Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 26, 1916, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Haittoflt BUI Hw Petiriirg in Con
gret Plans Transfer of Indian
Affairs Frm Natltnal Qwtnwrt
to a Superintendent Who Would Be
Trustee for 30,000 Incompetents.
amhilioaa and Kwetdiia; clmraeteJ of
jiemrinjr plitii for tnkinit what re
mains away from lht American In
dian! ehnlk'Hae nttentinii even at a
time when world war. Mexico and
iiri'iMmlneim ttPfitfiv the attention of
Hi i' public.
Kcgiilnr and chronic Indian pi-lifting
i" loo old u atnrv to iiuhim .m
inteieal. For yenr: the Indnm-
been mow or less tin- piev ot tin
white jiipii and the public reiiniiK tin
inntter with somo cmiiliu-ii ( .
Huwpwt, to take nwn whsit
from Hio -niirvivina: incninMleiit ni
one-third of Uu Indian run1 leli on
Hit' continent of North Aiucricu, n
Hidorinir the fuel Unit the niiioiint !'
tlit? pniHr(.v i nearly u larjre n the
fliiniuil npinoprinlioiw tor the whole
federal govomuiont in a project tpiito
nbovo the ordinary run of grit ft.
Imllnn Illll lutiodiicod.
Icjridutioti now peiolmtr jn eon-Kv-h
-the IlHrtiiips lull, II. ft. 10
would overturn the Indian Hihey de
veloped throuith u lotnt period of
years mid, in the word ol Jnedi II.
('liuntc. 'Subject the liiduin to the
worst poible fornix of HHliution,
not only from outiiler. but from tin
scruplou irthoiih within the tribul
Thin bill nvekn to transfer from
the federal official- ui Wnwhiimion,
iiicludinK the t'oniMiiwioncr ol Indian
nl fair, the xccrclurv ol the interior
and the president, till the atithin
now vented in iheiu oer all tin- Indi
an in Uklnhomu, to an ofto-iul e.illnl
the HtiHrin(endenl of the live cml
ixed IribeH. Noininully, tin- of! inn I
would be nppoiuted by the ireident.
bill he woiild'hnve to be continued In
the senate, and under the practice of
thill body nolmdv could be continued
utile npprocd by the eimtorh Irom
Pklalioinii, and the re.-.nre on (he
acwitor f i via the local Mlilieal or
jCUiiixiilioii in the while Mould never
Hnnit Hie npHiiiitinenl of anyone hut
H local M)litician to that office. The
result would he to place the iiM,inl
liK'fil in the hand of whatiM-r (Mu
ll oma Militicul rinu hnpMiieil to lie
in power.
'I'uisioo fur IiiiIIhim.
Thin Niinerintcndeut, ho (-elected,
'Mould Im made trustee for .'io.oiio in
eoilipeteiit Indian, together with nil
their property, nhieh include: (1)
1iiihIh sprcail tlimuuli tortv enmities
of what wiih fomierK ludmu Teiri
try, mi urea ucurix Jtl.lMMJ.OOii nru
in extent, an hiruc a the M.iu- ol'
3Iiiiii-hiiiit. Vepooiit, Ni w II. imp
hliirc, Coiiiicelieot noil Kliode l-l.unl
cembined: (21 oil well in oiii'ininm
from which Hie rowillic alone m in
year iimouutcd to l0(l,IHMl and
from which the jleld in one em w.i
'J7.lHHI.fHHI barrel..; ;t oil field, ilc.
l'lontl and uiidevelopcil. -o ilu
nble thai no 'uiuii eau inielli-rniU
Uiiine the number ol nullum. o ilol
Inn. which tbev are ueliiulK tt.irili;
(J) tumi luiuU teu.iiilol und other
wit ieldiuvr uiillMiim ilollui- m
coHie. All thee rieliei. wlmli are li.l.l it
preitent in triut for in.onitteiii ln
diuiih by the Wuhuml..ii otii nil- un
der an elaborate .v-.tem ol rul and
lipM'tir, Mould ut ollec be tinned oCI
to Mime politiemii -ubjei-t to
Mjitieal intliicncci-. with the mevit
able htttuntalut of timrt vliuli would
entile. What wivhi be expeetttl .
