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SllOWUtS tonkjiit I'ltl
.Mn. Yewtcnmy, 71; Mln.
Twin 10; Pieclp., .11 fin ,
rortylxth Year.
Dnllv- nil vf titliVwir.
xo. -in
TK tm H vl EW a
V SKs-A. Jit. i&. Ka. v
Teuton Trenches on Hill 287 Also
Raided Artillery Active on Verdun
Front Airship Bombardments
, Berlin Declares Three Attacks on
304 Repulsed With Losses.
1'AUIS, May 10. Several attack
wure iiiiule Oerman troops on the
Vt'idiin front last night In an effort
to enpluie n redoubt at Avocourl.
Tim official statement of today says
the Germans wore repnlsod each time
mill they lost henvlly.
French troops, after novere fight
lug, rniiluteil u Cermiin foil on the
northeast slope of Mill 301.
Three (lermnn trenrho north of
lltll 2S7 wore ralileil by French forces
whlch killed or captured tlio occu
pants of those position.
On thn Venlnn front onst of the
Meuso the nillllory on both side was
active during the night.
Two Crunch aeroplanes ilroppoil
olfthly mote shell on the railway
station nl .Metx on the night uf
Mny IS.
I'l-emli SUilt'iiicnt.
Tlio text of the statement snys:
"lletwuen thu Olio anil the A line a
strong recouunllerlng party of the
oneiny whlr-h whs endeavoring to ap
proach our lines In the neighborhood
of Qiiennovleiea, was subjected by us
to h counter attsck anil dispersed,
leaving some dead on the field,
whore the encounter took place.
"On the left bank of the Meuso,
nfter ft spirited pioptirstloii ty their
lutlllory, the Herman endeavored
several times last ttliiht tu captuie
the tedoubt In the wood of Aroeourt.
Jtepulsed each time b our fire the
enemy suffered serious losses. As
for us, wn executed at a point to the
north of Hill 2S" at about 3 o'clock
In the warning a surprise attack upon
Oerman trench. The men occupy
ing this position were either killed or
made prisoner.
"At this same time of day French
troops look Kssesston after a furious
engagement of a small fort of the
enemy on the northeast slope of Hill
Alililp Itiiids.
"On Ihe right of the Woevre thete
have been reciprocal bombardments.
"During the nlitht of May 18-1?
French aviators conducted numerous
boinbaidments along the front, north
or Verdun. For instance: Fifteen
shells of large caliber were thrown
down upon au important depot of mu
nitions botween Haucourt and Marrl
court, ten kilometers (six miles)
south of Sedan; five more on the
railroad stutlon at Sedan, where a
lite broke out, and fifteen on a depot
'of munitions not for from Aitaiine
During the same night two French
aeroplanes throw down eight v shell
im the railroad stalton at Meu-Su-blons.
"Aviator of the enemy during the
night threw down several bombs in
the vicinities of Lunevllle and Hel-
Ottinuiu Statement.
HRULIN. May l. vl London
The repulse this morning of three
attacks by the French against Oer
man positions on Hill :s northwest
of Verdun as announced by the .war
office today.
The text of today's statement says:
W stern frent: Hand grenade
nogagements southwest of Loan con
tinued. (Continued on rr three)
Nr.W VUlK. M.t is i mii-i.'H"'
1'uroOU, Jor 1UOU' than 1' e.H. ic
diui internal ret eu"' " ' r, -0
Hrreted by the fedeia tth. r 'u t
lu) on u warrant ehni. ' n ''
deiuuiiiling and aci-eptinj: tcuu
tubueeo dealer, in return U, niikiti.'
('nle report to the eremcial
A.itant Iniled Mate. IH.tru
Attime MeDoirild md dher el
In ti.i- uhuIiPIm- ,irr-t.i uriT t..rt
t tin ,ik ui t -v -i. ' ' ' 4
Germany Instructs All German Con
suls to Admonish German Citizens
in Their Districts Scrupulously to
Ohserve American Laws Orders
Designed to Prevent Plots.
many, through Count llernstorff. Un
Instructed all (ieriiiRU consuls In the
United Slates to admonish Herman
cltixeus In their districts scrupulou1
ly to observe American laws This
was done In an effoit to end various
alleged violations of Aiucilr.m nco
The ambassador nrted on liwtrur
tions from the Merlin foreign tiffin
The action was announced twins in
this official statement fiom tlio
(lermaii emhas :
CoiimiN Instituted.
