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pfflafl four
Office Mall Tribune Hulldlnp. 2B-27-29
North Fir street , telephone "i.
TJie Dctnoorntlc Time, the Mwlferd
Mai!. The Medfonl Tribune. The South
ern OrfKonlati, Tlio AMiland Tribune.
araoitOK puTNAir, Kditor.
8ne yr r. by man IS.00
ne roenth, by mail 60
Per month, ttelhrrea by carrier In
Mcdfjird. Phoenix, Jacknonvllle
nnd Central Point . ..80
Katuntay only, by mall, per year 2 00
wwr. pf rr i.eo
Officii! Paper of the City of Medferd.
lvper oi jacKon couiuy,
ni R-eeond-elaaii
VIp.lforil. Oreeon. under the act of Marsh
I, !.
Sworn Circulation for 1916 2466.
Pull leaved wire Aseoelated Preei dl
patahfrg. EM-TEES
The lllvor Clyilo Jinn lein lirouKlit
up to its jirnnont nnvlKahln romlltion
hy mean of dredging, and tho Olua-
gow people are very proud of It. Ono
day a jmrty or American HKiiteor
hinted lii thoir nonoa at tho Clyde.
.. "Onll till a river?" tlioy no hi.
"Why, lt' a dlteh In coinimrUon
Willi our.MlMlaelppl. or St. Lawrcnco
or nolnwnro."
"Aweel, moil," Mihl a Scotch hy
utrtndor, "you're not Prorhlnnoo to
thank for your river but wu made
tlilH ourtota."
Hwr Horn- Ham Story?
Thin uhoiI to liu a mnllltiK rninnrk
In card same whom an outsider
PffSMlily a hinted oxllo, uhh ntuudliiK
around IooUIiib on. Fmv rard play
era, anintour or professional, that aro
not Hindu fhlKOty hy havliiK tholr
haniki gurvoyed.)
.An liiMtancn: ',
Tlw Player Old you ovnr hoar. lo
ham alary?
Tlio Onlookor Ne: what Is tlio
ham tlorfV I '
i fho Tyiiror Why'lt' Jho story, bf,
tho card plnyor who nturvcd to death
wljhjn hum haiiKliiK ovorjil hyijU
At a bnmiuot ot notahloa an nxplr
lug your attorney splwl an Influent
ial Juijjmijt tioheiid ot Urn tahlo and
allpptHl a halt a dollar Into a uultor'
hand, whlntmrlun:
"Pat uitt next to Judge 8ilnk."
illowovtir, he found hljiMelf atmtml
many politicians below, culled
tho waiter to xplalu.
"Knot U." Mid the waiter, "the
judge gave me a dollar to anat you
wr down awe."
To tlix IMIter:
In reply to W. J. Drumhlll'a com
iHunleatlon 17th luatant and pulillah
utl mint) date, I dealt e to my, that
none of tho tommae tributary to the
propoiwl Illne l.rt rullroRd hna
vanlihail. Ah Mtimat of 5.uuo,
010 werth of or la roitrvHtlv, Wan
m1 upon that which la practically vlal
We at this date, liut under the niot
uffltleilt awl wonomlcal way ot trans
prtHllun to the coait, the value will
OSiMtt nearer &I8 mIIIIuhs. In fact. It
will exceed thla. DHvelopweni will
make Utla MUHtr)' aa nearly Inexnaua
trble m a mining country can be.
Whether we have 5i mlllluH or M
WUIIoh ilallara worth of ore. It I a
otHtb It will never come out-er be
a reality wltkout tranapartatlau, uor
will It lis a reality If a uiaa'a vUiau
to 9 etltH nnd hi mlud o denin that
ho MHjtot ae the btlHowa of f.-t or
tlnbtfr In too abaiM of tree, and la
MMable le form an eatliuate or tonnage
In the akaiH) of lumber alone. When
there are tnouaand uillea of iron
ing Uwltor plaltily vlalble to the eye
Md tinderatandlttgtf any being that
a Ml tlw kindergarten grade.
