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WAflltNOTON, Maroh 11. That
(ho 1'aiiamft el will not bo swal
lowed up by an earthquake hi (ho fn-
tun and that the troublesome slldos
now being aneountorcd will ovontunl
ly bo eonqunrml and tho groat water
way mndn nn unqualified snccoss, In
tho opinion of Donnld F. MnaDomild,
formerly cnnal geologist und now
mining geologist for tho United
States bureau of mines,
Mr. MarDonald, who spent several
yoars on tho Isthmus ranking a curo
ful study as tho fragility of tho
earth's crust, ban just mudo an of
ficial report to tho effect that, while
through soIhiiiIc disturbances tho
wholo Islhmus la rising at tho rato
of throo feet every hundred years,
this will not necessarily injure tho
canal. As far ns ho sees, It will
merely mean a llttlo additional ex
pense! In tho dredging of tho big wa
terway. Ocean Hot loin Kinking'.
The cattso of this rising, ho says,
Is tho sinking of tho ocean bottom
outside tho Isthmian shore wntors.
Hrory tlmo there Is a llttlo inovomont
of tho ocean bottom, the Isthmus, to
bo In harmony, Joins In. IIo also sug
gests that If. tho rising motion bo
rapid, then thoro would bo serious
danger for tho canal, but that from
what lins happened In recent geologic
time. It may bo concluded that tho
cnnal is not in any appreciable dan
gor from tho Instability of tho Isth
mian laud. Tho rising of the Isth
mus, however, huu been responsible
for tho many bllduH that huvo been
encountered, In that tho motion of
tho Krouud has dislocated nnd
crushed (Ho rocks, loavlng them weak
nnd unstable
"At uny rnto," says Sir. SlacDon
nld, "so far as tho digging of tho
Culebrn Cut Is concerned, theso
faults havo (ncroascd tho cost of tho
onnnl several million dollars.
Culebra Cut Trouble.
"As to tho slides, Culebra Cut Is n
vast ditch that passes through main
vnrlotlos of rock in tho nine miles of
its length. Home of thoso nro weak
and unstable, nnd where tho slopos of
tho cut were steep and 100 to 300
feet high the weaker rooks crushed
down to flatter slopos. Whenever
tho slopo got flat anough-tho sliding
ntoppod. At no tlmo did tho ongl-
iiMrlug staff constructing the csiml
liollovo that tho slldos were a men
aeo to tho ultimate completion an it
successful operation of the canal, In
nplto of the fact that nt times they
wore somewhat troublesome. They
have made necessary tho oxeavntiou
or about 30,000,000 cubic yards
more than was Included in tho first
ostlmato for Culebra Cut, but thoy
have not In the past and will not In
tho future endanger tho ultlmato stte
oetw of tho canal."
WASHINGTON, Hurt, 11,Ul.
Mt rtportt of the whsmbonU of
Uttieml Villa Mr he rMkd Ascen-
cion, south of PulomM. mmm time
yoslenmy with 300 followers after
liis flight following the attack ott
Columbus. Thin information reached
here today in u message ntlilrOMeri to
the Cnrrnnzn embassy from Consul
Andrea Unrein at HI I'aao.
Consul (Inrcirt reiwrted that Gen
eral Gnvirn, military eommnnder at
Junrcz, wah infonncd of tliifi by Oen
oral Jlertntii from Palomns yester
day. Ilertnni nlso reported Villa hail
sixty disunities in the encounter
with the American lroow nt Colum
bus, nnd tho pursuit which followed.
On the day nfler tho Columbus
linttle, Villa avoided nn encounter
with tho troops ol" flenernl llortnni.
The Amoricnu .Mormon colonists nre
in no danger, he wtiil.
When the escort for the Mormons
may arrive flenernl Onvim does not
know, .Alennlimo, Iho evidenco of
scouts indicates that Villa is still in
tho neighborhood of Aseencion, with
in enHy Mtrikiittc distnneo of the rctil
road over which the refuses must
pnse on their way to tho Amorionn
General Ouvlra received word today
that (lenerni (littierrvs, in command
nt Chihunhtm City, disponed forces of
from .I00 to IKK) men each nt San
Ocronimo, Santa Clara, (Incriero
nnd Im Onnu in order to block Villa's
piugToss nt those points, reserving n
mobile force ol ."i()0 from which tho
escort for tho .Mormon train will be
taken. ,
General Hcrtnui is holdinjr. his
force inlncl nt l'ulnmns, near the
northern ftontier, ns it is pot Inrjto
enough lo rink divinim. He will pro
tect American interests there
(Continued rrom page one)
by American and Mexican forces, the
baud of malefactors was annihilated
nnd Its chief wus captured.
