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Medford Mail Tribune
-V M-fN
Maximum yestPrdny 7ft
Mln. today 51.
Forty-sixth Tear.
Dallv Klventh Yar.
IT, , ', : -
Withdrawal of Teutons In Northeast
ern Gallcla .RecordedRussians
Take G250 Prisoners Pursuit of
Turks Continues British Shelling
German Lines on Somme.
BEHLIN, July 2". An AuMrlnn
withdrawal lieforo suporlor ltiiHHlan
prpssuro north of llrody In north
eastern Clnllela Ih nnnounrpit by Auk-tro-HuiiBnrlon
army headquarters In
It report ofyluly 20.
I'BTIIOGUAD, July -27. In the
battle of Tuesday on the Uiioslan
western front, 0.2G0 Teutons were
tahen prisoner, says the official state
incut Issued today by the Kusrinn
war doimrtnient. Tho ltuBslans alRo
captured five guns and 22 machine
Itueslan forces oporatlng In the
Caucasus nro continuing tholr pur
suit of tho retrea(Itig Turks, tho
statement says. In the Turkish fort
rest,' of Krzliignn, tho capture of
which was roportod yestordny, tho
Russians tool; a depot of war ma
terials. lluvdans Hphi1m.mI.
BERLIN, July 27. Uusslan troops
last night mado a futile storming at
tack against the Gorman positions
on tho Schlteehara river, northwost of
llarnovlchi, It wan announced by tho
Oonnan general staff today. The
Russians, it Is added, nlso woro san
guinarily repulsed ttt tho roglon west
of Ilnrcstpchk.
Renew Rniiiluirdmcnt.
LONDON. July 27. Heavy shell
ing of the Oerninn linos on the
Somme front by British guns Is In
progress, following the Hrltlsh suc
cess In capturing I'ozieros. Appar
ently, this is In proparatlou for a
renowal of tho attack.
Throughout the nlKht Hrltlsh
troops continued to press tho Gor
mans with hand to hand cncopnterH
at various points on tho Somme front
In Franco, says the official Hrltlsh
statemont, Issued today.
Gonimn ltcpoit.
MRRLIN, July 27. British hand
grenade attacks against tlie Gorman
linos to tho wost of tho town of
Pozlcres, in tho Sommo roglon, woro
repnlsod yesterday, according to the
announcement mado by the Gorman
nrmy headquarters today.
South of tho Itlvor Somme a
Fionch attack launched nt n point
uorthoast of Uarleaux, failed the
slatement adds.
In tho Verdun roslon several
strong French attacks wero carried
out In the roKlon of Frolde Torre and
Floury, but they were repulsed
.Fighting continues at samp points
CHICAGO, July 27 Sensational
orop damage reports from tho north
wost, including southern Manitoba,
gnvo a sudden upward whirl today to
the price of wheat. On somo trans
actions, tho rise equaled 4 1-2 and
4 3-8 cents a bushel, the Septombor
delivery, touching $1.24 1-4 as
against $1.19 S-S and 3-1 at yoster
ilay's finish.
niaok rust and boat blight woro
said to bo extending tho damage area
rapidly to the north. Estimator of
yields appearod to be valueloss as
the crop was shrinking constantly In
quantity and quality, as well
CHICAGO, July 17 Fourteen
labor loaders, convicted a short time
ago of conspiracy lo extort and de
stroy property during a strike were
sentenced today, after a nietlon for a
new trial had been overruled. Six
were, sentenced to serve iMmUeitttarjr
terms, ranging from owe to three
years and the others to pay fines of
from $soo to $2,ooo.
" Prospects of nn curly agreement
between the American mid Mot-
ii'nn gou'raincnts to submit the
"t border ngrppinonta to n joint
" ennuniydon were described" ns "
T" 1t...lif .... Ijuln nTtnp AlltitK S3nn. T
F'i lllll'l H'lM. ...... .11 ..
relarv l'olk again conferred
" willi Fliseo Arretlondo. Oen-
eml Currnnzu's ambassador.
There is every ronton to-believe
(lint ns ii iPult of today's eon-
ferenee a definite nnnouneeinent
will soon lie poiblo.