'Well tnoanlu opptMltlon to the
astad togue la appreciated, aa It has
4ovlogMl man suod progreaatve
WW 1 Medford and wen ho have
wax uutlrlnaly awl UHMltUbty
Medford ahould be proud of auch ell-
lasna, oocaaa tae aplrlt of orogreM
toat U la thmu will b the elt)'a
standard and once Medford becontM
ykt Pity of irogr-a In tula Inland
MHUiro, whirh will bo made tribu
tary la to Klamaik river, draining
.awaroa of moce squara wtW than
loo otato of Oregon. It tll Iva
aialaUlH the load and should b? ta
Urgoat city botgroen Haerwtnla and
Tortlaa4. ilvftliag 8arramalo.
Vr truly yours,
C. J. PRV.
Copp. Cal.. Jul) 18.
iimlfeik AttteihOsl I I
Taiv our iunday dinner al to
Hotel , A Matin. Ashland, ttoraisrly
Jlotsl Oregon). TabU da Hold T5
sne ; - -
npJITC "thirty years' war"
Oermany from twenty millions to seven millions.
Cities, villages and even entire districts were destroyed
and wasted. Cannibalism was resorted to by the people in
their distress. To repopulate the nation, polygamy was
sanctioned and all births legitimatized.
The dread that the present war will, like the religious
wars of the seventeenth century, depopulate Europe'
hangs over the belligerents, who are already adopting
.strenuous measures to increase the birth rate. Russia
alone is free from forebodings, as the Slav race is the most
prolific in Europe, with a birth rate of 42 per 1000 popu
lation. Jn all other countries the past half century lias
shown a decrease in births.
Since 1900, the birth rate of Germany has fallen from
.'15 to 27 per 1000. Only two babes are' born in England
where in 1870 three were bom. France was pronounced
a decadent nation because of the birth decrease of the
past century. The birth rate of western Europe has de
clined for thirty-five years one per cent annually.
To the decrease of normal times has been added the
alarming decrease of war times. Belgians and Serbs are
threatened with racial extinction. English, German and
French birth rates are the lowest ever recorded. The
problem of race recruiting is absorbing the attention of old
world statesmen, lest Europe follow in the footsteps of the
ancient Roman empire, whose decline began with a dimin
ished birth rate.
France is literally buying babies. One hundred dollars
apiece is paid to mothers for the first two in a family, $200
for the third, $100 for the fourth and no question of par
entage raised. A life annuity is proposed for every
mother of four children, to be'paid by a tax upon bach
elors and childless people.
Germany is preparing to endow children and to legit
imatize children of unwedded mothers, and has lowered
the legal age for marriage to 15 years. Even Great Brit
ain is preparing to smother its puritanical standards to
encourage the bearing of children.
But the problem is economic. Children are costly lux
uries. The state must shoulder the responsibility for pov
erty prevents raoial increase. The state must provide for
the children after they are born to make them fit for citi
zenship. With the cost of war added to tlio cost of living,
children become aiu impossibility for the average family
of toilers. Adequate living wages, improved industrial
conditions and the establishment of social justice become
Perhaps the war is destined to create an improved
Europe, a world where life is
. ; r
thh conventim of realty dealers of the northwest
at Portland 'this week, AW S. LT'Ren was called for
and upon responding, publicly hissed because of his advo
cacy of the single tax.
This was a caviler proceeding that reflected upon the
realty men rather than upon -Mr. U'Rcn, who proved
himself superior in moral courage and lofty ideals.
The real estate dealers were actuated by ignorance
and prejudice rather than reason. The singletax will not
destroy their occupation, merely eliminate the unearned
increment. It will staplei.c realty values and business
conditions generally by eliminating, or at least minimiz
ing, laud inflation and speculation.
