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    wpfrorjn mvtf, rrmuNr, wiipowi.
nm '.o, v
I I l,'l M'l.'ll I J'Mil
r,ntf 'rfrtnrn
The fi 'I'" Luik Bible elns f the
Fir-t Sunday school Held
their n.nliir monthly ocinl ami 1ms
lti (-.-. i I mjf on Wednesday after
noon, rt the hmn (if Mr. .1. II. Har
rison. -1' Nr- HoocveIt. After u
short IniMiie eioti tlio remainder
of th afternoon wn nt with
needlework nnd norm converge. Thin
it of young mnrried Indies uiectK
i'ir Kundnv morning m their class
nw. in at tlu Baptist church, and all
young married women are cordially
invited to attend. Those enjoying
tin1 afternoon with Mr. Hnrrimiu
were: Mednuio W. F. Mears, R V.
CuMcn, . (1. lU-rti'h, C. ('. Hoover,
R F. lender, R I'urdiii, J. Fluinriiitifc
('. A. Wlnllock, II. LniinxpHugli, .1. M.
(Ircssley, R IJuloh, F. Sliimoii, dim
Stin-on, A. II. Culey, II. !. Allnwny.
J. A. HemMioct, K. K. WiNon, Ward
Ki'iziir, Kintnii I'oaroc, Baldwin, I )u:i
liar. Krii'kxon. Harbor, Ca, Kent
and Mi-. Coffuun. There woio nlo
, lilteen littlt' folk present, lint. Har
rison vvn !HHti'il bv Mr. lttnh
and Mr. Loder in serving delicinu
refreshment oT frnndwicheH and
chocolate, s
A very plouniit nrprie in the na
ture f a farewell mIv wu given
i for Mi. IMnI Jermta ahd her mother
fi Mix. V. Kinne, at the home of the
former in Went Phoenix, Thursday
afternoon, when ahont twenty of their
iriends gathered to wish them (lod
spued on their contemplated return
to their old home in Minnesota. The
vontiuiunt of those present were very
happily expressed hy Mr. M. 0. Nor
li1 and a wish for their speedy re
turn to the valley wan heart il v np
plnuded. Miss Vera Jcrmtu very
graciously responded to a rcipul for
miihie, and the vocal number ren
dered hv Mis llcrthn Wolvorton were
inneh enjoyed. Daintv refreshmenln
weie served. Those present were:
MfHlanifK I'liil Jormstn, W. Kinne,
A. X. Wright. O. I). Fnuoe, II. II.
Corliss, M. G. Norn. K. Calhoun,
Demur, W. IL Wheeler, L. Almin.
JiiiIhoii, T. Koth. JohiiHoii, Cliarle
Wriirht, Walker, Ileinxe and Stntud;
Mihxe Vera ,Iennxtar IWrMia WoIer
ton and Mary Daily.
Iat Saturduy whh C. C. Hoover'
birthday Himivei-xary, and by weial
invitation a itarty of hU friendx nwle
out to the Hoover farm and K'1' him
a xurpri-e. The eveninjc wax htt'nt In
Hiisiiij; ijld-tim ffamert oud chiu-ade-..
Mr. C. C. llimver and iln.
L. K. Hoover srved eak and chtH'o
Inte. At a late hour the mitv broke
up, all voting it a not enjoahle
eveiiiuir und wlnhlttif Mr. Hoover
many more happy birthday. TKohc
iremiit were: ilesarn. and Jfewlame
R W. Meai. S. Ioui lHnett. J. A.
ll..n.l r..i.l l V F ...! I II II-
y ...., i. t-, innin, u. II, lllliri-
f Min, (leo. h. Howaid, It. CI. Deaeh,
r J I.M..... ti.... i i ..
k" I'liiiiifv, r.n ivniiney, ;, t,
Whilloek, A. I'enwell, I'hickwwi, lm
Hall, C. C. Hoover aud ilr. h. K.