illiiktruted when the eoimtv nmii. in
Okbthuttm were two vor no fttfd
with authority over minor orphan
children of deceased ludiun.. Tlii
riMlltcd in Niicb wholi-ali- rtbbei
thai thousand ofMhec clnlditn arc
today deMilute. Indian Connni miiet
KIKi i authority for the -tnieuieut
that tht eouuty juduex in mot in
Ktaneex failed to npplv iiiiv rubs tot
the pmleetioti ot the e-taie- wntru-tco
tw them. pmiittiuir iinsii-riii!ilii- pt-r.
MM to Mh iImsc iphali to tiie i -It'lll
of uulliulio of dollar-.
An OkUtwiHM Job,
The author of th? iiitliti.' lo ! i
Nepreienttitive William W. If.i-t i .-,
but the tneiuure i ! ked In i
ttcallv the entire Okluhom., il. ' .-a
tion in emigre. Secrct.uv l.m.
ha written u sfim,.. piute .i.-iu,-'
life legikitin Id , .ti-. !rn. ;.l
iJ. I'ttl'ker, bt IIP ' llpel:i, , i il i '
fiT rjtd file r h r iln uh.m.h
dlpWirt!iit), ' l the .r . 1 1
QitViimlitt.. Il in . 'I h.iixl
(Tj diduiu mm ' 'iirkii ml:
'l'iiii i tier pn--m i. ui il
er i n (i
Vf f
, tiriui.l t ' ii it
I nf hrt
.- with
l,r lonf4
rn. i
""' dilhtf
mi 'cr lo i
.in ii i'M
'! ii
nil! O
n n i VI till i
i rl i i i I v nler eon-in--ilii
In je the
(In Mini of de-
I ii'iiient.
J !.(nre he .i- el, i l .1 to
i M.i-tutff- aiiiltor or tin
IiiU, -aid in .i Ii tli r ut rnti -
i .hi
H I Ml til
other -nil?j i i " prop I
not iinf.'irK ileil Willi ; v
1 It li. Ill
vho Wimld no' ticilnte to lull an In
dian. Tin- know lie I- poweiU-- to
help hiini. It ii nd tli it he will not
arouse pnlilie .illcntiou."
The liiiluin Hilit n--oei..tiui. Fur
mi t t'liiiunissioni r of In' i n Mtiii-
r'l.iecit. K. I.ctipp. Mis Kille Itelli
aitl uf tlkl.ilioui.i. and otlici hne
joined in 'oiiiiinii'ii'iiiiHiis ( I'le-i-
dent WiNon mi - t ii- ln'e to cto this
legislation ii ii liniilil pi--.
tmy o the In'i Iml I .me .il-o I- ex
M'cted to foil Ii . iiii-e npoit
bv n -itnilar n'eutiimend.ition if the
liv:i-hitiim vet .is I'M- n tin- while
TtmifKON. Aiml --'ii. I '.ildo Lo-
pcz, the Villa lieutenant captured
near Santa Yxnbel recent l, hit been
tnkeu a prinouer to ('hihuiihiiii by
Oenernl Ibirrio. I.ohh is wounded
in both lfx. He says he known noth
ing ut Villa's whereabouts of whether
be I ilead or alive.
"I am in complete ignorance of
Villa' present locution und I do not
know whether he i dend or alive. It
in true that I wn present ut the
Siintii Vnbel nuiacre, for which
Ueneral I tell inn wii ri'sponsible.
never heaid thai 1 wan outlawed, hut
that will uot in. ike iinv difference, nx
I urn unite rcsiuiied to be hot bv the
tiiiiiir s,, mi,) at ii in time that i set
for m death."
( iliri-nn, iieeompaiiied by
Iii'ihmI I'n-Mi o. i- eMM fed to leave
no'lliw nil i m w lor Chihuahua.