Most of our periods of depression can be traced to the
previous period of speculation. Much of our economic ills
are due to withholding natural and common resources,
lilce the land, from use that a few may profit from. the
values created by the many. Persons withholding a nat
ural resource like the land from development should be
forced by taxation to utilize it or permit others to.
Our present land ami tax system penalize industry
and enterprise and place a premium upon inertia and
slothfiilness. The person utilizing the land is punished
for it by taxation, while the owner of idle land is rewarded
for keeping it idle by light taxes, and increased values due
to Ins neighbors enterprise.
i i ...,i i
ivuuti vniucfs .'ire rnvui'u
-------- --,- - I'VIMIIM mil (Mill II 1
according to its density. An acre in the heart of Greater
New York is worth a fabulous .sum because surrounded
by millions of people. Kxactly as good land in an isolated
spot is comparatively worthless.
The value create'd by the community should properlv
be restored to the community by taxation, for the land
owner has done nothing Tto make his property valuable.
Were this unearned increment restored to the commiinitv,
other taxation would be unnecessary, and instead of creat
ing a few idle billionaires we would be creating cities
worth while audjiholishiug poverty.
What Carranza Represents
Hy MtilttiKNT Qt'U'K.
I'arriiusu. itcmrdihg tn the tcti
iuimi uf tin wtdl-kuowit Aiui'iicau
irout whoa fttuitiueut I urn making i
this r?Mrt, while a wll txlueatetl
man ia frrtain nm of th term,
k not read muck phiktaufiay and
Myology, or he hat little raits in
the things ka has read1. He is both
Mmple-miaMM mul origins!. He aat
bevn and is Unac kt rnarve km
" resent, rather tkaa thr light
or r wl ssmI he leer W the com- aiMtiil aoriiug hard or inukuig
m of hi laoKlntav f ih AJeni-"moae.v. The Jlevieau loe to do
eun Mtttl. things pith kill. lie will almost go
He dotw on htdicre Iks th I'uit- jhuugryVin order that he mav put in
ed Stale- offers out sstwsfl for theni" lUusVon the waking t the tuie-t
Meucautf to xuui. TV Meicau. sud ui..4 artMie hat. saddle, hrull.
would not enpv w it k.i wanUd them
tn do so. Tell ihe Ueaican that n
Ibiug ,lg,ed in lligrniled Klatea
uud the 'jfilllav. "Well, then e
don't nt it !'w
Th tbuibiUK Ben aatonti the revo-
lotitUu rjg) regard aa aa a tn
Wfkj) itr' & a datioeratic people.
reduced the population of
worth while for the average
i... ,i i ,.
nv inn itnrvii in inn mm vnm-
The sec our olnkei., our aluuis our
ktrtUhtvMkcr, our Coeur d'Alene
ii nd t'olorado uud West Virginia
I rouble, our iiiulti-millioiittircx uml
our tramp, nud they sav that if thev
eauaol deelui into MHnethiHg Wet
ter tbaa that thev will die trying.
And who ran blame tsewf
Csrrnnxa i for free cmmuH
fct'hooK; hut he wiints M-hooU of a
i'krartrr nifferrut from nun..
lie riiw not thai', that the Vei-
l' H eer ! ildlv eathuMShtie
or laruuter u. He loi. t.i d
the orn,tir thing, tbe cUxer tiling.
If Ihe JJeU'aa (Pvr get them
sehe tight eoouowiealU nud buv
tuue to defelotQ thev lll pNtluee
wouderful wusieiauj), &tM$i gnd
lands. 1
Cartanaaaiaks that whi'I ihvt
tner jtcons, jjivcn back, their lands,
arc qhuwn the nkill, tlio mystery and
the triumphs invohed in the best sort
of fnnninjr, they will become interest
ed in farming nnd in unitntry living
ii h it Ihiiifr re(tiirii)r akill and art.
Jle thinks they will wniit to loarn
to rend When they realizo that they
un do their nfunt hettcr if they
know how to read. When thov want
schools, they slihuld find schools pro
vided to meet thoir want.
