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up mmmtmr
Klny Sulphur's Snturnalia to Bring
Loiifj Projjram of Interesting Fea
tures to n Close With Fun and
Frolic Today Is Grants Pass and
Klamath Falls Day.
ASHLAND. July fi. Wednesday
morning's I'olohnnlinn program wit
devottul to I lie dwornted nulniuobilo
parade, water sports nl llio Nat nml
lmwbnll, the seennd game in tin1 "er
ica heiwoun Mi'dfnrrt and Weed. Tho
jinrk woro also thronged with pb'iiio
parties from far nnd noar. SoTernl
troop trains pnaacd through south
bound, loaded with (ihiiiRtnn m
fautryinoii, hihI (luring tlio atop the
captain of coiiiimiiy CI, second infmi
try, of Abeidcen, intirchciil hi men up
town by wny f iclnxntinn, where tlio
eflintnnud basked in tlui rntrul
shade of ttio jmrkx.
In tliu afternoon there was tlio poo
oml try nut of npurting event on the
roundup field, hiii today nceiiia the
final meet, after whieh (ho deciding
Henri will ho made known. Of the
eighty contesting for roundup honors
tho major representation i from
Umatilla mul Klamath comities-, with
considerable rivnlry between the two
Jbilirnlloii Ucrolsc
It 0. McPnrinick of San I'Ynneiscn,
vleo-nrosidttnt of tho Southern l'n
efn, arrived in Ashland nn Wednes
day afternoon nml in the evening mr
ticimtml in tho dedication exereie.
the oriler of whleli wna printeil in
these columns yesterday, lie sjHtke
infoniiHliy nml showed a remarkable
familiarity with the scoh of the im
provements sines the inception of the
iwtvrpriso. 'Jlio speaker him visited
lioro on other occasion in tlio inter
nal of the development work whieh U
to place this city In tho pleasure re
sort town chNifictttion.
Notably spectacular mul the fluent
displays over huh in these ihiiIh were
tho fiieworks, divided into hath night
nml liny exhibits. Thi former weio
Mtit skywards oh tho eveuiug of the
1'chiiHi, nml on Wednesday afternoon
tli daylight features went tnriiril
loose. These disidays were handled
hv experts sent here for thin particu
lar HirMM) by the llitt company of
(mul I'n-is nml Kluinntli full
Today U f!rmiln I'hhm nud Klnrn
Htk FhIIh ilnte for Nhnrinjr in lh
pleHrM of the rcMmilion hihhI
ilring ilH ploHiug hour. The fore
ihmm r.AM ilcvoiwl to Ull gam, lnd
P0Hi"erin anil water Hirl. Thin'nf
Icmooii a baby "how in hWug held at
tho Klk- trniple. Tonight at 7 licgin
Kin? Sulphur'" aaturualia, when fnu
mhiI fltdif Hill run riiinpant till the
oariy nioruiog hour. lkrgner,
iiUUMgt'r of th Vininc theater, will
b eroWHod king. hioh imdie that
tB Ihl will not b cIomnI very tight
In the old town, al Icmm while he
wi)d the aeptro. And when the
mayor of ANhland meeU the nuixort
of arnnta la.M and K'lumuth Fi.lU,
tho MMtuueut Mhieb tradition iiltnin-
wa oneo on a time exchnnuitl In
Iwaen the governor of Xorih Curo
hn and the governor of Houth t'
Una way b ivMattHl mi ()rittn mmI,
or eoiir, under the ntuniitiiHi Dial
the tthaer umn) imi tlii Hueiol k.
ion will be routined to either a lilhia
ewktoil or aulihur rickiy.
To i liauge the subject, I'luiiitauoiiu
)wgitt nmutrroM !
Tilo fur l'loo($ .
Among flontM in Tiiedav' pnrudc,
firl ine wna awarded to Kinillicm
laeific engineen for the M.ithiii
NpM'iiil." in the indiiMtriul flnifica
(ion : Ur. W. 11. Poley. weeond. lut
rioib. Mr. Kmil I'eil. fir-t; Orund
Ann Hepublic, Neond. lVatenittl,
Ijkdieo' Auxiliary, firat ; Civie Im
provement eluh, aeoond. SMtiul
featun- Indiun float, firat; Pioneer
float, tteeond. Awgrd on beat riding
i-ltth not yet mad. A vary unique
lutat ua the work o'f Wuh Chung,
loenl Chuiexe mundurin.