Mr. ami Mm. Otto Klura entertain
ed the membent of the .Mmlfiwl high
s-Ihm)I lakettall team laxt Friday
evewiiiff at their home on South
Holly. The evening wax jent infor
mally with wusie, biDianU, Kumen
and social eouveriuiiioH, followed by
liKht refrehtuent8 Nerved by the
boxteh. Thoxe preneiit were: Mixkex
Franee Itueon. Kelhe Corum, Jo
ephine Clark, Margaret KnglUh, U
nora Davix, Qraee Wilson, Maude
Corlie. Krele Stewart; Jleuru. Hav
moail Fixh, Jay Olmxtead, Kugene
Narregan, Kmber Young, Stewart
Torney, Carter Hrandon, l.l.nd Wil
liamxou. Howard Thomax. Mr. and
Mn,. Otto Khun.
Coaeh Klum entei tamed the girth
and bn of the basketball team with
a theater purtv at the Page Thure.
dav evening. After the the
teainH were invited to the Shafcta,
vi here iffrexhiaenU were wrved,
through the eourtev of Mr. I'ipji
gra. The guexU were; Jjwle Stew
art, Fraute Ilacou, Graee Wilxon.
Margaret Kngli.h, Unora Davw,
Maude Coriieg, Stewart Torney, Eu
gene Xarrigan. Uoyd WUIiamxon,
Knynond Fiak, Enbr Young. How
ard Thomas, Jay Ohnstead, Mr. aud
Mi. Otto KJum.
The annual meeting of the Presby
terian ehureh will be held Friday eve.
mug, April 7. A pienie xupfwr wiH ba
served at d o'elwk in the ehaiwl. Et.
erv member of the ehunh and cn
K relation with their t'nmiliex are org
ed to eome with a banket. The bui-
lie- Difftllli; will f,illo tilt- .ipNr'
1ntv on. lui i in tli, , hur. h
i ' ilj .ittmd this mtitnif.
-w-&ai .-- ,
r,r JTfk W m wm m im -sii , i
1 'i i emnii friend af Mr. and
V I. H. Itrown, :W n. Central,
-,irpr'-d Mr. Hrowir, wham bftwfay
wif the ixiii-mn. bringing Inneh,
card and prue The evening wan
pnt playing five hundred. Ahont
IS oVIwk, whieh ntheml in ArHI
!nrt day, a Ifnnntenn limeh with a
!afg pake decorated with manr ran
dl, wa prend in the dining rtwm
and the fnn began. The firiae were
won hv Mr. .7ohn Itutler, laiHe' firt
prire; Mr.'Klwnml, gentlemen' firt
priw; (). M. Itrnwn, gentlemen' am
xolntion priKe; Mr. Huntly, ladle'
conxolntiriii priue. Thoe present
were: Mr. and Mrs. John Hntler. Mr.
and Mr. K. D.- Klwood. Mr. and Ir.
John R liBwrenee, Dr. and lr. It.
Hhji.1v. Mr. and Mr. K. W. Witte,
Mr. ntid Mr. O. II. Hrown, Mi Helen
Drown and Mi Klie Irftwrenee.
Kverv one voted the evening a great
iH'ee nnd hope are entertained
that Mr. Hrown will enjoy many attelt
A Vielrola jmrtv wa given by the
Coinraderie club Tbiirxdnv evening,
the affair taking place at the A I ford
residence on West Tenth street. The
music room, which wa tied for
dancing, vvn nrtiticallv decora ted
with applu blooin, feni and daf
fodil. 1'iinch and wFeij were orr.
ed throughout the evening, followed
by a light luncheon at It p. in. The
following guests and members were
in attendance: Mie Knthryn
Rweni, Met cede Harber, Jean Ititdge,
liene Smith, Jean Anderson, I.euore
Vance, Dorolhv Thome and Mildred
Antic; Menr. France Dennett,
Frank Ifay, Carter Hrandon, Ilcihert
Alford, Horace Hromlcy, Lvlc Wal
ther, Milton Schitchard and Will Huv-
The membership of the M. K.
church South tendered n reception to
the new member last evening. The
following program wa enjeyed:
Song, "In the Service of the King";
prayer, ltcv. Hrnuhaui: vocal nolo,
Kunicc Brandon; nddre, ltcv. Dran
ham; iiiMtriimeutal solo, Mr. I. W.
Thoma; reading, Audrv Robert; in
strumental olo, ,luHii Stringer? vo
eal trio, Mr. Hrauhum, Mr. Taylor,
Mr. Hrandon; inetrmiientnl duet,
Fiiniee and Italph Hrandon; recita
tion, Durri Mel.eun; vocal duet,
Wutli and I(oi Hilling. At the done
of the program lefreshment were
served by the committee in charge.
