trip o(
too aeeka to Crater l.t'.e and Klui
.th K4IU.
StP the Ul Ulttl csrrlM ? ths
Medford Prlutlns Co., If you sro In
a hurry.
Mr. and Mrs I.. Loiol. a
leave for Pelican Us, ! 'rati
Lake Wedueaday morulas.
The best always Central Cafeteria
Two dosen Chluese pbtikaiiiH
were rcoclvtd Monda) moruliiK ''
W. K Unaes, realdent of the Komic
Hlver t'Lb Protective Aasoiiutlou
from the (Male Game Karm at for
vallla. Later In the day they
liberated on the George Mansfluld
rauch on upper Itogue River.
Aato wheels repaired; fitX class
Job guaranteed. Prices icsiouable
illtahell's Repair Shop, oppoSU0 pub.
e maraM.
J K Turnhull. travellt'fi)jiftjn
tative of the Uiogon Jousnal, Port
laud. Is spending a ft dciTg it Ued
ford oa business.
iMmerauin loe fcl. At IiOVCG'i
O. Adams of Hutte l'sllS n.'
Sunday la Medford
Mr. aad Mrs II V "Vtrllrlds
sutoored to (k$ Sundfj, ,r.ere
thoy were the guests $f (r mi Mrs
Wick Pox
lo Williams motored to Kagle
IVlnl Suada
Mr. aad Mrs. Marlon I sure spent
Sunday at their mlaa near Pout
to get' creek RetiirnlnK lhx liroiigbt Mr-
J.aiiii intillii 1 to Mtillmd
Air. and Mrs. W. J. Cosmey of
Mnrautleld nre the guests for fev
days of Mr. and Mrs. Kd Uurns.
Tuesday tlioy will loavu for Grants
Pass, wherii thoy will hu tho gnosis
fur a day' of .Mrs. I.onlio O'N'eul,
later rottirulug to thoir homo lu
A. A. Courtnoy. Jr., of San Pran
ulsco Is In Medford for u fow days
Mr. and Mrs. It. Stanley Dollar
and Miss Gladys Petty arrival In
Medford last night from San Pran-
claco. Mr. Dollar Is connected with
the Robert Dollar Stesmshlp Co., of
Han Pranolaco.
K L. Itosqul and Nat ltoaa of Ban
Pranciseu, who are flMhlng on upper
Rogue River with the Itogue ICIk re
aora aa headquarters, are In town
today, purchasing supplies.
Mr. anil Mrs. J. G. Chapman re
turned Monday morning from a bust
sea trip lo Portland.
Mrs. Curtis Miller of Gold Hill is
the guost for a raw days or Mra.
Helen llasklus.
Jack Dent, who has been handling
the Wells Kargo office lu Ashland
durlug the absence of the regular
agent, will return to Medford Tues
day. MU; Grace ltayholli returned to
Medford Saturday from Chlco, Cal.,
where she attended normal aehool.
Judge W. 8. Crow ell, who baa been
aojoitrnlug at Unite Kails, has re
turned for a fe,' dae to look after
bulncs matters.
M steward at the Univer
sity Club, has returned from Seattle
olth his bride
Young a H.ll teport the Ml of
eight Chevolei cars in the past tan
Judoe .ud Mrs. K. M. Calkins
iirnt .nduy tlth Mr. aud Mra. W.
II Ho lu Ashland.
(iuy Prueit ut liaale Point auant
8umU in Medford.
lr nd Mrs C Kerguaou aad
dutiable utid Jack tkhrlek, and
t'.irl s iiiikon. Hieut Saturday night
and tfuiut.o at lta Cold fiahlag.
Tucedav morning nt eight o'clock
11 fii-et aid deiuoiietnitiou will he
.given nt the city hull 1 Dr. I II.
K'nii el' tud fnvidliyiol'.tliv Umversiti
of California. Dr. Krusu, who Iiuh
Jteeu l-elameil by the l'acilic Tele
phone foiuiuny to give such demon-
stralioiiH in towns from Itelliuglinm
south to MislCord, is a recognised ex
K)rt 011 the Miiujoct.
InvitatioiiH have been extended to
employeM 0 the California-Oregon
Vower Co., roil way t'liiplovew, the mi
hee and I ue departments, mid iu gen
eral Aledl'ord hwh empliyed in lius
anloue work where firxt aid knowl
edge mn be of value. Owing to lack
of wealiug neeoinnnMlHtionx the geu
'prol public lias not Ikuii iuvited.
Kxphinatiotm mid ilemontrntHn
of nriou lirat md luethodn will lu
Thlrtv-four members of Compnnv
7 C. A. C , O. N. G. returned to
Medford Sunday afternoon, after
spending two, streuuiius woel.s In
prnctlco wllh tho big guns nt Port
HtHveus at tho mouth of tho Colum
bia Rlvor. Thu remaining 20 mem
burs of tho company stopped off In
Portland, Salem and other points as
the transportation issued to thc men
Individually, allowed thorn to do.
