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ford Mail Tribune
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NO. 3-1
Wilson Notifies Congress In Joint Sc ssion of Irrevocable Notification to
Germany That (lie United States Will Bronte Off Dinlomatic Rela
tions If Illegal Submarine Campaign Is Continued Marks End of
Diplomatic Exchanges History of Submarine Warfare Reviewed and
Story of Diplomatic Exchanp.cs Resulting, in Broken Promises Related
No Action Asked of Congress Continuance of Friendly Relations
Depends Alone Upon Germany's Conduct Applause Greets Conclusion
of Message, Which Is Heard in Impressive Silence.
dent Wilson (old congress, assembled
in joint session shortly after 1 n'ebwk
this nfloinoou, ho laid given Germany
irrevocable notiflentioti that the Unit
I'd Stolen will break off diplomatic
relations if hot illegal sulmnrine onm
puign is continued. Ilia address is
hm follew:
Tlio president mi id :
President's Sewli
"(lontlomon of the Cniigrran:
A situation has arisen in tliu fol
lowing relations of the country of.
which it in ihv plain duty to iiifortr
yon vory frankly.
It will lie recalled that in February,
II) lTi, tin itnMrinl Herman government
announced its intention to treat the
water surrounding Urent Hritiiin nnd
Ireland s embraced within the sent
of war, ii ml to destroy nil merchant
hliiw owned by Km enemies tlmt might
In' found withjji nny mvt of tlmt iwr
tiou of I lie high sens, nnd that it
warned nil vessels of neutral as well
ns of lielligurent ownership to keep
out of tlio waters it had thus pre
scribed or endanger them Ml theii
The government of tho United
StutuH onriiesUy protested. It took
the jHwition that such a tolioy eouhl
not he pursued witlioiit the praetleal
ocitainly of gross and itulpnlrie viola
tion of tlo1 law of nation, inirtieu
liirly if submarine eruit wore to bo
employed as its instruments, inas
niuoh a the rules prescribed by that
law ml founded iiHn principles
of huiuanity and established for the
protection of lives of unncomhatunts
nt huh could not in the nature of the
case Iip obsened bv such vessels. It
hnol its protest on the ground that
jiersonh of neutral nationulity ami
ckso1s of ucutrtil ownership would be
cxposod to extreme and intolerable
risks, and that no right to close nny
part of tin- liijli seas against theii
iim or to expose them to such risk
could lawfully lie asserted liv au
belligerent government.
lHICl mi Isiw of N'HtlllllS
Tho law "I iinl ions in these iinit
lcr, upon which the govn iiiii.n t il
l'AKIB. Aprtl 1S lJarts received
with great enthusiasm the news of
tho fait o( Trebtaoud. The event was
looked (or, but It was not thought the
Kuwiaus would be able to capture
the city so quU-kl. The politics I as
well as the military consequences are
expected to be most Important, par
ticularly In view of the fact that Tur
key has lost one of the most valuable
porta of Asia Minor at a time when,
according to reports reaching Parts,
Qermany is weakening her forces in
tht Balkans to carry on attacks on
tor T.eutem front.
Kresci niilitsry nrttrs state that
the pUn ef tmpalia of Qrssd Duke
Nir'aolas, the Hul commander,
was a dariui on, ulch st first ws
liai'.fd upn s foolb.rdy. but now Is
fully justified. The grand duke de
cided to advance boldly to the at
tack on this front. here maneuvers
of warfare were possible, while the
other fronts were still held In dead
lock.0 Excluding the operations on the
Persian froat, Orsnd Duke Nicho
las la this ctMopjf aialust a stub
born and experienced foe nai to his
credit the capturing i in nt- in
aa thari "Ivk months
tlio United Stnle baaed its protest
in not of reeeut origin or founded
iiHiu merely nthltmry principles ut
up by convention. It in baeed, on tho
contrary, upon moiiifcHl nnd Impera
tive priiicii)o of humanity and linn
long boon et-tnhlirihi'd by (he approval
and by the express aw tint of all civ
ilised nntioiiH.
XotwithMandine lhn earnest pro
teat of out Koverumeut, tlie ioiperinl
German government at once proceed
ed to rarrv out the policy it had an
iionnt'wl. It expreaaed tlm.ho) that
the daugora involvinl, at any into ilia
dangera to ueutrnl vuhm(I, would be
reduevd to n miniinuin by the hint ruc
tion which it had iaaued to it k aub-
marine eouuuHnden, nml assured the
government of the United Statoa that
it would tnko every inninilile preean-
timi both to rcpect the Hghta of
ticulniN and to Hnfcguard the licn
of the uoneouibatanta.