IMU.W V 1 I i-
ileliineinlii -i. il.
comeneil In ii .ml.
utiles .it Litiff i
. .ul Mi I'm
i nil v i nil mi. w lin'li
, i lei Ii il llie ill Ii -tile lull-
clitiou and iioiiiinateil bv iicchini i
tion unoptMi-eil enniliiliitc lor plaee-
on tin -I. Hi li Let -
(iuvellioi li'ii-liie, ,i- i'iiiiiil',ll
i lliilllii.lll, ililiMHil llie kiMlnle llll-
The iioiniuiii inn ot John V. Kern
for the loiiy term in the I'uited Htntei
cnate and IJeprcscntative John A. M.
Adair for trneinor, nniile m the
pi una.' , wen- uitil'ieil,
V4,'cr.rid I) JftrUooii I'-iUBtr M
trxa Co. tttx'h and Fir Stt
Willi. IIII (ill! Ill Ii 111 e-llltl, lllMIlt
nl' .lllli iippl .'l-l lllflll.
Ileal i:late Tnnisfei'
K. K Ko . t n I i I il'tli !
I I.I CM V, l.llnl III -lll II -I I.IM'O
Kdu.iid Sleep el n In I I I
tlatc. lot J. Ii). ii l .. 'si-
klMMI III I. 111-. Ml. It" 1. 1 I ill'
I mied suite- in Knink II K i
l.ilnl in -i .'. Mi i I'.ilt nl
I.. I". 'ii-nii In Siinml Mne
I llllllH k. Illll .11 M I . JO l'l-
i' 1
Mnttie .1 Kurd h .. II. Coi.l.-s,
Inn.! i! .i ' !'. -K I
J. (I. ('i i I'j Knnh lli--
i iml , ii.i- ,n I'icriw.ili Add..
.Mcdr.rd l
John Owen-1 1 iin i" I. r. I'.u
-on--, l.iinl in ii. .'' 'i-l. 1
t'OI I Mill S Ohio, prl! :.'. Kc
puliliiai) .Hid di le i i.i'if orKttniation
blate-i f. .!'! ul Iuiko to the
nuliniiul roriifiilloti we.e i huseii to.
dav mi -iu. i ii I- 'ii' , iter
eilie n n',i ill. i 'net
t i H i
The Food-Drink for all Ages
Rich Sii'.Ti-' -'vr ii 1 . ii firm.
For infmts mvjli lrr v ii.i' llren.
Purorutrilioii upljuildinij lit vlio' U dy.
1avujotc IKirtiotj nwlhrri uJ i aged.
More aeuifiliuHf than tea, coflcc, etc
j- - -
'r W-. '.
rrif - ti "'Mir m
Manual r fllewomi o' i
on hll lrm unm iiih -Unndny
nett, prll "i
fMura the Antloeh I'nm
i Mi !
i v I i
' II u !
hoei in
i rim th Jfealw bunch ffr fnin
fatting within the mhi mnnth
We are alioui to Jmvi ,i ehanRe of
rHMtmaaterm. .Itier ftntlarr ha
nearly eempletcd the In-tulltna of I'
ii Kalpmenl In bin nfore nt Reiiatr
nut Mr Oonlon aK relanft an ot-
iinitiif! The cliane in loi.itlon Is
iixftif-il In 'ic made vcr mm Tliln
'tIiik tt.e 1' ) aiM'fwtalib nearer
Frank V Ciirnahan and nrt mn
loreit from Mcdford Saturit.iv to vl-it
hi ilmnhar mine. Thev reHiTneil
to Metlfortl the name ercnlns an Mr
r.'irimhnn hud an Important euaxe
mant which called lilm back Wnter
In belnn IowcwkI rapidly in the old
Hhaft and tlmherln b lng caiiKht
up iu fnt aa uticovercit.
Wallace ninkum 4m Hali ltuslt
upent part of laat week rlrflntc the
Heaitle country looklna alter their
toek. tKv aav the range In In pret
tv kooiI condttlori thin year.
I it Force and two oiih return
ed to Annte after upending the week
nt work on the. qnlckallver prospect
m Hie Meadow. Mr. Peart the Cen
ii at I'olnt biackumlth noent mime time
wlt'i I hem the paat wek. They hope
, to Kct their location utraliihtvnml out
HiIh week.