"How much of Mexico," I naked,
"has been ravaged by the wars nnd
is aufferiiiR the povoity of which we
hear o mnr-li7"
"Even my monlhs of travel and
j study," nid ho, "cannot enable mfiMo
answer that nunatiou accurately; lnt
I should ntiy that not more than one
twentieth of the people have Buffer
ed. The othnr nincleon-twenlietln
arc doing very well and Ihey are
"Tlin l.lnitl Irnnt.ln ... .,,... f
,i- iiiiiiu itiriiiui- ni,, I'l Iflllflllll'-
ally, U tniiiHporlatioii. Hailroadinjr
Spray Now ' for
A few crrk and larvae have been
found this week but tlitf number la
very small and only occurred In a
few places. Such lnfcBtatlonH can he
traced to nearby parking houses and
undoubtedly I the last of the first
brood, these being later on account
of the cooler conditions Inside build
Ings thus retarding their develop
ment. Where orcharda have not been
sprayed thin season the rodlln moth
hnH developed under favorable con
ditions and consequently the motha
of the first brood aro emerging carl
lor. Some of these, moths are now
laying eggs but no worms havo been
found hatching from these eggs. All
orchnrdlsts living in close proximity
to such orcharda should spray Imme
diately so an to be protected. Tho
motlm from thin early emergence can
bo carried for Home distance hy tho
wind and In order to play safe It is
recommended that general upray op
erations be started the next few days.
The normal emergence of the moth
will commence tho next few days arid
accordingly a spray for their control
should be applied within tho next ton
days as the young larvno will then
commence to hatch. A spray applied
now will ho effective for UiIh true sec
ond brood.
Tho maximum hatch of tho second
brood will probably come the second
week In August or possibly tho third.
Ily that time Uils spray will become
ineffective because of the new sur
faces, exposed due to the rapid growth
of tho fruit at that time, Thoreforo
another application will bo necessary
about that tlmn an tho only safe
moans of protection is to keep tho
Neer before, even in grand op
era, ban matter in glnwug nud high
ly colored action been so master
fully, elfcctively hi ought out bv
uicMpH of miiKical iiecompNiiiment an
in "The Ilirth of it Nation," iu pre
tented at the Page next Thursday,
Friday nud Saturday.
Kvery single pnssage, whether it
be a temfie hntllo scene, a cunning
bit of Htatecrnft or nmnwuver, a
huh tch of tendor )athoa, a homoly
folk or character sketch or a rip-'
djng humorous iw, ik musjcallv ex-
jjauiwl to eery amaiied Mctutor
uimI listener.
You liwik umih a snowy field of
cotton on a hppy plantHtion down
in Dixie bind and iiimiediittclv you
epcrien4e the drowsy hum of tbe
bee and Jhe cvor-droniiig songs ol
the darkies in their native heath.
The t.crol unrolls and reveals a
deadly battle of thousands of des-
jM'rntH uud blood-mad men and in-
stantaneoiisU j borne to your ears,
first hand, all tho thunderous bursts
of caiiaoH, near and far; every ex
liosimi, jvtje hhot, meeurate bugle
call in ever quartei- and, at the
saute tuue, the swells of maitial mu
sic that i being earned like a tri
umidtaut flag through it all.
There are other itlaees wkere but
the tHaiig of a simple banjo to
soothe the iiatianU in the hospital is
beard and still others in which the
arousing tniniiwt call ot the Ku
Klux k'lan resounds and fills the
stillne of the sawtWcrn night.
Tale of love under the scent ed
jasmine are brought home to e en
heart with the tender strains of "Iu
the (lloaiuutg, Oh. Mv Darling." and
the Kreedman's Itareau is enlivenel
hy raal old camii aieetiu' tunes. The
Idramatie element and the musical of
Ihe presentation mav be likened to
Mr. Onttith'- si'iituiu'in lhriiL'hut
"I.itteri nnd I'mon. one nnd U-
stxti.ibli'. iiuw uml liiievi-r."