"In consequence of ease vbtih
have occurred of late the (icrninn .un
bnssndor has sent Instructions to nil
dcrmaii consuls In the I'nlteil Statu
to strongly Impress upon (Jet man it
Isons living In their district that it
is strongly Impressed upon Herman
t-ltlsens living In their district that
it is their duty scrupulous!) to obi
the laws of the state In which the
It was said at the Oerman emh.ism
that the Instructions were designed
to prevent plots or lawlessness on the
pait of the Oerman clttsens The
German government. It was wild,
looks with ureal disfavor upon an
such conduct.
It was made clear that Merlin of
ficials want the Culled States and
Its people to understand that the.
huve not countenanced an Illegal af
fairs with which German cltixeus or
sympathisers in this country have
been i ounce ted Count Von Heru-
storff's instructions were received
last night and were forwarded to
German consuls Immediately.
Not llciiue-lcil by C. S,
It was said the Instructions to Oer
man consuls were not the result of
an action by the Cnlted States. Ad
ministration officials thought the
step might do much to relieve trou
blesome conditions which hate mani
fested themselves almost since the
beginning of the war.
It is understood the German gov
ernment learning that public opin
ion in this country was being affect
ed b activities of German sympa
thisers, deslref In put an end to
activities object lonab'o to the Cnlt
ed Stales
W SIIIM2T()N. M.c l I'lans
for reorisanUutlon of the Atlantic
fleet, which will be announced short
ly by Secretary Daniel, im lintt the
retirement of Admiral Klctclur us
commander in chief.
Vice Admiral lleno T Muo. now
commandant of the first division fleet
with his flag on the Arkausas, will
succeed Admiral Fletcher as com
mander in chief. Admiral Flett In r
automatically returns to hi line rank
of rear admiral and probably will be
sssUned to Important strategic work
Hear Admiral Devilt Coffmon. one
of the division commanders of th
fled, will become vice admiral. All
of the changes become effective to-ific.iroA-
Admiral Fletcher has eora-i.l.i.-d
his term as commander in
Slllc. H v ! lv ." nale
Cjiimc1 i' l Kmoii i solution for
open -tsion- on ition-
Jtt-iiiiitd dilutee cjH ri i- ami be
ttors approiixt4tlon I lit
ftn.i.,.iu.l milMl.rnl HJk'..iftt r.Il the
ShiIm: In It j
, .a i
w vxnm w -.
Taw 3am. - 5,
iWifiKR ima
&$&' IsMtev
m ' , :v
KB . .a. '
Y4 Wl' '..&.
I'linlii -licis un'ikiiKe In Dublin t'iiuc! Ij m-xcii ilajs' unr Im-Ivvo." ii the men that fcninccl the "liNIi iv
public" ami the llnllli troop. .Many blocks vteie slicllnl or il) miiiiltcil lin iiik 'lie last ilii). i r the fit lie In
t i mil Mi iiuulc.
M.Wm'IION, T. M-. Mun l -Jesse
Iieemer, the lloquillss store
keeper, and Monroe Pan. negro,
kidnaped b the lllg ltend bandit
raiders and recused by Major George
T. Langhorno's cavalrj detachment,
have rea bed lioqulllas, according to
official reports received here today.
According to the official reiwrt the
rescue of the Americans took place
in the dead of night. Major I.ang
home, with a detachment of the
eighth cavalrv, drove In automobiles
and trucks to a ranch house, where
a part of the Glenn Springs raiders
were quartered.
The bandits were surprised, but.
although surrounded, they put up a
stiff fight. Two were wounded and
two captured The remainder es
caped In the dark. The Americans
had no losses.
Scarcity of gasoline for his supply
trucks is said to have prevented Ma
jor UanRhornc from Immediate!) tak
ing up the tiail of the bandits.
Major Lanuhorne is reported still
pushing southward through Colmila.