CHICAGO, J lib 27 A period of
Intonsc head In tho western plains
states uncqualed in continuity and
extremely high tempraturo since
1901, tho ypar of tho hot winds in
Kansas, according to government
woalher buroait here, probably will
continue through thn remaining
dniiB of July. Tho forecaster an
nounced today that not a leaf was
stirring In (ho Canadian Northwest
whenco roliof must come, and that
there was evory Indication, that ex
cept In spots visited by local showers
tho drought would bo severe.
At 7 o'clock this morning, Chicago
with a tomprnturoof 84 was tho hot
tost point In tho United Slates, with
tho exception of Yuma, Ariz. Tho
lowest temprnture for tho night here
was S2, tho highest minimum In tho
records or the local weather bureau.
Throughout Rio day tho tomprature
steadily mountod reaching OS at noon
with the predictions that the ther
mometer would rcgistor approximat
ely 100 at three o'clock.
Twice In fifteen yoars a higher
toinporaturo has boon rocordod 103
on July 21, 1001; and 102 on July
4 and 15, 1911.
Tho presont heat wnvo began lato
In June and has continued with nn
abionca of rain, causing sorlous dam
age (o crops In Kansas and Oklaho
ma. Portions of Illlnis and Mlssurl
havo also begun to show tho effeots
of heat mid drought. Wisconsin, Iowa
and ports of Nebraska are In need of
LONDON, Jnlv 27 -Justice Darl
ing uunoiinced toda that the five
judges who heard tho appeal of
Honor Casement ugnlnst tho sentence
of death on the charge or high tea
son. In connection with tho Dublin
revolt, would sit tomorrow to "hoar a
possible application on bohalf of tho
convict." Tho nature of tho appli
cation was not disclosed.
The London nows agoncy says that
a public execution of Roper Case
ment Is highly Improbable and that
falling special Instructions from the
Kovornmont, arrangements to hold It
In privacy- at the Pentonvllle prison
August 3, will be proceeded with.
According to some authorities ex
ecutions for crimes, except tho of
murder must be public
EAST ST. LOUS, 111., July 27.
Meut-cutter employed at the pack
ing house here of Swift & Co., Ar
mour & Co. end J I orris & Co. struck
Pairing company officials say that
shout ami men walked out, but labor
leaders say nearly 3000 struck. The
union leaders aSsert tbe strike is due
to the disc-harp of fifty men who
were leaders in a ecret movement lo
urg.iiiut- the butcher.
Idle western
Admiral Commanding Squadron De
nies That Cruiser Had Spied Upon
Submarine American Warship
Patrols Water to Enforce Neutral
ity Deutschland Still In Harhor.
WASHINGTON, July 27. Sir Ce
eil Spring-llicc, the British mnlinson
dor, infornipd Anting Secretary Polk
Imlny tlutt he lmd rppoived n iiicsiirp
from the nilmirnl eommmidipR the
llritiHh squiulron nn (he Atlantic, de
nying ihnl u British warship lmil pii
(prpd Clipsnpenke buy, ns icporled by
(he pommnnder of (ho Imtllcsliip
The niiilmsmiilnr nld . the IJritili
ships bad vtnel nrdpr not to pnter
(he tbrpp-milp limit of Ainerienn ter
rilorinl wn(prs to wn'ylny (he flennnn
submiuine.I)eutsplilnnd or for nny
ollipr purpo'-p, mill the ndiuirnl hint
reported their insl motions hud not
been violated nt nny timo. .
Mr. Polk was told Ihnl the British
ndiuirnl wns very indignant over Ihe
report Hint otio of bin 'oruiserK hud
made nn incurwion into Chesiipcnke
The slatement of Hip nmbnsmidor
will be iipccptprt by Hip wttite dppai(
inent. Thp poinnuinder of (he Louis
iuun is being piossed by (lie navy for
fui (her dediils on his ivpmt Hint n
craft which jmssed him nt Lynn Hu
ven inlet xignullpil "Knglisli eruiser."
Some officiulK nro inclined (o behove
Hint Hip Ampricnn officer was the
victim of ii houx.
Noutrnllty I'ntrnl.