Mrs. Paul S. Handy wa hoatex to
the Twiee Five club at her home in
Jacksonville Wedneadav afternoon,
March 20. A most iutereting pajwr
read by Mr. Hoy Smith and a read
ing hy Mr. 0. A. Gardner wax en
joyed by all. The afternoon vae
ient Hewing and a dainty two-course
luncheon wa nerved. The table wa
tastefully decorated wtih beautiful
floHeix, the color scheme being yel
low und white.
Member pteeent wete: Medamei
0. A. Gardner, R C. Smith, Charle
Hanson, Judge Ton Velio, H. IC.
lluunu, Hoy Smith and Wntaon Can-
Mr. A. L Dougla entertaimnl u
numlier of friends at card Thurtda.t
evening at her home on Wet lllev.
enlh street. Five hundred wn iw
joyed during the early pait if tin
evening, after whieh a daintv lunch
eon waa served. Those present were:
Mr. and Mr. A. P. Hagen, Mr. and
Mr. II. J. Ftiuke, Mra. George
Foye. Mix Sarah Johnxlou, Mr.
Itesie Medley, Curl Rwainson aud
Mr. and Mr. A. I.. Douglas. Mm.
Douglas wa axxistedoH entertaining
by Mix Johnton.
The W. S. X. Sewing club were en
tertained this week at the home of
Mrs, Charles Cole. After the bn-i-nes
meeting a violin olo was given
bv Master Keith Cole, after which a
two-course luncheon waa served. The
hostesses for the afternoou were:
Mrs. Charles Cole, Mrs. Daraeill and
Mrs. BMuehamp.
The( Missionary soeioty of the
Presbyterian church will meet at the
borne of Mr. II. V. Lumdea an South
Holly street, Tuesday, April I. The
subject will be "Africa,' which will
be led by Mrs. F. L Khenasa. Mrs.
A. 0. Powell will lead the devotion
ula. All members are invited to be
The following people from Med ford
are atteuding the Jackson eounty
Sunday school institute at Jackson
ville toduv : Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Man
by, Profc.or H. . gtine. J. T. Car
penter, Mr. Hilev D. Uenon, Mrs.
David Coobdge and Waldo Willard
entertained with a daueing party on
Friday evening at their runeh on
Ross Lane in honor of their house
iui"t-, Mr nnd Mr-. ( uiiiiint'li'iiii of
Nc il litv.
FVMay night n large mil npprVci
alive andiemr at the ( hrwhan ihureli
greeted those who particiimted in the
program given hv the recentlv organ
ised Chrietlan ehnreh on-heetra.
There were fourteen number and ev
erv number n hit. II would He diffi
rnlt to mention all of the excellencies
heard in last night' program.
The violin olo, "II Trovntore,"
with variations, br Wn Heine held
the audienee admirably; also the cor-
net und violin duet bv Grge R Dyer
and IMi Heine wa well received nnl
well worthy of peeinl mention.
Mi Xnna Seelev, with Mi Hrvnii
nccoinianyiHg, rendered two vocal
olo in a most charming manner, re
ceiving encore for both. Mi See
ley i especially talented, inciiig
a pretty soprano voice and it per
sonality that win.
Mr. Heine'. reading wa much en
joyed bv all. The program vvn vvoll
pieed bv the young men's trio ap
pearing in several entertaining num
ber. I.iudley, Lnvvlon and Unicorn.
Great prnie is due to every momber
of the orchestra for the most excel
lent rendition of each of the orches
tra number, n well a for the com
plete snece of the entire program.
The Presbyterian Indies of Phoenix
met with .Mr. Haillie Friday nftur-
iioon (o orgauirc a Woman's Mission
ary society. Tho orgiiiiiration vvn
completed with Mr. Haillie, presi
dent; Mrs. Huberts, vice-president;
Mix. rnv, secretary, and .Mr. Frame
treasuter. Mr. W. F. Shield. Pre-
bytcrinu president, explained the or-
giuii.iition, and Mr. K. X. Warner,
secretary of literatiiiu, pi'eented tho
Tho Fast Side Circle of the Pres
byterian Ladies' Aid met with Mr.