A tvtt of the rtMilU in Tiiediiv'x
roundup eenix were an t'ollowa, the
HUM! of ine aeore wt to b un
noimeeil : One mile pony ckprean rare,
iwo bor.- Jim Tavlor firt. 8:11:
Dene Tort le, aecoml, 2:0.Vj; CVank
Stnith tkirtl, 2:U6; purci 100, $,M),
3.V Steer mpiiiK J.ihn Koaeh
fir4, -nre 7i. Cowboy' reluy
liiee, t iniU'. four hnres Hay
Alurk) tiil, :i:ll, JJaM; ui.e
jfl.Vi. t'liNin' Kimmn race - lion
Corhett fi-t. !-r. Hiilldogging (on
taaiJ,ritMi t JUr lin.t, IM3. In.tiu
IX KI1ANCK. Julv 5. The utorv of
the I'laler divioiima in the firnt ilay'a
battle of the Anglo-Kretirh offeiifive
in now npoeaaihle. It hod one of the
iiuWfe ImHIiIo, prH of th difficult
ftltnck in the northern wrtion of the
offensive, lta trenclici were diaail
vniitngeoutilv located on gronud fH fl
ing a riilgo where the Herman bnller
ten bail nn onfilniling fire.
Tnrmigh curtnina of shrapnel fire,
in the face of machine gun nml un
der onfilniling file from machine,
gun in n village, the devinion cap
tuicil tin firat Oerinnn line, HlHoiting,
"Xo aurrender!" and 'Remember tho
Hoyuel" nml alurleil for tliu aecoml
Still under croaa fire ami every
kind of mIicII fire, the Iron) of (lie
l Inter diviaiun continued on until
they gnined n Nlrong iciloulil on the
Hiiinmil of the ridge. There llioxe
who hnd aunived dug in. AgiiiiiHt
Oennnn countor-nttiicka ami uinchino
gnu nml rifle firo fiom two aideni,
they held on until they had no more
honihi or cartridge.
Hopeloiodv almt off from fuithor
supplies by flennnn ourtniiiM of aholl
fire, they had to full buck, bringing
200 primmer to tho Oennnn firat
line of trenchex, peini: through
curtain of fire to do ho. IIcio they
elnhlihcd theinMolvo nml Muck un
til help came.
An Huglih hnttnlinu from Vork
hire nml UinciiHhirc, cnuhl in the
"nine foHhimi, mo fur n known,
fought nhnoxt to (be hot mini in hold
ing the Gcrmnnx north of tho Ancre
while liiitlnliiin- fuithor noiiIIi luinle
unilonn proti--..
WASIIIXflTflN. J.ih (1. -AH nrmy
departmeotnl coinuinmk'ix bne boon
iiuthoriwl by .Secretniv Daker to
diM'hnrge enlisted men of the na
tional gnnni in tlie reitera aorvioe
Hi-Ms of, Sniiiiiel Adnir, I "Henry i- niiw n e.iplMin," lie hW. I Samuel Ailnlr wna in his (10th your,
lather of l.,eute,,t Henry K.nlney ! ''Henry has received I.N ,r..ution." ,2at;;', VvnlpK" OB in
Adair, died at the Hood Sniuiiritiiu ' LumU'iuiiit Adair wax to have been ' '. ! 1
hospital here late ln-t night. After 'made a chptain on July J. . 'N'IW VOK1C, .lul.v 0. Tho hcnlth
a lingeinig illne the end came jimt Todnv Morri Adair, another won, department announced today that
n few hour hcr..rc Lieutenant t el earn phed to Kl l'ao nkiiiir that 'incomplete figure how thnt durinir
Vd.iuVbodv wn-retiiniod to Allien- In- brotbor' bodv be Kent here, the tvcnl -four hour proeoding this
can -oil. Ilii nt wonU wore for Father and son probably will ho bur- ,nior n twenty-tour children died of
In- s..n. ied nt tho same time. linlimtilo nanilvxii in the creater city.
The Ptilerprioiug women of Bed
ford nml i('ini(y will lead a parade
on the MtreelK of thix city Triday
evening thnt promie to be a hum
inor. Under tho direction of the
who hnc one or more dependant rol-Orentcr .Mud ford eluli, all women ol
WASIIIXHTOX. .luK ti. Hepre
entnlii's of beet paikcix ami cattle
producer vtcrv given further hearing
today liefore a hointe commit I w con
"idenng the Ilorland remdution for a
feilerul trade cinnniiiNion invcwtigH
tioii to determine whether the ho-cuII-
ed hoof trout hn violated federal
anti-trust law.