Mr. nnd Mr Fred Moore motored
to Meitrord Saturday mornlnn. They
had hh a paaionKer our school teach
er, MIm Klncald. who apart the
week end with her purcntit near
Mr. Howen at the Mr. Dewey
mine I geltliipt lonetlior aamplea of
ore from the different mine In the
Meadow district for presentation to
the Med ford chamber of commerce
that people mav aee what la to he
found ronttauoti to Med ford,
Fred Moore and. Ralph RunMell
each took a load of Moore' hog to
market In Medford Tueadav morning
They expect to return to Meadow
Koine time Veduenday evening. There
were 90 hog In the hlpment.
Nearly all our oung men -and
that Include the old one too. In the
Meadow- tire devotee of the gun
und are finding the war ha affect
ed them eriouly. The price ot am
munition I going up by leap and
hound until hootlng t going to be
pipe u luxury thla full. oil. well,
more game left for net year.
Then lie wuk ii buslne inltor to
Cold Hill on Thnr-dii hint from the
P. A. will win you
speed-o-Iike-a-flash !
We tell you, any man can smoke Prince Albert
with the utmost enjoyment; smoke pipe-full
after pipe-full or the makin's until the gong
sounds, without a kick back or a complaint!
Yes, sir; he'll just please himself to
pieces with P. A.'s cool fragrance and .'
absence of bite and parch !
Prince Albert is made by a patented process
that cuts out bite and parch ! Prince Albert
has always been sold without premiums or
coupons. We prefer to give binokers quality.
m Jm jflr PI PiMi ' '
W" mm H 0 im n
ir1" - , '? .,
I 1 ' ' S
ii,1' ' '
,f $ .&
.' m ?-wiEir
i ., V4 r,.i
Fw, jam? . w--jJP k Jhhi
WW -'v ' mbVbAwBIH
I KbJSsfJmSk . VjBaaaaaaWaMawwi2llBaaW
laMfleHaBBflAeB cr veaKj9r Jmk a ovaaBHHBaajfeaHP
"""aaaaiBaaAiaaaWw , T3aiiawBKifciW
rthe i-i one of I n l I. Im . m
women In all tin mJ iiii,inl
the ureal est dnm i tin weiltln
romnutle girl who luj.. -t wttii ,m m
tor and then forced the win Id to
how down to her. .She l Mr. Vernon
Caatle and together with her ouunlly
talented husband alio makcH her mov
ing picture debate In n great power
ful melodramatic feature written by
Mr. Paatle and based on the almot
tinhellevahlo romatuc of the pair.
Mr. nnd Mr. Vernon Catle have
torn the veil from their prlvata life
and it give to you an Intimate study
of tage life, aoeletv life, bring you
behind the acenea of the cabaret; car-
Meadow. He ha a new drlvlngi
We are having Mine frot but the
fruit seems to be all right so far.
BUI Coltrell ha heen doing a lot
of work on the new grade out of the
Meadow and now has It In excellent
condition. Auto parties en route to
die Meadow will find the beat road
is to the weat aide of clmtabar
Dr. ChlHholm or Cold Illll I plan
ning to resume work In a few day
on hi copper proposition down on
Rvnn creek. Dee ha heen very
faithful In the development of thla
property and bo richly deaervo uc
ce. No, we didn't have an Boater
parade, but thetf acre otne new
frock and bonnet out at the ball
J -
the national
AinJiihii. ..a...,.'
fAr? rnf 1RHT
. i mi i ii. i ii . im i ' mi mm
of Im lit iii ii t 'I In i thi
iniiiiiM i . ) iiii, ut of iln' modern
il.niii. Hie lilUn'l paid iiiiiruetor
i and tin tiiis of iiiiihIiaI coiii-
etlv iiifi lint -ende Hroadwny ano.
Ndu ri. i. to bo enJoM'd by niov -
tng picture audience "in the Whirl
of l.tfe." Tht feature I being "re
sented here by the junior old of
the Medfoid high rhooI and they
were ver rortunnte in securing thla
attraction Jut at thla time.
An added attraction, Mildred Wick
nnd l.loyd Williamson will offer a
number of original dancing special
game, which provoked many admir
ing remark. It wa a fine turn out.