K. A. Welch Tuesday uftuinoon. Thev
ure working for an Fster sale to be
held April '22, Tbero were nineteen
present. The other oirelex met with
Mr. KHIm and Mrs. Hebling. Thev
are making aprons, rug and other
useful artiolei for tho sale.
The Hnptist Young People' Union
gave a "college parly" at the First
Haptist church on Friday evening.
About 120 weio present. A splendid
program was rendered, among which
wn Mr. Gressley's high school band,
which was so much onjoved. After
the program game were played and
ncrrcxhmetitfi served.
A reception was held at the M. P..
ehuerh South Inst evening in honor of
the new members. A large audience
wus present. A shoit program was
rendered and lefreshment were
served in the basement of the church.
A general good time was enjoved bv
all present.
The regular business meeting of the
Greater Med ford club will be held
Momluy, April l, at the public lib
rary. At this time officer for the
ensuing vear will lie elected, also the
board of director. All Member aro
requested to be present. . v
The JCnst Side Shakestisare club
met at the borne of Mr. and Mrs.
West on Itartlett street Wednesday
evening. The subject for study was
"Henry IV."
Mr. and Mrs. Merton R. Head of
Toledo, Ohio, arrived In Medford
Wednesday to be the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. A. It. Ton Veils at their
ranch horns.
The Wednesday Bridge chili was
entertained at 7 o'clock dinner Fri
day evening at the homo or Mrs. It.
F. Antle on North I'eaoh street.
The Nulla Jtrldg club waa enter
talned by Mrs. Jaft Andrews at her
home on South Orange street. Thura
day afternoon.
.Mrs. D. W. I.uks wsabostess to tho
Tuesday Itridge club at her home on
the Orebard Moms Traet Tueadsy
The First Aid elaaa mat at the
Library Tuesday afternoon under tha
direction of Dr. Clancy assisted by
Mtaa Dy.
Miss Plaraaee Felger estertslsod
the Girls Tneaday Sewing eluto at her
home oa West Mala street Tuesday
Mn. Homer Kotbermel was hostess
to the Otrla Thursday Bridge elub at
her horn u Geneva street Thursday
Mrs. Edward Souitor entertained
the Octette elub at bar tamaa on
North Oram street (onday attar
noon. The "Ati uners' and their hiiOnuid
Will' fliliTl.Ulird at the Inillli' lit III
.i' 1 1 Mi I .il !", '1 Imr d i nun ;
( J ilrnnii SV, nf V ret. fiiff.
I'n V r i i Msv ISIv ftc fol
. i im a Way flaw mill will be gv
n ,x the Hlfftl aaHawf stasVwIe at
vm-triiiture baft. TIM "May fat
novels ' Is a esftftata tttcHMMf VII
t Mar lag SfM. Mar Pal song
smt dsnee, S0tM, tMtg ta tb Mar
Queen, advent af H4rtn Mocd and
I hi ind. tmllad of Rabin MM (nnln
land morns i. Roota Tood MnMI In
rinding archery tvMest, MilRntsId'
, song, chores and dawce, dance arennd
May Pole, ehrwa dance, jttter'
, dance finale. A special tsatnre of
the iwogram will be some saathetic
daaelnfi given and directed by Ml
Leah Walther ef Medford, Oreawn
Medford Camp. NV. 90. Woodmen
of the World, held a verv pteasnnt
and interesting meeting last Wednc
dav Might, and among other matters
of business transacted it wa decided
to hold a "smoker" Wednesday night,
April fi. The objeet'of the meeting t
to increase the membership of the
cninp a well a to Hnil a pleasant
and enjoyable evening, therefore ev
ery member of the order who enn
possibly do so i expected to attend
and bring one or more prospective
member. The committee on enter
tninmetit and general arrangement-'
will sec that all who attend are well
Miss Wllllo Howard and Miss Mar
Ian Ciould ontortnliiud tho Cninpflre
Olrls at dinner Wednesday evening,
at tho home ot Miss doubt on South
Oakihilo, Tho ovotilng wns spont In
formally with music and dancing
Tho following woro present: Mrs
Shield, the .Mlssos llnxel Antle, Mer
cedes Harbor, Daisy Haiti, Vera I.ano,
Ksthor Warner Phyllis Koliorts, Mil
dred Wicks, Hutb Warner, Jeautietto
Patterson, Dorothy Tliorno and Hllz
nbuth Hill.
