Medford mail tribune. (Medford, Or.) 1909-1989, April 15, 1916, SECOND EDITION, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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A H Naftar of lns na1os, Cal
fftffHa la ImnlnoKK vlnitor throneit
ewaf mnthfn ttoswm tola . lh
hnaflajsmrtf-r in MartfoM
m V ftroa tlwtftNf KMsft 9Hk
rirrllBhf sW0tt (fMffMfc
Mr If l,a..flra. n? Ia Mltatoa
i . visitor with frkmta I MtrifoM
I'loft invifm yow to vhtH lira
ifHMmM and aa feooVMng atotfc.
K. r Cox. of mithtrn California,
i tovklBR nvrr tiia amtimni Owirofi
rJPMtry tor a f" daya.
t In a King tpfe !. Ik.
7IHf aro tioma-iMda. U'
Hoy Htan oamo down from Port
lpf loafer on bwaraaoa.
.. Hi Mni Hen ikeM iii-x.
W. J. rinrk Portland fcnalnoss
Mi, to anjerlaa: Mof stay t Med
MM MHl otbr ratify point thia
fMa Hatorday Poal thin wwk la
Vory latoreotlnit. Med ford Book atoro.
II. A. Wilson, of Ron Pranrlaro. la
MMiik ImmIimim In Madford and othar
VtJlojr nolnta for a row days.
0t yMr milk, eream, bat tor. ana
anil bMltftrmltk at Do VoVa.
Mrs. P. II Parrar. of Rar (oM, la
At4rtM a rtatt with frlattda In thla
olljr tnla woea.
Dr. Ktrcbayoaoar will ka at Hotel
Hook ovory Wedfteadajr. Tloara for
MMtsnltatlon It to S.
A. A. Heeb. of Wannltka. Illlaota.
la daring bnalnoaa In Medford far a
low 4tya.
gao Ofttn Weed nkoMt tkat fire In
anniHto rlt Offleo Mall Tribune
J. C. Mattlaoo. of Grants Paaa.
Irnnaartod boalneaa In Medford thla
Pima tho florlat haa rholcoat bod
dlnf ateHte. Qiroaihowow Knot Mala.
J. It. Orora. of Unrein. Illinois.
I OttJatlng a crnloo of tho Hosmm
rlror ea.N.try thla weak and may re
mIm WMk lonier. Mr. Qrovr- la
kwklMB ovor tho valleya of the roaat
In a lelauroly way. having recently
recovered from lllnou sufficiently to
Jmnjal aMHJ till la II aa Id fgaaamllv
nianal with thla .llay and haa al-
Wdjr boeomr Intoroatod In our prom
tHj am of development of tho real
Wo buy chlekena at the hlgheat 'mprew.on. . n. . ..
mm prko. temomy Mnrkot. "" " "
Hrr PlnWmt .of kVattle. former- , fJh- " l
kWUod 1. llvoatok in the A J1 " I $
sszztz.'l;? MW,,ord rTttrrirKiTJiVrd1""
aUal mo nl tho HhaaU" ,B "Iy.
Tomey Jamea. recently a roaldcnt ' lhe n,n l,"lr- "
,, Vroha but now of ttoeoburg. la ' ' hurchll a..,M,anl,d l.,
m tdodtard today on bualnoaa. He " '"urrtlll and daughter who r.
.Ml roturn horn, on Monday. " " ' ; x
Xoo l- and Mar typowrlter rtb- " " ' ' iWita Ore
iM b, the coupon book. JI.&O. Mod- " " comiMin. will return
iMd Book More II hom rly wxt "k- Mr rhttre"-
Ptoherm.n who aav. whipped tho '", ' OaWJr-
ttmiM horbonu a lUtla during the Ofakwi Power rtmr. with
paat weoh report ladirroront aucreea loadquartera at Vreka. J. Church-
Tho water la too mudd, la aomo of ' wi " CnMrh!H;
Uto atroam arlvod Krldan evening for a Intel
The Knirtlmml of C'ltlawwhlp," Mi r m ?mr? '!
mi tiher t'altartan llloraturo aant " J "rchill la with the
fro to laqntrera. Addreoa Mlaa Haaol Wakhou fount) bank In that eit.
wZL. Ctral 11.1. R. a. I- No - " .