NOll FOLIC, Vu.. July 27. The nr-
moicd (iniixur North Cnwillim mid
thipp destroyers just ouihidi Cape
Henry, itent- the nllied wnrship patrol
line, worked slowly up mid down to
day dose to mi Knglisli cruiser.
Supplemental repot Is on (he mys
IcriiiUH nppeurmicp of mi unidentified
British cruiser within the enpos Mon
day night were being prepared hy mv
vn officers here today for (he nnvy
dopnitiiiput. Various dotnils of (ho
incident liavo gone forward to Wash
ington nt different times since Tues
day morning, but the department lias
expressed a desire for more. Onp
point it is understood that it desires
cleared up is why Ihe cruiser wns not
seen leaving (he ciipps. Thus fur Hip
only report of hor being seen after she
passed the hnttlcship Louisiana on
her tipwnrd journey has come from
unofficial sources, which said they
snw her on her oulwiird journey neur
Cape Henry shortly before daylight.
Ileutsclibind Inactive.
BALT1MOHK, July 'J7. If Cup-
am 1 "xi m KnciiKr "I tue mercliuut
suhmuiinc I)ciitclilaud plans to start
tnduy on (he retuin voynge to Her
mmiv there wns nothing lining on this
morniiijr at the pier, wliere the sub
mersible is berthed, that wns nny
inn iv indicative of departure than has
ween me cse ioi- me nisi iew onyw.
Overnight doveloinucnts, in faet,
tended to inoronseifho probability of
n report Into lust night that it had
been decided In hold tho Deutschland
here until iomn word has been icceiv
od cnupcmiug her sister ship, tho
When Cml A. Lnederitz, neminn
consul here, announced that (he re
ception to Ambassador Von Berns
torff, which he had planned at hiR
lunne for last evening, had heen def
initely HstHued, he wus asked when
the iJeutschlund would lenvc.
Slip will not leave for n week,"
answered Mr. Luedent..
LONDON, July 27 - Laurence Gin
nell, nationalist ineinlicr of parlia
ment for Northwost Heath, was sus
pended from the sitting of tbe house
of commons this afternoon, according
to the Hxohanfle Telegraph company,
for disorderly conduct. At first .Mr.
Glnuell refusod to leave tho sitting,
when suspended. Later he wlthdrow
from the house when the sergeant
ef arms approached him with four
attendants. After ho bad left the
chamber, tbe sitting was resumed.
-H PAIMS. July 27. The pan-
lure of the villrtpe of Piwiercst
from the fli'nnmw, military of-
ficei-s sny, inenns that the ""
" British nro in enmpletp posse- ""
"" sion of the Herman second line
in (he Somme region. The fight
" for Por.iercj lusted eleven dn.VR ""
from July 14 lo July '-.'.. The
plnce wns defended by 1200 inn- ""
enine guns, oi wnien mi except
thirtv were destroyed or put out
"" of action hy (he British tirtil-
" lery. The Bnvminn defeiuler
were prnetieiillv annihilated.
WASHINGTON, Jnb 27 - A tio'o
to Great Britain, objecting to tho
black listing of American business
firms as an "Invasion or neutral
rights," wau cabled to London lutu
last night by tbe Bta,to dopaitn.ont.
Officials hold the black list In
Jires Amerlcftn houses In vlo'atlan of
lii'prnntlonnl law. Isaiios will bo
ta'pu up nlso, It Is believed, with
Great Britain's allies, who are mulct
i.ipod to havo urged the black lift on
Hie ground that their own merchants
were suffering nnd British iiierobuntH
piofitlng through falluro of Loudon
lo follow their lend In malting wnr
rn till enemies, cominorclnl as well
as military. '
NHW YORK. July 27 Stn(omen(s
from n number of firms on the Brit
ish trado black list iuslstud today thai
tho nowly-orgnnlzed association to re
sist British domination of American
commerce Is not u roprcsuututlvn
body to dual with thn (piostlou. It
wns said that at least f0 of tho blnok
listed flims have refused to Join
tho organization
LONDON, Julv 27 -German sub
murines have stalled a lelentlcHH nr
ngalust timber laden vossols In tho
North Sea. Pour hIiIpb, all Noro
glan, wero reported to havo been
sunk today. They wore (ho lining,
Slebrlil, Juno and Gentgern.