Hyacinth Circle of the Ptesbyteriati
church met at tho home of Mrs. C. P.
Krib last Tuesday. Delicious re
frelituent were served and tho aft
ernoon was pleasantly pased in work
and planning for tho Ftf r fair. The
no.xl meeting will bo with Mrs. II. H.
Patterson April 11.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Itowno cntor
tnlnod Wmlnosday night at tholr
homo on Siskiyou llolghts In honor
of Mrs. A. C'onro FlQro who rotumud
Wodnosdny afternoon aftor an ox
tondod visit In Now York. Dancing
and hrldgo woro tho main diversions
of tho ovonlug.- -
Mrs. Trevorrow ontertaltiod tho X.
X. Club at bor homo on Ivy street
Thursday evening. The rooms wore
prettily decoratod with almond blos
soms and spring flowers. Tho ovon
lug was glvou over to bridge aftor
which rofroshments wcro sorvod.
Tho DeKoven Opera company which
Is touring the middle west In Itobln
Hood aud In which Misa Caroline An
drews Is starring as "Annabel" ap
peared at the .Metropolitan opera
house, Grand Forks, North Dakota,
March K8th.
The W. S. X. Sewing oluli will Im
entertained next wwk at tho home of
Mrs. W. IS. Clouey, on West Jackson
streot, with Mrs. lfivsns, Mrs. Predaii
burg and Mrs. Cloney as hostesses.
The Foreign Missionary society of
the First Methodist church will meet
at the home of Mr. I. J. Phipp, U'Jtt
Hast Main street, Tuesday, April I,
at 2:HH p. ui.
Mrs. John liarnelmrg waa hostess
to the Wodnesduy Auction Itridge
elub at her home on Wset Tenth
street, Wednesday afternoon.
The Political Science olub held
their regular meeting at the Public
Ubrsry Mnitdsy afternoon, with a
wy go ml attendance.
Mr. and Mrs. S A. Xye aad Mr.
Will Watt entertained the 500 club
at the Nje home on tiavt Main street
Monday evening.
Mrs. F. C. Hollls wag hostess to
the Friday Hrldge club Friday after
noon at ber home on Xorth Oskdale.
A large delegation of Sbrlnere of
tbla city attended the Shrlners ball
given at Ashland Friday evening.
Mrs. If. U. I.umsden ontertained
the Friday Bridge lub at her home
ou South Hotly Friday afternoon.
Mrs. ISugene Amsnn returned this
week from a visit with friends la
Oakland, Calif.
The Tuikagee Male Quartet
The eveuiug services of the Meth
odist church will be held in the Xat
atorluui at S o'clock. The Tuskagee
male quartet will sing and Proiessor
Johnson of the same institute will
give an address. The public is cor
dially invited to uttend this service.
Preelnets Medford Keith Mala and
West Medford register new at the
MallTrtbuas office.
Medford Booster Slnoko
Tht Mulfurd and Mt Pitt Cigars.
fttttmfwlts M eaJZIZ- Jease(d'iJ taaH fclJj V. JLJ ll'Jf' TiCaT
DcslKticd Iij Mailaiuo Marianne Hitenel, iiotcil I'm tslau I'anliloii Aitlst,
A jilnk serge, one-piece afternoon gown endiroldored In French blue
boads. Collar of heerest organdie, with pleated net frills. Waist of
combined serge and organdie. Skirt straight ianl front, with back and
sides composed of four flounces. Hat of pink Hillau stmvv, with ttillo
frilled crown and pink cainolla. White chiffon parenol.
At the Churches
St. Mink's KplM-opiil.
Holy comuiunloii, 8 a. in; Sunday
school, 10 a. m ; holy communion, It
a. m ; evening prayer, 7:30 p. in.
William II. Hamilton, vloar.
Catholic Church.
South Oskdale avenue. First
mass, Sunday, X a. m.; second nmss.
KMitii a. m.: evening services, 7:30
p. m. Itev. John Powers, rector.
Seventh Ihiy Advent M Church.