History of IiirurMou.
"Tho Incursion Into Chlhuhua, led
by tho Indian chief Vlotorla. com
manding about 800 Indians, took
place between tho years 1881 and
1SSC. Then tho bands of marauders
committing also many crimes went
Into tho country ns fur as tho vIllBgos
of Tojolochlc or Tro Castillo, very
Jtoar tho capital of Chihuahua and
during the first formal encounter be
tween them and Moxlmn forces, aft
er having lost tholr chief, they wero
"On these two occasions, through
an agreement between tho govern
ments of the United States nnd Mex
ico It was decided that the armed
forces of 'one and the other country
might freely croes from tho terri
tory of one to the other In pursuit
ami for the purpose of punishing thn
above named bauds of marauders,
lleortlllng these Incidents und the
good results for both countries on
uwaunt of the above agreement, the
government prosldod over by the flret
ojilef, nnslous to exterminate within
fjio least possible tlmo tMo hordes led
jjy Vranelsco Villa, who has been
i-Mflntly plseod beyond the law and
gunpUire him, to apply condign ph
ISbnibnt, roporU to you as confiden
tial ogont und addreasee tho govern
ment of tho I'nlted States request
ing the noeomry penutselon for Mox.
loun fores to eroeS Into Amor loan
territory If tho Incursion which took
place lu Columbus should unfortu
iwtely be ropoated In any other part
of the boundary line. The jioxtean
government would gieatly appreciate
u prompt ami favorable reply tram
the government of the Called Statt.
"IUeuo accept, air. cohuuohmhi
ngoui, fihoMurauoJ of my high
crrelry In i 080 Of i9 A,W'
....... .f fornlk . afftiil." 9
illV.Jfc w ..,.-.., .
Tin1 committee Hint has been try
ing for Home montltt lo xocure n chil-
dreu'a ingraiu nt one of the moving
jiicture Ihmim-. arc idcnscd to nu
liouuee to the motherH of Medford
That their eft'ortH luto at last been
laucofwNful, and Saturday, .March 18,
front 10 to II n. nt., tho muuaKcmeut
of the I'nge theater uill give a I'atlie
dlveraificd irornm f drama, eom
udy and ediicntionol ueluioa esKei
oily adapted for the children. Tho
committee are dcKiroiiM that tho pro
gram be well iiIIciuUmI, for upon the
iutenNt manifested in this initial
proKiam will dejH'ud the eoutinunueo
of them from time lo time. Other cit
ies are having these Saturday morn
ing matinees with great success, and
the mother of .Medfoid havo askwl
for sow el hint; alons; this line, and
the committee ask their co-operation
at tun time to make it a success.
Superintendent Htllis most heartily
nndorscs thi movement aud the com
mittee ask all who are itttorceled in
tceuriiiff the beit in motion piduie
for the child nn of .Medfortl to give
their co-opera! ion in this tuoe
(Contluuod from page one)
tmmetliete couutrr -attack guve us
full MtHKffciui of the iiiiMrlaut com
mutticittiiig trcuck wltuh the enemy
hud Mtetratcd.
"Hut of the Meuse the enemy has
redoubled hts efforts between the vil
lage of Vaux and the Voux forts. The
bomlmnlment eoutiiiucd all nigbt with
gieot violence and there wore further
)ufaulry usmuuIu against the illngc
in ruins from shell tire. The Ger
mans took possession of some house
eat of the church in the village of
au.. We are sUII in ptseton of
the western part of the village, ami
the efforts of tho enemy in this di
reetion all resulUnl in failure,
"As a result of several attack
against the fort itself the Oermans
made some irogres along the stir
'rouuding elopes, but their efforts lo
capture the barbed wire entangle
ments in front of the tort were rheek
ed by our fire.
Ai Hilary DuoN.
"In the Woevre district there ias
becu u continued aud intetiM bom
bnrdmeut in tho regions of Au and
"In Utrraine our aitillery fire has
eartscd serious daniate to the works
of the (lernuius near Kinbeniit'itil.
MJn the Vosgci. the Prcueh batter
ies have bieivvery actie in the val
ley of the Thur nd cost of Thaun."