X T- 1
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackugn
proves it. SScat all druggisti
now is nomcthiii'r fierce. The train
is pltinped throuph ravines on tempo
rary tracks, the engines nnd ears
nrc in awful nhapc, and in many
parts of the country traffic is at a
ntnmNtill. Hut eu'ii nt that, the ma
jority of the people of Mexico nrc
better off than thev have for
"The landowners have lost thoir
land and the commercial clniwos arc
bankrupt to a jcreat extent but' the
folks are raUiiiK their jsrub, and they
aro more hopeful than they ever
CarnwM, therefore, ropresont. to
the Mexicans those throe thing
land, liberty, hope.
They will suffer with him for
these thing.
He mn he a mistaken man,, but I
confess to n desire to .eo hlin hare
a chance to test his tfleorv that if
the people are given economic free
dom "thing will gradually come
right at the top."
Codlin Moth
fruit covered. Some do not Intend to
apply more than one spray on the
Hartletts nnd It Is possible that It
will be sufficient. However If tho
picking season is extended rather
late or It thero should bo n large
amount of worms hatching another
spray will be necessary.' T.he neces
sity for such a spray on the Hartletts
will be determined later.
Thero are thoso who Intend to
make but one moro application this
season. According to the present out
look It will bo Impossible to tlmo
such n spray so as to bo a proper pro
tection to tho fruit. Further, grant
ing that to date the orchard has been
glvon proper care nnd the fruit Is In
good condition Is one not warranted
in making two applications nnd pro
venting from twenty to fifty per cent
or more loss Figure, how many
boxos of fruit It will take to pay for
another application and It will bo
found thnt the Investment will pay
lurgo dividends.
DccaiiBo of local variations in cli
matic conditions no specific recom
mendations will hold for tho whole
valley. In caso of doubt as to tho
proper tlmo of application feel free
to call tho office for further Informa
tion. Ashland, Hoguo Illver and
Sams Valley will be about seven to
ten days later.
Dccauso of burning of 'tho fruit
both from lime-sulphur and atonilc
sulphur It is not advisable to apply
cither at this time unless tho scab Is
rather bad.
i C A. -VOHE.V.
HAI.TIMOHE. Md, July 21 Ne
gotiations now hald to bo pending be
tween tho Kastern Forwarding com
pany and "ono of tlio largost Ameri
can bauklng Institutions" for u big
consignment of gold to be sent back
to Germany on tho submarine mer
chantman Doutschland, wero given as
ths causo of the delay of the undersea
vetsl's departure from Haltimoro, ac
cording to the submarine's American
agents today.
Caul O. Milken, the junior mem
ber of the ISnitcrn Forwarding com
pany, has been abient front his of
fice here for more than -IS hours and
it 1 said he Is representing his rom
paiiy In the negotiations for the gold
The amount could not be learned.
V., h. Pay, a stockman of upper
Sams valle, was In town Thursday
afternoon He was accompanied b
II T Dark of Lebanon
Don't lllilo Them With a Veil; Ito
mmii Tlieiii With the Otlilno
This prescription fer ths rsmsval
f freckles was written by a prowl
Hunt Hkysleian aad U wauslly so shc
cossfHl Iu rewavlug freckles and giv
ing a eleor, baautiful comaleKloa that
It Is oold by any drnggUt undor guar
anta to rcfand the money If H fslU.
Don't hide your fret Lies under a
veil: get an ounce of othise and re
movt thosi. Keu tbe first frv ap
plication, should abc voaiWrful
Improvesient, soui of to Hsater
freckles vaolshing etiro1
He sure to ask the drucgttT fro the
double strength othlne it i this that
is sold on the monev-bik. miarau
tee Adv.
Lady As-sUtant
Phono M. 17a ml 17-J-2
Automobile Hoarse SorTiae.