Itepreenlatie Ilnrluud fibnl a ie
tition which be told the comtniioii
wax signed by 12"i meiuberN of emi
gre, urging approval of the
tion a a matter of extreme iniort
unce to lictiHk inteifxl. lie aUo
Mubuuilcil a Htatement urguuiK that
a few great packing Iiouhck donlrol
cattle Hbuighter, the nmrkels in great
litcxlock center, tokard, term
iual facilitie. feed lot and tranxtr
t at ion lines, the coiumuicH which
loud moiiev to fninicrw fur feeding
and fntteiiiug cattle, and subsidiary
acliwlicM like cnllon need oil nulla,
cold- toi a ue plants and great let nil
Mild lIlMllldltllli; IlllllkcU.
Tho order of the eo rotary of wnr
"Dt'iwrfinent commnndera may i
uo diaobarge to enliated man of tho
nHtlonal guard in tho aorvioe of the
I'nilad State who are oning with
in their department. Application for
diacharge mnt be made in duo form
through military channels to the de
poiliiu'iil coinmnnder thnt the airnli-
cant Iihk ouu or more rolntivm do-
IMudiug on bun for uppoit.
"Tho application must be nooom
jMiniod by nderpinto written ovidnnoo
of ronl ilepondeiicy. When it come
to the knowledge of the commanding
officer through uulhentio aouroo
that n aobller of hi command Im
ono or more deiiendent relntivoa anoh
wildmr will bo informed of hia right
to make application for hi diHohnrxo
nml the discharge will Im grunted
upon tho application if warranted by
"A doire to remain in the aoi'viec
hud al the anme lime decline to itllol
nny iHirliou of the npplicmilV pay to
hia family or to dependent wj ,
ropoiled to the war depniiment for
final action.
"When an application for di
ohnrge i finnlly npproved tho prnpor
rcci oiling agendo will bo nt onco
informed o that the aennoy may he
filled promptly. Keertiiliug and liiua
tcring officers will bo on joined to
avoid acceptance ol ice mils having
i cm t He. iicjMndiiii on tin in for sup
l"t." L ,
I.ONDOX, lulx i: reornnnlzn
(ton of tlio iullml ix xiieitcil xxlien
the announcement U mudo tomoirow
or Saturday of I.lodiieorge' pro
motion to tha war office. HiUln
.Montague, fluaurlal aerretary or the
treasury, la expected to nucreeil him
a miiilater of munltlona. Tho Morn
ing Teleicraph Iwlleve that J. Aunten
Chamberlain will retire a aeeretaiy
for ludla In order that a member or
th houaa of lorda may be apiMtlnied.
filling the cabinet xacanry In the up
per bouse caused by the death or
Lord Kitchener. In this can Mr.
Chamberlain xxould receive another
nfflcs or oiiual Importance to that
which he now holds.
Another way or meeting the vacan
cy In tho upper house would be the
elevation or 8tr Kdward flrey to the
peerage. According to some or the
morning papers It la proposed to
create lluiold J. Tenant, parliamen
tary secretary lor war a peer and
im htm succeed Mr. Montague as
itiiinrellnr or I lie Duchv or l.Jinaster.
n iom vliiii the latter liolil In nd
iiniou io Li- -i i nt. irv thiii
the city and auhurbnn district xvill
meet at the public library pnrk nl 7
o'olouk Friday ox cuing and, led by
the Mod ford band, will parade in nit
tomobilo, xvhilo the loval men ot the
city ami xiciuity xxill follow on foot j
through the main hiiiiieH streets of J
Mfifll'fitI. Iitnvfiiu lint 1iltf,.. iiiict.. .kl f
....... ... .., ......IIH (ll, (....... film III
7.:i() ehnrp and disbanding nt the
Xiitntoriiim, xvhero n rousing mcclint;
will ho hold for the discussion nt ilv
Illuo Lodgo railroad project and tho
pending contract proHiitiou to he
voted on nest Monday.
While tho meeting has been called
and xvill bo under the nupiee of the
allied women's clubs of the city mid
xiciuity, tho nien arc inxiled to nt
,'tciiil and rcccivo the beuolil of infor
mation (o be diominated on thnt oc
casion. It xvill ho the jMirpouc of the
ponkor to elonr up some point of
confusion orentod by clandestine
stieet goip.
The automobile in which the wom
en will ride uud the men on fool xvill
carry nppropriulo float and ban
ner expressive of the sentiment and
enlluiinni of tho loyal women of tho
city nnd their friemU from the conn-try.