Ueltiut HiMutfis HynJ.'tt
TOO MiJford and Mt lut iigars
Despite ssany other atlrscliotis, a
.Mine thronK of poofiie were prpaoHt
at the revival service last evening,
when the praise semee began at the
at. The tonie was inspiring, tho
great chorus singing with ranch en
thusiasm. A duet Hung liv Trs. llo
viona and Mr. Vansey, "Jord Jeans,
Jeoj M White," was very finely
rendered nnd much appreciated.
Tho text of the evening was, "It
is appointed unto men once to die, nnd
after this tho judgment." .Mr. .Mathia
.MuthlV Sermon.
"With n pari of thin text you must
all agree. With a pnit of it vou may
not nil be willing to nuree. You will
ill lie agreed tliot denth is u cer
tainty. We may any all must die.
How mnny folks nro sayingthat is
(rue denth is for all men but I nm
differently situntcd. Ifemctnber,
friend, denth will find n man just ns
onsily in tho palnco ns in tho hhnck,
in affluence as in poverty. And I
nm hero lo sny, the other part of the
to.l is equally true. After death, tho
judgment. If there bn t judgment
there is also n judge. And He who is
to be your judge would ho your friend
tonight. If you violate a moral low
there is n penalty attached.
. "If you disobey a physical law
there wnits a penalty. Men's sins will
follow them like bloodhound on tho
trnok, nnd if they do not overtake
thopt before death they will meet
them nt the judgment. Men nro to
ho judged according to the deeds
done in the body. Kvery man meets
the judgment alone. Friends enn go
to cei tain bounds with us beyond
litem wo must go nlone. Thoro is,
however, n bright side to an other
wise datk picture. Jysns Christ
stands here tonight to offer to every
mnu n pardon und give eternal life.
However humble bo tho track wnlkor
nlong the railroad, the engineer heeds
the dnnger signals. God has thrown
out his great signal lights, thoreby
calling men to atop and turn. Win
you tonight heed the signnl from n
humble hervaitt of Josus Christ, who
warns yon of (lie danger of tejeet
ing the Sou of God."
IjikI Musical liogmni.
Tho service tonight otfors n fine
program, fho great choir will givo
another ami tho last Mered ooneort.
lotnorrow Hill be the Inst and tho
great day of the scries. There will
be three mass meetings nt 11
o'chtck, at .' oVIoek and the (dosing
meeting at 7:30. More seats will bo
provided and every effort made to no
eomtvidate the great congregations
expected to be present. Mr. .Mathia
will preach at each aervieo and Mr.
esaey will sing, assisted by tho full
The program for tho concorl in-
elitdes: Solo, Mr. Kdmeadea; mulo
(putt let, Vensey, Kdmeadea, Canaday
and HoHwelt; duet, .Mr. ami .Mrs. 01
ivor of IMioettix; solo, .Miss llrynu;
eornet aolo, Mr. Veosey; reading,
Mrs. Hn ious and two numbers by the
full choir. The concert tonight' will
begin promptly nt 7:'10.
rttlCAfln Af.irt. 11 -Tf ram Hit.
LlSflOX. Mnroh 11. Tho I'ortu-' of fieially reported todav that OS por
gueso cabinet has resigned to give j cmi lnL locomotive engineers,
Plnco to a national dofenso govern-'. for,',,,," J'l-''' ""d trainmen
,, .,.,,, i. , , . i I employed on nil the railroads of the
t niluLll , ,0'", frr'"011; 'o''r bad votcl in favor of do
Jl 5? ?Zr 't0t?rt l)r A"-( manding an eight-hour dny with time
retiring cahlnot read the notos ox- i,i ,l i . , ,
.i...... ,,,,.., , I lotion of the referendum vole of the
enanged botween Germany and I'or-1 ... , , , . . , ,
tntrni n,,,i ,.i. . . . . i nton was completed here todttv nnd
tugal and also a noto from Groat ,i , r ., r , ., , .
ti..ini., ,, ..! . .i ,. . I'10 chiefs of the four. brotherhoods
lirltaln requesting tho I'ortuguosc n . i ,
,. ... ... ... ,,, of rnilwny tram service employes
government, In vlow of the al ancc i, . .. . , V
between lheM nations, to seize Geo .who,l'v" ' '"ll ior
man ships In Portuguese ports. "e" ' " "Counted.