Reside nt here are In recipt of In
formation from Uoqulllas that l''i
armed Yacini Indians have left Cuatio
C'li neitai, 11. o miles southeast, rid
ing in a direction that should place
them Miicir lauahoi lie's ad
vante toluiiiii ici'tl r in offlc laN
s.l tilt (.ill iit nilillilii tl.i lepoil
Poll I I.AM. . M v 's I'"11
nctt Thiiiiii-nti, il" c i.iiimiI. who
wn- aire-lccl hell l.i-t lil.'llt Uiul held
fur investigation in iuieetiti with
the murder of Mi-. lU'eii Jen
nings and Flu' l(i-lm m H'.n- Tnal
aim lnt MoiHi. . iinl.iv w.i, tide n
to Ulllsboru, tin '.i-IiiiiI..Ii ciiiinl
The both Kit m.ii. ihe I'ortleud
cliuul'leiir, who drove the unknown
man who eoipn.M ted i In do ihle mur
der to Mr.. Jei.i iii.1-' I mil, ho not
rt heiii toiiiid. Il i- tlioni;lit that his
licd w4t thiown into w inaib
streatus The 1'ortlaiiil yulit'O nte m
Plined to liidie() t'lliil Yhoiup-oii i, iii
lineel.t 4- VU fto l! luiiicg rulf to
Hijnlitnj i' fiii i or
y i&aXisV3aKESr " - . mmsa
- V--XJskic5'S V ""SiO (mrtKsn
i w . -- 3 k. Mi, jRvan
t m - f"' :.w -. '.- "
V. v
vcrw "
-.'L i-ir-i
. fl'
(ii:xi:a, i. ':. i ii.mi
Iniihliruek imliiale that the hen nest
inciting"! i Im .i Intuitu It.cK niitl
Austriu elm in. i In- i iii nojr
reiH in (he ! m ltneieto nud
the Kiigniui icl!e, while ihere is ev
ery evidence iliat I lie Aii-lmiiih have
begun a general olTensive against the
II llnnu I'tuiiki llxi A ltiu 1 1 tits A iltniii
i .LHtana '. mV t ' " T- Jt 11 TUT1 1
;:u s LKHH Aye.' -XJUffj
.-..".-..,,,,, 0M noUll, Rh,, m9 0
Many bodies i AiiHtrinii -"ldtrn kill
ed in the iltlint .ire uil to he llont
ing down tin inir Adiu'.
The Au-liiini- hue iimiiulit -ewrnl
batteries of then heuwei kuiim lioiu
aernmny end hue in-tulleil them
near (loruin mid Mont'iileoue, where
the stall oi Aiehiltike Frederick liu.
ni'liecl. The Au-liiini ure ulo rush-
uk troops . i,.., ,, liiii..iM..k into !--
region ol lain
Kw. troop, ou the trontier Ha.rt
Hint the A.i-,r..n position, on the
AUilllieiiii lih. nine recerllv lieen
u atl -In i .' ' i in i iiiul ili il tin
.11 -
lilli i
III llltl l
.MOCKIUii.M Ma n The (in
in. hi Miamef Hera was sunk ibis
in urn I im otf I Heliport In the llalttc
'Ihe sinkln i the Hera marks the
Mist activit) .! the luliish subma
lineii iii the I', iltli this se.ison. The
Hera left Hic : holm Tuesd.n to take
on '.'nun tons nl iron ore at Ovloe
sund livr i i auln was ordered un
board (de sin. marine with th ship's
papers anil l.ii en prisoner Buffl
cient tliixswa -hen the crew to leave
the ship.
All on hoard were Paved
The repent or the Mlbiuatlue ac
tivity has Me, i i d the inow-nn-nt of
numerous (rinan ven.eU vwth c ci
X04H of Iron ore iuiw at Oxloesund
and nt lit r pons
l.(Wl(& M.'V IH
two Uerman ainsbips h a k ibma-
jt...'elw, uiun tj i Hus ly l, ic
'in 5 n I ' i'iit ic hi i
WVrVQ f -JsCTf - - . lilHHMB
WEB W '" '"'iEOT
- W pL mm
ftf 9 swOawBaHr iJasattAasasasKJI
,T5.-.: '
w - z '
' rysi.
'.. j
VSlll m.'Iiin, Va is in de
ciding upon the luereaae of the nav),
the house naval commltteo today
voted to abandon the five-year build
ing progiam, recommended by Sec
retary Daniels, and to recommend
that five buttle crulh.'is, to cost $So.
I3:i.r.;tl each, four scout cruisers, ten
aiiA4 litfstst iIjiuIhavam liuAHtw eiiili
supply ship and one ammunition sup
ply ship be built during the 1017 fis
cal year. The committee voted 13
to K on buttle cruisers and subma
i Th nnniniltteo iinatiinioiislv aituitt
ed . resolution bv ltenresentstlv.
Hensley of Missouri, authorising III
president, upon conclusion of the
Humiiaan mir In Invllu thn wurlrt
owr to a conference to frame a
omr, of arijruon or 0,her body
ror t w.uiement of all disputes
, ,., Uilliltm all, appropriating
$2iHi,ouii for the purpose.