The captain and 12 men of the
Gentgoru were lnndod today nt
Shields, where thny gave details of
tho destruction of their vohbcI. Tho
German submarine uomiuauder, after
oxamlnlng V'10 Norwoglan vossol's
papers, Is quoted by meinbors of (be
orew a saying:
"Woll, I supiMMio I must do It. I
am very sorry, but It Is my duty. I
nm sick and tired of tho wholo busi
ness." The ship was then saturated with
paraffin and sr t on fire
LONDON. Julv 'J7.-Th verity
of the lighting inee the lieitinning of
tho iiicsent oi tensive on tbe western
'front is indicate.! by the list nf"rNn-
altit's hiiiouh otticers, issued by tlie
wnr office, j.binisT for ihe first three
week- of Julv 1108 lulled, U&VI
Hounded and M'l inissiinf.
Thi make- the aggregate loss since
the heghiniag i the war lO.ffb 'fil
ed, 'Jl,200 woiiudd and 'JKI'J missing-,
WASHINGTON, July 37 Tin- tin
tioiiql eecutiw cnmniittee of (lie
prohibit ion parlv wa If meet Iuhu
with J- Prank Huuly, candidal) for
president, and Ira C. Indrith, (be
)rty nmnuiee far, ice-prsiaVttt.
Plans for Ihe natieual eaiHiwiaTii were
to be mapped out. V. 0. Iltiiilww ut
Chicago is ibuinnnu of ihe co.cmi.-
JULY 27, 191G
. W. Holt ot Medford Found Deaf
Beneath Overturned Car Five Miles
From Yreka Indications That He
Was Speeding on Sharp Turn and
Car Skidded Over Embankment.
C. W. Holt, u salesman Tor the A.
W. Walker Auto Co., Medford, wis
found dead under Iuk overturned ear
at bridge No. 1 on the Pacific high
way, five miles north of Ytekn, ut 1)
o'clock this morning by Mr. nnd Mrs.
"J. K. ICermi, tourists from Los An
geles, who notified the coroner in
Yrekti. Holt wns Inst seen in Yreka
at 10 ::10 o'clock Inst night, when ho
et out for Medford. His watch wns
found stopped with the hands point
ing lo 10 :a.i.
Mniks ut the scene seemed (o in
dicate that he was speeding nt Ihe
time of the accident, nlthoimh Med
ford men who know the road condi
tions tboie say Ihnl such mi accident
might liac heppeued with the car
tmu'hug only twenty miles an hour,
Marks in the rond indicate tluU the
car skidded in taking the sharp tinu
right nt the approach (o (he bridge,
struck a pile of boulders mid dropped
into u gully about eight feet deep,
turning nur nnd pinning the driver
underneath, crushing him in siieh a
way that death was probably install
tnnentis. Fellow employes at the
Walker Auto Co. consider Holt n
careful, competent driver, and nre in
clined to discredit Ihe theory Hint the
accident wus a result of speeding.
Holt, who was n member of the
F.Iks, left Medford Saturday in' n
(Irani Six demonstrator, nnd Satur
day nifilit ntlundud the Hlks smoker
ut Yreku. 'RiinTlny ie left for n snles
trip into Scolt Valley, returning yes
terduy afternoon (o Yickn.
Holt cunic to Medford lust Jittttfiirv
l'roin Unite, Mont., previous to that
jimc living in Portland, lie is sur
vived by bis wife, n boy of fl mid a
A. W. Wnlker left (his morning for
the scene of (he accident.
WASHINGTON, Julv 27. - An ap
propriation of '2,(100,000 for relief of
'dependent families of enlisted men in
;he nrgnuixed militia and regular nnnv
jn service on the Mexican emergency
wns ttjrrocd iimui in the senate today
in nu iimcmhiieid lo the army appro
priation bill. Depeuduut faipllies
would be gicu inn) more than fftO a
month in the discretion of the sccte
fnrv of war.
Tlie nrmy bill currj'iug approxi-
uiHlely 112,0(10,000 then imssed tho
senate without a ie'ord vote.