Tho Motghaarhood ahakoapearo tlub " ...... W
). . a very into rooting meting Thure- Pumlturc tor the federal bailding
d.e evening at the homo or Mr. u " idorrnaoal Ii
. ,a. Heirta acre ghen on " "rJH" ru, ' 'f
MMbaainwro from arttcko recently ' Th, arrival f ihr
...Mirtn. lathe different atwtMlnea '" ulpment tor the ,hio
itwoat tldar at Do Va " to B",d delayed ! the uaunl ivd-
iu,ru to Mr and Mr. Ita'rr) Kunk 'rwttU B " ,a,," ,l,,Mlr ,H,
vi nl U I an; a girl provided. The coat of the furniture
Thawarld'a' imatoat eempaaloa. '' ' Mtlro building will virvtd
ii,.!..oa.Th. insurance Man. - A r,0,, pr "" r
Mr and Mra IUrr lutMh. of d. Anchor bali-irload la on
n. York, are enjojtng 'a tlelt In rwatwaaior Hoadford
M.dfard and vlctnlt, thla week ' b .' ulpment will
J O. Oerkt.g. im boat all aroaad "re In tlm. for .....oval to th.
,.ot.raphor la aouthara Orwgoa. " " f
Aiaajrarailahla. NagaUvoa nude aar- .....
hero, Unto or pUeo. Madia ti lMm j-or tH. im lha AUIaaca
Mala ii. Phoae UN, Maiaat theft, ftra. C. Y. Tengwald.
Mr. J U PwUchlld and daughter. - ,"B Tru u "'
m.m. Mantttcrlt.-. of Yrrka. a. MU lB bttemoaa m th.a ciij thto afi.r
loivi uklturn todaj noon
II I had 12 dull M.fet. raxor blade. Walrnee. . I.Kk. and Jowelrv
i ....ld take then. t.. Heath. Iru1 b " N ,r- M ' '
fiur.' opnoolte Xah hotel, and haf , ,or-
II.. ... r..Uartn.d nr u.'c. i 'u,,, '"HrnidlM ..( lollav. Vaah
M Pelt, a uunew man ot I'ort ' ,l,i,or ln Modfard and
lend te looking aiout thla irt of the ' ! allj r M
ii.') toda or
Ttf a King ftplU rtgw a M- v ' ,
conctta home Induatry. ' p Keith, of ivrtiand. la doing
M J Malone. of t Joaeph, Mo " I" M.dfor.l i.kI
ia trina.cttna .utaaa in Mrdloid andr.. pipirln.. tl-t.:!0tlTE JU
.ad . olhr all u.nt thla . ",l ' -t'e. U b....-.m
Coullr : SroUMi .uto ovi ce.-, '-'" '" t. JMr ..t.t
Hate ilfttln. ..finite Mor, t,- .-I... tuf -I... vk
., Hi.ild.f.8 S! tMoafltae ,.ia, fjiJttgij at
f ti site ItQ Hal '. ton
.1. rt.(M,f, f areaMy,e.iJ the ito'.'
r.ter ittaeoriaai
or s ! d
if t LaJ a taatlh . t . -i:i or tAa
ariniioa Mt J oanted filled wnh
ualii Bh.l at the riaht irtie
aoiild gaV to Ileal n' liu'
oiiiokii)avb liote O
WO Jvon,
of lie
. . , . mi , t ," , i
"ii n.wtmrn nt thr lil nl, IaiI
WrdnMRlhr ntfta trer al!..) f
attiind Ih1 dlafflrt cnfvRttifl h
hld at omnia Piiaa May 17th -rn
more ofiflf-dffmtt wC itfot
fd on and ftrtat prndra-
ilona ara holnft m for f n IH rtaa
Initlatlmi AVff fth
fotrr fnlt nioaci mtftilna atiafr
anrtf at Wttrhalla Phdno Jn .
MalM r llotol Holland.