Clyde Hut son who ha been visit
ing hi father at the Doctor Chlaholm
cabin on Evan creek, went In, to
I (told Illll via lleagle with the mall
currier Tuesday morning to be on
band for school after the Kaster va
cation. Mr. nnd Mr. J. II. Dlukuni who had
a I heir guest Mr. lampman, drove
down to the bull ground Sunday af
ternoon. Mr. Uimpman hna been
visiting in the Meadowa the wt
week. HI boy, Hen and' Rex, are
now on the Portland paper.
Retorting of quicksilver from cin
nabar ore Ih going on dully at the
Mr. Dewey mine. A good many peo
ple visit the mine to the proces.
Ore from varlou claim I being run
iiiiii B'i 1 1 i i f'lM' i .,' . r ;
joy smoke
t mi ltai nrifllHlHHBHw&iVHli
So it's up to every red-blooded man to
jump the boundary line between himself
and smoke happiness and know just what
all this jimmy-pipe-joy-talk and makin'i
talk is about!
Men a7 over the world are today smoking
Prince Albert because it meets their taste;
because n t;ives them rettl
tobacco enjoyment
have never found before 1
Don't you realize that if Prince
Albert, in a few years, has made
f.rec? men smoke pipes where
a i i f"
one was smoKea oeioro
started men everywhere rolling
own cigarettes, that it certainly
the call on you - at least for a try
, Why that's only being
' 1' tl' l'l "Ul .' If 1
Wiii.toniali-ir.Nt., 0
te Mllrliell, lio I" vlKln Ill
How feHe for the f-at time In mn
montlrii. W down th ball mime
ifialtHrg hand lf t mnv fricnd
Tha WH1 tanil' ii-ove ami from
t'fraer tWvana fr tin afternoon
Tfc rfldge opeo'lta Bill f'ottrelln
place on the re reml to town I g t
ting In dangcroH. mndltlon A nam
her Of plaohi' .ire lirokefl ft Ii hoped
the road mcrilor discovers It he
i fore a arhni i anldoiit ounri M
will prolafil ordi-r oine radlnr
done near there m well
I Hupt. Idittli'lli of tin Mniini iiii
King mine i Ihlna at Ned I'mi.
mnrh and rldi owr In fin mn i
i very Nty. New inn arc lienm .id
ded to the foue innatantb nml the
work la being nidied along The
men are sleeping In tent on the rldKe
mar the mine nnd m) It getx prctt
i idd there froaty nlghta.
KUworth llrake. Ralph UhsmII.
Wallace Dinkum, John Drake. )M
wnrd Rue1l, Illll Pomern and hi
sinter, nnd Mlaa JenMe Drake were
part of ibe merry crowd -who attend
ed the dance "down the creek" Sat
urdaj Btght. and report the me de
itghtful time usually had at the low
er Kvana dancea.
Mr. nnd Mr. John Payne are pre
paring to camp at the fork of the
Meadow road and the Ramsey can
yon road whlle'Mr. Payne la ciuplo-
led nt the Mountain King mine
j commodatlon are att lit Inadequate at
the mine.
A good turn out lo practice gme
at the ball park Sunday. The scrub
team wa heaten by the regular 20
to X; A good crowd of the Mead
owa' people were over to cheer the
boy on.
Mr. Klncald of Agate drove over
lo the Meadows Sunday bringing hla
daughter, Josephine, who la our
achoot teacher this year In the Mead
ows. She stopped at the ball grounds
to add her encouragement to the
teams who were practicing.
Mrs JohH Payne and son Howard
are viltlng hla grandparents. .1. II.
Drake and wife, thl week. Mr.
Payne haa started work at tho Moun
tain King mine on the night shift.
Hill Pomeroy bad buclneaa In ltutte
Kail Thnraday. The nchool teacher
over there who Urea down the creek,
drove home with him to apend a few
day vacation with her parents, Mr.
and Mr. Miller, returning to ltutte
Fails Sunday.
Jim Kredenhurg and his daughters,
llertba, Jessie and Resale, were Mead
ow vhtltora from Mama valley Sunday.
They spent the tiny with Mr. and Mr.
Theo. Ice and famllv.
Oa It, nww (hi tl
till. Iidl rtf taa mm
iillrJ ' Prut rt
Ml4Jlr JO). IS07 "
- out!