Senator ltecl's mneiidmoiit voted
into (he Mrm sppropriatlon hill yes
terday to permit nntionul giiurdsmen
In the fed em I -ten ice to vole ut their
t'umps in the comiui; presidential
election ,-. -tuekcii out today on a
point ol older
DUBLIN. July 27. A German
naval airship on July 25 attacked
tho main base for Busslan ami Brit
ish submarines at Marlehamu, It was
officially announced by tho German
admlrslto toda The airship bom
barded the port surcossfully, It was
added, with 7 no kilograms or explo
sive bombs Although tho air vessel
was shelled. It returned to port uu
NKW VOIIK, July 27.-Armv ir
cle tolu ben id of Ihe death at
Hague, lake fleortre, N. Y., yesterday
of Brigadier General Juiuea (1. C.
'I, I'. K. A., redred. Up was 80
years old. The funeral will be held
in WashiiiKton next Sunday. Inter
ment will be oi Athn.'fon, Vu
:;. 000. ooo
ALPINK, Te July 27.
"" Hurry J. Spannell, inanuger of n
" loenl hotel, wiik given a prolini-
" innrv pxmninnlion on u ehnrge ""
of killing his wife nnd I.ionlmi-
mil Colonel M. C. Butler, U. S. "
A., heie toilav hefoie Justice
llngin, nnd remnuded to Juil "
" without bond to nwnit nction of
the grand jury, winch meets hero
f Seiitembci- 11.
l 4 f
SPOKANF., Wash., July 27. Geo.
Leiinon of Spokune drew ni-ixo No. 1
in the land drawing hero today in
connection with the opening of ap
proximately 426,0011 ncics in the Col
ville Indimi reservution to settlement.
Other winners were:
No. 2, Austin N. Anderson, Mukil
(eo, Wush.; No. :i, Kdwnrd 11. Peter
son, Win lou, Chelmi county, Wash.;
Nit. -I, Kdwnrd II. Fiiimmi, S)okuue;
No. ", Charles M. Sunders, Spokane;
No. (I, ThomiiH LeNeve, Seattle,
Wash, j No. 7, Miss Linda M. Herbert,
Princeton, Wis.; No. 8, Phillip S. Me
Cauley, Seattle; No. 0, Oleii A.
Stoner, Mount Hope, Wash.; No. 10,
Andrew Lnwson, Senllle; No. 1L,
Otto B. Olson, Spoknne; No. 12, CIiiik.
A. Kskcnnnich, Qtiiney, Wnsli,; No,
LI, Mnrgnrol A. Wnllnce, Spoknne;
No. 14, Sarah K. Truax, Tukoiu
Wnsh.j No. 15, Sophia A. Pohoskn,
Bulle, Mont.; No. 10, John .leruesic,
Spoknne; No. 17, llnrohl W. MeDer
niott, Ilnri'iiigtoii. Wnsh.; No. 18,
Harvey L. Itollcv, Knlispell, Mont.;
No. 11), Kmil N. Sjiliinder, Inwood,
Wash.; No. 20, W. II. Oodmnn, Spo
SAN FIlANflSCO. July 27 Tlie
British Kovornmout has suspended Its
black list against (he firm of G, W.
MeNear and thn Petroleum Products
Company of San Francisco, of which
McNoar and the Petroleum Products
livery of goods under pending con
tracts is concerned. MeNear said
that such assurances enmo from the
British embassy si WashliiKtoti
through the statu department and
also from Loudon, following close
upon his protest of the action of tho
British government In plaulug bis
name on the recent!) Issued black
list of American firms.
Contracts pending, MoNenr said,
would occupy shipping facilities at
his command for tho remainder of
(ho year, but he would continue his
efforts for a modification of the
order uKsluxt future coutrarts.
NKW YolHv, July 27.- Onl
hIikIiI decrease in the epidemic of in
fantile pa rah i was noted today in
the health deHiitment' teMjrt for (he
lHcnt-ftui hours ending at 10 a. in.
Uunng that period there weie thirty
one deaths and 1M new eases.
.More than 700 ehildieu nuwvhiivc
been killed by the plague siiuie Us
inception on June 211 and there have
been more than IDOO cci rcvorled.