Important rhanam in lh Monthrrn
Pnrlfle Hmtmnt'n llmotaftto will h
nnw ofnattvf on Iha tntb tntant
Trntna IS and '.: will both nrrlrp
earlier. No. i;i, nouthtoound, arrlvlna
t 10: K a m and No ."s. nmtiii
nonnd, at 1 !' p m No '!
north lioond, will alrrlvr n ; .' ii
Chiekon dinner Sr.e, llko mollur
cooked. Caatnilan drill fttindnv
Olympic AMT 11.49 a aaek. $r. :.o
harml. h. H. Brown.
Tho avenlnlt aorvk-e at the Mfilm
dial rbnrch Will no Of nnimnnl Intn
eat. Tho raated choir ill xlna
Htalner'a ' Cnrrlfimoa - !r Allen
Moore, P. R. 0. .. a lona time resi
dent of PoJoatlne. will deliver an ad
dreaa on "Knatertlde In Hie Hol
Und." Th pnbilc l cordially In
vlted t hoar thla.
Oataa aalla Pord can, $100 down
and tB a month.
HI te Mllkahakoa at Pa Vim'r.
Thoao who were Induced lo Mini
beet aeed early are now anrry I hat
they yielded lo lnmniwent advlri
They hare the exponae of planting
again, the cold weather In Man-h ami
a part of thla month having deatrojed
the germ In the need. It waa pul
hahod In thla paper that aar lioet
aeeda ara iieenllarly aanaltlre to rold
aoll and ought not lo l planted until
(ha warm weather haa come perma
nently for Uh aonaon. The iet
period In which to plant augar beat
aeed In thla rallay la botwaen the
SOth of April and the ttMh of May
That fact '. bean clearly Ktatttd a
nil moor of timet. Tha rivalry be
tween augar roneerna promptod rep
resentative of tha one I ready In the
field of the lower part or the valley
to urge farmera to believe that It
wowld bo a maa of valuable time to
wall fw the noeelble ronaummatlon
of the plan for a mill In thla part of
the vallev The reault. particularly
noticeable la Mama valley, la that the
work of planting haa to bo done ovor.
the aeed of tho Oral planting having
boon chilled to aath. Tho proper
';,n w"r " U
now approaching
Tha Star brand of typewriter rib
bon are ana ran teed to give TI.edO
. a - .1.. ... M.M ...! f.M
C.A ,........ A
ftir.iru rMimufj '
VHorit- V i , , . -On 1 1 old til !'
'"' " a o."."' ' .iui iiiiiix
Wa..b. fKH.B M&ja. itm H.M.!..,
nwiwi .n.v viWi IVI .- tmmm
"'' "BUhtag and kodak supplle.
Kr "" "V gLV aamaanWaaamaW 'aaBw
TENSE 3' f
a engagod to leach the achiwl, l.av-
tng to realgn owning to III health.
.NKW YOKK. prll l'..- American j The loeal ball team went to Jack
women eoldiera will wear troi.aer nonvllle Sunday, where thoy trlm
aa part of their ualform If they fol-' mod the hoya or the county ec-at to
low the example aet by the 200 mam-. the tune of a 5-7 acore. Taking cr
bera or the American Women', erythlng Into conMderatlon tho play
loague for Self Defenae. Theae inR or tho loal team ia remarkable
women have been attending weekly , a. practically all the practice tky
drills hero throughout tha winter. j Kei la during a matched game, aa the
The atyie or uniform cama up for bu.y aeaaon and distance preventa
lote laal night and waa the cauae thdr inoetltig anv uftener.
of animated dlacuaalon In which Mr., i Tho r.(urM .,, ,, j.Bonti,,,.
J. Hungerford Millbank. head or the , py)M neU gimdty at ln
organlaatloo. aaaerted that the anlta Knuait ot th TfiH0 UttCK ttam.
worn oy tno women nea not necoo
aarily be uniform. She objected to
troaerra on the ground that aneh a i
uniform would he opiwaed by hue
O there doaaunced dresaee aa a
"curao aad burden" lo women and )
adilaed the women aoldlera to get rid
ot them.
"When our huabanda go to the !
front," said one speaker, "you will ,
have to guard our home agalnat
marauder. It will l.e man's work and ,
ou lani.ot do It In drwue.."
Tin vol.' tor iuiiimth a .arrloil'
in ait liter Ik IihIiii, inn tirli ;
MiI.o.kI. e haw wv.ral vi-
ita Horn Krohf th fruit in ,
thU section lia. uffr.'l no dumage
at this writing.