Xorth Riverside avenue. Meets
every 8bbath (Saturday). Sabbath
school, 10 a. m.; presenilis. 11 a. in.;
Young People's meeting, 12:30 p. m.;
prayer meeting. Wednesday. 7:30 p.
m. II. CI. Thnrston, pastor.
OaUdulo Avoiiiio Methodist.
Sunday school at : 1 ri a. in.,
preaching at It a. in. and 7:30 p. m.
Morning subject, "A True Christian
Mfe"; evening subject. "The Two
Waya." Prayer meeting Thursday
evening. A cordial welcome It ex
tended to all. II. M. Itranhant, pas
tor. .lachsonv illo I'rceli) lei inn,
iMornlng worship, with sermon, at
11 o'clock subject, "Kvldence In the
Prophetic Word Regarding Tyre and
Sldon." Kvenlug worship and ser
mon at 7 30 o'clock, subject, "How
to Think " The special music for
this service will be a solo (selected)
by George Andrews, and an ajttnem
by the chorus chblr, with Mr. And
rews as leader. A most cordial wel
come Is extended to all wbo attend
these services.
Pico MoflKMlfkt Chinch.
Corner Tenth and ivy. Sunday
school, 10 a. m.; preaching, 11 a. m.
and 7.30 p m. Bishop Francis As
bury centennial service In the morn
ing, sermon by Hev. J. W. Bhsree.
Special all-day services. Come and
worship with us Our district quar
terly meeting will be held next week
beginning Thursday. Her vices every
night. Hev. I). D. Dodge, district el
der, and the other preachers of the
dlalrUt, are expected to be with us.
J. K. Bradley, pastor.
JHfltmmlll Methodist Church.
Sunday school, 10 a. m., W. 0.
Caudlll, superintendent; capable
teachers and Interesting lessons.
Young and old Invited. Kpworth
League. 6:30, Mrs. 8. Walsh, leader.
Rev. J. C Stllle will preach at 1 1 a.
m. and 7:30 p. m. Professor and
Mrs. Asbcraft the augmented choir
and others will sing at all the serv
ices. Everybody was delighted with
the music and messages during the
week. If you haven't been attend
ing you are missing something good.
Come aad bring a friend. R. A
itutdiinson, pastor.
Tin ItotMic (tlvcr Ministerial .nso
(lutloii will lit t Mulnl iv inoinltli; at
10 o'clock In tho First Baptist church
Medford, Orogon. You uro cordially
Invited to both morning and aftor
noon sessions.
Harry !. Tucker, prosldont.
Paul Handy, secretary.
Clot Metbodlht KpNcopnl.
Dr. J. C. Itolllus, iiastor. Tho Sun
day school hour Is U:IR. Tho Kp
worth League meets at I:1R. These
are Important hours. A welcome Is
given all who attend. Public wor
ship at 1 1 a. m. and 3 p. m. At tho
morning hour the saeramentnl anrv
Ice. A brief communion modltntloit
by the pastor. Reception of mem
bers. The evening service will be
held In the Xetatorlum at 8 o'eloek.
The famous Tuskegee colored male
quartet will sing and Professor Johns
of the same Institution will speak.
This quartet will also sing at the
morning service at the urch. Spe
cial music by the vested enolr. A
cordial Invitation Is extended to tho
public to sttend nil these sorviaos.
Pir-I Baptist Chinch
Hev. F. W. Carstens, pastor.
The live church with a cordial
'Morning service 1 1 o'eloek. Ser
mon. Subject, "In the Chiireh and
Out of a Job." Bveulng service at
7:30 o'clock, subject, "Christian
Science Is It Christian?"
Hlble school, "The school with the
'pep,' "1:30 a m. Lessen "The Con
version of Saul." Opening exercises
by the "wide awakes" Program, re
sponsive reading No. 3 1 J, led by
Ruth Hntlth; prayer, Rudors lBvena;
song by school 301: recitation "What
Must It He to He There", Margaret
Harrison; solo, Jean Lewis; elaee
name, class iu uulaon. Ulg orchestra
good singing, everybody takes right
bold of the rope, come and be one.
Intermediate II. Y P. U. 3:00 p. m.
Dedication of the "Annex" In con
nection with the Intermediates.
B. Y. P. U. 8:80 p. m.. Tople.
The Consecration of Tims, leader,
Orvlll Harr. Special music.