LONnO.V, Jul) 17. -Lieutsnaiit
Otto Parseheau, ret-ently ghen the
dscoration of iwiir 1 merits fqr
brlnglnu down bis eighth ensnij'
asroplsne, has been killed In an air
battle, according to a KonlarV
Amsterdam dispatch, which rjtiut
the I'runkfurtei ZeliuaK
XO. 10S
San Francisco Police believe That In
Arrested Suspect They Have Per
petrator of Dynamiting Landlady
of McNamara Brothers Also Ac
cused Along With Some Boarders.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 27. After
twelve hours of "swcntfng" thp po
lice admitted today (hut (hey hud heen
Unable lo wring from W. K. Billingfi,
arrested jesterdny, any ineriinitintlug
iidmixsinns connecting him with thn
bomb explosion in which nijie persons
lost their lives mid folly were maimed
last Saturday during the , prepnWtJ
ness parade. Billings wiih Jnndcd in
n cell at ,1 o'clock Ibis morning nftor
being held in some office or privnlo
house since noon jcsti'idpy.
Nritpl Weinberg, u jitney driver,
whom the police also took into cus
tody yostorday, lind not been brought
to (he pity prison pnrly today. Mrs.
Belle Luvin, landlady of (he MeNn
innm Itnitliora, (he Los Angeles Times
dynamiters, occupied it cell today in
'the hull of justice.
Mooncy I.s Located,
Cuptniu J)iiiiciiii Mntbesnu, head of
Hhe bomb bureau, said toduv Hint
Tliomus Mooney, mi agitator, had
been located mid it wns expected his
nrrest would follow hooii. The po
lice said he left here Saturday on u
train less than two hours after (ho
bomb was exploded.
It was said todny thnl Billings' ar
rest wus brought about by n Greek
machinist who told n policeman (hat
u few minutes before llio bomb o
jilodcd Snturdny "n "mint wilh n rush
on his face stood on the comer of
Slewnrj nnd .Mnrktit .Miccls, whero
Hip outrage took place, ami jelled out
'to the timings;
'Urolherw, if there nre nny of von
among this crowd, mid if you nro
wise, vou'll get out of here. This
plnce will be dynamited in len min
utes. I'm off. You belter be, loo."'
Thnl wns ut 2 o'olnck. The bomb
went off nt 2:011. Billings, Vheit
caught was ut the Stanford turner
sity free clinic- to leeelvp treatment
fur u rash on his fane.
Billings tbe Placer.
Chief of Police White intimated.
"Irougly todny (lint the police believe
they have in Billings the man who
actually placed tho bomb. District
Attorney riokort snid: Ml would guess
Hint wuy, too."
Mr. Lnvin, who was the landlady
of Matthew A. Schmidt, convicted iih
bno.of (he Los Angeles dynamiter,
Was taken into custody yostorday af
ter Ihe nrrowl of her lodger, Wurrcn
K. Billings.
Mrs. Mooney, a musician, who-o
liusbmid, Thomas Mooney, is uiy
sought in coiiimeliou with (he ex
plosion, is elmrged with huving taken
an aciMH art in tho temeutiiis: l
an Htlemptml street ear strike here
recently. She was nnostcd a week
before Hip (taisdo on a charge grow
iiiir nut of (his. Among the things
seucd in her studio, tho police say,
was a notebook containing i ceo ids
of explosive' stolen from ipuirncs
hereabouts mid of structures dyna
mited in this eily.
It)un AImi AitcsIimI.
StiMH4pteil of having been (he nu
thur of (he many threatening letters
en! tn newspaper warning ngniust
piirticiMtton in Saturday's pamde,
Tliniuas J. ityan, a restiuirant )iel;et,
wn taken into custody last night at
Waiter' union hondiiunrters. llyun's
mistakes in spoiling, under u test
given bv the arrostins; officers nre
said to liill.s closely with those mado
by the writer of the throats.
llewiirds for Ihe npproheiision of
the ilwimiutcr have lenebed the to
tal ol HV1.V).
NKW VOKK, July 27. -Intention lo
extend the troet car stiike in prog
ress hers to all lines in New York
City, including surf nee nnd elevated,
was announced today after u meeting
of the general voeutiva board of Hid
Am.i t i il A---." uu mn of Street
and Kled rip Railway Kinplo.c ofi
Aiuei a