(lurnuin Violations
What ha actually hapiwued in thu
year which hnx Mince eluded baa
shown that theae h"peM wero not jua
tified, tboHe nHHiiraneea inMMep
tible of being fulfilled. In purwuanco
of the policy of Milmmrine warfare
against the coimneree of ita ndvora
ariea, thux Hiiuounced nnd entered
upon by the iuiiierinl Ocriiuin govern
ment in Kpite of tlie aolemu roteat
of tbia govemmcut, the coiumandern
of German iinderaen eaela have at
tacked merchant MhiM with greatei
and greater activity, not only iiMn
the hiirh xciim Hiirroiinding Great llrit
iiui and Ireland, but wherever thev
could encounter them, in a way that
ha grown more and more riitbleaa,
more and more iiidicriininute aa the
moutha have gone by, leaa and lesa
oliKcrviinl of reNtruintrt of any kind,
mill have delivered their nllaeka
without ciHoponctimi auuiiot vMel
of every nationality nixl IhuiihI iihoi
every Hort of errand.
No ViiiiiliiK (?lt en
Veaaela of neutral oMuerabip, even
enKeU of neutral iwncrhii IhhiimI
I rum neutral port to neulrl Mirt,
line been dvMro.wil along with vea-
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WI1..MINOTOX. Del, April 18
Krnest Schiller, alius Clarence It
Hudson, who recently held up the
captain and crew of fifty-six men of
the British freighter Mattoppo on
the high seas vvss on his way today to
the federal prison at Atlanta In cus
tody of United States marshals. Schil
ler yesterday pleaded guilty to a
charge of piracy and was given a
life sentence.
Before leaving here last night,
Schiller declared that his desire for
revenge against England had prompt
ed hts act. At the same time he said,
he hoped to do something "for the
cause of Germany." He denied that
robbery had been his motive and
said that the chief reason his plan
to sink the Mattoppo had failed was
becauu he did not want to kill any
body. "When I took charge of the ship."
he said, "It was so rough that It
would have been murder to have
forced to crew to get la ssoill boats
as I had at first laUaded them to
Schiller said he was "hlghlr0pleaa-
,i" t'lat he vvss. not Indus' ui lsik
i r .-I n I
Chief of Stiff of United States Army
Goes to Border to Size Up Situa
tion and Determine Future Course
Change in Policy Hinges on Re
sult of Diplomatic Crisis.
WASHINGTON, April l). Mujor
(leiieml Hugh L. Scott, chief of stuff
of tho army, will go to Sun Antonio,
Tex., tonight by order of Seorotnry
Itaker to got aemtrnto Information aa
to tho aitnatiou on the bordor and in
Seorolary Ilakor iaanud this stalo
mont :
"Gonoral Snott leavea for Ran An
tonio thia evening at (1:15 tit my ro
nneat. lie will aend aeveral dav
with General I'unaton and return.
Thin trip ia made nolely for the pur
pone of getting na accurate informa
tion na poaaible for the line of tho
di'imrtinunt. General Funaton re
mains in full charge of the affair
of the department., including tho ox
ivertiliou into Mexico. Ho baa the full
confidence of the department nnd hi
dlaHM)itinus have tho department's
entire approval."
To Moot Ktiiiiton
Seerelary linker would not ilUtftina
General Seoll'a tniaaiou beyond hia
fornial atatemeut. It n naaumud,
howevyr, that Ilia report after ooii
ference with General HNiuaton will go
far toward determining tho oouroo to
be imrHiird in Mexico.
It ia known that General FiiiikIoii
haa been urging the department that
ho be permitted to abifl hia head
quaitera and the border Ihimo in or
der to aborted his lino of commuui
rattona. The department has not
thin far approved the auggeation, al
though the tequeot wah before the
cabinet yealenlny.
The department apparently has
hesitated to authorixe any rudienl
change in the alatiiH of tho e.Mtdition
in the face of the renueaU from Gen
eral Carransn that the tronpa be re
called, believing it might tend to in
cream niiti-Americun feeling among
f'nrriwiMi garriaona.
AiVMlt on (iii'iihiii Crlsl
Until the Germun aituation ia
clearly iinderNtood, it ia imiMtaaiblo
to forciwat the iidminiatratiou'a de
cision na to I'eisliing'a eK)dilioii.
Military observe ih npitenr to agree
that Home radical move unmt be mude
Moon, either to back up the trMipa
iu Mexico or to withdraw them.