Atabslanoe Service. Coroner.
fARMXGTOy, July 21. The
statu dopnrtmont today received from
Anstrin-Hunjpiry through Ambassa
dor Penfield ut Vienna, a roquest for
additional details roga rding the at
tack by an Austrian submarine upon
the American tank steamer l'etro
lite. Mr. Penflold's dispatch gave no
indication as to whthr the Vtemin
government intended to comply with
the American demands for un npol
ogy, punishment of the submarine
commnnder and reparation for the
damaice done bv Ibe submarine's
'shell file.
Holm L. Scott, general passenger
ngont, nnd K. O. McCormnck, vice
president of th S. 1 , left Friday
in the letter's private car for San
Baking Helps
V Valuable SniJiJcstlons
fly Mrs. A'rzuJa Brings, F.vfonent oj
the Art of Hakinjr, as taught by
Mrs. Janet McKcnsie Hill
Htlpful Cake MaUnd Uinta '
Always sift flour nnd KC Bakinn
Powder nt least three times. The
more sifting, the lighter the cake,
kemember that! To cream but
ter nud sugar quickly, warm the
sugar slightly, ileat yolks of eggs
with rotary beater. Whip whiten
of eggs with flat spoon whip.
Wnter makes lighter cakes; milk
makes richer cakes.
To mix a cake, first cream but
ter nnd sugar thoroughly, then add
yolks, if used. Then nlternatcly
add moisture and flour that has
been sifted with baking powder
and stir until smooth nnd glossy,
nddingegg whites after thoroughly
Always use K C Baking Powder.
DUcult Helps
Always sift flour and KC Baking
Powder at least three times.
Have shortening cold and firm.
Mix dough as soft as it cau be
handled. The softer dough goes
into the oven, the lighter the
biscuit when it comes out. It is
easier for K C Baking Powder to
do its work in soft than m stiff
dough. 'Mix biscuits very little.'
Do not knead. Stir up with spoon
or knife and press iu shape to roll
ou floured board. m
With K C Baking Powder re
sults are sure and certain, AsU
your grocer lor h. L.
Keeps nil objectionable bac
teria from the butter, im
proving its keeping qualities.
Butter not pasteurized de
velops bad flavors very rap
idlv in warm weather.
Tse the best and purest
'Medford Creamery'
Ask your grocer.
Pasteurized buttermilk
and sweet cream for whipping.
'Automobile Tire Setting and Wheel' Repairing.
Springs welded or made to order. Horseshoeing and
general blaeksmithiug.
Phono 279
Crater Lake Auto Line
Our Auto Stage is making regular trips to Crater
Lake. Leave Medford at S:!U) a in. on Mouda',
Wednesday and Friday. Three or more passengers
can go any day for regular round-trip fare. Passen
gers carried to all side points when atuoa are not
filled with through passengers. Round trip to Cra
ter Lake and return $16.50; one way, ifcB.73. Phom;
100 for seat reservations.
IN PRICE between poor
vinegar and vinegar of
the highest quality is so
out of proportion, to the
difference in the quality
the flavor and the
wholesomeness of the
two extremes that no
one can afford to buy
any but the very best.
You get maximum qual
ity when you use
Pure Vinegars
Buy them in the Heinz
filled Heinz-sealed glass
packages and thus be
certain of their purity and
Three kinds Pure Malt Pure
Clderand Pure White Table Vin
tgar in three siiea of packages.
Full Pints -Full
Full Vi Gallons
20 cents
35 cenra
0 cents
Marsh & Bennett
Phone 252
S II, Ilnrnlsh'a auto will loavo
Raglo Point at 8 A. M. and 1. P. M.
dally, except Sunday; Icavo Mcdford
9 A. M. and 5 P. M. Will call for
passengers at hotels In Medfonl and
hotels and busluosa houses In Eagle
inioxrc .i-xti ou a,xs.
Camera Shop
208 East Main Street,
Tho Only Exclusive
Commercial Photographers
in Southern Oregon
Negatives Made any time ot
place by appointment.
Phone 147-J
We '11 do the rest
U. D. WESTON. Prot.