SutwnlKor iMtrd our
school one dii lut wttk
IHck Water, and wtfc of Mod lord
spent SnI.M at the Se.iliniok. lion..-.
linudinot t'oiiiur !. dnvlim a new
Ford tl.cae da,
T.mi.i. and met. Mf ht'otu .ici.i
lli-l to do the pInuiiiK cm i lie Nor
wick ranch, wtll i.-i;ln thl.
weel. It haa noi Ni'ii d.-rlrd ct
ht kind ot crop Mill !' put in To
li'.trn that lhi ruin h will W rarm.-.l
i cood new. it U .. h.-.m pro
iliuor und add. ui.tMialli to the dir
irdu' product.
Will l.idltd "f Milfnid a.ioi.1
intni.'d n M ' "!' Huff of tin-'
-sin.' I'laio. rie iillor at'
Hio I.' turl linn i' Kt"trlck l ugain en
ploie.t at the Hoot rHncli
Old wiikre it. thU di.trl.t who
lnv indict oath in ih. ti'iMn that
thl- MiM te a m'i nf -lunur t roM
jfo, this tallri ik.u-1 ,.r..le to .
i ue i .it. oi sum.a una MonuaT,
whirl. d. one of th' uiom '.etieficlal
Krus irop wline,t in thin mc
tioii t.f onlle .. li M "
...... . .., ...-!
..-.., .,, .... . .u l.
.-., rvu nr.ri otuti.! urn Monui
ituvntuit wheiv he a- .iprratttl oa
for gall atoaee Mr Haies suffered
terr.hle pain until ht urriial al the
rospiial. where u.or,hine aa utject
ed to deaden the pain j
M.s. Bertha Trnloi t the Antioeh
district i. doing i!e house work at '
the Hiru.n home. j
ir Cameron and bl Mn. Krnk
aud Kdaard and daughter i.!m
nd Mt- teile tMMbrortk motored to
Ar" u,.i S .rs1a itf'rooon where ihej
i! ' ' it b si v lib n.iuer.l
u o u!it arier' g.l
l ibole aiuoUb theii
f o
-. .tH.1r OliinN for
i" . .! ii t' Ca v. .' bed
-l '. t . ' i , . d lo
S a
ii w for lha land und are feiulnp It
up, laying aa attention to Ui.-kp
lomU. Soma of the road, arc Iwlna
ied liy the mall carrier on Itonio
Vo. 2 and many hoxea belonglitK to
ncnrliy ranchera are eerved from
Ml Hue Lydlard went to Winter
itundny to Uk charge of lha acboot
at that plac. Mlaa WliletB. who
For the convenience of voters In
tltl end or the voting precinct Coun
ty Clerk Oardnrr haa appointed a
regixtrar who fa In.irurted lo go Into
the home and Induce tho rotors lo
Mra. Hamilton, or Agate, who waa Inlwred In a runaway laat
week, la reported to be steadily Im
proving. Almost every dav a now fire ap
pears on the Ppnar Table Rock, thoao
wetting Iheae ftrea evidently not real-
, ixlne that there la n severe penalty
, .ittai-hed to thla kind or conduct.
Hoad Super leor Vlnt-citt haa a
! rea of men at work mar th.' Modcx
Th reaieillui; of t-iet arrage will
commence ti.i weok as the aeed ttwit
i waa aown tforr the mid .nap In
" " ""t "' ' iB anfriWenl
qnanniv to .nana a .iani
The Arrow lieada held a very Inter
esting selon last Saturday evening
and amonR other thine, a lonunli
tf waa aiiHiited to plan a ,uili
enteetatmm'itt to tak.- plac In tin
near future.
Ham Vfttlo.i ha. .nl! t'ON.ideriiMo
wheal to Hi- .Nordwirk mill, al -
ford. Th1 K:;da trnnffrr
will h.itil it.
Mr and Mr. liai Plo.iting return
ed S.tndai aftornoon fioin Soatlle.
Whero i.- hod been to attend Ht
; funeral f vtra. KlctuliiaV .uoth.r.