II ia believed that General Funs,
ton's decision to place, additional
troo at General l'ersbiug'n diMMal
urouaed the deairtmenl lo determine
upon the course to purattu with uh
little delay aa M)ible.
General Scott ia acquainted with
Villa and with many Curruiisa oftic
iula and with bis knowledge of the
bonier and the coiilideiitial infoima
tioii Gcneial l'lintoii can supply, be
will Ih ulilv to .u!i-c Secreturv
NKW YtiUK. Aniil 1. Iiisinance
underwriters heie have advanced
from 1 per cent to J r cent thu war
risk rates on shiisneuU from New
York to Itordeaux and other ports on
the Hay of lliscay. This resulted
chiefly from the sinking of the Brit
ish steamer Harrovian in the Itay of
Biscay, by wbieh it is estimated
American underwriters suffered a
lose of $i,r00,00u.
Hales of war risk on shipments to
the United Kingdom also were in
creased, but less radically. The rata
to London baa advanced 1 per cent
within ten days and has now reached
3 par oent. The rate on shipments to
Other ports on the east coast of the
United Kingdom and to Havre ia
about 3 pr cent. The rates to the
west coast of England have reached
2 per cent.
On shipments to South America
and Australia the quotations nave
fallen off to one-itiarter and one
eighth. Thev aer- ut 2 per ceK) uf
ti r tl.t- ,!in .nai ut litnnan
it- up it. ii'iAin'i iu ci'.iit-..
President Wilson Sent Final Note on
Submarine Warfare Last Night,
Notifying Germany That Unless At
tacks on Merchantmen Carrying
Americans, in Violation of Interna
tional Law, Arc Stopped, Diplo
matic Relations Will Be Severed
Immediate Reply Requested.
WASHINGTON, April IH.-l'ruat-tluut
W'iUon ha hoiiI the note to Ger
many warning bur that unless at
tacks on merchantmen" carrying
Americans in violation of interna
tional law, are atopH'd, diplomatic
relations will be severed.
The president revealed this Taut to
Senators Stmio and Iodgo and Hep
resentntivea blood and Cooper, rank
ing demoeratie .and repuhliouu inoin
bera of tho congressional foreign af
Tnirs uommittoea, at a couforuuuu ut
the white liouso oarly today.
The presidnnt oxplninod that tho
note practically ia an ultimatum, but
does not oontalu u time limit. A do
niniul fa nmde, however, that Gor
tunny reply immediately. .
In An Ultimatum
As a preliminary lo laying the
whole auhniurlun situation bul'oro
congress at a Joint session at 1
o'clock this afternoon, I'roaidont
Wilson eouferred at 10 o'elock thin
morning with Chairman Stone nnd
Chairman Flood of the congressional
committees dealimrfetvilh foreign nf
fairs, and with Senator FhIrd ami
Representative fooMtr, the ranking
republiuau members of those commit
tees. Meanwhile .Count lleruslorff, Ger
man ambassador, nrranged for an
aiidienee with Secretary lousing for
113U. The engagemeHt wna mude at
the ambassador's request. When he
conferred with the seorotnry yester
day he was (old the submarine issue
could not be discussed at that tune,
and although the president's inten
tion to lay the case liofoie eougieas
was not disclosed to the ambassador
at that time, it was the real reason
for Secretary Lansing's refusul to
discuss tlio subject.
Consult itlKl -rt
The visit of the committee leaders
lo the white house was regarded mm
surrounded with (Missibilities of the
gravest importance. They have re
H'Miedlv bit'ii n--nri'd by the while
bmisc that thev Mould be eoimulleil by
(Continued on page two.)
HKUMK, April is.--The report
today from the war office says that
the stoae quarry south of liauilre
mont farm In the Verdun dlatrict,
east of the Meuse, has been captured
by the Oflrmsns, thus completing the
success of the prev lous day.
The official statement says:
"Western theater: ISaat of the
Meuso our troops during the night
captured the sloue quarry south of
liaudreinont farm, thus completing
the success of Monday. A great part
of the occupants fell In a fierce bay
onet engagement More than loo
men and several machine guns fell
Into our hands.
"A Prenth counter attack against
the new German lines northwest of
Tnlaumont farm failed.
"Minor enemy infantry detach
meats which attempted te approach
oar trenches at several points were
repulsed. "
PARII, April 19 There wus a
spirited bombardment of positions
south of Hsudremont wood, on the
Verdun front, east of the Meuse last
night, the war office reports this
afternoon No oili. r imtiortsnt events
occuirtt'l on inn i.. 1 1 of (lot rioat.
Supreme Court in Philips Case De
clares Council Has Perpetual
Power to Pursue Adjacent Prop
erty to Compel Payment of Im
provement Assessments.