Automobile in sufficient number
linve been procured to carry as munv
of the progruanivo women of tho com
tiiiinily na will clime. ' Hllitdreda of
men hnvu agreed to mnreli in the par
ade. It xvill ho ivtrong nml impres
sive demon) rut ifni of the curnet de
sire of tho people of this community
to help to build the Illuo Lodge rail
road nml thus lnrt into buoyant ac
tion the buinos spint of tho city for
progre nml prnK'rily.
Fanners am) their families arc all
united to join the jwrado nnd' attend
the meeting, innmuch a they, too,
Imxp signified loyal iuteicst in this
IE 2-1
"pf ia,'e'
'5liil i' i 'v
ll0l0r'O'i" I'
$100. Tlj ".
finnl, dopotuln
hhod during i
hii!i four'bniyi'
-I. 'J T; pur-e flllO
!. OHO mile, fun i
-V I t. Jl.'ti. iiil-r
"inj; i-.un arc imi
( l I 1,,, , ,,
im it du Unit.
Ctil.l Mill s. M.. .Iul ti lien
erul J. J. IVislnim, comiiiuiibog ibe
Awoncan cxHHlilion in Meicn, hiu
isued order that every effort be
umde to cxtedite the eoaatruvtion of
the new wugun nmd between Colum
bus uud Afylii bae at Cwlonin
Dnblan, Bcordinu- to reiMirta from
Uhe field today. That clelava in
trausmrialiou over the Amcricau
liuos of coniinunioutiuM may be al u
uiiuimiuu dunug the rainy season,
he bus ordered that extra luborera be
put to work and additional machin
ery euiiioid. New graders and
wagon are lauig rushsd to the eon
structiou camps and military author
ities here exKded that the road
would be ready for motor Iruck
travel iu thirty day.
Military uiilhorilii's are keeping ac
crct the exact routiuu of tba Mad.
but it is kiiowu it iMda south
through Paloiuns, Asceaeioo and
thence to Dublan.
Kcsris from the fkdd also indi
cated that much const motion work U
under way in the field headiiourtcr
caiup. Xumbeis of buildmus are be
iug erected to house food ami tor
age, hiili has been piled in the oihh
and oorr.cls utr under fmstraciiHi m
which hor-c. .nn ) i,illil ad i In-
cuttle, purciiun (, f.i jsjrx.
I lor rv Owaas of Talent ofLr a -., piue of a I2 silver n ouolei'
In hilt to ibe iQivli.i ii,nl ii. jj
it uli -I Him In i ,i i,.in' it 1 1 ii i
'kf . )
J 0 j
n v 1
i I '. m 1 '
aBBaaaaaaaaaahHUi m -&- aaaaaaaY
AVeed won the cliamplon-hli of
Southern Oreaou and Northern Cal
Ifornla this morning in an eleven In
ning game by a sroru or 2 to 1. llase
hall fans pronounce the game the
cleanest, fastest ever pla)ed by a
local to m.
The game wna a pitcher's battle,
Tuerek who pitched the first two tu
nings for Weed Tuesday, showing
up In wonderful form. Sieberts was
his match and tho local team lost
only through an error on the part of
the shortstop.
Med ford made the first run In tho
firth. Determined to hold the lead
Sieberts held tbem the next Inning,
but a Weed man eaiuo home In tho
seventh. Until tho eleventh there
was no score, although In tbe tenth
thero was a rust bit nt play wheu
Mclutyre got to second on a low In
field drive. Weed attempted a double
play aud the Weed second basemau
threw the ball when Melntvr waa
only six reet away. It caught the
Med ford man on the side of the head
and laid him out cold.
In the eleventh Garcia sent a Hue
drive straight to Sobolti. Tbe ball
was a hot on and the little short
stop, xx ho up to this time bad played
a perfect game, dropped it, and be
fore be could lecover tt, a Weed tally
slipped home
l'OKTL.Wli Or.. Julx
out ever knowing that In
Miel an heron- death on the buttle
i -Wub-son
FOK SAI.K Due Percberou mare,
weight noo, 7 years eld: ran be
seen at A C. Taylor's ranch. tw
miles north of Medford on Pacific
oit HK.VT tv residence on South
chtkdale during m alcme oa
Mexican border; select parties
onl. Dr. K. T. Ports.
i oil
I. iv
. inoi
't-room and
rn. furai-hi d
-1 17
t , Thi'ii. u: J.
Plenty of Desirable Summer Dresses Here
Many dainty plaited effects
lawns, organdies and similar
stripe trimmings.
i it s-rf -if
The Season is Here
for Wash Goods
ABC Silks in Colors
Come in a big range of
shades, also small patterns
and stripes, IIS inches wide,
will wash hetter than most
colored materials, suitable
for waists, underwear, etc.