; Mrs H t' i i lover, who ilitil in that
i ell on uril t from Ur.iti Itcmorr
ihagc. .Mt ttlover. a former rel
dent v H!il Hill. . horn at Kit
in on M.r. h Id, lvt::. ui'.l married
.a Catvtuer. Jr.. Ma ) and
lea !riM-.- the hu.'iauit William
t;.oirr Mvtit children. Will and
Charles oi Kcqaa. t'al . .Uiw and
Kliuer of Cranll Pall- Wash , Mfl
la aad lf'd Of Seattle und Mr
Fleming r Cold Hill The funeral i
i.tvlce rr held at Hie chapel of-
VMi rM t'ndrtis W .n
parlor ,
!aattU. ti! 7. a lo.-al Baj.tU: .
I lulu. .i.t. .i Mra. Ulover . a me'u-,
i!r of th.ii .Unomination Man of
the U!d Hill reaideal rt-tnemher hen
thing in Hams valley district. In ihe
Hnwer l.,e aad of her uiTimht
lite in the Miiiataaiiy.
l.tuoud Ulaholjf sjieat last it.
uriiav an! Sunday with her Mother.
Mr Ada Ulakeb in MtstforU
R l Tmer. head engineer of
the cem-rt tdant. waa a Mclford i
Uor Mondai '
-wer m ii
r'OK S: K $elt youi 4 II
Ti., t: k -t.,niia lli'" W !.u,.
' '. ' o tlaud t:
.. vk I V! I-.I i Hi,
y,S P.M hi n. ,,tl I . Ait
ulhei cirpiin -I nn e nm-..- tmliiv in
rnnfrunt Jhiik- frelll'llili', liclil help
hi the polici- ii. I'ietro Tirrtntlei. i.ihI
rhnrged with IIk- inurilcr "I Htago
Vilnrdu in llttl.'i. Aceorrlmjt to it lel frnm t'l.iit' nf Poliee llpekim
Imm f H.nttle. fra. Mnric lUmxer.
'urn -It'll there tor .hovliftimr. hn
,-., nlr--i.l Unit i-lie wok niarne.1 In
(teffen.ic in Kunnaa ("rt.v. Mo., neveu
or eiirht venrw ago.
(Kfeni or Torkajeiri. haa rtn'iit
edlv dclfred to the police lluit he
ni'icr innrneil, nlthtiuirh Mri. Iliwi-Toituri.-i.
of Now Orleans i niiil to
tut ! iili'h lifted n photiMrrnidi of flef
I'cmic n tlmt of her hu-liund. Hhc
lived lure with Torttiriri nt the time'
of tin tniiiilrr.
It Mil- III i iiiilifi'tliiii Willi iu ;iriit
il Mi- lli'iicr in Sr;illi' ill il
li'llil,' i, cniu'lil
Xej-ortod by Jackson County Ab
traet Co.. filzth aad fir flti.
( itn nit
ICail I'nwcr. i l f. Iaaton and
M. It. Law ton. .tilt to foreclose mort
gage. Anna C. Nnlle.i vs. J. W. ltonar
and llattle ltonar, summon.
Abraham Slept vs. Otto K. Thom
as et al, default, coat bill, decree.
Abraham Slept v.. Meyer Lando
et al, default, coat hill, decree.
Hlanebe Mitchell and Win.
Mil. holl va. Curtis K. Mooro and Al
ia Moore, auHunone.
llenl IbtMtt Tinnfei
O. K. ttlacklngton et ux to
Hold Crest Kruit Co.. pt 34-
3-3W . . $ 1. 00
James I) Simons et tis to Elis
abeth N. Anderson, pt -38E 10.00
Wm. 11. Humphreys el nx lo
W. H. Canon, lots In blk 1
Prultdale Medford. QCI
Mllaon Vaughan lo Hheba
Vaagaan. pt 4-M-3W
1 .00
a. C. McAlllater et us to Tom
Uushoag. lead In Aahland 10.00
Claire Stroud et vir to John
P. Merhan et al. tot blk 3
Sunset Pnrk add 50.00
John J. Brown to William
WMalt, et al. ptS. 3. 31. 3a
T. 3tf-8W ll,
A. II. Helve, el u la Walter
II r'rulan ei ux Iota In blk
I. It. It add V.bluttd .
Tom lliiahong to G C. MeMlla-
ter. pi. UB-;V
Job It Toier et nl lo Charle.