I 1 , III III ri
M II 1.0II1I ill.
vnr Tjrfepm
MtKltdna Which Made 3ur
gon'g Work Unnocoasnry.
Astr.fl. N
Waa feeling
V - "For two year I
II nnd took all MnUl Of
tonic. I f.m pi
Ing worse emryoar.
I had head
would ache, ) WM
Blwny tired IMMld
rv if walk atraogbt
li.eauiMi of the Sin
pmns in my atom
mh I went to a
durtor andheaaM I
rr i-t go under an
operation, bat J did
not go. I read In
the j tier about
Lydia F. Pinkhnm' Vetfi table Com-
pound and told m husband about It. I
I said ' I know nothing will help me but I
will try thi.' I found myiwlf Improv
I Ins- from the very nrt bottle, and in two
weeks time I was nhlo to lt down and
eat a benrry break f oat with my hus
band, which i had not don for two vaars.
I am now in the lieat of health nnd
did not have the operation." Mre.
John A. Koknw, 502 Flushing Avenue,
Astoria, N. Y.
Rvery one dread the surgeon's ktdfo
and Um operating table. Sometimes
nothing else will do ; but many timet
doctors say they are neceeanry when
they are not Letter after letter comes
to the llnkhnm laboratory, telllnff how
nitration were advised ami were not
jierfortricd ; or.if performed.dld no cood,
Imt l.vdla K Pinkhnm'a Vegetable Com
poumf waa ucd nnd i;ood heul tli followed.
If you want nilvlco vrlto t
I, yd la IC. IMiikliiiin olodlclnu Co.
(oonlUloiitlul), Lynn, JMna.i.
l.Vriiltl'llltAN AUTO0AU CO.
Leave Medford Tor Ashland, Talent '
and l'hoonlx dally, except Sunday, at
8:00 a. in., 1:00. 2.00, -1:00 nnd G:1G
p. in. Also on Saturday at 11:15 p.
in. Sundays leave at 8:00 and 10:30
a. in. anU 1:00. 2:00, S:S0 and 9:30
p. m. Leave Ashland tor Medford
dally, exeept Snaday, at 9:00 a. m.,
1:00, 3:00, -1:00 and 5:15 p. iu. Also
on Saturday nlghta at 6:30 and
2:20. Sundays leave Ashland at 9:00
a. in. and 1:00, 4:30. 0:30 and 10:30
p. ni.
Says glass of hot water 'with
phosphate before breakfast
washes out poisons.,
To se the tlnce of healthy' bloom
In your face, to aee your akin Ret
clearer and clearer, to wakovtip with
out a heartache, hackacne, coated
tonoiie or a nenty breath, Intfact to
feel your beat, day In nod day out. Just
try liiatdo-uathlng overy. morning for
ono week.
Hcforo break fa t each dayTdrlnk n
Klaea of real hot water with n teaapoon
f ul of limestone phosphate 'In It na n
Imrmlesa means of aahlna; from. the.
htom.uh, )tr, kidneys atl Imiwow tboj
preUous iliiys lnuiKCsuoin wasio,
hour idle and toxins; thua clranslnic,1
wi etenlnir . and iiiirlfVlna ' thc""entlro
uttineiitary canal before putting moro
fiHid Intoitho stomach. ThoTnctlou of
liotjwotor and llmestoaephoapbate on
nu empty stomach la wonderfully In
vliroratlnir It cleooa out all the sour
.rerineuiattona, gaaea and acidity mid
Kl es ono a sulondld appetlta for breuli-,
A quarter pound of limestone phos
phate will cost cry little at the driiR
lore but la sufficient to demanatrnto
that just as soap and hot water
cloaascH, sweetens ami froabetiH' tho
akin, ao hot water and limestone plios
'phate act on tho blood and Ittteraal or
Kans. Tboso lio am nub Joe t to oon
atlputLn, bilious attacks, acid alowach,
rheumatic twinges, also thoee whoso
skin Is sallow and coiapleikm pallid,
are assured that one week ot tnalde
,batblng will buvo them both looklUB
and fueling bettor iu every way.'
Camera Shop
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