Tranquility prevailed throughout ,, , , t c' v f "fv
,,. .,.,. the llrothcrhood of Locomotive En-
tnc country, . , , ,..,..
t,..ii .,....., . ,..... 'gmecrH, snid no detailed figure on
uiuiiiiivni iiuuiuuit a reaoiuiion ,'.i.., ...n ... ,i .. . .. ,, t j.
iliv IUIUII Ul UH. VU1U UllllMI UU gll.'II
giving the government power to take
all incaiurofl necesHltated by tho state
of war existing with Germany. Lead
ers of all tho opposition groups of
fered to support the government. At
the suggestion of the presldont of thu
Ashland won the championship or hif.k. iu.v-u u u
. . .... ' monitlit. Wiiti It ubi
soutitorn Oregon ibri ntgin, j
seore of It to 16. It was tho third
straight game of the series, tho others
being 7-6 and 1 1-8.
The Mcdford girls' team took the
championship away front Ashland by
a score of 9-7. Thrco games have
been played, Mcdford winning two
and tlclng one, and so If Ashlana
wins tonight they cnttnot tlo the Mcd
ford team.
Grlscz, of Ashland, with the ns-
slstnnco of Delsmnn, won the game
for Ashland. Tho former scored
banket after buskct nt utmost Im
possible anglct). Onco he shot tho
entire length of the floor and scored
a porfect goal. It was marvelous
nhootlng, so miraculous that It
seemed impossible, unbelievable.
Delsman scored the last basket for
. muAin anitslws tol r.idcotmrra.
ISUflflbtnint Rlonl3' ' KRIS QUtCKlV
Ofivw'nsniiii rry?i'tMO''s t l S rfiort
We n'n w nrVli'wH tool K AI.jUI. die
four . nn tl nt liil 1 '' I' nnvtr .ifHi..ll
Dr. & Mrs. Dr. CHAHLEY & CO. RSSIKi-Sa
"ntrlctl RftliMl, CrtHit Cinur Siet.init Htlni"
134D 1 436E Va'sncla St, San Francisco, Cat.
Kext I'rlday evening. Maroh 17,
Dr. Hates, Mho occupies the ohalr
of Unglleh at the I'nlveralty of Oro
gon, will be here In Med ford nt the
Invitation of the Drama league Con
ter. to deliver the last lecture In tho
Centers course for the season. Ills
talk will be ou the drama, present
ing his on dramatic works in con
nection with his subject. Dr. Ilates
Is a man of broad and choice culture
and magnetic personality and we are
oiiuaate mueea 10 nave tnis op
portunity lo come In contact Ith him
la so delightful a way. An usual,
tho lecture will be free and all are
cordially InvlUJ to attend. It will
ho given at the Hotel Holland and
will boglH promptly at S o'clock.
Dr. Bates will address the high
school pupils In the afternoon on
"Contemporaneous Drama."
J. O. Gerklng. t&e beet all around
Photographer in southern Oregon.
lwas reliable. Negatives made any-
wnore. time or place. Studio 228
Main St Phone ItO-J.
tt .f Okl Cltf of TtS. Uru CMMT.
PtMk J. Chwy H'kn iNtik ikat hMata
Mrlwr ( I ami t J. l'Lmm i. iNt "it
httluu In W t lir ( 1u
atai tatfn i.a .' mm
w iu or r. iii'MinBP
u r iin
i4 i
Ait., af Calarrk t . I Im
iu im i ( Usll Ctttnfe ct.
Swan krfar m SmI loUrHM U MT
rv u.. UUt kih Ov 4 UMrttihrr, A U.. UW,
KtUf VnkU.
Bsr C.Urt Cwt k Idw laMesUy mU
. w lot kIH
' 1
i-.g II.
s iii rv
t '
Sriul toe WitUMaUii
A i'ii . 1 .1... O,
I f r v . ijitka.
The Toggery has been Incorpornt-
chamber chocrH worb given for the ted for $10,000 and tho officers elect-
entente allies. lodaro V. r. Isaacs, president; lrono our opponents and It was from be-
Portugal s seizure of German H. Isaacs, vice-president, and John
merchantmen wob the immodluto , Goodrich, secretary and treasurer,
cause of Germany's declaration of The neu member of tho firm Is John
war against tho ropubllc. It was not Goodrich nnd tho only stockholders
hitherto known that Portugal took : are tha officers.
W. 1 Isaac established The Tog
gory fourteon years ago and tho bun-
thlrt action (it tho rotiucst of Great
yond conter.
Mcdford outplayed them, out
toamed them, outguarded them, but
Ashland simply overwhelmed them
with luck that camo In avalanches.