Sec r tun Daniels had recommend
ed us the Hist war's apportionment of
the proposed riv war program, two
die. uln. mollis, to liattle cruisers, i-.oiii iiui-eis, fifteen destroy-
i- on uiiniciiit and one hospital
-hip - to siiliinurilies, diffetence Of
n, mloii ins .nl ii as to the type
in lie . hi un. (nl .Hid Secretary Dan
ii ,il.i..i in mik:iiial plan of five
Hut h i'.iiiuc im " mid iwnl)-flve
....I siiiiuilii llli'i-
'Mi iiiiiiniittii si mi k out the bat
il' hips, the uiiiio.ii five de-
I IO . I
I I - Nil
', it ...!.c .1 ii. n battle i-ruls-
i ii t 1 1 ii i
III'! '.Ii' ' il !
one iiiiiiiiuiiI
I hip.
l.tlMlOS. l i !" Hcc llcili Ii nil
. I IikI'iI K'-. Hie lint n'to.M llifl nil-tied
that tin 'H-,iinliti llalavu-r V, which
'u.i-. Iiluwii i.. ii hi . H ih with
ii.. i . . i.i i i . u.i- Mink by
a p. 1 1 '11 i 'I. c. d un exam
ination o llu -Inp bv divers to o
' tituli-h the eiiu-e oi thY diater. The
i death i.l J, ui M.iiicinii) ati, 4'neiienu
(anmj a u.,.,.i. M. ,, ,)
,hWlf l(ff a ,s.,,s, .,, he wa prjo-
, , A tj h o f,
ii, Me fr fl f wa
Vs3Vs iftkkn 4BsaBasBBiaBHa1
mF:.. wmm
It I O- Hi" .1
1) lb' ur 'Ok
Ull (I.
' . t
Out of 180,000 Volunteers
But 11,000 Joined Revolution Ad
vance Information of German In
tention to Land Arms Shown
Government Afraid to Act.
IiiNliOV, May IS From testi
mony developed Unlay at thu hear
ing opined b the royal commission
uniln the presidency of Hnrnn llard.
tne, to Imiiilre Into the Irish ruhel
lion, it appeared that the government
I id received advance Information of
i it p.irattons for an uprising with
hilp ft oni Herman sources.
The testimony was given by Sir
Matthew Nathan, who resigned as
undcnccrctan for Ireland after the
I I hellion broke out. The government
' nl received advices, said Sir Mat
tin w. that an attempt would be made
to land arms In Ireland from Herman
ulinutrlnes, also, the rifles had henn
pir based from Irish soldiers on homo
leiue, while others had been taken
Into the country In passengers' hsg
Kilne Voliiulcei-s l.ojnl.
The former undersecretary gave
this testimony In the course of a
Iciiik statement outlining the forma
tion of the National Voluuteerfi. of
which he declared only 11.000 out of
a total of 1X0,000 pievlously enrolled
had shown Iheuiaelves disloyal, the
leaders of this section having Issued
a manifesto ileclailug Ireland should
provide for Its own defense and ludl
tatliig an Intention to eatnbiiah'H free
nut tonal goM'rnment of Ireland. The
li adem of th movement. )y atd, dU
lecteil Hull' efforts to seenrlliK more
rifles suit ammunition and to storing
us In rue an amount of material as
The executives In Ireland being In
possession of sufficient evidence of
the connection of the movement's
leaders with a foreign enemy, con
tinued Sir Matthew, had decided on
their arrest and were discussing the
matter on April 21 whon the rebel
lion broke out.
He defended the failure of the gov
ernment to disarm the volunteers as
It might' have alienated the sympathy
of many loyal volunteers and added:
"There are 2.1, noil Irish Catholics
enlisted In the arm) "
Defends (I'liveiiinient.
The J to si Irish Constabulary waa
considered strong enough to mpe
with disorders, the witness continued.
A mobile force of rouii mounted men
and' 3000 others with three machine
guns was always In readiness and
these, with S.00 men from the Cur
ragh were thought capable of deal
ing with the outbreak In Oublln but.
contrary lo expectations, these were
In the course of his tentliuonv Sir
Matthew Nathan declared that thu
fear that the military service art
would be applied to Ireland Induced
a number of the National Volunteers
to Join the Sinn Keln movement, for
at the beKlnnlng of the disturbances
there were t.'.OO hostile volunteers
throughout the country.
Considerable sums of money, he
said, had been tomlug from Ameri
ca, the funds being used for the pur
pose or printing seditious papers. It
was estimated, be added, that 10,000
pound sterling had been received
from America and paid into Dublin
banks from the middle of Bepteuiber,
1014. to the following April, when
the mone was withdrawn.
i:plitslies. Stored.