Rainy weather waa encountered
durlug most of the time spent ut the
fort; Company 7, however, wnn in
stalled In the barracks, vacated when
the regulars left for Vsncouver,
where they relieved infantry regulars
sent to the border.
The company members report an
oujojabla time at the camp, although
the order was work from 5-30 till
six. with drill, exercises, police duty
and the actual practice ut the big
guns. The man all returned in fine
physical condition and are now look
ing forward to next yeur'a encampment.
1 a m ..
If " i-Jvr' rW
farm toff .'i
WAMIIMilOV, .lulx t Senate
dellHMiM will liieil in t-aiieiiN t.miulil
ho ilan oiomiiiiii to Kenttor lUmib's
prouM i attack the immigration
mil a au enuidiueut to the child labor
bill. Senator Kein, mujotit leuder,
will urge the caiicin. to stand l it-
dti'icin to HtM)iic coiiyertitiiin d
luimigratioii Uttislutiiiii until wxX Si-.,.
.B - ,' . :. '.:
" "'aaa i ssasesajasgafcapwaa
FOR SAI.K -Big bargftlu. Am goius
away. Will sell crop on five (ure
al half price. Una acre otatoes.
largo tomato patch, berries, and
q other vegetable, close In. &-
room iiouiie lent. I0, i.tT
te.' Illli U-
IUKIR Alive, :Ki.
STliKHs Alive, flfoJOVio,
VKLVL Druaaed, 811.
Live r9tJrf
1IKNS - l'ic13e, aeeording to
'quality; nugs, ly pounds or over,
DUl'KS Ht, t?.
QKESK Pat, .
TUKKKYS Pat yonag, lfie.
llUl.OlAX IiAlt6. n U u.
Mnqr eS CfeniMa
(UltiK l'ries.)
W UK AT 90s.
OAT. 5 ton.
MAY- Oraiu and alfalfa. 12 ton
HAHi.KY Whole, 33.
l'rittvi roWl y rwiMAS
m'TTKRlDair), 2 Iba., ite. .
onions av4.
HONKY -l,w lb.
C1UBH Sfjo.
I'OHK- -0V4.
Hr'KK -10(iaa,
lAK'D IJlle,
SIIOll llBltS log.
lilTTI PAT- 2-lc.
llutter Wholesale, 26e.
It. Hotgund of Kuch Is in Med
ford tod on business.
S 11 Harnlsh's auto will leave 1
Kagle Potut at S A M and IP M
daily, em opt Sunday; leave Medford'
I A. M. and 5 P. M Will call for
passengers at bataai la Medford and
aoiou aaa aMiaaas uauaas iu tagle
l'HOXli 3-A2 OK a.xa.
LONDON, July 31. Kuiperor
Pranola Joseph of Austria caught a
severe ehlll while Inspoctlug hH
IrooiMi, sayse a Vienna dUpatch for
warilwl to London by the lorreepoiid
ent at T.he Hanue of the KxihutU'e
Telegraph Compun). HH Msjodt
Is deM-rlbed as belnK ver ill and ion
fined to his bed
. is jo . o. -"1
e'J .Wrt i
M n r '
1 e AA- ,tii "' ' '
.'1..I 1 f'J' m 1
Have you ever noticefl'.'hdv'many'
expensive cigars from Cuba have th'e
square-end shape? Of course you
know there is a reason for that. The
reason is this:
Of all cigar shapes, the square-enrJ
is the one most likely to give a free
drawing, even-burning smoke. You
can see that this is so in the case of
the OWL.
Notice that the blended leaves of the
OWL filler run all the way down to
the burning end. "When you light
the leaves evenly, you know they're
going to burn evenly. No air-holes
or torn ends of leaves to deflect .'the
draught and make the OWL gutter.
That square-end cures that
Notice, too, Ihnt you get the full flavor of
the OWL from the first puff. Not an over
balanced taste of wrapper, but the full
balanced flavor of the cigar.
We selected the square-end shape of the
OWL as we select the loaves and the
Sumatra wrappers to make the OWL a
good cigar.
e Million.
Dollar Cigfar
npT-TT? ADVA XT l"l,k, H,ll, ,,u' " U''''1" '" '' l,"H4' ledd
--' ... -a- J. M.J. H, iiiidii'tiic mill make tin-
Motion Picture Theater
. ! 1 1
M. A. GUNST & CO., 1
1- ' " r "V
i'l-4's thiol). I (E 1
11, 2 Days Only L 1
starting loday U '
The man with a face of 1000
emotions in the biggest, strongest
western drama ever shpwn here
t s.luidj h "iJiiUli'i,"
lUt l KWI'flll tllCIII.-
logiitill) IimiuIUnI
Bread and Butter
A Keystone wiih AH The Laughs
It Is Possible to Put in Two Keels
tWWagr rffMfraCTTOrreyyryr;.
iiiiniir -m .
mi n .-
nBMW""" ""nrrranaTt