A hearty welcome is extended to
all to eome with us for worshipful
day Baptismal service at the close
of the evenlug service.
Itcst Chilitmn Chiui'li
Cor. Ninth and South Oskdale
The church wltn a vital message to
which we Invite you. Special music
at both services Sunday. Mrs. U. V.
Coffin, solo, and a violin solo by
KUey Davis. The Urge reorganised
choir will render special numbers,
tiome early for aii tho service.
Morning sermon 10: 15, subject, "1
know whom I have believed."
Kvenlug, 7: SO, sermon for young
nd old. Please make special effort
for this service.
Baptisms at the eloae ef service.
I want to preach a (ew Sunday
evening sermons on following tenics:
The Ideal husband, The ideal wife,
ete. Write me and tell me wtat you
consider the eaeentlal qualities that
each must posses. I will net uae year
Blldii "ihoul at U l Please Invite
your . ihsi f eo gftswdlfK
siswftsrs and have tbem tfi IM ftwft
tMy eejwf xt, t y wtff eieeSwi
yeVf lntrri In them Trr tl
rbrMfMa Knrtosrnr at 9 19 p. fH,
A Hvely, yenng peopl sjtswfMf, f Mt
Hegln now to olad for fwtef tilf
Harrv R Teeker. nMfllef.
(Ttv "Callfornlo Syrup of Fig" If
Cishim, Hick, 1'Vverlsli,
Lrtok back at yeur ehiblboed days,
ftemeitsber the "does" mother BibIrU
dtl on castor ell, calomel, cathart
ics. Hew yon hated them, how you
fought agnltwt taking them.
With our children it's dlffcront.
Mother who cling to tho old form
of physic simply don't reallio what
thoy do. The children's rovolt Is
well-rounded. Their ttmdur llttlo
"lusldoe" aro Injured by thorn.
If your child's stomach, liver and
bowols need cleansing, rIvo only de
licious "California Syrup of Figs."
Its notion Is positive, biit gentle. .Mil
lions of mother keop this harmless
"fruit laxatlvo" handy; thoy know
chlldron lovo to tako it; that it novor
falls to clonn the llvor nnd bowolS
and swoeton tho stomach, nnd that a
taaspaoitfttl given today soyou a sick
child tomorrow.
Ask your druggist for a BO-cont
bottle of "California Syrup of Figs,"
whieh line full dlrootlons for baUtoa,
ohllllren of all ago and for grown
iiM plainly on on oh bottle. Ilownro
of counterfeits sold hare. See (hat It
Is nmde by "California Pig Syrup
Company." Refuse any othor kind
with contempt Adv.
Last Sunday?
Why, nt tho
First BaptisflCuurch
If you wore, you hud a good tlnio
so will want to romo again Sunday,
April 2nd.
Opening exsralses by tho "Wldo
Rospouslvo Reading, N'o. 21'.!; lod
by Ruth Smith.
Prayer Mudora Itvans.
Song by Sohool 301 in "Songs for
Recitation "Whet Must It' Ho to
He There," Margaret Harrison.
Solo Jenn Loomls. ,
Claes namo In union "Wldo
Big orchestra, good singing, 1 ho
wl re fenchir Interest scholars, and
everything koih with a vim. Wo will
heartlb webome YOC
White's Velvet Ice Cream
Makes a delicious dessert for lunoh,
diuuer or plculcs.
Sold by dish, pint, quart or gallon.
We pack and deliver all orders for a
quart or more.
Remember to Drink Dairy Buttermilk
and Live to Bo 100.
' ii ays
Leave Medford for Ashland, Talent
and Phoenix dally, except Sunday, at
8.00 a. ni , 1:00, 8:00, 4:00 and 5:15
p. m. Also ou Saturday at 11:16 p.
m. Sundays leave at 8:00 and 10:30
n fi. and 1:00, 9:00, 1:30 and 9:30
p. m. Leave Ash land for Medford
dally, except Sunday, at 9:00 a. m.,
1:00, 8:00, 4:00 and 8: IB p. m. Also
on Sairday nlghta at ft: 30 and
13-30. Sundays leave Ashland at 9:00
a. m and 1:00. 4:30, 8:30 and 10:3(1
p w,
Hi ;