The girls' gamo was a hummer and
tho crowd wus stirred up to wild cn-
Inoss has Incroused until It Is nowjthuslasin by the clover, swift work
ono of tho largest nnd most up-to-'of thu girls. It was a fast, bard gamo.
date clothing nnd gents furnishings ! Kvery girl on the Medford team
This Is J sinned. Moore, of Ashland, was their
MHIIO.V, March 11. After a
lengthy Interview' with the Portu
guese secretary for fori Inn affairs, establishments In Oregon
Horr IloKon, tho German mlnlstor to i tho result of first-class merchandise, one beat beet, but English took care
Portugal, lett hero today on a special ' at mod era to prices, close nttenttou of her.
train for Madrid, accompanied by tho ! to business, liberality In nubile nf- The crowd was fully as largo as last
other members of the German legs-' fairs, the free um of printer's Ink time nnd tho rooting was great. Med-
tlon. Their dopartttro was not marked aud courteous treatment on tho part ford sprang a surprise in an Indian
by any accident. I of Mr. Isaacs as well as bis assls- war dance rooteis' song,
Purllnment ban been summoned to tants. j
meet In special session tomorrow. Tho Mr. Goodrich has been with tho NOTICK
newspapers have been forbidden to , storo for six years, is thoroughly Precincts Mcdford North Main and
print any nows of a military char- i acquainted with every department of West Medford register now nt the
for Enlarged Tonsils
and Adenoids? No!
Kmlncnt surgical atithorltlcfl op
pose theso operations. Thoy sny:
"Don't allow anyono to remove tho
bublcs' tonsils."
"Hotter results may bo obtained
by measures less radical."
"Adenoids nnd tonsils should not
bo cut out," etc.
Ily natural treatment I havo caused
cnlargod tonsils and adenoldtt to dis
appear In thoso who wnro advised to
have thoso operations.
Why Impair tho future health of
your child?
Doth ncuto and chronic diseases
treated by removing tho causos.
Dr. A. R. Hedges
Dr. Louise E. Hedges
Stewart llldg., !M3 K. Main Hi.
, tho business and Is very popular.
MnllTrlbuno office.
feg Ride on
rof SAVdtSEB
if tem
I ,t
Safety Razor Blades
Can be Succossfully
85,000 satisfied customers
testify that,
One Firm in tho West
Does It
30c A DOZEN Any Make.
Straight Razors Ro-Edgcd
35 Cents
Hoprescnted in Mcdford by
Heath's Drug Store
Sanitary Sharpening- Co.,
Edge Experts. Berkeley, Cal
Ride on Savage Tires and you will secure:
Road Comfort Every Savage Tire is propor
tioned exactly right, and is shock absorbing in
the highest degree. Easy on you, easy on the
Safety The Savage Grip Tire is two safety
treads in one the vacuum type diagonal
ribs. Savage Grip grips the road when all others
Extra Mileage 1,000 extra miles in the guar
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extra miles in actual mileage. Many Savages
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Ash for Tire Book
Celebrated Clulrvoyant and Medium.
Know what 19 1C holds for you; sho
tells you tho truth, what you want
to know, nt a glanco. Her powers
havo mystified tho most skeptical.
HubIiicsb, lovo, courtship, murrlago,
divorce, lost or stolon articles, min
ing, samples of oro road with absoluto
accuracy. Tolls whothor your hus
band, wlfa or swoothoart l.t truo or
false. Whon and whom you will
marry and how to win tho ono you
love. Conquer enemies. Urines tho
separated togothor. Sell or trado
your proporty. If you nre unhappy
nnd discontented, or in any troublo
whatovor, bring thorn to hor, sbo
will straighten them out to your en
tire satisfaction. No work too dif
ficult. Known tho world nvnr ns Hi a
Good I.ttck Woman.
Opposite Nosh Hold, lttlnt Illodc,
Honms H-IJ.
Medford House Movers
, nj:v firm
Vltono 188-M
Moi'i'irr & nuuKiuuiDT
fllii S. Newtown, 7B7 W. 11th Br.
This house lias to be sold
or torn down within tln-co
weeks. Rather than tear
down, will sell for $350,
$200 down, balance to suit.
It has 7 rooms, including
bathroom, bathroom fix
tures included; is piped for
water and sower, all connec
tions included, and wirod for
' ITouso can bo soon at 217
N. Riverside.
Call for key at Colonial
Mats oiiii-e, or phone 900-L.