Cretonnes for Sport Wear
Very popular at present' for
the making of hats and
skirts, come in a big range of
large floral patterns, in
bines, tans, pinks and laven
der. Seeded Voiles 25c. 29c
Neat pin stripes in colors,
such as lavender, pink, blue
jind black, a cloth that
washes well and inexnensivc
verv DODular for sciKtratc
Ginghams, Percales, 120
Narrow stripes, small pat
terns aisd figures, both light
and dark grounds, IJ( inches
wide, tin excellent cloth for
house dresses, bungalow Jip
rous and the like.
in all white or two:color combinations, of voiles,
nmtcrials: also pongee dresses wtih the wide blazier
This cloth is becoming more popular every day,
and when made up makes a practical summer suit,
as it is both cool, launders well and serves the pur
pose where :i dress will net: comes in Norfolk
Organdie Collar and
Cuff Sets 25c, 35c, 50c
The favored shapes,
large collars with point
ed backs and tucked,
cuffs pointed nnd tuck
ed; also round shapes
and other new ideas.
They'll put new life
into your spring gar
ments: others range in
Lace Trimmed
Brassieres 50c
The corset with the low
bust necessarily re
quires a brassiere.
These are made so as lo
allow the proper outline
to the figure without in
anv war causing dis
comfort to the wearer-
others as low as 25 price up to $2.00.
and up to .1.25. , . . .
1 New Sport Stripes
Here are Waists at $1.48 Materials 25c, 35c, 40c;
Styles are unusuallv ef- 50c
fective. The waists are
well made and of just
the kind of materials
suitable for present
wear, such as voile, or
gandie jind lingerie
some are Jill white, pth
ers slightly trimmed,
with a little color.
Corduroy Skirts at
$3.50, $4.50, $6.50
These corduroy skirts,
in light blue, white, old
rose, grjiy, coral and
maize come in a neat
style of the plainer mod
els, trimmed with patch
pockets jind large pearl
Owing to the extreme"
scarcity of tjiese popu
lar materials we con
sider ourselves fortun
ate in being able to get
such as we tire able to
show, which come in a
good range of the popu
lar colors.
30-in. Shantung Silks
In the natural color, full
HO inches wide and of
xevy good quality. We
believe we mentioned
once before that Sluin
tung silks were getting
scarcer, and prices are
raising rapidly.
50c Silk Gloves 25c
Of course, to be sure
there arc not all sizes or
colors in the lot, but
such as there are, the
saving is more than one
half, till double finger
children's Sox at 25c
These may be had in all
white or white with the
different color tops, and
conic iu sizes up to S'o;
also silk fibre in whife
NOTICE We beliere the trade in general has
become fairly well acquainted with the dye situ
ation. as it affects practically every yard' of col
ored material sold over the'eounter,' and also
rcjuly-to-wears. Scarcely ji pjickjige is opened
but we receive just such notice as we herewith
"The prevailing dye situation compels us to
jinnounee that we will not guarantee any colors.
We will, however, give the. jissurance that the
very best dyes obtainable have been used iu the
manufacture of these goods." The biggest Jind
best known manufacturers are taking these
steps of advising their trade.
The May Co.
Bulletin No. 5
; i i'fl ff !.
The Bethlehem Steel Company's
Offer to Serve the United States
At a time when the expenses of the Ciovennneut are so enormous
Isn't it worth while finding out the actual facts before plunging ahead into
an expenditure of $11,000,000 of the people's money for a fiovcrnment; ar
mor plant i
To elenr up the whole it nation, and to put. it nn a hnu as fair and liH!HcHse-likd gs wo
. know bow to epttw it, we now make tbi offer to the Cinveruineut :
The Bethlehem Steel Company will manufacture armor plate for the Gov
eminent of the United States at actual cost of operation plus such charges
for overhead expenses, interest and depreciation as the Federal Trade Com
mission may fix. We will agree to this for such period as the Government
may designate.
The limine of ltcpresentntixes voted dowu n proposal to wnpower the Federal Trasla
Comuiu-iou to determine u fuir ome for armor, and allow private) atAMufaeiMior gj)
port unity to meet that pru-e before the Government built it. plant. ' ' V '
Isn't our proposition fair and ought it not to b'e accepted? : v
MV UHMwure is now before tluj Fuited SUies Somite. " ":'
CH. M. srnVH. rhaVaisn.
KI'iiK.NK C liKVCt:, rresldvui.
S . P. . . ,
t Bethlehem Steel Company