Those who have boon hoping to es
on po pnvmont of their paving assess
ments might us well pity up, for iu the
decision rendered Tuesday by the su
prcmu court iu the enso of W. K.
I'hipps el al vs. the oily of Mcdford,
in which Circuit Judge Calkins was
i ovorsed, the right of the city to as
sess adjacent pioporty for public im
provements is fully sustained. Not
only is the council fully em powered
to levy for prospective undertakings,
but also for improvements already
made, not only when due notice had
been given property holders affected,
but also when no notice of (lie oon
tomi4atd improvement had been
Iu thu language of tho court : "The
eonucil has erpctual Hiwer lo 1iir
sue the adjacent proierty until it
succeeds iu imssiug a tegnlnr pro
ceeding complying with tlie initiative
charter to compel payment of the ae
tnal expense inclined bv the city for
the mulct Inking already completed."
Speaking of the Mini ford charter
niHundinent, under which the aasess-
mont was levied, the supreme opart
says :
, Colleitluu; '.YeinesN
"Such legislation is designed to
compel imymeiit for improvements by
real eatate which is actually and
equitably benefited thereby. It ia re
ferable to the taxing power of gov
urumHiit, which is an attribute of
sovereignty. The munieiw)lty, en
dowed with that function, ia entitled
to pursue its object with the pertin
nuity of a nemesis until it attains its
purpose, regardless of objections
which do not measure up to the
standard of equity und good consci
ence. This tower is attended bv and
is subject to the constant condition
that nt some Kint in their effort to
lay a lux iimh iroHrlv 'he owner,!
thereof must have an opjsirtunilv to
be beaid so that bis holding shall not
ho taken from bun nor burdened
without duo pntces of law. All these
tonus are fulfilled bv the initiative
amendment to the charter."
Under this decision, there ia no
question ot the liability of troicil.
owners for leaving assessments, for
even if the procedure followed at the
time the assessments were levied
should be declared irregular the coun
cil has the power lo muke Uc levy
History of Cum
The ease was brought by W. i.
I'hipps, John Arnold, .. Cameron, (1.
W. I'liddy. (I. T. O'ltricn. O. I). Ma
gic, .1. K. 1 1.. ward nml K. II. Tort to
render void the assessment ummi their
property entailed bv the construct ion
"I' the North Med lord trunk sewer.
It was claimed that the assessment
was void becuusc the muuieipality
hail not given notice prior to the com
mencement of the improvement. As
additional cause, the invalidation of
a previous assessment for the im
provement was cited. The crucial
question was whether tho city oould
lawfully levy upon realty to pay for
an improvement already constructed,
without previous notice to property
owners, and the court holds the coun
cil bus that right.
The city's cae was argued bv City
Attorney alct'abe. und W. K. I'hipps,
the plaintiffs'. Mr. 1'hipiM states
that iiersonally he was only slightlv
affected by the uss-iniiit, but that
us he had already been assessed for
unothcr sewer he riiteted the right
of the rlly to H--I-- lion a second
tune lor a ti unk v i i
( HUH All ( A i I IV, Mex , April
IU. (Jiuerul (liitn rr., militurv goi -emor
of t'lubuubuu, authoritatively
state that the iert of Villa's death
i only a rumor.
The authorities are aiding in the
OiiMi.-nt of uiihcs to the I'niti d
i i t r"'M-
"Unless Imperial Government Shout tl Now Immediately Declare nnd Ef
fect nn Abandonment of Its Present Methods of Submarine Warfare
Against Ships, the Government of the United States Can Have No
Choice Out to Sever Dinlomatic R clatlons With the German Empire Al
together," States Ultimatum Sent to Kaiser by President Wilson If
Germany Persists in Violating D Ictatcs of Humanity, But One Course
Left for the United States to Pursue Torpedoes Sinking Sussex of
German Manufacture Sussex Not an Isolated Case, But One of Many.
WASHINGTON, April lll.-Auuiri-ea's
nolo to Gerluany, inada piihllu
lalo today, anya:
"Unless tho imperial government
should now immediately declare and
effect an abandonment of its present
methods of submarine warfare
nguinst imsstmger and freight-currying
vessels, the government of thu
United .States can have no choice but
to sever diplomatic relations with Ibo
Herman einpiie altogether."
"If," says the note, "it is still the
purpose of the imperial government
to prosecute leleutless and indis
criminate warfare against vessels of
commerce by tho use of suliinariuos
without regard lo whut the govern
ment of the United Stales must con
sider the sacred and indisputable
rules of iutoruatiotiHl law und the
universally recognised dictates of hu
manity, tho government of the United
Stales is at laat forced to tlio con
clusion that tbeio ia but one course
it enii pursue.