A. Kl.a.on. lot. In blk 7
AahUnd. Qt'H
Wllltim R leather, to Itelle
K Ilea vi- j I ?;: W .
in. in.
VAMIISt.l. Ai' ' 1 I .
I lilt i li hi. lie- .mi iiiiuetil till.'. " ' to' It- IICM -.e II 111. i,'-.
liti t.iriti.ini mil tin -u.'-'i .ii ii.
war!., it Tin- wn- the ' i - ''' i'
o ., c. nun .1. ir. I Hull to lie . lit to I'm i
Hit iii'-i'.'.u-U in the -itt'alii'ii to
nil l-ie.
Tlu- lit. oil Will o J. rn.iUI ;
within the next lew .
Irdi'-iilloU mi. lu.wcier. tl,.,: 'h, '
I'l.iletl Suite-' ni.e moiiu-t tl.T'.. '.v
,- iouileti' .i '.1 tlirr t!erni..n i t
iuonnil the 'Hhmutt . - ,
ertitiiei't n'li-i.ier ! !..- i : '
fil!l pri.nue nia.le to Hi it I
I: t- III. Illl I'IhUI llUlt I I, 1 .l ,,.,
IIU" ' Ii ,n .i'l ' iiHi, i .' ', i.'
itl .i- 1'ie i , i, i irti , 1 t ,i
Medford House Movers,
We Mcne '
liton. I5S-M
dl'J S. NeMtowa, 7U7 W. Utb Su
TH1K C.ltl.
Leav Medford for Ashlar.d, Tu:ent
and Phaenix daily, except Sunday at
"" a m . I in), t 00, 4 ev nd 3 l j
p u Alto on Saturday at 1 1 1 r i.
m. Sunday a leave at 8 oo and 10 SO
a. u aad 00. 1:00, 6.30 aad Jo
p m. Leave A.hlaad for Medford
daily, aaeeat Saaday. at 00 a m .
1. 04. 1:00. 400 ad I il p. m. Also
a Satardajr . kU at 30 aad
1 1
,iii rr' 1 111-
16,817 APPLiHIS
!tlllNT.fiS. Nlirll I'. '! "!'
of thirt. dm re,r.,lt.nH ,.nno..,..el no, ,,,, , n,froflj4l, Mr1w ..d dla
todai hi the war department for the. f ( (,rr,(()(,( eM.
additional 3.'t'n men reccntlv au-' . -i.-
""" " , . . itorHtf Mav If, win. Hie prlwarMe
thorlxed hi ronarej... hof rt 1. ' ,or"M M,l
li7 aiilfCH!iini and nrceptance. of
n'lo.h enn (let all the eniertaln
i.iei t lii" lould wlfh Ht the
I'tue tonlnht and It I. fair to .i- uiiif
all Mi.' follow lute time during wlmli
till Tll.HIKle hltO lll '' r!''ll
th. t.'.
A Triangle Keystone
That Makes You
TaPTX la if 1
Krnar wav M'flrs
With Fatty Arbuckle, Weber and
Fields, Willie Collier, Sam Bernard,
Joe Jackson and other noted
Jordan Is a Hard Road
Sir Gilbert Parker's story of
the Great Northwest,
picturized by Griffith, rich in
tender sentiment, strong in its ,, p.,
stirring climaxes, featuring iuiuuij uiau
Frank Campeau
Owen Moore
J-T Motion Picture Theater ct.ii.i.eit mo
3 JyjMt
5 ,g.&
Free inspection of any
IHtWVI'll AltT
! wvhh tur lt'itiiiinnic nn.1 slh.ti drama. 'Itilrtv jrarw' t-
lt K fll.TI Itl'I
t)M-ia, iiritlcrio ami itmo'it (OA.h. 1 iftM-n ).lr. . h-i l...r jn ..'. V,.
STl lll i n i m IMJ.. IJtltM .1. Itl .. j r HlieNi: WJT-lt
y- illunglwWBl i.i. i i ibpct mrmw mm Mil ill
V.'ii ii.n-t ti-.i mil-, il., I'uitl ,.ai-J,
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