The police Miniated before the
oiiHue.ik thill the volunteers had
iiiiiiu ntles .mil oilier firearms.
lloM- ,il-o had In en found lit
( Coat timed on pige tare)
ANSOMA. i ciin l is In Tluee
men were -hol, one n (. I l talallv,
tieia hi a licit at the plant ol the
AliMiiiiu 'Miiiinlai lurtuii c ciiiilinuv,
m oi
hari about gHQ t)ic(iJJ''u strke()M0il,," aa to her smkiui;
niii i(t l a r'l"'H Hill -Hike-
.(i l,i mtri nHinf, i de, -inl.i-.
t t'V t ! ' (
Military Compulsion hy Group of Na
tions to Enforce Others to Preserve
Peace Advocated at Molionk Lake
Conference of Lcatjuc to Enforce
Peace Peace Rests on Force.
use of mililnrv eompiitaton by i
gnntp of nntiniis to proront nr,
which is the mot radieal feature of
the plan nih nested hy the I.iwgtte to
lai force Pence, n ilelmteil loilnv
lieFore the ake Milliens: nonfereiiee
mi iiiloiniitiimiil nrhitratlnn. The
proposilion was favored hy Herheit
S. Iliiiiston ami fleorge Haven Put
nam, New York Hiblishera, ami op.
posed by Dr. .lames r Tryon or Ilos
ton, direelor of the Xew Hnglaml ile
iwrtmenl of the American Peace soci
ety, mid Alnheiia II. Snow, a U'n-lt.
inglon. I). ('., lawyer.
Peine Itestn on I'onv.
"Pence between notions," saiil Mr.
Iloiiston, "just aw iloeH peace uitlnu
nations, must rest on force. Peace
must lie mt on a war footing and iU
advocates must ipiit the forum for the
field, if need lie, lo fight, not to uie
war, hut to establish peace."
"The iiilt'mntiiiiiHl tribunal at Tim
llagite,'' )r. Putnam said, "had the
weaklier of ptesenting no provision
for the enforcement of tlio director
of Ihe tribunal. In every cixih.etl
Mute decisions are now arrived nt in
ii eoiirt. The ileeisiiui would lmo
little value, however, in maiiilniiunir
lience in lht cutmhitnitie iiiiIpmh hncl;
of the niilliorilv or thu eouit sloiul un
orsaniseil riV''
Mr. Tr.Mnsi view was Hint Ihe Pint
ed Slates mighl wisely eo-oiHTHtc if
need lie, with other iiatinna to lino
force for the preserration of public
safety in n Hpeeifie emergency like
the ber reiiellion, but he in a h.m
lion to withdraw when it considered
the purpnie siiffieientlr fulfilleil,
without taking tlio obligations of an
iillianee with ull its possible entangle,
Iiileiiiatloiiiil Police.
"An arrangement for international
isdiee." he declared, "or any kind nt'
plnn ror an international foree other
limn for temporary pui-MiseM, pre
enU very grave difficulties."
Sir. Snow's conclusion uynM ihul ibn
plun of the league to enforce pen, (.
us iiiipraeiicanie and dangerous ir
munv reasons, chiefly because it pm
(s.m'm lo use joint instead f ,,.,
force and provides no cecit(ivc .
detelnniie iin, direct the force
l.iMHs. M,,, 1s j,.,,.,,,,.,,,
I.UIeh ol ew Yolk hu-. been tin.l
and convicted ,v n eouit marl ml in
laindon on a charge of imrtieipulinir
in the In, I. rebellion. The sentence
wu to be promulgated today, hut no
word Im-. been received hv the Aiuer
icun embussv here as to what i.en
tence wu iuiMised.
The new, that Uygcb had been cum
wctcd by n court martial was r.
eeied bv the embassy from the Awer
ieim consul m Dublin. Previous to
this the hist new the embassy had of
l..Mich wn that under the defense of
jlie realm net he was prohibited front
leuxiug Ihe five -mile lone of Dublin.
Ibis provwiou ru 0By apilheil
to hostile alien,' but inn be extended
to tricb.lU a,e. j, H eUentJe4j o
'Mich, as he hud been makiug trip
to wolcrii Ireland.
I. vim h n. a rcuieut of Dublin for
x'iiie tunc.
I.OXIMIX. iiav 18.-The French
sleiiu.ii Mtt has been sunk, LloydV
iinii.iiiiu cd. Tfro annoiiiieen,..,.! :.
y , 8"
" wua wus .Itl.iO ton cross, built
" s"uth MiichU in lnu , ,,( llWlll.,j
j " "'' h VV.I. I, , u,,,,,,,,)
.ib lit r t
t ii nri
Ni t
r : H
9 i , ie 1
li 'idO t'i'ii d IR in. ' "i vv , i , c .lt ,
c t;g
'f s