The nolo assails that information
iu tho possession of thu United Ktwtea
establishes oeiiclusively tlmt Ute
channel steamer Sussex was torpe
doed without warning nrd that the
orH'do was of Herman manufacture.
The conclusion Hint the tirndo wus
fired bv a (lermau submarine, it adds,
is iMiiisidered substantiated by (ler-uianv'-
4AI.KM, Ore., April 10. - Ureal In
terest waa centered oh the hearing in
the supreme eoan here today oh the
mandamus proceedings lo compel
Secretary or State lleti W. Olsott to
put the name of Justice Charles W.
Hughes on the bsilot as a eaaillilato
for republican Humiliation for pres
ident. The proceedings were Instituted
last Monday on behalf of the signers
of a petitioa, which was filed with
the secretary of stale last week, ask
ing that Justice Hughes name be
placed on the primary ballot. Both
before ami after the proceedings were
Instituted, Justice Hughes registered
with Secretary Olcott his objections
to the use of bis name. The sigaers
of the petition, however, contend
Hist they are entitled to vote for him
regardless of his wishes. The court's
decision will estsblish an Important
precedent, as this Is the first esse of
Its kind in any stste.
The office of the secretar) of state
was represented today by Attorney
Uenersl Oeorge M. lirown and for -
mer Senator Charles W. Kultou. the
latter volunteering his services. Wal
lace McCammant or Portland repre
sented the petitioners
LONDON, April 1 -The reply of
Great Hrltsin and France to the Am
erican note concerning interference
ith maritime commeree by the en
tente allies has been c a bled to Wash
ington. The communii'stlon will be pre
sented to the American government
by the French and British ambassa
dors jointly. It consists of two parts,
u ions note and a supplement signed
i. t' J'rt iu li Kovvinmeni.
Thu nolo doelnroa Hint if tho Sus
sex hud buuu an isolated cuso tlto
Uuilod Slates might regard it us pos
sible to hups that tho officer ruspon
sibls bad been negligent or vlolnted
his orders, but that, unhappily, this
torrihle oxnmplo of submarine war
fain does nut stand ulono.
Clurmuny is informed that the Unit
ed Stales gained tlio impression from
her recent ooinmiinieatiou Hint tho
imperial government failed to appro
eiate the gravity of tho situation,
"which has readied not ulono from
the ultaek on tlio Sussex, but from
tho wholu method and ohuniatur of
submurino war faro aa disuloMad by
the uurostrniucd pmollao of tho oom
mnndera of (lomufli undersoil oral'
during thu past twelve montliH und
more in thu iudisuriuiiiinlo destruc
tion of merchant vessels of nil HorU,
nationalities and destinations-."
An appendix to thu uoto which
tlciila entirely with nil analysis of the
fouls In thu Sussux oano discloso
that American-army nnd navy offi
cers found iu the Sussex sorew ltolf
which correspond with those found
on (lermau torpedoes in possoseion of
the French naval authorities nt Tou
lon. The screw holts are used to fas
ten the "war bead" lo the air chamber.
011 All A, Neii., April Hi. Henry
ford has received the preferential
vole of Nebraska republicans, ac
cording to the returns received up to
noon today, with Cummins and Jus
tice Hughes following and nearly
tied. All or the men eleotwl as del
egates at large tu tlie republlenn na
tional eoaveatkin persona ty favor
William J. Hryau, eaadliluto fur
delegate at large to the democratic
convention, polled the lowest vote of
the seven men running la this (Doug
las) county and la apparently fourth
In the race in lneaater (Lincoln)
his home county.
The name of Justiee Hughes was
written on the ballots by tho voters.
Senator liltcheok's re-iiQtnliiatlon
was indicated by the largest plural
ity for any candidate aieept Uie dem-
locratle aspirant for governor. The
entrance of William J. Uryan. for
mer secretary of state, Into the ohiii-
! ualgtt u behalf of his brother, Mayor
in w. Urisn. for the gubernatorial
nomination, ami the former aeare
tsiy's opposition to lbs re-naetliuv
Hon of Senator Hitchcock was the
most sensational feature of the oam
PsIku. PAItlfl. April II Information
was received from reliable sources to
day that Emperor William has deco
rati i Mm" commander of the aubmu-
rlr.. h i- .-..Id to have torpedoed
O-i. -. . . - nt- understood Wash
iugton has beeu Informed ot this dq
eloinient, . . . t.1 -s